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					                                                      THE MESSAGE

                                          “THE        LAST TRUMPET”
I was in the woods praying unique desert prayers. It was on December 12th of 2003, 8PM at night
(20.00’ PM). As I was praying, I was in the Spirit and I heard a loud voice roaring like a violent
rushing wind. This voice lasted for a while like the sound of a tumult and then I heard it slowing
down, and as this happened I heard a voice calling my name. It was a voice like one of a man. The
voice called twice, the third time I responded. And I heard this voice telling me “Do not be afraid, be
awake and clothe yourself with strength because I am going to send you to warn my people and reveal to them a
secret of the work of satan in this nation.”

At that moment then, I saw a person, a big and tall man. He was clothed in a long robe that was very
white. In His hands, He held two bottles similar to the ones that contain liquid medicine, and He had
what looked like cotton-swab wrapped on a twig. And I saw that in the sack of his robe He had a big
white book, on the right side. He then opened these bottles, and dipped the cotton-swab and He
applied this medicine to both of my eyes, and He dipped the cotton into the bottles again and He
applied it to both of my ears. He then gave me that book which was in the sack of His robe. He told
me: “What you see, what you hear, write it down and quickly announce it to those in Rwanda
starting from the capital city, for what I will show you regarding this country hurries to take place.”
He again said: “I am about to show you 3 things.”

    1. I will show you the throne of satan and his activities
    2. I will show you about the last trumpet (4 winds and the fire)
    3. I will show about the very short time of grace left

I then asked Him “What is Your Name for me to deliver your message?” He told me “I am called THE
to say this, He held my right hand and He told me: “Let‟s go and I will show you.” He then put his hand
on my eyes, immediately I saw that the sight of my eyes increased, and I could see so far. He told me:
“Tell the Rwandese that I gave them milk, after they drank it and were full, they scourged me with amasusa.”
[Amasusa: A poisonous shrub which coming in contact with the skin causes a reaction.] Tell them “I protected them from famine, wars,

plagues and the swords while they were scattered and suffering in foreign nations. I protected them. I brought
them back to their country. I blessed them and they ate and drunk and they were very well satisfied. After being
crowned like kings and rulers, their wage was to pierce me with the spears of sin. They have crowned races,
religions, and wealth as king over them; they even practiced all evil deeds but tell them that “these will not be
able to save them from a terrible day and a destruction that is coming.” Tell them “The year they finished was a
year of peace and relaxing but the one they now start is the one to cut thorn trees from the forest and to divide
the sheep from the goat.” Also tell them that “The time has come when I will close my ears to prayers of
those who ignore my warnings” Tell them that “This year is to choose the way of Life or the way of death.”
(Jeremiah 21:8; Joshua 24:14; I King 18:21).”

PS.: I saw we were talking on the way as we walked, but the way ahead of us was so long and I did
not know where we were going. Besides this, He had held my right hand. We then walked a very
long journey. We arrived to a place where there was a very big valley where there was a great long
and wide river. The width of this river was almost like that of a lake. He showed me on the other side
of this river and I saw 4 beasts. The first beast was like a leopard, the other like a cat, the other like a
dog, and the other like a bull. Then I heard Him telling me “Did you see these beasts” And I said, “I saw
them.” He said, “These are the guards of the first barrier to hell.” And He told me “These beasts you saw can

change sometimes into evil spirits so that they are unseen; some other times they change themselves into men,
other times they are changed into beasts like the way you see them.” He told me “Write down all you see, don‟t
leave out anything.” Nearby these beasts, there was a great sign; written on it were these words:
“BORDERPOST OF THE KINGDOM OF HELL.” And I heard the Man Who was with me saying to
me “This river you see here is called the river of death and those who go to hell go through it.” He said “But
for those who go there to ask for riches, they go there wearing their bodies in a magic way of satan and they all
go through that barrier.” He told me “I am going to show you a great secret of the kingdom of satan, I will
show you one of his head armies and his activities. You are to tell all those who are in the country so that they
are awake because satan is increasing his undertaking of evil plots, which become more and more powerful so
that he has many whom he will lie under as on a pillow for he knows his time is very short.” He continued to
hold my hand and we crossed the river by feet and being on the other side of the river, I saw a great
red sign whose writing read: “THE DESTROYER.” This sign was guarded by 66 soldiers.

