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					                                                            Changing Currents
                                                                      Lakeway Resort & Spa to be Site of
                                                                 39th Annual MAT Conference & Trade Show
 MAT       M A R I N A A S S O C I AT I O N O F T E X A S
                                                            The 39th Annual MAT Conference and Trade
                                                            Show will be held at Lakeway Resort & Spa.
                                                            This beautiful resort is located near Austin,
                                                            Texas and overlooks Lake Travis. The confer-
                                                            ence dates are October 23 - 27. MAT’s last con-
                                                            ference at this resort was held in 1981. The
                                                                                                                hours will follow the lineup from last year’s
                                                                                                                conference and will offer extended hours for
                                                                                                                exhibitors. The exhibits will open on Monday,
                                                                                                                October 24 at 6:00 pm with a reception to be
                                                                                                                held in the exhibit hall. Exhibits will also be
                                                                                                                open on Tuesday from 8:00 am until noon. Each
                                                            Second Annual Nyle Mann Memorial Golf               exhibitor will have an opportunity to address all
                                                            Tournament will be held on October 24. Steve        attendees at the General Session. Jodi Looper
                                                            Allen of Riviera Marina will be the chairman        is diligently working on lining up outstanding
                                                            of this popular event.                              guest speakers for the conference. Seminars
                                                                                                                will be held on Tuesday afternoon and all day
                                                            We are pleased to announce that the exhibit         on Wednesday.
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                                                               2ND ANNUAL NYLE MANN                                 National Marina Day
                                                               MEMORIAL GOLF CLASSIC                                   June 11, 2011
                                                                            Hosted by                           In 1928, the word “marina” was used, for the
                                                                 Hills of Lakeway Country Club                  very first time, by the National Association of
                                                                   Monday, October 24, 2011                     Engine and Boat Manufacturers to define a
                                                              Deadline for registration: Oct 10, 2011           recreational boating facility. Since then, mari-
                                                                 Entry Fee: $135.00 Per Player                  nas have become an integral part not only of
                                                               Teams Will Be Assigned According                 American recreation, but also American life.
                                                                 to Players’ Handicap Includes:                 National Marina Day 2011 celebrates not only
                                                               Green Fees, Golf Cart, Range Balls               the rich history of the marina industry, but its
                                                                          Boxed Lunch
                                                                                                                bright future as well.
                                                                      Contact Steve Allen of
                                                                     Riviera Marina for more                    Mission and Method
                                                                   information: 512-250-8321                    The goal of National Marina Day is the edu-
                                                                Email:              cation of politicians, civic leaders and the
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                                                                  How Do I Get Involved in National Marina Day?
                                                                                     NATIONAL MARINA DAY JUNE 11, 2011

                                                              The first step you need to take to begin plan-    Marina Picnic, consider moving those events
                                                              ning your National Marina Day observance          to August and branding them National Ma-
                                                              is to decide what type of event you will hold     rina Day celebrations. Alternatively, consider
                                                              to honor this annual celebration. Remember        having a stand alone National Marina Day
                                                              that National Marina Day is only celebrated       event. Options for such a celebration include,
                                                              once a year, so be creative!                      but are not limited to: tours of your facility for
                                                                                                                elected officials, complimentary cruises, chil-
                                                              Size does not matter! Choose an event that        dren’s activities and events, raffles and
                                                              will work best at your marina. If your facility   fundraisers, clean up day, environmental
                                                              has an annual Customer Appreciation Day or

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                                                                    WE NEED CORPORATE SPONSORS!
                                                                                                   See Page 4 for Details
Page 2                M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   APR/MAY 2011

  Wifie Solutions specifically designed for the Hospitality Industry...
        Marinas, Resorts, Parks, Campgrounds and RV-Parks!
APR/MAY 2011                                                                    M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                               Page 3

   2011 Leadership                                                                                                President’s Article
   Jodi Looper ......................................................512.261.7511
        Lakeway Marina
                                                                                                                 I can't believe I am already writing another article.
 VICE PRESIDENT                                                                                                  Where have the months gone? It seems like last week
   Lynda Hall ........................................................281.474.2540
        Lakewood Yacht Club                                                                                      that I was just telling everyone Happy New Year but
   Joel Weiner ......................................................972.771.8865                                now it is like summer! This amazing weather is won-
        Chandlers Landing Marina
                                                                                                                 derful for business, at least in the south Texas area.
   Don King ..........................................................830.935.4333                               With spring break behind us, everyone should be in
        Canyon Lake/Cranes Mill Marina
 MARINA DIRECTORS                                                                                                full force summer preparation! That includes every-
   Roland Adams ..................................................512.266.1800
        Hurst Harbor Marina
                                                                                         thing from stocking up, hiring staff, planting flowers, cleaning up the docks,
   Jerry Anderson ................................................254.694.3129           dusting off the umbrellas, and putting on your fresh uniform! Spring time is
        Lake Whitney Marina at Juniper Cove
   Mike Brooks......................................................512.264.2456         always exciting in the boating industry because boaters rush to the lake and
        The Reserve at Lake Travis
   Jason Cottingame ............................................903.465.6330             get out on the blue waters. Spring gets everyone motivated for the upcoming
        Grandpappy Point Marina/Commodore Marine
   Ken Criswell ......................................................832.221.8383
                                                                                         season and as marina operators we should take advantage of an excited and
        Dock Partners Management                                                         eager customer.
   Linda Dimitropoulos ........................................281.474.2586
        Seabrook Marina Inc.
   Allison Harpold ................................................936.582.1060
        Walden Marina
                                                                                         If you have not already started your advertising campaign, you may be behind
   Tim Hayes ........................................................903.816.0773        the curve. Start today! However you choose to spend your advertising dollars
        Highport Marina & Resort
   Angie Lamb ......................................................972.724.1804         should not be procrastinated another minute and don't forget the social media
        Twin Coves Marina/Marinas International
   Lance Looper....................................................512.250.8321          advertising that I highly recommended in my last article. With the ever grow-
        Riviera Marina                                                                   ing fuel prices, we may all have to skip advertising but as of now, I wouldn’t en-
   John Mason ......................................................972.436.6561
        Eagle Point Marina                                                               courage it.
   Helen Paige ......................................................281.535.2222
        Marina Bay Harbor
   John Swick ......................................................817.481.4549
        Scott’s Landing Marina
                                                                                         After having our first ever MAT strategic planning meeting, I am even more ex-
   Jay Teitelbaum..................................................972.625.2233          cited to see everyone at our annual conference on Lake Travis at Lakeway Re-
        Pier 121 Marina/Marinas International
 ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS                                                                     sort and Spa. Please, please do not delay any longer to register for this
   Rob Cunningham..............................................888.341.6817
        HydroHoist Marine Group                                                          amazing conference. We have some really great ideas in the works and I can
   Ed Thompson ..................................................830.708.2530            assure you that you won't want to miss this conference! From stand up paddle
        Floating Dock Supply
 PAST PRESIDENTS                                                                         boarding, a possible Hawaiian themed poolside party, an unbelievable speaker,
   Steve Allen ........................................................512.250.8321
        Riviera Marina                                                                   an education lineup and a boat ride to our dinner destination, you would be
   Marcel Bosworth ..............................................817.410.7450
        Marine Quest
                                                                                         crazy not to attend.
   Joe Castro ........................................................512.261.7511
        Anchor Bay Marina
   Joan Cordes ....................................................281.474.2540          We will need each person’s help in making this conference a successful one as
        Lakewood Yacht Club
   Peter Davidson ................................................361.826.3980           well as helping with the continued success and growing of MAT. Each of us
        City of Corpus Christi Municipal Marina                                          needs to sign new members and get them excited about the conference. Once
   Tommy Decker..................................................512.266.0500
        Island Global Yachting                                                           our strategic plans are in place, we will be able to offer benefits to new mem-
   Marshall Funk ..................................................972.488.1314
        Marinas International                                                            bers as well as some great education. We also want to continue supporting our
   Ben Miller ........................................................ 972.292.1100
        Cottonwood Creek Marina
                                                                                         sponsors and vendors and purchase from them first when you can.
   Reed Richard ....................................................409.982.4675
        Pleasure Island
   Rick Rodeman ..................................................512.266.0500           Last weekend, after visiting my home town of Friona, located in the Panhan-
        Lakeway Marina
   Jeff Rose ..........................................................972.406.5229
                                                                                         dle, I became increasingly concerned about the lack of water for all industries
        Marinas International                                                            and all people. I realized I was being very selfish in my last article about how
   Mildred Walker..................................................817.640.4200
        Lynn Creek Marina                                                                badly we needed rain for our recreational businesses. While the boating in-
   Gilbert Welch ....................................................972.406.5217
        Marinas International                                                            dustry cannot survive without water, there is a bigger picture that I was disre-
   Andy Goldbloom ..............................................512.389.8128
                                                                                         garding. I spoke with some local farmers about their challenges and they have
        Texas Parks & Wildlife                                                           the same concerns many of us have - water or lack of, I should say! They spoke
   Dewayne Hollin ................................................979.845.3857
        Texas Sea Grant Program                                                          of possible regulations being placed on their watering schedules, etc. You can
   John Nelson ......................................................832.465.6730
                                                                                         imagine what this might do to the farming industry and in turn many other in-
   Jeff Irion ............................................................903.887.4050   dustries. And then on my drive back to South Texas from the Panhandle, I
        Jeffrey C. Irion, Attorney At Law
 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                                                      came across a very large and quickly spreading grass fire that threatened many
   Becky Oliver......................................................210.259.8111
   Email:                                                        homes and closed the highway. This further increased my concerns for water
   Website:                                             all over the state of Texas as well as the USA and even the world. Not to dig
   Mail:        3625 Paesanos Parkway, Ste. 101;
                San Antonio, TX 78231
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Page 4                                   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                           APR/MAY 2011

