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									                         Sparrows Point Country Club
                         Rules and Regulations Booklet

The constitution and by-laws provide information concerning the general operation and
government of your Club.

The rules and regulations presented in this booklet are for your information and guidance
when participating in your various Club activities. They are subject to change at any

It is hoped that the entire membership will observe these rules for the benefit of all.
Failure to follow these rules by any member or by the guest of any member, if in the
opinion of the Board of Governors, the violation is detrimental to the general
membership, may subject such member to action by the Board in accordance with the by-

                                                    Board of Governors


Picnic & Playground Facilities

                                                    Revised November 2010

                                     Mission Statement
“Sparrows Point Country Club will maintain its reputation as a superior, member-owned,
family-oriented club; proud of its history and committed to excellence for the benefit of
its members.”


A. All guests must be accompanied by members. A limit on the number of times a guest
may attend can be imposed by the Board of Governors.

B. Members and guests must conform to the Club dress code policy. See the SPCC
website for details.

C. Children under the age of 14
      1. Must be accompanied by a parent or adult while in the clubhouse.
      2. Are not permitted in the locker rooms.
      3. Are not permitted on the pier unless accompanied by a parent or other
      responsible adult.

D. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the Lounge during designated happy

E. Food brought in by members should only be consumed in the picnic areas. Boat
owners may also bring food aboard their boats for consumption.

F. Parking lot
    Vehicles are restricted from entering the Club:
       - Trucks, other than pickup or vans
       - Tow-type campers
       - Motor homes
    Under certain conditions, the Club Manager may allow these vehicles on Club
       1. Bicycles are permitted on the premises but must be placed in the bicycle rack.
       2. The parking of vehicles on any portion of the Club property, other than in
designated areas and reasonable boundaries within the area, is prohibited.
       3. The circle roadway to the main entrance of the clubhouse may be used for the
discharge and pick-up of passengers. Parking on this roadway, at any time, is prohibited.
       4. Members shall not drive their motor vehicles on any Club maintenance road.
       5. Trailers with or without boats are not permitted on the parking lot. They
should be parked in the area designated.

G. Alcoholic Beverages
        Regulations governing the sale of alcoholic beverages, under the terms of the
Club’s Alcoholic Beverage License, provide that:
        1. It is unlawful for the Club to sell or loan alcoholic beverages for consumption
off premises.
        2. The consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Club premises, not purchased
at the Club, is prohibited.
        3. Persons under age (as established by the State legislature) may not purchase or
consume any alcoholic beverages at any time on the Club premises. The adult member
will be held strictly responsible for the observance of this rule.
        4. A bottle of wine purchased during a meal may be re-corked by SPCC staff and
taken off Club grounds.

H. Damage to the Club
       1. Members shall be responsible for all damage to or loss of Club property by
them or their guests.
       2. No property of any kind or description belonging to the Club shall be removed
from Club premises by any member or guest.

I. Locker Rooms
       1. The Club Manager shall administer and control all locker room facilities.
       2. The Club Manager will assign lockers to members in the chronological order
in which requests are received.
       3. Upon termination of membership, the member shall relinquish the locker for
       4. The locker room facility is not to be used by members or guests attending the
swimming pool.
       5. Bath towels may not be removed from the locker room facility.
       6. Golf Clubs may not be stored in lockers.

J. Members and guests are not permitted to bring pets on Club property. However, boat
owners may transport their pets to and from their boats and must be under the control of
their owners at all times. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and
disposing of it properly.

K. Reservations for dinner and other special affairs
        - Requested for dinner
        - Required for all other special events
        - Reservations for Club affairs, not cancelled 48 hours prior, are chargeable at full
price to member.

L. Purchases will be on Club Member Charge System unless otherwise specified.

M. Service Charge
        - 15% is added to your guest check for tipping purposes. Payment is at your
discretion and may be increased, decreased or eliminated entirely by written order on
your guest check.
        - Cash tipping is permissible at the snack bars, coat room, for valet parking or
beverage cart person when provided.

N. Members are not to censure or discipline Club employees. All complaints should be
referred to the Club Manager as soon as practicable.

