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April 2003
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1. A Cultural Strategy for Hartlepool            1-3

2. What is Culture?                               4

3. The Strategy in Context                        5

4. Hartlepool Today                               6

5. Hartlepool's Cultural assets include …………    7 - 10

6. Links with other strategies                  11 - 14

7. Developing the Vision                        15 - 18

8. Vision, Aims and Objectives                  19 - 22

9. Action Plan                                  23 - 42

10. Delivering and Monitoring                     43

11. Glossary of Terms                           44 - 46

April 2003
1.    A Cultural Strategy for Hartlepool

      We think Hartlepool is a special place, and our vision has been developed
      which seeks to express this sentiment……."To create a cultural identity for
      Hartlepool which attracts people to Hartlepool and makes us proud to
      live and work here".

      Our culture is developed from our geography - the sea and the maritime
      influence, our heritage - a recorded settlement for over two thousand years
      and our residents resilience to change.

      Our cultural background gives us a pride in the town and the quality of activity
      that takes place here gives confidence and self-esteem. There is a strong link
      between our quality of life and cultural wellbeing to employment opportunities
      and skills training. Culture has a significant role to play in creating a
      favourable environment for economic regeneration.

      Culture impacts on everyone's daily life, indeed culture has been at the centre
      of Hartlepool‟s dramatic improvement in appearance and development over
      the last ten years. It is important that this continues to create a sustainable
      economy and further enhance our growing reputation as a town with a distinct
      identity within the region.

      This Strategy establishes a context to help Hartlepool residents achieve a
      better future and quality of life and to do this by promoting and celebrating
      everything that culture has to offer.

      We have some tremendous natural and developed assets, foremost being the
      Marina, a lively town centre, the historical Headland and the seaside resort of
      Seaton Carew, all surrounded by the attractive historic villages of Hart, Elwick,
      Dalton Piercy and Greatham. We will continue to develop these to ensure
      Hartlepool is recognised throughout the region as a vibrant and entertaining
      place to visit.

      The Tourism Strategy will help guide the detail and make more of our
      Christian and Anglo Saxon heritage which will bring increased visitors and a
      more attractive ambience to the medieval core of our town on the Headland.

      The development of the St. Hilda's Church Visitor Centre and the Heugh Gun
      Battery have commenced the process which will be supported by developing
      ideas for the Friarage Manor House and making better recreational and
      leisure use of the inner harbour. The Fish Restaurant 'gastro-complex'
      earmarked for the Kafiga Landings seeks to give Hartlepool a premier culinary
      reputation. An ambitious new Headland sports facility will bring substantial
      health and recreation benefits to North Hartlepool.

      The Marina is a success, this will be maintained by further development with
      the objective of securing a „national maritime visitor attraction‟, an enhanced
      future for our most recognised visitor attractions HMS Trincomalee and the
      Historic Quay enabling the town to become a major player as a visitor
      destination. A major hotel development is desirable and actively sought to
      enable more overnight stays and conference business thus adding to our
      economic wellbeing.

April 2003                                                                           1
      The town‟s evening economy has improved beyond recognition, this needs
      further critical mass to ensure sustainability, the development of the Cultural
      Quarter within the Town Centre Strategy will give added focus to Hartlepool‟s
      increasing reputation for its night-life and eating out.         This will be
      complemented by our ambition for our very own Creative Industries Centre,
      which will be a lively contribution to the arts scene and an incubator for new
      industries of the future.

      The rural fringe will contribute improved facilities for the „growing‟ Tees Forest
      at Summerhill and the development of an RSPB Nature Reserve on the
      Greatham and Tees Marshes. A development of some importance, which
      helps develop the visitor mix and creates a wealth of opportunity for resident

      Hartlepool can celebrate like no other! The Maritime Festival will grow in its
      regional impact and will be our major contribution to the 2008 Newcastle and
      Gateshead bid for the Capital of Culture bid.

      Frankly, our ambition knows no bounds, good communications within the
      Tees Valley will help Hartlepool to secure development and become a major
      deliverer of the Tees Valley Vision. Our consultations have resulted in a
      desire for a major attraction within the town, we will actively investigate the
      opportunity for a sub regional events/performance arena and a major indoor
      recreational facility.

      The people of Hartlepool have a tremendous community spirit, the community
      and voluntary sector is noted for its vibrancy and organisation. There is much
      going on in the Borough that we can be proud of, the consultation process
      demonstrated this and helped to point out how much better and more
      appreciated this can be with greater efforts at co-ordination. This we will do.

      The community will directly benefit from Library and Museum service
      development which will give greater life long learning, outreach and social
      inclusion opportunities through the development of the People‟s Network and
      the Renaissance in the Region‟s Museums initiative. It is recognised it is
      important to improve access to learning and information.

      Culture can, of course, be an end in itself. Artistic creativity and sporting
      endeavour allow self-expression and self-fulfilment, furthermore, an
      appreciation of local history and tradition can assist in a sense of place and

      The role of culture is important and the benefit of cultural activity should be
      seen as central to everything that we now do.

April 2003                                                                             2
      The five Cultural Strategy Aims are:-

            To create a strong cultural identity for Hartlepool within the region.

            To celebrate Hartlepool and express that local identity.

            To develop a sustainable cultural economy.

            Increase participation, opportunity for access and diversity.

            Advocate the value of culture in meeting the expressed needs and
             aspirations of the community.

      Culture is firmly at the centre of the towns Community Strategy and it is
      through these initiatives that we will progress.

April 2003                                                                            3
2.    What is Culture?

      The word „Culture‟ will portray different images and activities to everyone,
      although in reality, it is whatever you choose to do in your spare time.

      "Anything you do not have to do to live but have to do to feel alive, its
      what gives meaning to our lives"
                                                         (Francois Matarasso)

      Whatever you do, you do it because it interests you and you want to do it,
      because it makes you feel good, increases self-confidence, gives new skills,
      makes you feel better and fitter.

      The benefit this can give to an individual can also benefit the community in
      which you live and the town as a whole.

      The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has requested every Local
      Authority to produce a Local Cultural Strategy which should demonstrate how
      culture is important and central to our lives and how we can make it better and
      more relevant to the individual community and the social and economic well
      being of Hartlepool.

      Culture can be ………….

      Entertainment       Visiting the cinema, playing bingo, eating out in a
                          restaurant or visiting a local pub or town centre night-

      Arts/Literature     Watching a performance, visiting the art gallery,
                          participating in a local art club class, visiting a library,
                          attending evening classes, playing an instrument or
                          curling up in the chair with a good book!

      Sport               Participating or coaching in sports activity, visiting the
                          leisure centre, playing golf, netball, basketball, rugby,
                          sailing out of the marina, watersports and angling,
                          attending keep-fit sessions.

      Recreation          Walking the promenade, walking in the countryside or the
                          park, attending events, attending a spectator sport,
                          shopping, tending the allotment or leisure gardening.

      Heritage            Visiting museums, historic buildings and archaeological
                          sites, re-enactment groups or historical societies,
                          maritime heritage and conservation areas.

      Tourism             Promoting the town‟s attractions, attracting visitors,
                          creating a critical mass of activity which helps sustain
                          each partner, highlighting Hartlepool as an interesting
                          and exciting place to visit in a regional and national

April 2003                                                                          4
3.    The Strategy in Context

      This is the Cultural Strategy for Hartlepool; however it is closely allied to the
      Tees Valley Cultural Strategy which has been prepared to give an overview
      for the Tees Valley. Its aim is to ensure that, as a sub region, we are well
      placed to secure strategic funding for major projects which seek to benefit
      everyone living and working in the Tees Valley.

      This all helps to deliver the broad objectives of the Regional Cultural Strategy
      which was published in July 2001. There is an integral link with the separate
      Tees Valley Tourism Strategy and the Regional Economic Strategy

      The Hartlepool Cultural Strategy will link the wider objectives of the Tees
      Valley with the expressed desire of the local community in Hartlepool.

      At local level, very specific plans are being developed, such as the Town
      Centre Strategy, Hartlepool Tourism Strategy and individual geographic
      initiatives such as those for the Headland or Seaton Carew. A comprehensive
      matrix of current linkages between existing Plans and Strategies at all levels
      is given on page 13.

April 2003                                                                            5
4.    Hartlepool Today

      Hartlepool is located in the southern part of the North East region, on the
      coast at the eastern end of the Tees Valley and has a significant port facility.
      The A19 passes through the western rural part of the Borough, which contains
      some distinct villages in attractive countryside. It is a compact Borough with a
      population of about 91,000. The town has seen a major transformation over
      the last 10 years, through regeneration programmes and private sector
      investment. The Borough contains major visitor facilities, including a modern
      Marina, a revitalised town centre with a wide range of retail facilities, the
      historic Hartlepool Headland, coastal and estuarine sites of international
      nature conservation importance, significant international business operations
      and major opportunities for investment, especially at the new Queens
      Meadow Business Park, the Marina, Hartlepool Headland, Wynyard and
      Seaton Carew.

      Hartlepool people have a strong sense of identity, the Borough has a strong
      tradition of partnership working, community and voluntary sector activity and
      delivering change.

      We are an important part of the region with strong connections to the
      adjoining districts of Sedgefield and Easington in County Durham and an
      integral part of the Tees Valley Sub Region.

April 2003                                                                           6

5.    Hartlepool’s cultural assets include …….

      Hartlepool has a long history of providing cultural activity. Prior to the
      industrial development of the mid 19th century, the Headland and Seaton
      Carew were noted spa and seaside resorts much favoured for summer
      residence by the gentry of Darlington and Stockton.

      Early 1900‟s North Eastern Railway seaside posters extolling the virtues of
      visiting „Happy Healthful Hartlepool‟ provide continuing evidence of the
      importance and attractiveness of the town‟s main physical attractions: its
      beaches and promenade walks.