            Be A Sponsor! We Need Your Support!
                          Sponsor Level 2011 MAT Conference/Trade Show
CORPORATE SPONSOR BENEFITS                                            CORPORATE SPONSOR BENEFITS
PLATINUM SPONSOR                                       $1,500.00      SILVER SPONSOR                                           $750.00
One Comp Registration                                     (225.00)    One Comp Registration                                     (225.00)
One Comp Exhibit Space                                    (300.00)    One Comp Conference Booklet Ad, 1/4 Page                  (150.00)
One Comp Conference Program Booklet Ad, Full Page         (225.00)    Name on Banner Displayed at Installation Dinner
One Comp Newsletter Ad, Full Page, Changing Currents      (225.00)    Name Recognition in Conference Program Booklet
Name on Banner Displayed at Installation Dinner                       Name Recognition in Quarterly Changing Currents Newsletter
Name Recognition in Conference Program Booklet                                    Total Benefits                               $375.00
Name Recognition in Quarterly Changing Currents Newsletter                        Net to MAT Sponsorship                       $375.00
Reserved Table at Installation Dinner
Opportunity to Address MAT Attendees at Conference Luncheon           BRONZE SPONSOR                                           $500.00
                Total Benefits                           $975.00      Name on Banner Displayed at Installation Dinner
                Net to MAT Sponsorship                   $525.00      Name Recognition in Conference Program Booklet
                                                                      Name Recognition in Quarterly Changing Currents Newsletter
GOLD SPONSOR                                           $1,000.00                 Total Benefits
One Comp Registration                                     (225.00)               Net to MAT Sponsorship                        $500.00
One Comp Conference Booklet Ad, 1/2 Page                  (175.00)
One Comp Newsletter Ad, Changing Currents, 1/2 Page       (175.00)
Name on Banner Displayed at Installation Dinner                                      CALL TODAY: (210) 259-8111
Name Listed in Conference Program Booklet
Name Recognition in Quarterly Changing Currents Newsletter
              Total Benefits                             $575.00           Help us make our 39th Annual Conference
              Net to MAT Sponsorship                     $425.00               a rewarding and memorable event
Jan/Feb 2011            M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   Page 5

                   threlkeld company
                   i n s u r a n c e
                    For Your
               Marine Protection
               Representing ALL major Marine/Marina Carriers

                          Your Problem Solver!
             Call Gary Hopkins at 800-256-6400
                    or Fax (903) 581-6781 •
                         Located in Tyler, Texas
Page 6                                          M A R I N A     A S S O C I A T I O N     O F   T E X A S                                 APR/MAY 2011

           Marina Association of Texas & HydroHoist® Marine Group Scholar Award
                          Sponsored by HydroHoist® Marine Group
HydroHoist International, Inc. is sponsoring a tuition and books scholarship    meet the above criteria for the second semester payment.
in the amount of $1000.00 ($500.00 per semester) for the son or daughter
of a marina owner and/or marina employee who is an active member in             If the student does not qualify for second semester renewal of the award,
good standing with the Marina Association of Texas.                             the money will be placed back into the fund for future use.

The scholarship will be funded by check made directly to the educational in-    A student may re-apply for more than one year.
stitution upon award.
                                                                                HydroHoist® presents two scholarships with two awards given at the annual
Qualifications for applicants are:                                              M.A.T. Conference for the fall semester and a second semester review in
    • Student must be enrolled in a college or university, with proof           February.
    of enrollment attached to the application.
    • Student must be the son or daughter of a marina owner and/or              Notification of the award will be made directly to the student with formal
    marina employee who is an active member of M.A.T.                           notification at the annual M.A.T. Conference.
    • Student must apply for the scholarship on or before Sept. 1, of the
    current year.                                                               The student who receives the award is requested to attend the M.A.T. meet-
    • Student must have carried a 3.0 or better grade average in high           ing of the school year given. The decision on who receives the award will be
    school if a freshman, or 3.0 or better in their last semester of college.   at the sole discretion of the staff and management of HydroHoist® Marine
    • Student must write a letter of application stating his/her interests in   Group. If no one is considered a suitable candidate during any given appli-
    their future and education, and a brief statement of why they feel they     cation period, or no one applies for the award, monies set aside will be re-
    should receive the award.                                                   turned to the fund.

The award will be broken into two equal amounts, $500.00 for the first          All names and information submitted for consideration for the award will be
semester, and $500.00 for the second semester.                                  held in confidence, and not released to any other individual or entity.

Student must provide a copy of their transcript and second semester en-         83998 N State Hwy 289 • Pottsboro, TX 75076 • 903-786-5438
rollment (on or before January 31st of the current year), and continue to       903-786-5439 (F) •

   Marina Association of Texas & HydroHoist® Marine Group Scholar Award Sponsored by HydroHoist® Marine Group
                                                       CONTACT INFORMATION
Name                                                              Parent(s) Name
Address                                                                         Address

Phone                                                                           Phone
                                                        SCHOOL INFORMATION
College Name                                                                    Major
Address                                                                         Minor
                                                                                Student Age                               GPA
Phone                                                        Last Year Completed
                                            MARINA AFFILIATION INFORMATION
Marina Name                                                                     Owner(s) Name
Address                                                                         Email
                         CHECK LIST
□ Enrollment Attached □ Application Letter □ Letters of Reference               Student Signature                                                      Date

                         FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
                                                                                Parent Signature                                                       Date
 Date Received                 Reviewed By:
                                                                                83998 N State Hwy 289 • Pottsboro, TX 75076 • 903-786-5438
 Approved: No □ Yes □             Approved By:
                                                                                903-786-5439 (F) •
APR/MAY 2011                               M A R I N A    A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                                   Page 7

              39th Annual Mat Conference and Trade Show
Monday, 10/24                                                            Tuesday, 10/25
10:00 - 10:30 am New Member Orientation                                  1:30 - 2:30 pm   Pam Lendzion – “Tune Up Your Service Department”
11:00 - 5:00 pm  Nyle Mann Memorial Golf Tournament                      2:30 - 3:30 pm   Speaker (Ice Cream provided)
      —          Stand up Paddle Boarding with SUP ATX demo rides        3:30 - 6:30 pm   Free Time for Attendees or:
      —          First Aid/CPR/Defibulator certification classes               —             SPCC training, CMM course,
      —          Possible Fishing with a guide                                               Strategic Video shooting, SUP ATX, Field Trip
Noon             Registration Desk Opens                                  7:00 pm         Vendor Appreciation Dinner at the Reserve Marina
                    Attendees to pick up information                                         via boat ride
                    packets/drink tickets                                Wednesday, 10/26
8:00 - 6:00 pm   Exhibitor Move In and Set-up                            8:00 - 8:45 am   Coffee & Danish
6:00 - 8:00 pm   Exhibits Open                                           9:00 - 10:00 am  Bill Yeargin “What Does the Future Hold? How Will
                 Ice Breaker in Exhibit Area/Networking Time                              Today’s Global Trends Impact You and Your Company?”
Tuesday, 10/25                                                           10:00 - 11:00 am Kristi Sutterfield - “Dealing with Difficult People”
7:45 am -1:30 pm Registration Desk Opens                                 11:00 - 12:00 am Speaker
8:00 - 10:00 am  Exhibits Open                                           12:00 - 1:30 pm  Lunch
                    Coffee & Danish in Exhibit Area                                          Platinum Sponsors to Address Attendees
      —          Vendor Breakout Demo - NEW!                             1:30 - 2:30 pm   Speaker
                    (Vendors to sign up and we will choose 4)            2:30 - 3:30 pm   Nuts & Bolts with moderator John Swick -
      —          Welcome to MAT Members - MAT President,                                     Ice Cream provided
                    Jodi Looper                                          3:30 - 6:00 pm   Free Time for Attendees or:
      —          Exhibitor Opportunity to address all attendees -              —             SPCC training, CMM course,
                    General Session                                                          Strategic Video shooting, SUP ATX, Field Trip
12:00 - 1:30 pm  Lunch (working on having state rep. Karen Huber         6:30 pm          Installation of Officers / Hawaiian Banquet - NEW!
                    address attendees)                                   Thursday, 10/27
12:00 - 5:00 pm  Exhibit Tear Down (Have Vendor meeting asking about     9:00 - 10:00 am  Joint 2010 & 2011 Board of Directors Meeting
                    offering discounts as part of affinity programs to   10:00 – 12:00 am Strategic Planning Meeting
                    draw new members)
Page 8   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   APR/MAY 2011
APR/MAY 2011                            M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                                  Page 9

     Bill Yeargin to be Guest Speaker at MAT Conference
                           The Marina Association of Texas           Marine Team for Correct Craft’s owner, Ambassador Enter-
                           is excited to announce that Bill          prises. In his role as leader, he directs a group of industry
                           Yeargin will be one of the key note       executives who prepared a detailed marine industry invest-
                           speakers at the 39th Annual Con-          ment analysis and are pursuing potential acquisition candi-
                           ference and Trade Show to be              dates within the marine industry.
                           held October 24 – 27th at Lake-
                           way Resort and Spa.                       Bill has traveled around the world as a popular speaker at
                                                                     numerous management conferences, many of them fo-
                           Bill Yeargin, President and CEO of        cused on the marine industry. People attending Bill’s speak-
Correct Craft, Inc., is an 85-year old company with global           ing engagement have commented that Bill’s presentations
operations. One respected industry publication described             are very motivational, stating that he has a unique ability to
Correct Craft under Bill’s leadership as being “on an ag-            both communicate complex management issues in simple
gressive improvement path the likes of which the marine in-          terms and motivate his listeners to new levels of perform-
dustry has never seen”. Bill also serves as leader of the            ance.

