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A How-To Guide by
Embrace Pet Insurance
 1    introduction
We wrote this guide to help you learn about and             Each year,
choose a pet health insurance plan that’s right for you
and your pet. Pet insurance isn’t a way to save money       38% of the pets
on veterinary bills, it’s actual insurance, just like for
your car or home. This means that it works best when it     insured by Embrace
protects you against the unexpected, expensive things       Pet Insurance have
that can happen.
                                                            a claim.
There are lots of pet insurance plans available but they
aren’t all the same. There are differences in what they
cover, what they exclude, what they cost, their level of
customer service, and how they pay claims. In other
words, don’t just pick a plan because it’s the cheapest!

And remember, pet insurance is the one thing you
can’t get when you need it the most. Planning ahead
and doing your homework on pet insurance now are
essential to getting the best, most comprehensive
coverage for your pet before something happens.

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 2     Why should i Get pet insurance?
The average claim                   Every year more than 1 in 3 pets falls ill or is injured.
                                    And while it’s amazing what veterinarians can do for
amount at Embrace                   our pets these days, a visit to the emergency room can
                                    run up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a
Pet Insurance                       very short space of time.
is $858.
                                    many of us are not prepared financially to afford the
                                    level of care that modern veterinary medicine can
                                    provide and sometimes we compromise by giving our
                                    pets a level of care that is far from the best.

                                    With pet insurance, you never have to choose between
                                    an expensive treatment and your pet’s life. Just
                                    because your pet is happy and healthy today, doesn’t
                                    mean things will always be that way. Pet insurance
                                    helps you prepare for any eventuality.

  pet insurance for purebred Dogs
  If you have a purebred dog such as a Labrador       can easily cost over $5,000. Embrace plans
  retriever, boxer, Pug or chihuahua, your dog is     will pay for the treatment of these diseases
  especially prone to certain genetic conditions.     provided your dog is healthy at enrollment. Ask
  There are literally hundreds of these conditions,   your veterinarian to explain
  some of which include hip dysplasia, luxating       the risks of genetic
  patella, and cardiomyopathy. You may not even       diseases to you.
  know your dog has a genetic condition until
  signs or symptoms reveal themselves months          Beware! The majority pet
  or years after you acquire your dog.                insurance plans do not
                                                      cover genetic conditions.
  The care and treatment of a genetic condition       choose a plan that
  can be very, very expensive. For example,           covers them for
  corrective surgery for bilateral hip dysplasia      peace of mind.

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 3    What Does pet Health insurance cover?
pet insurance plans can cover:
   • Treatment for accidents, illnesses and diseases
   • Treatment for allergies
   • cancer and chemotherapy
   • surgery, hospitalization and nursing care
   • Laboratory and diagnostic tests including X-rays and mrI scans
   • medications

some pet insurance plans, including embrace, also cover:
   • Treatment for genetic conditions
   • Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, holistic and
     homeopathic veterinary medicine
   • chronic and recurring conditions that last more than one policy period, such as
     allergies, diabetes and hyperthyroidism
   • routine wellness care such as vaccinations and dental cleanings

What’s not covered?
Pet insurance plans usually will not pay for:
   • cosmetic, elective or preventative procedures such as de-worming, tail docking,
     ear cropping, and declawing (except where medically necessary)
   • Veterinary fees related to pregnancy, breeding or whelping
   • orthodontic or endodontic
     procedures such as root canals
     or crowns
   • behavioral problems
   • Prescription diet food
   • Pre-existing conditions
     (more info on next page)

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 4    pre-existing conditions explained
are pre-existing conditions covered?
one of the most difficult issues that pet parents           Pet Insurance is the
face when shopping for pet insurance is pre-existing
conditions. A pre-existing condition is one that your       one thing you can’t
pet had, was diagnosed with, or showed symptoms of
before enrolling or during the waiting period.              get when you need it
                                                            the most; insure your
unfortunately, pet insurance does not cover pre-
existing conditions but you may still be able to get        pet as soon as you
coverage for your pet’s other conditions. It’s always
best to enroll your pet before she develops any kind of     can.
major condition or illness, this way there are usually no
pre-existing conditions and you can maximize
your coverage.

some companies offer coverage for acute pre-existing
conditions if you go a certain period of time without
requiring treatment for, having symptoms of or
being diagnosed with that condition again.

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 5    How Do i choose a pet insurance plan?
There are lots of companies offering pet insurance today and there are many
differences. You want to pick a policy that’s right for your needs and your budget.
The best way to find out is to call the company or go online to their website to
answer the following important questions:

1. What is and is not covered?
Is it clearly stated on the company’s website or over the phone? The last thing you
want is to make a claim and only later find out that the company won’t cover your
pet’s condition for one reason or another.

2. Does the plan cover genetic and breed-specific conditions?
You want these covered, even for mixed breeds, because sometimes it’s not clear
what is and isn’t hereditary or breed-specific. some examples of these conditions
are hip dysplasia, luxating patellas and cardiomyopathy. Embrace Pet Insurance
covers genetic and breed-specific conditions provided your pet did not show signs
or symptoms of them prior to enrollment.

