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					                          John Williams
6 Ralph Street, Alexandria NSW 2015 TEL: (02) 9700 9855   FAX: (02) 8338 1165   E-MAIL:
Goodjon Pty Ltd trading as John Williams Auctions         ACN: 003 899 929

              Two Day Antique & Collectable
                           at 6 Ralph St, Alexandria

                                      SALE 1107
                   Saturday                                                     Sunday
    30 July 2011 at 12 Noon:                                   31 July 2011 at 12 Noon:
       Ceramics, Glass, Jewellery,                                  Art, Furniture, Lighting
        Clocks, Plate & Silver                                           & Miscellany

                    Friday 29th .................................... 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
                    Saturday 30th ................................ 9 a.m. - Noon
                    Sunday 31st ................................... 9 a.m. - Noon

                                 Approximate Starting Times
    Saturday                                       Sunday
    12 Noon          Ceramics                                      12 Noon           Art
    2:30 p.m.        Glass                                         1:00 p.m.         Furniture
    3:10 p.m.        Jewellery & Clocks                            4:40 p.m.         Lighting
    4:30 p.m.        Silver Plate                                  5:30 p.m.         Miscellany
    5:10 p.m.        Silver                                        8:00 p.m.         Sale ends,
    6:00 p.m.        Sale ends, delivery for 1 hour                                  delivery for 1 hour
                   CONDITIONS OF SALE
1. In these conditions “Auctioneer” means the person conducting the sale and Good-
jon Pty Ltd, their servants and agents acting as agent for the Seller. “Seller” means a
consignor of property.
2. The Buyer shall be the highest bidder acceptable to the Auctioneer and the Auc-
tioneer shall have absolute discretion to settle any dispute.
3. Payment is by cheque (with identification), cash, Eftpos, Mastercard or Visa.
4. The property in a Lot shall not pass to the Buyer until he has paid the purchase
price in full.
5. No lot may be taken away during the auction, nor may any Lot be taken away
until the purchase price has been paid in full. The Buyer shall remove at his expense
any Lot purchased by him within one hour after completion of the sale or within two
(2) working days after the date of the sale between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
6. Lots not removed by the Buyer within two (2) working days of the auction may
be placed into storage at the Buyer’s risk and the Buyer shall be responsible for all
removal, storage and insurance charges on any such Lot.
7. All bidders shall, if required by the Auctioneer, complete and sign a Registration
Form and provide identification before making any bid at the auction.
8. Descriptions and estimates in the catalogue are meant as a guide only. It is the
purchaser’s responsibility to inspect the Lots before purchasing. No claim for dam-
age, misdescription, genuineness, authenticity or errors of any description will be
9. The Buyer of any lot shall pay the hammer price plus a premium. The premium
shall be calculated at 16.5% of the hammer price including GST and is payable by
all Buyers.
10. The auction will be conducted on a GST-inclusive basis.
11. All Lots become the responsibility of the Buyer immediately upon the fall of the
12. The Auctioneer shall have the right at its absolute discretion to refuse admission
to its premises or attendance at its auctions by any person.
13. The progression of the bidding is as follows:
     $5 bids to $100         $50 bids to $1,000      $500 bids to $10,000
     $10 bids to $200       $100 bids to $2,000      $1,000 bids to $20,000
     $20 bids to $500       $200 bids to $5,000      &c.
     Split bids will not be accepted.

          • A BUYER’S PREMIUM OF 16.5% APPLIES
Lot                                          Description                                           Estimate
      CERAMICS - at Noon Saturday
C1    Vintage Usher's whiskey pottery match holder                                                    60-85
C2    Volume - South Australian Ceramics                                                              15-25
C3    Volume - English Ceramics                                                                       10-20
C4    Most interesting Australian Melrose Ware toby jug                                             100-150
C5    Fine Moorcroft vase                                                                          1000-1500
C6    Poole cabinet plate                                                                            70-100
C7    Vintage possibly antique Dutch green glazed jug - Melk is goed voor elk (Milk is good for
      everyone)                                                                                      75-100
C8    Two similar green glazed continental jugs                                                      90-140
C9    Pair of German or Dutch grey and cobalt blue jugs                                               50-75
C10   Doulton Lambeth brown glazed jug                                                                25-40
C11   Coldrum Chelsea blue and brown glazed jug by Reginald Wells (1877-1951)                        80-120
C12   Part Noritake 'Courtney' dinner service                                                         30-45
C13   Three large antique Chinese blue and white chargers                                           150-200
C14   Pair of Continental pharmacy jars                                                               60-85
C15   Collection including part dinners and tea sets and two plates                                   20-30
C16   Good Clarice Cliff Fantasque vase                                                             300-500
C17   Collection of commemorative souvenir china including Edward VIII & Australian Bi Centenary      30-45
C18   Porcelain figure 'Officer Black Watch'                                                          45-65
C19   Antique Continental blue and white figure of a gallant, crossed swords mark                     45-65
C20   Oriental blue and white tea caddy                                                               40-65
C21   Vintage Japanese vase                                                                           30-45
C22   Chinese celadon glaze vase                                                                      20-35
C23   Chinese turquoise glaze stand                                                                   25-40
C24   Antique English blue and white meat plate with gravy well                                       50-75
C25   Set of 10 Franklin porcelain 'Flowers of the Year' plates                                       35-50
C26   Antique Bristol Delft charger c1760                                                           200-300
C27   Pair of Franklin Mint floral plates                                                              5-10
C28   Antique French porcelain vase                                                                  90-140
C29   Royal Doulton figure 'Bunny's Bedtime'                                                          60-85
C30   Royal Doulton figure 'He Loves Me'                                                              45-65
C31   Bing & Grondahl figure 'Young Girl with her Doll'                                               35-50
C32   Australian pottery vase                                                                          5-10
C33   German porcelain lidded vase                                                                    65-90
C34   Pair of pottery tankards signed N. McCullough 1924                                              35-50
C35   Pair of vintage pottery vases                                                                   30-45
C36   Two framed Wedgwood Charles and Di dishes                                                       25-40
C37   Vintage Japanese vase                                                                           25-40
C38   Set of 6 Royal Doulton Covington demi tasses plus spares together with a pair of small
      candlesticks and other Doulton saucers                                                         30-45
C39   Vintage Royal Doulton lidded jug                                                               40-65
C40   Vintage English patent lidded 'cosy' jug                                                       30-45
C41   Vintage Japanese coffee pot and 6 cups and saucers                                            75-100
C42   Two royal Worcester Hadley Ware vases                                                          60-85
C43   Shelley butter dish                                                                            15-25
C44   Shelley trio                                                                                   40-65
C45   Four antique English blue and white cups and saucers with matching jug                         15-25
C46   Five Shelley side plates                                                                       40-65
C47   Set of 4 cups, saucers and plates with tureen (no lid) and ladle                               15-25
C48   Royal Doulton 'Hampshire' cup and saucers and a Foley trio                                      5-10
C49   Blue glazed plant pot                                                                           5-10
C50   Antique English blue and white toilet jug and basin m registration device                     80-120
Lot                                                Description                  Estimate
C51    Six Wedgwood trinket boxes including heart shape and egg                   90-140
C52    Collection of Wedgwood pin dishes and a small plate (10)                    50-75
C53    Three Wedgwood vases                                                        25-35
C54    Wedgwood green jasper vases and trinket box                                 20-30
C55    Four Coalport floral ornaments                                              25-40
C56    Four Bing & Grondahl hand painted vases                                     50-70
C57    Bing & Grondahl 'seagull' demi tasse                                        20-30
C58    Bing & Grondahl candlestick                                                 20-30
C59    Four Bing & Grondahl dishes                                                 20-35
C60    Royal Copenhagen 'Flora Danica' oval bowl                                 400-650
C61    Royal Copenhagen 'Flora Danica' plate                                     240-360
C62    Royal Copenhagen 'Flora Danica' plate                                     200-300
C63    Royal Copenhagen 'Flora Danica' side plate                                150-200
C64    Royal Copenhagen 'Flora Danica' dish                                      120-180
C65    Royal Copenhagen blue and white 'basket' bowl                               40-65
C66    Pair of Royal Copenhagen blue and white pots                                30-45
C67    Royal Copenhagen figure of a pious elderly lady                            70-100
C68    Royal Copenhagen figure of Hans Christian Anderson in 1819                  50-75
C69    Royal Copenhagen figure 'Shepherd and sheep'                              120-180
C70    Royal Copenhagen figure 'The Goose Girl'                                  100-150
C71    Collection of Royal Copenhagen contemporary pottery (7 pieces)             90-140
C72    Royal Copenhagen baby goat (kid)                                            40-65
C73    Five Rosenthal white contemporary porcelain pieces                          60-85
C74    Fine pair of antique Royal Worcester figural vases, date code for 1887    500-750
C75    Danish figure of a boy whittling                                            30-45
C76    Danish figure of a little girl                                              25-40
C77    Belleek ornamental jug and a vase                                           40-65
C78    Spanish figure of a young girl with a hen and a basket of chicks            30-45
C79    Royal Worcester 'shell' vase                                                25-40
C80    Pair of Rosenthal Bjorn Winblad plaques                                     25-35
C81    Pair of English green 'leaf' dishes                                         20-30
C82    Royal Doulton Deco bowl                                                     25-40
C83    Wedgwood jug                                                                25-40
C84    Three martin Boyd ramekins and stands                                       15-25
C85    Pair of Rosenthal specimen vases                                            20-30
C86    Beswick flower trough                                                       25-40
C87    Royal; Crown Derby owl                                                      25-40
C88    Royal Copenhagen vase and dish                                              20-30
C89    Pair of Italian 'cherub' figures                                            40-65
C90    Pair of Royal Worcester figures 'The Gallant and His Lady'                 75-100
C91    Italian pink and white cherub serving dish                                  20-30
C92    Italian figure 'The Young Violinist'                                        30-45
C93    Goebel 'Spring Flowers' dish (after Renoir)                                 25-40
C94    Collection including Worcester, Spode, Rosenthal, Minton & Coalport         30-50
C95    Three Royal Crown Derby white and gold pin dishes in original boxes         25-40
C96    Pair of signed Japanese Satsuma vases                                      60-120
C97    Set of 8 antique continental dissert plates                                 35-55
C98    Two Winterling plates                                                       40-60
C99    Pair of antique Coalport plates                                            80-120
C100   Two royal Worcester blue and white meat platters date code for 1892        90-140
C101   Set of 12 Royal Copenhagen 'Hans Christian Anderson' plates                80-120
C102   Two Royal Doulton Dewar's whiskey jugs 'Nelson' & 'Ben Johnson'           100-200
C103   Pair of antique hand painted German plates                                30-+45
Lot                                                  Description                                          Estimate
C104   Rosenthal lidded urn                                                                                  45-60
C105   Royal Crown Derby collection to include trios, pin dishes, jugs, teapot etc.                        200-300
C106   Wedgwood, pin dishes, trinket box, jasperware etc.                                                    30-50
C107   Boxed Lot, antique continental wall plates                                                          200-300
C108   Boxed Lot to include platters, antique etc.                                                           30-55
C109   Boxed lot- Mainly antique Continental wall plates                                                    80-120
C110   Four antique pierced border plates including Meissen and Dresden                                     65-100
C111   Six antique dessert plates, impressed registration device                                           120-200
C112   Royal Doulton cabinet plate                                                                          75-100
C113   Martin Boyd aboriginal plate                                                                          60-80
C114   Five English commemorative plates including Spode                                                    80-120
C115   Collection - trinket boxes, figures, Limoges etc.                                                     60-80
C116   Johnson Bros. antique water jug                                                                       30-55
C117   Gouda ashtray                                                                                         15-25
C118   Grimwade's 'Garden Wall' basket vase                                                                  40-65
C119   Two vintage Hornsea lidded casseroles                                                                 35-55
C120   Three Old Foley serving platters 'Eastern Glory'                                                      30-50
C121   Small collection of English porcelain to include antique, Coalport, lustre etc.                       40-60
C122   Four Imari side dishes                                                                                15-25
C123   Rosenthal studio pottery                                                                              30-55
C124   Boxed lot tin to include trios, dressing table set etc.                                               30-55
C125   Two cased sets of Royal Worcester chocolate pots together with Royal Worcester pin dishes and a
       thimble                                                                                              60-80
C126   Royal Worcester 'Evesham' - lidded casseroles, soufflé dishes etc.                                 200-300
C127   Royal Worcester 'Evesham' - lidded casseroles, baking dishes, ramekins etc.                        200-300
C128   Extensive Noritake dinner set for 12                                                                80-120
C129   Paragon 'Du Barry' dinner set for 12 including soup coupes, dinner, entrée, and bread and butter
       plates, bowls demi tasse etc. approx. 100 pieces                                                   200-300
C130   Pair of antique Continental vases                                                                   25-50
C131   Two antique Delft tiles                                                                             35-55
C132   Two blanc de chine figures and a bowl                                                               45-60
C133   Two Shelley butter dishes and jam dish                                                              45-65
C134   Chinese yellow ground ginger jar together with a supper set                                         35-55
C135   Small collection to include Worcester, Doulton, Berlin and antique                                  60-80
C136   antique Austrian hand painted vase                                                                  40-60
C137   Two hanging ceramic pots and matching lidded urn                                                    35-55
C138   Royal Vienna side dish                                                                              25-40
C139   Pair of antique Imari bowls, Mejia period                                                          200-300
C140   antique Sung celadon bowl * ex Sotheby's                                                           200-300
C141   Lladro figure of a sage                                                                             40-65
C142   Small vase and an ornamental rose                                                                   10-20
C143   Collection including Doulton and Shelley                                                            30-45
C144   Arzberg coffee service complete for 8                                                               35-50
C145   Collection of Shelley including blue bird cups                                                      35-50
C146   Royal Doulton dinner set for 12 plus spares- dinner and side plates, bowls and cups and saucers
C147   antique Japanese twin handled base
C148   Extensive Noritake dinner set including serving platters and tureens                                60-100
C149   Antique Derby 'Chantilly Sprig' lidded tureen and meat platter c1820                               80-1230
C150   Two antique putti                                                                                    15-30
C151   Royal Worcester miniature jug signed K Blake                                                         40-65
C152   Royal Worcester figure 'Parakeet'                                                                  120-240
C153   Continental strawberry set                                                                           15-25
Lot                                                  Description                                           Estimate
C154   Shelley 'Heather' four cups, saucers and plates and sugar bowl                                        80-120
C155   Antique ceramic sugar sifter plated mount                                                              25-40
C156   Two half dolls                                                                                         10-20
C157   Collection of Russian Lomonosov cups and saucers                                                       25-40
C158   Chinese opium pipe                                                                                     30-60
C159   Three Rosenthal plates                                                                                 25-40
C160   Chinese lidded jewel box, teapot and tobacco jar                                                       25-40
C161   Two Australian pottery vases one signed W. Saxby Bathurst 1936                                         20-30
C162   Royal Albert musical cup and saucer ornament                                                           20-30
C163   Berlin porcelain (KPM) wall plate                                                                      25-40
C164   Bing & Grondahl plate & 3 Christmas bells                                                              20-35
C165   Five Royal Worcester pin dishes                                                                        15-20
C166   Empire coffee pot and 5 demi tasses                                                                   70-100
C167   Shelley 'wattle' cake plate and 6 side plates                                                         80-120
C168   Royal Doulton 'Old Leeds Sprays' part tea set                                                        100-140
C169   Royal Doulton decanter (no stopper)                                                                    50-75
C170   Antique brown and white jug probably Adams                                                             20-35
C171   Antique white soup tureen and ladle                                                                    35-50
C172   Lladro 1972 mother's day plated                                                                        25-40
C173   Czech napkin holder and sugar bowl                                                                      5-10