                        Our 2010 Sponsors - A Very Special Thank You
     Since 1993, the Marina Association of Texas has had a very special group to come forward for each conference to be a corporate
       sponsor for this annual event. This has enabled MAT to provide special benefits and to enhance the value of the conference.
    The sponsorship program offers our sponsors special amenities for the involvement and has helped MAT grow over the past years.
     We sincerely thank these special associate members and appreciate their continued support and commitment to this Association.

       PLATINUM SPONSOR                                 GOLD SPONSOR                               BRONZE SPONSOR
            $1,500.00                                      $1,000.00                                   $500.00
            Bellingham Marine                               Formex Floats                            Bayless-Hall Insurance
            Eaton Corporation                                                                      Bunker Hill Underwriters
        HydroHoist Marine Group                        SILVER SPONSOR                                Floating Dock Supply
        Marine Development, Inc.                            $750.00                              William Gammon Insurance
      Premier Materials Technology                      WiFi Access Anywhere
             Shoremaster, Inc.
         Threlkeld Co. Insurance

                                           We Salute Our Sponsors
                    Thank you for your generous contribution to the Marina Association of Texas

President’s Article continued
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too deep here, but as marina owners and operators we should          and bring on the boating season! See you in October at the
all start to do our part for conservation and get involved in        conference.
this ever growing concern. I mean... it is our livelihood!
                                                                     Onward and Upward,
Bring on the rain (for everyone and every industry in need)          Jodi Looper - President
Page 10                                      M A R I N A    A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                           APR/MAY 2011

                       Storm Water Pollution Prevention
                             Questions raised in the TCEQ meeting February 17, 2010
                                  Answers provided by Matthew Boger of TCEQ
I am happy to say that the meeting was worthwhile in getting clarification of the questions that we have been posing for several years.
Many of you will be happy to know you DO NOT need a Storm Water Permit, and you do not have to do anything at all. I would
advise keeping this information on file somewhere in the event of a visit.

The bottom line is, unless you have a boat yard or perform maintenance and repairs to your customers boat, then you do not need a Storm

Q. Can marina’s Waiver Out of the hazardous metal require-                 water permit is needed?
                                                                           A. A dumpster onsite without a proper lid could make it to
A. Yes, any facility regulated under the MSGP may poten-                   where a business could not file for NO Exposure Certification
tially waiver out of the hazardous metals, if they meet the re-            (NEC). The reason that marina’s are regulated is because
quirements in Part III Section D (e) except for those metals               they have a listed SIC code that is regulated by the per-
specifically listed in the sector-specific requirements of Part            mit.
V of the general permit. This information is referenced in Part
III Section D (f).                                                         Q. Since the permit and plan are concerning Storm Water, do
                                                                           activities such as cleaning, maintenance & repair, etc. done
For Sector Q - Water Transportation, the benchmark parame-                 by a tenant/boat owner (not the marina) whose boat resides in
ters include aluminum, iron, zinc, and TSS. Because lead and               the water (in other words, not upland), place the marina in a
zinc are considered hazardous materials, facilities regulated              position to require permitting? We are talking about marinas
under Sector Q could not waiver out of those two metals. They              that do not have repair facilities and do not have fuel
could theoretically waiver out of arsenic, barium, cadmium,                docks. They are strictly renting boat slips for in the water boat
chromium, copper, manganese, mercury, nickel, selenium and                 storage.
                                                                           A. In order to be regulated under the industrial storm water
Waiver forms may be obtained at:                                           permit in Sector Q, the marina facility must provide mainte-   nance and cleaning services to the customers. If an individual
                                                                           boat owner is cleaning their boat or performing maintenance
Q. Do marina’s have to conduct waste determination and                     at a marina, that will not trigger the need for a storm water per-
generator status determination as an industrial facility?                  mit. However, best management practices still should be im-
                                                                           plemented to ensure that the actions taken by individuals at
A. The word “industrial” means something different in the                  a marina do not adversely affect the environment. If a marina
water and waste rules and/or programs. Marinas do not man-                 is simply renting slips without providing cleaning or mainte-
ufacture a product and would not be considered an industrial               nance services, they are not eligible for permit coverage.
waster generator. However, it never hurts to be informed
about all waste streams from any facility, use good manage-                Q. Does having a fuel dock place the marina in a position to
ment practices throughout the facility, and keep records about             require permitting?
waste disposal particularly in the event of a spill of some kind.
                                                                           A. It was my understanding (Matthey Boger) from conversa-
Q. Does fire ant killer and fertilizer need to be listed as po-            tions with the program area that the presence of fuel dis-
tential pollutant sources?                                                 pensers is not the same as maintenance activity. Certainly,
                                                                           Best Management Practices may be necessary though it does
A. These items can be listed as a potential pollutant source;              not trigger permit applicability.
however, in general we have not seen a problem with them as
long as they are applied in a manner that does not have an im-             Thanks to you all for attending the meeting and posing the
pact on the environment. For example: don’t apply them when                questions that helped get this thing settled.
it is about to rain, etc.
                                                                           By Lynda Hall — Lakewood Yacht Club
Q. Does having a dumpster on site make it to where a storm
APR/MAY 2011   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   Page 11
Page 12                                         M A R I N A     A S S O C I A T I O N     O F    T E X A S                                      APR/MAY 2011

                     O r der Th es e C le an M ar i na Pr od uc ts

    1. Clean Boating Tips. FREE                                                         6. Clean Texas Marina Caps
       Laminated, waterproof card with tips and information for boaters                    Issued to certified marina staff only. Caps are $9.00 each.
       dedicated to keeping their boats clean and safe.                                    One size fits all.
                                                                                        7. NEW! Clean Texas Marina Flag (3 x 5)
     2. Don’t Pollute: A Pump-Out Guide for Boats Brochure. FREE                           Rectangular-shaped. $25.00 each.
        A comprehensive list of Texas coastal and inland marinas equipped with
        pump-out stations; includes contact information for marinas as well as          8. Clean Texas Marina Signs. FREE
        helpful tips for healthy boat sanitation procedures.                               • Top Ten Clean Boater Sign (24 x 18)
                                                                                           • No Discharge sign (18 x 12) • Pump-Out Sign (18 x 12)
    3. Clean Texas Boater Brochure. FREE                                                   • Clean Boating Tips (48 x 30) • How Clean Are You Sign (11 x 18)
       Contains details about the Clean Texas Boater Program, tips on
       becoming a Clean Texas Boater and a pledge card to become part                   9. Clean Marina “green” Mesh Trash Bags
       of the Clean Texas Boater Program.                                                  (16 x 19). Up to 500 bags per marina

    4. Clean Texas Marina Sticker. FREE                                                 10. Clean Texas Boater T-Shirts
       A 4" circular sticker to be displayed on signs of certified marinas                 Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL. $4.10 each. Circle size(s).
       in the Clean Texas Marina Program. Sent to certified marinas only.
                                                                                        10. Spill Kits.
    5. Clean Texas Marina Patches                                                          Free up to one bag of 10 kits per marina. Short supply item.
       Patches are for certified marinas only; maximum of three patches
        per marina.
                              Make checks payable to: Texas A&M University and send to: Clean Texas Marina Program
                               2700 Earl Rudder Fwy. S., Suite 1800, College Station, TX 77845 - Fax: 979-845-7525                                                              CHANGING CURRENTS
                                                                                 The Official Publication of the Marina Association of Texas

                                                                                 Changing Currents is your direct marketing vehicle to all your marinas
                                                                                 at a low cost. Take advantage of the special opportunity to reach your
                                                                                 market. Published four times a year, January, April, July and October.

