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					                                                    FALL 2010/WINTER 2011

 Grand View Hospital

 lectures, events, classes,
 and screenings for the community

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Classes & Events • Nutritionist Gives Portion Tips • Fall Women’s Seminar •
A Penny Saved...from Knee Pain • Salt: The Hidden Truth •
Embrace Life at Cancer Survivor’s Celebration • What’s New at Grand View •
Answers to Common Sleep Questions
                                                   IN THIS                                  2
Grand View Hospital (GVH) was founded
in 1913 in Sellersville, Pa., as the first
hospital in Bucks County. Grand View is a
private, 209-bed, not-for-profit community
hospital that provides comprehensive         3      Meet the Manager
health-care services to Bucks and            4      Women’s & Children’s Health
Montgomery counties with particular                 • Fall Women’s Seminar
expertise in:                                         Focuses on Staying Fit & Healthy
    • Women’s and Children’s Health                   into Middle Years and Beyond
    • Orthopaedics                                  • Grand View Delivers
    • Surgery                                         State-of-the-Art Obstetrical Care
    • Heart & Vascular Care                  6      Surgical & Orthopaedic Care
    • Cancer                                        • A Penny Saved…from Knee Pain
Grand View also provides a full range of            • Five-Star Hip Fracture Care is at
emergency, inpatient, and outpatient                  Grand View
diagnostic and treatment services.           8      Heart & Vascular Care
                                                    • Salt: The Hidden Truth
To schedule a test or procedure at Grand              – Easy Ways to Reduce Salt
View Hospital, call 215-453-4100.                       in Your Diet
                                             10     Cancer
For more information about Grand                    • Embrace Life at Grand View’s
View Hospital, call the Grand View                    Cancer Survivor’s Celebration
Information Line at 215-453-4300 or                 • Breast Cancer: The Importance
visit                                     of Early Detection
                                             12     Sleep Health
                                                    • Sleep Q&A with Dr. Rubina Haidar
                                             13     Exercise, Fitness, and
                                                    Healthy Living
                                             13     CPR, First Aid, & Babysitting
                                             13     Smoking Cessation Support
                                             14     Grand View Auxiliary Events
                                             14     Support Groups & Consultations
                                             14     Blood Pressure Screenings &
                                                    Blood Drives
                                             14     Driver Safety Courses
                                             15     What’s New at Grand View
                                                    • Save the Date: Grand View
                                                      Integrative Medicine Conference
                                                    • Balance & Vestibular Therapy
                                                      Program Now at Grand View
                                                    • Volunteer Opportunity
                                             The information provided in this publication is not
                                             a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or
                                             treatment from a physician or health-care provider.
                                             The majority of physicians providing services at
                                             Grand View Hospital are not employees or agents
                                             of the hospital. The exceptions are physicians of
                                             Grand View Medical Practices, Lawn Avenue Medical
                                             Associates, Grand View Surgical Associates, and
                                             Grand View Emergency Medicine Associates.

                               MEET THE

                               Grand View Clinical
                               Nutrition Manager
                               JEAN WEST-ZAWACKI, RD, LDN

As clinical nutrition manager at Grand View,      provide visitors and patients with nutrition
Jean West-Zawacki’s job is to give food for       information on the hospital’s cafeteria and menu
thought – literally. She and her team of          items, and help people meet their personal
registered dietitians educate individuals about   diet goals through nutrition counseling.
how healthy eating can not only improve
their health – but yes, can taste good.         In fact, through one-on-one counseling
                                                sessions with a registered dietitian,
“Making slow but steady changes in your         participants learn how proper nutrition helps
diet helps you become healthier. And believe them manage weight, control blood sugar
it or not, small changes can be tasty,” says    levels, plan a healthy pregnancy, enhance
Jean. “Look at salt, for example. Using too     sports performance, and more.
much salt puts you at higher risk for high
blood pressure – a risk factor for serious      “Our work helps people eat better, feel better,
conditions like heart disease and stroke. By and live a healthier life. It’s a great feeling when
using fresh or frozen vegetables instead of     someone uses the knowledge you pass on to
canned, you really cut down your salt intake. improve themselves and their lives,” says Jean.
Plus, it tastes a lot fresher.” (Learn more
ways to cut down on salt on page 8.)            For more information on nutrition
                                                services at Grand View or to make a
Education is at the center of everything Jean’s nutrition counseling appointment, call
team does. Together they show patients how Jean at 215-453-4194 or visit
eating well can help with their recovery,