PS.: As I looked, I saw from waist to head these soldiers looked like men, from waist to feet they
looked like a lower part of a fish. Behind this sign was piled up bones and skulls of people. We passed
by this sign and when we arrived there, I saw that these 66 soldiers fell down all at the same time,
face down. We passed them and kept our journey.

PS.: As I saw this, what astonished me was that these 66 soldiers were wearing uniforms, whose top
was red. They were also wearing hats that read: “THE KINGDOM OF HELL.” We continued the
journey and we reached a place of great forest. In this forest, I saw the trees similar to ficus tree called
imivumu. [A green tree that grows in Rwanda. Its meaning is associated to curses. This tree is used a lot in witchcraft] but they were
almost all short and they seemed to have same length. This forest was filled with great darkness, deep
darkness, and a road passed by it. It looked like a beautiful road (macadam) but it seemed it was
covered by a viper’s skin and we stepped on it as we walked. In this forest also, I noticed there were
many small birds in the air and they looked like bats.

P.S: This is what I saw and I was astonished: These bat-like birds were not identical. It seemed that
some were black, others were red, others were blue and others like chocolate colors. There were other
colors of these birds I saw but I am unable to find their names.

In this way that went through the forest, it was so dark. The robe of the One who was with me was
the only light for us. As soon as we got there, the robe He was wearing started shining more and
more like the beams of the moon, and as He was the One ahead leading the way, we could not be lost
but we saw the way to take.

As what I saw in that forest overwhelmed me and caused me to fear, I asked the One Who was with
me regarding this forest and the road which was unusual and also about these birds I saw of different
colors. He responded, “This is called the forest of wickedness. This great darkness that you see is called the
gloom of confusion and this road where the serpent skin is spread is the way of evil schemes leading to satan.
These trees of this forest are called marah because they are bitter, and the birds you saw of different colors are
the soldiers of satan who are the evil spirits.” I heard Him telling me “The name of that army is called
misleading spirits”. He added “the reason why you saw them in different colors is because they do different
activities of wickedness, hypocrisy and evil plans of all level of sins.”

As I looked far above in that forest, I saw a great cloth in a hot red color. The words on it were written
in very black letters “The fearless army which does not retreat”. We kept going and we came out of

the forest. At that moment, I saw that we kept going through this road and I asked This Man “Why
were the trees of the forest like imivumu or ficus but I saw they really were not?” “Because all those who
go to the abyss go through there and they are called the cursed ones” He told me! We continued the journey
and I came to see that we reached a place where there was a city. I saw it was a very great city with
many houses, different plants and factories (because I heard the noise of much different machinery
sounding). In this city there were many roads. Many cars passed by, motorcycles, bicycles and many
others things. This is what I saw that astonished me in this city: The people of that city did not look
like normal people. I saw that they had the face or head like men, but their waist and feet looked like
leopalds’. I saw that they had two small horns on their heads. I saw also that they drove cars;
motorcycles, bicycles and others were walking by feet. Many carried different things as though they
were to and fro the market. Continuing to walk, we got to a place where there was a huge building
resembling to a mosque. This building was so huge beyond the normal and the one who was with me
told me “This is the building of the supreme counsel of the kingdom of hell.”

PS.: In that building, I heard much noise of different sounds. There at the door of this building stood
six soldiers. I saw they were different from the ones I had seen before. These had heads like
crocodile’s, their waist and feet like men’s. They wore on their waste only very black clothes on which
were the drawing of a serpent on the chest. The One Who was with me held my hand and He
strengthened me saying “Stand and observe.”
I stood and looking at the door of that building I saw someone that looked like a man but also he did
not seem to be like a human being – his feature was ridicule, terrible and also fear inspiring. I
observed. his face was like that of a vulture, with big ears like the pig’s, his chest was hairy like a
hyena and his feet looked like that of a gorilla. It would be hard to describe how he looked. he stood
up straight like a man standing. On his head there were two horns. On the right hand was written
“TO DECEIVE”, while the writing on the left was “THERE IS NO GOD BESIDES ME” As I read this, I
heard the one who was with me saying: “This one you see is satan.”