                                                                                         AD SIZE                                      RATE PER ISSUE
                                                                                         Full Page
                                                                                           7-1/2" x 10" ......................................$225.00
                                                                                         Half Page
                                                                                          Vertical 3-5/8" x 10" ..........................$150.00
                                                                                          Vertical 5" x 7-1/2" ............................$150.00
                                                                                           Horizontal 7-1/2" x 5" ........................$150.00
                                                                                         Quarter Page
                                                                                           3-5/8" x 5" ..........................................$90.00
   Design/Build Marinas
       Call Marty McDonald today.
APR/MAY 2011                                M A R I N A    A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                                      Page 13

One of the most dif icult choices facing marina managers is balancing     perspective, the decision to layoff or terminate an employee is usually
the needs of the business with those of its most valuable asset: em-      one of emotional discomfort. Why? Because this decision will not only
ployees. This is made even more dif icult when marinas and boatyards      affect the employee but also everyone that person is responsible for
 Tough Times Require Marinas to Make Tough Employee Decisions

must factor economic conditions into the decision.                        supporting.

When deciding about an employee’s continued employment in today’s         There are some things managers can do to lessen the emotional
tough economic times, marina managers must irst and foremost look         impact for themselves and their employees, depending on whether
at the long-term survival of the business over the short-term hard-       one is an optimistic or pessimistic person. For example, an optimistic
ship on an employee. This may sound like a cruel statement, but if        person lays off the employee, while the pessimistic person terminates
the business is to survive so that it can employ people in the future,    the employee. Laying off a person implies a temporary state. The
decisions to guarantee the survival of the business can’t be avoided.     decision had to be made based on circumstances beyond the control
                                                                          of either party. Terminating an employee implies the end to a work
There are three approaches to dealing with employees, and marina          arrangement and carries the stigma of failure for the employee.
managers must decide which is best for their particular situation. The
three options are:                                                        There is another advantage to laying off an employee over termina-
                                                                          tion. As soon as business picks up, the marina manager can bring back
 • reduce staff by laying off or terminating employees                    this person and know that he will it back into the organization.
 • have everyone take a cut in pay
 • reduce total hours worked to reduce the overall payroll expense        Most marinas do not have a surplus of employees, so laying off or
                                                                          terminating a person could negatively impact the marinas’ business
                                                                          by reducing customer service, security or maintenance to the prop-
First, let’s address the layoff or termination scenario. I have been on   erty. This could result in reduced customer satisfaction, thereby
both the receiving and the giving end of this decision, and neither one   decreasing revenues that would more than offset any savings gained
is very comforting for the soul. From the employee’s point of view,       by reducing employee cost.

one feels rejected and like a failure, when in fact the employee could
not have done anything different to save his job. From the manager’s                                                       Continued on Page 19
Page 14                                 M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                           APR/MAY 2011

   Be Good and Say Goodbye to Your Deductibles with BoatUS Insurance
                                   And More Tips to Save on Insurance
                              Having to pay a deductible when        Take a boating safety course free of charge and get a discount
                              you have a boat insurance claim        on your insurance premium: Most insurance companies offer a
                              could become a thing of the past       discount for completing a boating safety course, but finding one
                              with the new "Diminishing De-          that fits your budget, schedule and that is located nearby can be
                              ductible" program now offered with     hit or miss. Try taking the BoatUS Foundation's free Online Boat-
                              all BoatUS marine insurance poli-      ing Safety Course from the comfort of your own home. It allows
                              cies.                                  you to start, stop and go back at any time, and it's also recog-
                                                                     nized as boater certification in 31 states. BoatUS membership is
                               For every year a boater, sailor or    not required. If you do prefer a classroom course, the BoatUS
                               angler remains claims-free, the       Courseline at can show you where
                               program automatically discounts       the next boating safety classes are being held in your area.
                               the policy's hull coverage de-
ductible 25% at renewal, until it reaches $0. And once it reaches    Try adjusting your boat insurance: Boats that have been owned
$0, it stays that way as long as you remain claims-free. (Kindly     and insured by one owner for a long period of time may want to
note that "named storm" deductibles, which apply to hurricane        consider reviewing and lowering the total value of your policy. De-
areas, are not included.)                                            pending on your circumstances, you may even consider purchas-
                                                                     ing a liability-only insurance policy to save premium dollars.
"This is another way we are trying to help boaters out in a tough
economy," said BoatUS Vice President of Marine Insurance Mike        For questions or a free quote, contact BoatUS Marine Insurance
Pellerin.                                                            at 800-283-2883 or go online to

For boaters on a tight budget, BoatUS has more ways to save on       Courtesy of BoatUS - Boat Owners Association of the United
boat insurance:                                                      States
APR/MAY 2011   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   Page 15
Page 16                                    M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                            APR/MAY 2011

                                          2ND ANNUAL
                                NYLE MANN MEMORIAL GOLF CLASSIC
                     Hosted by Hills of Lakeway Country Club • Monday, October 24, 2011
                     Entry Fee: $135.00 Per Player • Deadline for Entry: October 10, 2011
                         Teams Will Be Assigned According to Players’ Handicap Includes:
                                 Green Fees, Golf Cart, Range Balls, Boxed Lunch
                    Contact Steve Allen of Riviera Marina for more information: 512-250-8321

     MAT Board Members
         Attend Strategic
        Planning Session
                 for 2011

Continued from Page 1     39th Annual MAT Conferrence & Trade Show
The installation of officers will be held on Wednesday night at the     list of the many advantages of being a corporate sponsor for this
conclusion of the annual conference. A meeting of the board of          event.
directors of 2011 and the newly installed board of officers for 2012
will be held on Thursday morning.                                       Also, don’t forget that ad space is available in the conference pro-
                                                                        gram. This program is handed out to all those who attend the con-
MAT needs Corporate Sponsors! This will give your company               ference. More information on the conference as well as registration
great exposure to all attendees. By being sponsor, it will give you     forms will be emailed and faxed out to all members of MAT.
ultimate exposure to all MAT attendees and recognition for your         Should you have any questions, please call the MAT office: 210-
commitment to the Marina Association of Texas. See page 4 for a         259-8111.

Continued from Page 1   National Marina Day                                      How Do I Get Involved in
public about the important role the marina industry plays in                      National Marina Day?
cities and towns across the nation as family-friendly gateways
to boating and stewards of the environment.                                                   Continued from Page 1

                                                                       demonstrations, charity fundraisers, youth centered events, new
This goal is achieved through the promotion of nationwide ma-          boat demos, fishing rodeos, boating safety demos, marina open
rina focused events with local flavor that educate politicians,        houses, speeches in support of boating & marinas by local candi-
civic leaders, and the public about the value of the marina in-        dates for office and public officials, a Discover Boating event, a
dustry to cities and towns across America. Make plans today            marina rendezvous.
to support this mission by planning a National Marina Day
event at your facility.
APR/MAY 2011   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   Page 17
Page 18                                         M A R I N A     A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                   APR/MAY 2011

  Legal Note

Reading the fine print                                                        are one reason we conduct business here. You can imag-
                                                                              ine the additional costs the restaurant company will
How would you like to have to take your lawsuit for                           have to pay to locate Maryland attorneys to represent
damages to another state when all your business loca-                         them and to preserve their witness’s testimony.
tions and witnesses are here in Texas. This is exactly
what happened to a fairly well known Texas based road-                        You will find a similar clause in the MAT documents pre-
side restaurant when its data was stolen through                              serving your right to have your complaint handled in a
preventable errors in the supplied software. This restau-                     Texas Court in your county but you need to be aware of
rant had purchased eight (8) sets of point of sale                            other designations in other agreements you may be
devices that included the hardware, software, pro-                            asked to sign. The location of your lawsuit or “Venue” is
gramming and support services for the point of sale sys-                      an important and negotiable provision when entering
tem, all installed in Texas. As part of the sale, contracts                   into contracts and if a non-Texas based company is com-
were signed by the restaurant that said, “This contract                       ing to Texas to obtain your business you should make
shall be governed by and construed according to the                           sure that if a problem arises, you are able enforce your
laws of the state of Maryland. The parties mutually con-                      rights where you do business.
sent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the state and
federal courts sitting in the State of Maryland.” Mary-                       Keep your guard up.