       Eating right can be confusing, especially when it comes to portion size.
       Use Jean’s guide to figure out the right portion size for common foods.
         A SINGLE SERVING OF                               IS ABOUT THE SIZE OF
             Raw vegetables                                         Fist
            Cooked vegetables                                   Palm of hand
                   Pasta                                    One scoop of ice cream
                   Meat                                         Deck of cards
                Grilled fish                                     Checkbook
         2 Tbsp butter, margarine,
                                                              Thumb (joint to tip)
        peanut butter, cream cheese
       Snacks (pretzels, potato chips)                             Handful
               Chopped fruit                                      Tennis ball
               Steamed rice                                    Cupcake wrapper
                  Cheese                                        One pair of dice
WOMEN’S & CHILDREN’S HEALTH                                                                 4

                         WOMEN’S HEALTH SEMINAR:
          Staying Fit and Healthy
    into the Middle Years and Beyond
                        Fri, Oct 15; 6 - 9 pm
         Grand View Hospital Outpatient Center at Harleysville
                           $15 per person
        (includes appetizers, beverages and optional osteoporosis screening,
                healthy-food tasting, mini-exercise classes, and more)
               Registration required. To register or for more information,
     call the Grand View Information Line at 215-453-4300 or visit
Guests may choose one seminar at each of the following time slots:

7 - 7:40 PM                                     8 - 8:40 PM

            Donald DeBrakeleer, DO              CAN HELP WHEN HEALTHY
            Center for Women’s Health           HABITS AREN’T ENOUGH
            of Lansdale                                     Mary Pagan, MD
The onset of peri-menopause and                             Stoneridge OB/GYN
menopause can cause significant changes
that affect your body. Learn how to identify    Many women have special gynecological
these symptoms and what you can do to           problems that affect their health such as
manage them.                                    endometriosis, uterine prolapse, uterine
                    OR                          fibroids, and polycystic ovarian disease.
                                                Learn about surgical and non-surgical
STAYING FIT                                     options to treat them.
            Jennifer Landes, DO                              OR
            Grand View Medical Practices
            OB/GYN                              EATING FOR A HEALTHIER LIFE
The lack of activity and weight gain has                   Marge Fitzgerald, RD, LDN
serious consequences on one’s health. Learn                Grand View Hospital Nutrition
about the importance of getting enough                     Department
exercise and finding time to meet this goal. Discuss how the foods you select and how you
                                             prepare them can affect how you feel. Topics
                                             will include portion control, the effects of added
                                             salt and sugar, and alternatives to flavor food.
    Call the Grand View Information Line at 215-453-4300 or visit
CLASSES & EVENTS                                                                                5
                                                 POSITIVE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT:
  STATE-OF-THE-ART                               THROUGH 40 DEVELOPMENTAL ASSETS

