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					       18-19 March Dubai

   Investors & Developers In MenA reAl estAte
MIDDle eAstern Investors In GlobAl reAl estAte
                                                                                                      ENSHAA is a regional real estate developer that specializes in development master planning
                                                                                                      and delivery of premium quality commercial, residential and hospitality projects

                                                                                                      Established in 2005 (Private Placement completed in 2007), ENSHAA is home to a
                                                                                                      management team that brings a wealth of global experience. With a Board chaired by
                                                                                                      Sheikh Tariq Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, and the company led by CEO Raza Jaffar, the ENSHAA
                                                                                                      senior management team consists of eight experts, all of whom bring culture and knowledge
                                                                                                      to the fore.

                                                                                                      Enshaa Vision
                                                                                                      To maximize shareholder value by delivering best-in-class real estate investments,
                                                                                                      developments, and services.

                                                                                                      The service ENSHAA offers is at the very heart of the company; whether to investor or
                                                                                                      end-user, ENSHAA offers a range of specialties. These include (but are not limited to):
Raza Jafar, CEO of ENSHAA with his Management Team
                                                                                                      Real Estate Development               Strategic Alliances (service specific partnerships)
                                                                                                      Feasibility Analysis                  Design Management
                                                                                                      Land Purchase                         Construction (owned subsidiary)
James Carson                                                                                          Development Master Planning           Development Management
Chief Delivery Officer                                                                                Project Delivery                      Real Estate Services (including sales & marketing)

Ashok Gopinath
Director of Finance
Brian Woodside
Chief Financial Officer
Eli Hyder
Chief Legal Officer
Raza Jaffar
Chief Executive Officer
Abdelkader (Abdou) Lahlali
Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
Gerard Carroll
Chief Operating Officer
Colin Seow
Chief Development Officer

1st Floor, Crescent Tower, Al Buheira Corniche
PO Box 66546, Sharjah, UAE

Tel: + 971 (6) 5566827
Fax: + 971 (6) 5566829

   Already under construction, Emirates Financial Towers is located in the heart of the UAE’s
   financial district, The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Offering 90,000 square feet
   of prime retail and office space in arguably the most desirable business location in the world,
   Emirates Financial Towers includes fully furnished (and serviced) apartments and is scheduled
   to open in 2009.
                         We are delighted to welcome you to the Middle East GRI 2008.
                         As with all GRI get-togethers, this GRI was created by many present here
                         today who have contributed front-line expertise, intellectual brilliance,
                         financial resources and more, to reach out to fellow leading lights and
                         create a program to discuss today’s issues. We can’t thank them enough.

                         If chairing a discussion at a future Middle East GRI - or any other GRI event
Konstantine Malinovski
                         - can be useful to you or a senior colleague, we invite you to contact us.

                         In the meantime, please join the fray and engage in the discussions as if this
                         was about you, your business and your opportunities. Because it is.

                         We wish you a great GRI. Thanks for being with us.

Henri Alster

                         Konstantine Malinovski               Henri Alster
                         Director, Middle East GRI            President, American European Investment Bankers, Inc.
                         GRI - Global Real Estate Institute   Chairman, GRI - Global Real Estate Institute
                  ou ss.
              ha p l
             k of A

                nd re
           ec e fiN
        c h ti m t
      se at No


                                                                     14h30-15h45                          16h30-17h45

                                                        MIDDLE EASTERN INVESTORS ABROAD        DRILLING FOR RETURNS
                                                        IS THEIR APPETITE ENDLESS?             WHAT WORLD REGIONS GIVE GREATEST PROMISE?

                      Creek A                           THIERRY SIMON                          NICHOLAS FRASER
                                                        ELLIOT GLAUSIUSZ SANJAY LAL            OPHELIA CHAN KEITH PARKER
                                                        ROBERT MCMILLEN RONG REN               UMBERTO RONSISVALLE KLAUS SCHREINER
                                                        MARK-HENRY VEYRASSAT                   RALPH WINTER

                                                        DEVELOPING IN THE MIDDLE EAST          MENA INVESTORS IN EAST ASIA
                                                        CAN COST ESCALATION BE CONTAINED?      CHALLENGED OR ADVANTAGED?

                      Creek B                           HAMID KIA                              MERCEDES KLATTE
                                                        DAGMAR ABDELATIF ABID JUNAID           DICK KWAN
                                                        PETER MILLER RALF SCHWIEDE             FOGLE MARK
                                                        ROD STEWART

                                                         BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME           INVESTORS’ APPETITE
                                                         REALITY OR MYTH?                      FOR MIDDLE EASTERN REAL ESTATE
                                                                                               WHERE ARE THE LIMITS?

                      Creek C                            FAHAD AL GHUNAIM                      NICK SANDERSON
                                                         GHASSAN AL-SULAIMAN KARIM MERCHANT    DWAYNE BANKS WILL HEAN
                                                         NICHOLAS SMITH RAJESH VENKITESWARAN   VICTOR MAKSHANTSEV IAN OHAN
                                                         JOHN VERBIC

                                                        UNDERBUILT INDIA                       REITs
                                                        WHERE IS THE BOTTLENECK?               ADVANTAGE OR COMPLICATIONS?

                      Al Daffa                          DONALD CONOVER                         MARK INCH
                                                        P A. ANANATHANARAYANAN                 DUNCAN MACAULAY
                                                        GULZAR MALHOTRA DINKAR RAI             THOMAS PANG

    All material throughout this program is subject to change without notice.

                                                                                                                                                                            at hec
                                                                                                                                                                            No e an

                                                                                                                                                                                ti m k h

                                                                                                                                                                                 t f of do
                                                                                                                                                                                    iN pre ut
                                                                                                                                                                                      Al ss up
                                                                                                                                                                                           . da
                   RIsInG stAR                       DR. HENRY AZZAM

                 MIDDlE EAst                         CEO, Middle East & North Africa
                                                     DEutscHE BANK
                 World leader
                  of economic


                                  Creek A


                                                                 10h15-11h30                       12h00-13h15                                                     14h45-16h00

                                                    GLOBAL CREDIT CRUNCH                  WHEN THE WELLS RUN DRY                                           INVESTING IN EASTERN EUROPE
                                                    SETBACK OR LIFETIME INVESTMENT        WHICH GCC MARKETS AND ASSETS                                     “NEW FRONTIER” OR TOO LATE?
                                                    OPPPORTUNITY?                         TO INVEST INTO?

                  Creek A
                                                    ROBERT KARNER                         PETER DENTON                                                     STYLIANOS ZAVVOS
                                                    MEHDI AMJAD SHAHRIAR ETMINANI         PAUL DEVONSHIRE                                                  HUSNU AKHAN THOMAS HOELLER
                                                    STEPHEN WHITE                         AHMED SAEED                                                      ANDRE TIKHOMIROV

                                                     INDIAN REAL ESTATE                   OFFICE DEVELOPMENTS                                              US/EUROPE
                                                     BRIGHT FUTURE OR OVERHYPED?          IS BONANZA OVER?                                                 PERFECT TIMING OR “GIVE IT A MISS”?
                                                                                                                             PRAMERICA LUNCH 13h15-14h30

                                                                                          RAINER BEHNE
                  Creek B                            VEERA SESHU KUMAR                    ABHISHEK AHUJA ANDERS BINNMYR                                    PIERRE ROLIN
                                                     DEEPAK BAJAJ SHANE GADBAW            HOLGER HAGGE RAZA JAFAR                                          TAREK ALI BROMME H. COLE
                                                     PHIROZE NAGARVALA RUCHIKA SETHI      ADEL LOOTAH M. MURALI                                            SYMON GODL MAZHAR UL HAQ
                                                                                          SHHYAM SINGHANIA DAVID WATT

                                                     DANGER ZONE                          JOINT VENTURES IN MENA                                           LUXURY OR AFFORDABLE HOUSING
                                                     IS THE LINE BETWEEN FINANCIERS AND   NECESSITY OR COMPLICATIONS?                                      WHICH YIELDS BETTER RETURNS?
                                                     DEVELOPERS BECOMING BLURRED?
                                                                                                                                                           ELAINE JONES
                  Creek C                            NAJEEB AL SALEH                      MOHAMMED AL KHALIL                                               ALA `KHANNAK SAMI AL HASHIMI
                                                     TAMER BAZZARI MOUNIR HAIDAR          CHARLES DE PORTES                                                BRUCE AMBLER AHMAD ARMOUSH
                                                     REDA KHATIM RAFIC SAID               RICHARD DRAYCOTT                                                 RAVINDRA CHAMARIA SCOTT MACDONALD
                                                                                                                                                           RAKESH PATNAIK ABDALAH SHAABAN

                                                    WHERE ARE THE BEST COMMERCIAL         RESORT HOTELS DEVELOPMENTS
                                                    REAL ESTATE RETURNS                   HOW MUCH MORE ROOM?
                                                    EMERGING MARKETS OR OLD WORLD?

                  Al Daffa                          MARK LAURENCE                         IVOR MCBURNEY
                                                    THEODORE CHARAGIONIS NABEER KAREEM    WAEL AL LAWATI HELMUT KNIPP
                                                    HEATHER MULAHASANI JONATHAN PRICE     JALIL MEKOUAR PIARAS MORIARTY
                                                    MASSIMO SALETTI                       PATRICK SMITH RUSSELL STERNLICHT

All material throughout this program is subject to change without notice.
                      gri club
                  a global
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    18-19 March Dubai

                                                                                                                                                              t h e · g r i


                                                                                                                                                             Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, St Moritz 17-20 January 2008

                                                                                                                                                           GRi EuRoPE                                               usA GloBAl GRi              MiDDlE EAst GRi
                                                                                                                                                           cHAiRMEN’s REtREAt                                       new York 28-29 Feb 2008     Dubai 18-19 March 2008
                                                                                                                                                           st Moritz 17-20 Jan 2008

        the GrI is a club of senior investors,
  developers, lenders and hotel companies
                                                                                                      e                                                                                                                China
                                                                                                   schRI                                                                                                                GRI
active across the world. It runs its activities
                                                                                               eu G
        through a series of annual meetings                                                                                                                                                  London 6-7 May 2008

   focused on different regions of the globe.

                                                                                                           u   rt
                                                                                                                  2   8-
     If building close relationships with the
                                                                                               Fr                                                                                  Real Estate
                                                                                                                                                                    Investment & Development
                                                                                                                                                                             across the World

 driving elite of the real estate industry at                                DGRI08.indd 13                                             11/2/08 16:06:27                                                                                       new_covers.indd 5                   12/6/07 2:22:15 pm

        the most senior levels can be useful,                                DEutscHE GRi                                                                  GRi WoRlD suMMit                                         cHiNA GRi                  GRi EuRoPE suMMit
                                                                             Frankfurt 28-29 April 2008                                                    london 6-7 May 2008                                      Beijing 4-5 June 2008      Paris 15-16 sept 2008
                  we welcome you to join us.

                         tel +44 208 492 2620
                                                                             iNDiA GRi                                                                     RussiA GRi                                               GRi MiDDlE EAst             NEW EuRoPE GRi
                                                                             Mumbai 24-25 sept 2008                                                        Moscow 2-3 Oct 2008                                      cHAiRMEN’s REtREAt          Bucharest 24-25 nov 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dubai 17-18 nov 2008

                                                                                                                                                    ...and coming new in 2009 and 2010...

                                                                             tuRKEY GRi                                                                    usA GloBAl GRi                                           AsiA GRi                   iBERiA GRi
                                                                             Istanbul 27-28 Jan 2009                                                       Miami 2-3 Feb 2009                                       singapore 25-26 Feb 2009   Madrid spring 2009

                                                                             NoRDic GRi                                                                    MExico GRi                                               BRAZil GRi                 itAlY GRi
            All material herein might be subject to change without notice.   7-8 september 2009                                                            november 2009                                            May 2010                   October 2010
                                      tuesday, 18 March
                                      ▶		13.00 onwards
                                      ▶		14.30 - 18.00
                                         Group discussions
                                      ▶		18.00 - 19.00
                                         Cocktail reception

                                      ▶		20.00 - 23.00
                                         Private Board Dinner
                                           By invitation only - reserved for GRI Members,
                                           Event Partners and Discussion (co-)Chairs.

