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									School                   Program                                                    Accepting Applications?
American Bar FoundationABF Doctoral Fellowship Program                              YES
American Bar FoundationLaw and Social Science Dissertation Fellowship & Mentoring Program
                         Visiting Assistant Professors
Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law                         YES
Berkeley Law             Berkeley Center for Law and Technology Fellowships         POSSIBLY
                         Health Law Scholars Program
Boston University Law School                                                        YES
                         Visiting Assistant Professor Program
Boston University Law School                                                        YES
Brooklyn Law School      Visiting Assistant Professor Program                       YES
                          of Scholars Teaching Fellowship Program
California Western SchoolLawLaw                                                     YES
                         Visiting Assistant Professor Program
Chicago-Kent College of Law                                                         YES
Columbia Law School      Academic Fellow, Columbia Law School                       YES
Columbia Law School      Associates in Law                                          YES
Columbia Law School                                                                 YES
                         Center for Reproductive Rights-Columbia Law School Fellowship
Columbia Law School      Kernochan Center Fellowship                                LIKELY
                         Visiting Assistant Professorships
Cornell University Law School                                                       YES
Duke Law                 Visiting Assistant Professors                              YES
Federalist Society       Olin/Searle Fellows in Law                                 YES
Fordham Law School       Leitner Center Crowley Fellowship                          YES
Fordham Law School       Visiting Assistant Professor Program                       YES
                         Frank H. Marks Intellectual Property Fellowship
George Washington University Law School                                             NO: PASSED
                         Georgetown University Law Center Global Health Law Fellowships
Georgetown University Law Center                                                    YES
                         Georgetown University Law Center Graduate Tax Scholars YES
Georgetown University Law Center
Harvard Law School       Berkman Center for Internet and Society Fellowship Program YES
Harvard Law School       Climenko Fellows                                           NO: PASSED
Harvard Law School       Empirical Research Teaching Fellow                         NO: 2011
Harvard Law School       Lewis Fellowship                                           NO
Harvard Law School       Petrie Flom Center Academic Fellowship Program             NO: PASSED
Harvard Law School       Program on Negotiation Graduate Research Fellowships       YES
Harvard Law School       Raoul Berger-Mark DeWolfe Howe Legal History Fellowship ?
Harvard Law School       Visiting Assistant Profesors                               ?
Harvard University       Edmond J. Safra Lab on Institutional Corruption            YES
Harvard University       Society of Fellows                                         NO: PASSED
                         Jerome of Law, Bloomington                                 YES
Indiana Univeristy Maurer SchoolHall Postdoctoral Fellows, Center for Law, Society and Culture
                         Greenwall Fellowship                                       Y
Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics Program in Bioethics and Health Policy ES
                         Future Law Teachers Fellowship
Louisiana State Univeristy Law Center                                               YES
Loyola Law School Los Angeles Assistant Professor in Taxation                       ?
                          School for Consumer Antitrust Studies Research Fellowship
Loyola University ChicagoInstituteof Law                                            YES
                         Westerfield Fellows
Loyola University New Orleans College of LawProgram                                 ?
McGill Faculty of Law    Boulton Fellowships                                        YES
Michigan Law             Microsoft Fellowships in Law, Economics, and Technology POSSIBLY
Northwestern Law         VAP in Negotiations                                        YES
Northwestern Law         VAP in Taxation                                            YES
Northwestern Law         Visiting Assistant Professors                              YES
NYU Law                                                                             YES
                         Center for Law, Economics & Organization Post-Graduate Fellowships
NYU Law                  Golieb Fellowships in Legal History                        YES
NYU Law                  Lawyering Program, Acting Assistant Professors             NO: PASSED
Penn Law                 George Sharswood Fellowship                                YES
                         LAPA Fellows Program
Princeton University Program in Law and Public Affairs                              NO: PASSED
Spencer Foundation       Dissertation Fellowship Program                            NO: PASSED
Stanford Law School         Center for Internet and Society, Residential Fellow ProgramLIKELY
Stanford Law School         Legal Research and Writing Program Fellowship              NO
Stanford Law School         Stanford Center on the Legal Profession Fellowship         UNLIKLEY
Stanford Law School         Stanford Constitutional Law Center Fellows                 ?
                            Jacob Fellows
Stetson Univeristy College of Law                                                      YES
                            Abraham L. Freedman Teaching Fellowship
Temple University Beasley School of Law                                                YES
                            of Law
Thomas Jefferson School Teaching Fellowship                                            YES