                                                                              Jeff Irion, Legal Advisor
land may be a wonderful place but Texas has very clear
laws regarding breach of contract claims and its laws

      WE “THINK”
                           Roof & Rack, the world’s leader in dry stor-
                           age construction understands environmental
                           impact. We know how to meet all of the
                           requirements you will have when planning,
   Calusa Island Marina
                           developing and building a “Green Marine”

                           Count on Roof & Rack’s years of proven
                           experience to design, engineer, fabricate
                           and construct a Dry Storage facility that
   Cape Coral Boat Club    meets your needs.
                                            Roof & Rack’s Dry Storage
                                            Buildings can be designed
                                            to accommodate Boats on
                                            Trailers, Personal Water-
                                            craft, RV’s, Autos and more
   Dania Beach Boat Club

                                        Roof & Rack Products, Inc.
                                        The Worlds Largest Builder of
                                        Boat Racks and Drystackers
                                        (561) 393-4757 voice
   Harbour Towne Marina                 (561) 393-4796 fax
                                        (800) 555-4701 toll free

     Southport Marina
APR/MAY 2011                                 M A R I N A    A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                                    Page 19

 Tough Times Require Marinas to Make Tough Employee Decisions

A second option is to reduce everyone’s pay by a certain percentage       The third option is to reduce the number of hours everyone works to
to reduce the overall employee cost. This option has its own set of       achieve the desired reduction in employee costs. Managers should
Continued from Page 12

problems.                                                                 have the same concerns regarding this option as with reducing
Pay cuts                                                                  Reducing hours

                                                                          staff with an additional concern: reducing wages for everyone is
Let’s say a marina proposes a 10 percent pay cut for all employees.       involuntary pro it sharing. In my opinion this is the least desirable
For the employee making $10 an hour and just getting by, this person      option because the negatives seem to outweigh the positives.
is now only going to make $9 per hour, while the employee making
$18 per hour will lose $1.80 per hour but should still be able to meet    In analyzing this option and the two others, marinas should not for-
his basic obligations. This pay cut impacts everyone but some to a        get to factor in the employee bene its associated with implementing
greater degree than others.                                               each option. In addition, they need to consider the cost of training
                                                                          new people should current employees move on.
What marina managers and boatyard operators need to be careful of
here is that when an employee becomes inancially desperate, he
can move from being an otherwise good employee into a problem             None of the options discussed in this column are very attractive, and
employee.                                                                 all come with their own set of problems. Marina and boatyard own-
                                                                          ers and managers need to look at their particular inancial situation
                                                                          A personal choice

Managers that believe this option is best for their marinas should dis-   and determine which option is best for their operation. That being
cuss with each employee his ability to help the business and fellow       said, those marinas and boatyards that ignore employee costs and do
employees survive these tough economic times. Marina managers             nothing will be making the worst decision for having a successful
should make each employee feel they are part of the solution and not      business in the future .
part of the problem.
                                                                          Courtesy of Marina Dock Age by Dennis P. Kissman

                                                                                    8                     BAY L E SS - HAL L
                                                                                    8                       INSURANCE
                                                                                    —                         WORL D
                                                                                    4                     HE ADQUART E RS

                                                                               Bayless-Hall Insurance has been in business since 1888.
                                                                               Hopefully, that means we’ve been doing something right.

                                                                               We have been protecting the marine industry; it’s marinas
                                                                               and yachts for longer than we care to remember. We are
                                                                               avid supporters of the Marina Associations of Texas and
                                                                               Oklahoma. While we’re a long way from perfect; you can
                                                                               count on us to do what’s right....ask anyone who has ever
                                                                               dealt with us.

                                                                               Want us to look at your operation or yacht? Call Jeannie or
                                                                               I; we’ll come running...

                                                                                           Bayless-Hall Insurance
                                                                                             Jeannie Perry • David Bayless
                                                                                       P.O. Box 1229 • Denison, TX 75021-1229
                                                                               1-888-900-1482 • Office: 903-465-8383 • Fax 903-465-5034
Page 20                                                M A R I N A    A S S O C I A T I O N            O F     T E X A S                                       APR/MAY 2011

          texas marinas
            81 Certified Clean Texas Marinas
             The Clean Texas Marinas meet                     • Emerald Point Marina/Flagship Marinas - Lake Travis        • Mill Creek Marina - Lake Texoma
             the rigorous pollution prevention                • Endeavour Marina - Clear Lake                              • Northshore Marina at The Hollows - Lake Travis
             standards established by the Clean               • Freeport Municipal Marina - Freeport Old Brazos River      • Paradise Cove Marina - Corpus Christi Bay
             Texas Marina Program. The opera-                 • Grandpappy Point Marina - Lake Texoma                      • Paradise Cove Marina & Yacht Club - Lake Travis
             tors have voluntarily adopted meas-              • Gulfcoast Marina - Gulf Intercoastal Waterway              • Pecan Plantation Marina - Lake Granbury
             ures to control pollution associated             • GW Boat Slips - Lake Granbury                              • Pier 121 Marina - Lake Lewisville
             with marina operations and stand                 • Hill Country Harbor Marina - Possum Kingdom Lake           • Point Venture Marina (HOA) - Lake Travis
             as notable examples of the conser-               • Harborwalk Marina - West Galveston Bay/GIWW                • Port Aransas City Marina - Port Aransas Harbor
                                                              • Highport Marina and Resort - Lake Texoma                   • Portofino Harbour Yacht Club - Clear Lake
             vation ethic: individual responsibility
                                                              • Island Mooring Marina, a Blue Water Company                • Possum Kingdom State Park & Marina - PKL
             for health land and water.
                                                                - Corpus Christi Channel                                   • Randolph AFB Recreation Park Marina - Canyon Lake
                                                              • Joe Pool Marina/Marine Quest - Lake Joe Pool               • Riviera Marina - Lake Travis
• Anchor Bay Marina - Lake Lavon                              • Kemah Boardwalk Marina - Clear Lake                        • Rochell’s Gulf Coast Marina - Gulf Intercoastal Waterway
• Anderson Mill Marina - Lake Travis                          • Key Allegro Marina - Aransas Bay                           • Rough Hollow Yacht Club - Lake Travis
• Austin Yacht Club - Lake Travis                             • Lake Amistad Resort & Marina - Lake Amistad                • Sail & Ski Yacht Club - Lake Travis
• Bayview Marina - Lake Ray Hubbard                           • Lake Austin Marina - Lake Austin                           • Sandy Creek Yacht Club - Lake Travis
• Bentwater Marina - Lake Conroe                              • Lake LBJ Resort & Marina - Lake LBJ                        • Scott’s Landing Marina - Lake Grapevine
• Bluff Creek Marina - Possum Kingdom Lake                    • Lakeshore Marina - Possum Kingdom Lake                     • Silver Lake Marina - Lake Grapevine
• Briarcliff Marina - Lake Travis                             • Lakeview Marina - Lake Lewisville                          • South Bay Marina - Tres Palacios Bay
• Canyon Lake Marina - Canyon Lake                            • Lake Whitney Marina at Juniper Cove - Lake Whitney         • South Shore Harbour Marina - Clear Lake
• Captain’s Cove Marina/Marine Quest - Lake Ray Hubbard       • Lakeway Marina - Lake Travis                               • Surfside Marina - Gulf Intercoastal Waterway
• Chandler’s Landing Marina/Marine Quest                      • Lakewood Yacht Club - Clear Lake                           • Twin Coves Marina - Lake Grapevine
  - Lake Ray Hubbard                                          • Landing HOA Marina - Eagle Mountain Lake                   • The Breakers - Possum Kingdom Lake
• Collin Park Marina - Lake Lavon                             • LBJ Yacht Club & Marina Ltd. - Lake LBJ                    • The Cliffs Resort - Possum Kingdom Lake
• Corpus Christi Municipal Marina - Corpus Christi Bay        • Legend Point Marina - Clear Lake                           • The Palms Marina - Lake Conroe
• Cottonwood Creek Marina - Lake Lewisville                   • Little Mineral Marina - Lake Texoma                        • The Reserve at Lake Travis - Lake Travis
• Cove Harbor Marina - Gulf Intercoastal Waterway             • Longhorn Resort - Lake LBJ                                 • UT Marine Science Institute - Corpus Christi Channel
• Cranes Mill Marina - Canyon Lake                            • Lynn Creek Marina - Lake Joe Pool                          • Valentine Lakeside Resort - Lake LBJ
• De Cordova Bend (HOA) Marina - Lake Granbury                • Marina at Lake Meredith - Lake Meredith                    • Villa Marina, Inc. - Possum Kingdom Lake
• Eagle Mountain Marina/Marine Quest                          • Marina Bay Harbor Yacht Club - Clear Lake                  • VIP Marina - Lake Travis
  - Eagle Mountain Lake                                       • Marina del Sol - Clear Lake                                • Walden Marina - Lake Conroe
• Eagle Point Marina - Lake Lewisville                        • Marshall Ford Marina - Lake Travis                         • Watergate Yachting Center - Clear Lake
                                                                                                                           • White Bluff Resort & Marina - Lake Whitney

                                                 40 Clean Texas Marina Pledges
     The following marinas have pledged to do their part to improve the environmental quality of Texas’s waterways, encourage
        voluntary participation, support the regulatory process, create a strong environmental ethic, and promote individual
          responsibility through public education. These marinas are working toward certification as Clean Texas Marinas.