       Collection of Antique Framed Pot Lids
C174   'Pegwell Bay, Established 1760'                                                                      75-100
C175   'Shakespeare's House, Stratford'                                                                     75-100
C176   'The Village Wakes'                                                                                   45-65
C177   'Bear Bating'                                                                                         45-65
C178   ' The Bear's Classroom'                                                                               45-65
C179   'Alas Poor Bruin'                                                                                     45-65

C180   Antique English jug                                                                                  25-45
C181   Antique rose bowl                                                                                    15-30
C182   Spanish dinner set for 6 plus spares                                                                 20-40
C183   Two boxes including coffee sets, vintage etc..                                                       30-55
C184   Part Hutschenreuther 'Blue Onion' dinner set including serving pieces, bowls and coffee pots etc.
C185 Sang de boeuf vase                                                                                     80-120

       Further Collection of Antique Framed Pot Lids
C186   Sandringham the Seat of the Prince of Wales                                                         100-150
C187   Low Life                                                                                            100-150
C188   Il Penseroso ( The Contemplative Man - after Milton)                                                100-150
C189   Fishing Vessels                                                                                     100-150
C190   Strathfieldsay                                                                                      100-150
C191   Bears on Rocks                                                                                       80-120
C192   Deer Hound Guarding                                                                                  80-120

C193 Royal Doulton sandwich tray Dickens Ware 'Bankis'                                                      35-60
C194 Royal Doulton sandwich tray Australian Bush scene                                                      35-60
C195 Antique Royal Doulton Jug 'Nightwatchman'                                                              60-80

       Collection of Royal Doulton Character Jugs
C196   Rip Van Winkle D6463                                                                                 40-65
C197   Benjamin Franklin D6695                                                                              40-65
C198   Auld Mac D5824                                                                                       40-65
C199   The Lumberjack D6613                                                                                 40-65
Lot                                               Description                  Estimate
C200   Beefeater D6233                                                           40-65
C201   Toby Philpot                                                              40-65
C202   Gone Away D6545                                                           40-65
C203   Athos D6509                                                               40-65
C204   John Peel                                                                 40-65
C205   Gunsmith                                                                  40-65

