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					                                 Winter 2007

The Emerald
DHL EXEL Newsletter | Issue 28

Happy New Year

    Welcome to Issue 28 the                             the box in security reception.                     Page 7 Polish Drivers arrive at Emerald Park.

    first issue of 2007 and we                          New for 2007 will be the “Agony Aunts”             With Health and Safety in mind we take this
                                                        section where you will be able to have a           opportunity to welcome Gary Edge the new
    wish you all a “Very Happy                          moan and groan and we will try to help you         Health and Safety Officer.
    New Year.”                                          get answers to the things that niggle you.
                                                                                                           The Emerald Team
                                                        All the old favourites like Nigel’s Notes,
    2006 brought many changes and 2007, you             Caroline’s Comments, Colleagues’ Corner and
    can be sure, will follow the same trend.            Competitions will still be there along with
    As always Emerald Park will rise to the             many new items.
    challenge of the New Year and The Emerald           So have a good year – I’ll re-phrase that,
    will keep you up to date on events and
    happenings throughout.
                                                        “Have a Great Year” be happy, be lucky.
                                                        Page 2 Nigel’s Notes.
                                                                                                                Have a great year!
    The Emerald Team Barbara Bridge, Claire Farr,       Nigel looks to the future and gives us his
    Julie Phillips and me Gwyn Jones along with
    Martyn Harrington will do our best to keep
                                                        view on the year ahead.                                          from
                                                        Page 3 Caroline’s Comments.
    you informed on what’s going on but we do
    rely on you to come to us with your stories         After the “Bush Tucker Trial” we wonder at                 The Emerald Team
    good and bad. So if you have something to           what Caroline has in store for us all in 2007.
    celebrate or you would like to recommend a          Page 6 From forklift to Mercedes 44 tonne.
    nice place to go to for a holiday please see        Rich Sheppard, just one of the latest batch of
    one of the team or leave your comments in           “Drivers.”

                                                                                                                                INSIDE THIS ISSUE

                                               02                                                 03                                                   04
                      Nigel’s Words                                       Caroline’s Comments                                 Safety First
                      Nigel gives us the low down on                      First the Bush Tucker Trial –                       We welcome Gary Edge – the
                      our achievements.                                   what else has she got planned?                      new health & safety officer.

                                               05                                                 06                                                   07
                      Christmas Party                                     A Dream Come True                                   Polish Drivers
                      Sandwiches, crisps, cakes and                       From forklift to Mercedes 44                        A welcome to our new Polish
                      gallons of squash - party time!                     tonne.                                              drivers.

                                               08                                                 09                                                   10
                      Sparky Sliman                                       Things That Go Bump                                 Colleagues’ Corner
                      As Sparky says “It’s never to                       Who ya gonna call?                                  Shining stars, service awards
                      late to change careers.”                                                                                and new starters.

Nigel’s Words

Let’s start 2007 with a                            benefit and add real value for our customer
                                                   and DHL.
brief review of Christmas
2006 and the excellent                             Delivering great availability, reducing
                                                   shrinkage impact to store, (miss picks, left
results and achievements                           offs, missing DU’s all contribute to this!),
across all the site – here is                      MHE damage and cost controls (reduction
a quick flavour.                                   of!), Fleet accident damage (reduction
                                                   of!)...are just some of those challenges that
Each year Emerald Park breaks records and
this year was no exception with records set
                                                   as a team we need to face into this year