  OBSTETRICAL CARE                               Learn about the 40 Developmental Assets®
  Grand View’s new $7 million Birth &            that are essential for positive youth
  Family Center combines a comfortable,          development. Whether you are a parent,
  warm décor with state-of-the-art               grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend of a young
  obstetrical technology and features:           person, discover ways to strengthen your
  • Board-certified physicians                   relationship with them. Registration required.
  • Certified nurses in inpatient obstetrics,    • Mon, Oct 4; Noon - 1 pm OR 2 - 3 pm
    maternal-child nursing, and more             GVH Community Education Center FREE
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia          • Mon, Oct 11; 7:30 - 8:30 am OR
    (CHOP) pediatricians available 24/7            11:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Specialized care for high-risk pregnancies    GVH Cafeteria Conference Room
    For more information, call 215-453-4902      (2nd floor of GVH) FREE
    or take a tour at                  Lee Rush, Executive Director,
                                                   justCommunity, Inc.
                                                 BEYONDTHE BASICS OF BREASTFEEDING
Learn basic signs to help your pre-verbal
                                                 Learn how and when to start solid foods and
baby communicate needs and reduce
                                                 about pumping and freezing breast milk.
temper tantrums. Registration required.
                                                 Registration required.
• Thurs, Sept 16; 10:30 am - Noon
                                                 • Thurs, Dec 2; 10:30 am - Noon
GVH Community Education Center ($10)
                                                 GVH Conference Room E & F ($10)
Learn some self-defense techniques together.     CAR SEAT CHECKS
This program is designed for women and girls     Make sure your car seat is installed correctly
over 13 years of age. Registration required.     with our certified car seat technicians. Each check
• Fri, Sept 24; 7 - 9 pm                         takes about 20 minutes. Registration required.
GVH Community Education Center                   • 2nd & 4th Tues of the month; Noon - 4 pm
($5 per person)                                  GVH Outpatient Center at Sellersville FREE
  Tiger Schulman’s Mixed Martial Arts
                                                WEIGH & LEARN FOR NEW PARENTS
PRENATAL YOGA: FOUR-WEEK SERIES                 Discuss topics related to the care of infants
This special series for expectant moms helps up to one year of age. Share the joys and
strengthen pelvic muscles, improve circulation, frustrations with other parents. Optional baby
and aid with nausea, constipation, and back weight check included. See for
pain. Registration required.                    topics and dates. No registration required.
• Wed, Oct 6 - 27; 5:30 - 6:30 pm               • 2nd & last Friday of the month; 1 - 2:30 pm
Penn Foundation Auditorium, Sellersville ($40) GVH Community Education Center FREE
  MOYO Yoga of Skippack
                                                TODDLER STEPS PLAY GROUP
INFANT MASSAGE                                  Talk with other parents and a registered nurse
This is a great tool to calm a restless baby    while your toddler plays with other tots. Bring
and help improve your baby’s digestion and toys and snacks to share. See
overall health. Registration required.          for dates. No registration required.
• Wed, Oct 6 - 27; 1 - 2 pm                     • Last Friday of the month; 10 am - Noon
GVH Conference Room E & F ($30)                 GVH Community Education Center FREE
    Call the Grand View Information Line at 215-453-4300 or visit
SURGICAL & ORTHOPAEDIC CARE                                                                    6

A Penny Saved…from Knee Pain
Penny O’Donnell of Perkiomenville had been        followed her pre-surgical instructions and
living with severe knee pain for years and        exercise routines. But like many surgical
was told that she needed both knees               patients, she was nervous.
replaced. But it wasn’t until a few years later
during a family trip to Washington, DC that       “The staff did a lot to put me at ease,” recalls
she decided it was time.                          Penny. “Their professionalism gave me the
                                                        confidence that I made the right
“They were all walking ahead of me and I                 choice. Yet, they were compassionate.
was behind, in tears, from the pain,” recalls             They cared about me physically,
Penny, now 56. “I was letting my knees                   emotionally, and mentally.”
determine my life. I knew at that moment
what I needed to do.”                                                She continued to give 100
                                                                         percent throughout
In 2008, Penny researched joint                                            her rehabilitation.
replacement and attended a knee                                            Six weeks after
replacement seminar with Paul                                            surgery, Penny was
Weidner, MD, medical director of the                                  taking three-mile walks,
Joint Replacement Center at Grand                                   something she couldn’t do
View and Janice Hunsberger, RN, joint                            before. And six months after
replacement center coordinator. It was                          surgery, her new knees led her
then she decided on Grand View.                              to Cape May, NJ.

“I was really impressed with Dr.                       “I’d wanted to climb a lighthouse in
Weidner and Janice,” says                               Cape May for years, but I couldn’t do it.
Penny. “They were so                                    After surgery, I did it, with no pain
accessible and                                          whatsoever,” she says proudly. “Having
approachable.”                                          my knees replaced was one of the best
                                                         decisions I ever made.”
Not one to do anything
half-way, she decided to have a double                  For more information on joint
knee replacement. She knew it wouldn’t be           replacement services at Grand View, call
easy, but was up for the challenge. She           215-453-4162 or visit