           • Anchorage Apts. & Marina - Clear Lake                                       • Lake Country Marina/Marine Quest - Eagle Mountain Lake
           • Beaumont Yacht Club - Neches River                                          • Lake Granbury Marina - Lake Granbury
           • Bentwater POA Marina - Lake Granbury                                        • Lake Point Marina - Lake Ray Hubbard
           • Brazos Landing - Lake Granbury                                              • Lake Somerville Marina & Campground Inc.- Lake Somerville
           • Bridge Harbor Yacht Club - Gulf Intercoastal Waterway                       • Lake Waco Marina - Lake Waco
           • City of Port Isabel City Docks - City of Port Isabel                        • Lakeview Marina - Lake Conroe
           • Constellation Pointe Marina - Clear Lake                                    • Lighthouse Resort & Marina - Lake Texoma
           • Cypress Creek Marina - Lake Travis                                          • Northside Marina & Resort - Lake Bridgeport
           • Easy Street Marina - Lake Travis                                            • Pelican Point Marina - Port Isabel
           • E-Z Boat Storage & Valet Launch - Lake Conroe                               • Red Bear Marina & RV Resort - Lake Tawakoni
           • Flowing Wells Resort - Lake Texoma                                          • Ridgewood Country Club - Lake Waco
           • Frank’s Marina - Lake Belton                                                • Rock Creek Resort Marina - Lake Texoma
           • Groggy Dawg Marina & Grill - Lake Travis                                    • Rons Marina One, LTD - Lake Waco
           • Harbor Bay Marina - Lake Ray Hubbard                                        • Sabine Pass Port Authority - Sabine Neches Pass Channel
           • Harbor One Marina/Marine Quest - Eagle Mountain Lake                        • Sam Rayburn Resort Marina - Sam Rayburn Lake
           • Hidden Cove Marina/ Marine Quest - Lake Lewisville                          • Stormy’s Marina - Lake Medina
           • Highview Marina - Lake Bardwell                                             • Texoma Marina and Resort - Lake Texoma
           • Hurst Harbor Marina - Lake Travis                                           • Uncle Gus’ Lodge and Marina - Lake Whitney
           • Inland Discount Marine - Lake Conroe                                        • West Bay Marina - Eagle Mountain Lake
           • Jackson Hill Marina - Sam Rayburn Lake                                      • Woody’s Sports Center - Port Aransas Harbor
           • Lago Vista P.O.A. Marina - Lake Travis
APR/MAY 2011   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   Page 21
Page 22                                  M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                             APR/MAY 2011

             New “Watersports Package” by BoatUS Insurance
                   Turns up the Heat on Competition
                            Add to Any BoatUS Insurance Policy for Just $30
Wakeboarders, waterskiers and tubers enjoy the exciting adrena-      household). Medical payment coverage for other guests is $5,000,
line rush, but when it comes to their boat’s insurance they have     which compares to other policies that may offer just $1,000.
more simple needs. They want their expensive boards and skis
covered in case thieves are on the prowl; if someone has an acci-    For those chasing air or pylons on the tournament trail, the pack-
dent they want peace of mind knowing the bill will be covered;       age will also refund a wakeboarding or waterskiing competition
and, if something goes wrong on the way to the competition,          entry fee up $500 if you are forced to withdraw because your boat
they'd like to be reimbursed their tournament entry fee.             and/or trailer has been damaged by a covered loss.

Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), which         All BoatUS insurance policies also offer a Diminishing De-
has over 40 years experience insuring boats, now offers a new        ductible program. For every year a boater remains claims-free,
“Watersports Package” for tour professionals as well as for “Joe-    the program automatically discounts the policy’s hull coverage
the-boarders” that can be added to any boat insurance policy for     deductible 25% at renewal, until it reaches $0. And once it reaches
just $30.                                                            $0, it stays that way as long as you remain claim-free.

The BoatUS’ Watersports Package automatically provides up to         For more information or to get a free quote online, go to
$5,000 in watersports equipment losses for things like skis, or call 800-283-2883.
boards, scuba equipment and towed inflatables. “We’ve upped this
number because today’s watersports enthusiast carries a wide         Don’t be Stuck on the Side of the Road
variety of expensive equipment on board,’ said BoatUS Vice Pres-
ident of Underwriting Mike Pellerin. “And unfortunately, many        Great for trailerboat wakeboarders and waterskiers, BoatUS also
insurers leave out this critical coverage, offer only a minimal      offers a “Trailer Assist” program that will tow both a disabled tow
amount, or require you to ask for it, which is not very helpful.”    vehicle and boat trailer up to 100 miles to the nearest repair facil-
                                                                     ity, safe location or home. Flat tires, lock-out service and ramp-
All BoatUS insurance policies also recognize that spending time      winching are also included. The cost is just $14 annually in
together on the boat is a family activity, so medical payment cov-   addition to $24 BoatUS membership. For more information, visit
erage is set at $25,000 for family members (living in the same or call 800-395-2628.

     If you do business with a non-member, sell them on the
    benefits of being a member and supporting your industry.


                       The Marina Association of Texas
                     urges its Marina members to use the
                      services of our Associate Members
APR/May 2011   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   Page 23
Page 24                                      M A R I N A    A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                                APR/MAY 2011

                                   Future Trends to Expect for Marinas
• Marinas will continue changing - Older marinas, when doing               • The trend toward larger boats will continue - Bigger slips will
major repairs, will be almost rebuilt, if not completely, every 20 to 25   mean fewer boats in marinas; professional yacht captains and crews
years just to keep up with new market demands, boat sizes, safety          will need their own meeting space in marinas.
and environmental standards; almost all will use manufactured dock
systems.                                                                   • The dry storage market will increase - Smaller boats under 45 feet
                                                                           will be stored in racks; larger boats up to 70 feet+ will find land stor-
• Training and professional development will be essential - This will      age on mobile cradles.
expand to all levels of marina staff.
                                                                                          • Boat rentals will become more common - This will
                                                                                          be especially true in destination harbors.

                                                                                          • Government regulations are expected to increase -
                                                                                          This will work against marina growth.

                                                                                          • Marinas will become more environmentally clean
                                                                                          - Common features will include in-slip pumpouts
                                                                                          and fueling, bilge water filtration and green carbon
                                                                                          neutral boats.

                                                                                          • Boat hulls will become more efficient - Kevlar and
                                                                                          new composite materials from space and wind
                                                                                          turbine technologies will be used, along with multi-
                                                                                          hulls, more jet drives, adapting Navy R&D technolo-

                                                                                          • Boats will use petroleum-free electric propulsion -
                                                                                          New electric engine technology will develop from
                                                                                          solar cell laminated decks, wind and wave energy,
                                                                                          ocean chemical battery, water thermal energy con-
                                                                                          version, fuel cells, biomass bacteria and eventually
                                                                                          mini-nuclear power.

                                                                                          • Marinas will continue to be economically sound -
                                                                                          Marinas will continue as the most economically
                                                                                          stable sector in the recreational boating industry,
                                                                                          remaining the last-in/first-out of recessions.

                                                                                          Bottom line

                                                                                          Marinas will continue as a solid business model,
                                                                                          providing good services and reasonable income well
                                                                                          through the 21st Century

                                                                                          Courtesy of Marina Dock Age by Neil W. Ross
APR/MAY 2011               M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                       Page 25

       The Marina Association of Texas - Meet the Staff

               Becky Oliver                                                        Candace Williams
               Executive Director                                                  Membership Director
               (P) 210-259-8111                                                    Staff Coordinator
               (C) 817-300-8870 – available at all times                           (P) 210-259-8111
               (F) 210-692-3459                                                    (C) 361-649-9590
               (E)                                               (F) 210-692-3459

               Michele Lock                                                        Audrey Kannawin
               Publishing Director                                                 Financial Director
               (C) 210-392-8459                                                    (P) 210-259-8111
               (F) 512-551-9981                                                    (C) 210-471-1264
               (E)                                                (F) 210-649-3459
Page 26                                   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                        APR/MAY 2011

Marinas Can’t Miss the Moment to Evolve Digitally
The commercial Internet has been around for about 15 years            tion systems on their Web sites. Why can’t marina owners
now. And in that time, businesses have come and gone. Mar-            make this happen?
kets have formed and crumbled. Stocks have risen and fallen
with the rising sun. Much of this has been due to the affir-          This functionality has become so common in fact, that people
mation and insurgence of the Web and digital technology in            can now reserve just about anything online — new car, dinner
our social and professional worlds.                                   for four, a stuffed animal, even contact lenses. But a venture
                                                                      to 10 marina Web sites, would more than likely only find one
Think about how in the past 15 years, digital “things” have af-       out of those 10 that would allow boaters to snag a weekend
fected our world. How has daily life changed? How have peo-           slip online. Scary.
ple evolved?
                                                                      Hotels obviously nail this. Customers can easily find a date
Imagine this scenario of a typical person in today's digital          and see what’s available. They can check out pictures of the
world: he talks about 95 percent of the time on his iPhone 4.         room and select amenities. They can book rooms online and
He rarely watches TV anymore, viewing most of his video on-           then after they leave, go back to the site and leave a review on
line. He never goes to the mall. Never. It’s all e-commerce for       how much they enjoyed the stay (or not). These are the key
him, and he does all his banking and grocery shopping online.         components to online reservations.
He texts his friends (and he is no longer a fan of e-mail, by
the way). He uses social and professional networks often, but         The marina reservation system would look something like
not intrusively. And that’s just the start of it. With all of these   this. Boaters would choose the date period of their stay, and
digital “things” now a part of everyone’s life, many people may       up pops a Google Earth caliber aerial view of the marina slips,
often ask themselves, how did we ever survive without all this        with each available slip differentiated from those that aren’t
stuff?                                                                available. Before a customer selects a slip, he can choose to
                                                                      view pictures of the slip location and its proximity to things
Marinas and digital technology                                        like bathrooms or the restaurant. Once a customer selects a
Marinas are the center of the marine universe overall. And no         slip, he can then choose certain amenities like electric, water,
one aspect of the boater selling channel has more impact on           wireless, etc. There may even be a spot in the process where
the boater than the marina or boatyard. Not dealers, builders,        customers can request someone to be at the dock when they
retail, etc.                                                          arrive to provide some help if they’re short-handed. After all
                                                                      this, the online reservation system then takes the boater
Think about it, marina owners have direct access to the boater.       through the final steps of checking-in and booking the reser-
They act as a maintenance shop, service shop, filling station,        vation.
lodging and some offer food services. More and more, run-
ning a marina has become the waterfront equivalent of run-            There are solutions available today that you can institute that
ning a hotel. Hotels are very good at acquiring and retaining         are very plug-and-play. In other words, software based prod-
guests. They go to great lengths in order to satisfy their cus-       ucts that can have you up and running very quickly after buy-
tomers and take many steps to manage their customers’ ex-             ing and installing it. There are small solutions and more
perience from inception to the day they checkout. Even for            expensive versions. Find the one that suits the marina’s needs.
the smaller chains, it's a well-oiled machine.                        Those that heed this warning (especially those areas where
                                                                      marina saturation is more obvious), will find their slips or
Do marinas operate the same way? Not even close. With this            yards consistently busier and with less manual intervention.
out-of-market analogy firmly in place, let’s begin to look at the     No offense, but boaters don’t want to call marinas for stuff
marina industry’s digital future using the hotel industry as a        like this.
                                                                      Boater engagement
Online reservations                                                   This is only a tad more complex than allowing reservations
This one is long overdue. The ability to make a slip reservation      on a marina site. Digital boater engagement is the process of
online should be the primary way for boaters to land either           consistently acquiring and communicating with boaters via
seasonal or transient dockage. There are eight-room B&B’s on          various methods. Whether it is search marketing, social mar-
one acre lots in western Massachusetts with online reserva-           keting or just sending them an e-mail, engagement is a phi-
                                                                                                                  Continued on Page 34
Oct/Nov 2010   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   Page 27
Page 28                                 M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                         APR/MAY 2011

