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See Distribution - Royal Air Force


									Reference: CRN/43884/49/1/PEd                                 RAFTNl: 95751 6351
                                                              Mob: 07974326140

See Distribution                                              Date: 7 Jun 10



A.    RD/Race Series/20100212-RAFTRI/ dated 7 Jun 10.


1.    The RAF Triathlon Association has organised a series of 3 Sprint Triathlon events in 2010,
detailed in Reference A. The final event in the series will be held at RAF Cranwell on Wed 7 Jul 10
and will incorporate the RAF Sprint Triathlon Championships. This Admin Order details the race
organization and event administration.

Event Distance, Venue and Timings

2.     A triathlon comprises a swim, cycle and run completed in succession. Registration for the
Cranwell Triathlon will take place between 1000 and 1200 on Wed 7 Jul 10 in the Sultan Qboos
Pavilion (SQP). The race brief will start at 1230 at the back of the swimming pool area, the swim
will begin at approximately 1300 and the last runner is expected to finish at about 1545.

      a.  Pool Swim. The pool swim will take place in the RAF Cranwell Swimming Pool.
      Competitors will swim 400m (16 Lengths), starting in waves of 6 at 3 to 4 minute intervals.

      b.    Cycle. Covering about 25 km, the cycle route can be found at Annex A. The majority
      of the route will be on public roads but at least one mile will be along Lighter than Air Road
      and through FMQs to Long Lane.

      c.    Run. The run will start at the swimming pool and finish just past the Sultan Qboos.
      Total distance will be approx 5km around the RAF Cranwell North Airfield and FMQs.
      Routing can be found at Annex B.

All competitors should familiarize themselves with the route, which will be signposted and
marshaled at major junctions.

3.    Dispersal. The last competitor is expected to complete the run by 1545 and there will be a
presentation ceremony at 1615 in the Sultan Qboos. It is anticipated that most competitors will
disperse before this time.


4.    Marshals. Pers from OACTU, E Sqn and volunteers will act as marshals for the event:

      a.    Swim. E Sqn/Other volunteers will provide 6 marshals for timing duties. They are to
      be at the swimming pool at 1245 to be briefed by the swim co-ordinator, FS Betts for a start
      at 1300. Once the swim is complete 2 marshals will be required to collect food from the
      Candidates‟ Mess at 1530, the others will proceed to the SQP for further tasking. Dress is to
      be sports kit and it should be noted that no outdoor shoes are to be worn poolside. Swim
      marshals are advised to take a towel and a water bottle.

      b.    Cycle. 6 marshals from E Sqn will be required on the cycle route. Dress will be civilian
      clothing with waterproofs and they will be issued with fluorescent vests. They are to report to
      FS Betts (Race Organiser) the SQP at 1140. They will be provided with service mobile
      telephones and packed lunches. Marshals will be posted at the junctions of Brauncewell Rd/
      Long Lane, Long Lane/Pottergate Road, and the turn point at Pottergate Farm, Wellingore;
      they will need to be in position no later than 1310. RO will co-ordinate the cycle route
      marshals and use the MT minibus for drop-off, collection and administration purposes. When
      the last cyclist has passed their position, marshals are to take down warning signs and report
      to FS Betts at the Sultan Qboos.

      c.     Transition Area and Finish. Off Cadets/Volunteers will be required at the transition
      area to record cycle and run entry and exit times. They are to report to FS Betts at the SQP
      at 1230 for the race brief and an individual brief. They are to wear CS95 and will be issued
      with fluorescent vests. After the last runner leaves the transition area they are to report to FS
      Betts at the Sultan Qboos with the completed record sheets and help in recording finish

5.   Lifeguards. Two lifeguards have been booked through PEd Flt and they will be present

6.   Referees and Officials. Off Cdt Mike Masters (RAFTri) is a qualified BTF referee and will
oversee the event at the pool, transition and finish as required.

Service Support & Materials

7.    Arrivals and Parking. Competitors will start arriving at approx 0945. They are to park in the
stadium car park and will not require car passes. IC Triathlon will provide the guardroom, MPGS
and RAF Police Flt with a briefing sheet and list of competitors, although it should be noted that
some will register on the day and race admin will check ID. Competitors are to register at the
Sultan Qboos. Parking and registration will be signposted.

8.    Bike Racking. Bike racking will be booked through Off Cdt Mike Masters and will be
delivered on the day. RO will direct them where they are to be placed.

9.    Swimming Pool Arrangement. Competitors will enter via the changing rooms and will enter
the water 30 secs before their start time in the deep end. They will exit at the deep end (by the
steps if required) and proceed through the exit door to the left at the deep end to the transition area
on the grass. Six lanes will be required in the swimming pool and under no circumstances during
the swim start is anyone to enter into the swimming area via the exit door. IC Triathlon will ensure
the keys are signed out from the pool manager.