                            of Law
Thomas Jefferson School Tenure Track Position                                          NO: PASSED
Tulane University Law SchoolForrester Fellow Program                                   YES
UCLA Law                    Law and Philosophy Program Postdoctoral Fellowship         NO: PASSED
UCLA Law                                                                               YES
                            Williiams Institute Sexual Orientation Law Teaching Fellowship
                            Hugo Black
University of Alabama School of Law Faculty Fellowship Program                         ?
                            Bigelow Fellowship
University of Chicago Law Schoool                                                      YES
                            John M. Olin Fellows
University of Chicago Law Schoool                                                      YES
                            Law and
University of Chicago Law Schoool Philosophy Fellowship                                YES
                            Illinois Academic Fellowship Program
University of Illinois College of Law                                                  YES
                            UT School of Law
University of Texas at AustinEmerging Scholars Program Fellowship                      YES
                            Ontario Law
University of Windsor Faculty of Law Foundation Visiting Assistant Professor Program   ?
                            Law & Society Post-doctoral Fellowship
University of Wisconsin Law School                                                     YES
                            William H.
University of Wisconsin Law School Hastie Fellowship Program                           YES
                            Visiting Law
Wake Forest University School of Assistant Professor Program                           YES
Washington University Law   Faculty Fellows Program                                    YES
Yale Law School             Information Society Project Resident Fellowship            YES
Yale Law School             Oscar M. Ruebhausen Fellowship                             ?
              Deadline (or Salary
Apply beginning:                           Duration      Number of Positions
                                                                        Application Description
                            preferred deadline if review starts before deadline)
               12/15/2009 ca. $27,000 1 year                                           The include: (1) a dissertat
                                                         Likely 2 to 3 Applications must American Bar Foundati
                 12/1/2009 ca. $27,000 1-2 years         3 to 4                        Fellowships (1) a 1-2 resi
                                                                        Applicants should submit: are held inpage
                                                         Likely one-time renewal       The Sandra Day O'Connor C
  Probably around 2/1/10 Competitive 1 year with possible 1 to 2 Probably won't review applications until F
                  2/1/2009 ca. $45,000 1 year                                          The Berkeley cover letter, r
                                                                        Applicants should submit a Center for Law
              ROLLING ON Stipend
Apply beginning 12/1/09 12/1/09            1-2 years                                   The BU Health on rolling
                                                                        Applications will be accepted LawaProgram
              ROLLING JANUARY-MARCH 1 year
Apply beginning 12/1/09 $40,000 per year                 Not set                       Description: Each year the
                                                                        Send application materials to Ward Farns
                 in November               2 years
Apply beginning 1/15/2010 Not yet determined             2 to 3                        Brooklyn Law School‟s
                                                                        Apply beginning in November 2009 Visit
                  3/1/2010 ca. $60,000 2 years           1 to 2                        California Western School T
                                                                        To apply for the Aspiring Legal Scholars o
              ROLLING                      2             1 or more      We do anticipate Visiting least one VAP
                           low to mid 60s years, with possible 1-2 year renewal Thehiring at Assistant Profe
               12/15/2009 ca. $60,000 1-2 years                                        applying online (RAPS) and
                                                                        In addition to The Academic Fellows Prog
                                           2 years
               12/15/2009 ca. $45,000 plus fringe benefits                             must LRW in the fall, Law
                                                                      3 All applicants Teachsubmit Columbiatake
                  2/1/2010 ca. $55,000 2 years                                         The Center applications m
                                                                      1 APPLICATION: Completedfor Reproductive
                 4/30/2009 ca. $50,000 plus subsidized housing
Apply in the spring                        1-2 years                                   The Kernochan Center Fello
                                                                        NOTE: Information here is from the 2009
                 1/29/2010 Competitive 1-2 years                        Applications are invited from faculty and g
                                                         0 to 1, possibly 2            With a vibrant law school a
                                           2 years
                  1/8/2010 $50,000 plus benefits         0 to 2                        The Visiting Assistant Profe
                                                                        We invite applications from graduates of
                 3/15/2010 ca. $50,000 1 year                           All those      feel they fit the criteria in
                                                         Generally 3-4, not set who The Olin/Searle Fellows areL