CLASSES & EVENTS                                                                            7
ABOUT SHOULDER PAIN                              Is knee pain preventing you from enjoying
When the shoulder becomes injured or             your life? Do you want to know what you can
diseased, its smooth surfaces become rough       do about it? Learn what causes knee pain,
and irregular. This causes grating, limitation   ways to reduce the pain, and treatment
of movement, and above all, pain. If you live    options. Plus, find out if a knee replacement
with shoulder pain, join an orthopaedic          might be right for you. Registration required.
surgeon to learn how to decrease the pain        • Fri, Oct 22; 2 - 3 pm
and help improve your life. Understand what      Hidden Meadows on the Ridge, Sellersville
causes shoulder pain, and treatment              FREE
options. Registration required.                    James Bumgardner, MD,
• Thurs, Sept 30; 10:30 - 11:30 am                 Orthopaedic Surgeon
Souderton Mennonite Homes,
Souderton FREE                                  JOINT PAIN & YOU
  James Hurley, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon         Arthritis is one of the most common reasons
                                                for joint pain. So, if you suffer from any type
STEADY NOW: IMPROVING BALANCE                   of joint pain, this program is for you. Join an
& DECREASING DIZZINESS                          orthopaedic surgeon to learn about
If you live with imbalance and dizziness, the medications, non-surgical treatments, and
simplest of tasks can seem frightening.         replacement options to help manage a
Often they are caused by problems in the        painful joint. Registration required.
vestibular system, located in the inner ear.    • Fri, Nov 12; 10:30 - 11:30 am
Join our specially-trained vestibular therapist The PEAK Center, Lansdale FREE
to learn about the vestibular system,             Paul Weidner, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon
vestibular and balance therapy, and ways to
improve balance and dizziness. Plus, learn                   NO BONES ABOUT IT:
how movements of tai chi can help improve                 Five-Star Hip Fracture Care
balance. Wear comfortable clothes if you                        is at Grand View
want to participate in tai chi demonstrations.    For three consecutive years, 2008-2010,
Registration required.                            Grand View has received a five-star
• Thurs, Oct 7; 10 - 11 am                        rating in hip fracture repair from
GVH Outpatient Center at Sellersville FREE        HealthGrades , the nation’s leading
   Miriam Kozak, GVH Physical &                   health-care ratings company.
   Vestibular Therapist
                                                  From feet to spines, we offer a wide-range
   Peggy Wenhold, GVH Physical
                                                  of high-quality, comprehensive services for:
   Therapy Assistant
                                                  • Spine care & surgery
                                                  • Fractures
                                                  • Knee injuries & surgery
                                                  • Joint replacements
                                                  • Rotator cuff injuries
                                                  • Foot injuries & surgery
                                                  • And more
                                                   For more information on orthopaedic
                                                   services at Grand View, call 215-453-4162
                                                   or visit

    Call the Grand View Information Line at 215-453-4300 or visit
HEART & VASCULAR CARE                                                                            8

                     Salt: The Hidden Truth
                    A low-calorie frozen dinner.    According to the Dietary Guidelines for
                    A side dish of canned           Americans, most adults should consume no
                    peas. You’re making             more than 2,300 milligrams (mg) of sodium
                    healthy choices, right? Not     per day – about one teaspoon of table salt.
                    exactly, says Ida Mazza,        However, limit your consumption to 1,500 mg
                    MD cardiologist at              of sodium per day if you:
Ida Mazza, MD       Buxmont Cardiology              • Are 40 years of age or older
Cardiologist        Associates.                     • Are African American
                                                    • Have high blood pressure
“Americans are eating too much salt and
may not even know it. Foods like many types         In addition to eating the recommended
of canned vegetables, processed foods, frozen       amount of salt, it's also important for most
meals, restaurant items, and others are packed      adults to meet the daily potassium
with salt,” says Dr. Mazza.                         recommendation of 4,700 mg from food and
                                                    beverages, says Dr. Mazza. Potassium-rich
In fact, according to the U.S. Food & Drug          foods like fruits and vegetables, such as
Administration (FDA), about 75 percent of our       cantaloupe and spinach, help counteract
total salt intake comes from processed foods,       some of its harmful effects.
and restaurant and eatery items.
                                                    Dr. Mazza also encourages parents to start
The problem is that eating too much salt, the       limiting salt early on in their children’s lives,
most commonly-used type of sodium,                  which can help prevent them from eating too
increases your risk for high blood pressure –       much salt and dealing with the effects later on.
which is a risk factor for heart disease, stroke,
and other serious conditions. Eating less       “Eating well is key in living a healthy life. But
helps prevent, or control, high blood pressure. also talk with your doctor about your salt
                                                intake, your blood pressure, and how to keep
“Everybody needs some salt in their diet. The it in a healthy range.”
problem is that we’re getting too much of it,”
she says. “Our taste buds are used to it. So to To find a physician, call the Grand View
many of us, salty foods taste good. But your Information Line at 215-453-4300 or visit
taste buds will get used to less salt, and it
could help save your life.”