      Countryside and Recreation

      Summerhill                                                  The      countryside      and      maritime
                                                                  environment continue to be important,
      Summerhill is a major countryside development on
      Hartlepool‟s doorstep.      Since 1997 the 100-acre         whether it‟s the dunes, denes and little
      Council owned site has been transformed for the
      benefit of conservation and outdoor sports.                 tern colony near Crimdon to the north or
      Key partners working with the Borough Council have
                                                                  the Site of Special Scientific Interest at
      been The Tees Forest, The Forestry Commission and           Seaton and the North Gare. All are
      The Countryside Agency. Major funding support has
      also been secured from the Sport England Lottery            bounded by beaches with water quality
      Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and
      the Countryside Stewardship Scheme.
                                                                  good enough to be awarded Blue flags.
                                                                  Former railway lines have been converted
      A recent award from the Heritage Lottery Fund is
      supporting a three-year programme of education and          into linear walkways which also link up
      interpretation considering the history of the site, notably
      the remains of the Iron Age/Romano British settlement       with the Sustrans national cycle routes.
      of Catcote Village. With a new Visitor Centre and ever
      expanding programme of activities, including a „Friends
                                                                  The inclusion of the rural fringe within the
      of Summerhill‟ group, Summerhill is set to be a unique      Tees Forest has brought major tree
      attraction for Hartlepool and the Tees Valley region for
      many years to come.                                         planting opportunities, Burn Valley Family
                                                                  Wood      and    the     development       of
      Summerhill, which introduces active participatory sport and recreation into a
      country setting, the high rope frame, climbing boulders and BMX track are not
      what one may expect to find in a rural setting.

      The traditional public parks are receiving much overdue attention to reverse
      years of decline. Ward Jackson Park has been restored to its former glory
      with contemporary additions, following a £2 million restoration. Rossmere
      Park has been similarly improved. Both have active „friends‟ who seek to
      incorporate high profile events into the annual calendar. The Burn Valley is
      high on the list for renovation and the Borough‟s network of footpaths and
      bridleways is now 95% signed and accessible.

      The town has almost 1100 allotment gardens which represents one of the
      highest provisions per 1000 population in the North East and reflects a keen
      allotment gardening culture within the town.


      The visual arts scene is served by the Hartlepool Art Gallery, a purpose
      designed conversion of Christ Church which now provides a splendid
      temporary exhibition venue, Tourist Information Centre and viewing tower.
      This is complemented by a new gallery at English Martyrs School which has
      Arts College status and the continued vibrancy of product bursting forth from
      the Cleveland College of Art and Design in Church Square.

April 2003                                                                                                   7
      Tees Dance Initiative                                      The Town Hall Theatre is a 400 seat
      Teesdance Initiative is a small contemporary dance
                                                                 performing arts space, well used by the
      organisation established in 1999, with a remit to          community, but also hosting a varied and
      engage local people, particularly the young, in dance
      opportunities and to facilitate workshops and              accessible      professional      theatre
      performances by professional dancers in the area.
                                                                 programme including drama, ballet,
      TDI has been joint funded by four Tees Valley Local        contemporary dance, comedy and light
      Authorities including Hartlepool, which also provides
      accommodation in the Town Hall Theatre as „in kind‟        entertainment.
      support. This assistance has enabled TDI to engage
      with hundreds of participants in the area and provided
                                         The Studio provides a lively venue for
      a platform for TDI to pursue independent status in
                                         local music, with a seven-day week
      programme for all tastes and a platform for new bands. It has a suite of
      recording studios and provides training and facilities for new groups and the
      unwaged. This is complemented by Dyke House Secondary School Music

      Creative Communities                                       The newly refurbished Borough Hall
      „Creative Communities‟ (2000/1) was an initiative that     provides an unrivalled venue for major
      sought to address the lack of creative opportunities
      available to children in Hartlepool‟s disadvantaged
                                                                 events being able to accommodate over
      communities, using the resources of the Arts and           1200 patrons to concerts, snooker
      Museums Service as a catalyst.
                                                                 tournaments,       televised       boxing
      More than 800 pupils from 12 schools benefited from
      the scheme, which provided free travel and facilitated
                                                                 championships and community dances. It
      visits/handling sessions at the museum, looking at the     also hosts occasional television and radio
      process of creativity in local artefacts. The children
      then worked with artists in a range of media to produce    programmes such as Question Time and
      an exhibition at the Art Gallery on their perceptions of
      Hartlepool‟s cultural heritage.                            Any Questions.

      The network of Youth Centres and Community Centres will shortly be joined
      by newly converted “Spaces for Sports and Arts” in four primary schools
      which extend the cultural facilities for Hartlepool‟s thriving voluntary and
      community sector.


      Hartlepool is home to Hartlepool United Football Club based at Victoria Park
      which has seen considerable investment in recent years. Football as a sport
      is thriving at local level with 72 teams battling it out in local leagues. Rugby is
      well supported, West Hartlepool having achieved professional status in recent
      years, supported by many quality teams, including great rivals Hartlepool

      Hartlepool Cricket Club play in the highly regarded North Yorkshire and South
      Durham League and have hosted several first class Durham County Cricket
      Club games prior to the County side developing its own ground at Chester-le-

      The town boasts three golf courses within its boundaries, two highly prized
      links courses at Seaton Carew and Hartlepool and a newly developed pay
      and play course at Throston. „Oakesway‟ netball club has achieved a national
      profile with several junior and senior players gaining international recognition.

      Other sports, hockey, archery, tennis, indoor bowls, are well represented with
      their own clubs. The town has an outdoor bowls consortium supported by the
      local authority, which manages 46 teams playing on 11 greens.

April 2003                                                                                                8
      Teesside Sport                                              Recreational and Leisure sports are now well
                                                                  catered for by private gymnasiums and fitness
      Teesside Sport sets out to promote a spirit of co-
      operation amongst all organisations interested in sports    centres, an in-line roller skating rink and ten-
      development, to co-ordinate sports development
      planning and delivery in the Tees Valley. The
                                                                  pin bowling alley; together with snooker and
      partnership includes the local authorities of Hartlepool,   pool clubs which are part of national chains.
      Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and Stockton;
      Sport England; Higher and Further Education; National
      Governing Bodies of Sport and sportscoachUK.                Mill House Leisure Centre is the major sports
      Active sports, including a Partnership Youth Games for      complex for the town, providing a 331/3 metre
      Teesside held annually, is one of the sports
      development initiatives adopted by Teesside Sport. It
                                                                  swimming pool with diving facilities, a 57
      is funded through the Partnership and the Sport             metre flume and a training pool. These
      England Lottery Fund to implement five-year
      development plans for a number of sports. Over the
                                                                  facilities are complemented by a main hall,
      lifetime of this programme, the Partnership will receive    catering for a full range of events as well as
      in excess of £1.5 million that will provide a major
      change in the way in which we provide sport for young       sporting activities, squash courts, a fitness
      people, through better coaching, clubs, competitions        suite and a floodlit outdoor area which
      and better players.
                                                                  contains the newly opened Skateboard/BMX

      Eldon Grove Sports Centre, although smaller, has facilities for indoor and outdoor
      use, fitness suites and is home to Hartlepool Sportability Club. Brierton School and
      Community College has achieved Sports College status providing high quality
      sporting training facilities.

      These facilities are well supported by the Sports Development Team, who ensure
      that a wide range of sporting activities are available at facilities throughout the town.


      Evidence of the town‟s rich heritage is found throughout the Borough. The natural
      environment has shaped settlement patterns and economic development through
      fishing, a safe harbour, railways and docks. The whole story is comprehensively told
      within the award winning Museum of Hartlepool complete with its own Hartlepool-built
      paddlesteamer, PSS Wingfield Castle.

      Hartlepool‟s Headland is an historical gem, with Saxon and earlier finds, a medieval
      church in St. Hilda‟s and the remnants of the Medieval Town Wall. The Saxon
      church at Hart Village and early medieval churches at Elwick and Stranton underpin
      the Christian legacy in the area. The Victorian „New Town‟ of West Hartlepool
      remains distinctly different in style and physical layout to the medieval intricacies of
      the Headland.

      The town‟s visitor economy has turned full circle, with the new Marina being very
      much the focal point for regeneration. The Marina is the site of Hartlepool‟s new
      visitor attractions, the Museum of Hartlepool, Hartlepool Historic Quay and the
      world‟s second oldest warship afloat, HMS Trincomalee (1817). Trincomalee has
      undergone full restoration and is now attracting increasing numbers of visitors and
                                                                the Trust is now looking to expand with its
      Townscape Heritage Initiative
                                                                own visitor centre. The Marina is a focus for
      The Townscape Heritage Initiative is specifically aimed   the town‟s watersports activity, the Diving
      towards regeneration of the Headland, the towns most
      important and largest conservation area, by targeting and Club, the Yacht Club and the focus for the
      improving vacant listed buildings.                        new evening economy which boasts
      The scheme benefits from a £1M grant from the Heritage    increasing numbers of restaurants, eateries
      Lottery Fund matched by £6.2M of North Hartlepool         and wine bars, all of which complement the
      Partnership funding. The £7.2M budget is established to
      encourage restoration and funding new uses for the        well established and popular town centre
      Headlands Listed Buildings, improve the built
      environment and contribute to increased tourism through
                                                                pubs, wine bars and night clubs in Church
      appropriate uses.                                         Street and Victoria Road. A seven screen
      cinema and separate major bingo entertainment complex complete the leisure scene.