                                                   As this goes to print we will also be in the
in Chill Product, Produce, Deliveries. The Chill
was a massive 184.1K, Produce at 94.7K,            thick of ITMS, (integrated transport
Deliveries into branches peaked at 360             management systems) at EP, which
(including Drop & Swap). This meant that           represents the most significant and exciting
Christmas Week we delivered 460K !! This is        transport solution programme that our
                                                   customer in conjunction with DHL have                             Rich Raistrick
a fantastic achievement and one which we
can all be proud of.                               invested in and implemented. This system
                                                   and the effective management of it will drive
On a lighter note I would like to congratulate
my fellow contestants in “The Bush Tucker
                                                   some real service and efficiency benefits
                                                   across the network.
Trial”. Organised by Caroline Goddard (HR
Manager). My stomach let me down early             Our customer is also embarking on a number
on, but to those of you who went on I have         of changes within the supply chain, a brand
nothing but admiration and especially to Rich      new composite site opening in Northampton
Raistrick (Chill Days) the eventual winner         along with a radical overhaul of the                                Gary Spear
followed closely by Gary Spear (NP Days).          Langlands Park facility to increase volume
Rich’s prize, a meal for him and his wife on       throughput show us that the JS business is
“The Glass Bottom Boat” was hopefully a            all about expansion and growth which of         My stomach let me
world away from the menu of “The Bush              course is good news for us!..                   down early on, but to
Tucker Trial”.                                     I look forward to working with all of you in    those of you who went
                                                   2007 here’s to a successful and productive
But it’s thanks and well done to all who took
                                                   year at Emerald Park..
                                                                                                   on I have nothing but
part, I hope you enjoyed the wine to mark
our record breaking period!                        Thanks for your support,
                                                                                                   admiration and
Now onto 2007
                                                                                                   especially to Rich
As always each new year in our business                                                            Raistrick (Chill Days) the
presents us with different challenges and                                                          eventual winner
opportunities and in line with our
commitment to continuous improvement                                                               followed closely by Gary
here at Emerald Park, we need to be                                                                Spear (NP Days).
prepared to meet these challenges, deliver

    Caroline’s Comments

    I hope you all had a wonderful and enjoyable Christmas
    and a prosperous New Year. .
    How many of you have set New Year                Finally, if we can get a dog display team, fire
    Resolutions and are still sticking to them?      brigade, majorettes and a lorry ride I think
    I have to say mine is still going ok, having     this will make it a great day for all. So if you
    returned to playing women’s rugby and trying     have any contacts, please see if they would
    to get fit!! I’m going to keep positive and      be willing to do this!
    keep going…. And therefore I wish you luck
                                                     We hope to do this in May so we need to
    with sticking to yours!
                                                     start getting everything together to make
    I would also like to thank those who joined in   this a success. Let’s make this a great day!
    with the fun at Christmas – especially the
                                                     In terms of HR Issues, we welcome Gary Edge
    Bush Tucker Trial which for those of you who
                                                     to the HR Team who takes on the role of H&S
    watched must agree was pretty grim. From
                                                     Officer. Gary joins us with a large amount of
    munching on vomit fruit, crickets, cows
                                                     experience having worked in Appetito and
    testicles and even a sheep’s eye – I have to
                                                     Northern Foods. Welcome Gary and we wish
    say to all those that took part – well done!
                                                     you every success in your new role.
    For 2007, there are a few things we will be
                                                     I was given this really interesting book for
    looking at doing with your support. To start
                                                     Christmas with all these thought provoking
    we would like to have a family fun day, an
                                                     phrases, so I thought I would share one with
    opportunity for you to bring your children
                                                     you on each of my comments:
    here and show them where you work. This is
    going to take large amounts of organising and    “Enjoy life – in spite of everything, it may just
    help from yourselves, we are looking for         be better than the alternative”.
    things such as, a coconut shy, splat the rat,
    lucky dip, face painting, tombola, hook a duck
    and much more.

    I have already roped in chef Ed and chef Kev
    to do the BBQ. So if you have any ideas, have
    any bits and bobs that may help or even want
    to run a stall then please let me or Ed/Kev
                                                                                            “Enjoy life – in spite of
    We also hope to be doing tours of the                                                    everything, it may just
    warehouse so we need colleagues to
    volunteer to do this and organise routes and
                                                                                             be better than the
    plans and how, in line with Health and Safety,
    we will be able to do this.

Safety First

Gary Edge joined us at Emerald Park on 2nd January as
the new health & safety officer.
We are sure that all colleagues would like to welcome Gary and here in his own words is a little
of Gary’s background.

Hi to you all at Emerald Park. I would first like to say a big thank you for the warm welcome I
have received from everyone and just give you all a little insight into my life. I am married with
two sons and live at Paulton. I have been a health & safety officer for eight years and worked
with Linpac, Appetito and Northern Foods before joining you all at Emerald Park.