                                           JEAN’S TIPS:
                    Three Easy Ways to Reduce Salt in Your Diet
                Jean West-Zawacki, RD, LDN, Grand View clinical nutrition manager
  • Use herbs, spices, lemon or lime juice to flavor foods, instead of salt.
  • Check nutritional labels. Avoid foods with more than five percent of your Daily Value (%DV)
    of sodium per serving.
  • Use fresh or frozen vegetables, instead of canned.
  For more ways to reduce salt in your diet, call Jean at 215-453-4194 or visit
CLASSES & EVENTS                                                                                 9
                                                    Learn how to handle the everyday
HEALTHY HOLIDAY CHOICES                             challenges of living with diabetes, so you
FOR DIABETICS                                       can feel better now and into the future. Led
’Tis the season for holiday parties, which          by trained diabetes educators, the ABC
means tempting sweets and treats. Learn             Diabetes Program is recognized by the
more about what foods you should be                 American Diabetes Association. This
eating, and ideas for healthier alternatives.       program is covered by most insurance plans.
Registration required.                                To register, call 215-283-2833.
• Wed, Oct 27; 6:30 - 8:30 pm
GVH Community Education Center FREE
  Marge Fitzgerald, GVH Registered Dietitian          FEBRUARY IS AMERICAN HEART MONTH
  & Certified Diabetes Educator
                                                     TOUR YOUR GROCERY STORE:
                                                     Shopping for Heart-Healthy Foods
                                                     If you or a loved one needs to follow a
Shopping for Diabetic-Friendly Foods
                                                     more heart-healthy diet, this tour is for
Navigating the grocery store for healthy
                                                     you. Learn which heart-healthy foods to
foods can be tricky. Join us to learn which
                                                     buy, and which items to avoid if you are
foods to buy, and which to avoid if you or a
                                                     trying to be smart about your heart.
loved one has diabetes. Registration required.
                                                     Registration required.
• Wed, Nov 3; 7 - 8 pm
                                                     • Tues, Feb 1; 7 - 8 pm
Giant Supermarket, Souderton FREE                                        TM
                                                     Landis Supermarket , Telford FREE
  Cindy Linse, GVH Registered Dietitian
                                                     Cindy Linse, GVH Registered Dietitian
A Special Lunch & Learn Program                      PROTECTINGYOURVALENTINE’S HEART
Understand how controlling blood sugar helps         Valentine’s Day is right around the corner,
reduce your risk of complications like heart         making it the perfect time to learn how to
attack, stroke, and kidney problems. Plus, learn     protect you and your sweetheart from
how diabetes can affect eyesight, steps you can      heart disease. Join a cardiologist at a
take to prevent damage from diabetic retinopathy,    popular restaurant for this fun, casual
and treatment options. Registration required.        date night. Gain a better understanding
• Thurs, Nov 4; 10:30 am - 12:30 pm                  about heart disease, and how making
GVH Community Education Center FREE                  small changes to your diet and lifestyle
  Michael Posner, MD, Ophthalmologist                can have a big impact on your heart
  Carol Knauff, RN, GVH Clinical Educator &          health. Plus learn about the heart-health
  Certified Diabetes Educator                        benefits of wine – all while enjoying
                                                     appetizers and wine. Registration required.
DIABETES & THE HOLIDAYS                              • Wed, Feb 2; 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Learn how to smoothly fit diabetes management        Borghi’s Restaurant, Chalfont ($10/person)
into your holiday schedule. With a few simple        David Travis, DO, Cardiologist
steps, your diabetes-friendly holiday can be
fun and festive. Registration required.
• Tues, Nov 9; 2 - 3 pm
Rockhill Mennonite Homes, Sellersville FREE
  Carol Knauff, RN, GVH Clinical Educator &
  Certified Diabetes Educator
    Call the Grand View Information Line at 215-453-4300 or visit
CANCER                                                                                            10

We invite cancer survivors and one guest of their choice to join us for a morning of
inspiration and celebration. Gather with fellow survivors for a complimentary breakfast,
motivational presentations, and the opportunity to share personal stories with each other.
Registration is required. Space is limited, register early.