April 2003                                                                                                      9
      Libraries and Communities

                                                                 Hartlepool Central Library houses the
      Maritime Festival                                          town‟s main library with reference and
      The Festival originated in 2000 as Hartlepool‟s            children‟s services and is the hub for the
      Millennium celebration and was the largest participatory
      arts event organised in Hartlepool, involving 23           six branch libraries and the Mobile and
      community groups and 28 schools in the creation of
      props, street decoration and costume for an 800 strong
                                                                 Book Bus provision. All libraries offer
      procession around the Marina. The Festival focused on      free broadband access to the Internet,
      the vibrant past, present and future of Hartlepool‟s
      maritime heritage.                                         through the People‟s Network and have
      Now established on a biennial basis, the 2002 Festival     printing and scanning facilities for public
      focussed on raising awareness of cultural diversity in the
      Borough, and a strong partnership developed with The
                                                                 use.     The library service supports
      Circle of Life, who delivered workshops and                Lifelong Learning initiatives, promotes
      performances across a wide range of cultural activities.
                                                                 equal access to knowledge and
      In 2008, the Festival is expected to contribute to the
      Newcastle Gateshead Capital of Culture celebrations.
                                                                 information for all sectors, especially
                                                                 disadvantaged users and is a key
      partner in many related initiatives. The Central Library commenced opening
      on Sundays with the support of New Deal for Communities to provide family
      learning opportunities. Collaboration projects include the Hartlepool Maritime
      Resource, a partnership between Hartlepool Borough Libraries, Hartlepool
      Museums Service and Teesside Archives, to create an exciting and
      accessible web-based learning resource, focussing on Hartlepool‟s important
      maritime history and development. The project is funded through the New
      Opportunities Fund and is part of the PortCities UK Consortium led by the
      National Maritime Museum.

      Hartlepool‟s events are focussed on supporting communities, e.g. Headland
      Carnival, Greatham Feast, providing a safe venue for the traditional fireworks
      display and developing a major regional festival, the biennial Maritime
      Festival. This is held in the Hartlepool Marina, seeks to be inclusive and
      multi-cultural and is a key event in the town‟s support for the Newcastle-
      Gateshead Initiative bid for Capital of Culture in 2008.

      The Studio                                                  The foregoing cultural activities are
      The Studio, is an independent community organisation
                                                                  complemented by a plethora of
      which aims to provide easy access to high quality           additional event and workshop activity
      recording, rehearsal, training and performance facilities
      for the community of Hartlepool and especially for          which seeks to ensure that our services
      unwaged people.
                                                                  are inclusive. The Arts Development
      The project was established in 1981 aimed at tackling       Team regularly engage in cross sector
      some of the problems associated with high
      unemployment in the town, especially amongst young          working as do the Authority‟s Youth
                                                                  Service and Sports Development teams.
      The project relocated near to the centre of town in 1998
      following a £1 m refurbishment of a previously derelict old
                                                                  The Community Development Section
      Baptist Church and has grown in popularity to become a      has been instrumental in ensuring an
      centre of regional significance.
                                                                  awareness and development of the
      The current facilities include three recording studios, two
      rehearsal rooms, training in sound recording, live sound
                                                                  “Circle of Life” group which ensures the
      engineering, MIDI and DJ skills, a 200 capacity live music  town‟s ethnic and minority groups are
      venue (with bar and sandwich bar) and a diverse
      programme of events including indie, blues, rock, dance,    now included in mainstream activities.
      drum & bass, R&B, hip-hop, folk, jazz, punk and comedy.
                                                                  The towns Asian Community have
      In providing a live music platform for local musicians, it
      demonstrates the project‟s strong commitment to „grass
                                                                  established the Salaam Centre which is
      roots‟ music and provides opportunities for participants    developing as a conduit for expanding
      and audience alike.
                                                                  access into the wider community. The
      annual Community Awards Scheme and Sports Personality of the Year
      awards ensure that those people and organisations, often working unseen,
      are given full credit and encouragement and held as an example to others.

April 2003                                                                                               10
6.    Links with other Strategies ……..

      The development of this strategy has drawn upon the guidance published by
      the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (January 2002) and incorporates
      the requirements of the Best Value Key Performance Indicator for the
      adoption of a Local Cultural Strategy by December 2002.

      The Local Cultural Strategy fits into a hierarchy of Strategic Regional thinking.
      The DCMS sponsored advisory body „Culture North East‟ was established in
      1999 with a remit to ensure culture and creativity have a strong regional voice.
      This body co-ordinated the production of the Regional Cultural Strategy
      published in July 2001.

      Regional Cultural Strategy

      The Regional Cultural Strategy presents a cultural vision for the region and
      seeks to ensure that the distinctive culture of the North East is valued and
      celebrated. It provides an ambitious and challenging framework within which
      the cultural potential of the North East can develop and mature over the next
      10 years with regional organisations working together.

      The Regional Cultural Strategy Aims and Objectives have been fully endorsed
      by Hartlepool Borough Council.

      Importantly the aim and objectives of the Regional Cultural Strategy support
      those of the Regional Economic Strategy „Unlocking our Potential‟.

      Tees Valley Cultural Strategy

      At sub-regional level, Hartlepool has strong linkages with its neighbouring
      authorities within the Tees Valley Partnership which will play a key role in
      delivering the sub regional economic development and regeneration agenda.

      The development of a Vision for the Tees Valley resulted in the production of
      a number of studies and strategies. There are three which are relevant in this
      context – the Tees Valley Economic Strategy, The Tees Valley Tourism
      Strategy and the Tees Valley Cultural Strategy.

      The Tees Valley Cultural Strategy has been developed in partnership with the
      Tees Valley Local Authorities – Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar
      and Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees.

      The fundamental and long-term aim of the Tees Valley Cultural Strategy is to
      change the culture of the area and not just deliver a strategy for the
      development of cultural facilities and assets.

April 2003                                                                           11
      The three main objectives of the Strategy are: -

         Strengthen existing and important cultural assets of the Tees Valley
         Facilitate the provision of new cultural assets
         Undertake the above in a manner that promotes economic renaissance

      The Strategy seeks to tackle issues of self-esteem, aspirations,
      entrepreneurship and social inventiveness as well as addressing the
      important issues of place marketing, image improvements, employment
      creation and social inclusion.

      The Tees Valley Cultural Strategy identifies 12 specific project areas for
      action. These projects are designed to have an impact across the sub region
      irrespective of where they may be based and this Local Cultural Strategy
      reflects these projects. In summary the projects are: -

      Short Term Projects:

         A1 - Tees Valley Maritime and Coastal Trail Experience – Building on
         A2 - Media and Tees Valley Television – communicating and building local
         A3 - Tees Valley Events and Marketing Agency - making it count
         A4 - Cultural Industries Support Network - bringing new jobs and services.

      Medium Term Projects:

         B1 - The Virtual Reality Hemispherium – iconic building of the future
         B2 - Excellence in and Through Sports – working and playing
         B3 - Design and Environmental Improvement – making quality “work”
         B4 - Visual and Digital Arts Cluster – new ways of seeing
         B5 - Strengthening Community Networks – engaging and responding

      Long Term Projects:

         C1 - Performing Arts Cluster – harnessing the creative potential
         C2 - Tees Valley Cultural Education Partnership – raising aspirations
         C4 - Engineers of the Imagination – Pride in place and confidence in the

      Local Context

      The Tees Valley Vision has identified Hartlepool as pivotal to the success of
      the “Coastal Leisure and Tourism Belt” encouraging investment and
      development of the Tourism, Leisure and Wildlife potential. The existing
      Single Programme bidding round which includes the “Coastal Arc” in
      partnership with Redcar & Cleveland and the Maritime and Coastal Trail
      Theme of the Tees Valley Cultural Strategy builds on this pre-existing
      strength. The vision seeks to encourage further investment to help provide a
      self sustaining critical mass to Hartlepool‟s tourism and cultural economy.

April 2003                                                                        12
      Hartlepool Partnership (Local Strategic Partnership)

      Culture and Leisure are specifically reflected within the Hartlepool Community
      Strategy and Vision providing a common framework and overall direction for
      the Hartlepool Partnership and the Borough Council.

      The Community Strategy has seven priority aims which seek to improve all
      aspects of life in the Borough.

      1.     Jobs and the Economy
             Develop a more enterprising, vigorous and diverse local economy that
             will attract investment, be globally competitive and create more
             employment opportunities for local people.

      2.     Lifelong Learning and Skills
             Help all individuals, groups and organisations realise their full potential,
             ensure the highest quality opportunities in education, lifelong learning
             and training, and raise standards of attainment.

      3.     Health and Care
             Ensure access to the highest quality health, social care and support
             services, and improve the health, life expectancy and well-being of the

      4.     Community Safety
             Make Hartlepool a safer place by reducing crime, disorder and fear of

      5.     Environment and Housing
             Secure a more attractive and sustainable environment that is safe,
             clean and tidy, a good infrastructure, and access to good quality and
             affordable housing.

      6.     Culture and Leisure
             Ensure a wide range of good quality, affordable and accessible leisure
             and cultural opportunities.

      7.     Strengthening Communities
             Empower individuals, groups and communities, and increase the
             involvement of citizens in all decisions that affect their lives.

      The Hartlepool Culture and Leisure Partnership is the thematic partnership
      for culture and leisure. This partnership is in its formative stages and is seen
      as the co-ordinating body for overseeing the delivery of this Strategy within
      the Borough on behalf of the Hartlepool Partnership.

      Opportunities for culture and leisure add greatly to the richness and diversity
      of neighbourhood life, so it is important that a wide range of accessible
      facilities and opportunities are on offer to promote greater involvement in
      leisure and cultural activities. They provide a creative outlet and can be a
      powerful tool in tackling economic and social inclusion. Access to, and
      availability of culture and leisure facilities is a significant attraction for tourists.