Health & safety is of paramount importance and many challenges lie ahead but I am certain that
with the help of my fellow managers, health & safety reps and all of you that I will soon be able
to make an impression to help the site achieve its goals in the health & safety field.

I do hope that when you see me walking around the site and you feel that you have a health &
safety question that you would like answered that you will stop me and if I can I will give you an
answer there and then or if a more in depth explanation is required I will make sure that I will
inform the department H&S rep to get back to you.

I am looking forward to many ‘SAFE’ years ahead with you all at Emerald Park and will keep in
touch with you regularly via the notice boards and through my regular slot in The Emerald.


                                                                                                     I am looking forward to many
                                                                                                     ‘SAFE’ years ahead with you at
                                                                                                     Emerald Park and will keep in
                                                                                                     touch with you regularly via the
                                                                                                     notice boards and through my
                                                                                                     regular slot in The Emerald.

                                                                                                     what has the
                                                                                                     social club done
                                                                                                     for us:
                                                                                                     • Monthly draws for £250
                                                                                                     • Easter draw for
                 Children’s                                                                            10 x £100
                 Christmas Party                                                                     • Xmas draw for 10 x £100
                                                                                                     • Subsidised trips including
                                                                                                       theme parks, Swindon
                                                                                                       dogs, Bristol football &
                                                                                                       rugby, shopping trips,
                                                                                                       Wincanton races & many
    The children’s Christmas party was as usual a great                                                others on request
    success and a very expensive time for the Social club                                            • Firework display
    who again went out of their way to provide wonderful
                                                                                                     • Xmas parties for
    gifts for Father Christmas to bring to them all.
                                                                                                       adults & children
    Fifty children along with mums and dads and     After the presents, it was on with the show
                                                                                                     • Xmas presents &
    many grandparents went along to the             and the magician, ventriloquist, clown and
    Shireway Community Centre to enjoy              comic all rolled into one gave a great show
                                                                                                       vouchers for colleagues’
    themselves.                                     and was enjoyed by young and old alike.            children
    Controlling everyone and seeing that all the    Before we knew it time had flown by and it       • Donation to DHL
    children had a place to sit was down to         was time to go but not before Martyn had           golf society
    Martyn Payne and his band of helpers and it     handed out bags of sweets to all the children
    wasn’t long before all the sandwiches, cakes,   (Joan sends you a big thankyou Martyn).          • Donation to DHL
    crisps, chips and gallons of squash had         It just remains for me to say on behalf of         fishing club
    disappeared.                                    everyone, thanks a million to the Social Club
                                                                                                     • Donations to various
    Now was the time we had all been waiting        Committee for organising the party. If there
    for and Father Christmas was welcomed with      are colleagues out there who are not
                                                                                                       local charities &
    a huge bag of presents (I am sure Tony          members and would like to join ask for a           sponsorship of colleague
    Nelson must have relatives in the Christmas     form and you too can share in all the benefits     functions
    family).                                        that being a member can bring you..
                                                                                                     • All new members
    The gifts, as always, were fantastic and        Gwyn                                               welcome. Full time
    there wasn’t a disappointed face among all
    the children.
                                                                                                       employees only
                                                                                                     • Only £ 3 a pay period

    The Chelsea Building Society are offering discounted
    mortgages to all Sainsbury’s Distribution Centre
    To find out more about this offer please contact Jon Topp, Assistant Branch
    Manager on 01179 297867 or pop into 18 Broadmead, Bristol.
                                                                                                     Please see M. Payne
                                                                                                     or D. Riley for an
                                                                                                     application form
A Dream Come True
For Richard Sheppard – driver

After twenty two years in the warehouse driving a
forklift and getting fed up with “PICKING ALL THE
TIME”. I decided that like Toad of Wind in The Willows it
was to be the open road for me.
I put my name on the long long list and about a year later my chance came to get behind the
wheel. Ant & Dec took me under their wings and after the theory test which was “easy peasy” I
finally got into the cab of P643 AJU.

After two weeks of reversing, manoeuvring and the most important part of training, learning
how to eat bacon sarnies and drink tea by the gallon, the day of the dreaded test came round.