C206   Beswick model 'Sore tooth terrier'                                        60-80
C207   Royal albert Beatrix Potter 'Tom Thumb'                                   15-30
C208   Royal Doulton model of a Rottweiler                                       60-80
C209   German figure 'Blacksmith Boy'                                            15-30
C210   Sadleir teapot, sugar and creamer                                         35-50
C211   Vintage English blue and white vase                                       20-30
C212   Moorcroft vase                                                          300-400
C213   Boxed lot                                                                 40-60
C214   Unusual blue and red on white Korean vase                               140-260
C215   Chinese Tang type mixed clay bowl/brush washer                          120-160
C216   Chinese transition/early Qing blue and white bowl                       240-360
C217   Boxed Lot to include Doulton 'Tiverton' and Sadleir teapot etc.           40-60
C218   Albury Pottery koala money box                                            15-30
C219   Antique Imari charger                                                   200-400
C220   Antique Chinese blue and white charger                                  200-400
C221   German porcelain 'lace' group and a floral vase and ornament              15-25
C222   Antique Staffordshire cream pottery sauce boat                            10-20
C223   Pair of Art Nouveau style twin handled vases                              30-55
C224   Pair oaf unusual oriental inspired six sided vases                        40-65
C225   Satsuma sake cup Samurai/Oni                                             80-120
C226   Wedgwood 'Rhodes' chamber pot                                             35-50
C227   stoneware pot, bottles and lids                                           20-30
C228   Antique Chinese blue and white plate                                      45-65
C229   Chinese vase and plate                                                    15-25
C230   Two Chinese blanc de chine figures                                        35-50
C231   Large Ming style blue and whiter bowl                                   500-750
C232   Chinese bowl and oval plate                                               10-20
C233   Antique English blue and white plate                                      20-30
C234   Vintage English blue and white plate                                      15-25
C235   Pottery liquor barrel                                                     10-20
C236   Floral ornament and a Goebel bird                                         10-20
C237   Chinese vase                                                              35-50
C238   Naples porcelain pot pourri                                              80-120
C239   Naples porcelain urn shape vase                                           45-65
C240   Capo di Monte cylindrical vase                                            35-50
C241   Doulton jardinière                                                       80-120
C242   Collection of Australian pottery                                          40-60
C243   Unusual Clarice Cliff mug with dwarf handle                               60-80
C244   Pair of antique bisque nautilus shell vases                               35-50
C245   Worcester flower vase and an Italian example                              30-45
C246   Cauldon part tea set                                                      25-40
C247   Pair of antique continental boy and girl figures                          45-65
C248   Continental porcelain figure group - couple by a fire                    90-140
C249   Continental porcelain figure of a lady on a chaise                        60-85
C250   Royal Worcester specimen vase                                            80-120
C251   Arzberg dinner set for 6 including serving pieces (one cup deficient)   100-200
Lot                                              Description                                                Estimate
C252   Boxed Lot including Wedgwood Carlton Ware etc.                                                          60-80
C253   Three porcelain beer steins including Limoges and Franklin together with two other examples           180-260
C254   Beswick horse                                                                                          90-120
C255   Signed pottery 'coin' vase                                                                              25-40
       GLASS - at 2:30 p.m. approx. Saturday
G1     Attractive metal mounted vase                                                                          45-75
G2     Pair of exotic birds                                                                                 150-200
G3     Set of 6 contemporary goblets or dessert dishes                                                        15-25
G4     Murano fish figure                                                                                   100-200
G5     Victorian hand painted decanter and jug                                                                40-60
G6     Antique black glass vase with silver overlay decoration of birds blossom                               55-75
G7     Gallé small pink and green vase                                                                      100-200
G8     Four pieces of Murano glass                                                                           80-120
G9     Small collection of paperweights, vases etc.                                                           35-55
G10    Large collection of crystal bowls, platters etc.                                                     100-200
G11    Large Stuart crystal bowl                                                                             80-120
G12    Collection of crystal decanters and jugs                                                             140-200
G13    Etched antique decanter and jug                                                                        40-60
G14    Boxed Lot - glasses, custard cups etc. including Waterford                                             35-50
G15    Four 'Royal Cameos in Crystal'                                                                        80-120
G16    Extensive suite of German Zwiesel table crystal - 24 whiskeys, 23 wines, 6 brandy, 12 port and 6
       liqueur                                                                                              140-220
G17    Extensive suite of Stuart crystal - 11 hock, 12 white wine, 6 red wine, 12 champagnes, 11 port and
       two tumblers                                                                                         200-300
G18    Ten dessert/cocktail bowls with glass inserts                                                          35-55
G19    Twelve Stuart dessert comports                                                                        80-120
G20    Stuart crystal decanter                                                                                30-45
G21    Crystal decanter                                                                                       30-45
G22    Two crystal salad bowls                                                                                20-30
G23    Good collection of marigold carnival including a 2 piece comport                                     120-180
G24    purple collection bowl and a green carnival vase                                                       35-50
G25    Walker and Hall crystal pickle jar in plated stand                                                     35-50
G26    pair of Lalique wrens                                                                                140-180
G27    Lalique cologne and matching trinket box                                                             200-300
G28    Contemporary red and milk glass vase                                                                   10-20
G29    Pair of crystal dishes and a small bowl                                                                10-20
G30    Four vintage Anchor Hocking green snack plate and cup sets with original paper labels                 40--60
G31    Two Orrefors serving platters                                                                          30-60
G32    Waterford crustal toasting flute                                                                       25-40
G33    Signed Kosta Boda vase                                                                                 30-55
G34    Collection to include Victorian glass                                                                  25-40
G35    Two Victorian vases                                                                                    15-30
G36    Boxed Lot to include glasses, trays and vintage                                                        25-40
G37    Victorian liqueur decanter and 5 'nips'                                                                35-50
G38    Contemporary glass panel with metal stand                                                             80-120
G39    Collection including a Deco ribbed vase                                                                25-40
G40    Lalique vase, grape design                                                                            90-150
G41    Edwardian crystal vase                                                                                 25-40
G42    Large crystal bowl                                                                                     15-25
G43    Seven epergne trumpets and two plated bases                                                           80-120
G44    Pair of yellow frilled pink salts                                                                      25-40
G45    Vintage perfume bottle                                                                                215-25
G46    Set of 6 Rhine wine goblets                                                                            15-25
Lot                                                 Description             Estimate
G47   Small iridescent vase                                                    10-20
G48   Cocktail shaker                                                           5-10
G49   Murano style bowl together with a heart shaped vase                      15-25
G50   Volume - Glass in Decoration                                             10-20
G51   Lalique cigarette lighter (can convert to a vase)                        60-85
G52   Large antique enamelled black vase                                     200-300
G53   Pair of antique French wheel etched vases                              240-360
G54   Crystal vase with ormolu base                                           90-150
G55   Boxed Lot to include bowls, glasses, carnival glass etc.                 30-50
G56   Pair of candlesticks                                                     10-20
G57   Crystal decanter                                                         20-30
G58   Twin handled glass urn - metal mounts                                   60-100
G59   Collection of table crystal including set of 6 Stuart sherries           30-45
G60   Crystal decanter                                                         35-50
G61   Swan paperweight                                                         10-20
G62   Venetian blue and gilt fan vase                                          50-75
G63   Pair of red overlay vases with enamel dragon decoration                200-300
G64   Boxed Lot - including champagnes, dessert bowls etc.                     40-60
G65   Vintage crystal decanter                                                 30-50
G66   Contemporary glass vase                                                  15-30
      JEWELLERY, WATCHES & CLOCKS - at 3:10 p.m. approx. Saturday
 J1   Antique gold 'Japonaiserie' brooch c1885                               80-120
 J2   Pair of 14ct yellow gold and green stone cufflinks                    240-300
 J3   Antique silver albertina (suitable for a bracelet)                      45-65
 J4   Antique Waltham lady's 10 ct gold fob watch                           300-400
 J5   Graduated white coral bead necklace                                     45-65
 J6   Gold 9 ct masonic ball pendant                                        340-400
 J7   Delicate vintage pair of Chinese jade and pearl screw on earrings       50-75
 J8   Cased set of 6 antique sterling buttons Birmingham 1897               200-300
 J9   Chinese pierced coloured stone earrings                                 35-50
J10   Antique 15 ct gold pearl and coral bangle                             440-500
J11   Gold 9 ct gate link bracelet                                          200-300
J12   Antique 14 ct gold bangle                                             500-600
J13   Antique peridot, pearl and hall marked 9 ct gold circle brooch          60-85
J14   Pearl 'starburst' and gold brooch/pendant and chain                    240-30
J15   Antique silver albertina (suitable for a bracelet)                      45-65
J16   Amethyst and 14 ct two colour gold 1940's bow brooch                  440-500
J17   Antique silver albertina                                                45-65
J18   Antique Georgian gold and pearl ring                                  240-300
J19   vintage gold plated and purple stone bangle                             50-75
J20   Diamond an 18 ct yellow gold 'elephant' ring                          500-650
J21   Set of 5 art nouveau sterling buttons                                   40-65
J22   Gold 9 ct padlock bracelet (16 grams)                                 300-400
J23   Mexican sterling fish brooch                                            25-40
J24   Antique pearl and 14 ct gold 'starburst' brooch pendant               240-300
J25   Gold 9 ct ball pendant                                                  60-85
J26   Antique gold spy glass                                                240-300
J27   Vintage cameo, pearl and 10 ct gold pendant                            80-120
J28   Antique amethyst, pearl and 14 ct gold brooch                         240-300
J29   Vintage 9 ct gold bangle                                               75-100
J30   Two Australian 9 ct gold 'rugby' fobs                                 240-300
J31   Set of 3 grey pearl and sterling dress studs and matching cufflinks     45-65
J32   Antique cameo and gold brooch                                         650-800
Lot                                                Description                                  Estimate
J33   Sterling cuff bangle                                                                          45-65
J34   Five stone diamond ring. 14 ct yellow gold shank                                           900-1200
J35   Sterling and black enamel bangle                                                              35-50
J36   Antique gold and pearl 'crescent & star' necklace                                           380-460
J37   Gold and turquoise pendant and chin                                                          90-140
J38   Diamond 3 stone and 14 ct yellow gold ring                                                  500-650
J39   Sapphire, diamond and white gold brooch/pendant                                               50-75
J40   Gold 10 ct and white stone bracelet                                                         240-300
J41   Row of cultured pearls and pearl and 14 ct yellow gold screw on earrings                      45-65
J42   Antique Georgian mahogany bracket clock by Dweryhouse, London c1790, 8 day Double fuseé,
      hour repeat                                                                               3600-5000
J43   Pearl & 14 ct yellow gold 'flower' brooch                                                     30-45
J44   Antique mahogany library clock by Birch, London c1840, single fuseé,                      1500-2000
J45   Gold 18 ct brooch                                                                             40-65
J46   Rare pair of French Art Nouveau mantle clocks by Samuel Marti, Paris, 8 day movement      1400-1800
J47   Sapphire, diamond & 14 ct gold pendant with a 9 ct gold chain                                80-120
J48   Jade and pearl necklace                                                                     280-380
J49   Pair of sapphire and 14 ct yellow gold earrings                                               30-45
J50   Antique Australian cedar railway timepiece c1880                                           800-1000
J51   Gold, lapis and enamel pendant and chain
J52   Two small antique bedroom clocks, plated cases c1910                                          60-85
J53   Attractive antique 3 piece clock garniture                                                  400-650
J54   Row of Tahitian South Sea pearls 12 - 14.5 mm, 18 ct white gold and diamond clasp        12000-15000
J55   Two boxed Tiffany sterling pendants                                                          75-100
J56   Gilt boudoir clock by the celebrated Swiss maker Gübelin                                    180-280
J57   Burgundy jewel box                                                                            25-35
J58   Pink jewel box                                                                               215-35
J59   Antique French black slate and brown marble striking mantel clock                           140-200
J60   Large box of costume jewellery                                                                30-40
J61   Two 18ct gold rings                                                                           20-40
J62   Tiffany & Co sterling mesh bangle and ring                                                    30-55
J63   Russian silver filigree and enamel necklace and earrings by Kostov Finift                     40-60
J64   Repro Patek Philippe multi dial gent's wrist watch                                           80-120
J65   Antique Georgian silver pair cased verge watch by J. WILDERS with calendar & Dutch style
      movement c1780                                                                            1800-2800
J66   Pair of 18 ct yellow gold and pearl earrings                                                  45-65
J67   Antique Georgian picket watch by JAS. MARSH, London 1820                                    440-600
J68   Gold and peridot ring                                                                         25-40
J69   Antique Georgian silver pocket watch by ROBT ROSKELL, of Liverpool - Chester 1828
J70   Diamond & 18 ct white gold pendant                                                          100-150
J71   Antique silver pocket watch by TALBOTT & TALBOTT, London 1882                               340-460
J72   Gold 18 ct pendant                                                                           80-120
J73   Unset pink stone, possibly kunzite                                                            40-65
J74   Large collection of costume jewellery                                                         30-45
J75   Five modern jade pendants with cords                                                          25-40
J76   Sterling silver, marcasite and mother of pearl bangle                                         35-50
J77   Solid opal and 15 ct gold Wager style pendant                                                80-120
J78   Solid opal and sterling silver pendant and chain                                              30-45
J79   Pair of diamond and white gold stud earrings                                                 80-120
J80   Smaller pair of diamond and white gold earrings                                               50-75
J81   Greenstone, diamond and white gold ring                                                       35-50
J82   Three colour diamond dress ring                                                             100-150
J83   Solid opal and sterling silver Wager style                                                    40-65
Lot                                                Description                                          Estimate
J84    Lady's Loris wrist watch                                                                            25-40
J85    Christian Barnard gent's writs watch                                                               80-120
J86    Gold 9 ct necklace, 60 gram approx.                                                               440-650
J87    Rare Steiner cardboard jewel box with his trade label 'By Appointment to Sir James Fergusson,
       Governor in Chief of South Australia'                                                             100-150
 J88   graduated turquoise bead necklace                                                                  50-75
 J89   Antique silver pocket watch by GEO DENISON, London 1864                                           240-360
 J90   Silver, coral, lapis and turquoise necklace                                                        50-75
 J91   Lapis bead necklace
 J92   Multi gem necklace                                                                                300-400
 J93 Cherry amber necklace                                                                                 40-60
 J94 Three sterling neck chains                                                                            65-75
 J95 Sterling and jade pendant, earrings and bangle                                                        40-60
 J96 Eight sterling rings                                                                                 80-120
 J97 Collection of sterling items - pendants, earrings and cufflinks                                      75-100
 J98 Gold 14 ct Scarab pendant
 J99 Gold (14 ct) ring, earrings and tie pin (9ct)
J100 Three quartz 400 day clocks                                                                           45-60
J101 Jade necklace and a bangle                                                                            20-40
J102 Vintage jade and gold brooch                                                                         90-140
J103 Gold 15 ct and enamel 'pansy' heart locket                                                            30-45
J104 Carved amethyst pendant                                                                               20-30
J105 Collection of costume jewellery                                                                       25-40
J106 Rhinestone bow hair clip                                                                             85-100
J107 Sterling bangle                                                                                       10-20
J108 Dragonfly pendant and chain                                                                           10-20
J109 Blackamoor brooch                                                                                     10-20
J110 Two pairs of earrings (one clip deficient)                                                             5-10
J111 Two sterling cuff bangles                                                                             20-40
J112 Rope of quartz and baroque pearls                                                                   180-280
J113 Pearl and quartz lariat                                                                             120-180
J114 Antique 18 ct gold stop watch with sweep seconds - hands - the case approx. 2 oz.                  1400-1800
J115 Pair of baroque pearl earrings                                                                      120-160
J116 Antique Queen Anne long case clock by JONATHON MARSH London c1710 - Australian
     blackwood case in period style designed for the movement                                           2600-3800
J117 Pair of Tahitian South Sea pearl earrings                                                           700-950
J118 Pair of black onyx earrings                                                                          25-40
J119 Antique George I black chinoiserie long case clock by PETER WISE, LONDON (Master in 1725)
J120   Silver and coral earrings                                                                          30-45
J121   Antique George II oak Longcase clock by JOHN WAINWRIGHT of Wellingborough c1745                  6000-7500
J122   Agate and gold brooch                                                                              30-45
J123   Antique Edwardian mahogany longcase clock by W.CARPENTER, London c1905                           1500-1800
J124   Silver and elephant hair bangle                                                                    20-30
J125   Antique French skeleton clock, the movement of one year duration - the frame in the form of Lyon
       Cathedral c1840                                                                                  10000-15000
J126   Deco style earrings                                                                                 30-45
J127   Antique American mantel clock with alarm c1890                                                     120-150
J128   Cameo brooch and earrings                                                                           25-40
J129   antique Ansonia King mantel clock                                                                  340-440
J130   Vintage Chinese brooch and earrings                                                                 25-40
J131   Antique Ansonia mantel clock                                                                       160-200
J132   Pair of mosaic earrings                                                                             15-25
Lot                                             Description                                        Estimate
J133   Antique Ansonia mantel clock c 1895                                                          200-280
J134   Two brooches - beetle and a car                                                                10-20
J135   Antique Ansonia mantel clock                                                                 160-200
J136   Chinese pendant and earrings                                                                   25-40
J137   Antique Ansonia mantel clock, carved oak case                                                200-280
J138   New Zealand gold Tiki pendant                                                                  20-30
J139   Turquoise, pearl and 15 ct gold pendant                                                      100-150
J140   Tiffany sterling locket                                                                      100-150
J141   Gent's Lorus sports watch                                                                    100-150
J142   Gent's Volvo Europa watch                                                                    100-150
J143   Row of semi baroque pearls                                                                   550-750
J144   Maori greenstone earring/pendant                                                              75-100
J145   Rare Tasmanian opalescent green maireener shell necklace                                     200-300
J146   Antique silver pocket barometer by Negretti & Zambra                                         200-300
J147   Antique French mantle clock                                                                  240-360
       PLATE - at 4:30 p.m. approx. Saturday
P1     Attractive 4 bottle crystal cruet set                                                        90-140
P2     Australian helmet shape creamer by Stokes
P3     Pair of sardine tongs                                                                         10-20
P4     Sardine fork                                                                                   5-10
P5     Boiled egg cutter                                                                              5-10
P6     Antique fruit basket                                                                          30-45
P7     Wine cooler                                                                                   25-40
P8     Cased antique dessert cutlery for 6 + serving pieces (one pair of nut crackers deficient)   120-180
P9     Small antique Walker & Hall tankard (unengraved)                                              15-25
P10    Two meat domes                                                                               60-120
P11    Breakfast egg                                                                                 40-60
P12    Cased set of fruit knives and forks for 12                                                    50-75
P13    Two pairs of squat candlesticks                                                               40-60
P14    Antique 3 piece tea set                                                                      75-100
P15    Collection of 'bird' cruets                                                                 100-160
P16    Strachan place mats and stand                                                                 35-55
P17    Small collection to include antique cutlery                                                 100-200
P18    Antique James Dixon & Sons cheese keep                                                       80-120
P19    Collection of smaller items to include toast rack, ladles etc.                                25-40
P20    Boxed Lot - platters, bowls, goblets etc.                                                    80-120
P21    Handsome pair of sauce tureens                                                              150-200
P22    Two salt spoons                                                                                5-10
P23    Antique Sheffield decanter coaster by Creswick c1830                                          30-45
P24    Antique Sheffield waiter with inset sterling unicorn crest c1830                             70-100
P25    Antique Meriden twin handled tray                                                             35-60