For those who think the opportunity
to schedule personal meetings with    Wednesday, 19 March
                                      ▶		08.45 - 09.45
so many of the industry’s best and       Keynote
                                         Dr. Henry Azzam
brightest is too good to pass up...   ▶		09.45 -17.00
                                         Group Discussions & Closing Drinks

                                      ▶		13.15 -14.30

                                          The Pramerica Lunch
                                          at the GRI

                                      DREss CODE
                                      Business casual. no tie required.
                                       MIDDlE    tHiERRY siMoN
                                                 global head real estate
                                      EAstERn    cAlYoN france

                                                 Elliot GlAusiusZ
                                                 managing director, head of
                                      ABROAD     capital markets group-europe
                                                 MGPA MAcQuARiE uk
                             Is their Appetite   sANJAY lAl
                                      endless?   director
                                                 tAiB BANK bahrain
                                                                                THIERRY SIMON   SANJAY LAL             ROBERT McMILLEN

                                                 RoBERt McMillEN
                                      cREEK A    chairman
                                                 MAc cAPitAl uae
                                                 RoNG REN
                                                 HARVEst cAPitAl PARtNERs
                                                 hong kong
                                                                                RONG REN        MARk-HENRY VEYRASSAT

                                                 MARK-HENRY VEYRAssAt
                                                 RAKEEN DEVEloPMENt uae

                               DEvElOPInG In     HAMiD KiA
                             thE MIDDlE EAst     RMJM uae

                                     Can Cost    DAGMAR ABDElAtif
                                                 general manager
                                   escalation    GERMAN BusiNEss PARK
                                                 fZco uae
                               be Contained?     ABiD JuNAiD                    HAMID kIA       ABID JuNAID            PETER MILLER
                                                 executive director
                                                 AscoN uae
                                      cREEK B
                                                 PEtER MillER
                                                 general manager
                                                 AlARGAN ARABiAN PRoJEct
                                                 RAlf scHWiEDE
                                                 member executive board
                                                 DREEs & soMMER germany
                                                                                RALf ScHWIEDE   ROD STEWART

                                                 RoD stEWARt
                                                 regional managing director
                                                 HYDER coNsultiNG uae

 All material throughout
 this brochure is subject
 to change without notice.
 Ongoing updates at
                        18 MARCh 14H30-15H45
                                  BuIlD It          fAHAD Al GHuNAiM
                                                    chairman, ceo
                                AnD thEY            fiRst QAtAR REAl EstAtE
                                                    DEVEloPMENt co. qatar
                               WIll COME            DR GHAssAN Al-sulAiMAN
                         reality or Myth?           chairman
                                                    siRAJ cAPitAl saudi arabia
                                                    KARiM MERcHANt
                                      cREEK c       country manager India
                                                                                  fAHAD AL GHuNAIM   GHASSAN AL-SuLAIMAN   kARIM MERcHANT

                                                    GiD iNtERNAtioNAl GRouP usa
                                                    NicHolAs sMitH
                                                    tHE WAVE MuscAt oman
                                                    RAJEsH VENKitEsWARAN
                                                    investment advisor
                                                    DiWAN of RoYAl couRt oman
                                                                                  NIck SMITH
                                                    JoHN VERBic
                                                    managing director
                                                    GiD iNtERNAtioNAl GRouP


                              unDERBuIlt            DoNAlD coNoVER
                                    InDIA           BHAVANA DEVEloPERs usa

                              Where Is the          P.A. ANANtHANARAYANAN
                              bottleneck?           NitEsH EstAtEs
                                                    PRiVAtE liMitED india
                                                    GulZAR MAlHotRA
                                    Al DAffA                                      DONALD cONOVER     GuLZAR MALHOTRA       DINkAR RAI
                                                    vice president, credit risk
                                                    DEutscHE BANK india
                                                    DiNKAR RAi
                                                    GloBAl tRust cAPitAl india

The GRI invites senior industry leaders that might find it useful to
co-chair a discussion at the GRI Middle East 2009 or one of our
forthcoming events to contact Konstantine Malinovski, Director,
                                    DRIllInG   NicHolAs fRAsER
                               FOR REtuRns     AEDEs iNtERNAtioNAl
                                               MANAGEMENt sA italy
                                What World
                                               oPHEliA cHAN
                                     regions   chief operating | financial officer
                               Give Greatest   HARVEst cAPitAl PARtNERs
                                               hong kong
                                   promise?    KEitH PARKER
                                                                                     NIcHOLAS fRASER       OPHELIA cHAN      kEITH PARkER

                                               senior executive director
                                               Gulf fiNANcE HousE uk
                                     cREEK A
                                               uMBERto RoNsisVAllE
                                               managing partner
                                               R cAPitAl luxembourg

                                               KlAus scHREiNER
                                                                                                           kLAuS ScHREINER   RALPH WINTER
                                               managing director                     uMBERTO RONSISVALLE
                                               iMMoBiliENBANK uk
                                               RAlPH WiNtER
                                               coREstAtE cAPitAl

                             MEnA InvEstORs    MERcEDEs KlAttE
                                               director investment
                                In EAst AsIA   strategy & corporate
                                               KiM & AssociAtEs uae
                               Challenged or   DicK KWAN
                               Advantaged?     senior adviser
                                               lEAD REits AssEt MANAGEMENt

                                     cREEK B   MARK foGlE
                                               chief investment officer
                                                                                     MERcEDES kLATTE       DIck kWAN         MARk fOGLE


 All material throughout
 this brochure is subject
 to change without notice.
 Ongoing updates at
              18 MARCh 16H30-17H45
                   InvEstORs’    NicK sANDERsoN
                                 executive director
                 APPEtItE FOR    lEHMAN BRotHERs
                                 iNtERNAtioNAl uk
              MIDDlE EAstERn     DR DWAYNE BANKs
                  REAl EstAtE    dean school of
                                 business administration
                    Where Are    AMERicAN uNiVERcitY
                                 iN DuBAi uae
                   the limits?   Will HEAN
                                                                   NIck SANDERSON       DR DWAYNE BANkS   WILL HEAN

                                 KENMoRE uae
                      cREEK c
                                 VictoR MAKsHANtsEV
                                 head real estate
                                 DEutscHE BANK russia
                                 iAN oHAN
...just                          head of investment transactions
                                                                   VIcTOR MAkSHANTSEV   IAN OHAN
                                 JoNEs lANG lAsAllE MENA uae
where all

                         REIts   MARK iNcH
                                 sociÉtÉ DE lA touR EiffEl
                Advantage or     france

               Complications?    DuNcAN MAcAulAY
                                 head real estate,
                                 middle east & africa
                                 cREDit suissE uae
                     Al DAffA                                      MARk INcH            DuNcAN MAcAuLAY   THOMAS PANG
                                 tHoMAs PANG
                                 Gulf fuND MANAGEMENt uae
                                 RIsInG stAR   DR. HENRY AZZAM
                                               CEO, Middle East & North Africa
                               MIDDlE EAst     DEutscHE BANK
                   KE YNotE

                               World leader
                                of economic

                                    cREEK A

                                     GlOBAl    RoBERt KARNER
                                               executive directorr
                              CREDIt CRunCh    MoRGAN stANlEY usa
                                               MEHDi AMJAD
                                  setback or   president & ceo
                                               oMNiYAt PRoPERtiEs uae
                                    lifetime   sHAHRiAR EtMiNANi
                                 Investment    principal
                                               RcP DEVEloPMENt coMPANY
                               opportunity?    usa
                                                                                 MEHDI AMJAD         SHAHRIAR ETMINANI   STEPHEN WHITE

                                               stEPHEN WHitE
                                               managing director
                                     cREEK A   MoRGAN stANlEY uk

                                      InDIAn   VEERA sEsHu KuMAR
                                 REAl EstAtE   BHAVANA DEVEloPERs india

                               bright Future   DR DEEPAK BAJAJ
                                               director projects & investments
                              or overhyped?    uNitEcH REAltY iNVEstoRs
                                               sHANE GADBAW
                                     cREEK B   managing director
                                                                                 VEERA SESHu kuMAR   DEEPAk BAJAJ        PHIROZE NAGARVALA

                                               xE cAPitAl MANAGEMENt india
                                               PHiRoZE NAGARVAlA
                                               soutH AsiAN REAl EstAtE uk
                                               RucHiKA sEtHi
All material throughout                        principal
this brochure is subject                       WARBuRG PiNcus india
to change without notice.
Ongoing updates at
               19 MARCh 10H15-11H30
                DAnGER ZOnE            NAJEEB Al sAlEH
                                       vice chairman
                   Is the line         Al MAssAlEH
                                       REAl EstAtE co. kuwait
                     between           tAMER BAZZARi
               Financiers and          partner, head of private equity
                                       RAsMAlA iNVEstMENts uae
                  Developers           MouNiR HAiDAR
                    becoming           ceo
                                       soRouH REAl EstAtE uae
                                                                               TAMER BAZZARI    NAJEEB AL SALEH        MOuNIR HAIDAR

                                       REDA KHAtiM
                                       managing partner
                                       PAlM cAPitAl uk
                        cREEK c
                                       RAfic sAiD
                                       managing director
                                       PARK Hill GRouP uk
                                                                               REDA kHATIM

                   WhERE ARE           MARK lAuRENcE
                     thE BEst          RocK cAPitAl GRouP uk

                 COMMERCIAl            tHEoDoRE cHARAGioNis
                  REAl EstAtE          cHARAGioNis GRouP greece

                     REtuRns           NABEER KAREEM
The                 emerging
                                       investment analyst
                                       GloBAl iNVEstMENt HousE
                                                                               MARk LAuRENcE    THEODORE cHARAGIONIS   HEATHER MuLAHASANI

job of the           Markets
                                       HEAtHER MulAHAsANi
                or old World?          real estate principal investment area
Discussion                             GolDMAN sAcHs uk

Chairs is             Al DAffA
                                       JoNAtHAN PRicE
                                       managing director
                                       BusiNEss cENtRE cAPitAl uk
not to talk.                           MAssiMo sAlEtti                         JONATHAN PRIcE   MASSIMO SALETTI

                                       md, head of real estate
                                       investment banking, emea
                                       DEutscHE BANK uk

                The GRI invites senior industry leaders that might find it useful to
                co-chair a discussion at the GRI Middle East 2009 or one of our
                forthcoming events to contact Konstantine Malinovski, Director,
              WhEn thE WElls      PEtER DENtoN
                                  managing director
                     Run DRY      BARclAYs cAPitAl uk

                   Which GCC
                                  PAul DEVoNsHiRE
                     Markets      PRAMERicA germany

                   and Assets     AHMED sAEED
                                  head - investment department
               to Invest Into?    KfH - BAHRAiN kuwait
                                                                 PETER DENTON   PAuL DEVONSHIRE   AHMED SAEED

                      cREEK A

                         OFFICE   RAiNER BEHNE
                                  managing partner
                 DEvElOPMEnts     BEHNE & co. uae

