Organic insecticides and natural pest control

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					            Organic insecticides and natural pest control

For too long our country's polluting industries have been and waterways with toxic
pesticides. The consequences were dangerous and unhealthy food poisons our precious
drinking water seepage.

Recently in my own city, agricultural land had been sprayed with toxic pesticides. The results
were devastating for the community. Many residents complained of respiratory problems, such
as eyes, ears and throat. Some even have itching and blisters. Not only harmful to human
health, but it was killing fish and animals disappeared in the region.

I do not see the benefit of the use of more toxic pesticides, especially when organic alternatives
to many of us have available. Thanks to the biological insecticide or insect repellent organic is
much more responsible and should be our only option. One of my favorite features of a
biological insecticide is diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth has existed for centuries and
is a very effective insecticide to use organic, to control all kinds of bugs and insects without
harmful side effects. DE is actually the fossil of a plant from the diatoms and the old bed of the
lake is won. Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder with a very sharp, knife-like. When insects
come into contact with him tear the edges of the waxy exoskeleton of errors and cause the error
to dehydrate and die. Which also acts as an insect repellent organic because insects do not like
to crawl in the dust. There are many different types of natural oils that are used to get rid of
parasites. What a way to distract some bugs yet.

Diatomaceous earth is an insecticide, completely safe, natural and organic. It is safe around
children and pets can be used. It is so natural, it can even be taken internally by humans and
animals by many health benefits. Therefore, DE directly on fruit and vegetables may be applied
until the day of harvest, without adverse consequences

Recently I heard a supply chain for products of organic farming on large pest control is not
profitable for your company and are therefore not in the performance of these products are
interested. It's all about profit these days? What is our health? It is time for humanity to awaken
and become more aware of protecting our environment and ourselves. We can all make a
difference by using an environmentally friendly bio-products.

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