       Collection of Antique Sheffield Plate
P26    Pair of oval meat dishes by Roberts, Smith & Co (1820-40)                                   120-180
P27    Gadrooned dinner plate by Roberts, Smith & Co (1835-55)                                       35-50
P28    Decanter coaster, fluted body and ornate border (1810-20)                                     60-85
P29    Pair of decanter coasters, fluted body and gadrooned borders (1810 -30)                     100-150
P30    Gadrooned edge snuffer tray (1810-20)                                                         30-45
P31    Oval tea caddy with gadrooned mounts (1815-30)                                                65-90
P32    Rectangular chamber stick with steel snuffers (1800 -20)                                      60-85
P33    Close plated stilton scoop (1855-75)                                                          40-65
P34    Matthew Boulton chamber stick with extinguisher (1795 - 1815)                                80-120
P35    Elaborate snuffers and tray by T. Harwood (1835-45)                                         100-150
Lot                                               Description                        Estimate
P36   Decanter coaster with ornate border (1820- 30)                                   60-85
P37   Decanter coaster, 'egg & dart' border (1820-30)                                  65-90
P38   Pair of asparagus tongs (1820 -40)                                              75-100
P39   Creamer by T. Rooke from a tea set illustrated in Bradbury and dated 1818        45-65
P40   Pair of candlesticks (1820 -30)

P41   Antique stilton scoop with ejector                                              75-100
P42   Cased set of fish cutlery for 6                                                  25-35
P43   Helmet shape creamer                                                             10-20
P44   Pair of place mats and set of 10 coasters                                        30-45
P45   Small collection - napkin rings and tongs                                        15-25
P46   Large twin handled vase                                                          20-45
P47   Collection to include tea and coffee pots and a comport                          45-65
P48   Pair of antique entrée dishes with warming stands                              240-400
P49   Collection of cutlery including Kings                                            30-50
P50   Pair of entrée dishes
P51   Part vintage cutlery canteen in timber case
P52   Vintage 'breakfast egg' with draining insert                                   140-180
P53   Muffin dish with liner                                                          25-40
P54   Collection including entrée dishes                                              30-45
P55   Collection of cutlery including serving pieces                                  25-40
P56   Antique Georgian Sheffield plate tankard                                       150-200
P57   Cased part canteen of cutlery                                                   25-40
P58   Two French wine tasters                                                         20-30
      SILVER - at 5:10 p.m. approx. Saturday
S1    Antique sterling mounted crystal inkwell London 1899                              65-90
S2    Art Nouveau sterling overlay crystal perfume                                      60-85
S3    Antique Georgian sterling snuffer tray and snuffer London 1800                  200-300
S4    Handsome early George III sterling and crystal 3 bottle inkstand London 1763   800-1200
S5    Antique sterling mustard & spoon, Bristol liner Birmingham 18888                  50-75
S6    Sterling and blue enamel clothes brush Birmingham 1934                            25-40
S7    Pair of sterling an pale green enamel clothes brushes Birmingham 1935             45-65
S8    Sterling mounted tortoiseshell comb Birmingham 1921                               20-30
S9    Sterling mounted tortoiseshell comb                                               20-30
S10   Sterling mustard Sheffield 1935                                                   45-65
S11   Antique Georgian filigree silver caddy spoon                                     70-100
S12   Antique Scottish sterling Kings Husk tea spon Glasgow 1845                        20-30
S13   Unusual Georgian sterling tea spoon, 18th century                                 15-25
S14   Sterling mustard spoon Sheffield 1944                                             15-25
S15   Pair of sterling Deco coffee spoons Sheffield 1935                                10-20
S16   Antique Georgian sterling sugar tongs London 1798                                 35-50
S17   Antique Georgian sterling sugar nips, 18th century                                65-90
S18   Pair of antique Georgian sterling sugar tongs, 18th century                       40-65
S19   Antique Georgian sterling caddy spoon London 1803                                75-100
S20   Antique Georgian sterling 'leaf bowled' caddy spoon Sheffield 1800              140-200
S21   Antique Georgian unmarked sterling mote spoon                                     60-85
S22   Antique Georgian sterling 'picture back' tea spoon c1750                          25-40
S23   Antique cast sterling armorial spoon, possible for salt                           30-45
S24   Volume - New Zealand Silver                                                       40-65
S25   Three piece Peruvian sterling coffee set                                        400-500
S26   German silver (800) wine ewer                                                   100-160
S27   Sterling candlestick Birmingham 1946                                              50-75
S28   Italian silver (800) lidded sugar bowl                                            40-65
Lot                                                  Description                                        Estimate
S29   Antique cased pair of sterling salts and spoons Sheffield 1904                                       70-100
S30   Classic sterling tea pot Sheffield 1930                                                             180-280
S31   Antique Regency sterling and crystal 8 bottle cruet, London 1810                                    300-440
S32   Pair of antique sterling salt spoons London 1845                                                      35-50
S33   Antique sterling goblet London 1863 (unengraved) * with William Walter (London) receipt             200-300
S34   Antique George II sterling sauce boat London 1752                                                   100-150
S35   Pair of antique French silver gilt brandy nips Paris (1794-97) - the gilding possibly later         100-150
S36   Antique sterling vesta probably American                                                            100-150
S37   Set of 6 silver gilt coffee spoons Birmingham 1955                                                    65-85
S38   Antique Regency sterling baptismal mug by W M Eaton, :London 1814 (Julia)                           140-200
S39   Australia sterling dish 'Western landscape' (Drysdale)                                              100-150
S40   Pair of Regency sterling dessert forks by WM Elery London 1814                                        50-75
S41   Three antique Georgian sterling table forks London 1822 (1) & 1828 (2)                               75-100
S42   Pair of antique sterling berry spoons by Geo Adams 1853                                             140-200
S43   Set of 6 antique Georgian sterling tea spoons by Burrage Davenport, London 1828                     120-180
S44   Set of 5 sterling decanter labels London 1970                                                        80-120
S45   Pair of antique Georgian sterling sugar nips, 18th century                                           80-120
S46   Art Deco silver and onyx inkwell desk set Birmingham 1924                                           120-180
S47   Vintage Tiffany & Co sterling tray                                                                   80-120
S48   Cased set of 6 Franklin Mint 'The Sovereign Queens' spoon collection                                  60-80
S49   Six sterling teaspoons Sheffield 1918                                                                 40-60
S50   Set of 12 Thai silver place card holders together with 6 teaspoons                                    25-40
S51   Collection of small sterling items including mustard pot and ashtray                                 30+50
S52   Sterling creamer Birmingham 1917                                                                      35-50
S53   Antique German silver beaker                                                                          30-45
S54   Pair of sterling candlesticks Birmingham 1928                                                         35-55
S55   Sterling card case Birmingham 1910                                                                    30-60
S56   Case sterling boot hook and shoe horn Birmingham 1916                                                 60-95
S57   Cased set of 25 sterling ingots (QE II)                                                             200-300
S58   Set of 6 continental silver (800) tea spoons and some silver handled cutlery                          30-45
S59   Sterling cased curling tongs with heater                                                            200-300
S60   Antique sterling table snuff box Birmingham 1831                                                    340-500
S61   Canteen of American sterling for 12 - knives, dinner and entrée forks, soup and desert spoons, 4
      pickle forks and 6 extra dessert spoons. In all 70 pieces                                          900-1200
S62   Antique sterling miniature tea pot and sugar basin Birmingham 1905 and a miniature sterling
      coffee pot and jug (4)                                                                                60-85
S63   Superb antique German silver and carved ivory tray by Georg Roth of Hanau together with its
      vitrine made c1925                                                                               30000-40000
S64   Small sterling photo frame                                                                            30-40
S65   Pair of antique sterling vases Sheffield 1909                                                         35-50
S66   Sterling 3 piece muffineer set, napkin rings and sterling mounted knife rests etc.                    50-75
S67   Antique sterling mounted crystal cologne Chester 1909                                                 65-90
S68   Three sterling lidded toilet jars                                                                     35-50
S69   Sterling baptismal mug Birmingham 1974                                                                35-45
S70   American sterling serving spoon                                                                       30-45
S71   Silver pill box
S72   Continental silver forks and spoons                                                                   40-60
S73   Pair of Russian silver and enamel dishes                                                              60-80
S74   Sterling Silver Asprey cigar holder/ashtray                                                         200-300
                                   sale ends at 6 p.m. approx. Delivery for 1 hour