               Is bonanza over?   ABHisHEK AHuJA
                                  senior valuation associate
                                  liMitlEss uae

                       cREEK B    ANDERs BiNNMYR
                                  president                      RAINER BEHNE   ANDERS BINNMYR    HOLGER HAGGE
                                  AMMA DEVEloPMENt russia
                                  HolGER HAGGE
                                  DEutscHE BANK germany
                                  RAZA JAfAR
                                  ENsHAA uae
                                  ADEl lootAH                    RAZA JAfAR     M. MuRALI         ADEL LOOTAH
                                  NAtioNAl PRoPERtiEs uae
                                  M. MuRAli
                                  managing director
                                  sHRiRAM PRoPERtiEs india
                                  sHHYAM siNGHANiA
                                  president & ceo
                                  ENARR cAPitAl india
                                                                 DAVID WATT
                                  DAViD WAtt
                                  chairman, north asia
                                  DtZ hong kong
            19 MARCh 12H00-13H15
            JOInt vEntuREs    MoHAMMED Al KHAlil
                              managing director
                   In MEnA    AKWAAN PRoPERtiEs
                              saudi arabia
               necessity or   cHARlEs DE PoRtEs
            Complications?    president
                              REDWooD GRouP uk
                              RicHARD DRAYcott
                   cREEK c    managing director, middle east
                                                               MOHAMMED AL kHALIL   RIcHARD DRAYcOTT

                              GooDMAN uae

It is
to make
everybody   REsORt hOtEls     iVoR McBuRNEY
                              vice president development

else        DEvElOPMEnts      - middle east
                              HiltoN uae
                How Much      WAEl Al lAWAti
talk...       More room?      oMAN touRisM
                              DEVEloPMENt coMPANY

                  Al DAffA                                     IVOR McBuRNEY        WAEL AL LAVATI     HELMuT kNIPP
                              HElMut KNiPP
                              senior vice president -
                              lANGHAM HotEls
                              iNtERNAtioNAl hong kong
                              JAlil MEKouAR
                              executive vice-president
                              JoNEs lANG lAsAllE HotEls
                                                               PIARAS MORIARTY      PATRIck SMITH      RuSSELL STERNLIcHT
                              PiARAs MoRiARtY
                              vice president, vacation
                              ifA HotEls & REsoRts uae
                              PAtRicK sMitH
                              vice president,
                              asset management
                              ifA HotEls & REsoRts uae
                              RussEll stERNlicHt
                              managing director
                              stARWooD cAPitAl (EuRoPE)
                                InvEstInG In     stYliANos ZAVVos
                             EAstERn EuROPE      ZEus cAPitAl MANAGERs
                              “new Frontier”     HusNu AKHAN
                                 or too late?    ceo
                                                 DoGus HolDiNG A.s.

                                      cREEK A    tHoMAs HoEllER
                                                                             STYLIANOS ZAVVOS   HuSNu AkHAN     THOMAS HOELLER

                                                 executive board member
                                                 PRAMERicA germany
                                                 ANDRE tiKHoMiRoV
                                                 managing director
                                                 iNfoRt cAPitAl russia

                                  us/EuROPE      PiERRE RoliN
                                                 chairman & ceo
                               perfect timing    stRAtEGic REAl EstAtE uk

                                            or   tAREK Ali
                                                 principal - real estate
                             “Give it a Miss”?   EfG HERMEs egypt
                                                 BRoMME H colE
                                      cREEK B    HAMPtoN/HoERtER usa
                                                                             PIERRE ROLIN       TAREk ALI       BROMME cOLE

                                                 sYMoN GoDl
                                                 head of funds
                                                 VAlARtis AssEt MANAGEMENt
                                                 MAZHAR ul HAQ
                                                 senior advisor
                                                 ABRAAJ cAPitAl uae
                                                                             SYMON GODL         MAZHAR uL HAQ

 All material throughout
 this brochure is subject
 to change without notice.
 Ongoing updates at
             19 MARCh 14H45-16H00
                  luxuRY OR    ElAiNE JoNEs
                AFFORDABlE     AstEco PRoPERtY
                               MANAGEMENt uae
                    hOusInG    AlA ‘KHANNAK
                Which Yields   cfo
                               soRouH REAl EstAtE uae
             better returns?   sAMi Al HAsHiMi
                               ceo                       ELAINE JONES    SAMI AL HASHIMI     BRucE AMBLER
                               MiZiN uae
                    cREEK c    BRucE AMBlER
                               DEutscHE BANK uk
                               AHMAD ARMousH
                               MADAEN Al NouR jordan
...getting                     RAViNDRA cHAMARiA         AHMAD ARMOuSH   RAVINDRA cHAMARIA
everybody                      iNfiNitY iNfotEcH
                               PARKs ltD india

to share,                      scott MAcDoNAlD
                               managing director
                               JP MoRGAN AssEt
connect                        MANAGEMENt uk
                               RAKEsH PAtNAiK
and                            head real estate
                               investment funds
                               GloBAl iNVEstMENt HousE
make                           kuwait
                               ABDAlAH sHAABAN
friends...                     managing director
                               tAMEER HolDiNG uae   Tel +44. 20 8492 2622
                         Pramerica Real Estate Investors
                         Pramerica Real Estate Investors is the real estate investment management business of
                         Prudential Financial, Inc. of the United States*. Pramerica Real Estate Investors’ specialized
                         operating units offer a broad range of investment opportunities and investment management
                         services in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The company’s fund
                         management operations are located in Parsippany, New Jersey; Atlanta, Georgia; Munich,
                         Germany; London, England; and Singapore and Tokio, Japan; supported by a network of local
                         offices throughout the world. Pramerica Real Estate Investors had USD 40.7 billion in gross
                         assets under management worldwide at September 30, 2007.

                         Pramerica Real Estate Investors Europe
Thomas Hoeller           Pramerica Real Estate Investors began activities in Europe in 1982, and today, with over 100
                         employees and operations in 10 European cities, it has become one of Europe’s largest real
                         estate investment managers. Pramerica’s fund management units in Munich and London are
Thomas Hoeller           supported by regional offices in Amsterdam, Budapest, Lisbon, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan,
Executive Board Member   Paris, and Zurich.
Tel: +49 89 28645 0   The Munich fund management group, Pramerica Real Estate Investors (Deutschland) GmbH,
                         specializes in core and value-added investment styles in Europe, offering products that
                         provide exposure to income producing properties throughout Western and Central Europe.
                         Pramerica’s European merchant banking group, Pramerica Real Estate Investors Ltd, was
                         formed in 1999 and focuses on higher returning strategies in the European real estate
                         sector. Based in London, the European merchant banking group is a well-established provider
                         of start-up and growth capital to real estate operating companies in Europe, and coordinates
                         its activities with Pramerica’s global merchant banking group.

                         Pramerica is committed to the local execution of its activities, and transactions and asset
                         management services are conducted by the group’s regional offices throughout Europe.
                         Pramerica has professionals dedicated to research, tax, investment structuring, and finance
                         who support investment activities across each of the firm’s 10 European locations.

                         Products include open-end and closed-end commingled investment vehicles, specialist funds
                         focused on specific market sectors, and single client accounts. In Germany, Pramerica’s
                         wholly-owned subsidiary, TMW Pramerica Property Investment GmbH, is a licensed kAG and
                         offers Spezialfonds to institutional investors and a global Publikumsfonds to institutional and
                         retail investors.

                         *Prudential Financial, Inc., USA(PFI) is not affiliated with Prudential plc., which is headquartered in the United kingdom.
                          Omniyat Properties is a privately held real estate investment and development company,
                          headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

                          The company grew out of Almasa Holdings, a group of IT hard- and software related companies,
                          founded in 1995 by the Dubai based entrepreneur Mehdi Amjad and his kuwait based partner
                          Esmail Janathi. Over the years Almasa Holdings has built a highly successful track record, with an
                          annual turnover of over US $ 450 million in 2006. The group of companies is currently employing
                          approx. 400 people.

                          Its first real estate projects were successfully implemented in 2000 in Iran and the United
                          kingdom. Based on their success and the attractive potential of the regional real estate market,
Mehdi Amjad               Almasa’s founding shareholders decided to form a dedicated real estate company “Omniyat
                          Properties” in 2005. One year later the company employed more than 100 professionals and
                          managed projects valued at approx. US $ 3.0 billion. These include several large-scale, first-class
Mehdi Amjad               iconic projects designed by world-leading architects and supported by other international, best-
President & CEO           in-class Consultants. The Omniyat team is dedicated to building value for all its shareholders,
Tel: +971 4 3063 300      partners and clients through creative solutions and attracting highly skilled professionals with   international and local backgrounds and connections.

                          The impressive growth of the group’s companies is based on sound business planning, a hands-
                          on management style and profitable results. As the initial companies continue to grow, more
                          complementary businesses will be added.

                          Despite the fact that it was launched only two years ago, Omniyat Properties, has become one of
                          the fastest growing developers in the region, with a portfolio projected to be worth US$ 4.1 billion
                          by the end of 2008.

                          Omniyat Properties’ projects have a clear value proposition focusing on providing sustained value
                          and tangible, measurable benefits to all stakeholders involved, including shareholders, buyers,
                          and the community. Omniyat focuses on exceptional quality and timely delivery.

                          Highly-sought after and recognized as a market leader since the launch of its Six commercial
                          towers in Business Bay; One Business Bay, Bayswater, The Binary, The Opus, The Gemini and
                          The Octavian, along with its residential projects; The Square and The Pad. Omniyat Properties is
                          organized as a project focused matrix management structure lead by “Heads of Projects”
                          (the Investment/ Development Management Team) and “Heads of functional Departments”
                          (all functional project and company support departments).
                                           Rakeen – an Arabic word that means ‘central pillar’ or ‘trustworthy support’ – commenced
                                           operations in April 2006, in a royal decree by His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi,
                                           Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Ras Al khaimah, as the land master-planner and developer
                                           to be responsible for RAk’s property development.

                                           Rakeen a significant number of ambitious developments underway for Ras Al khaimah
                                           – from man-made islands to offshore financial districts and from spa resorts to new urban

                                           Rakeen has a diversified international development portfolio and has been investing robustly
                                           in emerging markets around the region. As a guiding principle, every project that we embark
Dr. Khater Massaad        Dr Imad Haffar   on is founded on the belief that we have an overriding responsibility to preserve the heritage
                                           and social values of the people as well as the beauty of our countryside, and the environment
                                           at large.
Dr. Khater Massaad
Executive Chairman                         Rakeen is committed to designing and building structures which are sympathetic to their                      surroundings and which preserve or add to the natural habitat wherever possible.
                                           Rakeens core values are Sustainability, Responsibility and Prosperity.
Dr Imad Haffar
Chief operating Officer                    Sustainability                        Not every idea survives the test of time. At Rakeen, we study projects meticulously to ensure
                                           financial viability and future prosperity before we start drawing plans.
Rakeen                                     State-of-the-art construction methods and durable materials are used in all our developments
PO Box 6374, Ras Al khaimah,               for longevity of our constructions. In addition, we keep production costs down without lowering
UAE                                        the standard of services, making the properties more accessible for the developer, manager
T: +971 7 244 6562                         and the end-consumer.
F: +971 7 244 6561                             Responsibility
                                           Rakeen uses all necessary precautionary measures to ensure the preservation and
                                           enrichment of social and cultural values, fortification of heritage legacies and protection of
                                           the environment. We do not build at the cost of the environment.
                                           From a developers and end-user perspective, we fulfill our responsibility by providing all
                                           amenities and making sure all infrastructural requirements are considered prior to the
                                           commencement of projects.

                                           Financial success is a strong motivating factor behind all Rakeen endeavors. Its not just
                                           Rakeen’s prosperity under consideration. We strive to create challenging and rewarding
                                           prospects for the people of RAk by encouraging their involvement, consultation and
                                           participation at all times.
Abhishek AhujA                                                              husnu AkhAn
senior valuation associate                                                  ceo
limitless                                                                   dogus holding a.s.
  ProPerty comPany

                                                                                       leading turkish conglomerate. sectors
                                                                                          of operation: financial services,
                                                                                         automotive, construction, media,
                                                                                          tourism, real estate and energy.