April 2003                                                                                 13
 National Strategies, e.g.                                    Strategic Context
  Dept Culture, Media, Sport Policies                  Linkages Between Strategies
  Lottery Strategies                                            and Plans
  PAT 10 Report
  Creative Industries Policy
  Urban and Rural White Papers                                                                   Hartlepool Borough Council Strategies and
  National Strategy for Neighbourhood                                                            Plans, e.g.
  EAZs, HAZs, SAZs                                                                               Corporate
                                                                                                   Hartlepool Best Value Performance Plan
                                                                                                   Corporate Performance Assessment
                                                                                                   Annual Library Plan
 Regional Strategies and Plans, e.g.                                                               Community Safety Strategies
                                                                                                   Education Development Plans
    Regional Cultural Strategy                                                                    Health Improvement Programmes
    Regional Economic Strategy (ONE)                                                              Local Development Plan
    North East Sports Strategy                                                                    Local Transport Plans
    Single Programming Document                                                                   Race Relations and Cultural Diversity
    Regional Transport/Tourism Strategy                                                              Strategy
    Lottery Distributors Regional Strategies
                                                      Hartlepool Local Cultural Strategy
                                                                                                  Other Non-Statutory Plans, e.g.
    Regional Cultural Agencies/Plans/                                                             Local Agenda 21 Strategies
     Strategies (Sports Boards, Regional Arts                                                      Economic Development
     Council, Tourist Boards, NEMLAC)
                                                                                                   Community Services Department Annual
                                                                                                      Service Plan
                                                                                                   Best Value Reviews ~ Sport & Recreation
                                                                                                      and Archaeology Improvement Plans
                                                Hartlepool Key Partnerships and Plans              Sport and Recreation Strategy
 Sub Regional Partnerships and Plans
                                                                                                   Play Strategy
                                                   Hartlepool Partnership (LSP)                   Individual Service Plans ~ Arts, Museums
    Tees Valley Partnership                       Community Strategy                                and Events, Sport and Recreation,
    Tees Valley Economic Development
                                                   Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy                    Community Development, etc.
                                                   New Deal for Communities (West Central         Hartlepool Tourism Strategy
    Tees Valley Tourism Strategy                   Hartlepool)                                    Headland Tourism Strategy
    Tees Valley Cultural Strategy
                                                   North Hartlepool Partnership, SRB Programme    Seaton Carew Tourism Strategy
    Tees Forest Plan                              Owton Rossmere Partnership, SRB Programme      Heritage Economic Regeneration Strategy
    Teesside Sport                                Hartlepool Culture and Leisure Partnership     Hartlepool Town Centre Strategy
    Tees Valley Vision                                                                            Port Estate Master Plan
                                                   Hartlepool Access Group
                                                   Hartlepool Community Network
                                                   Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency
                                                   Hartlepool Sure Start Partnerships
                                                   Hartlepool Racial Harmony Forum
                                                   Hartlepool Community Safety Partnership

April 2003                                                                                                                                     14
7.    Developing the Vision

      In developing the Strategy, a comprehensive analysis of all culturally related
      service plans, consultation questionnaires and Viewpoint 1000 panel returns
      has helped give a comprehensive picture of what the resident and visitor find
      attractive, enjoyable and satisfying about living in Hartlepool.

      Key issues have emerged from the overview of cultural activities and these
      are documented below.       In addition, this was complemented by a
      commissioned report, which focussed on community groups within the well-
      developed voluntary sector. This research was commissioned with the
      assistance of the Community Empowerment Fund.

      Analysis Results ~ Key Issues

      Visual Arts/Performing Arts

      The overview suggests relatively low proportions of residents visit galleries in
      general, despite this, the Art Gallery in Hartlepool has favourable attendance
      levels in comparison with similar venues elsewhere and is identified as a
      resource that would seem to have the potential for greater cultural and social
      inclusion opportunities. Uninteresting activities and a lack of information are
      the most commonly cited barriers to meeting expressed needs, and as an
      imbalance in cultural wellbeing emerges from the overview in respect of the
      visual arts, it is identified as a key strategic issue.

      The overview also identified an imbalance in cultural wellbeing from the
      performing arts. Whilst only relatively low proportions of residents go to see a
      performance, the majority of these are to performing arts venues outside

      This suggests an opportunity to expand the audience for venues within
      Hartlepool. The most significant barriers are a perceived lack of facilities,
      uninteresting activity and a local lack of information. With low current “usage/
      participation”, but a high level of „interest‟ there remains excellent potential for
      development of theatre and performing venues in Hartlepool.

      The perceived lack of adequate marketing for cultural venues and activities is
      identified as a key strategic issue.


      Poor health is a reason given by many respondents to explain why they are
      prevented from participating in cultural activities in which they have an
      interest. There may be a physical impairment which precludes undertaking
      the activity e.g. sport/exercise. In other cases a physical or mental condition
      may an effective barrier to attendance at an event.

      However, not all problems will be severe disabilities and some claims by
      respondents of „poor health‟ may be excuses (perhaps to themselves) for non-
      participation. Relatively low proportions say they suffered poor health in the
      context of some activities e.g. going to the cinema or performance arts.

April 2003
      There is a wide range of personal health problems, and individual
      circumstances differ. For policy purposes suitable links with local health
      strategies may prove useful in treating this as a key strategic issue.


      A reason for non-participation which occurs consistently across most category
      headings is the expense of gaining access to an activity or, less frequently,
      the expense of getting to an activity. Spending at a location e.g. eating out at
      a restaurant, is probably included and expense is of little importance only
      where access is free.

      In Hartlepool a relatively high proportion of residents are dependent on
      benefits and a significant number of others survive on low incomes. Social
      inclusion may be particularly important to the participation of these groups in
      many cultural activities. The cost to individuals and families of participating in
      cultural activities is a key strategic issue.

      Uninteresting Activities Locally

      This was a barrier identified in the analysis for several activities in which
      respondents expressed an interest – sport/exercise; going out to a town
      centre pub/club or a local pub/club; art galleries; and performance arts.
      Where the activity generates significant number of trips out of Hartlepool it is
      probable that respondents have clear alternatives to local attractions in mind
      e.g. seeing a play. In other cases respondents may not have a clear idea of
      „interesting activities‟.

      Some people may not be sufficiently aware of local activities to make an
      effective judgement but assume them to be uninteresting, perhaps from
      hearsay. The perception that several activities are uninteresting locally is a
      key strategic issue that requires addressing through the local cultural strategy.


      Information has been touched upon in considering other key issues but it is
      also identified in its own right. Lack of information was mentioned specifically
      and frequently as a reason for non-participation in several cultural activities –
      sports/exercise; art galleries; museums/heritage; live music; opera etc. and

      Information has a key part to play in coherent cultural provision, especially
      where many public agencies and private, voluntary and community sectors
      are involved. If people do not know about an activity, a linked activity or
      where they are housed they cannot attend. Even if they know about it they
      may assume it is „not for them‟. In various dimensions, information may be
      crucial to removing several barriers and it is a key strategic issue.

      Cross Cutting Issues

      A local cultural strategy can be expected to demonstrate „joined up‟ thinking
      across cultural activities. Relationships between activities emerge from the

April 2003                                                                            16
      analysis, for example „walking‟ links parks/recreation with participation in
      sport/exercise; museums/heritage is linked to conservation areas and
      Summerhill. The process of strategy development must act as a catalyst to
      identifying and forging other links.

      Links to Other Strategies

      A Local Cultural Strategy requires links with regional and sub-regional cultural
      strategies and with the Hartlepool Community Strategy. Establishing links to
      other strategies (e.g. health) and making these links effective in delivering real
      benefits is also desirable. Identifying this as a key strategic issue can help to
      specify relevant processes through consultation.

      To illustrate through an example, museums and heritage sites are vital to the
      success of the tourism sector in Hartlepool. Heritage attractions may need to
      be enhanced in future to maintain and increase visitor numbers and new
      attractions may need to be developed. Both residents and visitors would be

      Similarly, feeling safe from crime and vandalism is important to enjoying
      cultural activities.  This was mentioned specifically in the context of
      parks/recreation and may be relevant to others e.g. public art.

      Community and Voluntary Sector Consultation

      The study has highlighted the important role the Voluntary/Community Sector
      has in the development and delivery of cultural activities in Hartlepool. It has
      confirmed a general willingness for co-operation between the voluntary sector,
      the Council and other partner bodies to improve service.

      Key issues have been identified, namely: -

         A need for a comprehensive directory on the community premises,
          facilities and resources available in Hartlepool. The outcome would be
          better use of existing facilities and increased co-operation between

         The development of an effective network/forum to enable cultural sector
          groups the opportunity to share information through a series of regular
          thematic meetings, leading to better co-operation, increased planning and

         Venue hire costs were identified as a perceived barrier to many, and a
          desire emerged for a standardised series of charges to facilities.
          Increased awareness of what is available at subsidised community rates
          would be helpful. The expansion of concessionary charges to charging
          cultural activities to the voluntary sector was desired.

         A desire to be consulted on the opportunities for alternative methods of
          use when improvements and re-developments are planned, including the
          adaptation of new spaces and non-traditional venues. A review of existing
          provision is required.
April 2003                                                                            17
         A recognition that the quality of sports facilities is a problem, with a marked
          contrast between the flagship developments and older facilities. Support
          for action to redevelop the older sites.

         A recognition that many community facilities suffer as targets for
          vandalism, leading to security measures and repairs that have left
          unsightly and non-welcoming facilities. In addition, a perception of safety
          in parks and car parking areas giving cause for concern in terms of current
          security measures. A desire to be involved in discussions regarding
          solutions and examples of good practice elsewhere.

         Closer links between cultural and health initiatives was seen as a key
          issue. Whist there was a willingness to participate, groups expressed that
          there was a lack of information about how they could do this. A desire for
          the voluntary sector to be represented at discussions for new initiatives
          which link culture and health activities.

         Community groups expressed great concern regarding their ability to
          continue to recruit new members and retain existing volunteers. The
          solutions included better induction, support and long term training
          programmes for volunteers, targeting of volunteers who can offer specialist
          skills e.g. marketing and fundraising. The possible role for Millennium
          Volunteers to act as a conduit to recruit younger people to cultural

         General lack of confidence in securing positive responses from the media
          regarding voluntary activities. Action needs to be taken to support and
          train voluntary groups involved in cultural activities to access the local,
          regional and national media. Some specific concerns emerged regarding
          adequate representation within the local press. Training will assist in
          gaining positive coverage and there is a need for local press to be more
          proactive in covering cultural activities.

         A call from the voluntary sector, particularly heritage groups, to be involved
          in the process of commissioning site specific pieces of public art, viewed
          as necessary to improve local significance of the artwork to improve local

      The challenge for this Strategy is to ensure that all partners work together to
      address the identified issues.