10. Security and Route Access. The route will be signposted and marshalled by race marshals.
Following are the arrangements for Stn access:

      a.    Lighter Than Air Road. MPGS are requested to leave the Lighter than Air Road gates
      open for the duration of the cycling portion of the event (1310 – 1500). The gate guard will
      be informed when the final cyclist has completed the course. A Road Marshal will also be
      there to assist.

      b.    Brauncewell Road Crash Gate. OIC Triathlon will collect the Brauncewell Rd Crash
      Gate Key at 0800 on 7 Jul 10. The gate will be open for the duration of the cycle portion of
      the event and will be controlled by a marshal situated on the Brauncewell Rd/ Long Lane
      junction and remotely monitored by MPGS.

      c.   Sultan Qaboos Access Gate. PEdO will open the SQP access gate at the start of the
      working day. Competitors will be able to rack their bicycles but cones will be used to restrict
      unauthorised vehicular access.

      d.    North Airfield. The North Airfield will not be used for gliding on Wed 7 Jul 10 but
      competitors will be briefed that it is an active airfield used as an emergency landing ground
      by the Stn‟s light aircraft. SATCO has been informed that the event is underway.

11.   Route Safety. Following precautions will be taken:
     a.    The cycle and running routes will be posted with warning signs on the morning of Wed
     7 Jul 10. Cycle routes signage is to be removed by route marshals after the final competitor
     has passed their post on the return leg.

     b.    RAF Police Flt is to arrange for traffic cones to be placed on Stable Row from the
     entrance to the stadium car park to the SQP turn.

     c.    RAF Police Flt is requested to provide a visible deterrent to encourage motorists to
     slow down as they approach the Stadium entrance from the A17.

     d.   Brauncewell Quarries have been informed that there will be cyclists on Long Lane and
     the Wellingore Road between 1300 and 1500.

     e.    Occupants of FMQs will be informed via scrolling news on the RAF Cranwell intranet

     f.   MT is requested to sweep “Devil‟s Dip” between FMQs and the Brauncewell Road on
     Tue 6 Jul. IC Triathlon has submitted an FMT 26.

12. First Aid & Medical Support. The medical dispensary is to provide 5 First Aid kits to be
issued to route marshals and IC Triathlon. The Regional Health Centre is not expected to provide
in-situ ambulance cover but is to be aware that the event is taking place. If there are accidents on
the route marshals are to dial 999/ 112 if required.

13. Communications. Comcen will provide 6 mobile telephones for use by race marshals. OIC
Triathlon will be available on 07974326140.

14. Timing Eqpt. PEd Flt will provide 2 whistles and 6 stopwatches and 8 clipboards. 5 floats
will be required for signalling to swimmers.

15. MT. Stn MT minibus will be used for marshal support, another MT minibus will be required
(FMT26 submitted), and IC triathlon will use private MT/ cycle as required.

16. Accn. The swimming pool and Sultan Qaboos Pavilion have been booked for the duration of
the event. Competitors are to arrange overnight accn through their respective messes.

17. Catering. Following to be provided by Catering Sqn: Meat pasta 100, vegetarian pasta for
10, paper plates and plastic cutlery. Cooked food is to be available for collection at 1530. Dishes
will be returned to the Candidates Mess at the end of the day. 15 packed lunches will be required
for collection at 1130L for marshals.

18. Commercial Participation. Mr S Rimmer of Podium Sports will provide refreshments and
prizes again at this year‟s race. Insurance details have been checked. Vehicle details have been
passed to the MGR.

19. Finance. The RAF Triathlon will pay for any costs incurred: OIC Cranwell Tri will pay the
lifeguards in cash on the day and Cat Flt is requested to invoice OIC Triathlon for services

20. Publicity. Stn CCO has been informed of the event. The RAF Camera Team has been
approached by RAF Triathlon to cover the event in conjunction with the following week‟s Inter-
services Standard Distance Championships.

21. Entry procedures and fees. Advance entry can only be made through the link on the RAF Triathlon website ( on the
right hand side of the homepage) and will cost £11.00. Entry on the day will cost £13.00, cheques
are made payable to „RAF Triathlon‟. Entry fees include a race t-shirt, which may be collected on
successful completion of the race.
D R Betts
IC Triathlon
95751 Ext 6351


A.    Cycle Route.
B.    Run Route.


OACTU (Adj, OC E Sqn, Off Cdt XXXXX)
PEd Sqn (OC PEd, Pool Manager)
OC Police and Security Flt*
Stn Catering O
Candidates‟ Mess (Mess Manager)
Serco (MT Manager)
MPGS Supervisor
RHC (Practice Mgr, Dispensary)
Eng Sqn (Commcen Supervisor)
Media Services (Photographic Section)
Manager, RAF Cranwell Stables


Stn Cdr
OC Ops Wg
                                                     DATED 7 JUN 10

Turn around point just past
Pottergate farm.

Same return route.

         Swimming pool

START/                   than air
FINISH                   Road
                                     ANNEX B TO
                                     DATED 7 JUN 10

                                         Turn around point



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