Abhishek Ahuja is working as a Senior Associate in Limitless. He            He served as Representative of the Central Bank of Turkey at London
is involved with project feasibilities and pre acquisition analysis for     Office and Assistant General Manager at the Foreign Relations
international projects. He is also involved in valuation of master          Department of the same institution. Akhan joined the Dogus Group in
planned developments for commercial pricing of Limitless projects.          1994 and served as Executive VP in charge of Treasury, Operations
Before moving to Dubai, he was working in London and has finished           and International Relations at T. Garanti Bankas? A.S. before being
his master’s from Cass Business School.                                     promoted to President & CEOship of Körfezbank A.S. He held the
                                                                            positions of Member of the BOD and CFO for Dogus Holding between
                                                                            2001-2005. He currently serves as the Member of the BOD for Dogus
                                                                            Group and the CEO of Dogus Holding, Chairman for DogusGeReit and
                                                                            Member of the BOD for Tüvturk, Dogus Construction, GarantiBank
                                                                            Moscow, GarantiBank Netherland.

FAhAd Al GhunAim                                                            mohAmmed Al khAlil
chairman, ceo                                                               managing director
first qatar real estate development co.                                     akwaan properties

                       real estate development. advisory
                                                                                         akwaan properties is a real estate
                     and feasibility studies. management of
                                                                                       development company catering for the
                     real estate funds. leasing and property
                                                                                            growing middle east market.

Mr. Fahad Khalid Al-Ghunaim is the Chairman & CEO of First Qatar            Alkhalil has wide experience in real estate investment & development
Real Estate Development Company having a paid up capital of KD.             in addition to vast skill in formulating new business ventures. He is
50 Million (approx. 165 MUS$) with offices in Kuwait & Qatar.Mr.            MD & CEO of Akwaan Properties and Chairman of Board in ERA (Real
Al-Ghunaim has over two decades of outstanding experience in real           Estate National Group), one of largest real estate services network
estate, project implementation and management. He is a techno-              in the world. He is also President of National Real Estate Committee
savvy professional with expertise in real estate, projects management       in KSA’s Chamber of Industrial Commerce, and VP of Real Estate
and delivering the role of utilizing technology to meet business ends.      Committee in Riyadh’s Chamber of Industrial Commerce.
He has excellent knowledge in real estate, business processes and
project management.

khAled Al muhAiry                                                           nAjeeb Al sAleh
founder and ceo                                                             vice chairman
evolvence capital                                                           al massaleh

                        leading innovators in developing                                 residential & commercial property

                     alternative investment products in the                            development. facilities management.
                      region with a strong track record and                             hospitality & leisure. engineering &
                                  fund portfolio.                                     project management. marketing & sales.

Khaled Al Muhairy is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of             Mr. Najeeb H.M.Al-Saleh - Kuwaiti national. Graduated in Business
Evolvence Capital, a Dubai headquartered alternative investment             Administration in USA, in 1975. Chairman, Kuwaiti Interests for
company with assets of more than US$ one billion under                      Financial Investments KSC. Kuwait, since 1982 (now Massaleh
management. He has overall management responsibility for all                Investments). Vice-Chairman, Al Massaleh Real Estate Co. (KSC).-
Evolvence Capital activities with a primary focus on strategic direction,   Kuwait. Vice-Chairman, Taameer Real Estate Investment Co. KSCC-
business development, and investor and regulatory relations. He             Kuwait. Chairman, First International Merchant Bank Limited.- Malta.
has extensive capital raising and investment experience and holds           Board Member of Al Ahlea Circle, Cleaning Co. KSCC.- Kuwait. Board
operational management and board mandates of various Evolvence              Member of Venus International - Egypt.
Capital initiatives. Prior to founding Evolvence Capital in 2000, he
headed the North America department of the Abu Dhabi Investment
Authority (ADIA). He holds a B.Sc in Finance from Saint Louis
University, Missouri, USA.
dr GhAssAn Ahmed                                                        khAlid Al-WAzAni
Al-sulAimAn                                                             ceo
                                                                        darat jordan
siraj capital
  Investor Promoter

                                                                                        real estate development , jordan
                      siraj specializes in sponsoring, seeding

                                                                                        and mena region , 212 million jd
                       and launching investment funds, and                            capital, above 2 billion projects under
                        opportunities in the gcc and mena                                          construction

Dr. Ghassan Al-Sulaiman is Chairman of Siraj Capital. He chairs other   GM of TJH Dr. Khalid al Wazani (Ph.D.Econ), held leading positions
organizations in KSA and Gulf Region; Venture Capital Bank , Afia       in Jordan, including: Director General/ Customs Department, Advisor
International Company , Ghassan AlSulaiman Furniture Company. He        and Director of the Economic and Development Division and head of
serves on the Board of Directors of Savola Company , The Arabian        the King’s Economic Team/ Royal Court, and Director General/ Social
Cement Company and AlQatrana Cement Company.He is the past              Security. He has many publications and received awards including:
Chairman of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and The Jeddah               Shoman Young Arab Scientists, and Independence Legion. He is Vice
Marketing Board, and the National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce.        Chairman of Jordan Royal Film Commission, and Chairman of Arab
He is the Chairman of several non-profit organizations; The Saudi-      Bank (Syria). TJH develops residential, industrial, and commercial
Malaysian Business Council, the Saudi-Turkish Business Council,         projects in Jordan and the MENA region. Current projects: Red
the Jeddah Dawah Center and a board member of other charity             Sea Resort, Andalucia, Jiza, Teachers Villages, Gardens Villas, Al
organizations. Dr. Ghassan has a MBA from the University of San         Mushatta, and Ayla Park.
Francisco and a PhD from Hull University in the UK.

mAlek AlAjeel                                                           mehdi AmjAd
head of business development                                            president & ceo
gulf investment corp.                                                   omniyat holdings

                                                                                        an arm of omniyat holding, omniyat
                        large gcc financial institution with                             properties in the most innovative

                      us$9 billion in alternative investments,                          & fastest growing privately held re
                       private & gcc equities, Bonds, sukok                           investment and development company
                                                                                                      in dubai

Mr. Alajeel is a Senior VP, Head of Business Development at Gulf        Mehdi’s passion for real estate started in 2001 under Al Masa
Investment Corporation where he is responsible for the development,     Holdings (US$450Milion annual turnover IT conglomerate); In
structuring and distribution of GIC’s investment products for third     2004 Omniyat Properties was established to become fully fledged
party. Prior to joining GIC in 2002, he was an Advisor at the Gulf      real estate development entity with US$3Billion projects under
Finance House in Bahrain, Executive Vice President / Global Business    development & annual turnover of US$350Million. Omniyat’s project
Development Director at IslamiQ in London and spent 15 years            portfolio is expected to exceed US$6Billion by end of 2008. Mehdi’s
at National Bank of Kuwait where his last position was Assistant        focused vision & capacity to grasp complex trends accelerated the
General Manager of the International Banking Division. Mr. Alajeel      formation of Omniyat Holdings to capture the chain value of real
has a degree in Civil Engineering from Washington D.C. and attended     estate industry. Hence establishment of two entities during 2006/7:
executive business programs in major universities in the United         Investate Realty B.S.C and Omniyat Investment Management. Also
States.                                                                 member of Global Young Leaders and Young Arab Leaders & listed
                                                                        among the Best 100 CEOs in the region.

P. A. AnAnAthAnArAyAnAn                                                 AhmAd Armoush
cfo                                                                     chairman
nitesh estates private                                                  madaen al nour

Ananth’s diverse background includes strategically oriented             Extends from establishing the first independent Jordanian passenger
financial management experience in a large, complex, consumer           Line in Jordan in 1983, to Ferry “bridge” between Jordan/Egypt
goods company as well as a track record of designing and rapidly        1987; container feedering services 1993; Franchisee – McDonalds
establishing core support processes in technology companies. In         Jordan 1996, Holding Transport and Trading Company (SITTCO) in
the previous management positions that he has held, Ananth was          1997; B2B establishment - Tejari Jordan in 2002; and Privatization
responsible for strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, process   of JNSL with 60% shares taken over by SITTCO Group in 2002 and
transformation, human resources and risk management. Ananth             appointed chairman for same. Crowned his achievements by initiating
graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur      his Property / Realestate Development Firm “Madaen Al Nour’’ in
with Honours in Civil Engineering and holds an MBA from the Indian      2005 with vast projects around Jordan.
Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta.
dr henry AzzAm                                                            dr deePAk bAjAj
ceo middle east & north africa                                            director projects & investments
deutsche Bank                                                             unitech realty investors

                                                                                               real estate fund, fund management &
                                                                                                      real estate investment

Henry Azzam is the CEO for MENA Region. Before joining Deutsche           Dr Bajaj is the Director - Investments & Projects of Unitech
Bank Dr Azzam was CEO of Amwal Invest, an investment bank he              Realty Investors (India) Pvt. Ltd. He has 21 years of combined
founded in May 2005 and has guided it through its first two years         experience in contracting, consulting and academia. Presently
of operations, and the chairman of Dubai International Financial          managing 3 real estate fund totaling USD450M. He worked in
Exchange (DIFX). Before establishing Amwal Invest he was the
                                                                          India, Australia, China, France. Dr Bajaj was the CEO of Unibild
CEO of Jordinvest (2001-2004), MD of Middle East Capital Group
                                                                          since 2004 and engaged in execution of real estate and
(1998-2001), AGM and Chief Economist of the National Commercial
Bank, Jeddah Saudi Arabia (1990-1998) and Vice President and Chief        construction projects in North India. He earlier served as the
Economist of Gulf International Bank, Bahrain (1983-1990). Before         Director of Project and Construction Management programs
that he worked with the Arab Fund in Kuwait and taught economics at       at UTS, Australia.
the American University of Beirut.

dr dWAyne bAnks                                                           tAmer bAzzAri
dean school of business administration                                    partner, head of principal investments
american university in duBai                                              rasmala investments
                                                                            Investment Bank

              us accredited institutions. offers                                                private equity. asset management.
             mBa and Bachelors degrees. student                                               Brokerage. principal investments. real
                  enrollment of over 3000                                                                     estate

Dr. Banks is Dean of the School of Business Administration, at the        Mr. Bazzari Heads the Principal Investments business at Rasmala
American University in Dubai (AUD), and Executive Director of the         which includes Real Estate development and Investments. He is
Center for Real Estate and Urban Development (CREUP). Dr. Banks           also the Chairman of Rasmala Real Estate where he oversees a
has been a professional economist for nearly 20-years. He has been        portfolio of over USD 400million in Real Estate Development Projects
working and living in the Middle East for the past 10-years. Ph.D. in     including offices, residential and retail. Mr. Bazzari was the Senior
Economics, University of California at Berkeley B.A., in Economics,       Advisor to Dubai Financial Market. He previously worked with Ernst &
University of California at Irvine B.S. in Chemistry, University of       Young in UAE, and Deloitte in Canada. He is a Chartered Accountant
California at Irvine                                                      from Canada and a CFA. Rasmala Investments is a leading regional
                                                                          investment bank focused on private equity, asset management and
                                                                          brokerage with offices in Dubai, Riyadh and London.

rAiner behne                                                              Anders binnmyr
managing partner                                                          president
Behne & co. gmBh                                                          amma development

            real estate niche investments, motor                                                   developing property concepts &
              yacht trading, interior decoration,                                             property projects - conducting marketing
            consultancy and representing foreign                                                 - conducting facility management
                         companies                                                                 - operating of open properties

Dr. Rainer Behne, 55, married with 3 Children, is active in Europe        Anders Binnmyr has been working with construction and property
and Middle East. In Europe - through Behne GmbH & Co - he is              development in Russia since 1991. Previously General Director of
consulting institutional real estate investors in acquisition and asset   IKEA Property Russia and a driving force behind the development
management as well as co - investing with his clients.                    of the IKEA’s MEGA Family Shopping Center concept, rollout and
                                                                          operation of the Centers in Russia during 2002 – 2006, Anders
                                                                          Binnmyr is Co-founder & President of AMMA Development, a property
                                                                          development company founded in 2007 in Moscow. The foremost
                                                                          strengths of AMMA Development are the ability to quickly develop
                                                                          a property concept, develop projects and successfully roll out the
                                                                          concepts to the market.
rAvindrA ChAmAriA                                                        oPheliA ChAn
chairman                                                                 chief operating | financial officer
infinity infotech parks ltd                                              harvest capital partners

                                                                                    harvest capital partners is a boutique
                   leading developer of quality
                                                                                   investment firm and hong kong’s largest
              infrastructure for it/ites companies in
                                                                                    private equity fund investing in china’s
                 eastern region especially kolkata
                                                                                        high-growth real estate market.