O. Skateboards, fireworks or other hazardous objects or activities are not permitted.

P. Fishing is not permitted on Club grounds unless sponsored by the Club for a special

Q. Club operating days and hours
      - Posted on the Club website (, bulletin board and the
monthly Point of Interest
      - Governed by the House Committee and subject to the approval of the Board of


A. Dues and other fees
        - All dues and fees for Club members and their guests, including carts, greens
fees, golf shop purchases, bag and cart storage, shall be billed monthly to member’s

B. General
        1. Games of golf on Club property will be regulated by rules adopted by the
Board of Governors.
        2. All Team matches or golf tournaments will be held under the jurisdiction of
the Golf Committee.
        3. Members must register in the Golf Shop prior to starting play. Members must
use their membership account when registering.
        4. Each player must play from their own golf bag.
        5. Non-playing people are allowed on the course when approved by the golf
professional in charge.
        6. Merchandise, club repair and services are made available, and shall only be
purchased through, the Golf Shop.
        7. Practice areas are available to all golfing members.
        8. Motorized carts may not be operated by anyone under 16 years of age. All
operators must have a minimum valid learners permit.
        9. No more than two people at a time may ride in a cart.
      10. The golf information booklet (or “green book”), includes additional
information regarding golf and the local rules of golf at Sparrows Point.
      11. Clubs may be stored in the Golf Shop at the owner’s risk. The storage fee will
be charged to the member’s account.

C. Guests
        1. Members must register the name of each guest and will be responsible for any
charges incurred by a guest, as well as the conduct and attire of the guest.
        2. The same guest may not play more than once each calendar month, unless an
exception is approved by the Golf Committee and the Board of Governors. House guest
fee is available.
        3. Members must accompany guests on the golf course. A member may entertain
up to seven (7) guests on the golf course simultaneously, providing the two groups are
playing in consecutive tee times.
        4. On weekends and holidays, guests may only play before 8:15AM or after
12:00PM, unless an exception is approved by the Golf Committee and the Board of
        5. All outside golfing events shall first be cleared through the Club Manager, the
Head Golf Professional, the Greens Superintendent and the Golf Committee Chairman.
Any event that closes the nine or eighteen hole course must have Board approval.

D. Course Maintenance
      1. Players shall not pick, cut or damage any flowers, shrubs, trees or plants of any

         2. All paper, cans and trash must be placed in the proper receptacles. Cigars and
cigarettes must be extinguished before being disposed and should not be left anywhere on
the golf course.
         3. The course will be closed whenever play on it might cause unreasonable
damage due to heavy rains or other conditions. A notice will be promptly posted to this
regard for the members.
         4. Golf bags and push/pull carts must be kept off tees, greens, aprons and
bunkers. Push/pull carts may not travel between bunkers and greens.
         5. Putting and chipping practice on any of the regular greens, tees and fairways is
prohibited – as is chipping to practice putting green. Chipping in the vicinity of the first
tee is prohibited. Designated areas are provided for this purpose.
         6. Players must replace all divots, smooth damaged areas in the bunkers and
repair ball marks on greens.
         7. Tee markers may not be moved.
         8. The use of all carts (powered or manual) must comply with the posted
requirement for that day.

General Rules of Play
         1. Players must start from the first tee at all times, unless directed otherwise by
the Golf Professional.
         2. Players who have been directed to start at any tee other than the first tee will
alternate with matches starting at the first tee.
         3. All holes must be played in numerical order.
         4. Contestants playing matches, except for the finalists in official tournaments, do
not have a special right-of-way on the course.
         5. Not less than two (2) or more than four (4) players in a group will be permitted
on weekends, holidays or any other time when the course is crowded without permission
from the Golf Professional.
         6. USGA and local rules govern all play. It is recommended that all golfers read
the official USGA rules, which are available in the Golf Shop. All local rules are posted
yearly in the Club’s “green book.”
         7. Information outlining Club tournaments, special golf events, social activities,
etc. is posted by the Golf Committee in the “green book,” the Point of Interest, via email
and on bulletin boards.

Schedule of Play

The following course restrictions must be observed:
        1. CHILDREN – Children under 14 years of age will be allowed on the golf
course with the approval of the Golf Professional. Practice areas and putting greens may
be used under the direction of the Golf Professional or adult golf member. However,
these exclusions will not apply during a Junior tournament sanctioned by the Golf
        2. LADIES’ DAY – All Wednesdays, from the first Wednesday in April to the
last Wednesday on October, are designated as “Ladies’ Day.” The first tees of the
eighteen and nine hole courses shall be reserved for participants until 11:00AM.
However, the Golf Professional may open the course to non-participants before the
termination of the reserved time if the first tee is clear.

