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					                                                               What Can I Do With a Major in…

  Psychologists study animal and human behavior and related mental, physiological and social processes in an attempt to
  understand the dynamics of behavior. They also apply knowledge already attained to the prevention and solution of
  both individual and social problems. Students interested in pursuing Psychology as a major can choose to obtain their B.S.
  degree in one of four tracks: Clinical—Counseling, Industrial—Organizational, Paralegal, and General. Employers
  recommend one or more internships to be successful and competitive when entering this field.

                               Skills, Values, and Attributes Associated with Psychology Majors:

                                                            Cultural sensitivity
                                                             Empathic nature
                                                 Proficient interpersonal communicator
                                                     High reading comprehension
                                                    Ability to observe and organize
                                    Ability to conduct research, analyze and explain the results
                                                             Analytical mind
                                      Understanding of human development and behaviors
                                          Ability to analyze problems and make judgments
                                                   Mental and emotional well-being

                                        Leisure Activities Psychology Majors May Enjoy:

                                                   Serving as a peer advisor
   Working part-time or as a volunteer in a mental health agency, psychology department, hospital, or senior citizens’ home
                                           Assisting with college recruitment efforts
                                           Serving on a student council or as a tutor
                                             Participating in Junior Achievement
                         Serving as a leader or chairperson in a community or school organization
   Working part-time or as a volunteer in an advertising firm, sales department, special education class, or day care center
                                 Working part-time or volunteering as a research assistant
                                          Reading psychology-related publications

                                              Courses Psychology Majors May Enjoy:
                                                         Human Development
                                                           Conflict Resolution
                                                            Animal Behavior
                                                        Abnormal Psychology
                                                    Organizational Development
                                                         Culture & Personality
                                                        Human Exceptionalities
                                                Industrial Organizational Psychology
                                                      Human Neuropsychology
                                                       Psychology and the Law

                                      For More Information on majoring in Psychology, contact:
                            610-683-4455 • •
                         For More Information on Psychology Careers or to speak to a Career Counselor, contact
The KU Career Development Center • 113 Stratton Administration Center • 610-683-4067 • •
                                Possible Internship Sites and Employers of Psychology Majors:
 Schools                                    Rehabilitation Agencies & Hospitals               Private Practice
 Community Agencies                         Colleges/Universities                             Correctional Facilities
 State/Federal Government                   Business & Industry                               Mental Health Agencies

                                      Professional Organizations for Psychology Majors:

          American Psychological Association                               Association of Black Psychologists

          National Association of School Psychologists                     Association for Psychological Science

          Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology               Association of Women in Psychology

                                                       Sample Career Titles:
 Activity Leader                               Financial Advisor                            Prisoner Classification Interviewer
 Admissions Evaluator                          Financial Aid Director                       Probation Officer
 Animal Trainer                                Forensic Psychologist                        Psychiatric Nurse
 Art Therapist                                 Halfway House Parent                         Psychiatric Social Worker
 Career Planning Professional                  Health Educator                              Psychiatrist
 Child Psychologist                            Hospice Coordinator                          Psychologist
 College Student Affairs Professional          Hotel Management                             Psychometrist
 Community and Social Service Worker           Human Factors Specialist                     Public Health Statistician
 Community Relations Director                  Human Resources Administrator                Public Opinion Surveyor
 Corporate Merchandising Manager               Industrial Psychologist                      Public Relations Specialist
 Correctional Caseworker                       International Student Advisor                Recreation Specialist
 Corrections Officer                           Job Analyst &Developer                       Regulatory Administrator
 Cottage Parent                                Labor Relations Specialist                   School Psychologist
 Counselor: Alcohol/Drug                       Lawyer                                       Social Service Administrator
 Counselor: Career                             Market Research Analyst                      Social Worker
 Counselor: Crisis Intervention                Marketing/Sales Manager                      Sociologist
 Counselor: Employment Agency                  Mental Health Professional                   Speech Pathologist
 Counselor: Guidance                           Minority Group & Race Relations              Statistician Analyst
 Counselor: Occupational                          Specialist                                Teacher
 Counselor: School                             Motivational Speaker/Researcher              Technical Writer/Communicator
 Counselor: Vocational/Voc. Rehab              Music Therapist                              Television/Media Researcher
 Creative Director                             Neuropsychologist                            Therapeutic Staff Support
 Criminologist                                 Occupational Therapist                       Training & Development
 Editor                                        Operations Manager                           Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
 Employee/Labor Relations Mgr.                 Outplacement Specialist                      Wage/Benefits Analyst
 EEO/AA Specialist                             Personnel Manager                            Youth Corrections Officer
 Employee Assistance Director                  Physical Therapist
 Expressive Therapist                          Police Officer

                                                           **Some careers may require further training and/or educational degree.

                         For More Information on Psychology Careers or to speak to a Career Counselor, contact
The KU Career Development Center • 113 Stratton Administration Center • 610-683-4067 • •
                                                 Websites for Psychology Majors:

