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									                Microsoft Exchange
 Exchange is more than just Electronic Mail
The server that embraces Internet standards and extends rich
 messaging and collaboration solutions to business of all sizes
      Robust, client-server messaging
      Built-in collaboration facilities
      Extensive Internet & intranet support
      Centralized management tools
      Secure messaging
          Digital encryption & digital signatures
      Native support for standards
          SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, NNTP, LDAP,..
          X.400
Microsoft Exchange Extends

Network/       Info     Application   Management
 routing     storage     services      services
services     services

Network        Data     Application   Management
services     storage     services      services

     Microsoft Windows NT Server core
             Network And
            Routing Services
             Multi-       Intelligent      Integrated
           protocol         routing         directory

Network/                Info            Application     Management
 routing              storage            services        services
services              services

      Microsoft Exchange Server core
              Storage Services
Rich object                   Transacted
              Replication                   Scalability
 info store                    info store

  Network/           Info           Application     Management
   routing         storage           services        services
  services         services

              Microsoft Exchange Server
 Rich Object Info Store

                      Address    Discussions
Mail      Calendar
                       book         news

URL’s                 Contacts      More...
        Microsoft Exchange Server
      Application Services

                  E-mail,     Workflow
                Groupware                 processes

Network/         Info       Application   Management
 routing       storage       services      services
services       services

           Microsoft Exchange Server
     Management Services
                Central       Migration
             administration     tools

               Monitors         System

Network/          Info        Application   Management
 routing        storage        services      services
services        services

           Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange, Schedule+
    And Microsoft Outlook
                      Microsoft Outlook
                   Microsoft Exchange Client
   E-mail               Public folder applications                 E-forms

  Scheduling                Task management               Contact management

               Journaling                            Free-form notes

 Enhanced views, fields, and VBScript                Document explorer
                  Which Client Should You Use?
                       Microsoft           Microsoft             Web client           Pop3/NNTP
                       Outlook             Exchange,                                  clients
                       client              Schedule+
                  •   Microsoft Exchange   •   Universal inbox   •   E-mail           •   POP3

                      client plus...       •   E-mail            •   Scheduling       •   NNTP
                  •   Schedule+ plus...    •   Scheduling        •   Discussions          (News reader)
                  •   Office Integration   •   Discussions       •   Cross-platform   •   Light
                                                                 •   Light

                      Win32® desks         •   Win 16 desks      •   Unix desks       •   Low-end desks

                                           •   MS-DOS®           •   Low-end desks    •   ISPs
                                           •   Mac               •   Roving users     •   Home
                                                                 •   Terminal users

                                     Use Microsoft Outlook
        The Intranet Evolution
                   File and Print,
      PC:              Simple        Intranet:
 File and Print      Directory,
                       Email,         Directory,
                      database        Security,
                                      , Line-of-
  Internet:          Web:             Business
Academic, files,   Searching,        application
   mail, BBS       Publishing              s

    Past           Present            Future
       Universal Data Access
                                             Information-based
                                             Structured view of
                              Web             information, author defined
   Message-based                            “Just in time”
   Semistructured                           Online access
    view, user defined
                                                          Transaction-
   “Real-enough time”                                     based
   Online/offline         Applications                   Structured data
                                                          “Real time”
               Messaging                                  Online access

                         It’s not either/or!
     Microsoft Internet Strategy
           Embrace and Extend
Internet = Extranet = Intranet strategy
   Implementation of all key Internet standards
   Integration of Internet and PC-based computing
   Innovation to enable new applications and

              Active Platform
              Activate the Web
            The Active Platform
Active Desktop                            Active Server
     HTML                                     HTML

   Scripting                                Scripting

   Components                               Components

System services                     System services
    Graphics                              Component services

     Sound                                 Active Directory
    Animation                                  Security
       ...                                     Network

        Standard protocols including ActiveX
ActiveServer Infrastructure
 Client Applicaton                   Web Browser

                 Windows NT Server
           Internet Information Server

            Active Server Page

                                     File Systems              Other

                    Active Server Pages
                            Development flow
HTML author                        Script writer
                                                                      Systems developer

 Content, layout,          Component             Script
 design                    invocation            Expressions           Component and
                                                                       database development
              if NObj.GetCompany(TSym)=False then
           <H1>Today's trade summary for:</H1>
           <H1>Today's trade summary for:<%=NObj.CompanyName%></H1>
           <TR><TD>Open</TD><TD>Close</TD><TD>Volume</TD></T>               NASDAQ
           <H2>Time of report: <%=time()%> <%=date()%></H2>
           <H2>Time of report: </H2>
                                <%=time()%> <%=date()%></H2>
Exchange 5.0: Active Messaging
   Microsoft Exchange Server Messaging
    services for the Web
       E-mail
       Discussions
       Scheduling and calendars
       Public folder applications
       Directory access
   Platform for application development
   Enables rapid development of Web-based messaging
   Very rich object library
           Building Applications
   Use any Web tools to create
    Active Server Pages
       FrontPage, Visual InterDev Studio,…...
       Leverage Web skills and tools
       Fastest way to build messaging
        applications for the Web
   Active Server Pages run on
    Internet Information Server 3.0
   Use Visual Basic® 5.0 CCE to create messaging
   Client as well as server scripting
Exchange Web Client Architecture
       Web Clients
  Standard protocol access (HTTP)

        Exchange              Custom Active
          Web                 Server Pages
          Client               Applications

         Active Server Components
   Active Messaging                 3rd Party
     Components                    Components

        Exchange System services
   Transport   Directory Service    Exchange Server Store
     Exchange 5.0 (Q1 97)
   Exchange Server 5.0
       Microsoft Exchange Web Service (HTTP)
       Microsoft Exchange Internet News Service (NNTP)
       Microsoft Exchange POP3 Service (POP3)
       LDAP& SSL support
       Active Server Pages
           VBScript, JavaScript, ActiveX,...
           Interne tools: Internet Studio, ..
       Person-to-person encryption key exchange
       Schedule + for Macintosh
       Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus cc:Mail
       GroupWise and Collabra Share source extractors
   Microsoft Outlook
                  Cost of Ownership
    Microsoft Exchange Cost of Ownership

            Exchange                           Lotus Notes
     Deployment per                     Deployment per
      user=$43.31*                        user=$125.35
     Total training=$4842.50            Total training=$6418.75
     3 year ongoing                     3 year ongoing
      cost/user=$35.77                    cost/user=$59.73

    * Time and resources to deploy server and client for each user
      Zona Research COO Study - October, 1996

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