Then satan stood in the door of that building. He held in his hands a big black book. The nails of his
fingers and toes looked like that of a leopard. He was very mad, full of anger. As I kept looking at
him, I saw that on his head between the two horns was a big wound. I heard him calling the six
soldiers mentioned. They stood in front of this building. he addressed them and I heard him say “Go
to the forest of wickedness. Bring me my fearless soldiers who never retreat. He also said that they
should leave only a few of them to protect the forest. I saw three of the soldiers going and three
stayed. After about one minute I saw all those soldiers which are also the birds from that forest. They
all came and immediately they took up a human form. I saw that satan was still standing in the door
and he called the commander of this army who saluted him and bowed down. Standing up, he
approached satan who took him inside the building. In a moment they came out and they had what
looked like a big bag of clothes. They opened it in front of this army, and they took out what seemed
to be like overalls, red in color. All of them were red, there was no other color. I heard satan
commanding these soldiers to wear those overalls which they did. After this, I saw satan opening the
black book which he had in his hands. It was a big book, dark black and on one side of it was writing
in red fonts that read: “The law of all wickedness there is.” On the other side of this book was written
these words: “to do injustice, to persecute and to shed innocent blood.” I looked and satan gave this
book to the commander of this army, and he took out a picture. On this picture, it seemed like a map
of the country of Rwanda which was surrounded by three mountains of different size (big and small).
I heard satan talking to this army and said: “The supreme counsel of our nation Gehenna met! After
its session examining the reports of our worldwide intelligence from every nation, our counsel found
that our activities are being destroyed a lot in all countries but especially in Rwanda where our
activities are not advancing anymore. He proceeded: “That is why the army which was in Rwanda

will be replaced. We will send you instead because you are more powerful than them”. He then said
that they believe this new army will do a better job. I then saw satan giving the commander of those
soldiers that map and the black book saying “Go to Rwanda. You and all your army.” He also said
“Here is the book of law and commands of all sorts of wickedness.”

He told them this: “Work with a great zeal, without forgetting that our time is very short. The people
in Rwanda are running away from us going to That One Who Lives Forever!” Then satan started to
give new orders addressing to this army thus: “Go to Rwanda. Teach all to practice immorality of all
kind and all that goes with it. Teach men to commit adultery with one another; teach Rwandese to
sleep with little children; teach them an unusual sensuality to the extent that when they sleep on
their beds they will play with their bodies; teach them premarital relations are part of a modern
society; teach the youth to do abortion and to throw away their new born babies. All this will bring
curse to this nation. Those who will obey these commands will be our booty. You see, they deceive
themselves when they serve Him in hypocrisy – He hates all this very much!”

He continued to address this army with a great anger thus: “Regarding immorality, teach it even in
the home of the leaders, especially their children because if we start with them and win them, it will
be a snare for them. They will greatly be ashamed to convince the people under them regarding the
awfulness of this sin and thus many will increase their immorality.”

He said to them “Teach the Rwandese to kill, to steal, to poison, to deceive, to be greedy and to love
things of this world. And don’t forget racism because this is a great weapon that we always use to
overpower them.” “Let them sit on the seat of genocide and all that came with it, so that none will
forgive those around them. If anyone tries to forgive, let him do it outwardly to bee seen as
innocent, if this happen, they will still kill each other in secret. These will also be ours.”

“Regarding Christians, whether new or mature, rich or poor – don’t allow them to give their tithes as
it should be. Instead, cause them to be greatly greedy in giving their offering and tithes. If they try to
give, show them their own problems, and right here watch out very much because when they are
faithful in giving it causes the gospel and evangelism to spread in a greater way, advancing in all
ways and causes us to lose our people! And remember that being faithful in their giving causes them
to prosper by their Everlasting One. When this happens, we cannot find whom to deceive using our
riches and if we can find some of them, they are few in number. Remember that when they fail to give
their tithes, many things go wrong in His work and many things go well in our work.