      The key issues identified within the consultation process have been
      incorporated within the resulting Action Plan and combine with the current
      strategic projects emerging from existing strategies and the Tees Valley
      Cultural Strategy to achieve a vision for Hartlepool.

      In essence, everything that we seek to achieve will be delivered through the
      Culture and Leisure Partnership and will contribute to the aims of the
      Community Strategy which has been developed and approved by the
      Hartlepool Local Strategic Partnership.

April 2003                                                                             18
8.    The Vision, Strategic Aims and Objectives

      The development of the vision, strategic aims and objectives takes account of
      where Hartlepool wants to be in the region and sub-region and the expressed
      cultural needs, demands and aspirations of the local community.

      The strategic framework outlined below stems from these local aspirations
      and is expected to have a positive impact on Hartlepool and its residents. It is
      an overarching document for the many plans and strategies which will
      embrace the actions outlined and commit to ensure delivery. The resulting
      Action Plan is the first step towards realising the vision: -

      "To create a cultural identity for Hartlepool which attracts people to
      Hartlepool and makes us proud to live and work here".

      The Strategic Aims and Objectives will work towards achieving this Vision.
      Against each objective are a number of actions and timescales for delivery.
      The timescales being: -

              Short term; within 18 months (October 2004)
              Medium term; within 3 years (March 2006)
              Long term; within 5 years    (March 2008)

      Hartlepool‟s current rejuvenation has been dramatic, changing the face of the
      town and attracting more and more regional attention. It is important that this
      continues, to create a sustainable economy and further enhance our growing
      reputation as a town with a distinct identity within the region.

      In order to maximise our potential the following five main Aims and Objectives
      have been created: -

      Aim 1

      To create a strong cultural identity for Hartlepool within the region.


         Develop and promote an effective image for Hartlepool.
         Preserve and develop Hartlepool‟s built and natural assets and use them
          to promote local culture and heritage.
         Improve the promotion of our existing facilities and activities.

April 2003                                                                          19
      Aim 2

      To celebrate Hartlepool and express that local identity.


         Ensure that cultural provision is a key factor in community development
          and capacity building initiatives.
         Increase opportunities for celebrating Hartlepool and its cultural heritage.

      Aim 3

      To develop a sustainable cultural economy.


         Encourage the provision of key cultural facilities and identify opportunities
          to develop relevant visitor attractions.
         Develop existing cultural facilities to improve their impact at regional, sub-
          regional and community levels.
         Enhance the contribution that the cultural dimension and initiatives make
          to urban regeneration and the built environment.
         Encourage the establishment and growth of cultural sector businesses and
          the development of the town‟s evening economy.

      Aim 4

      Increase participation, opportunity for access and diversity.


         Remove barriers and open doors to cultural opportunities for all.
         Celebrate diversity, promote equality of opportunity for all in cultural
         Value and encourage the voluntary and community sector in the delivery
          of cultural pursuits.
         Ensure that residents have good access to information and cultural
          facilities, within their neighbourhood.

April 2003                                                                            20
      Aim 5

      Advocate the value of culture in meeting the expressed needs and
      aspirations of the community.


         Develop the capacity of schools to use culture as a vehicle to raise
          achievement and support engagement.
         Encourage people to discover new ways of learning and realise their full
         Ensure the Leisure and Culture Theme Partnership is led cohesively and
          championed comprehensively.

April 2003                                                                           21

                                                        Jobs and         Life Long       Health and   Community     Environment      Culture and     Strengthening
                                                        Economy        Learning/Skills     Care         Safety      and Housing       Leisure        Communities

Aim 1
To create a strong cultural identity for Hartlepool
within the region.

Objectives                                             1a, 1b, 1c         1b, 1c            1b         1a, 1b       1a, 1b, 1c       1a, 1b, 1c       1a, 1b, 1c

Aim 2
To celebrate Hartlepool and express that local

Objectives                                               2a, 2b           2a, 2b            2a           2a           2a, 2b           2a, 2b           2a, 2b

Aim 3
To develop a sustainable cultural economy.

Objectives                                            3a, 3b, 3c, 3d   3a, 3b, 3c, 3d     3a, 3b      3a, 3b, 3c   3a, 3b, 3c, 3d   3a, 3b, 3c, 3d   3a, 3b, 3c, 3d

Aim 4
Increase participation, opportunity for access
and diversity.

Objectives                                             4a, 4c, 4d      4a, 4b, 4c, 4d    4a, 4b, 4d    4c, 4d           4d          4a, 4b, 4c, 4d   4a, 4b, 4c, 4d

Aim 5
Advocate the value of culture in meeting the
expressed needs and aspirations of the

Objectives                                               5b, 5c         5a, 5b, 5c        5a, 5b         5c             5c           5a, 5b, 5c       5a, 5b, 5c

April 2003

April 2003        22

Strategic Aim 1 -    To create a strong cultural identity for Hartlepool within the region.

Objective 1a:        Develop and promote an effective image for Hartlepool.

                    Action                               Potential Partners               Timescale                Impact

1. To develop a Marketing Strategy in        Hartlepool Borough Council.                      Short   Raise awareness of the cultural
   order to improve publicity and            Passport Group.                                          offer.
   promotion and raise awareness of the      Hartlepool Mail.                                         Increase participation.
   cultural offer within Hartlepool, thus    Radio Cleveland.
   encouraging increased tourism and         Regional/Media Operators.
   resident participation.                   Tees Valley Development Company.

2. To support the Hartlepool Tourism Hartlepool Borough Council.                              Short   To identify forward strategies for
   Strategy to achieve co-ordination of Sector Stakeholders.                                          key    components        of   the
   further Tourism related activities and Tees Valley Partnership.                                    Hartlepool Tourism offer.
   create regional impact.

3. To support the Tees Valley Cultural       Hartlepool Borough Council.                      Short   Operate strategically in the Tees
   Marketing and Events Agency for the       Tees Valley Partnership.                                 Valley on the timing and range of
   co-ordination and development of new      Tees Valley Development Company.                         events.
   programmes      designed   to   raise     Tees Valley Local Authorities.                           Maximise the impact of branding
   awareness of the cultural offer and                                                                and marketing.
   maximise the impact, branding and
   marketing resources.

April 2003                                                                                                                            23
Strategic Aim 1 -    To create a strong cultural identity for Hartlepool within the region.

Objective 1b:        Preserve and develop Hartlepool‟s built and natural assets and use them to promote local culture and heritage.

                    Action                                Potential Partners                Timescale                  Impact

1. Continue to develop opportunities Hartlepool Borough Council.                               Short      Develop an increased visitor
   arising through the Headland Tourism North Hartlepool Partnership.                                     economy into the Historic
   Strategy (2000-2002 SQW).            English Heritage.                                                 Headland of Hartlepool.
                                        Tees and Hartlepool Port Authority.
                                        Private Sector Partners.

2. Implement the Headland Heritage            Hartlepool Borough Council.                     Medium      Enhancement         of       the
   Economic Regeneration Scheme and           GONE.                                                       Environment    and     improved
   the     Seaton       Carew   Heritage      English Heritage.                                           image for the historic Headland
   Regeneration Scheme (HERS) to              North Hartlepool Partnership.                               and Seaton Carew Visitor resort.
   encourage residents and businesses to      Tees Archaeology.
   upgrade and enhance the historic           Private Sector Partners.
   setting of their premises.

3. Implement the Townscape Heritage           North Hartlepool Partnership.                    Long       Improved environment.
   Initiative (THI) to aid the regeneration   Heritage Lottery Fund.                                      Restoration and new users for
   of     Hartlepool Headland through         Hartlepool Borough Council.                                 historic buildings.
   improvements to the historic built         Tees Archaeology.                                           Contribute      to  tourism by
   environment.                                                                                           improving the environment.

4. Continue to seek opportunities for the     Hartlepool Borough Council.                      Long       Improved and increased access
   enhancement and development of             The Tees Forest.                                            to the natural environment.
   Summerhill primary and Hartmoor            Landfill Operatives.
   Farm, secondary, gateway sites to the      Strategic Funding Partners.
   Tees Forest.

April 2003                                                                                                                              24
Strategic Aim 1 -     To create a strong cultural identity for Hartlepool within the region.

Objective 1b cont:    Preserve and develop Hartlepool‟s built and natural assets and use them to promote local culture and heritage.

                     Action                                   Potential Partners                    Timescale                    Impact

5. Continue    to   identify    and    declare Hartlepool Borough Council.                             Long        Improve and increase access to the
   appropriate areas as local nature reserves. English Nature.                                                     natural environment.

6. Implement the Hartlepool Town Centre Hartlepool Borough Council.                                    Long        Improve the image and economic
   Strategy to improve the economic and Tees Valley Partnership.                                                   viability of Hartlepool Town Centre.
   environmental linkages within the Town Private Sector Partners.                                                 Improve linkages between the
   Centre area.                                                                                                    areas of Town Centre / Church
                                                                                                                   Street / Marina.
                                                                                                                   Strengthen the Cultural Quarter and
                                                                                                                   Cultural Economy within the town.

7. Continue to develop the Hartlepool           Hartlepool Borough Council.                            Long        Improve and increase access to the
   Western Greenway and the South East          The Tees Forest.                                                   natural environment.
   Hartlepool Greenway, as well as new          NACRO.                                                             Reduce dependency on motorised
   access opportunities.                        Countryside Agency.                                                transport.
                                                Sustrans.                                                          Provide opportunities for social
                                                Landfill Operatives.                                               inclusion and health initiatives.
                                                Network Rail.
                                                Other Strategic Funding Partners.

April 2003                                                                                                                                          25
Strategic Aim 1 -    To create a strong cultural identity for Hartlepool within the region.

Objective 1c:         Improve the promotion of our existing facilities and activities.