Mr. Ravindra Chamaria, aged 57 years, is a commerce-graduate from        Ms.Chan oversees operations and supervises the portfolio
Calcutta University. He is a first generation businessman with 35        management, fund establishment and structuring, and works
years of international entrepreneurial experience with 10 years of       alongside the external administrator of funds. Previously, Ms. Chan
experience in Real Estate sector. He is the Chairman and Managing        was the Regional Controller for AIG Global Real Estate (Asia).
Director of Infinity - a Joint Venture company with WEBEL, Govt of       Ms.Chan started her career with PricewaterhouseCoopers and
West Bengal for development of quality IT/ITes infrastructure. He is a   later joined one of Canada’s largest real estate investment trusts
member of the Regional Committee of CII and a Committee member           and managed a portfolio of 12 million sq. ft. of retail real estate
of BCC and Chairman of Infrastructure Sub-Committee. He is also          investments across Canada. Ms.Chan is a member of the American
Board member of Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority of Sector      Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
V, Salt Lake.

theodore ChArAGionis                                                     bromme h. Cole
ceo                                                                      principal
charagionis group                                                        hampton/hoerter

                                                                                        hampton/hoerter is a real estate
                                                                                       placement agent for unique equity
                                                                                       opportunities including real estate

Executive Chairman , Charagionis Group, a 75 years old family            A recognized leader in multiple real estate disciplines globally and
group. Former Chairman ICSC European Awards Committee.                   a sought after panelist at real estate conferences, Bromme H. Cole
Msc in Civil Engineering - NTUA Leadership - London Business             is the Managing Principal at Hampton/Hoerter and based in New
School. Advance Real Estate, Town Planning - Harvard GSD                 York. Prior to Hampton/Hoerter, Mr. Cole was COO of The Carlton
                                                                         Group where he managed daily operations and strategic initiatives.
Business Administration - STANFORD S.C development &
                                                                         Between 1993 and 2002, Mr. Cole was with the Investment Bank of
management - ICSC University of Shopping Centres S.C
                                                                         Bankers Trust/Deutsche Bank where he focused on private equity
management - ICSC University of Shopping Centres                         fund investing.

donAld (“skiP”) l. Conover                                               Peter denton
chairman                                                                 managing director
Bhavana developers                                                       Barclays capital

              mixed use development, hotel, retail,
                 residential, hyderabad, india.

Bhavana Chairman Skip Conover has been building businesses in            Peter Denton is a Managing Director in the Real Estate Finance Group
India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt since 1979. Immediately            at Barclays Capital. Based in London, he is tasked with expanding the
before Bhavana, Skip founded, CBaySystems Holdings Ltd., listed          bank’s client coverage and business opportunities in the Continental
on the AIM (“CBAY”). Bhavana Developers is a leading real estate         European, Middle Eastern and South African real estate market. Until
developer in Hyderabad, India, by its focus on: professionalism of       May 2007 Peter was co-head of European Debt Capital Markets
its staff; experienced executives; a world class technology platform     Origination at Eurohypo where he managed the origination, structuring
providing executives and clients with 7/24/365 status reporting          and execution of many of Eurohypo’s complex real estate related
capability on all projects; a comprehensive financial system ready to    financings throughout Western Europe.
support complex multi-year projects; creative architects; innovative
projects focusing on all client needs, including the need to “be
PAul devonshire                                                           riChArd drAyCott
director                                                                  managing director, middle east
pramerica                                                                 goodman

                                                                                    leading listed property group that owns,

                                                                                    develops and manages usd$33 billion of
                                                                                    business space from 35 offices globally

Mr. Devonshire has over 18 years of international real estate             Richard is the Managing Director of Goodman, Middle East based
experience in Europe, North America and the Middle-East. Prior to         in Abu Dhabi. He was responsible for negotiating the Goodman joint
joining Pramerica Real Estate Investors (“Pramerica”) in 1999, he         venture with Sorouh and is the Chief Operating Officer of that entity.
served as Director of Marketing for Europe and the Middle East from       He began his career with Morgan Stanley in London and worked
1996 - 1999 for a U.S. asset management adviser based in Zurich.          in banking and consulting in London and Hong Kong before joining
Between 1990 - 1996, based in Vienna, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, he        Arlington, which became part of the Goodman Group in 2005. Richard
was responsible for all international business for a leading German       was educated at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and holds
real estate advisor. He is currently responsible for Pramerica’s Middle   degrees from the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge.
East activities. He is fluent in English and German.

shAhriAr steve etminAni                                                   shAms FAiz
principal                                                                 senior partner
rcp development company, llc                                              Bayt al mal

Steve is founder and President of RCP Development Company, a              (2006-now) Senior Partner & Board Member of Bayt Al Mal
Washington, DC based institutional development company. Steve             Investments (BMI) and head of its corporate M&A advisory unit. Also
has been actively involved in the acquisition, financing, development,    Chairman of RFM Loyalty LLC, a majority owned subsidiary of BMI.
asset management and disposition of numerous institutional-grade          (2000-2006) Partner-In-charge - Strategy & BD at The International
residential and mixed-use projects in the Washington, DC area. His        Investor Group, a leading regional Islamic Investment group.
experience includes over $ 1 billion in re transactions, creating over    (1997-2000) CEO - Gulf Tradanet (GTN) in Bahrain, a technology
$350 million in value. Prior to the formation of RCP, Steve was the       joint venture of General Electric Co. (GE) one of the world’s largest
VP of Development and a member of the Executive Management                multinationals. GTN was a start-up venture, which Mr. Faiz developed
Committee for Post Properties, Inc., where he was responsible for all     from concept to market leadership. (1982-1997) Started career as
acquisition and development activities for the Washington, DC region.     an analyst and later assumed key management responsibilities where
Prior to joining Post Properties, Steve was the VP of Development and     he developed ventures by packaging GE’s technology with local /
Acquisitions for JPI.                                                     regional capital investment.

mArk FoGle                                                                niCholAs FrAser
chief investment officer                                                  ceo
rreef                                                                     aedes international management sa

                                                                                      global re fund manager/co-investor.
                                                                                          manages euro 1 billion of re
                                                                                      investments. focuses on markets in
                                                                                      central/eastern europe, mena, india.

Mark Fogle is the Managing Director for Asia Pacific Infrastructure       Nick Fraser is the CEO of AIM. With over 20 years international
and Chief Investment Officer of RREEF Asia, based in Singapore. Mr.       real estate investment/development and real estate investment
Fogle joined RREEF in 2007 and has more than 25 years of asset            banking experience in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and
management and investment experience, fifteen of which have               having transacted real estate developments and investments with
been spent in the Asia Pacific region. From 1997 to 2006, he was          a combined value in excess of US$ 4 billion, Nick is driving forward
a managing director of AIG Global Investment Corp., the investment        the AIM international fund management expansion strategy with a
arm of American International Group, Inc. Prior to joining AIG, he was    strategic goal of achieving a portfolio of assets under management by
responsible for the Asian expansion of The John Buck Company, a           2012 of euros 3 billion.
U.S.development and service firm.
shAne GAdbAW                                                              elliot GlAusiusz
managing director                                                         md, head of capital markets group-europe
xe capital management                                                     mgpa macquarie

                    structured finance and investment                                         private equity fund management,
                   management firm offices in new york,                                     asia and europe , industrial, office,
                   new delhi and singapore registered                                     residential, retail and logistics, existing
                           investment advisor                                                         and development

Mr. Gadbaw is an MD and a founding managing member of XE Capital,         Elliot has recently joined MGPA as Managing Director responsible
a hedge fund and private equity group with offices in NY, New Delhi       for Capital Markets in Europe. Prior to joining MGPA Elliot led the
and Singapore. Mr. Gadbaw is head of Business Development and is          multi manager team at DTZ Investment Management, responsible
responsible for XE’s business in Asia. Under his leadership, XE was       for growing the multi manager and fund of funds business. Elliot
an early investor in the Indian re markets, making its first investment   has acted as lead strategic real estate advisor to major European
in Jan. 2006. Prior to co-founding XE Capital, Mr. Gadbaw was             institutional investors and has closed investments into Private Equity
Global Head of Marketing and Co-Head of Structured Products for           Real Estate funds in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
the Alternative Assets business of ZCM. He there was responsible
for the worldwide marketing, structuring and management of ZCM’s
alternative investment products and services.

symon Godl                                                                dr Amin hAbboub
head fund of funds                                                        head of claims team
valartis asset management sa                                              nakheel
  FunD oF FunDs

                                                                                              real estate commercial, retail,
                  fund of funds - emerging markets - asia
                                                                                           residential, hospitality, and mixed-use
                            pacific - all sectors

Symon Godl joined Valartis Asset Management in June 2007 as Head          Dr. Amin earned his Ph.D. in Civil-and-Environmental-Engineering from
of Fund of Funds and is responsible for setting up and running the        the University-of-Illinois in Urbana-U.S.A., and has nearly 24 years
global Fund of Funds Business of the company. Before that Symon           of Engineering-Management experiences. Prior to joining Nakheel,
arranged the Real Estate Fund of Funds of E.ON, a Euro 2.5 bln            he worked (for nearly 5 years) as a Senior Project Manager (at
investment vehicle in Luxemburg with allocation of more than 50           corporate-level) with HNI-Corporation, a Best 100 Managed/Fortune
Funds in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Valartis Asset Management         500/1000 Company, and, before that, as a Research-Engineer for
SA is part of the Valartis Group, originally founded in 1988 and          6 years with the FAA Center-of-Excellence for Airport-Technologies at
listed on the Swiss stock exchange. The Valartis Group`s business         the University-of-Illinois. Before moving to U.S.A. in 1993, he was an
areas are asset management, wealth management, investment                 Entrepreneur (Business-Owner/Operator), a Research-Engineer, and
management and real estate structured finance.                            Project-Manager, in Jordan, for nearly 10 years.

holGer hAGGe                                                              mounir hAidAr
director                                                                  ceo
deutsche Bank                                                             sorouh real estate

                                                                                           abu dhabi based real estate developer
                                                                            real estate

                                                                                          specializing in building communities that
                                                                                            combine modern comfort and natural

Prof. Dipl.-Ing Architect / Grad. Business Economy Holger HAGGE           Prior to joining Sorouh as CEO, Mr. Mounir D. Haidar was Head of
(*4.9.1959), married since 1994, 1 son (*1996). Since September           Technical Department and Executive VP of Nakheel. He worked
2006 Director Strategic Programs Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt,             as VP of Parsons Corporation and in various senior positions. He
responsible for major refurbishment of Deutsche Bank’s HQ in              brings 25 years of experience to Sorouh. Sorouh Real Estate PJSC,
Frankfurt besides other important global and global responsibility        was established on June 26, 2005 with a commitment to “bring
for “green building design and planning” at Deutsche Bank AG. Holger      communities to life in perfect balance”. Working with some of the
Hagge is member of chamber of architects, “gif, “ULI”, German             best architects and engineers, Sorouh’s projects utilize innovative
Council of Shopping Centres and others. Since of May 2004 he is           design and state-of-the art technology. With around AED 40Bn of
nominated as “Professor” at the “Universität für angewandte Kunst”        projects under development the company is poised to scale greater
(University of applied Arts) in Wien (Vienna), giving lessons on the      heights in the time to come.
faculty of architecture for “strategies of real estate management”.
  Will heAn                                                             thomAs hoeller
  director                                                              executive board member
  kenmore middle east                                                   pramerica