While we were still there, the One Who was with me asked me: “Did you hear that?” I told him that I
understood it. He then told me that “When satan prevents a Christian to give his/her tithes, he thus closes
the door of blessing, and he brings him a curse instead. (Malachi 3:7-10). Because when a Christian hardens his
heart to give the tithes, he multiplies curses and this brings poverty and great lack. This poverty causes him/ her
to steal, to swindle, to lie, to practice immorality, to take bribes, and many other things and this becomes a foot
hole for satan. Some of them get depressed by this poverty that it causes them to go and find riches in hell.” He
told me: “Keep your ears open and listen.”

satan kept telling this army thus: “Be careful to do this with a great zeal and passion and be very
shrewd because if we are successful in this, it will bring them poverty and we will trap them in many
ways and give them our riches, in this way they will do great things for us”

- His true prophets: Take some of the true prophets, give them some of our deceiving spirits so that
when they prophesy from The Everlasting One, they will mix with our lies. For others, cause them to

prophecy for their bellies so that they will prophecy for money. If this happens, we will make them
our instruments so that they will prophecy peace while there is war, blessings while there are curses,
this will cause those who receive their false prophecy to wait the promises in vain. When these don’t
come to pass, we will have a good way to bring them down; some to make their ways to psychic and
others will come to us for help.

- Those who receive true promises: Do all you can to thwart them, cause them to lose hope so that
they will not have faith. Weaken them so that they don’t pray, so that they can mix righteousness and
iniquities. This way there will be delay in their promises and we will thus be able to show them our
ways. Do this especially on the newly saved.

- The singer: Clothe them with pride, disobedience and disunity with those who lead them. Do not
allow them to conduct themselves in good manners to bring forth fruits. Clothe them with self-
sufficiency and to be hardened so that the Gospel they preach will not have any value and that many
of them will be taken by surprise. Go and close their windows of blessings so that they would be
poor, thus they will not have enough to contribute to buy their instruments which make so much
noise for us. You all know how much noise they make from their songs when they worship and
proclaim Their Holy One!

I then heard satan telling his army thus: “Do the work speedily and zealously as those who work for
themselves. To the soldiers which will work among the worshippers, prophets and the leaders - I will
greatly reward them and multiply their crowns.” He added. “Summon some of the Christians so that
they would come and we will give them poison so that they are in the church while they are witches,
(who have poison - abominations). Teach others to drink alcohol and taking drugs (wine and
cigarettes also). Do this in secret so that they can hide in their congregation while they belong to us.
These will indeed bring us many other people!

- Businessmen and Artist: Teach them to lie, to swindle, extreme hypocrisy and cause them to believe
it is normal to do so, that there is no other way. Uproot what is called love from their hearts so that if
one falls sick or loses a loved one or is attacked they will receive no help. Don’t allow them to help
each other but show them their own problems. Helping each other brings them great blessings. And
remember that in the past when they did this, it caused us to lose many followers, because they
would go to them instead.

- Many others on the days they gather to pray: Prevent them this holy gathering, so that they can go
to different games and movies. These games and those movies will teach and make them love what is
ours. On this, make sure you especially entice the youth. Teach them to love things of this world, let
them be distracted by these so that they can forget heaven. Exceedingly, show them that the end-time
(2nd coming) is not any time soon even though it is obvious it is coming very soon (following the signs
we see!) but hide this to them thus many will stay in their churches deceiving themselves that they
are working for eternal life, others waiting to repent tomorrow and thus they will be surprised and in
this way we will find many we will use as our pillows. I know very well that if we do well our job, we
will get a great number of them.