                    Action                                  Potential Partners            Timescale                Impact

1. Support the Tees Valley „Maritime and       Tees Valley Partnership.                       Long    Raises the profile of Hartlepool
   Coastal Trail‟ project to develop a         Tees Valley Unitary Authorities.                       and partners in the promotion of
   maritime cluster of national importance     Sector Partners/Operatives.                            maritime       heritage       and
   in the Tees Valley. This will celebrate     Durham County Council.                                 environmental         attractions.
   and promote the region‟s rich maritime      Easington District Council.                            Enhances the appeal of the sub-
   legacy and tradition.                       Sustrans.                                              region and area to help boost the
                                                                                                      visitor economy.

2. Review the effectiveness of current         Hartlepool Borough Council.                    Short   To improve the effectiveness of
   marketing and publicity avenues for the     Private Sector Operatives.                             marketing and increase visitors
   promotion of the town‟s cultural            Voluntary Sector/Trust Operators.                      and participants at the town‟s
   programme and develop Marketing             Hartlepool Partnership.                                cultural attractions.
   Strategy.                                   Hartlepool Mail.                                       Improve perceptions of the
                                               Regional Media Operators.                              quality of the local product.

April 2003                                                                                                                            26
Strategic Aim 2 -    To celebrate Hartlepool and express local identity.

Objective 2a:        Ensure that cultural provision is a key factor in community development and capacity building initiatives.

                    Action                                  Potential Partners                Timescale                   Impact

1. Investigate      the   opportunity       for Hartlepool Borough Council.                      Short      Strengthen       the   Independent
   strengthening the grants support scheme Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency.                         Cultural Sector.
   to develop the independent cultural sector.                                                              Broaden the town‟s cultural offer
                                                                                                            and stimulate social and economic
                                                                                                            well being.

2. Investigate existing provision of outreach   Hartlepool Borough Council.                      Short      Improved access.
   services within the community, identify      Arts Council.                                               Capacity building.
   areas of need and develop and deliver        Sport England.                                              Life long learning opportunities.
   appropriate library, museum, art and sport   Community and Voluntary Sector (HVDA).
   programmes working with the community        NEMLAC.
   and voluntary sector.                        Tees Archaeology.
                                                Teesside Archives.
                                                Cleveland Arts, Teesside Sport.

3. Encourage, and work with, communities to     Hartlepool Borough Council.                      Short      Increase participation.
   identify cultural projects that can be       North Hartlepool Partnership.                               Improve capacity building in cultural
   supported from external funding, that        New Deal for Communities (West Central                      sector.
   support community involvement and            Hartlepool).                                                Improve self-esteem and skills
   capacity building.                           Neighbourhood Renewal Fund.                                 development.

4. Secure a new Partnership Agreement with      Hartlepool Borough Council.                      Short      Improve linkages between the arts
   the Arts Council (NE) to improve strategic   Arts Council, North East.                                   function and delivery partnerships.
   positioning of the arts in the Local         Hartlepool Partnership (LSP)                                Commitment to the arts contributing
   authority.                                   Community Safety Partnership.                               to the local authority‟s priorities.
                                                Hartlepool Primary Care Trust.

April 2003                                                                                                                                      27
Strategic Aim 2 -    To celebrate Hartlepool and express local identity.

Objective 2b:        Increase opportunities for celebrating Hartlepool and its cultural heritage.

                    Action                                  Potential Partners                 Timescale                Impact

1. Develop the Hartlepool Youth Arts            Hartlepool Borough Council.                         Short   Enhance the local cultural offer.
   Festival 2003, as a sub-regional event to    Tees     Valley    Partnership       (Single                Develop skills and self-esteem.
   celebrate opportunities for and by local     Programme).
   youth (12-24).                               Youth Service Sector Partners.
                                                Northern Arts/Cleveland Arts.
                                                New Deal for Communities.
                                                Community / Voluntary Sector.

2. Continue to develop the regional impact      Hartlepool Borough Council.                         Short   Enhance the Maritime Heritage
   of the biennial Hartlepool Maritime          Tees Valley Partnership.                                    of the town.
   Festival (2004 onwards) contributing to      Private Sector Sponsors.                                    Increased visitor numbers.
   the Regional Capital for Culture Bid         Community/Voluntary Sector.                                 Contributes to the Newcastle –
   2008.                                                                                                    Gateshead Initiative bid for
                                                                                                            Capital of Culture Status 2008.

3. Ensure complementary provision of            Hartlepool Borough Council.                         Short   More effective event planning
   event planning throughout the Borough        HVDA.                                                       that optimises local opportunity
   to increase participation and optimise on    Private Sector Sponsors.                                    and      links   to    Tourism
   resources.                                   Community Organisations.                                    opportunities.

April 2003                                                                                                                                 28
Strategic Aim 3 -    To develop a sustainable cultural economy.

Objective 3a:        Encourage the provision of key cultural facilities and identify opportunities to develop relevant visitor attractions.

                    Action                                   Potential Partners                  Timescale                    Impact

1. Support the HMS Trincomalee Trust in Trincomalee Trust.                                      Short/Medium    Secure the future of HMS
   its bid to develop a sustainable future. Private Sector.                                                     Trincomalee      in      Hartlepool.
                                            English Partnerships.                                               Contribute to the Maritime
                                            Hartlepool Borough Council.                                         Heritage visitor offer as a local /
                                            Heritage Lottery Fund.                                              regional / national attraction.
                                            National Maritime Museum.
                                            Tees     Valley    Partnership            (Single

2. Support the RSPB proposals for the RSPB.                                                       Medium        Provide a major visitor attraction
   development of the Tees Valley INCA.                                                                         to the south of Hartlepool with
   International Nature Reserve at Port Stockton Borough Council.                                               significant benefits to the visitor
   Clarence Marshes.                    Hartlepool Borough Council.                                             economy.

3. Develop a visitor centre within St. Hilda‟s   St. Hilda‟s PCC                                   Short        Substantial impact on the
   Church on the Headland to commence            Hartlepool Borough Council.                                    regeneration of the Headland.
   the provision of key visitor attraction       Tees Valley Partnership.                                       Increased visitor Environmental
   developments      on    the     Hartlepool    GONE.                                                          improvements.
   Headland.                                     North Hartlepool Partnership.
                                                 Tees Archaeology.

April 2003                                                                                                                                        29
Strategic Aim 3 -    To develop a sustainable cultural economy.

Objective 3a cont: Encourage the provision of key cultural facilities and identify opportunities to develop relevant visitor attractions.

                    Action                                   Potential Partners                Timescale                    Impact

4. Develop the proposals for a Fish Hartlepool Borough Council.                                   Short       Substantial impact on the
   Restaurant “gastro-complex” for the Tees Valley Partnership.                                               regeneration of the Headland.
   Headland from feasibility stage to reality GONE.                                                           Increased visitor environmental
   following further evaluation.              Fisheries Regeneration Initiative .                             improvements.

5. Ensure that the Hartlepool Local Plan Hartlepool Borough Council.                              Short       Increased cultural facilities.
   reflects community priorities for new
   cultural developments.

6. Support the Tees Valley Project                Local Authorities.                               Long       Achieve positive results in
   “Excellence in and through Sport” to           Tees Valley Partnership.                                    tourism, regeneration, health and
   achieve excellence in the „niche‟ sporting     Private Sector.                                             education.
   activities through better facilities, events   Teesside Sport.                                             Improve health of residents.
   and delivery.                                                                                              Give confidence to participate in
                                                                                                              sport and associated events.
                                                                                                              Pursue excellence in „niche‟
                                                                                                              sports established in the Tees

April 2003                                                                                                                                     30
Strategic Aim 3 -    To develop a sustainable cultural economy.

Objective 3b:        Develop existing cultural facilities to improve their impact at regional, sub-regional and community levels.

                    Action                                  Potential Partners                 Timescale                   Impact

1. Develop a scheme to enhance and              Hartlepool Borough Council.                 Short/Medium Raised profile for the Museum
   improve the Hartlepool Museum and            Heritage Lottery Fund.                                   of Hartlepool and Historic Quay
   Historic Quay in line with the Tourism       NEMLAC.                                                  as a regional tourist attraction.
   Strategy conclusions.                        Tees     Valley    Partnership      (Single              Improved visitor attractions.
                                                Programme).                                              Improved visitor numbers.
                                                National Maritime Museum.                                Improved     opportunities    for
                                                HMS Trincomalee                                          residents.

2. Secure Hartlepool Museum as an               Resource.                                         Short       Deliver agreed outcomes to the
   integral part of the North East Hub          DCMS.                                                         regional museums sector and its
   established by the “Renaissance in the       Tyne and Wear Museums.                                        users.
   Regions”, initiative to improve museum       Bowes Museum.                                                 Work in partnership with the
   funding support and outcomes to the          Beamish Museum.                                               North East Hub to deliver
   sector.                                      Tees Valley Museum Services.                                  outcomes       agreed      with
                                                                                                              Increase users and satisfaction

3. Continue to implement the principles of      Hartlepool Borough Council.                       Short       New Play Facilities to enhance
   the Hartlepool Play Facilities Strategy      Tees     Valley    Partnership      (Single                   the tourism offer at Seaton
   (2001) to rationalise and improve the        Programme).                                                   Carew.
   quality of outdoor play facilities which     Sure Start.                                                   Community facilities improved at
   meet community needs and current             Children‟s Fund.                                              King George V Playing Fields
   standards.                                   North Hartlepool Partnership.                                 and    Grayfields     Recreation

April 2003                                                                                                                                  31
Strategic Aim 3 -    To develop a sustainable cultural economy.

Objective 3b cont: Develop existing cultural facilities to improve their impact at regional, sub-regional and community levels.

                    Action                                 Potential Partners                Timescale                   Impact

4. Review the Hartlepool Playing Pitch         Hartlepool Borough Council.                      Short      Improve the quality of Playing
   Strategy in accordance with the latest      Sport England.                                              Pitches and Recreation Grounds.
   guidance from Sport England with a view     Football Foundation.                                        Provide      modern    changing
   to improving key recreation facilities.     Hartlepool United F.C.                                      facilities.
                                               Hartlepool Sport (C & L Partnership)                        Identify areas for improvement
                                                                                                           and rationalisation.