I sailed through this one, little knowing what was to come with the Class I.

Driving something that bends in the middle when reversing took some getting used to and
roundabouts and bends took a whole new approach, but Allan had patience and a hell of an
appetite. (Olympic Gold Medal for Bacon Sarnie Eating 1964).

By the day of the test I was well ready or so I thought but by clipping the kerb on going round a
bend, I failed !!!

So after a couple more days of training I was back down the test centre and what had been my
strongest point (reversing) let me down this time and I failed again, who said it was easy??? By
now my nerves were jangling but within another couple of weeks I was there again. As a regular,
I was now on first name terms with the examiners and Allan was piling on the pounds and the
West Country was experiencing a bacon shortage

This time the test went like a dream and it was third time lucky. My eyes were full of tears of
joy and Allan’s with sorrow as his visits to the tea van were now going to be much less frequent.

It’s now eight months since I passed my test and I pretty much know every Sainsbury’s branch
in the South West and South Wales and some places where they aren’t.

I can honestly say that this was the best career move I could ever have made and I only wish
that I had done it sooner and would recommend to all of you thinking of doing it, “go for it”, you
won’t regret it.

Thinking back, if the “Training Programme” hadn’t been in place I would never have got the           By the day of the test I was well
opportunity and would have spent the rest of my working life grumbling and moaning at the            ready or so I thought but by
P.M s in the warehouse.                                                                              clipping the kerb on going round
Rich                                                                                                 a bend, I failed !!!

    Polish Drivers at Emerald Park

    In January this year we will see the first of twelve                                     first driving assessments with Robert Kantorek
                                                                                             driver trainer and during the assessments we
    drivers from Poland arriving at Emerald Park.                                            both relied on an interpreter to ensure we all
                                                                                             understood each other.
                                         The others will then arrive over the next few
                                                                                             We had also taken with us a selection of training
                                         months and will be working a rota system so
                                                                                             documentation and training aids which we
                                         that at any one time we will have nine drivers
                                                                                             thought would be of use to them.
                                         on site. All the drivers are looking forward to
                                                                                             At the end of the day we had the chance to
                                         joining us here at Emerald Park.
                                                                                             take one last look at Warsaw before the flight
                                         The drivers are at present undertaking a three
                                         month training course in Warsaw with the
                                                                                             The drivers come from all over Poland and are
                                         employment agency Paracross. Their training
                                                                                             now undertaking an intensive training course
                                         includes English lessons, and driving on the left
                                                                                             and stay at the Paracross Campus throughout
                                         hand side of the road, and Sainsbury’s delivery
                                                                                             the week and go home at weekends
                                                                                             Four weeks into their training Ian Wall, Tim
                                         On Friday 17th November 2006 myself and
                                                                                             Jeffries, Paul Bush, Neil Randall and Alan
                                         Steve Gideon (transport process manager)
                                                                                             Stephens went over to Warsaw to meet the
                                         after a two hour delay, flew out from Heathrow
                                                                                             Paracross staff and the drivers who by now are
                                         to Warsaw to meet the Paracross staff and the
                                                                                             speaking reasonable English.
                                         proposed drivers.
                                                                                             The team gave presentations on Emerald Park,
                                         On arrival in Warsaw we were met by a
                                                                                             Health and Safety, and Yard Procedure.
                                         Paracross driver and taken to the hotel where
                                                                                             At the end of the presentations the drivers had
                                         we met Stanislaw Nowak (Stan) from Paracross,
                                                                                             a chance to ask questions and there were many.
                                         who looked after us during our stay in Poland.
                                                                                             All the drivers are looking forward to joining us
                                         On the Friday evening we were shown around
                                                                                             here at Emerald Park and as I have stated
    On the Friday evening we were        Warsaw and taken to a local Polish restaurant
                                                                                             above, the first will join us in January. The
    shown around Warsaw and              and met Agnieszka Anusiewicz from Paracross.
                                                                                             others will then arrive over the next few
    taken to a local polish restaurant   Our interesting meal was finished off with
                                                                                             months until we have nine on site.
    and met Agnieszka Anusiewicz         honey vodka.
                                                                                             Throughout both visits the Paracross staff made
    from Paracross. Our interesting      On Saturday morning we were taken to the
                                                                                             us very welcome and we would all like to thank
    meal was finished off with           Paracross campus where Steve with Karoline
                                                                                             them very much for making us feel at home.
    honey vodka.                         Wypych from Paracross took part in the initial
                                         driver interviews. I acted as an observer in the    Driver Training