      ART - at Noon SUNDAY
A1    Framed set of 3 antique Japanese woodcuts                                                         150-200
Lot                                                Description                                        Estimate
A2    HENRI TEBBITT watercolour 'Tranquillity' signed lower right * ex Christopher Day, Sydney (see
      verso)                                                                                           500-750
A3    HENRI TEBBITT watercolour 'The Veteran Birch' signed lower right and titled verso                240-360
A4    HENRI TEBBITT watercolour 'Country Homestead' signed lower right                                 200-300
A5    WILLIAM (BILL) SALMON oil on canvas 'Seven Feet' signed lower right and titled verso * ex
      Macquarie Galleries (see verso)                                                                  120-200
A6    BETH MAYNE oil on canvas board 'Two Birds' signed and dated '74 lower right                       35-50
A7    J. CALLOT oil on canvas 'Sailing Ships' signed and dated 1855 lower right                       4400-6000
A8    HERBERT GALLOP oil on board 'The Fisherman's Camp, Tuggerah' signed lower right and titled
      verso ex Sedon Galleries, Melbourne (see verso)                                                 2000-3000
A9    Two Volumes - New Zealand Art                                                                      25-40
A10   Three volumes - Australian Art (Olley, Strutt & Nat. Galley (Vic)                                  25-40
A11   PETER McINTYRE oil on canvas 'Buckingham Palace' signed lower right                               75-100
A12   PETER McINTYRE oil on canvas 'London Law Courts' signed lower right                               75-100
A13   MARION ELLIS ROWAN watercolour 'Wild Flowers' signed lower right                                 400-650
A14   Two framed original landscapes -one signed Peryman
A15   COLIN PARKER oil on board 'Berrima' signed lower right and titled verso                          750-1000
A16   J. PHILIPS watercolour 'Stage Wall - Sydney Opera House' signed lower right and titled verso      140-200
A17   Antique oil on board portrait of HENDRIK MARTENSZ SORGH (after Rembrandt) (see verso)             200-300
A18   Antique oil on canvas 'Gentleman on Horseback'                                                    150-200
A19   Framed antique engraving 'Ceremonies of the feast of lots'                                          20-30
A20   JOHN OLSEN etching 'Self Portrait' signed and dated '99 lower right                               400-650
A21   FRED ELLIOTT watercolour 'Sail Boats and a Dinghy'                                                200-300
A22   ALICE DANCIGER oil on board 'Italian Village' signed lower right                                  400-650
A23   PETER SMEETH oil on canvas 'Portrait of David Burke' signed and dated 1987 lower left             200-300
A24   FRANCIS LYMBURNER oil on board 'The Violinist' signed verso                                     1800-2800
A25   Antique Baxter or Le Blond 'Mother & Child'                                                        75-100
A26   Antique Baxter 'Me Warm Now' * see verso                                                            60-85
A27   Antique Baxter 'Little Red Riding Hood' * see verso                                                75-100
A28   Framed print 'The Children's Fiddler'                                                               25-40
A29   ARTHUR MURCH oil on board 'Lilies & Iris' signed lower right                                      500-750
A30   LES GRAHAM pencil sketch 'The bathers' signed lower right                                           60-85
A31   RAYMOND LINDSAY oil on canvas 'Pirates' signed lower right                                        500-750
A32   CABROLIE oil on canvas 'Pont Neuf, Paris' signed and dated 1978 lower right                       140-200
A33   ALBERT SHERMAN oil on board 'Peonies' signed lower right                                        1800-2800
A34   Two framed antique watercolours, one attributed to J.S. PROUT                                     240-380
A35   SIR ERIK LANGKER oil on board 'Roses' signed lower right and titled verso                         400-650
A36   Collection of framed prints                                                                         30-45
A37   J.C. BEAN watercolour 'Near the Barbican, Plymouth' signed lower right, titled on the mount        80-120
A38   JENNIFER BENNETT monotype with overpaint 'Small & Dark' signed, titled & dated 1998                 35-50
A39   A. HULK JNR oil on canvas 'Figures by a River' signed lower right                               1400-1800
A40   Framed oil of an owl signed with initials NB lower left                                            75-100
A41   Antique oil on canvas 'Lake Windermere'                                                           360-500
A42   Framed oil on canvas laid down 'Venetian canal' signed and inscribed lower left                   140-200
A43   Antique oil on board 'Sussex Landscape'                                                          700-1000
A44   Large framed watercolour of a Spanish style villa                                                 100-150
A45   Antique Irish oil on canvas 'Figures in a landscape'                                              440-600
A46   Framed set of 3 Italian prints                                                                    120-180
A47   SIR ERIK LANGKER oil on board 'Landscape' signed lower right                                      600-850
A48   Large framed black and white photograph of a Hakea plant signed and dated '01 lower right         140-200
A49   DAPHNE SLEVISON oil on board 'Still life' signed lower left                                         65-90
A50   JOERN oil on board 'Hydrangea' signed lower left                                                   75-100
A51   Modern bronze sculpture                                                                           200-300
Lot                                             Description                                        Estimate
A52   Set of 5 framed prints of Meissen figures                                                      15-25
A53   Pair of framed REDOUTÉ rose prints                                                             45-65
A54   GLADSTONE EYRE watercolour 'Rose Garden, Gerringong' signed lower right and titled verso
A55  Framed antique Moghul watercolour 'Hunting Scene' (page from a manuscript)                    200-300
A56  Antique miniature on ivory of a young man, original frame c1830 * ex Janet Niven              200-300
A57  NEVILLE CAYLEY watercolour 'Kookaburra & Magpie' signed and dated 1897 lower left             300-400
A58  Antique oil on canvas 'Lady with a Book'                                                      200-300
A59  Collection including an early photograph, antique engraving and frames                          25-40
A60  Volume - Hal Missingham Sketch Book (signed and limited)                                        10-20
A61  Volume - Norman Lindsay                                                                         15-25
A62  volume - Lloyd Rees Drawings                                                                    15-25
A63  Three Volumes- How to Paint and Draw                                                             5-10
A64  Set of 'balloon' prints                                                                          5-10
A65  two volumes - Renoir & Caravaggio                                                               15-30
A66  Volume - Al Held                                                                                10-20
A67  Volume - Early Italian Engravings                                                               10-20
A68  Volume - Early Buddhist Art from Japan                                                          20-35
A69  set of 6 mounted Arts and Crafts period watercolours                                           90-140
A70  SUSAN COWLEY gouache 'The New Bridge' * see verso                                               30-45
A71  DAVID RANKIN screen-print 29/50 'Two trees' signed, titled an dated '84                        70-100
A72  McKENZIE oil on board 'Paddington Street' signed and dated '76 lower right                      60-85
A73  WILLIAM SMITH oil on canvas laid down 'Eurilia Creek, S.A. signed and dated '82 lower right
     and titled verso                                                                               75-100
A74 POINTON pen and wash 'The Angry Pelican' signed lower right and titled verso                     30-45
A75 Framed sketch of Sydney Harbour                                                                  10-20
A76 EDITH COWLISHAW etching 5/10 'Early Spring - Tyrol' signed, titled and dated '84
A77 Collection of original works including Japanese woodcuts                                        80-120
A78 Seven engravings                                                                                 50-75
A79 GERDA NEUBACHER (Canadian) oil on board signed lower right                                       50-75
A80 M. WILLIAMS oil on board 'Near Mossman (SA) signed lower right                                   40-65
A81 Unframed oil on canvas portrait of a Turk N.B. inscription on the bottom
A82 Framed Japanese woodcut
A83 Framed set of three Indian paintings
A84 Indian painting (Pichwais) on linen (unframed)
A85 JO SAURIN two watercolours 'Female Nudes' both signed and dated '74                              45-65
A86 Three vintage wooden frames                                                                      15-25
A87 KEN GILROY oil on paper 'The Wingecarribee from Kangaloon' titled verso                          50-75
A88 Framed CRESSIDA CAMPBELL print 'Still Life'                                                      15-25
A89 Framed antique lithograph 'Government House, Sydney'                                             25-40
A90 Large abstract oil painting signed IF                                                           80-120
A91 Pair of framed paintings of roses                                                                10-20
A92 Antique print of a windmill                                                                      20-45
A93 Three framed original oils                                                                       45-60
A94 Two Chinee watercolours together with Portfolio 'Early Mughal Painting'                          20-30
A95 Two volumes Chinese Erotic Art & 20th Century Masters of Erotic Art                              40-60
A96 Interesting framed Austrian watercolour of a village, signed and dated 1925 lower right        300-500
A97 Framed print 'Horse & Rider'                                                                     15-25
A98 RAY GILES oil on board 'Path to the Three Sisters' signed lower right and title verso            40-65
A99 Framed print 'Cherub Band'                                                                       30-45
A100 KEVIN OXLEY watercolour 'Abstract' signed lower right                                          80-120
A101 BENJAMIN LANDARRA watercolour 'Central Australian Landscape' signed lower right
A102 Antique oval paster portrait of a young man                                                   400-650
Lot                                            Description                                Estimate
A103 Collection of 12 pictures                                                              50-75
      FURNITURE - at 1 p.m. approx. Sunday
F1    Pair of Volumes - American Colonial Furniture                                         35-50
F2    Antique bedroom /fireside chair                                                        75-100
F3    Antique pole screen with embroidered panel                                            240-340
F4    Antique Australian colonial cedar bookcase                                           850-1200
F5    Antique carved oak fuel bin                                                           120-180
F6    Antique bedroom/fireside chair                                                         85-120
F7    Antique mahogany slipper chair                                                        100-150
F8    Antique mahogany mirror back pedestal sideboard                                      800-1000
F9    Antique mahogany Canterbury, concealed drawer                                         200-300
F10   Antique mahogany bookcase                                                            750-1000
F11   Veined vintage white marble pedestal                                                  200-300
F12   Edwardian 2 drawer writing table, tooled red leather top and brass gallery            300-400
F13   Antique bentwood adjustable piano stool                                                80-120
F14   Persian runner, red tones                                                              80-120
F15   Antique rosewood side chair                                                            80-120
F16   Pair of Van Treight sprung edge tub chairs                                            300-400
F17   Antique walnut bedroom chair                                                          100-150
F18   Circular occasional table with undershelf                                              90-140
F19   Pair of Victorian style grandfather and grandmother chairs                            200-300
F20   Vintage possibly antique Chinese stool                                                140-200
F21   Vintage shaped circular salon table                                                     45-65
F22   Pair of stools, tapestry upholstery                                                    70-100
F23   Small circular stool                                                                    30-45
F24   Large Persian saddle bag                                                               80-120
F25   Slub linen settee                                                                      90-140
F26   Pair of antique French Empire style circular occasional tables with ormolu mounts   2000-3000
F27   Antique mahogany Sutherland table                                                     300-400
F28   Antique 5 tier corner whatnot                                                         200-300
F29   Antique rosewood card table                                                           360-500
F30   Persian rug - red and cream tones                                                       60-85
F31   Persian mat- red and blue tones                                                         35-50
F32   Persian mat pink tones                                                                  45-65
F33   Antique grandmother chair                                                             140-200
F34   Persian mat - orange and black tones                                                    35-50
F35   Persian rug - red tones                                                               140-200
F36   Small antique Sutherland table                                                         80-120
F37   Contemporary wool carpet                                                              100-150
F38   Antique ceramic jardinière and matching pedestal                                      200-300
F39   Antique walnut bookcase                                                              850-1200
F40   Attractive French panel suitable for an over door                                     200-300
F41   Persian runner orange and cream tones                                                  75-100
F42   Antique oak side table single drawer with X shape stretcher - early 18th century     800-1200
F43   Handsome Louis style 2½ seater settee                                                800-1200
F44   Buttoned green velvet foot stool                                                      140-200
F45   Pair of occasional table with bevelled glass tops                                     150-200
F46   Antique walnut adjustable piano stool                                                 120-180
F47   Handsome 'Gainsborough' library armchair, studded olive green leather upholstery      750-100
F48   Antique ebonised pedestal                                                             140-200
F49   Good antique walnut Canterbury                                                        400-650
F50   Handsome pair of gilded Louis style wing chairs                                      800-1200
F51   Attractive French inlaid walnut two tier centre table                                 400-650
 Lot                                                 Description                      Estimate
 F52   Set of 4 antique rosewood side chairs                                            340-480
 F53   Antique oval walnut loo table                                                    380-500
 F54   Persian style carpet                                                              80-120
 F55   Antique button back salon chair                                                  200-300
 F56   A similar but larger antique chair                                               200-300
 F57   Antique oak open bookcase with central cupboard                                 750-1000
 F58   Brass birdcage                                                                     45-65
 F59   Antique French sideboard with marble top, mirror back and ormolu mounts          600-850
 F60   Pair of Louis style gilded armchairs                                             600-850
 F61   Cedar wine table                                                                   60-80
 F62   Louis XVI style circular occasional table                                          50-75
 F63   Persian rug- red tones                                                             35-50
 F64   Edwardian breakfront display cabinet                                             280-400
 F65   Antique walnut display cabinet, brass gallery                                    360-500
 F66   Handsome veined marble pedestal                                                  600-850
 F67   Fine antique large signed bronze 'Mignon' with wooden pedestal                 2000-3000
 F68   Antique secretaire bookcase                                                    1000-1500
 F69   Antique inlaid walnut side table                                                 260-380
 F70   Antique 4 tier whatnot                                                           200-300
 F71   Antique child's bentwood rocker                                                    45-65
 F72   Charming small 2 seater settee ideal for the end of a bed                        200-300
 F73   Edwardian drum top pedestal                                                       90-140
 F74   Antique mahogany 3 tier table with drawer and foldout top                        160-240
 F75   Nest of three tables                                                             240-340
 F76   Vintage lead lined ice chest with drainage hole                                  200-300
 F77   Antique inlaid walnut oval loo table                                             300-400
 F78   Rare tiger ski complete with head                                               800-1200
 F79   Antique balloon back chair                                                         45-65
 F80   Antique walnut credenza, mirror back and marble top                              460-500
 F81   Edwardian tall narrow mahogany display cabinet                                   300-400
 F82   Antique work table, tooled green leather top                                     340-500
 F83   Antique 4 tier what not                                                          200-300