- The doors of blessings: Close them! Even to their offspring! Cause women and men to be barren.
Cause miscarriage among other women. For others, steal their babies and entice the teenagers to
move in together with their boyfriends/girlfriends before marriage. In their ignorance, this will
spread afflictions and curses. Cause many to flock to the mediums and psychic, especially barren men
and women. Bachelor and bachelorette (those who have been single too long), deceive them that a

spell has been put on them by a witch! During their gatherings – while the preacher gives the Word of
life, do all that is in your power to distract people so that they will not hear the Word. As you know,
that Word is the one that is causing us to lose those who were our followers, and that Word seems to
be like a great flaming fire to burn the hearts of our followers who kept our secrets and thus they
reveal them (to confess their sins and to forsake them). satan went on to say “Forbid them to hear the
Word”. About to close the meeting, I heard satan saying “In that mission you are bout to undertake
(The Rwanda Mission), no food will be provided by us to you on the battlefield because there is
already enough food there . He went on to say: “You will eat toddlers, children still breastfeeding,
even those who are still in their mother’s womb. The best food however that you will feast on are the
prayers of the wicked, who pray at the same time practicing abominations which we mentioned. For
as you know, these prayers of abominations are our best proteins that we get in a great number. He
added “If however we see there is an area where you need back up, we will be sending you
reinforcement.” He thus bade farewell to his workers saying: “Be courageous and be strong because
the battle you are going to is not easy. Among the army that you will battle with, there are many who
still have their weapons of mass destructions. (I heard the one who was with me say: “What he called
weapons of mass destruction is the prayer of the saints full of righteousness and faith.”) Then satan
said: “Fight fiercely, as you see we are losing many people)

                                            AFTER THIS
I then saw this army transforming again into the birds of the air and they left. satan also entered in
that building. We continued our journey. Going forward about 200 meters in that city, the One Who
was with me still holding my hand told me: “I want to show you now some of the enemy possessions.” We
immediately reached many buildings which were built in line like those of a school. He led me closer
to those doors and reached out to the sack of his robe and grabbed many keys and opened.

P.S: It was written on this door: “Extreme witchcraft and magic arts.” He then opened the door,
forbidding me to enter He commanded me to stand at the door so that I can look inside. As I looked, I
saw many piles of bones of people and skulls. I also saw many beasts of different kind, especially the
most dangerous animals.

This is what I saw in that building which made me sad: I saw the skulls of people and by carefully
looking at their face, I would recognize them. I was astonished that I knew some of those people!
Some were Christians from different denominations that have passed from this life. I even saw some
of the people of my village. I could not understand this, so I asked the One Who was with me: “How
come that some of these skulls are of the people of where I come from and how come they are here
while when they were still alive, I used to see them serving God in different denominations?” He
answered and said to me: “These were Christians only by name, because they wore the mask. They did what
is abominable in their denominations and called it my work.” He told me “Even the different works which they
did, the tithes and offerings they paid could not save them because they are not written anywhere. That‟s why
they were counted among the possession of satan. When these die, satan takes them in his factory you see here.”
I then saw different machine, great in numbers and He Who was with me told me. “These machines
grind these bones, for the powder of these bones is given to sorcerers and witches in the world who hold higher
rank so that it can help them in their evil work.


Again, He forbade me not to enter. He commanded me to look at the door. When I looked, it was
written on the door: “Invention of all lies.” Looking inside, I saw many machines to type, or to draw.
I also saw many different books and pens of various colors. Then the One Who was with me said:
“This is the office of satan where he sits inventing lies and wickedness.”

It was written on that door this “Things in style & fashion to distract the inhabitants of the earth.”
He also opened this door. Looking inside, I saw many machines, those that make clothes, shoes and
other many things that are on style. There were many beautiful things in nowadays style. The one
who was with me said: “This factory makes the new things in style as you saw, they are sent to the earth to
distract people.” – He also said to me that there is a group of demons called gahararo. [In Kinyarwanda, this
means those with composive behavior]. These are in charge of promoting what is made in that factory to the

earth. He then told me “These things on style are made from under the earth; to differentiate them from those
of the earth is not easy. That‟s why they distract many people. It is a great puzzle to the seller and the buyer.”

