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Sample Case Studies
             offers affordable VoIP phone services for
                      small business, home business or personal use. Their
                      next-generation Internet phone service is based on
                      award-winning, innovative VoIP technology and all
                      services are supported by a 24*7 customer support

             started primarily as a portal for selling cell
                      phones and cell phone services, and earlier versions
                      of the website were unfocused and poorly designed.
                      As part of a total Brand Audit, branding, design and
                      usability problems were discovered and many recom-
                      mendations were made that included narrowing the
                      focus of the core business model.

                      The impression from users was that this might not be
                      a legitimate company, or that their site was a cookie
                      cutter affiliate site like so many out there. In those
                      cases users opted to visit and do business with the big
                      well known brands such as ATT, and Verizon. Phone.
                      com had a fantastic domain name, and that’s about it.
                      They needed a whole new value proposition in sup-
                      port of the great name.

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Sample Case Studies
                      With the explosion of “web 2.0” came new opportuni-
                      ties for online businesses, and we recommended that
             narrow it’s focus to providing online home
                      phone services and virtual PBX office services, and
                      then wrapping it all in a beautiful new streamlined

                      The results of those choices are that customer
                      conversion rates have quadrupled since re-
                      launch in 2007, and growing.

                      The company was re-branded with a new logo, and
                      a whole new site design that is a mix of HTML, Flex,
                      Ajax and PHP, and is fully integrated with very large
                      back end phone systems. The new site functions
                      almost like a piece of software and is extremely user
                      friendly, reliable and visually appealing. The site is so
                      simple to use that customers love the fact that within
                      minutes, they have a complete virtual office system or
                      home phone service up and running.

                      Some of the other features of the site include complete
                      voice mail management and custom recordings, toll
                      free 800 service, bill pay right from the site, and the
                      ability to control certain functions of the site in real
                      time from your home phone keypad.

                      We are pleased to say that the site has gone on to re-
                      ceive the 2007 Internet Telephony award for product
                      of the year.

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Sample Case Studies

BriteSmile Whitening
                       BriteSmile pioneered today’s teeth whitening prac-
                       tices by spearheading a breakthrough patented blue-
                       light technology called The BriteSmile Whitening
                       System. Their state-of-the-art BriteSmile Whitening
                       System is quick, effective and gently delivers a natu-
                       rally brilliant smile.

                       BriteSmile whitening needed to update their main
                       website to add new features and functionality such as
                       booking online, as well as a new fresh look and feel.
                       They also wanted a way to partner with companies
                       for co-promotions and needed ideas of how this could
                       be accomplished with minimal maintenance. To start
                       with, Valve conducted a Usability Audit of the existing

                       We redesigned the main site with a whole new look
                       and feel that is cleaner, better organized and that
                       reflects the active lifestyle of younger professionals
                       on the go. We designed and built an entire book-
                       ing engine that would allow customers to search for
                       a BriteSmile professional, pick an appointment slot
                       much like you would reserve hotel rooms, and pay for
                       their treatments.

                       The new websites have been a huge success,
                       with appointment bookings up 300% in only
                       90 days from re-launch.

                       We also decided that the right approach for co-pro-
                       motions would be destination mini sites which would
                       contain the promotions along with the online booking
                       engine. And because it was a requirement that these
                       promotions be as maintenance free as possible, we
                       created a Flash application for the main promotions
                       that would allow the client to simply drop text in a
                       folder, and the Flash promotions on the site would
                       automatically update and animate as per the intended

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Sample Case Studies

Mazda USA
                      From classics and concepts to technological innova-
                      tions, Mazda has an impressive history as a leader in
                      the automotive industry. From the introduction of the
                      rotary engine, to producing the most-popular roadster
                      to date, Mazda continues to be a leader in the automo-
                      tive industry.

                      In 2005, we were approached with the challenge of
                      redesigning the Mazda website so that it would be as
                      timeless as possible, and also as scalable as possible.
                      We gladly accepted the challenge. Things were chang-
                      ing rapidly in the online world and Mazda was hungry
                      for more rich media, and more functionality.

                      The results are featured on the home page screen on
                      the left, and we are pleased to say that this design still
                      exists today and has been expanded upon as planned.
                      Tools, resources, a configurator, and high end Flash
                      media promotional pieces are just some of the fea-
                      tures we packed into this design, and we were the first
                      to create the “Mazda Museum” because of Mazda’s
                      unique history that we felt was a powerful value add to
                      the site.

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Sample Case Studies

Discus Dental Inc.
                      Discus Dental Inc. is one of the largest providers of
                      dental supplies and instruments to dental profession-
                      als around the world. They are also the inventors of
                      the famous Zoom Whitening lamp and line of home
                      whitening products.