                                           14 months with for the second year an additional a months
                                                                      extend for       The Crowley Fellowship int
                  1/8/2010 ca. $55,000, rising to $60,000option to 1 Applicants should send10 statement ofis a
                 2/10/2010 Competitive 1-2 years                                        applications to the Associa
                                                                        Please submit The Visiting Assistant Profe
                      2011 ca. $60,000 2 years                                         The Frank H. Marks resume
                                                                        Applications should include: (1) a Intellec
                                           1 year                     5                The Global Health Law Prog
                 2/16/2009 Up to full tuition waiver for LLM program To apply for the Global Health Law Fellow
                                           1 year                   10                 Each are the Law applica
                 2/16/2010 Up to full tuition waiver for LLM program These Scholarships yearlimited toCenter d
                           ca. $48,000 1 year
              ROLLING THROUGH 11/30/2009                                               The Berkman concise yet co
                                                                        Application Materials: 1.) A Center for Int
               11/13/2009 ca. $60,000 2 years                                           9/1/09: To School invites
                                                                      6 Review beganHarvard Lawapply, submit a
                      2011 ca. $60,000 2 years                                         The Fellow will cover letter
                                                                        Applications should include a provide cons
                 2/22/2009 ca. $52,000 2 years                                         Harvard
                                                                        Not offered this year Law School is offer
                           ca. $60,000
              ROLLING UNTIL 11/13/09 2 years             Not set                       Petrie-Flom fellowships are
                                                                        APPLICATION: Applications will be accept
                 2/12/2010 ca. $20,000 1 year            Not set                       The Program on Negotiation
                                                                        The deadline for the 2010-2011 academic
                  2/2/2009 ca. $28,000 1 year                                          The School is seeking fellow
                                                                        Applications should outline briefly the fell
                  1/1/2009 ca. $125,000 2 years                                        Harvard Law School is solic
                                                                        Applications must be received by January
                                           1 year
                 1/15/2010 Commensurate with experience                                 to the Director of the Cente
                                                                        Please submit Proposals: The Lab will sup
                  9/4/2009 ca. $59,000 3 years                                         The purpose for Junior Fello
                                                                        Candidates are nominated of the Society
                  1/4/2010 ca. $23,000 1 year            Up to 3                       Scholars consists of: (1) a
                                                                        A complete application of law, the human
                                           2 years                      How to Apply The Greenwall Fellowship P
               12/11/2009 ca. $61,000 plus benefits At least 1 in law and bioethics the Postdoctoral Greenw
                                                         2 to 3         Applications will
                                                                                       LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERS
                   ROLLING ca. $60,000 1 year with expected renewal for a second be accepted beginning in
               10/15/2007 ca. $60,000 2 years                                          The VAP Taxation position,
                                                                        To apply for the VAP inin Taxation positio
               Spring 2010                 1 year                                      The Institute in Consumer
Apply beginning 2/1/2010 $40,000 per year ($20,000 per semester)Hiring for positions starting for January 20
                 UNKNOWN Unknown           Unknown                      UNKNOWN        Unknown
                  2/1/2010 $50,000 Canadian1 year                                      The purpose of the Fund is
                                                                        Fellows are appointed upon an open com
                 2/28/2009 ca. $50,000 1-2 semesters                                   The University of Michigan
                                                                        To apply for the 2009-10 Fellowship in La
                 1/29/2010 Unknown         1-2 years                                   The VAP in Negotiations is a
                                                                        To apply for VAP in Negotiations positions
                 1/29/2010 Unknown         2 years                                     The VAP in Taxation is a su
                                                                        To apply for VAP in Taxation positions, tw
                 1/29/2010 Unknown         1+ semesters                                Functioning similarly to p
                                                                        Candidates should send an applicationapa
                 2/15/2010 ca. $60,000 1-2 years                                       NYU School of Law is please
                                                                        Applicants should send a cover letter, cur