5. Improve the infrastructure and seek to Heugh Gun Battery Trust.                              Short      Improve the quality of the
   develop the Heugh Battery as a visitor Hartlepool Borough Council.                                      environment.
   attraction.                            North Hartlepool Partnership.                                    Adds to the town visitor
                                          Community Fund.                                                  attractions of the Headland.
                                          Heritage Lottery Fund.                                           Improved visitor numbers.
                                          Community and Voluntary Sector.
                                          Tees Archaeology

6. Review community access opportunities Hartlepool Borough Council.                           Medium      Improved    support   for   the
   to the town‟s cultural sector community Community Voluntary Sector.                                     community/voluntary sector.
   assets.                                 Leisure and Culture Theme Partnership.                          Positive community support.
                                                                                                           Sustainable venues.

April 2003                                                                                                                              32
Strategic Aim 3 -    To develop a sustainable cultural economy.

Objective 3c:        Enhance the contribution that the cultural dimension and initiatives make to urban regeneration and the built

                    Action                                 Potential Partners                Timescale                   Impact

1. Support the Tees Valley project „Better     Tees Valley Partnership.                        Medium      Improved standards of
   Buildings Better Spaces-Design and          Private Sector.                                             architecture and design.
   Environmental Project‟. This project will   CABE.                                                       A higher quality living and
   establish a Tees Valley Partnership         RSA.                                                        working environment.
   urban design task group that sets a new     Prince‟s Foundation.
   design and environmental quality            RTPI.
   improvement agenda for the sub-region
   and a major exposition of public art,
   architecture, environmental
   improvement, town centre, design,
   reclamation of land and cultural

2. Develop a Public Arts Plan which            Hartlepool Borough Council.                      Short      Recognition of the value of
   maximises opportunities presented via       Local Businesses.                                           Public Art.
   the planning and regeneration process       Developers.                                                 Improved employment
   and builds upon existing initiatives.       Schools and Colleges.                                       opportunities for artists.
                                               Cleveland Arts.                                             Increased Tourism.
                                                                                                           Pride of Place – feel good factor.

April 2003                                                                                                                                 33
Strategic Aim 3 -    To develop a sustainable cultural economy.

Objective 3d:        Encourage the establishment and growth of cultural sector businesses and the development of the town‟s evening

                    Action                               Potential Partners               Timescale                 Impact

1. To support the Tees Valley project for Tees Valley Partnership.                          Short      Improved support for cultural and
   the establishment of a cultural and Business Link.                                                  creative industries.
   creative industries support network which                                                           Adapting exiting new services to
   aims to improve the quantity and quality                                                            suit the needs of the market.
   of businesses support services to the

2. To support the Tees Valley Performance Tees Valley Partnership.                           Long      Sustained venues.
   Arts Cluster to determine how the sub- Businesses.                                                  Retained talent.
   region can grow, attract and retain local                                                           Opportunities for national and
   performing arts businesses.         To get                                                          regional investment.
   businesses to work together in order to                                                             Enhanced image.        Increase
   raise awareness of the wealth of activity                                                           tourism
   locally, regionally and nationally, making
   effective use of venues within the region.

April 2003                                                                                                                            34
Strategic Aim 3 -    To develop a sustainable cultural economy.

Objective 3d cont: Encourage the establishment and growth of cultural sector businesses and the development of the town‟s evening

                    Action                               Potential Partners               Timescale               Impact

3. Support the Tees Valley Project „Tees Tees Valley Partnership.                          Medium     To bring together and co-
   Valley Visual and Digital Art Cluster‟ for University of Teesside.                                 ordinate and promote the wide
   the creation of an agency to support and                                                           range of developments currently
   develop visual arts in the sub-region and                                                          occurring.
   the integration of a series of initiatives to
   promote the growth of visual and digital
   arts in the sub-region.

4. Undertake a feasibility study into the      Hartlepool Borough Council.                  Short     Increased opportunities for the
   provision of creative arts workshops to     Tees    Valley    Partnership    (Single               development of local creative
   encourage the retention and attraction of   Programme).                                            talent.
   arts based industries.                      CCAD.                                                  Improved support for the cultural
                                               HASP.                                                  and creative industries.
                                               HVDA.                                                  Contribute to the development of
                                               NDC (West Central Hartlepool).                         a cultural quarter.
                                               The Studio.

5. Encourage improvements to the tourist Hartlepool Borough Council.                       Medium     Increase bed space provision.
   infrastructure including the development English Partnership.                                      Improve visitor retention rates.
   of hotels and conference facilities.     Tees Valley Partnership.                                  Enhance the requirement for the
                                            HMS Trincomalee Trust.                                    evening economy.
                                            Hartlepool United F.C.

April 2003                                                                                                                           35
Strategic Aim 4 -    Increase participation, opportunity for access and diversity.

Objective 4a:        Remove barriers and open doors to cultural opportunities for all.

                    Action                                 Potential Partners            Timescale                 Impact

1. Review opening times, pricing policies Hartlepool Borough Council.                      Short     Improved access        for   socially
   and concessionary access to Hartlepool Culture and Leisure Theme Partnership.                     excluded groups.
   Borough Council facilities in accordance
   with Community Strategy priorities
   through   Neighbourhood         Renewal

2. Introduction of Leisure Card within Hartlepool Borough Council.                         Short     Improved access.
   Sports Facilities and assessment with a                                                           Knowledge      of       customers,
   view to expansion to other cultural                                                               matching potential.

3. Increase targeting of arts and museums       Hartlepool Borough Council.                Short     Increase       participation   of
   programming and outreach activity            Culture and Leisure Theme Partnership.               residents satisfied with Museums
   towards those communities who do not         Tees Archaeology.                                    and Art Gallery.
   currently engage in cultural activities in   Community Voluntary / Sector                         Reduce the satisfaction gap
   accordance with community strategy                                                                between the Neighbourhood
   priorities   through      Neighbourhood                                                           Renewal Strategy residents and
   Renewal Strategy.                                                                                 Hartlepool in general.

4. Provide    reassurance    and    reduce      Hartlepool Borough Council.               Medium     Increase        participation     of
   negative perceptions regarding crime         Community Safety Partnership.                        residents in cultural activities.
   and anti social behaviour in accordance      Culture and Leisure Partnership.                     Improve perception of residents
   with Community Safety Strategy.              Cleveland Police, Hartlepool Division.               in respect of crime and anti
                                                                                                     social behaviour to reflect a more
                                                                                                     positive reality.

April 2003                                                                                                                              36
Strategic Aim 4 -    Increase participation, opportunity for access and diversity.

Objective 4b:        Celebrate diversity, promote equality of opportunity for all in cultural provision.

                    Action                                   Potential Partners                  Timescale                Impact

1. Implement the Racial Equality Scheme          Hartlepool Borough Council.                        Short    Compliance with Race Relations
                                                                                                             Act 1976 (Amended 2000).

2. Implement the Diversity Action Plan Hartlepool Borough Council.                                  Short    Increase Inclusion.
   which seeks to ensure that access to Commission for Racial Equality.
   cultural promotion reflects the interests Voluntary and Community Sector.
   and aspirations of the Black and Minority
   Ethnic communities.

3. Support the Tees Valley project to Tees Valley Partnership.                                     Medium    Access to funding opportunities.
   strengthen community networks in the Voluntary and Community Sector.                                      Enhance communication and
   Tees Valley through a Social Networks HVDA.                                                               promotion of networks.
   Fund to enable access to funding and
   the publication of a Tees Valley free
   newspaper to enhance communication.

4. Support the implementation of the Hartlepool Borough Council.                                    Short    Improve access to cultural
   Disability Discrimination Act to maximise HVDA.                                                           activities and the ability to
   access to services and premises for Community and Voluntary Sector.                                       participate.
   disabled people, their carers / partners.

April 2003                                                                                                                                 37
Strategic Aim 4 -    Increase participation, opportunity for access and diversity.

Objective 4c:        Value and encourage the voluntary and community sector in the delivery of cultural pursuits.

                    Action                                Potential Partners                Timescale                  Impact

1. To work in co-operation and provide         Hartlepool Borough Council.                     Short      Increase recognition of the role
   support to the voluntary and community      HVDA.                                                      of the community and voluntary
   sector to develop, deliver and sustain      Voluntary and Community Sector.                            sector.
   cultural pursuits.                          Leisure and Culture Theme Partnerships.
                                               Early Years Partnership.
                                               Hartlepool New Deal for Communities.
                                               North Hartlepool Partnership.
                                               Cleveland Arts.
                                               Teesside Sport.

2. Review grants allocation and application Hartlepool Borough Council.                        Short      Improved access to funds.
   procedures for grant aid to the voluntary HVDA.                                                        Improved quality of provision.
   and community sector for cultural                                                                      Efficient use of resources.
   activities to ensure best use of
   resources, through Local Compact.

3. Build upon current initiatives, involving HBC.                                              Short      Improved cultural benefit.
   partnership working in order to maximise CCAD.                                                         Cost     effective    community
   the benefits of cross-sectoral working.   The Studio.                                                  partnerships.
                                             Voluntary and Community Sector.
                                             Private Sector.
                                             Teesside Sport.

April 2003                                                                                                                                 38
Strategic Aim 4 -    Increase levels of participation and opportunity for access and diversity.

Objective 4d:        Ensure that residents have good access to information and cultural facilities, within their Neighbourhood.

                    Action                                    Potential Partners             Timescale                    Impact

1. Review existing methods and practices of Hartlepool Borough Council.                         Short       Improve     awareness     of the
   marketing and promotion of information on HVDA.                                                          Hartlepool culture offer.
   cultural activities to residents and produce Culture and Leisure Partnership.                            Improve audiences.
   Marketing Plan.                                                                                          Improve viability of community

2. Establish the cultural agenda as part of IEG Hartlepool Borough Council.                    Medium       Raises    profile     and    hence
   within Hartlepool.                           Cultural and Leisure Partnership                            awareness.