         3. JUNIOR PROGRAM – On the designated day when the Junior program is in
effect, the nine hole course will be closed to all other golfers until all Juniors participating
in the program are on the course, and permission to play is granted by Club Professional.
         4. NINE HOLE COURSE – Members and their guests may play on the nine
hole course at all times, except during Ladies’ Day events, Junior events, special Club
nine hole tournaments and when the rules of the eighteen hole course apply. The rules of
the eighteen hole course apply to the nine hole course on weekends and holidays when
the eighteen hole course is closed for a Club tournament. However, there are no
restrictions for any members during these events.
                 a. The eighteen hole course will be open on weekends and holidays to
non-primary members at 11:00AM. However, after the tee times requested through the
Club Card System are published on Thursdays at noon, non-primary golf members may
fill in open tee times after 9:30AM with the approval of the Golf Professional.
                 b. Primary member group may play whenever the course is available and
playable. Members are encouraged to submit their written tee request to the Golf Shop
prior to 6PM on Wednesdays. Times will be available after noon on Thursdays.
                 c. The eighteen hole course is open to play on weekends and holidays for
members and their guests from 6:30AM until 8:15AM, and after 12:00PM.
         6. The rules regarding schedule of play and the restrictions thereof may change
from time to time. These changes will be posted on bulletin boards, on the Club’s
website ( and sent to golf member email addresses.

G. Pace of Play
        1. It is the responsibility of each group to maintain their pace of play with the
group in front of them.
        2. Any group which fails to keep its place on the course and loses one clear hole
to the preceding group, may be passed or “played through.” It is the duty of players
causing a delay to give prompt notice to those playing behind to play through without
waiting for a request. The SPCC play policy is 4 hours, 30 minutes.
        3. Groups of two, three or four players have equal rights on the course. Single
players and more than four players have no standing.

H. Handicap System
        1. Participation in the Handicap System is mandatory for all golf members. All
scores between March 15 and November 15 should be recorded in the computer,
including scores from other courses. Your handicap will be updated twice a month
during the season.
        2. Members will not be permitted to play any Club handicap event without an
official handicap. In order to obtain an official handicap, five 18-hole course scores, or
the equivalent, must be properly posted.
        3. All members shall record their adjusted score for each round following play.
Failure to do so could result in a score being posted for you by the Handicap Committee.
Repeated lack of postings will result in disqualification for a period of one year from any
Club handicap events.

I. Golf Etiquette Highlights
         1. No one should move, talk or stand too close to or directly behind the ball, or
the hole, when a player is making a stroke. Golf requires concentration. Very small
distractions can disrupt a stroke which, in turn, can ruin the enjoyment and competitive
allure of the game. You are expected to make yourself as unobtrusive as possible while
another player is taking their stroke.
         2. The player who has the honor should be allowed to play before their opponent
tees their ball. Remain off the tee box while others are teeing off.
         3. No player should play until the players in front are out of range. Never
underestimate your hitting limits.
         4. When the result of the hole has been determined, players should immediately
clear the putting green. This reduces the possibility of being hit and it speeds up play.
Your golf bag, push/pull cart or power cart should never be left in front of the green when
going to hole out. Scores should also be recorded on score cards after leaving the green.
         5. As a respectful golfer, it is helpful to assist your opponent in finding their lost
ball. According to USGA rules, the maximum search time should not exceed 5 minutes,
whereby a player should declare the ball lost and return to the spot where the lost ball
originated and replay the shot with a one stroke penalty. Players looking for a lost ball
should allow other groups coming up to pass them. They should signal the approaching
group to play through and then wait until they are out of range before resuming play.
         6. A player should see that any turf cut or displaced by him is at once replaced,
pressed down or filled with the turf mix available on the carts and tee boxes. Out of
consideration for all golf members, you should take pride in preserving the turf as carpet-
like as possible. The USGA rules do not permit moving your ball without penalty. If the
turf is not maintained properly, the grass at the bottom of the divot will die and turn into
bare earth.
         7. It is especially important to repair all ball marks on the greens. Every golf
member should have a divot tool on hand and they are available in the Golf Shop.
         8. Players should carefully rake all bunkers smooth after taking a shot. Enter
bunkers on the low side to prevent turf and structural damage, as well as for your own
safety. Please leave bunker the same way you found it and leave rake just outside the
edge of the bunker.
         9. Players should not injure the holes by standing too close to them, hooking the
ball out of the hole with a golf club or carelessly replacing the flagstick. When tending
the flag, stand at least an arms length away from the hole as not to create irregularities to
the putting surface around the hole.