                                           1 year        2 to housing stipend for the Samuel Golieb Fellowship
                 1/15/2010 ca. $20,000, possible additional 3           To apply       Samuel I. I. Golieb Fellows
                                                         NYU does renewal for the number include resume, law
                                                                        disclose two additional years
                                                                                       Seeking positions
                 11/1/2009 ca. $60,000 1 year with possibilty of not All applications must ofseveral full-time, n
                 1/15/2010 ca. $45,000 2 years                           Penn alum To encourage applicants m
                                                         1 to 2 for non By Friday January 15, 2010,scholars com
                 11/6/2009 Competitive 1 year                                          The Program in Law and S
                                                                      6 APPLICATIONS FOR ALL FELLOWSHIPS Pu
               10/21/2009 ca. $25,000 1 year                                           the Dissertation Fellowship
                                                                    20 In addition to The application form, applic
               UNKNOWN N/A              1 year renewable           0 Not accepting applications
               UNKNOWN N/A              1 year                     0 Not accepting applications for 2010
               12/1/2008 ca. $50,000 1 year                                         The Center the following vi
                                                                     Applicants should submit on the Legal Pro
               UNKNOWN Unknown          Unknown                      UNKNOWN        Unknown
             ROLLING      Competitive 2 years                                       Stetson University College
                                                                   2 Contact: Applicants should send an email
             ROLLING ON Unknown
Apply beginning 1/15/09 1/15/10         2 years                                      of completed applications b
                                                                     Consideration Since 1975, the Abraham L
                                        2 years
               12/1/2009 ca. $70,000 to $80,000       Not set                       The purpose of the fellowsh
                                                                     Applicants should send a cover letter and
                AALS FRC ca. $90,000 Tenure Track                                   The successful candidate a
                                                                     Applicants should submit a cover letter w
             ROLLING                     not public   Not set        Applications Tulane Law School invites a
                          Information is1 year with possible one-time renewal will be considered on a rollin
                                        1-2 years
              11/15/2009 Competitive salary plus full benefits                      The UCLA School of Law co
                                                                   1 Interested candidates should submit a an
               12/1/2009 ca. $52,000 1-2 years                                      The Fellowship program las
                                                                   1 To apply for the 2010 Law Teaching Fello
               UNKNOWN Unknown          1 year                       UNKNOWN        The Hugo Black Fellowship
             ROLLING                                               6 To be considered as a candidate for this p
                          ca. $70,000 1 year with possible one-time renewal         Each year the University of
             ROLLING      Unknown       2 years                      The on whether funding can Law in law a
                                                                                    John M. Olin fellow and Eco
                                                      0 to 1 (depending Law School‟s Program in be secured)
               1/15/2009 ca. $50,000 1 year                                         he individuals must apply
                                                                     To be considered University of Chicago Lao
             ROLLING                    1 or and full Likely 2,      Applications should will teach curriculu
                          Competitive salary2 years benefits but number is flexible include (i) aone class
             ROLLING      ca. $60,000 3-4 semesters1 to 2                           The University applications
                                                                     Deadline is 12/18/2009, but of Texas Em
              12/10/2007 Unknown        2 years                                       include a: Assistant Profe
                                                                     Applicants willThe Visitinga letter of applic
                 1/8/2010 ca. $30,000 1 year                                        The Institute for Legal Stud
                                                                   1 Application materials must be submitted
                                        2 years                    1 To apply for the Hastie fellowship, an Fell
                                                                                    The ProgramThe
               3/15/2010 $21,500 per year plus $4,000 fund for research over the two year periodHastie app
               1/31/2010 Unknown        1-4 semesters1 at most                      Wake Forest law school gr
                                                                     We invite applications fromUniversity per
                                        2 years       1 to 2          into account The Washington University
                                                                                    cost of should submit a
                 3/1/2010 Competitive with similar programs, takingInterested applicants living differences res
                 2/1/2010 ca. $44,000 1 year                                        The Yale Information visiti