  Will is a Director of Kenmore’s Middle Eastern operations based       Thomas Hoeller is one of the Executive Board Members of Pramerica
  in Dubai. He has 20 years of experience in commercial property        Real Estate Investors (Europe) AG (formerly TMW Immobilien AG) in
  investment and development in London, Hong Kong, Croatia and          Munich. Mr. Hoeller is mainly responsible for Pramerica’s European
  Edinburgh. He has been involved with projects such as Kings Cross     activities and has been in charge of setting up Pramerica offices
  Station in London and two major developments in Hong Kong and         in Europe. Mr. Hoeller, an Austrian national, has a BA from the
  on returning to Scotland he was instrumental in creating some of      University of Economics in St. Gallen, Switzerland and an MBA in
  Scotland’s largest retail and office schemes before joining Kenmore   International Studies from the Vienna School of Law and Diplomacy,
  in Dubai.                                                             Austria. He speaks fluent Spanish, French, English and German.

mArk inCh                                                               rAzA jAFAr
 president                                                              ceo
 société de la tour eiffel                                              enshaa

                                                                                        real estate development, land

                                                                                        purchase, design management,
                                                                                       construction (owned subsidiary),
                                                                                               project delivery

 M.A. OXON (1972) / IEP Paris (1974) 1971-1978: U.I.I. (Jean-Claude     Established in 2005 (Private Placement completed in 2007),
 Aaron) Major developer 1978-1985: G.I.P. Kuwaiti Investment            ENSHAA is home to a management team that brings a wealth of
 Group 1985-1990: B.A.I.I. 1990-1995: Vendôme Investissements           global experience. With a Board chaired by Sheikh Tariq Bin Faisal
 (Joint Venture with Marceau Investissements and Comptoir des           Al Qassimi, and the company led by CEO Raza Jaffar, the ENSHAA
 Entrepreneurs) 1991: Founder of Franconor with PLEIAD (Sweden)         senior management team consists of eight experts, all of whom bring
 1998: President of AWON PARTICIPATIONS-SNTP & Director of AWON         culture and knowledge to the fore.
 GROUP 2003: President of Société de la Tour Eiffel President of
“Centre Vendôme pour les arts plastiques” Member of the Investment
 Sub-committee Worcester College Oxford.

  elAine jones                                                          Abid junAid
  ceo                                                                   executive director
  asteco property management                                            ascon

                                                                                       developing freehold and leasehold
                                                                                     properties in uae. offering residential,
                                                                                     commercial and retail. end-to-end real
                                                                                                estate solutions

  Elaine Jones is one of today’s leading experts in the Dubai real      Mr. Abid Junaid is the Executive Director of ETA Star Property
  estate market, recently winning the 6th Middle Eastern Business       Developers LLC and Ascon Group and is with the Group for the past
  Woman of the year award, 2007. As CEO of Asteco Property              19 years. Mr. Junaid holds an M.A. in International Affairs and also
  Management, Elaine, with an unprecedented 27 years of regional        an M.B.A. in Marketing from Ohio University. ETA Star Property
  experience, has grown the company she founded in 1985 with the        Developers LLC was founded in 2003 and has developed more than
  Bin Sulayem family into one of the leading real estate companies      10 million sq. ft. of various properties. ASCON Group comprises of
  in the UAE.                                                           civil construction, marble works and other activities.
redA khAtim                                                             hAmid kiA
managing partner                                                        director
palm capital                                                            rmjm

                                                                                         rmjm-international architectural
                                                                                     practice. our design-lead work connects
                                                                                     people and places, context and culture
                                                                                     to create dynamic modern architecture.

Reda Khatim is now launching Palm Capital, a real estate private        Managing Director of Skidmore, Owning and Merrill Washington DC
equity VEHICLE dedicated to Morocco. Previously, Reda Khatim            office before moving to Dubai as Director of ME operations for RMJM
was the Vice President of Citigroup Property Investors, a Euro          Hillier. 24 years of Extensive experience and proven record in leading
1.2 billion European opportunity fund, where he was focusing on         management, business development, design and coordination of
Southern European and hospitality opportunities. Prior, he was with     some of the most complex and visible domestic and international
Lonestar Funds in London, primarily targeting non performing loan       transportation, civil, government, institutional and urban projects.
opportunities in Germany. He also spent several years with Credit       As the RMJM Dubai Group Director - Middle East Mr. Kia specializes
Suisse First Boston in New York and Lazard Freres in Paris.Reda is a    in Commericial, Transportation, Hosptality, Education and mixed
graduate of Harvard Business School (MBA) and Ecole Nationale des       use projects.
Ponts et Chaussees (Master of Engineering).

merCedes klAtte                                                         helmut kniPP
director investment strategy & corporate                                senior vice president - development
kim & associates                                                        langham hotels international

                                                                                         international hotel and resort
                                                                                     management company with Brand chuan

Antje Mercedes Klatte (MBA) is the Director of Kim & Associates         Helmut Knipp, Senior Vice President - Development worldwide of
Ltd., an advisory firm focused on real estate investments in emerging   Langham Hotels International (LHI). Prior to joining LHI, Mr. Knipp
markets. Prior to establishing Kim & Associates in 2007, Ms             was Managing Director of CCA International Ltd., Hong Kong,
Klatte has advised start-up and blue-chip companies in a variety of     managing 34 clubs and resorts in 14 countries in Asia and Europe
countries (EMEA) and sectors on strategy and restructurings as well     and handling business development in China and the Asia Pacific
as business development initiatives. Ms Klatte is a native of Germany   region. He started his career with Canadian Pacific Hotels in Canada,
and is currently based in Dubai, UAE.                                   moving on to sales positions and General Manager positions with
                                                                        Hilton in multiple locations. He also held Senior Regional and
                                                                        Corporate positions, with Marriott and Lincoln and Renaissance as
                                                                        well as President and COO of Peabody Hotels.

veerA seshu kumAr                                                       diCk kWAn
ceo                                                                     senior adviser
Bhavana developers pvt ltd                                              lead reits asset management corp
  ProPerty comPany

                     professional, experienced executives.

                      with world-class architecture and it.
                                                                                      real estate investment management
                      creating and delivering remarkable

Seshu Kumar has been working in the construction industry for           Mr. Kwan was Managing Director China of ING Real Estate
25 years, and has been developing buildings in Hyderabad since          until 2004 when he became the CFO of ING Real Estate in Asia
1992. He is well versed in and committed to providing leading           overseeing finance and leads fund development work. Before that
edge IT methods relevant to the construction industry. He holds an      he was MD of Baring Capital Partners responsible for ING’s private
M.S. in Structural Dynamics Engineering from the Indian Institute of    equity investment business in China. He launched China Property
Technology, and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru       Development Fund in 2002 and made successful investments in
Technological University.                                               property development projects in China.
sAnjAy lAl                                                              mArk lAurenCe
director                                                                ceo
taiB Bank                                                               rock capital group

            taiB’s real estate group invests in
             income producing properties and
          development projects in the us, europe,
                  and emerging markets.

Sanjay Lal is Director, Real Estate of TAIB, and heads up investment    Mark began his career as a transport analyst in 1989 with Kitcat &
teams spanning Bahrain, India, Turkey and the USA. Sanjay               Aitken before moving to Smith New Court where the team was ranked
commenced his career with the Real Estate division of the Prudential    first in the 1995 Extel Financial Survey of UK Investment Analysts. He
Insurance Company in the USA. He thereafter worked for 6 years with     subsequently joined the top ranked UK & European Equity Strategy
a New York based Real Estate Investment and Development Company.        Team shortly before Smith New Court was acquired by Merrill Lynch
Sanjay worked in the Real Estate construction & development             in 1996. In 1997 he moved to Collins Stewart as a special situations
industry in India and the UAE before joining TAIB in 2002. At TAIB      analyst. In this role he was involved in and acted as an adviser to
he has been involved in over $3billion of Real Estate transactions.     over £1.5bn of corporate finance transactions. He was promoted to
Sanjay has a BA in Economics from the University of Delhi, India, and   corporate development manager in 2000 and led Collins Stewart’s
an MBA (Finance) from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst,         entry into UK wealth management through the purchase of NatWest
USA.                                                                    Private Clients from RBS in 2001. He also helped establish Collins
                                                                        Stewart Inc in NY.

Adel lootAh                                                             dunCAn mACAulAy
ceo                                                                     head real estate, mena
national properties                                                     credit suisse

                                                                                  credit suisse is a world-leading financial
                                                                                  services company, advising clients in all
                                                                                    aspects of finance, around the world.

After a stint as Chief Information Systems Analyst at Abu Dhabi         Duncan has worked in cross border real estate investment,
Marine Operating Company and later as head of Corporate Relations       development and finance for the past 26 years, completing and
Office at the DED Dubai, Lootah went on to be BD Manager for MAF        realizing several tens of billions of dollars in transactions. During that
Group of Companies. In 2000 he took over as Commercial Director         time he has worked for Richard Ellis, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority,
of Dubai Internet City and was named VP Development & Corporate         Investcorp and his own company Highland Group. He is currently CEO
Relations Jumeirah Beach Residence. He is currently Acting President    of DIG Real Estate & Hospitality, a subsidiary of Dubai Investment
of UAE Chapter of IMD Alumni. & Executive Director - Dubai Property     Group, which he was responsible for establishing.

viCtor mAkshAntsev                                                      ibrAhim mArdAm-bey
head real estate                                                        ceo
deutsche Bank                                                           siraj capital duBai

           debt and structured equity financing,
          private equity investments, secured re
                   pipeline over $2.5 bn

Joined Deutsche Bank in 2006; responsible for Real Estate               Co-founder and CEO at Siraj Capital Ltd, and frequent keynote
development, Infrastructure & PPP projects in Russia & CIS. Earlier     speaker and published author. Has written and contributed on topics
was Director at Jones Lang LaSalle Capital Markets Russia. Prior to     of international finance, Islamic Banking and Sukuk. A member of,
that worked in StroryFirst Communications and KPMG. Graduated           the Arab Bankers Association of North America, the London based
from Moscow State Aircraft Technology University; master’s degree in    Arab Bankers Association, and Young Arab Leaders. Has received
theoretical physics. MBA from Manchester Business School (2000).        numerous business and professional recognitions and awards for his
                                                                        pioneering work on several international Sukuk transactions.
ivor mCburney                                                             robert mCmillen
vice president development - middle east                                  chairman
hilton hotels                                                             mac capital limited

                                                                                      investment Bank and stock Broker.
                                                                                       dubai base, international network.
                                                                                    equity raising,listed property companies,
                                                                                                   difx listings

Ivor McBurney has over 30 years experience in the Hospitality             Mr. McMillen is the Chairman of the MAC Capital Group of
Industry with Hilton Hotels Corporation. He joined Hilton in the mid      Companies, a corporate advisory and brokerage group based in
1970’s in the UK on a Finance Training course and has held a wide         Dubai. His previous career included leading Deutsche Morgan
range of Finance positions at Hotel, Area and Head Office levels.         Grenfell in Thailand, Managing Director of General Finance and
His roles have taken him from the UK to the US, Europe and, for           Securities Plc, Principal, Mergers and Acquisitions, Ernst & Young,
the last 10 years, the Middle East. Prior to his current position, Ivor   Hong Kong, Senior Manager of Hambros Bank Limited Sydney and
was Director of Finance - Middle East, for 5 years during which time      Senior Manager Baker Rooke London. In 1997, he led the rescue
Hilton’s operations in the region expanded from 18 to 32 hotels. He       of Seamico Securities Plc. He led the team which rescued Raimon
established the Development Office in Dubai in 2005 and leads the         Land Plc acquiring 80 % of this faltering property company for USD
expansion activity covering the Hilton Family of Brands in the region.    2.5 million in and, after several years of reorganization, selling 49 %
                                                                          of the company was sold to Istithmar and IFA Hotels and Resort for a
                                                                          total of USD 64 million.

jAlil mekouAr                                                             kArim merChAnt
executive vice-president                                                  country manager, india
jones lang lasalle hotels                                                 gid international group

                                                                                        developing, acquiring and managing
               the first and leading global hotel
                                                                                         apartments, offices, flex industrial
             investment services firm with robust
                                                                                        business parks. advisor to pension
              and fully integrated local networks.
                                                                                                 funds in the us.

