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					Welcome to
        In the beginning…

   The first Rotary club was organized     Rotary Founder
    in Chicago in 1905, by Paul P. Harris.    Paul Harris

   The club met in rotation at the offices
    of the four members - thus the name Rotary.

             Service Above Self

   Rotary was not long to recognize that
    fellowship alone would not keep a group
    together - there needed to be a purpose.
   The first service project was public restrooms
    in downtown Chicago, IL, USA.
   Rotary became the world’s first service club.

              Evolution of Rotary

   1905 – First Rotary Club
           Chicago, IL, USA.
   1910 – National Association of Rotary Clubs.
   1910 – First International Club.
           Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1910.
   1912 – International Association of Rotary Clubs.
   1922 – Changed to Rotary International.

    Some Recent Accomplishments

1985 – Polio Plus program launched.
1989 – Women members allowed.
1990 – First Russian club chartered.
2005 – 2 billion children immunized against Polio.
2010 – Kick Polio Out of Africa succeeds.

Rotary is an International Organization
     of Rotarians in Rotary Clubs
   There are over 1.2 million Rotarians in 32,000
    clubs in 530 districts in over 200 countries
    throughout the world.

              Rotary International
   Rotary International is governed by
    a president and a board of directors
    elected from all over the world.
                                                               2010-2011 Rotary
                                                            International President
                                                               Ray Klinginsmith

                           2010-2011 Rotary International
                                 Board of Directors

    Rotary International
    World Headquarters
           Rotary Districts
   A Rotary district is a group of
    Rotary clubs that are linked for
    administrative purposes.
                                         6980 2010-2011
                                         District Governor
   The activities and organization        Charles Rand
    of a Rotary district exist to help
    individual clubs advance
    the Object of Rotary.

   Our club is part of District 6980.

        Central Florida District 6980

   District 6980 covers 5 counties
    in Central Florida and is
    comprised of 46 clubs
    with over 2200 members.

      The Rotary Club of The Villages
   Our club was chartered on April 1,1996.
   We now have over 100 members.

Women in Rotary

    Women were first allowed
     into Rotary in 1989.

    Both Jo Weber and her
     hubby Dan Semenza are
     past presidents of our club.

                Club Meetings
   As “Rotarians,” members of The Rotary Club
    of The Villages meet every Thursday at 7 am
    for breakfast in the La Hacienda Recreation
    Center located in The Villages.

                 Club Meetings
   Meetings are a social event as well as an
    opportunity to organize work on our service
    related goals.

     Club Leadership
   Ralph Cowell is the Club President.
   Paul Farineau is the President-Elect.
   David Gardner is the President-Elect Nominee.
   Dick Campbell is Past President
   Richard Keene is the Club Secretary.
   Ann Smith is the Club Treasurer.
   Ric Hutchens is the Pubic Relations Director.
   Joan Martucci is the Club Administration Director.
   Paul Smith is the Membership Director.
   Quinton Downing is the Sergeant-at-Arms.
   John Rabley is the Rotary Foundation Director.
   Marybeth Roose is the New Generations Director.
   Gary Kadow, Director at Large.
   Donald Trombley is the Assistant Governor
    for our area of District 6980..

                 Club Projects
   Once a year, we identify possible projects.
   Committee prioritizes list to match club goals
   Board of Directors decide on cut-off point.
   The club raises monies to sponsor as many
    of these projects as possible.

            Club Service Projects
   Community Service
   Educational Service
   Vocational Service
   International Service

             Community Service
   Take Stock in Children
   Special Kids Foundation
   American Cancer Society (Relay for Life)
   Lake Sumter Children’s Advocacy
   Lady Lake Little League
   Children’s Holiday Party
   Villages Hospital
   Youth Soccer Leagues
   Rotary Camp Brandon

            Educational Service
   Kindergarten Supplies
   Welcome Back Teachers
   Dr. Seuss Day Books (K-2 & PK-2)
   Dictionaries (3rd Grade)
   Imagination Library/Dolly Parton Foundation
   FFA – 4H
   Savings Bond Awards
   Student Achievement Awards
   Three Food Pantries

             Vocational Service
   Business Persons of the Quarter
   Speakers Bureau

           International Service
   International Literacy Project
   Rotary Club Nassau-East Bahamas

            Major Fund-Raisers

   Taste of Class
   Chili Cook-off
   Poinsettia Sales

             The Taste of Class
   A prime event where many of the local
    restaurants bring there finest menu items
    for all guests to try.
   A social event that brings the elite from the
    local area to share in these tastes and
    dance to two bands.
   A wonderful experience and one of the finest
    events of the entire year.

             The Chili Cook-Off
   This event takes place in February and draws
    large crowds to both Spanish Springs and
    Sumter Landing.
   Opponents cook their finest Chili recipes and
    compete to be Chili Champions of The
   Guests buy arm bands which allow them to
    sample the Chili.