                                                      Likely 3 to 4 Application materials for resident orSociet
              10/15/2008 ca. $44,000 2 years                         UNKNOWN        Two two-year fellowships a
           Links         Updated       Post JD Experience Required?
                           10/15/2009 PhD candidates and recent PhD grads in sociail sciences eligible
                           10/15/2009 3rd, 4th & 5th year grad students in field of law and social science; US Citizens and
                           10/15/2009 Not
           http://www.law.asu.edu/VAP required, although many applicants have some post-JD experience
e BU Health Law Program is an interdisciplinary research and teaching program at Boston University, including the School
                           11/18/2009 No
           No website yet; coming soon post-JD experience required for consideration
                           10/15/2009 Almost all recipients have post-law
           http://www.brooklaw.edu/faculty/visitors/visitingprogram.php school experience or multiple graduate degrees
                           10/15/2009 Want 2 years of post-law school experience
                           10/16/2009 Minimum 3 years
                           10/15/2009 ?
           http://academicjobs.columbia.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=52134; http://www.law.columbia.edu/career
                           10/15/2009 Minimum of 1 year post-JD experience requried
                           11/18/2009 Applicants should be
           http://www.law.columbia.edu/centers/ip/fellows 2-5 years out of law school and planning a career in academia
                           10/19/2009 There's no formal requirement to have post-JD experience, but I would say it's extr
                           10/15/2009 Almost all recipients have post-law school experience or multiple graduate degrees
                           10/15/2009 Not required
                           10/15/2009 Work experience in health realted
           http://www.law.georgetown.edu/Graduate/fellowships.html fields
                           10/15/2009 Not required
                            11/5/2009 Qualifications:
           http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/node/1969 The academic fellow should have a highly distinguished academic re
                           10/15/2009 Almost all recipients have post-law school experience or multiple graduate
           http://www.law.harvard.edu/academics/degrees/jd/fylrwp/info-for-prospective-climenko-fellows.html degrees
                           10/15/2009 Applicants are required to have a Ph.D., M.A., or M.S. in
           http://www.law.harvard.edu/academics/fellowships/empirical-research-fellow.html Statistics; or Ph.D or M.A.
                           10/15/2009 Not required
                           10/10/2009 Only current SJD and PhD students are eligible to apply. Doctoral candidates in the
                           10/15/2009 Should be at least ABD for a PhD
                           10/15/2009 Minimum of three years in government, non-profit, or private practice, not includin
                           10/15/2009 Stephanie Dant
                           10/15/2009 PhD is typical
                           10/24/2009 Pre-tenure scholars, recently awarded PhDs, and those with
           http://www.law.indiana.edu/students/centers/lawsociety/postdoctoral-fellowship.shtml equivalent professiona
                           10/15/2009 Not required
                           10/25/2009 We are considering only candidates who already
           http://taxprof.typepad.com/files/lsu-future-law-teachers-fellowship-ad.pdf have a law degree.
                           10/20/2009 The Fellowship
           http://www.mcgill.ca/law/research/fellows/is awarded to help a candidate who is close to the completion of a
                           10/15/2009 Prefer candidate to already have JD and be working toward PhD or performing rele
                           10/15/2009 Preference for a PhD in a social science discipline
                           10/15/2009 LLM in Tax or substantial practical experience in
           http://www.law.northwestern.edu/faculty/recruitment/visitingassistant.html Tax
                           10/15/2009 Almost all recipients have post-law school experience or multiple graduate degrees
                           10/15/2009 Not necessarily required; directors can review a resume to see
           http://www.law.nyu.edu/academics/fellowships/goliebfellowshipinlegalhistory/index.htm if you're eligible
                           10/15/2009 Significant practice experience desired
                           10/15/2009 LAPA fellows generally hold academic posts at another instiution; they acccept a m
                           10/15/2009 Must be enrolled in a U.S. doctoral program and working
           http://www.spencer.org/content.cfm/dissertation-fellowships-in-education-program on a dissertation
                10/15/2009 Not requried
                10/15/2009 Expected to have 2-10 years practice experience
                10/15/2009 Not required
                10/15/2009 Must have 2 years of legal practice or law related experience
                10/16/2009 Not required
                10/15/2009 Not required
                10/15/2009 Supreme Court Clerkship required
                10/15/2009 Almost all recipients have post-law school experience or multiple graduate degrees
                10/15/2009 A Ph.D. in philosophy by time of appointment is expected, though in unusual cases
                10/15/2009 Applicants may be students
http://www.law.uiuc.edu/academics/program_iafp.asp in their final year of law school or the final stage of a d
                10/15/2009 Not required, but advantageous
                10/15/2009 Humanities and social science scholars working int the law and society tradition; ad
                10/15/2009 Preference for some post law experience but accept applications from newly minted
                10/15/2009 Generally
http://law.wfu.edu/faculty/visiting/ hire candidates with some practice experience
                10/15/2009 Not required
                10/15/2009 Not requried
 l science; US Citizens and Permanent Residents
 D experience