 F84   Antique octagonal top wine table                                                 150-200
 F85   Walnut cocktail cabinet with interior light, the stand with drawer and slide     300-400
 F86   Antique mahogany compartment toilet mirror                                       140-200
 F87   Cedar chest of drawers                                                           300-440
 F88   Three piece gold velvet lounge suite                                             200-300
 F89   Small oval occasional table                                                        60-85
 F90   Toilet mirror with two drawers                                                     60-85
 F91   Tall Georgian style chest of drawers                                             200-300
 F92   Antique stained pine oval loo table                                              180-280
 F93   Mahogany cased single manual harpsichord                                       3000-4000
 F94   Display cabinet with interior light                                              300-400
 F95   antique French lyre back side chair                                              150-200
 F96   Edwardian brass magazine stand                                                    80-120
F96A   Very fine antique mahogany grand mother chair with exceptional carving           500-750
 F97   Pair of late Victorian grandfather chairs                                        200-300
F97A   Antique walnut what not/salon cabinet                                            500-750
 F98   Elegant French Louis XVI style 3 seater settee                                 1000-1500
 F99   Antique carved oak compartment hall stand                                        300-460
F100   Classic 3 door and drawer sideboard                                              200-300
F101   Wrought iron 3 marble tiered baker's stand                                       400-650
F102   Antique mahogany toilet mirror                                                   180-280
Lot                                                  Description                      Estimate
F103   Cedar serpentine front chest of drawers                                          200-300
F104   Antique Georgian mahogany dropside supper table                                  480-600
F105   Antique mirror back mahogany enclosed sideboard                                1200-1800
F106   Antique parlour settee                                                           140-200
F107   Antique tub chair                                                                  50-75
F108   Attractive antique pale timber side chair                                         80-120
F109   Neat pair of antique mahogany dropside tables suitable for bedside use         1500-2000
F110   Pair of Louis XV style bergères                                                  380-500
F111   Large jade green wool Chinese carpet                                             300-500
F112   Antique Regency mahogany Pembroke tale with a drawer at either end              700-1000
F113   Antique Australian Colonial cedar circular dining table                          200-300
F114   Antique bedroom chair                                                              65-90
F115   Antique parlour settee                                                           140-200
F116   Wooden screen with heraldic motif                                                100-150
F117   Chess table containing a chess set                                                 60-85
F118   Useful vintage oak small low boy with 2 sliding interior trays                   200-300
F119   Antique Australian Colonial cedar bookcase                                     1000-1500
F120   Butler's try and stand                                                           200-300
F121   Charming antique upholstered back child's chair                                  200-300
F122   Good antique English oak 4 drawer dresser base, late 17th/early 18th century   5000-7500
F123   Antique glass doored bookcase                                                    500-750
F124   Antique rustic spindle back chair                                                  35-50
F125   Sir John Lowther Baronet's antique oak compartment hall bench                    600-850
F126   Tall narrow chest of drawers                                                     200-300
F127   Good antique walnut bookcase                                                   1200-1800
F128   Antique walnut small-scale wardrobe                                              200-300
F129   Glass doored display cabinet                                                     240-360
F130   Nest of 4 Oriental tables                                                        200-300
F131   Small bow fronted chest of drawers                                                80-120
F132   Bow fronted console/cupboard                                                     140-200
F133   Antique Biedermeier fruitwood bookcase/display cabinet                           650-850
F134   Antique Chinese a 4 drawer and cupboard sideboard/cabinet                        400-650
F135   Antique set of 4 ladder back oak side chairs, early 19th century                 400-650
F136   Antique bentwood chair by Jacob, Kohn, Vienna                                      35-50
F137   Red leather stool                                                                  20-30
F138   Stylish Deco maple dining table/executive desk                                   200-300
F139   Two matching antique bedroom/fireside chairs                                     150-200
F140   Tapestry top stool                                                                 35-50
F141   Yellow damask 2 seater settee                                                    120-180
F142   Large Chinese red lacquer bowl (baby's bath)                                     180-280
F143   Vintage salon centre table                                                        90-140
F144   Pair of Edwardian side chairs                                                     80-120
F145   Pair of yellow damask wing chairs                                                200-340
F146   Vintage upright piano                                                            150-200
F147   Persian rug - brown tones                                                          50-75
F148   Persian mat - red tones                                                            30-45
F149   Contemporary luggage rack                                                         75-100
F150   Persian rug - mushroom tones                                                     100-150
F151   Pair of Oriental chests (suitable for bedside use)                               240-360
F152   Pine cupboard, two sliding doors                                                 340-440
F153   Wooden 'stump' stool from Western NSW                                             90-140
F154   Antique bone inlaid bureau (cabinet possibly Ceylonese)                          600-850
F155   Vintage hall bench/hat stand                                                      90-140
Lot                                                 Description                                             Estimate
F156   Brown glazed ceramic planter                                                                           90-140
F157   Large vintage open bookcase, drawer and cupboards below                                               200-300
F158   Pedestal with antique limed finish
F159   Cast iron bird bathe                                                                                  200-300
F160   Antique bookcase                                                                                      500-750
F161   Plaster classical bust of a woman * ex East Sydney Technical college                                  100-150
F162   Pair of wrought iron pedestals, marble tops                                                           200-300
F163   Vintage gentleman's press - Harrod's label                                                           750-1000
F164   Garden statue of pan with column base                                                                 200-300
F165   Bronzed horse head * highest bidder to have choice of this and/or next lot                            170-240
F166   The matching horse head                                                                               170-240
F167   Cast iron ornamental cannon                                                                           400-650
F168   Pine trough (dough bin) and large aluminium bowl                                                       60-85
F169   Large 2 man timber saw                                                                                 50-75
F170   Vintage timber ladder                                                                                  25-40
F171   Antique style cast iron garden urn on pedestal * highest bidder to have choice of this and/or next
       lot                                                                                                   500-750
F172   The matching urn and pedestal                                                                         500-750
F173   Fire grate                                                                                             80-120
F174   Vintage milk can                                                                                        40-65
F175   Small cast iron fire grate                                                                              35-50
F176   Large Persian style carpet                                                                            300-440
F177   Brown leather wing chair                                                                              100-150
F178   Green leather wing chair                                                                              400-650
F179   Painted wall mirror - pheasant decorations                                                              35-50
F180   Antique style cast iron garden pedestal top                                                           240-380
F181   Collection of vintage Australian terracotta plant pots                                                  45-65
F182   White wrought iron armchair and 2 tables                                                                45-65
F183   Potted ficus                                                                                            45-65
F184   Stylish teak garden bench and pair of chairs                                                          200-300
F185   Antique two seater settee                                                                             200-300
F186   glass topped patio table and 4 folding armchairs                                                      140-200
F187   Set of 8 black mesh upholstered outdoor dining chairs                                                 180-280
F188   Vintage American rocker, tapestry seat (probably the Eastern states)                                   75-100
F189   Green metal garden table, 3 chairs and a stool                                                         80-120
F190   White wood and metal patio table and 2 benches                                                          60-85
F191   Oregon wardrobe with drawer below                                                                     200-300
F192   Pair of brass single beds (with wires)                                                                  50-75
F193   Set of 3 bar stools                                                                                     30-50
F194   Queen size upholstered bed head                                                                         30-45
F195   White wood television stand                                                                              5-10
F196   Classic wooden double bed                                                                               30-45
F197   Edwardian green velvet chaise longue                                                                    50-75
F198   Chest of drawers, bedside chest and single bed                                                         90-140
F199   Pair of wooden pedestals                                                                                35-50
F200   Vintage pine kitchen dresser                                                                          300-440
F201   Small antique brass bound chest                                                                         35-50
F202   Handsome antique elm refectory table                                                                 900-1500
F203   Wrought iron garden table and 6 armchairs * ex collection late Len Evans                              300-480
F204   Display cabinet with bowed glass ends                                                                 400-650
F205   Set of 5 antique mahogany dining chairs                                                               240-360
F206   Antique Australian colonial cedar rectangular dining table                                           800-1200
F207   Large cream ground wool carpet                                                                        200-300
 Lot                                                   Description   Estimate
 F208   Vintage 3 door cupboard                                       440-650
 F209   Set of 6 antique mahogany dining chairs                       400-600
 F210   Antique single leaf extension dining table                    300-400
 F211   Two seater settee                                              80-120
 F212   Brown striped 3 seater settee                                   50-75
 F213   Kauri pine two door press                                     100-160
 F214   Pair of Chinese altar 'cabinets' suitable for bedside use     200-300
 F215   Antique scalloped back salon chair                            120-180
 F216   Antique bedroom chair                                           60-85
 F217   Antique bedroom chair                                           30-45
 F218   Folding wooden draughtsman's desk                               20-30
 F219   Yellow swivel desk chair                                        15-25
 F220   Pair of bar stools                                               5-10
 F221   Bentwood chair                                                  20-30
 F222   Antique bentwood chair                                          20-35
 F223   Antique grandmother chair                                     120-180
 F224   Open bookcase, adjustable shelves                             120-180
 F225   Oak framed circular mirror                                      20-30
 F226   Vintage sewing machine                                        100-150
 F227   Tall narrow 4 tier metal and glass stand                      120-180
F227A   Wing mirror dressing table                                    120-180
 F228   Out door patio heater                                         140-200
 F229   Antique bedroom/fireside chair                                  65-90
 F230   Gilt framed mirror                                              60-85
 F231   Pair of antique style bedside cabinets                        120-180
 F232   Two drawer console or serving table                           200-300
 F233   Antique style pedestal with undershelf                          45-65
 F234   Faux bamboo single drawer side table                          140-200
 F235   Vintage maquette upholstered stool                              25-40
 F236   Vintage table or bench                                          20-30
 F237   Wine table                                                      35-50
 F238   Small leather top wine table                                    30-45
 F239   Oval gilt mirror                                                20-30
 F240   Open bookcase with 2 drawers and mirror back                   70-100
 F241   Austrian microscope                                             30-50
 F242   Green leather swivel desk chair                                 65-90
 F243   Vulcan gas heater                                              70-100
 F244   Antique rectangular kitchen or work table                     200-300
 F245   Wine table                                                      35-50
 F246   Large oriental fan                                              35-50
 F247   Four fold oriental table screen                                 30-45
 F248   Oval extension dining table                                     30-45
 F249   Low occasional table                                            20-30
 F250   Painted and rush seated small armchair                         75-100
 F251   Chest of drawers                                               75-100
 F252   Maple bedside cabinet                                           40-65
 F253   Singer sewing machine                                         100-150
 F254   Antique spindle back chair                                      35-50
 F255   Nest of three tables                                            40-65
 F256   Nest of three tables                                            40-65
 F257   Entertainment unit                                              15-25
 F258   Pair of bridge chairs                                           25-40
 F259   Library steps                                                 200-300
Lot                                                  Description             Estimate
F260   Vintage oak coffee table                                                 40-65
F261   Traymobile with removable tray                                          75-100
F262   Two tier table with drawer                                               45-65
F263   Small stool - buttoned cut velvet top                                    20-30
F264   Contemporary glass topped rectangular dining table                       65-90
F265   Black leather swivel desk chair                                         80-120
F266   Vintage brown leather chaise longue                                    200-300
F267   Cream linen 2 seater settee                                              60-85
F268   Cream linen lounge chair                                                80-120
F269   Buttoned brown leather swivel desk chair                               200-300
F270   Green velvet 3 seater settee                                           100-150
F271   Jarrah serving table with fitted cutlery drawer                          50-75
F272   Pair of Australian cedar wardrobes (forming one) -partially antique    300-400
F273   Pair of 'Lisbon' contemporary brown leather and chrome armchairs      750-1000
F274   Leather lounge chair by Integral                                       200-300
F275   Set of 6 Louis style red velvet dining chairs                          180-280
F276   Regency style extension dining table                                   100-150
F277   Persian style runner                                                     45-65
F278   A stuffed man eating saltwater crocodile                              800-1200
F279   Antique tub chair                                                        30-45
F280   Georgian style bedside cabinet with slide                              150-200
F281   Telephone or occasional table                                            45-65
F282   Octagonal top centre table                                               65-90
F283   pair of armchairs, differing upholstery                                  60-85
F284   Vintage maple 3 door wardrobe                                            30-45
F285   Retro telephone table                                                    30-45