3. Does the plan cover chronic and recurring illnesses?
Watch out! A few plans consider things that happened in your first year of coverage
to be pre-existing in the second year. All Embrace
Pet Insurance policies come with continuing
care coverage to give your pet a
lifetime of care.

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4. are there per-incident limits that restrict the amount you could receive back?
For example, some plans have a $3,000 per-incident limit. If you had a claim for
$5,000 with one of these plans then the most you would get back would be $3,000.
Embrace plans do not have per-incident limits.

5. Does the plan reimburse claims based on a benefit schedule or the actual
   veterinary bill?
If you choose a plan with a benefit schedule you should understand that you
may not get very much money back as the benefit schedule can limit your
reimbursement for certain diagnoses at amounts less than you’ll commonly find,
especially in metro areas. Try to find a plan that reimburses you based on your
actual veterinary bill, like Embrace Pet Insurance does.

Actual claims Example
                                         Benefit               ActuAl Bill
                                        Schedule           (how embrace works)

 Total Claim Amount                       $4,813                  $4,813

 Maximum Reimbursement                    $2,338                 $10,000

   Deductible                         $50/incident             $200/year

   Co-pay                                  $229                    $923

 Amount Reimbursed                        $2,059                 $3,690

   As % of total Bill                      43%                     77%

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6. How are Wellness claims handled?
Embrace Wellness rewards are completely separate from Accident & Illness plans
so there’s no deductible and no copay. You can get 100% reimbursement for general
office visits, vaccinations, flea/tick/heartworm meds, spay/neuter, microchipping,
dental cleanings and routine diagnostic tests. There’s no per item maximum so
you can use the annual allotment as you choose. All cats and dogs are eligible for

7. are there other restrictions that apply?
some plans may not accept pets over a certain age or, if they do, they may only
offer coverage for accidents. some plans charge you signup fees or monthly billing
fees, beware! other plans may have a lifetime maximum which can certainly be met
well before you’d expect to. You may also be penalized for visiting an Er, specialist
or referral clinic; exactly what you don’t want. be sure to ask about discounts too!

8. What are other pet parents saying about the company?
Visit and read customer reviews of all the pet
insurance plans. is not affiliated with any pet insurance

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 6    How much Does pet insurance cost?
Pet insurance prices vary widely but on average you
can expect to pay around $30 per month for dogs and
$20 per month for cats. Adding on a wellness plan
typically costs a little more. You shouldn’t compare
pet insurance plans based on price alone. In general,
plans that cost more also cover more and reimburse
you more when you claim.

Pet Insurance companies also may
offer discounts for things like:
  • Enrolling multiple pets
  • Paying annually for your policy
    instead of monthly
  • Enrolling a microchipped pet
  • being full-time in the military
  • Enrolling a service pet (like a guide dog for
    the sight impaired)
  • Enrolling through your company with an
    employee discount

before you enroll, ask the pet insurance
company which discounts you and your pets
might be eligible for.

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 7    How Do i Get started?

      sign up via internet or by phone
      It’s never been easier to purchase a pet insurance policy. You can get a quote
      and sign up over the internet or phone. When you sign up with Embrace Pet
      Insurance you will receive your policy documents via e-mail straight away.
      monthly and annual payments are available.

      Get through the Waiting period
      All pet insurance plans have waiting periods for new pets. Embrace Pet
      Insurance has a 14-day waiting period for accidents and illnesses. orthopedic
      injuries for dogs have a 6-month waiting period but this can be waived if your
      veterinarian gives your pet the orthopedic ‘all clear’.

      Visit Your Veterinarian for treatment
      Visit any general, specialist or emergency veterinarian in the country. There
      are no networks and you do not need approval first. bring along a claim form
      and get the veterinary staff to complete it. Embrace Pet Insurance makes this
      process hassle-free by providing you with claim forms that are simple to fill
      out and submit because they come pre-populated with your pet’s information
      so you don’t have to fill much out.

      submit a claim
      Fax or mail your claim form and invoice. For quickest turnaround, Embrace
      Pet Insurance has a toll-free fax number to submit your claim directly from
      your veterinarian’s office.

      receive a reimbursement check or Direct Deposit
      claims processing times can vary by the type of claim and how long you’ve
      been a customer. Embrace Pet Insurance gets you a check mailed out within
      10-15 business days once we’ve received all necessary documents, even faster
      for wellness claims and if you’re an existing customer. Embrace can also
      deposit your claims check directly into your bank account.

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 8    conclusion
We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding the world of pet insurance.

              Please contact Embrace today for a quote!

                      or call toll free: 800.511.9172

       our customer care Embracers are happy to help you
                pick the perfect plan for your pet.

remember, not all pet insurance
companies are the same. be sure
to take the time to find one
that’s right for you.

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