It was written on it: “All weapons of destruction.” I stood at the door. Looking I saw many weapons
of wars, guns, swords, machetes, axe, spears and hammers. There were also some warplanes, cars,
motorcycles, bicycles and some of the ferocious beasts. I asked the One Who was with me. He
responded: “This is a house of satan‟s weapons that he uses to kill people.”

He opened. Standing at the door, I saw many machines that make money. I saw different machines
that count money and bills of all kind. There was also a very big book of laws and commands given to
those who come to ask for that money. Here is another thing I saw in this house that brought me
sorrow: There were lines of many people of different races: white and black. Among them were five
men whom I recognized as we eye-contacted. One was a great businessman, the other was a leader of
a denomination (I was forbidden to give their names), the other used to be a great leader. The other
was a senior medical doctor, while the other was working for a non-profit organization.

PS.: I recognized who they were but I saw they did not recognize me. The One Who was with me
forbade me and warned me not to name them but He commanded me to pray for them because it is
not easy for their hearts to repent their lust of this wealth, which has brought them in the way of

 I saw the one who was with me taking my hand. We turned and went back to the way we had come
from. We came to reach that river in the valley. We crossed by feet as we had crossed before. Arriving
on the other side, we saw those beasts still there, but this time they were playing ikibuguzo. Two of
them were playing checkers, two others were praying igisoro. [ikibuguzo and igisoro are both Rwanda traditional games similar
to Chinese checkers]. The One Who was with me showed me by pointing the finger and said: “These are also

the games of the foolishness of hell - of leading astray.

We then continued our journey. Arriving at the top of a very high mountain He said to me: “I am
going to show you about the last trumpet”. And He said to me “Announce this to the Rwandese people, those
who are weak and strong, those who are slave and free. Do not keep this a secret and hurry to say it because they
will not fail to pass.” But I found myself telling Him: “My King, on my own it is not easy to tell the
Rwandese people this because I am a man of lower class than all others.” He responded to me saying
“Read the word of this prophecy of truth in 1 Corinthians 1:27; Ezekiel 2:6-7.” On the way then, we met
people going in the direction we were coming from but He will tell me: “They are going to request for

wealth, poison and magical medicine and others in style thing as you saw them.” Whilst we were at the peak
of that mountain, I saw on the other side of the mountain a big image or a picture which seemed to be
like that of Rwanda and He told me. “What you see is Rwanda.” He showed me on the four corners of
that picture what seemed to be like four soccer balls which seemed to be inflated with air. On each
corner there was one ball. He then told me “What you see in the four corner of Rwanda are the four winds
of four kinds. And these winds are being stirred up all at once to blow over the country to disperse people, things
and shake many things.” This caused me to be afraid and I asked him “What is the meaning of these four
winds?” He told me “These winds are the 4 dangerous plagues which are being raised at once.” He said:
THE FIRST WIND: This explains accidents of all machines that are used to carry people and things, because
they are about to destroy a lot of many people in the country - in a way never seen before.
THE SECOND WIND: This explains a dangerous plague of a dangerous disease surpassing all that has ever
been. This will take away many (people) even domestic animals.
THE THIRD WIND: This stands for dangerous bandits and thieves who have weapons and other means to
destroy. They are about to arise with zeal in a way never seen before, to take people‟s lives and their belongings.
THE FOUR WIND: These are strong earthquakes and thunders that are to come. They will take place in this
land more than other nations to destroy houses, to kill people, and other many things.