F286   Silky oak open breakfront bookcase                                     240-400
F287   Pair of antique American spindle back armchairs                        150-200
F288   Vintage oak rectangular mirror                                           35-50
F289   Shaped circular mirror                                                  75-100
F290   Vintage oval mirror                                                      25-40
F291   Regency style dining suite, sideboard, table and 6 chairs              120-180
F292   Single drawer side table                                                 35-50
F293   Tall narrow chest f drawers with slide                                 220-340
F294   Bedside cabinet                                                          60-85
F295   Magazine tidy and tray                                                   25-40
F296   Vintage singer sewing machine based garden table, white marble top     100-150
F297   Wing mirror dressing table                                               35-50
F298   Folding massage table                                                   75-100
F299   Square occasional table                                                  40-65
F300   Antique kauri pine single mirror door wardrobe                         200-300
F301   Vintage wardrobe                                                       300-400
F302   Brass jardinière on stand                                                40-65
F303   Attractive gilt framed mirror                                          380-500
F304   Antique walnut open arm grandfather chair                              180-280
F305   Handsome antique style lounge chair, beige linen upholstery            300-440
F306   Black lounge chair                                                      80-120
F307   Vintage 3 piece lounge suite                                           140-200
F308   Pair of 2 seater settees                                                 50-75
F309   Cedar dressing table and tapestry stool by Grant                       100-150
F310   Marble top console table                                                90-140
F311   Single bed                                                              75-100
F312   Child's two seater settee                                                40-65
Lot                                              Description                                            Estimate
F313   Wooden valet                                                                                        50-75
F314   Wooden pedestal                                                                                     10-20
F315   Nest of 4 Chinese tables                                                                          200-300
F316   Glass showcase * highest bidder to have choice of this and/or next lot                            200-300
F317   The matching showcase                                                                             200-300
F318   Antique side chair (no seat)                                                                        25-40
F319   Vintage ladder back armchair                                                                        30-45
F320   Wooden towel rail                                                                                   45-65
F321   Shaped oval centre table                                                                           80-120
F322   Set of 6 antique mahogany dining chairs                                                           440-650
F323   Rectangular work table with 2 drawers and brass bound top (partially antique)                     160-240
F324   Antique elm armchair                                                                               90-140
F325   Large Edwardian mirror                                                                             75-100
F326   Edwardian mirror                                                                                    45-65
F327   Nest of 4 Chinese tables                                                                          120-180
F328   Shop counter, tooled green leather top                                                              60-85
F329   Drop side traymobile with drawer                                                                   75-100
F330   Vintage tuba                                                                                        40-65
F331   Cheval mirror                                                                                       45-65
F332   Open bookcase                                                                                       40-65
F333   Vintage circular folding able                                                                       25-40
F334   Contemporary glass topped dining table with 4 chairs and matching occasional table and a stool
F335   Bedside chest of drawers                                                                           80-120
F336   Hallstand and bedside chest                                                                         15-25
F337   Wooden framed dressing mirror                                                                       50-75
F338   Antique walnut sleigh bed, ¾ size                                                                 600-850
F339   Pair of antique Victorian side chairs                                                              90-140
F340   Set of 4 Victorian style chairs                                                                   200-300
F341   Refectory style dining table                                                                      300-400
F342   Serpentine tea table with drawer                                                                  140-200
F343   Pair of Empire style bedside cupboards                                                            180-280
F344   Bedside cabinet with slide, drawer and undershelf                                                   60-85
F345   Brass traymobile with food warmer                                                                   35-50
F346   Low side table with 2 drawers                                                                       60-85
F347   Pair of painted bedside tables                                                                      30-45
F348   Tile top occasional table                                                                            5-10
F349   Antique tin trunk                                                                                   25-40
F350   Antique pine trunk                                                                                160-240
F351   Circular glass topped occasional table                                                              60-85
F352   Vintage bedside cabinet                                                                             45-65
F353   Green painted carpenter's tool box                                                                  50-75
F354   Nest of 3 glass topped tables                                                                       30-45
F355   Nest of 4 smoked glass tables                                                                       20-30
F356   Pair of white painted bedside cabinets                                                              45-65
F357   Brass and glass traymobile                                                                          15-25
F358   Small traymobile with under shelf                                                                   20-30
F359   Chinese carved camphor chest                                                                      160-240
F360   Chinese carved camphorwood chest                                                                  100-150
F361   Antique late Georgian mahogany washstand/serving table with drawers and undershelves                30-45
F362   Antique mahogany serving table/wash stand with drawers and under shelf                           800-1200
F363   Pair of antique hall chairs                                                                       140-200
F364   Edwardian Sheraton style inlaid rosewood writing table                                            650-850
Lot                                            Description                       Estimate
F365 Antique walnut rising top Davenport                                         1000-1500
F366 Antique piano chair                                                          360-500
      LIGHTING - at 4:40 p.m. approx. Sunday
L1    Bronzed metal and stained glass 'fairy' lamp                                120-180
L2    Good antique pair of Oriental Imari jar based table lamps                   300-440
L3    Welsh miner's lamp                                                            40-65
L4    smart Chinese table lamp                                                      60-85
L5    Pair of Gothic style iron candle holders                                     80-120
L6    Turned wooden standard lamp base                                              30-45
L7    Vintage brass veteran car lamp                                                45-65
L8    Tiffany style 'lilies' table lamp (one shade deficient)                     100-150
L9    Pair of gilt and crystal 3 branch wall brackets                             200-300
L10   Alabaster lamp base                                                            5-10
L11   Pair of Baccarat crystal figural candlesticks                               300-440
L12   Baccarat storm candlestick (electrified)                                    180-280
L13   Antique vase lamp base drilled for electricity                               80-120
L14   Figural ceramic side lamp                                                   100-200
L15   Brass bankers lamp                                                            40-60
L16   Brass lamp base - no shade                                                    60-80
L17   Celadon ceramic lamp base                                                     40-60
L18   Black ceramic table lamp                                                      10-20
L19   1950's flying saucer TV lamp                                                  15-30
L20   Students lamp                                                                 20-30
L21   Metal side lamp                                                               15-25
L22   Pair of antique brass candlesticks                                            50-75
L23   Vintage milk glass shade                                                      15-25
L24   Etched glass shade                                                            15-25
L25   Antique kerosene lamp with blue glass reservoir                               50-75
L26   Federation style bras pendant fitting with 5 pink glass shades              200-300
L27   The matching 3 branch fitting                                               120-160
L28   Pair of brass 5 branch pendant fittings, etched shades                      120-180
L29   Deco style 'lady' lamp                                                      280-380
L30   Contemporary 4 globe ceiling light
L31   Alabaster table lamp base                                                     10-20
L32   Retro 'tiled' table lamp base                                                 25-40
L33   Wooden column based table lamp base                                           35-50
L34   Antique banquet lamp with yellow glass reservoir and apricot edged globe    200-300
L35   Pair of two branch wall brackets                                              65-90
L36   Brass standard lamp, gold shade                                               60-85
L37   Pendant hall lantern                                                          40-65
L38   Two boxes of crystal chandelier drops                                        75-100
L39   Three branch brass chandelier                                                80-120
L40   Two vintage light shades                                                      15-30
L41   Ceramic base table lamp                                                       10-20
L42   Cut glass 3 branch wall bracket                                               60-85
L43   Smart turtle shell lamp                                                     200-300
L44   Two similar cut glass basket chandeliers                                      50-75
L45   Pair of Art Nouveau piano sconces                                             30-50
L46   Wooden standard lamp                                                          10-20
L47   Vintage brass swan neck standard lamp                                         60-85
L48   Pair of grey pottery based table lamps                                        45-65
L49   Unusual table lamp                                                            30-45
L50   Chinese vase based table lamp                                                 25-40
Lot                                               Description                     Estimate
L51   Brass column based table lamp                                                  35-50
L52   Cloisonné vase based table lamp                                                25-40
L53   Ceramic based table lamp                                                       15-25
L54   French style pendant ceiling lights                                          200-300
L55   Large metal and glass ceiling pendant                                         80-120
L56   Crystal and gilt chandelier                                                    60-80
L57   Two similar brass standard lamps                                               20-40
L58   Small gold standard lamp                                                       20-40
L59   Brass standard lamp with pink shade                                            40-60
L60   Vintage goose neck standard lamp                                               60-80
L61   Contemporary adjustable standard lamp and shade                                20-40
L62   Pair of brass adjustable standard lamps yellow glass shades                  100-200
L63   Antique style standard lamp                                                    60-80
L64   Two similar ruby glass shades                                                  40-80
L65   Timber standard lamp pink shade                                                60-80
L66   Gilt column lamp base                                                          20-40
L67   Pair of contemporary timber lamps with shades                                  40-60
L68   Box of glass shades                                                            40-60
L69   Antique milk glass oil lamp converted to electricity                           60-80
L70   Antique style brass and marble storm lamp                                      40-60
L71   Three side lamps                                                               35-50
      MISCELLANEA - at 5:30 p.m. approx. Sunday
M1    Antique Regency cross banded mahogany tea caddy complete with mixing bowl   240-360
M2    Antique brass and agate double photo frame                                  200-300
M3    Gilt framed oval oil miniature 'Landscape'                                   80-120
M4    Chinese lady's embroidered black silk coat/dress                             80-120
M5    Two vintage tennis racquets                                                   10-20
M6    Five various stirrup cups                                                     25-40
M7    Four volumes - Arabia, - New Zealand, Sarawak and Napoleon's Horse            10-20
M8    Two volumes- Libraries of Books                                                5-10
M9    Settimio Soprani Three piano accordion                                      200-300
M10   Japanese dagger carved bone sheathe                                           60-85
M11   Japanese ivory figure of a demon and child                                  200-300
M12   Chinese bone model of a Kylon                                                75-100
M13   Ivory netsuke - man carrying a child                                          40-65
M14   Beam balance                                                                  25-40
M15   Antique black silk top hat ( & spare leather hat band)                       80-120
M16   Antique cased conductor's baton                                               40-65
M17   A Seth Thomas metronome                                                       30-45
M18   Opera glasses with telescopic handle                                          30-45
M19   Antique iron kettle                                                           10-20
M20   Stamp album and collection of loose stamps                                    30-50
M21   Framed mark Waugh, signed miniature cricket bat and photo                    75-100
M22   Vintage leather Gladstone bag                                                 25-40
M23   Set of 8 antique French ivory handled table knives                           80-120
M24   Pair of cast iron garden pheasants                                           80-120
M25   Fur coat                                                                      30-50
M26   Cigarette card album                                                          15-25
M27   antique tin tray                                                              30-45
M28   Antique framed photograph of a fun loving lady                                25-40
M29   Vintage wooden tray, chrome gallery and handles                               25-40
M30   Good antique carved wooden frame                                              50-75
M31   Set of 6 onyx demi tasses with small matching bowl                            20-35
Lot                                                Description              Estimate
M32   Vintage electric adding machine                                          10-20
M33   Gilt framed oval oil miniature 'Landscape'                               10-20
M34   Five picture frames                                                      10-20
M35   Cloisonné dish                                                            5-10
M36   Vintage plaster bust of a young child                                    45-65
M37   Art Nouveau plaster bust of a young girl                                 45-65
M38   Large quantity of hardstone fruit                                        60-80
M39   Marble eggs                                                              40-60
M40   Collection of lady's vintage handbags                                   80-120
M41   Pair of large cloisonné pink ground vases                              100-200
M42   Lady's vintage gloves                                                   80-120
M43   Two pairs of binoculars                                                  25-45
M44   Cloisonné charger                                                        40-60
M45   Vintage tablecloths, napkins etc.                                      100-200
M46   Vintage cotton sheets                                                    50-75
M47   Japanese inlaid mother of pearl lacquer ware set                         25-40
M48   Bronze Japanese koro                                                     20-35
M49   Vintage Bakelite 'Totem' game in original box with instructions          40-60
M50   Three Japanese ivory figures                                           100-200
M51   Caved mutton fat jade disc                                               25-40
M52   Vintage Japanese lacquer box                                             10-20
M53   Group of carved hardstone figures                                        50-75
M54   Boxed Lot - cloisonné, vintage icing set, metal fighting cocks etc.      40-60