                                    Jamie Sparky Sliman

After more than eighteen                         I took my exams and passed my City &
                                                 Guilds with distinctions and credits. This was
years of working with all                        partly down to the tutors at Brunel College
my friends at Yate and                           but there was also the need in me to
Emerald Park. I am now                           succeed which drove me on.
taking a new direction in                        Of course, having the qualifications doesn’t
life.                                            always mean that you just walk into a job but
                                                 I was lucky and a local company in
Over the last three years with help from the     Winterbourne have taken me on.
company and the shop stewards I have been
on a course at Brunel College studying to        By the time that you read this I will have        What Thomas Edison's
become an electrician. After all these years I   been in my new job several weeks and
                                                 hopefully it will not be too much of a
                                                                                                   Mother might have
am reluctant to leave but I also realise that
there comes a time in life when it’s time to     “shocking” experience.                            said to her son –
spread your wings and fly.                       I would like to wish you all a really great New   "Of course I'm proud
My inspiration came about four years ago         Year and remember that if you feel the need,      that you invented the
when I was on holiday with my girlfriend in      like me to branch out and change your life,
Devon. We talked about how nice it would be      that it’s never too late and just to let you      electric light bulb.
to live there. Unfortunately the job             know, I am forty two.                             Now turn it off and
opportunities in Devon are not so good and I
realised that if the dream to move was to
                                                 Jamie                                             get to bed!"
come true I would need a different skill.

One day when I was in the Union Learning
Room I happened upon a college prospectus
to become an electrician. I was instantly
“switched” on and in May 2003 enrolled for
the course.

I spent one day a week for thirty six weeks
of each of the following three years on the
course and you can tell how committed I was
as I also enrolled on a twelve week evening

Many colleagues have asked if we could do an article                                                                  but only when the veil of death descends will all
on the Paranormal.                                                                                                    be revealed.
      Last year’s report on Woodchester mansion              My first experience was when I was eighteen              If your interest in things of the paranormal and
      sparked the thoughts of many but do you know           when along with a group of other students at             macabre are more than just idle curiosity let us
      that this area of South Gloucestershire is steeped     Cardiff University we decided to get a Ouija             know your stories and experiences and perhaps
      in history of ghosts and odd happenings. A web-        board and contact the spirit world. We were all          through sharing, our understanding will be that
      site that will give you many facts is www.             laughing and joking and really did not believe that      much greater. This site is run by the wife of one of       anything would occur but by the time that the            If you would like to visit a haunted house why
      our drivers and gives details of many of their         night was over many of us decided against a              not give Llancaiach Fawr Manor a try. This house
      efforts to discover more of what goes on in the        repeat performance.                                      is near Caerphilly and even runs a live web cam
      mysterious shadowy world of spirits and                Since that first adventure if you can call it that,      so you can even do your own bit of ghost
      spectres.                                              many things have happened in my life to                  spotting from the comfort of your armchair.
      Their account of a night spent at Stanshawes           convince me that in the words of Shakespeare             If this article has brought back memories of
      Court in Yate will whet the appetite of many of        “There are many things twixt heaven and earth            things that have happened to you or if you would
      you to perhaps search into the history of many         than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”                  like to delve deeper into this fascinating world do
      of the old houses and cemeteries that are close        Haunted houses, fear of the dark, the                    please contact any member of “The Emerald “
      by. But a word of warning before you start to call     unexplained and a curiosity in the after life all add    team and we can share and perhaps even scare
      it all a load of old wives tales and bunkum, there     fuel to the story but where does the truth lie?          one or two of the sceptics.
      are experiences that many of us have had that          You will find many web-sites dedicated to
      even the most sceptical will think twice about.                                                                 Gwyn
                                                             explaining the mysteries of life and the hereafter