A. Responsibility and Authority of the Pool Manager
The Pool Manager is in full charge of the pool’s operations. He/she has been directed to
continue the Club’s high standards for safety, cleanliness, and order. He/she is
authorized to restrict any action on the part of the pool users which, in his/her judgment,
may be prejudicial to the interests or enjoyment of the members as a whole.

B. Pool Hours

   1. The pool officially opens the Saturday of Memorial Day week-end. The closing
   date will be set forth each year.
   2. Pool hours will be set forth each year.
   3. The pool may be closed at any time by pool management, after consulting the
   management of the Club, due to mechanical failure, operational difficulties, or
   inclement weather.

C. Admission to the Pool
    1. Members
     Members must sign in upon entering the pool facility. Your cooperation in
     signing in helps the pool management company keep accurate records on pool
     usage. This ensures adequate lifeguard coverage now and in the future.

     2. Guests
      a. Guests are permitted in the pool, but they must be accompanied by a Club
      member. When a member leaves the grounds, the guest must also leave.
      b. All guests must be identified as such and be signed in.
      c. Applicable guest fees will apply.

D. Personal Property
    1. There are no lockers provided in the changing rooms.
     2. The Club does not provide facilities for the safekeeping of valuables or other
personal property. The Club and Pool Management Company shall NOT be responsible
for the loss or damage to personal property of any kind. Money and other valuables
should not be left unattended.
    3. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are provided for members and guests use.
    4. Towels are not provided at the pool.

E. Safety
   1. Non-swimmers, for their own safety, must stay at the shallow end, whether in
   the pool or on the surrounding deck.
   2. Children under the age of 14:
        a. Must be accompanied by a parent, responsible adult, or a designated guest at
        least eighteen (18) years of age.
        b. In order to use the diving board or enter deep water, children must pass a swim
        test. A lifeguard will administer the test. To pass the test, a child must:
           1. Swim the width of the pool twice. (no doggie paddle)
           2. Tread water for thirty (30) seconds
           3. After successful completion of the swim test, the child will be given a
           special wristband to wear, and their name will be documented in a book listing
           those who have passed the swim test.
   3. Whenever the child is in the large pool and the child has not passed the Club’s
   swim test, as designated by the wearing of the required wrist band, the parent,
   responsible adult or designated guest must be in the water with the child. The safety
   of that child is the exclusive responsibility of that child’s parent, responsible adult, or

   designated guest, and not the responsibility of the Club or pool management
   4. Floatation Devices
       a. Life preservers, inner tubes, water wings, floatation mats and rafts are not
        permitted in the pool at any time. These floatation devices may create a false
        sense of security, where the parent may not be observing their child in the large
        pool. Floatation devices are not a substitute for parental supervision. Noodles
        are allowed for adults; and children under 18 years of age, who have passed
        the Club’s swim test and are wearing the designated wrist band. Noodles and
        kickboards are prohibited for use by all non-swimmers unless accompanied by
        an adult in the water.

