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					                         Use Case Scenarios
You are required to model the following scenarios. The project is in
its first iteration and the system constraints are optional and
depend on the modeler. You as a modeler can assume if deem

  1. Mr. XYZ, a resident of Faisalabad wants to fly to Paris for a software exhibition,
     and back after a week. During his stay he would like to visit the historical remains
     of Vatican City and meet with his relatives in Cannes. He wants from your flight
     registration system to give him details about the flight schedule, would it be
     beneficial to come back with the same airlines or change it, what are the best
     options for traveling in France, do u handle hotel reservations and what do you
     charge for this service. He would like to pay by his credit card, will that be
     acceptable to you.

  2. WebTaxi is a web based taxi service that allows customers to go to a website and
     request a taxi by specifying the source and destination. WebTaxi immediately
     computes the route and charges the customer's credit card. When the Taxi arrives
     at your doorstep, WebTaxi will inform the customer by e-mail, page.

     Basically WebTaxi works well with people having wireless web access from
     PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). Imagine a scenario where you are sitting in a
     restaurant and you need a Taxi service. You go to the WebTaxi website and
     request a Taxi to your home. WebTaxi comes back and tells you exactly how
     much it will cost you. It can even tell you how long you will have to wait for the
     taxi. You continue to chat while you wait for the taxi to show up. As soon as the
     taxi arrives, your PDA informs you that the taxi is waiting for you!

  3. Customer reaches at shopping centre for shopping, place an order, requests for the
     required products from the clerk. Clerk checks the required products from the
     product inventory, verified the product quantity. Customer ends shopping. Order
     admin verifies the order. If order verified then generate invoice. Customer makes
     payments. Customer receives receipt from the Order admin. Order admin requests
     the Inventory Admin for an update request in Inventory. Inventory admin updates
     the Inventory and populates the updated Inventory information for the clerk.

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