                                      Foiling Off-Season Theft
So you think your boat is all buttoned up for the winter, tucked    of leaving the house with all the doors and windows open,
safely away in your backyard or driveway? Think again.              boats are often left wide open and unsecured, equipped with
                                                                    all sorts of small and valuable accessories that can easily end
In Naples, FL, thieves robbed four boats in just five days,         up on eBay.
stealing electronics, fishing equipment and other items. Even
more disturbing, all of the boats were kept right behind the        Boats are also so easily transportable, they’re particularly
owners' homes.                                                      susceptible to theft. Each year, insurance claims for theft
                                                                    losses cost the industry and consumers millions. While some
Boat owners are a trusting lot and while one would not think        boat thefts are the work of sophisticated rings that target a
                                                                                       specific type of boat, others are isolated
                                                                                       crimes of opportunity by petty thieves tak-
                                                                                       ing small, but valuable, equipment.

                                                                                         Not surprisingly, Florida is the number
                                                                                         one state for boat theft with 1,478 boats
                                                                                         reported stolen in 2005 and 1,233 stolen
                                                                                         in 2006, through Sept. 30, according to
                                                                                         the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a
                                                                                         non-for-profit organization of insurance
                                                                                         companies that compiles reports of stolen
                                                                                         boats, cars and other items.

                                                                                         According to NICB, 6,849 boats were
                                                                                         stolen nationwide through Sept. 30, and a
                                                                                         total of 8,795 boats were stolen in 2005.
                                                                                         Most of the top 10 states for stolen boats
                                                                                         are year-round boating states such as
                                                                                         Florida, Texas, California and other south-
                                                                                         ern states, where there are more boats
                                                                                         available to thieves as well as more
                                                                                         homes, marinas and storage facilities that
                                                                                         thieves can target.

                                                                                         On a positive note, investigators and pros-
                                                                                         ecutors are taking boat theft seriously and
                                                                                         making headway in arresting organized
                                                                                         rings of criminals who often move boats
                                                                                         across state lines for resale.

                                                                                         To help stem the tide of boat thefts, ma-
                                                                                         rine police in Florida have offered their
                                                                                         own set of tips. Not all will apply in every
                                                                                         situation or for every boat type, but any
                                                                                         obstacle a burglar faces trying to steal
                                                                                         your boat or break into it could stave off a
                                                                                         painful loss.
                                                                                                               Continued on Page 30
APR/MAY 2011   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   Page 29
Page 30                                 M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                          APR/MAY 2011

Continued from Page 28                    Foiling Off-Season Theft
On the Boat:                                                        Signs that clearly state marina regulations and access limits
Engrave all valuables including electronic equipment, out-          should be posted . *Access to boats should be limited only
board engines, radios, loose gear, etc. with the owner’s            to owners and other authorized persons.
name, home port, state driver’s license or identification num-
ber, and the boat's hull identification number.                     Good lighting should be focused on access points and boat
                                                                    docks; security cameras are even better. Boat owners should
Install dead bolt locks on all doors and secure ports and           get acquainted with their dockside neighbors and report sus-
windows with inside auxiliary locks.                                picious “visitors” and activities.

Attach inverted, strong hasps and padlocks to all hatches           Consider developing a “Marina Watch” patterned after
and secure lockers with non-removable hasps and hinges              “Neighborhood Watch.”
and lock with strong padlocks.
                                                                    On a Trailer:
Remove all portable valuables from your vessel, thereby elim-       Remove the tires. As an added precaution against theft, be
inating possible targets of the thief. Don’t leave radios, binoc-   sure to remove the hub nuts and store them with the tires.
ulars, cameras or laptops on board.
                                                                    Out of sight is less tempting. If the boat has to stay in the
Maintain an inventory list ashore that includes all boat            driveway, don’t park it facing the street. Thieves may carry
gear with the name, model, serial number, manufacturer, and         coupler devices that can be quickly attached to your trailer.
description of each item. Digital images or photos of your
gear could also go into this file.                                  Outboards should be taken off and stored in the garage. Ditto
                                                                    seats, battery, dodgers and canvas; they’ll hold up better
Never leave keys aboard a boat, even in a “hidden place.”           when stored indoors as well.
Any seasoned burglar knows all the spots to look.
                                                                    Lock your wheels to the trailer. A length of heavy chain, or
Don’t leave ownership papers on board the boat.                     cable, run through each wheel and around the axle or trailer
                                                                    frame is a great deterrent to theft of the trailer or your wheels.
At the Marina:                                                      Also, lock your spare tire.
Locked gates and other barriers to both pedestrian and
vehicle traffic should be installed at every dock entrance.         Remove tile trailer’s license plate and, if possible, the tail-
                                                                                                               Continued on Page 33

               At Your Fingertips...Handy Sites to Know
                   The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) is a non-profit membership organization which offers
                   management training marina information about research and education, as well as legislative and
                         environmental issues affecting the marina industry:

                         For local weather updates including coastal bays and offshore:

                                             For hurricane tracking:

                                     Texas Parks and Wildlife:
APR/MAY 2011   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   Page 31
Page 32                                              M A R I N A       A S S O C I A T I O N   O F    T E X A S                                   APR/MAY 2011

                      Marketing Tips for Marina Owners and Operators
The Marketing Ladder                                                                 How to Write for Marketing
When I prepare an advertising campaign for a client, I first assess where the        Writing is an invaluable business skill. Writing is like anything else; hard at
“audience” stands according to a “rungs of a ladder” metaphor. Potential buy-        first but enjoyable and rewarding once you develop skills.
ers must be taken up the ladder one rung at a time.
                                                                                     Here are some ideas to help with your writing:
The first rung of the ladder is awareness. If they have never heard of you, they
are not inclined to buy.                                                             Start anywhere, even in the middle; allow your thoughts come out. Rearrange
                                                                                     sentences and paragraphs later. Write more than you need.
Introduce your brand verbally and visually and create familiarity.
                                                                                     Trim with a vengeance. Fewer words make your writing effective and elo-
The second rung is knowledge. Once you have made them aware, begin to ed-            quent.
ucate. Keep it simple and concise. Complicated stories aren’t memorable.
                                                                                     Find just the right words-be demanding-continuously improve.
The third rung is preference. Give them a reason to choose and ask for the
sale. The first sale is usually the hardest, because it requires them to stop        Present your argument in logical order. Read it again. You may be surprised
doing what they do now and do something new.                                         where the beginning, middle and end really are.

Getting the next sale is easier if you can engender brand loyalty. Once you’ve       Walk away from it. In two or three days your head will clear and improve-
sold the customer, keep advertising to build unshakable loyalty. Customer            ments will be evident. Your first ideas are obvious and close at hand. Your best
communication after the sale can overcome buyer’s remorse and convince               ideas spring to life as you rework.
the buyer he has made the right choice.
                                                                                     Ideas to make your marketing copy writing more effective
Only a few brands reach the fifth rung, evangelism. Customers are so                 It’s about the customer. Rather than, “We’re Opening Our New $10 Million Ma-
enthused they become your salesmen. Marinas can create evangelists, cus-             rina,” say “Act Now and Take Your Pick of the Choicest Slips.”
tomers who tell others how much they love your marina. Good word of mouth
is more credible than paid advertising.                                              Create an “offer” with incentives. Your goal is to get customers to change be-
                                                                                     havior. Often that takes an incentive to tip them over the edge.