     b. The use of life jackets including Coast Guard approved life jackets is prohibited.
     The use of life jackets in pools as a substitute for parental supervision creates a false
     sense of security because, in order for a life jacket to work as intended, it must be
     Coast Guard approved, in good and serviceable condition, and the appropriate size for
     the intended user. Appropriate size depends on the life jackets’ composition and the
     weight of the user and whether it fits snugly and does not allow the users chin or ears
     to slip through. Good and serviceable condition depends on continued buoyancy.
     Waterlogged or leaky jackets are not adequately buoyant and should be discarded.
     Buoyancy must be confirmed yearly. Additionally, children may remove the life
     jacket to go to the bathroom and not put it back on because they do not appreciate the
     inherent danger.
         Life Guards are not trained in the specific inspection of Coast Guard approved life
     jackets. They will not assume responsibility for inspecting each life jacket for the
     above mentioned requirements to determine the adequacy of the life jacket. For this
     reason, Coast Guard approved life jackets are prohibited in the pool.
5. The lifeguard must be on duty and the pool officially open before any user is allowed
in the water or pool area.
6. Running, pushing, ducking, wrestling, ball playing, or other unsafe conduct, or
causing undue disturbance in or about the pool area will not be tolerated.
7. Intoxicated persons will not be admitted. Persons, who appear to be intoxicated, while
at the pool may be asked to leave.
8. All swimmers shall exit the pool when the lifeguard leaves his/her station, or upon the
lifeguard’s request in the event of an emergency.
9. Upon instructions of the Pool Manager, everyone will be required to get out of the
pool in the event of endangering storms.
10. Glass, china, or plastic containers of any kind that can shatter, including thermos
bottles and lotions or cream containers may not be brought in the pool area.
11. An eight (8) foot restricted area has been designated on the concrete apron around all
four sides of the pool. This area is to be used only as a walkway and access to and from
the pool. Sunbathing and the use of lounge chairs will not be permitted inside the
designated area.
12. Unattended baby strollers and baby carriages are not permitted within eight (8) feet
of the pool.
13. Please refrain from unnecessary conversation with the lifeguards, as they must give
their undivided attention to the assigned duties
14. All personal injuries, however slight, must be reported to the lifeguard on duty.

F. Wading Pool Rules
   1. Children may use the wading pool only when accompanied by a parent or
guardian. The parent or guardian must remain in the wading pool area with the child at all
   2. Children over the age of eight (8) are not permitted to use the wading pool.
   3. Rough play and running are not permitted.

G. Diving Board Rules
   1. Only one person is permitted on the diving board at any time.
   2. Only one bounce on the board
   3. The Diver must go straight off the board, no inward or cut away dives are allowed.
   4. The diving well must be clear before anyone can go off the diving board.
   5. Divers must go immediately toward the ladder to exit the water.

H. Health
   1. Persons having skin infections, open sores, bandages of any kind, excessive
   sunburn, inflamed eyes, colds, nasal or ear discharges, or any kind of communicable
   disease will not be permitted to enter the pool.
   2. All bathers must shower before entering the pool. Bathhouses and showers are
   3. Infants and children wearing diapers or swim diapers or who are not toilet trained,
   are not permitted in the main pool at any time.
   4. Infants and children wearing diapers or are not toilet trained, shall be permitted in
   the wading pool, but must wear tight fitting rubber pants, snug fitting swim diapers,
   or “Huggies Little Swimmer” swimpants.
   5. No pets are allowed in the pool area at any time.
   6. All trash is to be deposited in the appropriate receptacles.

I. Conduct and Appearance
    1. No abusive or profane language or breach of peace will be tolerated.
    2. All persons use this facility at their own risk and in conformance with all rules and
    3. The lifeguards are responsible for the strict enforcement of the rules and
    4. Individuals may be barred from the pool or pool area, at the discretion of the
    lifeguards, Pool Manager, or Club management for violation of said rules or for any
    other reason which, in their judgment, constitutes a hazard to others or to the
    operations of the pool.
    5. Written documentation of members and guests being removed from the pool and
    pool area are to be filed with the Pool Manager and Club management within twenty-
    four (24) hours of the action being taken.
    6. Chewing gum is not permitted in the pool area at any time.
    7. Only proper type bathing suits are permissible. Cut-offs, walking shorts, thongs,
    and apparel of the like are not permitted.

    8. Members and guests must conform to the appropriate dress code when entering
    and leaving the pool area. This dress code is available on the SPCC web site and at
    the pool and club office.

J. Members’ Responsibilities
   1. Members will be held responsible for all actions of their guests.
   2. The cost of any property damage will be charged to the responsible party.
   3. Beverages and food may not be brought in the pool area from outside the club
   grounds. Food and beverages must be consumed in designated areas. Picnics are not
   permitted in the pool area.


A. Picnic Area – across from tennis courts
       1. Groups of 10 or more wishing to use the picnic area must make reservations at
the Director of Special Events office.
       2. Children are not allowed to climb on fences.
       3. Picnickers are not allowed on the golf course and/or tennis courts unless
       4. The use of alcoholic beverages must be in accordance with House Rule G.
       5. Parking must be on designated parking lot, not on grassy areas.