3. Implement the Sports and Recreation            Hartlepool Borough Council.                    Long       Improved health capacity building in
   Strategy to develop sport participation as a   Sport England.                                            local areas.
   key element of community development and       Culture and Leisure Partnership.                          Increase participation.
   capacity building.                             Bowls Consortium.
                                                  Teesside Sport.

4. Support the Tees Valley application for Tees Valley Local Authorities.                       Short       Improves health.
   Sports Action Zone status which focus on Sport England.                                                  Improved safety and reduction in
   skill development and capacity.          Teesside Sport.                                                 fear of crime.
                                                                                                            Lifelong learning opportunities

5. Establish and promote four new Space for       Hartlepool Borough Council.                   Short       Life long learning opportunities.
   Sports and Arts Capital developments within    Brougham Primary.                                         Improved facilities for school and
   Hartlepool Primary Schools to increase         West View Primary.                                        community.
   educational facilities and local community     Stranton Primary.                                         Improved access.
   participation.                                 Owton Manor Primary.
                                                  Arts Council.
                                                  Sport England.
                                                  Heritage Lottery Fund.

April 2003                                                                                                                                   39
Strategic Aim 5 -    Advocate the value of culture in meeting the expressed needs and aspirations of the community.

Objective 5a:        Develop the capacity of schools to use culture as a vehicle to raise achievement and support engagement.

                    Action                                 Potential Partners              Timescale                  Impact

1. Support the Tees Valley project for the      Learning Skills Council.                     Long       Improved       co-ordination    and
   development of a Tees Valley Education       Creative Partnerships.                                  increased opportunities to share
   Partnership to bring together interests at   Sport Action Zones.                                     best     practice      and     plan
   both operational and senior policy           Local Education Authorities.                            strategically for long term cultural
   making levels, in order to provide a         University‟s.                                           change          and       education
   framework to ensure medium to long-          College of F.E.                                         improvement.
   term effectiveness of cultural education.    Connexions.

2. Raise awareness of the Cultural Strategy     Hartlepool Borough Council.                  Short      Improved co-ordination.
   to key partners including Head Teachers,     Head Teachers.
   Teachers and Governors to raise the          Teachers.
   profile of culture in School Improvement     Governors.

3. Increase opportunities for all teachers to Hartlepool Borough Council.                    Long       Capacity building.
   improve their use of cultural tools to aid Creative Partnerships.                                    Increase educational attainment.
   engagement with pupils.                    NEMLAC.
                                              Schools and Colleges of F.E.
                                              Sport England.
                                              Cleveland Arts.
                                              Tees Archaeology.
                                              Northern Arts.

April 2003                                                                                                                                40
Strategic Aim 5 -     Advocate the value of culture in meeting the expressed needs and aspirations of the community.

Objective 5b:        Encourage people to discover new ways of learning and realising their full potential.

                    Action                                 Potential Partners                 Timescale                   Impact

1. Support the use of ICT to Culture and Hartlepool Borough Council.                         Short/Medium    Improved access.
   Learning     by  developing   existing Arts Council.                                                      Increased participation.
   initiatives.                           NEMLAC.                                                            Skills Development.
                                          New Opportunities Fund.

2. Strengthen and broaden the scope of Hartlepool Borough Council.                           Short/Medium    Widen access to services.
   Libraries as a community resource by NEMLAC.                                                              Contributes to social inclusion.
   implementing the actions identified within                                                                Increased use/skills in ICT.
   the Annual Library Plan.

3. Encourage the specialist schools and         Hartlepool Borough Council.                    Medium        Increase community access to
   colleges to maximise the cultural offer to   Voluntary and Community Sector.                              Schools.
   meet local needs and maximise effective      Specialist College Status Schools.                           Football in the community
   use of resources.                            Hartlepool United F.C.                                       (HUFC).

4. Promote recreational literature through Hartlepool Borough Council.                         Medium        Capacity Building.
   reading groups                          Voluntary and Community Sector.                                   Increased participation.

April 2003                                                                                                                                      41
Strategic Aim 5 -    Advocate the value of culture in meeting the expressed needs and aspirations of the community.

Objective 5c:        Ensure the Leisure and Culture Theme Partnership is led cohesively and championed comprehensively.

                    Action                               Potential Partners             Timescale                 Impact

1. Appoint a Cultural Champion to Chair the Hartlepool Borough Council.                    Short      Improved profile for the cultural
   Leisure and Culture Theme Partnership. Hartlepool Partnership.                                     sector.
                                            Voluntary and Community Sector.

2. Establish the Leisure and Culture Theme     Hartlepool Borough Council.                 Short      Improved cohesive strategy for
   Partnership to ensure methods are fully     Hartlepool Partnership.                                cultural sector.
   inclusive, reflect the views of users and   Voluntary and Community Sector.                        Improved access.
   non-users and enable individuals and        Private Sector.                                        Improved profile.
   organisations to contribute to the                                                                 Continuous development.
   development of culture within the

3. To ensure that culture is considered Hartlepool Borough Council.                    Short/Medium   Improved quality of      life   for
   where appropriate in all strategies Hartlepool Partnership.                                        Hartlepool residents.
   prepared by the Hartlepool Partnership.

April 2003                                                                                                                            42
10.   Delivery and Monitoring

      The Hartlepool Cultural Strategy covers a five year period 2003-2008 and will
      be delivered by a variety of organisations acting as lead on the Actions
      contained within the Strategy.

      Responsibility for monitoring progress will lie with the emerging Culture and
      Leisure Theme Partnership which is a contributor to, and will be represented
      upon, the Hartlepool Partnership by our appointed Cultural Champion.

      The Culture and Leisure Theme Partnership will receive reports on progress,
      deliver regular updates to the Hartlepool Partnership and be responsible for
      producing and reviewing the Annual Action Plan.

      The Community Strategy will, in future, incorporate the Cultural Strategy as an
      integral part of its work, effectively strengthening its current Aims and the role of
      culture. Reference to page 21 of this document outlines the current relevance
      of each of the Cultural Strategy objectives in assisting the achievement of the
      Community Strategy.

      If you wish to discuss this document, make recommendations for future
      revisions or receive extra copies etc., please contact: -

             Local Cultural Strategy
              /o John Mennear
             Cultural Services Officer
             Department of Community Services
             Civic Centre
             Victoria Road
             TS24 8AY

             Fax: 01429 523755

April 2003                                                                               43
Glossary of Terms

ACENE                      Arts Council of England, North East. This organisation
                           provides funding advice support and development for
                           the Arts, formerly known as Northern Arts

BCTV                       British Conservation Trust for Volunteers

B & ME                     Black and Minority Ethnic Groups

CABE                       Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment.

CCAD                       Cleveland College of Art and Design

CNE – Culture North East   Regional Cultural Consortium in the North East,
                           responsible for the delivery of the Regional Cultural

Community & Voluntary      Term for one or more of the 400 registered community
Sector                     and voluntary sector groups existent in Hartlepool.
                           Approximately 25% have a direct „Cultural‟ association

Connexions                 Organisation to support young people into education,
                           training and work

Creative Partnerships      National Programme to boost opportunities for children
                           to experience arts and creativity

DCMS                       Department for Culture, Media and Sport – National
                           central government department to support all aspects of

Deprivation                How an area measures its health, employment, benefit
                           receipts in relation to the best areas in the country

Diversity                  Difference

EAZ(s)                     Education Action Zone(s)

English Heritage           National Organisation with a regional presence in the
                           North East aims to increase the understanding of the
                           past, conserve and enhance the historic environment

Equality                   The belief that everyone should be treated with fairness
                           and receive the same opportunities

EDRF                       European Regional Development Fund

ESF                        European Social Fund

Faith                      Individuals or groups with a particular religious belief

April 2003                                                                            44
Glossary of Terms

GONE                         Government Office for the North East
HASP                         Hartlepool Arts Studio Project

HAZ(s)                       Health Action Zone(s)

HERS                         Heritage Economic Regeneration Scheme

HVDA                         Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency

INCA                         Industry Nature Conservation Association

Lottery Funding              Various Lottery funds available

LSP                          Local Strategic Partnership brings together the Local
                             Authority service providers, business and voluntary and
                             community organisations with the aim of co-ordinating
                             strategy and the many partnerships at a local level

Minority                     A group that is different racially, politically or culturally
                             from the majority.

NCSP                         Northern Cultural Skills Partnership

NDC                          New Deal for Communities

NEMLAC                       North East Museums, Libraries and Archives Council

NRF                          Neighbourhood Renewal Fund. Special funding for
                             areas with the highest levels of deprivation to help kick
                             start improvements in services

NRS                          Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy. A strategy to help
                             secure more jobs, better education, improved health,
                             housing for deprived neighbourhoods

NTB                          Northumbria Tourist Board

ONE NE                       One Northeast – Regional Economic Development
                             Agency for the North East responsible for the
                             development and delivery of the RES

PAT 10 Report                Report produced by the Government Social exclusion
                             unit (Priority Area Team 10) which examined the
                             contribution of sport to arts and community regeneration

RAC                          Regional Arts Council

Race Equality and            Sets out how the Local Authority ensures that diversity is
Diversity Strategy (draft)   valued and taken account of in services

April 2003                                                                                   45
Glossary of Terms

RCCs                Regional Cultural Consortiums

RCS                 Regional Cultural Strategy

REC                 Racial Equality Council

RES                 Regional Economic Strategy

RSPB                Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

RTPI                Royal Town Planning Institute

SAZ(s)              Sports Action Zone(s)

Single Programme    Government funds allocated to Tees Valley Partnership
Funding             to develop the aims of the RES

Sport England       Development agency for the Sport with a regional
                    presence in the North East

SQW                 Segal, Quince and Wicksteed Consultants

TDI                 Tees Dance Initiative

THI                 Townscape Heritage Initiative

Youth Service       Aims to promote the social well being of young people

April 2003                                                                  46

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