Heading Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels MENA, Jalil Mekouar’s                   Karim Merchant is Country Manager, India for The General Investment
international professional exposure spans over 16 years in                & Development Companies (GID). His primary role includes business
20 countries in the fields of Strategic Consulting, Corporate             development, structuring, legal due diligence & underwriting for all of
Finance, Hospitality Operations, Business Development and Asset           GID’s Indian operations. Outside of India he is also responsible for
Management for hotels, resorts, spas, time-share and retail,              building GID’s real estate pipeline in other emerging markets in Asia
with global hospitality operators/developers/investors such as            and Central Europe. Karim has an undergraduate degree in Business
InterContinental, Marriott and Minor International. Speaking 4            Management from H.R. College, Mumbai with the Principal’s Special
languages and carrying 2 post-graduate degrees in Finance and             Certificate and an MBA in Finance and Real Estate from Babson
Hospitality Management as well as an MBA from IMHI (Cornell-              College USA.
ESSEC), Jalil Mekouar sat on the Board of several companies and is
an active member of various international real-estate, hospitality and
financial institutes and associations.

Peter miller                                                              PiArAs moriArty
general manager                                                           vice president vacation ownership
alargan araBian project                                                   ifa hotels & resorts

               client focussed. value add and
            design development services. project
              management services. presence
                 throughout the gulf region

Peter Miller is the Managing Director of the ALARGAN Arabian Project      Piaras Moriarty is the Vice President of IFA Vacation Ownership
Management Group. He assumed this role in company in June 2007.           and has 20 years of leadership experience building marketing
Mr. Miller is a highly experienced property executive with a broad        infrastructures and guiding top-tier companieto integrate shared
range of experience across all sectors of the development industry.       ownership products into their product mix. Piaras joined IFA Hotels &
Mr. Miller has over 17 years experience throughout Australasia.           Resorts in 2004 to analyse the specific needs and requirements for
During his career Mr. Miller has previously held positions of General     the successful introduction of IFA Fractional & Vacation Ownership
Manager of Urban Development with 25,000 residential lots under           products in Dubaiand has been driving the IFA Vacation Ownership
his development control and managed the development and delivery          division forward ever since. Piaras’ previous timeshare marketing
of award winning mixed use developments of values greater than            experience includes a stellar track record with Marriott Vacation Club
$1.5 billion.                                                             International in the Middle East.
m. murAli                                                                iAn ohAn
managing director                                                        head of investment transactions
shriram properties                                                       jones lang lasalle mena

                                                                                      world’s leading real estate investment
                                                                                       and money management organization

Mr. M. Murali, 40, is the Managing Director of M/S SHRIRAM               Ian has over 15 years of international and regional real estate
PROPERTIES LTD, a part of 25000 Crores Shriram Group one                 investment advisory and development experience with groups such
of the premiers in the world of finance.Taking the reins of              as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, KPMG, Arthur Anderson and Al
property development business arm of the Group as the CEO                Futtaim Investments. In addition to his international experience he
                                                                         has nearly a decade in the region and has an intimate understanding
in 1997, Mr. Murali has built up the business of SPL with
                                                                         of the real estate markets in the GCC, the Levant, North Africa,
strong fundamentals and unmatched ethics in tune with the
                                                                         Central & South Africa, Turkey and beyond. He has an established
objectives of the parent Group. The company has to its credit-           track record in complex, mixed-use development and investment.
ISO 9001-2000 certification for Quality Management Systems.
With genesis in 1995, presently SPL is one of Top REAL Estate
Giants of India having attracted foreign financial partners.

thomAs PAnG                                                              jonAthAn PriCe
ceo                                                                      managing director
gulf fund management                                                     Business centre capital

                                                                                        world’s leading fund management
                     creation of investment funds.
                                                                                      consultancy, specialising in investment
                    management of investment funds.
                                                                                         in business centres and flexible
                        provide finance advice
                                                                                              managed office space.

Mr. Pang is Chief Executive and Managing Director of Gulf Fund           Jonathan Price, 50, is Founder and Managing Director of B3C. He is a
Management. Prior to joining GFM, he was Director of Finance at          graduate of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, l’Université Libre
the Link Management Limited, responsible for the listing of The Link     de Bruxelles and is a barrister at law. He has been an investment
REIT on Hong Kong Stock Exchange with market capitalization of over      banker since 1982, working for various international merchant banks
$5 billion, obtaining Investment grade credit ratings and refinancing    in a number of roles in the capital markets, project finance and
its $1.6 billion debt. The Link REIT acquired 180 properties from the    privatisation. He is currently also President of the UK Chapter of
Hong Kong government. Mr. Pang is an Oxford graduate, a Chartered        FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation.
Accountant and worked extensively in the regulatory environment.

dinkAr rAi                                                               ronG ren
ceo                                                                      ceo
gloBal trustcapital finance pvt. ltd.                                    harvest capital partners

                      investment bank specializing in
  Investment Bank

                                                                                      private equity china focus. value driven.
                    real estate, hospitality, retail and

                     infrastructure sectors providing
                                                                                      apartments. international capital. china
                    investment banking and corporate
                                                                                              resources sponsorship

Mr. Rai is a Chartered Accountant and a Law Graduate having              Mr Rong Ren is the CEO of Harvest Capital Partners Ltd. He runs
over 16 years experience in Investment Banking. Prior to founding        the RE fund management company for China Resources (Holdings)
Trustcap, he has worked for Price Waterhouse and ANZ Grindlay’s          Co., Limited. China Resources is a significant residential developer
Bank. He has contributed in making Trustcap one of the premiere          and investor in China for more than a decade. The captioned fund
boutique investment banks of India. Under his leadership Trustcap        has strong commitment from China Resources and international
has channelized over a Billion dollars into the real estate space from   financial institutions. Mr Ren was previously the Deputy CEO and
overseas investors.                                                      Managing Director of Hypo Real Estate Bank International. He has
                                                                         been a seasoned banker in Greater China region. Mr. Ren has a
                                                                         Master’s degree in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking from
                                                                         the University of Reading in the UK.
Pierre rolin                                                                                                       umberto ronsisvAlle
chairman & ceo                                                                                                     managing partner
strategic real estate advisors                                                                                     r capital

                                                                                                                               r capital - eec, sweden, china - office,
                     global investment advisor and asset
                                                                                                                                hotels, industrial, luxury - euros, 10
                     manager. $6.5 billion aum. direct and
                                                                                                                              - 200 million - existing or development
                                joint ventures
                                                                                                                                            - major cities

Pierre Rolin founded Strategic Real Estate Advisors in 1998, a global                                              20 years of experience as lead advisor for investments in emerging
real estate investment advisory and asset management service                                                       markets. He created R Capital in 1999, today with more than 300
for private clients and certain institutional investors. To date the                                               million Euros top deals pipeline. Umberto has a PhD in law and he is
company has completed over US $9bn global real estate transactions                                                 fluent in more than 5 languages.
for its clients, achieving an average IRR 18% and has in excess of

US $6.5bn under global asset management. Mr Rolin is responsible
for the firm’s key client relationships and for its overall vision and   R e a l e s tat e i n v e s t m e n t s

strategy. He has more than 21 years of international real estate
experience and previously was head of international real estate and a
member of senior management at Credit Suisse Private Banking.


Ahmed sAeed                                                                                                        mAssimo sAletti
head - investment department                                                                                       md, head of real estate investment banking, emea
kuwait finance house-Bahrain                                                                                       deutsche Bank

                     wholly-owned subsidiary of kfh-kuwait.
                    investment, commercial, retail Banking.
                      shari’a compliant. leads transactions
                                 for the group

Mr. Saeed is a senior manager and head of the investment                                                           Massimo Saletti is Managing Director at Deutsche Bank and Co-head
department in Kuwait Finance House (Bahrain). He is a chartered                                                    of Real Estate Investment Banking for Europe, Middle Estate and
Accountant from Pakistan. Mr. Saeed has 15 years of experience in                                                  Africa, having joined the firm in June 2003. Until 2005 he was
public accounting, financial management and investment banking                                                     focused on launching the Italian and Southern European platform,
related activities. Prior to joining KFH, Mr. Saeed was employed by                                                he then moved to London to lead the European team. Before joining
Ernst & Young, Bahrain and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Pakistan.                                                       Deutsche Bank, Mr. Saletti spent 4 years at Lazard in the Real Estate
                                                                                                                   advisory division. Previously he was part of a buy out firm specialised
                                                                                                                   in turnaround situations. Since joining Deutsche Bank, Mr Saletti has
                                                                                                                   been involved in numerous real estate transactions across the region,
                                                                                                                   raising public equity for real estate companies, providing M&A advice
                                                                                                                   and structured solutions.

niCk sAnderson                                                                                                     klAus sChreiner
executive director                                                                                                 managing director
lehman Brothers international                                                                                      westdeutsche immoBilienBank
  Investment Bank

                     m&a advisory, debt & equity finance                                                                          founded in 1995. wholly owned
                     throughout europe, middle east and                                                                        subsidiary of westlB. investment and
                                   africa                                                                                              development finance

Nick is an Executive Director in the EMEA Real Estate Investment                                                   Managing Director UK Real Estate Head of London Branch,
Banking team, having joined Lehman Brothers in 2005. His                                                           Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank Education Universities of Tuebingen
responsibilities include coverage of real estate firms/investors in                                                and Cologne, Degree in Business Administration Career Banking
the Middle East. Nick has worked for more than 12 years in the                                                     career in corporate banking, trade finance, marketing, property
real estate sector in EMEA and Asia and has extensive investment                                                   finance at various banks in Germany and UK including Helaba and
banking experience across all products (equity capital raisings, debt                                              Saudi International Bank; Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank since 2000
/ CMBS capital raisings and M&A). Prior to joining Lehman Brothers,                                                Professional membership Past President, APB; IPF; The Guild of
Nick was a Director in the UBS Real Estate Investment Banking team                                                 International Bankers.
which he joined in 2000. He previously worked at Arthur Andersen
where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant.
rAlF sChWiede                                                            thierry simon
member executive board                                                   global head real estate
drees & sommer gmBh                                                      calyon

                                                                           Investment Bank
                      project management, real estate
                                                                                             advisory - structured finance - financial
                     consulting, building technology 900
                                                                                             solutions in 15 countries for real estate
                      employees at 10 german and 14
                                                                                                          and hotel group
                             international offices

After studying Civil Engineering, Ralf Schwiede joined Drees &           Born on February 27, 1959, Thierry Simon graduated from Ecole
Sommer AG in Stuttgart as a project manager. From 1993 he was            Centrale Lille and Executive MBA HEC-CPA in Paris. He held different
manager of the Erfurt office and from 1997, as general manager, he       posts in Credit Lyonnais as Head of Corporate Relationships in Paris,
built up the newly founded subsidiary Drees & Sommer Leipzig with        moved to Scotland, then to London as Head of the European Group;
offices in Erfurt and Dresden. Since 2001 he has been a member           in 1995, became General Manager in Denmark. After three years
of the Executive Board of Drees & Sommer AG, focusing on the             as Head of the Corporate Central Branch in Paris, he was appointed
development of project management and international expansion.           Head of the Financial Institutions Group. In November 2003, he was
                                                                         promoted Real Estate division’s Head for CALYON. He is Counsellor
                                                                         of Foreign Commerce for France, Director of different mutual funds
                                                                         and property companies.

niCholAs (“niCk”) smith                                                  russell sternliCht
ceo                                                                      managing director
the wave muscat                                                          starwood capital (europe)
  ProPerty comPany

                                                                                                residential and commercial land
                                                                           re Investor

                     high quality residential. mixed use:
                                                                                                development, hotel, office, retail,
                      leisure, hotels, golf, marina. new
                                                                                                industrial, health clubs, golf and
                                                                                                    mezzanine debt assets.