B. Playground – north of tennis courts
       This area may be used for such games as softball, badminton, volleyball, etc.
Such games are not permitted in any other areas, except for where designated inside the
fenced pool enclosure.
C. Attire must conform to the Club premises dress code for members and guests.

There is a special fee for this activity.

The following rules and regulations have been adopted in order to provide a safe and
inviting marina for members and their guests. All members assigned a slip, their
families, contractors, and guests expressly agree to comply with these Rules and
Regulations at all times. Sparrows Point Country Club (SPCC) reserves the right from
time to time to change or add rules and regulations for the safety, care, and cleanliness of
the marina for the preservation of good order and upon posting such
changes/amendments on the bulletin board at the Bath House and by sending them to the
member slip holders via email, shall become part of the Rules and Regulations and
supersede all previous versions.

A. Docking or Securing Any Vessel - in the marina or any portion of the docks is
permitted only with the written authorization of SPCC by means of an executed
Membership Agreement and payment of required slip fees. All registered boat owners
must be SPCC members in good standing in order to be assigned (and maintain) a boat
slip. Slip fees are based on the length of the boat set forth by the SPCC Board of

Governors. Fees are based annually, but will be billed to slip holders on a monthly basis
to the member's club account number.
B. Proof of Ownership and Insurance - Each member desiring a slip assignment must
complete and submit an application which includes proof of ownership, registration
(State and/or Coast Guard Documentation), and boat insurance. SPCC will not be held
liable for any loss on account of fire, flood, theft, vandalism, hurricane, tornado or other
acts of God, any maintenance deemed necessary by management or any cause beyond our
control and does not carry insurance to cover the same. The SPCC management, Board
of Governors, and/or Pier Committee cannot assume any responsibility concerning the
care, attention, servicing, or risk of any vessel, accessories, equipment, property, or in the
safety of crew, passengers or guests on said vessels. All boats are operated at the owners'
 C. Guest boats must have advanced approval of the SPCC Pier Committee or the Club
Manager who will assign a transient slip (if available). The prevailing guest docking fees
will be applied to the sponsoring SPCC club member's account.
D. Dress Code - SPCC members and their guests must adhere to the SPCC dress code
when leaving the pier.
E. Boat Usage - Each slip holder must get their boat underway, under its own power,
away from the Marina a minimum of six (6) times from April 1 through November 1.
This is to prevent a slip from being occupied by a derelict or unused boat and thereby
preventing another member or potential member from being assigned a slip. Failure to
use your boat as described above may result in the revocation of your slip assignment.
Exceptions to this rule are subject to the discretion of the SPCC Pier Committee and
should be posed to the Committee Chair Person in writing, in advance of any deviation
from this rule (e.g. medical problems, extended business travel, etc.). A slip holder in
violation of this rule by the SPCC Pier Committee will be warned in writing that slip
revocation is being considered. If the slip holder takes no action to comply, actions
prescribed in Articles 29 and 30 of this document will apply.
F. Rules of the Road and navigation laws of the United States and the State of Maryland
apply to all boats in, approaching, or leaving the Marina. Boat Owners are responsible
for damages or injuries caused by their boat’s wake.
G. All Vessels Require Examination and Approval by the SPCC Pier Committee prior
to the execution of a Slip Assignment. The SPCC Pier Committee (with the approval of
the Board of Governors) has the right to set standards of acceptability as to the
appearance, safety, and general condition of vessels docked in the SPCC Marina. Vessels
are to be maintained in good mechanical and aesthetic condition at all times. Vessels not
in good condition, as determined by the SPCC Pier Committee (with the approval of the
Board of Governors), will not be admitted to or permitted to remain in the Marina. A
marine survey, conducted by a qualified marine surveyor, may be required by the SPCC
Pier Committee (with the approval of the Board of Governors), at the boat owner’s
expense, any time prior to arrival or while the vessel is in the marina to ensure the safety
of the members, their families/guests, the other boats in the Marina and the Marina itself.