multiple graduate degrees

 ning a career in academia
e, but I would say it's extremely unlikely that we would select someone without some post-law school experience. The ove
multiple graduate degrees, but not required

distinguished academic record, and should be a rising scholar - either a recent recipient of an advanced degree, a postdoc,
multiple graduate degrees
Statistics; or Ph.D or M.A. or M.S. in Social/Behavioral Science with emphasis on quantitative/statistical methods. Knowled

Doctoral candidates in the fields of economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, international relations, public policy, u

vate practice, not including time spent as a law clerk

th equivalent professional degrees

se to the completion of a doctoral level degree.
 d PhD or performing relevant research

multiple graduate degrees

o see if you're eligible

tiution; they acccept a mix of more junior and more senior fellows
on a dissertation
multiple graduate degrees, although post-law school experience is not required and candidates are occasionally hired right

  though in unusual cases a Ph.D. in a related discipline, or a J.D. accompanied by strong training in philosophy, will be con
ol or the final stage of a doctoral program, recent graduates, or persons with several years of law practice experience.

w and society tradition; advanced ABD or PhD
 ations from newly minted JDs
hool experience. The overall market has become much more competitive, and this has affected the pool of VAP applicants

anced degree, a postdoc, or a university lecturer/professor - developing their teaching and research career. The academic

istical methods. Knowledge of SPSS, Stata, SAS and R. Experience in application of quantitative methods to social science

relations, public policy, urban planning, business, and law are encouraged to apply. Doctoral candidates must have comple
e occasionally hired right out of law school

in philosophy, will be considered
practice experience.
he pool of VAP applicants as well. Every year we receive dozens of applications from candidates with graduate degrees in

ch career. The academic fellow should be an outstanding leader or future leader in their field. We will consider applicants f

methods to social science and/or legal data helpful. The fellow should be familiar with regression, logit, and probit models

didates must have completed all degree requirements except for the dissertation. Graduate law students are eligible in con
with graduate degrees in other fields, experience in private firms, government, or public interest organizations, and genera

 will consider applicants from all disciplines. The fellow must also possess a blend of knowledge, curiosity, openness and a

 , logit, and probit models. Expertise in one or more of the following also helpful: experimental design, ANOVA, time serie

 udents are eligible in connection with scholarly research undertaken to satisfy their SJD thesis requirements.
rganizations, and generally at least one substantial post-law school publication.

curiosity, openness and ambition, as well as a desire to work with a dynamic, mission-driven organization. A commitment

esign, ANOVA, time series, factor analysis, structural equation models, and models commonly used in the social sciences.

nization. A commitment to interdisciplinarity is also necessary.

ed in the social sciences.

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