                      The existing website centered around the online
                      professional store which was dated, difficult and
                      unreliable at best. We started the entire process by
                      conducting a total Brand Audit and Usability Study of
                      this and other websites to get a full picture of Discus,
                      and the relationships of all sub brands. The challenge
                      was to get dentists and their staff who were very busy
                      people, excited about using the online store for all of
                      their needs, and it didn’t take us long to find out why
                      none of them were re-visiting the site after their initial
                      visit or purchase. The current store was uninterest-
                      ing, cumbersome to figure out, the checkout process
                      was dated and lengthy, and many parts of the store
                      would either function erratically, or not at all because
                      so many patches had been attempted to the program-

                      Beyond that there were no contemporary or exciting
                      value add features to generate ongoing customer loy-
                      alty. The decision was made to re-architect the whole
                      thing from the ground up.

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Sample Case Studies

Discus Dental Inc.
                      Currently in the process of being built, the new site
                      represents the results of detailed assessment, user
                      testing and our brainstorming efforts.

                      We are expecting huge increases in site usage
                      and customer conversion rates as the result
                      of the new design.

                      The entire user experience of shopping for products
                      has been completely re-architected so that dental
                      professionals can step quickly through product search,
                      attributes configuration, add to cart and checkout us-
                      ing a new pageless checkout process that smart-popu-
                      lates all data. Dentists can also save items to an inline
                      “Save to Favorites” panel if they are not yet sure about
                      purchasing. There are also inline versions of order
                      history, one click to re-order functions, and an auto-
                      matic re-ordering feature.

                      The site’s visual design has been completely updated
                      and enhanced, and there are strategically placed ads
                      and upsells all through the experience, and e-mail
                      marketing programs that will contain order his-
                      tory and re-ordering opportunity. The new design is
                      exciting, and adds key functions and features that are
                      head and shoulders above the competition. The site
                      will launch 1st quarter of 2009, and is a 9 month long

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Sample Case Studies
             is all about the business of “reloca-
                      tion” by offering products and services that help
                      people before, during and after their move. The site
                      acts as a portal to pre selected companies for moving,
                      storage, real estate and more.

                      The big challenge with this online business was that
                      by being a portal to so many different types of ser-
                      vices, the resulting website user experiences varied
                      widely, and were inconsistent. Add to that the fact
                      that all of the services are provided by 3rd party
                      companies under affiliate and other models, and us-
                      ers wind up wondering if there is even a face behind
                      the name. had an identity crisis, and
                      needed help both in the area of branding, and a new
                      site design. We were happy to help of course.

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Sample Case Studies
                      The new website, which is currently
                      still being built, is richer both visually and functional-
                      ly. The goal here was to actually “Brand” the company,
                      and give the site a much more consumer friendly look
                      and feel. And by adding a whole host of functions and
                      features along with custom written content, visitors
                      will feel a sense of community here, and the hope is
                      that they will feel that there are real people connected
                      to this company, and that it’s “THE” place to be for
                      anything and everything to do with the relocation

                      One of the things that many affiliate modeled sites
                      do is that they try to downplay or hide the fact that at
                      some point you are taken away to another company’s
                      site, or a badly co-branded site that tries to trick you
                      into thinking you have not left the site. We think this
                      is a bad idea, so we did the opposite and actually
                      brought the 3rd party partners to the surface by pro-
                      moting the fact that we “proudly” feature the selected

                      The site is also packed with many new features such
                      as rich “on page” calculators, map views of all results,
                      custom written articles, an entire research and learn-
                      ing center, plus more. The site will launch 4th quarter
                      of 2008, and was a 1 year long project.

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Sample Case Studies

Private Access
                      Private Access is a patented system for the manage-
                      ment and control over personal medical records com-
                      ing soon to a doctor, hospital and medical research
                      facility near you. Soon you will be able to completely
                      control who has access to your personal medical infor-

                      Valve was approached by Private Access to take on the
                      daunting task of architecting the entire system and
                      user experiences for the control of personal medical
                      records. We started with a mountain of documents
                      detailing technical systems and functions which reach
                      all the way to the federal level of our government, and
                      the challenge here was to somehow create consumer
                      friendly online applications that would allow individu-
                      als to interact with this enormous system and complex
                      set of processes.

                      We would need to go places we have never gone be-
                      fore as far as imagination and ingenuity. There were 4
                      key categories of activities that the system would need
                      to accommodate. The privacy preferences that would
                      be set for any and all agencies that might have medi-
                      cal records, as you see in the screen on the left, the
                      facilitation of medical records requests by doctors and
                      other agencies, the recruitment of subjects for clini-
                      cal trials, and search and retrieval of important trials
                      being conducted.