H. Maintenance in the Marina - All boats occupying slips in the Marina will be
maintained in a safe condition and shall not constitute a fire or other hazard.
Maintenance, whether by boat owner or commercial contractor, shall be limited to normal
preventative maintenance and repairs necessary to make the boat seaworthy to be able to
get underway under its own power. These procedures include changing batteries, fluids,
expendable parts (e.g. belts, filters, etc.). Extensive repairs may require, at the
recommendation of the SPCC Pier Committee (and if approved by the Board of
Governors), that the vessel be removed from the marina prior to the work being done. In
the event of an emergency during the member’s/boat owner’s absence (e.g., breakdown
of the bilge pump, leak, bad dock lines, etc.), the SPCC Pier Committee (when approved
by the SPCC Board of Governors) is authorized to make necessary repairs as
economically as possible, which will be charged to the member/boat owner’s SPCC
account. Boat washing is permitted at the Marina. To the extent feasible, biodegradable
soaps and cleaners should be used.
I. Swimming is expressly forbidden in and around the Marina. However, in-water
bottom cleaning or repairs are allowed.
J. Pets - All pets must be under the control of their owners at all times. Owners are
responsible for cleaning up after their pets and disposing of it properly.
K. Authorization to Board and Move - If the /member/owner of a boat which is liable
to suffer damage or cause damage to other boats or property is not present and cannot be
located in time to prevent the damage from occurring, such boat may be boarded by a
member of the SPCC Pier Committee or SPCC Board of Governors in order to take
appropriate remedial action as any reasonable person might under the circumstances.
This person will not be held liable for such reasonable and prudent preventative actions
that they may take.
L. Main Piers and Finger Piers shall be kept clear at all times. Permanently installed
wooden or fiberglass boarding steps or ladders are subject to acceptance by the SPCC
Pier Committee and approval by the Board of Governors. No additions or alterations shall
be made to the pier, catwalks, pilings, electrical equipment or other SPCC property
without recommendations by the SPCC Pier Committee and approval by the SPCC Board
of Governors.
M. Dock Carts - For the convenience of others, dock carts must be returned to the brick
pad area adjacent to the bath house immediately after use.
N. “For Sale” Signs and any other forms of advertising or solicitation are not allowed
from the bow, bow life rails/lines, bow pulpit, or bow sprits. For Sale signs may only be
placed on the stern/transom and be of a reasonable size.
O. Bath Houses - The bath houses are maintained for the comfort and convenience of
the members and their guests. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves
and leaving the showers and sinks in the same conditions as they were in when you
entered. The bath houses will be winterized and locked approximately the 2nd week in
November. It will be re-commissioned around the 1st week of April (as soon as the water

on the pier has been reconnected - dependent on the weather). Smoking is not allowed in
the bath houses.
P. Laundry shall NOT be hung on the exterior of boats or on the docks.
Q. Charcoal and Gas Cooking is not permitted on the docks or on the exterior of any
vessel in or attached to the Marina. Electric grills are permitted for use in the Marina.
R. Fireworks are not permitted in the Marina, on the docks, or on any vessel in or
attached to the Marina.
S. Trash and Garbage must be disposed of in the dumpster located in the parking lot.
Garbage is not to be staged on boat decks or the piers overnight. Do not dispose of
shrink wrap in the Marina dumpster. Contact the Pier Committee for recommendations
on disposing/recycling of shrink wrap.
T. Used Motor Oil, Antifreeze, Fuel, and Batteries - Contact the SPCC Pier Committee
to discuss disposal.
U. Utility Connections from the boat to the marina are to be maintained in a serviceable
condition as determined by the SPCC Pier Committee. All utility connections
determined by the SPCC Pier Committee to be unsafe are immediately subject to
disconnection with or without prior notification of the boat owner. Under no
circumstances may a boat owner plug into any other electrical outlet than the one
assigned to that slip, without prior written consent of the SPCC Pier Committee. If there
is a problem with the utility connection at the pier or an emergency, contact either the
Pier Committee or the SPCC Main Office. NO MORE THAN ONE VESSEL IS TO BE
V. Sub-leasing of slips to other members or non-members is strictly forbidden.
W. Loud Noise such as hailers, loud music, or unnecessarily loud revving of engines will
not be permitted. Dock parties must conclude by 11:00pm Sunday-Thursday, and by
Midnight Friday and Saturday. Any noise which can be heard further than two slips from
the boat creating the noise, will be considered too loud.
X. Space Heaters are NOT to be Operated Unattended at Any Time - Certain
certified “boat safe” engine compartment heaters may be used with prior written approval
from the SPCC Pier Committee. Vessels found operating unattended space heaters or
other unsafe heating devices will be immediately disconnected from shore power. At no
time are kerosene or propane space heaters to be operated on boats in the Marina.
Y. Discharges - No untreated waste may be pumped overboard while in the Marina.
Bilges must be kept free of any contaminants (e.g. oil, fuel, antifreeze, etc.). A discharge
is defined as any spilling, leaking, pumping, pouring, emitting, emptying, or dumping as
per US Code Title 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters. “Y” valves must be in the
“closed” position and locked at all times while boating in inland waters.
Z. Year-Round Live Aboards - No boat in the Marina may be occupied on a full-time
basis before the last week in March or after the second week in November.
AA. In-Water Winter Storage - All boats being kept at the SPCC Marina for in-water
winter storage must be paid for and moved to the assigned land-side slips (designated by