               Poinsettia Sales
   Poinsettias are sold during the Holiday
    Season at both town squares.
   The funds raised from the sale of Poinsettia
    plants are donated to the Rotary Polio Plus

The Rotary Foundation

        “World Peace through
          Group Study Exchanges
   Teams of one Rotarian leader and four non-
    Rotarian business or professional young
    people visit the district for four to six weeks.
   Rotarians from our club have hosted visiting
    teams, been team leaders and sponsored
    team members.
   Our Club is a major participant in the district’s
    GSE program.

Paul Harris Fellows and Benefactors

   Many Rotarians and spouses in our club are
    benefactors of the Permanent Fund.

   Over <number> members and partners are
    Paul Harris Fellows.

   Many now donate a small amount each week
    when paying for their meals.

      Rotary Youth Exchange Program
   16-18 year olds are exchanged world-wide.

   Part of a 7,000 students/year program.

   Rotarians host these young people in their
    homes for three to five months. Students
    become part of the family.

   Our Club has hosted students from <list

   We have sent students to <list countries>.
                Rotaract Clubs
   Our club sponsors the <insert name> Rotaract
     – Describe Rotaract program
     – Describe age and qualifications of Rotaractors.
     – Describe projects and programs of your Rotaract

                  Interact Clubs
   Our club sponsors the <insert name>
    Interact Club
     – Describe Interact program
     – Describe age and qualifications of Interactors.
     – Describe projects and programs of your
       Interact club

               Object of Rotary
   The Object of Rotary is to encourage and
    foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy
    enterprise and, in particular, to encourage
    and foster:

              Object of Rotary

   First. The development of acquaintance as an
    opportunity for service;

               Object of Rotary

   Second. High ethical standards in business
    and professions; the recognition of the
    worthiness of all useful occupations; and the
    dignifying by each Rotarian of his or her
    occupation as an opportunity to serve society;

                Object of Rotary

   Third. The application of the ideal of service
    by every Rotarian to his or her personal,
    business and community life;

               Object of Rotary
   Fourth. The advancement of international
    understanding, good will, and peace through
    a world of fellowship of business and
    professional people united in the ideal of

     We implement the Object of Rotary
    through the Four Avenues of Service
   Services Chair: Jerry Knoll
    –   Club Service

    –   Vocational Service

    –   Community Service

    –   International Service

                  Club Service
   Those things that a Rotarian does to help make
    successful the running of the local club.

              Vocational Service
   The promoting of the “ideal of service”
    throughout the business and professional world.

              Community Service
   Urges every Rotarian to participate in all
    activities that make the community a better
    place in which to live.

             International Service
   Encourages and fosters the advancement of
    understanding and good will among people of
    the world.

                   Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of The
Villages are -
 President:                      Ralph Cowell
 President-elect:                Paul Farineau
 Past President:                 Dick Campbell
 Secretary:                      Dick Keene
 Treasurer:                      Ann Smith

A new board is elected to take office on 1 July of each year.
All positions in Rotary are one year terms that change on 1 July.

             Board of Directors
The other Directors of the Rotary Club of The
Villages include -
Sergeant At Arms:     Quinton Downing
Rotary Foundation:    John Rabley
Club Services:        Jerry Knoll
Public Relations:     Dick Keene
Administration:       Ric Hutchens
Membership:           Paul Smith
Director At Large:    Gary Kadow
New Generations:      Marybeth Roose

   Our Club has received many accolades over
    the past few years. Here are a few:
    –   Rotary Club of the Year for District 6980 (2009)
    –   First
    –   Second
    –   Third

   of the things we think, say, or do …

1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3. Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

                The Privileges in Rotary
   The privilege of FRIENDSHIP WITH LEADERS:
    –   in your community
    –   in neighboring cities and towns
    –   throughout the United States
    –   around the world

            The Privileges in Rotary
   The privilege of GIVING SERVICE to your
    GOODWILL and understanding.
   The privilege of helping BUILD HIGHER ETHICAL
    STANDARDS within your vocation …

       through the common bond of Rotary.

         Your Obligations in Rotary
   Participation: To be a Rotarian you must give
    of your time and talents:
    – in community work
    – in fellowship and social functions
    – in club and district activities.

          Your Obligations in Rotary

   Attendance: Attendance at the weekly meetings
    is a benefit of Rotary:
    – A minimum of 60% is expected.
   You can easily maintain your attendance levels:
    – By making up at another Rotary club meeting,
    – By participating in club service projects, and other
      club activities.
   Activity with online Rotary Clubs now qualifies
    as attendance.

          Your Financial Obligations
   Annual RI Dues                       $ 50.00/year
   Annual District Dues                 $ 36.00/year
   Annual Club Dues                     $ 53.30/year
   Council on Legislation               $ 1.00/year
   The Rotarian Subscription            $ 12.00/year
                                Total:   $152.30/year

   Meals @ meetings                     $ 11.00/week

   Initiation Fee (New Rotarian)        $ 50.00/one time
   Sustaining Member (RI Foundation)    $100.00/year


   Two types of membership in a Rotary club:
    – Active
    – Honorary

     Welcome to
The Rotary Club of The Villages


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