                                                                                     Use “power” words to get attention, such as “free,” “save,” “new,” “discover,”
   MS               MARINA SALES
                     Professional Services in Marine Business and Property Sales
                                                                                     “money” and “now.” Some things have to be left out. Give it your best shot and
                                                                                     know when to quit.

   MarinaSales, LLC and Fredricks
                                                                                     Think about the “take-away.” Organize your ad so that readers who scan get
   Commercial Brokerage has formed
                                                                                     your most important marketing message.
   an exclusive affiliation providing
   brokerage, management, consult-                                                   Top of Mind
   ing, marketing, and valuation serv-                                               Why do supermarkets put milk and eggs in the back? So that you see and
   ices to marina owners and investors
   worldwide. Our principals have
                                                                                     buy more than intended. Marketers call it a proximal suggestion-a suggestion

   backgrounds in finance and com-
                                                                                     near in time or space.
   mercial real estate along with the
   deep industry connections required to source and close deals.
                                                                                     What if you sell a product purchased once every few years, such as environ-
                                                                                     mental services, marina management software, or a dock system? The secret
   We understand the unique characteristics of the contemporary marine               is to gain “top of mind.” When a need arises-your brand comes to mind first.
   business and property marketplace. MarinaSales and Fredricks Com-
   mercial consistently perform due to an unparalleled commitment to
   relationships, industry knowledge, and results.
                                                                                     How to Get Top of Mind
                                                                                     Begin a list of prospects. Divide them into those that might buy within a year,
                                                                                     those that might buy farther out, and others that are possible but less likely.
                                                             Association of          Develop a communications program tailored to each list. Send your “hot” list
                                                             Marina Industries
                                                                                     frequent items of interest, personal notes, and specialty items as you can af-
                                                                                     ford them.
                       MarinaSales, LLC
         WWW.MARINASALES.COM                                                         Send an interesting article with a note attached. Create a useful technical bul-
                                                                                     letin. Provide a reference manual in a good binder so they'll keep it handy.
      Peter Meyer • (713) 320-9651 voice • (713) 479-9677 fax
                                                                                     Create newsletters, white papers, press releases, product announcements,

       1535 West Loop South, Suite 250 • Houston, TX 77027
                                                                                     employee announcements, regulatory discussions ... use your imagination ...
                                                                                     and add a personal note. Send an item once per month and you will be the one

       Working hard to provide comprehensive services in the valuation,
                                                                                     they call when the time comes.
     positioning and marketing of marinas and marine-related enterprises.
                                                                                      By Robert Wilkes
APR/MAY 2011                               M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                                Page 33

Continued from Page 30                         Foiling Off-Season Theft
lights. If practical, chain the trailer to a tree.                     the asking price is unusually low for that make and model of
                                                                       boat or the seller is in a rush to sell it to you, watch out; “too
Long-term Storage:                                                     good to be true” usually is. Reference Internet boat listing
Always tie up a boat to something secure with a chain or               sites such as to get an idea of the
cable that cannot be lifted over or torn loose from the piling         normal range of used boat prices for that model.
or mooring. Run the chain or cable around a thwart or stan-
chion.                                                                 Buyers should make sure the boat has a valid Hull Identifica-
                                                                       tion Number (HIN) and that the one on the boat matches
Use one-way bolts, lock nuts, and backup plates on eye                 exactly to the HIN on any paperwork such as title and regis-
bolts.                                                                 tration.

Consider leaving a boat’s engine out of commission when                The boat’s registration numbers should not appear altered,
unattended - remove a spark plug, propeller, or the rotor,             either on paper or on the hull, and both should match. If the
drain the fuel, or install a hidden cut-off switch.                    seller says discrepancies in identification are because the
                                                                       boat was sunk, burned or rebuilt, be wary. If the seller has
Secure outboard motors with special transom bolts or clamp-            only photocopied versions of ownership documents, or title
ing screw locks.                                                       and registration are from out of state, watch out. Likewise, if
                                                                       the seller has no title or other proof of ownership, walk away
If you’re shopping for a boat, be cautious of super “deals” -          from the “deal.”
someone could be trying to sell you a stolen boat. There are
a few red flags that should warn you of a potential scam. If           Courtesy of BoatU.S. Magazine by Elaine Dickinson
Page 34                                M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S                         APR/MAY 2011

          Marinas Can’t Miss the Moment to Evolve Digitally
Continued from Page 26
losophy that turns routine marketing into a science.               Again, hotel chains are starting to latch onto this philosophy
                                                                   as well by offering a suite of services to search, rate and con-
And again, the lodging sector executes this dead-on. In the        verse with regional and local lodging outlets. Hotels are des-
hotel sector, engagement is a consistent distribution of any or    tinations for those who are mobile. What a great way to
all of these types of functions simultaneously. In other words,    connect, using the most mobile functions available to engage
don't just send one e-mail and be done. Think like a hotel         with customers-all slimmed down for the small screen.
owner. Send a campaign of e-mails over a month at a time that
build up to something important like a promotion on engine         For both seasonal and transient boaters, outside of the deep
parts or discounted spring slip rates. For hotel owners, their     ocean dwellers, most boaters hug the shore or cruise on lakes.
campaigns may be about loyalty points or a thank you for stay-     And many of them use cell phones now over VHF. That’s a
ing with them or a series of reminders about their upcoming        fact. Listen to Channel 9 lately? Crickets. So why are marinas
trips. All those concepts can easily work for marinas, too.        still stuck on old forms of communication? Why are they not
                                                                   making the switch to mobile like hotels chains are?
The thinking is that people are overburdened with everyone
trying to get their attention. So one measly e-mail is quickly     Ever heard of Foursquare? Those I that haven’t will soon.
forgotten in a landscape of others vying for boaters’ dollars.     Foursquare is a free mobile “app” that allows boaters in real-
And the others are not just marine competitors. Marinas are        time to “check-in” to their local ports or transient locations
competing for attention against Starbucks’ weekly newslet-         using the Foursquare app on their smartphone (iPhone, An-
ters, Walmart direct e-mails and the local little league. If a     droid, BlackBerry, etc.).
boater's hobby is that important to him, then make sure the
marina gives him the attention he deserves. Or else the mes-       Here’s a great idea. Setup a local Foursquare game just for the
sages will just be another annoyance in boaters’ inboxes.          marina’s customers (for those who use Foursquare). Pick a
                                                                   weekend (like 4th of July when many customers will be on
There are typically four degrees of engagement: Low,               the water), and tell boaters to check-in as many times as they
Medium, High, Highest. Low could be sending out a bi-              can throughout a 2-4 day period. The more they check-in at
monthly e-mail or buying an online ad. This is very 10 years       port 1, port 2, etc., the more points they get. The winner is the
ago. Medium could include setting up a blog or allowing some-      one with the most check-ins. It’s a great way to connect with
one to rate the marina's services. High is when the marina be-     boaters and a terrific way to also see what they’re most inter-
gins to create more content, such as building a small fan          ested in when they’re on the water. Marinas may actually
community on the marina Web site or taking videos and then         learn something about their boaters in the process. If
loading them up to YouTube or again, on the Web site. (The         Foursquare seems out of reach for a marina, then try Face-
hard part here is, of course, producing the video; but boaters     book, which just released a similar service that marinas and
LOVE THIS!)                                                        boaters can tap into via mobile applications as well.

And the highest level of engagement gives the marina the abil-     It’s a digital world
ity to work socially with its boaters. Join social networks and    When push comes to shove, there are a million things a ma-
engage daily in conversations with boaters or even non-mem-        rina can do to improve itself digitally and evolve admirably.
bers on Facebook or other networks. This is the epitome of         Like hotel owners, marinas have to think about They need to
engagement and where the most can be accomplished. Be-             consider how to nurture and retain the interest of their boaters
come an expert. Join the online conversation.                      over a long period of time. Marinas need to put in the extra ef-
                                                                   fort to gain their customers’ trust and loyalty and avoid aban-
Going Mobile                                                       donment. Hotel chains do spend lots of money to do this. But
Now it gets a little more interesting, when the conversation       marinas don’t have to. There are numerous things out there
moves to going mobile. Well, consider the fact that almost         for free that marinas can use (i.e. e-mail solutions, social com-
every American now has a cell phone. And many of them use          munities, e-commerce products, etc.), which will do the same
some sort of smartphone that can do just about anything a          job at very little (if any) cost to the marina.
computer does and in some cases more. Doesn’t this seem like
a match made in heaven for a marina?                               Courtesy of Marina Dock Age by Gary Druckenmiller.
APR/MAY 2011   M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S   Page 35
Page 36                M A R I N A   A S S O C I A T I O N   O F   T E X A S       APR/MAY 2011

                                                                                       PRST STD
                                                                                      US POSTAGE
                                                                                    SAN ANTONIO, TX
                                                                                      PERMIT #244

             Marina Association of Texas                                       Year of
              Application for Membership                                       Service

          For additional information, call 817-300-8870 • Fax 210-692-3459

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