the SPCC Pier Committee) prior to the third week in November. (See Article 24 for
additional compliance)
BB. Contractors and Agents - All contractors retained by boat owners must sign in at
the SPCC Main Office and show proof of liability and worker’s compensation insurance
prior to commencing work.
CC. Infractions - Any member/boat owner in violation of these Rules and Regulations
may have their slip assignment terminated. If the member/boat owner does not remove
his/her boat within thirty (30) days from the date of notification of the termination of slip
assignment, the SPCC Pier Committee will arrange to have the boat removed and
relocated, at the owner’s expense and risk. The SPCC Pier Committee will contract to
have the boat removed to a commercial boat yard and the owner will be responsible for
any cost and liability associated with such relocation. Any member/boat owner in
violation of these Rules and Regulations shall be notified in writing of the violation, via
Certified Mail, and provided 30 days to come into compliance with the violated Rule or
Regulation. If the member/boat owner refused to accept the Certified Letter, they shall
be notified in person (by phone and/or by regular mail). If the offending party remains in
non-compliance after 30 days of being notified, the member may be considered for
expulsion from SPCC.
DD. Appeals - If a member/boat owner objects to an action of the SPCC Pier Committee
in the implementation of these Rules and Regulations, the member/boat owner may lodge
a formal protest, in writing to the SPCC Pier Committee. Such protests will be
considered and forwarded to the SPCC Board of Governors within 30 days of receipt and
the protesting member/boat owner given an opportunity to present their situation in
person before the Board for adjudication and resolution. The decision of the Board will
be final.


A. The lighted, Har-Tru courts season begins in early spring and closes in mid-fall
shortly after the first frost.
B. When courts are deemed unplayable, closed signs will be posted at each gate leading
to the courts.
C. At specific times during the season, the courts will be closed to general play due to
scheduled events such as tournaments, clinics and leagues.
D. The basic rules of etiquette must be observed at all times.
        a. Never trespass on another court where play is occurring.
        b. Balls from other courts should be retrieved from your court and returned to
        home court whenever your point is completed.
        c. Always award the point to your opponent when any call or point is in dispute.
        d. Boisterous language and conduct should be avoided.
        e. Never jump over the net. Change courts by walking around the net.
E. Guests – May play only when accompanied by a member. There is a fee for this

F. All trash must be placed in containers provided at the courts.
G. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the courts.
H. Junior tennis players (14 and under) will yield the courts to adult members after
5:00PM weekdays and from 10:00AM – 5:00PM on weekends and holidays. They may
use the courts, provided they have knowledge of the game and use the courts in the
proper manner.
I. The gazebo must not be used as a picnic area. Cooking grills are prohibited in the
J. Member parents playing tennis should not allow non-playing young children on the
K. All injuries occurring at the tennis courts should be reported to the Club office.
L. Adjustments to nets should be made by moving the center net strap. If such
adjustments are not sufficient, the nets can be raised or lowered by carefully turning the
sprocket handle at the side of each court.
M. Underground and side sprinklers should not be adjusted or tampered with by
N. After entering or exiting the courts, the gates should be closed.
O. Club Management and Tennis Committee members have authority to enforce the
foregoing regulations.
P. Attire – Members and their guests must conform to the Club’s tennis dress code.


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