M55   Three car badges - Royal Navy (2), Sydney Grammar                        25-40
M56   Wooden stationery box                                                    35-50
M57   Small Dutch pewter vase and a pair of glass knobs                         5-10
M58   Small collection of Japanese lacquer ware                                35-55
M59   Tasco pocket telescope in leather case                                   40-60
M60   Grosvenor Solange cutlery set for 8                                      60-80
M61   Turkish brass coffee pot and 6 cups                                      25-40
M62   Collection of framed embroideries                                        50-75
M63   Handsome antique Georgian tea caddy                                    280-400
M64   Framed French ivory mounted miniature of a court beauty                 90-140
M65   Canon 'Ixus' camera                                                       5-10
M66   Two piece agate 'thunder egg'                                            50-75
M67   Chinese carved gilt wood wall pocket                                     35-50
M68   Stainless steel and Pyrex electric bench top food warmer (as new)        60-85
M69   English Picquot Deco bottle                                              40-65
M70   Cloisonné vase                                                           25-40
M71   Three boxes of lady's vintage clothes                                  100-200
M72   Box of vintage shoes                                                     50-75
M73   Box of vintage linen                                                     10-20
M74   Box of vintage dressmaking patterns                                      25-40
M75   Vintage Royal navy dress cape                                          100-200
M76   Vintage men's tails                                                      40-65
M77   Full length lady's fur coat                                            200-300
M78   Lady's mink jacket                                                     100-200
M79   Lady's Astrakhan jacket                                                 80-120
M80   Lady's Astrakhan jacket                                                 80-120
M81   Collection of lady's vintage coats and suits                           100-200
M82   Cornelius Sydney - Lady's full length coat                             100-200
M83   Roll of curtain fabric                                                   30-50
M84   antique mahogany writing slope                                         100-200
Lot                                                   Description                                 Estimate
M85    Vintage kitchen scales                                                                       15-30
M86    Box of odds and ends                                                                         25-40
M87    Boxed Lot -Pewter items timber boxes etc.                                                    40-60
M88    Two boxes of general books                                                                   60-80
M89    Three bottle tantalus frame                                                                 80-120
M90    Small television                                                                             10-20
M91    Wall hanging spoon cabinet                                                                   25-40
M92    Vintage copper kettle, quart pot and 2 brass plaques                                         15-25
M93    Vintage postal scales with imperial weights                                                  25-40
M94    Antique copper kettle                                                                        40-65
M95    Antique Georgian mahogany knife box converted for stationery
M96    Porcupine quill box
M97    Aboriginal ceremonial spear from Bathurst Island
M98    Pair of marble decorative finials
M99    Signed Japanese ivory model of a traditional rural thatched home (together with a photo)
M100   Carved Asian figure together with a dyed stone Buddha                                        25-40
M101   Collection of embroidery and patchwork books                                                 30-50
M102   Collection of auction catalogues                                                             20-30
M103   Ocelot jacket                                                                              200-300
M104   Vintage fur stole                                                                            20-30
M105   Danish fur jacket                                                                            20-30
M106   Fox fur muff                                                                                 10-20
M107   Danish seal coat                                                                             25-40
M108   Dark brown mink jacket                                                                     160-240
M109   Vintage fur coat                                                                             50-75
M110   Danish mink stole                                                                            40-65
M111   Box of scrap fur                                                                              5-10
M112   Two metal photo frames, copper and wood box and a plated comport                             20-30
M113   Chinese 4 panel table screen, hardstone decoration representing the seasons                  40-65
M114   Two wooden picture frames                                                                     5-10
M115   Set of 4 brass fire tools together with a pair of fire dogs                                 75-100
M116   Silvered metal figure                                                                        25-40
M117   Wine dispenser                                                                                5-10
M118   Japanese lacquer box                                                                         20-45
M119   Two cased sets of antler handled carving sets                                                30-50
M120   Native carved wooden crocodile                                                               15-25
M121   Framed antique sampler dated 1821                                                          100-150
M122   Table globe                                                                                  30-45
M123   Horn desk tidy                                                                               30-45
M124   Qantas travel bag                                                                             5-10
M125   Vintage walking stick                                                                        40-65
M126   Bally leather brief case                                                                     20-35
M127   Set of 4 antique furniture castors                                                           15-25
M128   Vintage bowler hat                                                                           20-30
M129   Antique top hat                                                                              30-45
M130   Set of 6 and a set of 4 jelly moulds                                                         10-20
M131   Two pairs of metal shoe trees                                                                 5-10
M132   Pair of leather shin protectors                                                               5-10
M133   Black leather and suede handbag                                                              10-20
M134   Lady's blue Ostrich wallet                                                                   15-25
M135   Two inlaid stone elephants                                                                   25-40
M136   Pair of deer cast iron door stops                                                            15-30
M137   Vintage sterling silver Parker 75 fountain pen in original box                             100-200
Lot                                                  Description                         Estimate
M138   Schaeffer 14 ct gold plated fountain pen in original box                           100-200
M139   Waterman 'Laureaut' fountain pen - with certificate                                  50-75
M140   Volume - Grace Bros catalogue 1913                                                 300-400
M141   Volume - The Ingoldsby legends                                                       40-65
M142   Volume - Lasst Licht Hinein Illustrated by Carl Larsson                              30-45
M143   Pair of antique volumes- Ancient Ironwork                                            40-65
M144   Pair of antique volumes- The Household Guide                                         30-45
M145   Volume-Titanic & Her Sisters                                                         30-45
M146   Set of 6 antique volumes - The World of Today                                        20-30
M147   Two Volumes- Australian Film and Memories                                            20-30
M148   Volume - Art Movement in Australia                                                   20-30
M149   Volume - American Arts, Crafts, Textiles                                             35-50
M150   Nest of 5 Japanese tin canisters                                                     25-40
M151   Three Oriental tea canisters                                                        25-40
M152   Volume- Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam illustrated by Dulac                                40-65
M153   Volume - The Boston Architectural Club                                                5-10
M154   Vintage 'tinsel' picture 'angels'                                                    60-85
M155   Two vintage recipe booklets and a pair of cake tins                                  30-45
M156   Three boxes of horn handled cutlery                                                  15-25
M157   King James bible                                                                      5-10
M158   Framed oval petit point 'Sleeping shepherdess                                       75-100
M159   Antique ivory 'umbrella' needle case                                               120-180
M160   Rare antique Swiss table model music box with 5 interchangeable cylinders         1800-2800
M161   Collection of magic lantern slides including advertising - original wooden case     80-120
M162   Cased antique sovereign scales                                                       50-75
M163   Antique wooden 'dumbbell' form truncheon                                             45-65
M164   Ivory figure- lady musician                                                        300-400
M165   Ivory figure of a goddess                                                          300-400
M166   Ivory figure of a fisherman with his gannets                                       400-650
M167   Three antique weights - 56, 28 & 14 lbs. (half, quarter and one eight cwt.)        120-180
M168   Collection of Britain's lead soldiers and the odd sailor                           200-340
M169   Pair of mask wall appliques                                                        100-150
M170   Pair of cloisonné vases. wooden stands                                               50-75
M171   antique timber framed hand mirror                                                    30-50
M172   Bolt of Thai silk                                                                   80-100
M173   Set of leather Ferrari luggage - 5 pieces                                          300-500
M174   Box of cameras                                                                     100-200
M175   Two Cannon E500 cameras and lenses                                                  60-100
M176   Box of CD's                                                                          20-30
M177   Boxed lot - Dolls, kitchenware, computer games etc.                                  40-60
M178   Much loved vintage teddy                                                             25-40
M179   Tray of heraldic brooches with original price tags (as new)                        100-150
M180   Chinese brass censor and stand                                                     200-300
M181   A pair of Chinese scholar scroll weights, leather with silver inlay                  70-90
M182   Two small Chinese censor/incense burner                                            150-250
M183   Nicely carved, signed, Shou-Shan stone boulder on a hardwood stand                 120-160
M184   Set of 7 ivory figures                                                              80-120
M185   Three Chinese jade items, belt buckle, tiger figure and pendant                    250-350
M186   Antique cast model                                                                   60-80
M187   Boxed lot - bookends camphorwood box, etc.                                           45-65
M188   Brass ship's bell                                                                    25-40
M189   Timber figural wall plaques                                                          15-30
M190   Six walking sticks                                                                   10-20
Lot                                                  Description                      Estimate
M191   Box of Australian pre decimal stamps                                            100-200
M192   Large collection of Australian and world stamps                                  60-80
M193   Six vintage pens including Parker
M194   Vintage lady's hats in Globite suitcase                                          35-55
M195   Four volumes - History of the Second World War - The War at Sea                  40-65
M196   Box of books on the Royal Australian Navy                                       60-100
M197   Three boxes of books - naval, shipping etc.                                    100-200
M198   Seven boxes of books - General                                                 100-200
M199   Three boxes of books - Paperbacks                                                46-60
M200   One box of books - Antiques                                                      25-40
M201   One box of books - Who's who                                                     25-40
M202   One box of books - Art                                                           40-60
M203   One box of books - Records & tapes                                               30-55
M204   Album of postcards 'The Wallace Collection'                                      25-40
M205   Pair of Prada grey wool slacks                                                    5-10
M206   Antique warrant for a Swedish knighthood and a Buckingham Palace letter 1910
M207   Pair of Bally lady's shoes with kitten heels size 36
M208   Dunhill leather tie case and unbranded wallet                                    5-10
M209   Picquot aluminium kettle                                                        30-45
M210   Vintage spelter bust of a moor                                                 200-300
M211   Vintage painted velvet under glass tray
M212   Three blackwood linen gold panels
M213   Marquetry panel of Salome                                                      140-260
M214   Walrus tusk cribbage board                                                     500-700
M215   Whit onyx memo pad                                                               20-40
M216   Georgian burr walnut snuff box                                                  80-120
M217   Quantity of letter to Captain John Tudor Royal Navy c 1863                      80-120
M218   Victorian gun sighting level with broad arrow mark                              60-140
M219   19th century bronze figure group of two fighting cockerels                     120-200
M220   Vintage hand held siren                                                          60-85
M221   Collection of vintage /antique posters and magazines                             45-60
M222   Collection of shells                                                             15-25
M223   Large copper planter, iron handles                                               45-65
M224   Vintage iron boiler and a copper pot                                             20-30
M225   Vintage 'Cairo Ware' silver inlaid copper tray/wall plaque                       50-75
M226   Pair of silvered metal jardinières                                               30-45
M227   Vintage champlevé enamel vase                                                    50-75
M228   Chinese stone axe blade                                                          45-65
M229   Antique copper fuel hod                                                          35-50
M230   Collection of table linen including antique                                      25-40
M231   Pearl grey Saga mink jacket                                                    200-300
M232   Dark brown Saga mink jacket                                                    200-300
M233   Light brown mink jacket                                                        150-200
M234   French rabbit jacket                                                             60-85
M235   Dark brown mink coat                                                           200-300
M236   Mid brown mink coat                                                            200-300
M237   Australian £ 5 note                                                            260-340
M238   Australian £ 10 note                                                           300-400
M239   Five Oriental wooden carvings                                                   75-100
M240   Antique framed metal bas relief of Sir Walter Scott by CRAWFORD                 80-120
M241   Plaster model of a kookaburra                                                    10-20
M242   metal model of a Vespa                                                           15-30
M243   Mixed boxed lot - Cloisonné, glass, bottle coasters etc.                         35-50
Lot                                               Description                      Estimate
M244   Two cane picnic basket part sets                                              60-80
M245   Slab of white marble suitable for pastry                                      15-25
M246   Antique style sextant                                                         40-60
M247   Crane 20" unicycle
M248   Ebony and silver presentation box c1927 with inscription                    200-400
M249   Antique Sheffield plate telescope in case                                   100-200
M250   Cased calorimeter                                                            80-100
M251   Olympus Camera                                                                30-45
M252   antique postal scales                                                         35-50
M253   Knitting needles, rug hook and accessories etc.                               20-30
M254   Lion padlock                                                                  30-50
M255   Sculpture of aborigines in the manner of Ricketts                           400-650
M256   Single bed eiderdown                                                          30-45
M257   Double bed eiderdown                                                          50-75
M258   Two sets of shoe trees                                                        20-30
                                     sale ends at 8 p.m. approx. Sunday
                          Delivery for 1 hour & 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday & Tuesday

                                Acceptances for the August sale from Tuesday

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