                      The screen design on the left is just one of the many
                      complicated processes that we would need to create a
                      front end user experience for, that would be easy for
                      all to use. This represents a completely interactive ap-
                      plication for viewing and setting privacy preferences
                      for all agencies that have your medical records.

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Sample Case Studies

Private Access
                      It’s almost too much to write in regards to this proj-
                      ect, but essentially we ended up architecting the entire
                      system into a suite of 4 companion consumer friendly
                      products, and we decided to brand everything with a
                      very contemporary “web 2.0” look and feel so that we
                      could hopefully bring some excitement to a very dry

                      The neat trick to all of this is that each of the indepen-
                      dent products has dependencies on the others and they
                      all require as well as promote each other. We started by
                      branding the overall suite with a common design style,
                      and created corporate logos for each. Then to define the
                      user experience for each project we conducted brain-
                      storming sessions that would last for weeks, and which
                      included medical and privacy experts. Then the entire
                      suite needed to be wire framed to define the blue prints
                      for every screen that users would interact with. This
                      was a 6 month process alone.

                      Once definition was complete we moved to all of the
                      screen designs, and are now in the programming and
                      engineering phase of the project which will take a total
                      of 18 months because of all of the complicated systems
                      and agencies to interact with on the back end.

                      We are very excited about the work that has been ac-
                      complished so far, and looking forward to the future
                      when this set of products launches live across America.

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Sample Case Studies

American Express
                      American Express, the express company that forward-
                      ed freight and valuables evolved into a company that
                      created and sold financial products like money orders
                      and travelers cheques. Following an era of interna-
                      tional expansion, the company became an entity per-
                      haps best known for its charge card. Today, American
                      Express is a global payments company.

                      Around the year 2000, web 1.0 was still a boom-
                      ing gold rush, and large brands were trying to keep
                      up with a rapidly expanding online world. We were
                      pleased to be able to help American Express with one
                      of their iterations of their website. The challenge at
                      the time was that functionality and security were still
                      limited so we knew that we would have to bring more
                      focus to the visual brand, and it was time to refresh
                      the look and feel and user experience of one of their
                      earlier sites.

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Sample Case Studies

American Express
                      Amex was just moving into the “Blue” campaigns at
                      that time so we decided to create a new site design
                      that would start to reflect that in the Branding. We
                      moved to imagery and typography that conveyed a
                      clean, hip, stylish company, and then pushed the lim-
                      its on functionality for the time enabling customers
                      to conduct some account and profile activities from
                      within the site.

                      The new site was much more usable as categoriza-
                      tion of content and navigation were all streamlined
                      based on best usability practices for the time. We were
                      pleased to see that this version of the site lasted well
                      into 2005 with only minimal changes and additions.

                      By capitalizing on new functionality options,
                      along with reorganized content and naviga-
                      tion, card applications and requests for in-
                      formation increased by over 125%, and the
                      length of time people spent on the website

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More About Valve Interactive
Valve Interactive is a premiere interactive marketing and design agency with offices in Portland Oregon and Phoenix Arizona. Comprised of top profession-
als from the world of advertising, design and engineering, VI Specializes in online marketing strategies, design and engineering work to help you grow your

VI functions as a complete agency of record for many of our clients, and through our senior level consultation engagements, we help to create robust online
customer experiences in support of brand goals and objectives, as both standalone products, as well as interactive companions to offline advertising cam-

Brand building and extension is a key capability of VI, and we have built a number of brands from the ground up, or helped to further extend brands
through our Brand Marketing consultations. There are a myriad of ways consumers interact with your company on a daily basis. From your website, brick-
and-mortar store, business cards, advertising, point of sale and many other applications, your brand must convey consistency, longevity, reliability, trust
and must ultimately motivate people to do business with you. Each of the many points of interaction is a key opportunity for you to communicate with and
influence consumers. Over time, a successfully branded company generates the ultimate in returns, brand loyalty; Customers for life.

Another of VI’s core strengths is in unique, strategic, professional website and e-commerce designs. Working closely with our clients, our team of creative
professionals and internet consultants develop innovative and motivational website designs, customized to our client’s unique business needs. The com-
bined expertise at VI has led to hundreds of designs. Our design teams are backed by their expert knowledge of a host of media technologies and program-
ming languages. Our designs are truly “usable”, ranging from basic informational websites to full-scale e-commerce merchant storefronts and custom
database driven applications.

         Brand Strategy consulting                      Search Engine Optimization                  Viral Applications
         User Experience Architecture                   Pay-per-click Campaigns                     Advergaming
         Online Marketing Programs                      Identity Design                             Advanced Flash Animation/Scripting
         E-mail Marketing Programs                      Website Design                              3D Modeling and Animation
         Mobile Marketing                               E-commerce Design                           HTML / CSS, PHP ASP.NET Development
         SMS Marketing                                  Social Media Design

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