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MS Word Format - Hart by jizhen1947


									                                                                                         1850 Folsom St Apt 1107
E.Z. Hart                                                                                     Boulder, CO 80302

Education:                     Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, IN
                                    - B.S. in Computer Science, 2001
                                    - Technical Translator Certificate - German, 2001

Certifications:                Microsoft Certified Professional, November 2003
                               Microsoft Certified Application Developer, April 2006
                               Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, November 2007

Programming Languages:         C#, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP

Databases:                     Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MySQL, SQLite

Development Tools:             Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010, Eclipse, Subversion, Git, Mercurial

Development Platforms:         ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone 7, Android

Other Skills:                  HTML, CSS, Microsoft Office (including plug-in development), Powershell

Hobbies and Activities:        Piano, Dodgeball, Krav Maga, Parkour

Work Experience:          Amadeus Consulting Group, Boulder, CO                            June 2001 – April 2011
                          Software Developer, Team Lead, Architect

Project              ●    Worked on an Android application for a ski resort management company; features
Highlights:               included GPS tracking and mapping of users' ski runs, Twitter and Facebook
                          integration, live weather and ski conditions updates, camera integration
                     ●    Ported iOS flight review application to Android; features included retrieving and
                          playing video resources from the web
                     ●    Designed and implemented a Silverlight application to assist in translating text on kiosk
                          screens to various languages for a bike rental service
                     ●    Designed and implemented a Silverlight-based platform to create customized insurance
                          claim forms
                     ●    Designed and implemented an embeddable service for ASP.NET applications to
                          monitor application health (including failed requests, errors, memory, CPU usage
                          statistics, and hard disk usage); Implemented a WPF front-end for monitoring multiple
                          ASP.NET applications in production environments
                     ●    Worked on a ski resort web application for tracking ski lift usage with RFID ski passes
                          and awarding badges to pass holders based on lift usage and vertical feet traveled
                     ●    Worked on a Silverlight application for viewing and printing banking documents inside
                          of a web application
                     ●    Designed and implemented a WPF application to interact with ozone detection
    hardware to record and graph data
●   Worked on a mortgage application in ASP.NET to handle loan processing workflow
●   Worked on an ASP.NET application to allow lawyers to collaborate on large legal
    briefs, including highlighting/linking between large PDF documents
●   Designed and implemented a library to allow easy logging/tracing within .NET
    applications to multiple destination formats (including text, SQL Server, XML, email,
    and Windows Event Log) and drop-in log viewer controls for ASP.NET applications
●   Worked on an e-commerce site for a greeting card company, including a component
    allowing users to create custom cards with uploaded photos
●   Lead a team porting a Visual FoxPro administrative application for a web survey site to
●   Lead a team creating a Windows Forms application to interact with Scantron readers to
    import survey data
●   Lead a team creating a fantasy football wagering site in ASP.NET
●   Implemented a .NET Windows service to allow communication between an emergency
    alert system and a C library controlling Brooktrout telephone and fax boards, including
    the ability to convert text messages to speech and play them over the phone
●   Designed and implemented a C library to interface with a .NET service via platform
    invoke that controlled multiple Brooktrout phone and fax boards, tracked line status,
    played emergency messages to call recipients, and reported call results
●   Implemented .NET Windows service to allow communication between an emergency
    alert system and NTCIP-enabled devices (primarily highway sign boards)
●   Implemented cross-platform memory and file system management API in C for a
    custom image format
●   Designed and implemented customer rewards program for an online wagering company
    using ASP.NET and SQL Server
●   Ported existing JSP commerce web site to ASP.NET in order to consolidate
    development platforms for a marketing company
●   Implemented a web-based tool for monitoring web site status and notifying appropriate
    personnel of problems via email and pager
●   Designed, implemented, and maintained ASP.Net web application for a mystery
    shopping service to manage assignments, data reporting, and expense reporting for field
●   Designed and implemented a document management system using ASP.NET to allow
    an engineering firm to securely share design specifications with customers over the web
●   Developed, deployed, and maintained internal Windows Forms application for massage
    therapy center scheduling and bookkeeping
●   Ported VBA/Access data maintenance application for massage therapy center to
    Windows Forms/SQL Server
●   Implemented ASP.NET application to manage survey translations from English to
    other languages; extended existing mailing application to properly handle Unicode for
    mailings in Russian, Hebrew, and Chinese
●   Designed and implemented C++ Windows application to synchronize medical data
    between PocketPC PDA and remote SQL Server
●   Ported existing FoxPro DOS data entry application to ASP.NET / SQL Server for
    insurance company; migrated legacy FoxPro database to SQL Server using DTS
●   Developed, deployed, and maintained web-based appointment scheduling system (ASP,
    XML, XSL, Javascript, VBScript) for massage therapy center
●   Implemented web-based gift card purchasing system for massage therapy center
●   Maintained and extended internal Visual FoxPro 6.0 / SQL Server application and
    J++/COM web libraries for a web-based survey company

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