It’s A Record
Many thanks to all the colleagues who bought tickets for my daughter’s                                                              distribute the prizes in work.
school tombola which was held on Saturday 4th December 2006.                                                                       Many fantastic prizes were won by
                                                                                                                                   colleagues from family days out
      Your participation through buying        were 4,400 prizes .. A NEW                 others doing likewise... Doing it        tickets to bottles of wine, watches
      tickets enabled them to smash the        WORLD RECORD!!!                            two hundred and fifty times would        cd’s, digital camera, lots of new
      existing world record for a tombola.     Tickets still needed to be sold            take forever.                            toys, books and much much more.
      An ambitious project was set to          though and at 50p per ticket with          If you could have seen all the           The day was a roaring success and
      beat the existing world record of        each ticket having a guaranteed            fantastic prizes available you would     more than two thousand pounds
      4,150 prizes, especially ambitious       prize the response was staggering.         understand that civility soon went       was raised which will go to help the
      considering that most of the             I “foolishly” advertised the tombola       out of the window and boy do             school.
      collection of the prizes was carried     in work only two nights previous to        those pensioners fight dirty!            I cannot thank you all enough for
      out by children between 6-11             the event and I was amazed by              Maybe setting the fire alarm off         your generosity in buying the
      years old.                               everyone’s response (as usual). I          would have given me more room            tickets and I do hope that you liked
      After many weeks of                      sold two hundred and fifty tickets         to manoeuvre and secure some of          your prizes.
      asking,”badgering and pestering          probably would have sold many              the top prizes. But being made of
                                                                                                                                   I would like to give a special thank
      local businesses”, parents, families     more given the time, but that’s            stronger stuff and a promise of no
                                                                                                                                   you to DHL Exel for the kind
      neighbours and friends to donate         where my problems began!!!                 tins of baked beans as prizes I did it
                                                                                                                                   donation of a twenty five pound
      new items, the big day finally                                                      (Okay admittedly with a little help
                                               Trying to hand in raffle tickets to a                                               gift voucher.
      arrived .but had they done it?.                                                     from the kids crash helmet and
                                               designated numbered table and                                                       And me ...what did I
                                                                                          shin pads). It then took me three
      Independently counted by two             collecting a prize of your choice                                                   “win”?....eighteen tins of peas!!!!
                                                                                          trips in the car to get them all
      police officers the previous evening     soon became an impossible
                                                                                          home and a week to allocate and
  9   and ratified it emerged that there       nightmare with thousands of                                                         Mike Gilbert
Colleagues’ Corner

Service Awards                            The following colleagues have received their service awards.

                                         10 years                            15 years                              20 years
                                         Paul Caddick                        Dave Knight                           Colin Buckley
                                         Paul Phillips
                                          We apologise to Christine Dunn who received her 15 year award 19/10/2006 and her name
                                          should have been included in issue 26.

                                          Colleagues’ service awards are made at 10 years, 15 years and 25 years. The
                                          list for colleagues who have reached 20 years is just in recognition of reaching
                                          this milestone but there is no service award.

All colleagues we are sure are aware of the Long Service Awards but how many of you know that Emerald Park has more than eighty
colleagues who have been with the company for more than twenty years, (that totals more than one thousand six hundred years) and
that there are also many others with service up to and over thirty years.
This is a record to be proud of as many companies today have trouble retaining their colleagues and it also gives new colleagues
confidence to know that working for a company that encourages long service gives them security when planning for the future.

New Starters                                                                     The Butcher
                                                                                 A man walked into a butcher’s shop and asked the butcher “Are
                                                                                 you a gambling man?”
We’d like to welcome the following new starters:                                 The butcher said, “yes.”
                                                                                 The man then said “I bet you fifty pounds that you can’t reach up
                          G Edge                                                 and touch that meat hanging on the hooks up there.”
                                                                                 The butcher looked up at the meat hanging on the hooks. He said
                          L Fernandes                                            “I’m not betting on that.”
                          B Palmer                                               “But I thought you were a gambling man,” the man retorts.
                                                                                 “Yes I am.” said the butcher. “But the steaks are too high”.
                          J Ruskiewicz