Then the One Who was with me said to me: “Go quickly throughout the country. Proclaim it loud because
they are about to take place quickly! Let no one be taken by surprise; let no one use an „I- never-knew‟ excuses -
For I gave to the Rwandese milk. They drunk it but after they were full, they scourged me with amasusa.”
Going steep down the hill, we arrived to another place in the valley. I saw another big river which
had 7 branches. The Man Who was with me told me: “This river is called Banata meaning a great craving.
He explained that which concerned this river and said: “This river and its branches you see here – Their
water are being stirred up to blow away all the wealth that‟s not used to serve God, especially among those who
are called by the name of the Lord “(Isaiah 24:1-6) We went on and reached another mountain that we
climbed. Arriving at its top, we come to an area where there was a great field. This field had much
wheat. In this field, I saw much ripe and healthy wheat, but they were only a few. I saw other wheat
which had fallen on the ground. I saw others whose head bent down by the wind while others had
husk without kernels inside. I requested the meaning of the wheat and that field, then the One Who
was with me said: “This wheat field you saw is the church of God. The Wheat you saw fallen and lying to the
ground is a picture of Christians, who are backslidden for so long that they seem to be like they have been under
judgment - Because they have their flesh circumcised but not their hearts (Jeremiah 9:24). Those which you saw
with their heads broken off are the Christians who talk about God on their lips while their hearts are far away
from the Lord. They are like the sheep in the midst of wolves (Matthew 23:27). The ones you saw bent down by
the wind; these are Christians who do not endure wars and trials. When they encounter trials and wars, they
walk backward and they curse God – These want to sit relaxed, as if they were in heaven. (Mark 4:17).
Regarding the wheat you saw without kernel, these are Christians who have no fixed place to be counted in
because they are lukewarm. These ones also are waiting for the wrath of God (Revelation 3:16). And the wheat
you saw in a few number but ripe very well, these are the few Christians left in the Church who still observe the
law and commandments of the Lord.”

We kept walking. A few steps ahead, He told me: “Lift up your eyes and see at the heavens.” When I
looked up at the heavens, I saw the sun and the moon fighting fiercely. They were fighting like the
way male goats fight. These fights lasted for a while. I immediately saw a great part of the sun being
broken falling to the earth. Its sparks spread throughout the country but a great number fell in the
ocean. As they fell, I saw that the water of the ocean changed into blood. Immediately, fish of
different kinds floated on the water as if dead and the one who was with me said to me: “That which
concerns the fight of the moon and the sun and the death of the fish is a hidden secret but it hurries to take

He showed me on the other side, there was a mountain on our right and I saw a very great tower. On
top of it, there was a man who had a trumpet on his lips. He addressed to him and said thus: “Be ready
to blow the trumpet because the time has come for the trumpet to be blown and thus the furnace of fire will
blaze, burn and consume all that needs to be burned.” While He was saying this, I saw next to the tower – a
distance of about 10 meters, a very great fire which was burning and consuming; but this fire was
surrounded , fenced by heavy metal which does not burn. He said to me: “THERE IS ONLY A

I saw Him handing me the trumpet and told me “Shout it very loud, tell them so that those who flee would
flee and that the wicked reap their wickedness for the wage of sin is death, and also tell them the words of this
prophecy because they held that which was mine (Malachi 3:7-10; Matthew 22:20-21), let the one who is filthy,
still be filthy; let the one who is holy, still keep himself holy. Tell them there remains a very short time of grace,
however if they come back to me I will come to them (2 Chronicles 7:13-14). Tell the Church that the
abomination of desolation stands in the holy place, and when the cursed enters with curses in the Church, he
blinds it. Tell them that the short time left is for fleeing.

He then told me “Tell the church that I have great sorrow because of my house (the hearts of people) which
has become the unplowed ground and has become the den of robbers, swindler and thieves and also the refuge of
all the abominations and unholy. See how they have hidden sins in their hearts. However, they have hidden from
men not from Me (Galatians 6:7). Tell them that none of what they do in secret is hidden from me (Galatians
6:7). Ask them: “When a woman sleeps with her father in law, and the man sleeps with his mother, and the man
commits adultery with his own child; and others live like wild animals, or domestic animals - naked always on
the mountain – will not this bring a curse to a nation?” Tell them that they have trampled that which is holy
and belonging to me, they have taken abomination and called it holiness and that‟s why the curses follows them
(Obadiah 1).