               The College Central Network                          

               O*NET OnLine                                                   Human Resources

               Occupational Outlook Handbook                                  Human Resources

               PsychWeb                                                       MentalHealth.Net

               All Psychology Careers                                         Psychology—Online Resource Center

               Online Psychology Career Center                                Opportunity Knocks

               LaSalle Non-Profit Center                                      Social Service Jobs

               National Federation of Paralegal Associations                  Grad Schools

                          CCN is KU’s online job/internship board. Students and alumni can search
                        internship, volunteer, part-time, and full-time job opportunities, post resumes,
                      create comprehensive online career portfolios, watch career advice videos, and
                                               keep up-to-date on upcoming events.
                                    Visit for more information.

                           Library Resources about Psychology in the Career Development Center:

          Great Jobs for Psychology Majors                     Careers In Social & Rehabilitation Services
          Opportunities in Mental Health Careers               Opportunities in Training & Development
          Careers in Human Resources                           What to do With Your Degree - Psychology or Sociology

                         For More Information on Psychology Careers or to speak to a Career Counselor, contact
The KU Career Development Center • 113 Stratton Administration Center • 610-683-4067 • •
                         Key to Success... PLANNING!
                  1st YEAR                              2ND YEAR                         3RD YEAR                            4TH YEAR +
                 DISCOVER!                              EXPLORE!                        EXPERIENCE!                           CHOOSE!


        Talk with family, friends,           Read about at least 3 career        Try an internship                    Attend Job Search,
  C          professors                           options available to you       List tentative decisions about             Interviewing and Sr.
  A     Take STRONG &/or FOCUS                    through your major                   your career                          Orientation workshops
  R          (offered by Career              Talk with professionals in          Attend Resume Writing &              Develop employer contact
  E          Development)                         interesting careers                  Interview prep workshops             list
  E     Identify the following:                   (information interviews)       Begin to collect                     Attend Career Fair(s)
             - Past accomplishments          Spend a day on the job with               recommendations from           Interview for jobs on
             - Interests                          professionals in different           employers/faculty/etc.               campus, at job fairs &
             - Skills & abilities                 careers (job shadow)           Become familiar with work                  independently
             - Work values                   Check out our website!                    settings & job descriptions    Explore ALL jobs
             - Personality style             Gain experience through a           Join a professional                  Read professional journals
                                                  related summer job                   organization at the                  & join a listserv
                                                                                       cheaper student rate!


        Read course catalogue/               Make an appointment for             Earn good grades in major            Send out grad school
  A          become familiar with KU’s             academic advisement                 courses                            applications
  C          majors                          Join the KU academic club for       Attend seminars & conferences        Develop a special senior
  A     Set academic advising                      your major                          related to your major              project
  D          appointment                     Confirm you’re in the correct       Ask faculty about relationship       Develop an independent
  E     Attend a workshop on:                      major for you                       between academic                   study
             - Study skills                  Look into a study abroad                  coursework & future plans      Make a list of your long-
             - Test & note taking                  program                       Is grad school in your future?           term learning goals
   I         - Time management               Take some computer or business            Find out when & what you       Where do you see yourself
  C     Think about taking summer                  courses                             need to do                         in 5, 10 yrs.?
             classes and plan a summer       Focus attention on attaining a
             job that relates to your              good GPA - study HARD!

          GAIN SELF-AWARENESS                     EXPAND NEW ROLES                    TAKE SOME RISKS                  MAKE COMMITMENTS

  P    Identify interests & values          Get to know some international      Seek out people to talk about        List the components of your
  E     Find an organization or event to         students                             your concerns                         lifestyle
  R           volunteer your time           Find a mentor who can offer         Help another work through a          Talk to an alumni about your
  S     Visit the University Counseling          support                             problem                                first year out of school
              Center                        Plan discussions with others from   Discuss some of your decisions       Make a list of your firm
        List your major fears of college         different backgrounds and           with a mentor                          decisions
  N           life                               cultures                       Test your ideas through a            Write 3 life goals & 3 fears
  A     Discuss your changing               Broaden your circle of friends           discussion group                       about next year
  L           relationship(s) with family
              and friends


  S    Join Res. Hall, Commuter or          Work on Res. Hall, Commuter or      Get involved in student govt./       Chair a group
  O         Greek organization                   Greek project/program               run for office!                 Lead a professional
  C    Join KU clubs and organizations      Apply for a campus work-study       Volunteer your time to help a             organization
   I        that interest you                    position                            community organization          Volunteer to work in one of
  A    Allow time for fun!                  Participate in intramurals                                                    the campus offices

                                                                                       Prepared by the Career Development Staff at Kutztown University

                                         For More Information on majoring in Psychology, contact:
                               610-683-4455 • •
                         For More Information on Psychology Careers or to speak to a Career Counselor, contact
The KU Career Development Center • 113 Stratton Administration Center • 610-683-4067 • •