                               Shining Stars
                               Awarded to colleagues who go up to
                               and beyond the call of duty.
                               G Clarke                            N Dicker                               N Randall
                               P Curry                             B Miclat                               G Tree
                               T Davies                            M Pope                                 A Wood

Puzzle Time
Across                                  68 Certainly!
1 Stitch                                69 Cincinnati nine
4 Not inept                             70 End
8 Host                                  71 Exam
12 Port                                 72 Lode
13 Skidded
14 Cupid's love-dart
                                        1 Frighten
16 Not blue, but still red
                                        2 Mistake
17 Dangle
                                        3 Cry
18 Silly things - and people
                                        4 Fire remnant
19 Cuts
                                        5 Knives
21 Title
                                        6 Paper type
23 Birdie bed
                                        7 Perimeter
24 Belonging to that girl
                                        8 Music type
25 Ogled
                                        9 Are not contracted?
27 However
                                        10 Like the PIC Press
29 Bygone bills?
                                        11 Hurl
30 A major is one
                                        12 Chief
31 Bear babe
                                        15 Dewy
34 Routines
                                        20 Ejected
37 Skin
                                        22 Changed the colour of
38 Ein
                                        26 Fragile band?
39 Spoken
                                        28 Peeper
40 Good
                                        29 Iraq's main export
41 And, or or nor
                                        30 Billy's young 'un?
42 Spider's handiwork
                                        31 Layer
43 Close
                                        32 Till                                         51  Not clear
45 John Pigeau is one
                                        33 Dragon's Breath is one                       52  Dog type
                                                                                                                                     Prize Time
47 Set down
                                        34 Werewolf call                                53  Stage whisper                            Can you solve the puzzles
48 Concealed                                                                                                                         If so, fill in the answers. Put in
                                        35 Field                                        54  Receives
49 Otiose                                                                                                                            your name and leave in the box
                                        36 Little one                                   55  Dance type                               in Security Reception.
50 Beseech
                                        37 Stetson                                      56  A Playboy Bunny has
51 Suffrage
                                        40 Pal                                          two big floppy ones
52 Capture
                                        41 Rummy
55 Detect
                                        43 Her
                                                                                        57 Continent                  The prize will be a £20
58 Police                                                                               59 Bridge seat
                                        44 Aloft                                        61 Sandwich type              Sainsbury’s voucher.
60 Them
                                        45 Inhale                                       63 Escort
62 Water hole
                                        46 Don't inhale!                                65 Collection
64 Ripens
                                        49 Electors                                                               Name: ............................................
66 Way out
                                        50 Clay, heat and time
67 Cost

Phonetic Alphabet
Find and circle the phonetic alphabet words that are hidden in the grid. The remaining
letters spell an additional word from the phonetic alphabet.                                                                       Wordsearch
                                                                                   Find these words
                                                                                                                  P T A N G O                L    F    T R       N

WINNER!                                       Prize Time                            ALPHA         NOVEMBER        E A M O R             I    L    V O O V
                                                                                    BRAVO         OSCAR
                                              Can you solve the puzzle?                                           E   J    P   R M A         I    E R M A
Congratulations to Jade                       If so, fill in the answers. Put in    CHARLIE       PAPA
Palmer on winning last
                                              your name and leave in the box        DELTA         QUEBEC          K U O A O C                C Y T E              L
                                              in Security Reception.
issues crossword                                                                    ECHO          ROMEO           N L V        S T F         E    S X O P
competition.                                                                        FOXTROT       SIERRA          A    I   A O I        K    I    L O I          H
Please pick up the prize
                                                                                    GOLF          TANGO
from the HR Department.
                               The prize will be a £20                              HOTEL         UNIFORM         Y E R        E S E         O N F N             A
                               Sainsbury’s voucher.                                 INDIA         VICTOR          U T B        I   K H       R M U D              B
                                                                                    JULIET        WHISKEY         L   E H      I   C H A R L                 I    E
                                                                                    KILO          X-RAY
                                                                                                                  U W M E D E                L    T A A           R
                                                                                    LIMA          YANKEE
                           Name: ............................................       MIKE          ZULU            Z C E        B E U Q X R A                     Y


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