Nick has spent the last 25 years in house building in the UK, running    Founded in 1991,. SCG brings to investors a strong reputation for
both large organizations (Beazer Homes, the third in size) and smaller   quality performance and, to sellers of real property, the credibility
niche companies, such as Charles Church and CDC2020. He has              and knowledge that Starwood Capital delivers creative and timely
been involved in developing sizeable mixed-use communities and           solutions tailored to their needs. SCG is headquartered in Greenwich,
waterfront schemes. A qualified Urban Designer and Town Planner,         Connecticut. Together with affiliates and/or branch/advisory offices
his interests are the generation of value through design, and creating   of such affiliates, Starwood Capital employs over 130 individuals
a sense of place. He believes the rich culture of Oman, coupled          in offices located throughout the U.S. and internationally in London,
with the chosen site and masterplanned uses, will make The Wave,         Luxembourg, Mumbai and Tokyo.
Muscat a unique world class place to live.

rod steWArt                                                              Andre tikhomirov
regional managing director                                               managing director
hyder consulting                                                         infort capital

Rod has extensive experience in international business development,      As a Managing Director of Infort Capital, Andre Tikhomirov is
procurement and project management particularly for transportation,      responsible for organization of investment process, investor contacts
building structures and wastewater infrastructure. As Regional           and corporate governance. Andre has 12 years of PE experience in
Managing Director for Hyder Consulting Middle East Limited, he has       CIS and CEE working in senior management positions for various
ultimate responsibility for the technical and commercial operation of    management groups and institutions: Russia Partners (US$650m
the regional business, which currently employs approximately 1200        AUM), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,
staff. Hyder Consulting has a long tradition of advising clients on      Agribusiness Management (US$100m AUM). Andre has an MBA
the privatization of utilities and public assets around the region,      degree from Harvard Business School and BA Degree from the State
as well as providing complimentary advice on asset management,           Academy of Finance.
outsourcing, and restructuring.
mArk-henry veyrAssAt                                                   dAvid WAtt
director-business development                                          chairman north asia
rakeen development pjsc                                                dtz

                                                                         ProPerty aDvIsor
                                                                                            direct investment - fund advisory - due
                                                                                              diligence - investment management
                                                                                                  - general property services

Marc-Henri Veyrassat is a Swiss national, holds a Master of Science    David Watt is the Chairman of DTZ North Asia. Based in Hong
in Economics from the University of Lausanne and is responsible for    Kong he has been responsible for DTZ’s Asia-Pacific investment
business development at Rakeen. His international career started in    team for the past year and has been advising both investors into
the Far East in 1989, followed by assignments in Africa and Europe     the region and cross-border within the region. He originated DTZ’s
and now in the UAE. He has gained a broad and global experience        India business which has over 100 personnel in Mumbai, Delhi and
in public private partnership transactions, private equity and M&A     Bangalore and is responsible for their China business with over
matters.                                                               2,000 personnel in 14 offices. Before moving to Hong Kong from
                                                                       London in 2002, Mr Watt was MD of DTZ’s mainland European
                                                                       business. Previously he had run DTZ’s Middle East operations based
                                                                       in both Dubai and Bahrain and then established and run DTZ’s UK
                                                                       and European Retail Division.

stePhen White                                                          rAlPh Winter
managing director                                                      chairman of the supervisory board
morgan stanley                                                         corestate capital ag

                                                                                            residential, commercial, target volume

                                                                                            eur 5bn, core-plus, value-add, private
                                                                                             equity, asset management, germany,

As head of Capital Markets, Stephen has been responsible for the       Ralph Winter is Chairman of CORESTATE CAPITAL AG. Previously, he
distribution of mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities outside    was Managing Director of Cerberus Deutschland Beteiligungsberatung
of the U.S. since he joined Morgan Stanley in 1996. Prior to joining   GmbH for 3 years, where he led the origination and execution of
Morgan Stanley, Mr. White was Senior Portfolio Manager at the          German property investments totalling over Euro 5 billion. Mr. Winter
investment firm of Neuberger & Berman where he specialised in          has also been a partner and board member of several property-
mortgage and asset backed securities (1993-1996) and before that,      related companies, including SAB GmbH. CORESTATE Capital AG
was a Senior Portfolio Manager at The Pilgrim Group of Mutual Funds    is an investment and asset management company focused on
(1985-1993). Mr. White received his MBA from the University of         the acquisition and active management of property portfolios and
California at Los Angeles and a BA in Economics from the University    companies in Germany and Europe. CORESTATE currently manages
of California at Berkeley.                                             value-add residential and commercial property funds with a combined
                                                                       investment target of approximately Euro 5 billion.

styliAnos zAvvos                                                       AusAmA zubAidi
ceo                                                                    ceo
zeus capital managers                                                  luxury real estate development

Mr. Zavvos is the Founder and CEO of Zeus Capital Partners, a real     As the C.E.O., he is responsible for the entire management and
estate development Fund operating in South-Eastern Europe. He          operations of Luxury Real Estate Development, including strategic
was also the Founder and CEO of Continental American Capital,          business development, design supervision, co-ordination of
an investment group which focuses on real estate investments           outsourced advisors and implementation of its plans and projects.
and financing in the USA. Mr. Zavvos has financed, acquired and        Ausama was the Senior Projects Manager at ALDAR Properties in
repositioned tens of millions worth of real estate properties both     charge of implementing ALDAR projects at Al Raha. Prior to that
in the commercial and residential sectors. He is a graduate of         he was the Marketing and International Business Development
Athens College, holds an MSc in Civil Engineering from Polytechnion    Director of Al Hamed Development and Construction and was
University.                                                            exclusively involved in major local and international projects. His
                                                                       earlier experience in the real estate and construction industry varied
                                                                       between U.S.A., U.K. and Iraq totalling 25 years of with a B.Sc. and
                                                                       M.Sc. Degrees in Architecture.
                   Real Estate
    Investment & Development
             across the World

                                 London 6-7 May 2008

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MEMBERSHIP                         £ Sterling                @ Euros                       US$
                                                                                                                             USA Global GRI 08               Single                    Group rate (pp)               Discussion Chair
FEES                                                                                                                         NYC, 28-29 February             Non Member                Non Member                    or GRI Member

Regular                            � £1,200                  � d1,800                     � $2,400                           Until 28 Jan                   � $2,275                   � $2,075                     � $1,875
Discussion co-Chair**              � £400                    � d600                       � $800                             After 28 Jan                   � $2,375                   � $2,175                     � $1,975
** Available for confirmed & fee-paying Discussion co-Chairs after settling event fees                                       Fee for payment methods other than credit card                                         � $100
   and before the event has taken place.                                                                                     Fee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only):                                     � $175

Middle East GRI 08                 Single                    Group rate (per person)      Discussion Chair                   Deutsche GRI 08                 Single                    Group rate (per person)       Discussion Chair
Dubai, 18-19 March                 Non Member                Non Member                   or GRI Member                      Frankfurt 28-29 April           Non Member                Non Member                    or GRI Member

Until 25 February                  � $2,275                  � $2,075                     � $1,875                           Until 24 March                 � d2,475   (+19% VAT)      � d2,275   (+19% VAT)        � d1,875    (+19% VAT)

After 25 February                  � $2,375                  � $2,175                     � $1,975                           After 24 March                 � d2,575   (+19% VAT)      � d2,375   (+19% VAT)        � d1,975    (+19% VAT)

Fee for payment methods other than credit card                                            � $100                             Fee for payment methods other than credit card                                          � d75    (+19% VAT)
Fee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only)                                         � $175                             Fee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only)                                       � d125   (+19% VAT)

GRI World Summit 08                Single                    Group rate (per person)      Discussion Chair                   China GRI 08                    Single                    Group rate (per person)       Discussion Chair
London, 6-7 May                    Non Member                Non Member                   or GRI Member                      Beijing, 4-5 June               Non Member                Non Member                    or GRI Member

Until 31 March                     � £1,675   (+17.5% VAT)   � £1,525    (+17.5% VAT)     � £1,275    (+17.5% VAT)           Until 28 April                 � $2,975                   � $2,675                     � $2,275
After 31 March                     � £1,775   (+17.5% VAT)   � £1,625    (+17.5% VAT)     � £1,375     (+17.5% VAT)          After 28 April                 � $3,075                   � $2,775                     � $2,375
Fee for payment methods other than credit card                                            � £50     (+17.5% VAT)             Fee for payment methods other than credit card                                          � $100
Fee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only)                                         � £100    (+17.5% VAT)             Fee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only)                                       � $175

GRI Europe Summit 08               Single                    Group rate (per person)      Discussion Chair                   India GRI 08                   Single                     Group rate (per person)       Discussion Chair
Paris 15-16 Sept 07                Non Member                Non Member                   or GRI Member                      Mumbai, 24-25 Sept             Non Member                 Non Member                    or GRI Member

Until 4 August                     � d2,475   (+19.6% VAT)   � d2,275   (+19.6% VAT)      � d1,875    (+19.6% VAT)           Until 25 August                � $2,975                   � $2,675                     � $2,275
After 4 August                     � d2,575   (+19.6% VAT)   � d2,375    (+19.6% VAT)     � d1,975     (+19.6% VAT)          After 25 August                � $3,075                   � $2,775                     � $2,375
Fee for payment methods other than credit card                                            � d75     (+19.6% VAT)             Fee for payment methods other than credit card                                         � $100
Fee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only)                                         � d125    (+19.6% VAT)             Fee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only)                                      � $175

Russia GRI 08                      Single                    Group rate (per person)      Discussion Chair                   New Europe GRI 08               Single                    Group rate (per person)       Discussion Chair
Moscow, 2-3 Oct                    Non Member                Non Member                   or GRI Member                      Bucharest, 24-25 Nov            Non Member                Non Member                    or GRI Member

Until 1 Sept                       � d2,475                  � d2,275                     � d1,875                           Until 20 October               � d2,475                   � d2,275                     � d1,875
After 1 Sept                       � d2,575                  � d2,375                     � d1,975                           After 20 October               � d2,575                   � d2,375                     � d1,975
Fee for payment methods other than credit card                                            � d75                              Fee for payment methods other than credit card                                          � d75
Fee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only)                                         � d125                             Fee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only)                                       � d125
Individual and Corporate Membership of the GRI
is open to senior players in the real estate industry
that find it beneficial to belong to a global community
of elite achievers in their industry

individual membership
•   GRI Members as of December 31 are listed in the GRI
    Yearbook of the subsequent year, published in March.
•   GRI Members benefit from reduced Member rates when
    registering to attend GRI Meetings.
•   Starting date of membership is the 1st day of the quarter
    in which registration is made. It can be requested to
    start the next quarter.                                     Yea
                                                                                      d 1

•   Cancellation: Expiring memberships self-cancel
    automatically if not renewed. There is no mid-year
    cancellation mechanism.
                                                                                                                        2 am

•   Complete list of membership benefits available
                                                                                            The GRI Yearbook
    on request.
                                                                                            celebrates GRI Corporate
                                                                                            and Individual Members
corporate membership                                                                        annually.

                                                                                            Profiling in the Yearbook
•   Please contact Henri Alster, Chairman, GRI:
                                                                                            is automatic with
                                                                                            annual membership.

                                                                                            The Yearbook is available
                                                                                            to GRI Members only.
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