Tell them to remember Achan at Jericho (Joshua 7). Tell them they can hide sin and refuse to uproot it in their
hearts, however sin is not afraid to destroy them.” Tell them: “God protected them from famine, diseases and
death that almost destroyed them in the jungle of the foreign land! Tell them that I brought them from these
countries, where they had been dispersed. I brought them back to their land of birth, when they finished to eat
and were filled, they became wealthy and well established. When they became satisfied, they sat back like the
kings and rulers. Their wealth and cattle increased but they never have enough, but they always have tears,
crying and commit sins. When they finish they say “WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF SERVING THE LORD?”
This short moment they forget the vows they made while they asked for death and could not find it? Have they
now forgotten? They have set as king over their hearts wealth and many other things! Tell them “Because they
have hardened their hearts so that they don’t serve me, I am sending 4 winds from the four corners of
the country and after these winds there is fire (Hosea 4:1-4)

He then told me: “Look the people are bound by distraction, and they don‟t care. They are deceiving themselves
saying that things have been always that way and will be so. They are singing peace as if nothing will come!
That‟s why a great shocking surprise is near them! Tell them that they will weep, they will cry loud and cry for
help but I will laugh when the calamity and the dread they feared come upon them (Proverbs 1:24-29)


Tell the shepherd of the sheep and the shepherd and the guard of the flock thus:

“That they stay awake because the wolf and his children rise up with a very great hunger to devour the children:
toddler, those who are still breastfeeding and those in the womb. And tell the leaders to be awake and to pray
because satan is envious and very jealous of the Church. This causes him to rise and to cause chaos, fights and
disagreement as to be able to create division in the Church.

Shout loud and tell them: “satan has caused division in the church - but warn them to watch out a lot! Tell them
that satan has brought betrayal, to take some of the leaders in the prison to cause many to leave the Church and
thus create their own denominations which have the purpose of satan to slander the Church and discourage her.
Tell them that: “I have been hurt greatly by the great mixing some of the leaders had and thus caused my work
to be blamed because of them. They gave the respect of My house to people. They swore lies and they rushed to do
what is an abomination before my eyes.”
Tell them that “My hand is stretched out to deal with any one who has intruded and mixed my work with the
lifestyle of this world, changing my house into a plain of politics using the interest of his belly. To that one, I am
coming to expose him and this very one will be a spectacle to all.”

Tell the leaders that “When a problem occurs in the work, I hurt that often none stand in the gap to ask for my
counsel. Even the one who comes to ask my counsel come full of self-praising and giving himself thanksgiving!
Tell them thus: “Gird your loins rightly and pray without playing games so that I can give you counsel, for
satan is geared up to bring chaos in the church, in a great way never seen before. See! Many without number are
leaving the church. Some among them are the slaves of their own belly, others are slaves of respect. They are
leaving because they did not see this coming to pass as they wanted.” Tell to all the leaders the words of this
prophecy of truth (Luke 22:31; Mark 3:24-25; Nahum 2:2) and tell them: I MYSELF AM COMING TO


He then told me: “Go quickly, announce all these that you have seen and heard. Make sure that you don‟t keep
it a secret. Announce it to all the Rwandese but especially those who are in the city gate of Kigali, city gate of
Gisenyi, city gate of Cyangugu - starting from the city gate of Kigali. Be careful to not give this message using
papers or other means that you will look for yourself. Be careful to not be deceived by the counsel of other people
on how to announce this message, for not all the people will be able to read the paper. But wherever you stand
speaking, he who hears will not have any excuse of “I-never-knew,” because I too send you to stand among the
simple, the strong, the slaves and those who are free so that you can tell it to them all. And I will use my
donkeys so that this message will reach everywhere it must reach because to some, this message will strengthen
their hearts and it will bring them blessings (1 Corinthians 1:18). To others however, it will become like a
stumbling block. Also, make sure you write this message down because an army of demons has risen to make
you forget it. They have been jealous because you are about to do a great work to reveal their secrets and to
destroy their work. Look – I put before you three signs to take away any fear and that you know it is I Who sends
you and that I will walk with you.

I thus became like a man awaken from sleep. I returned back in my body and when I looked I saw it
was in the aurora at 5:30 am.

PS.: Among the 3 signs I was given, the first one came to pass after 3 days. I hurried up to write down
this message of prophecy.

Given to Theoneste
Translated by Christine Uwizera Coleman


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