                         Sat, Sept 25 | 8:30 am - Noon
                           Calvary Church, Souderton
                     FREE (includes breakfast and beverages)
  To register or for more information, call 215-453-4300 or visit

         Eva Grayzel, Keynote Speaker
         Oral Cancer Survivor, Motivational
         Speaker, Interactive Performance Artist

 Chris Hansen, CRNP, GVH Palliative Care

                                                                                    Eva Grayzel

                                                 NOW MORE THAN EVER...TALK TO YOUR
                                                 DOCTOR ABOUT A MAMMOGRAM
 Join Grand View Hospital this October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in Painting the Town
 Pink. Tell your mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, or friend of the importance of early detection.

 The recent controversy over how often a woman should get a mammogram shows it’s more
 important than ever to discuss your breast cancer screening options with your physician. David
 Levin, DO, radiologist on Grand View’s medical staff, recommends that most women start getting
 mammograms at 40. He also suggests talking to your physician about:
     • When you should begin mammography screening, if you have personal or family risk factors
     • How often you should have a mammogram

 Grand View offers digital mammograms at any of its convenient locations in Sellersville,
 Harleysville, Pennsburg, or Quakertown. To schedule a mammogram, call 215-453-4100.

 Check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage.
CLASSES & EVENTS                                                                    11
A group for those who have been diagnosed     REHABILITATION PROGRAM
with cancer themselves or have a loved one    Let our licensed therapists, who focus on
who has been. No registration required.       cancer rehabilitation, help you manage the
• 4th Monday of the month; 7 - 8:30 pm        physical effects of cancer and cancer
GVH Board Room (4th floor of GVH) FREE        treatment including fatigue, lymphatic
  Dorothy Barwis, RT(T), Manager of GVH       problems, muscle tightness, loss of range of
  Radiation Oncology                          motion, and balance problems.
  For more information and dates, call          For more information, call 215-453-3220 or
  215-453-4952.                                 visit

A support group for patients, families, and   Sponsored by the American Cancer Society,
caregivers who are dealing with a breast      this make-up and beauty program for cancer
cancer diagnosis. No registration required.   patients includes skin care, make-up tips,
• 2nd Monday of the month; 7 - 8:30 pm        and options for dealing with hair loss.
GVH Radiation Oncology Waiting Room           Registration required.
(1st Floor of GVH) FREE                       • Mon, Oct 18; 7 - 9 pm
  For more information, call 215-453-3356.    GVH Radiation Oncology Waiting Room
                                              (1st Floor of GVH) FREE
We invite cancer survivors and one guest of
their choice to join us for a morning of
inspiration and celebration. Gather with
fellow survivors for a complimentary
breakfast, motivational presentations, and
the opportunity to share personal stories
with each other. Registration required.
• Sat, Sept 25; 8:30 am - Noon
Calvary Church, Souderton FREE
  Eva Grayzel, Oral Cancer Survivor,
  Motivational Speaker, Interactive
  Performance Artist &
  Chris Hansen, CRNP, GVH Palliative Care

    Call the Grand View Information Line at 215-453-4300 or visit
SLEEP HEALTH                                                                                     12
                        SLEEP Q&A WITH DR. RUBINA HAIDAR
Rubina Haidar, MD, board-certified pulmonologist and sleep medicine physician at Pulmonary
and Allergy Associates addresses some common questions about sleep.
                       What are the consequences   Yet, sleep apnea is at the top, and one of the
                       of not getting enough,      most serious. It’s caused by a partial or
                       quality sleep?              complete collapse of breathing passages. If
                       Sleep is essential to our   left untreated, it can lead to high blood
                       physical and mental         pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes,
                       well-being. Not getting     obesity, depression, even an increased risk
Rubina Haidar,         enough can:                 of death, and other conditions.
MD, Co-Medical
Director, Stoneridge
                    • Lead to poor quality of life When is it time to see your doctor about
Sleep Center        • Affect your physical health a sleep problem?
                      and cognitive abilities      Talk to your doctor if your sleep is disturbed for
• Pose a public safety threat by contributing      more than one month and it interferes with
  to traffic accidents                             how you feel and function during the day. Tell
                                                   your doctor if you:
• Cause serious medical problems
                                                   • Are awake at night
What are some sleep disorders you see              • Are sleepy during the day
as a sleep medicine physician?                     • Doze off while driving
We recognize approximately 84 different            • Have a family history of sleep apnea
sleep disorders, but some I see include:           • Make choking or snorting sounds during sleep
• Sleep apnea – interrupted breathing during • Suffer from loud snoring
  sleep, causing heavy snoring or gasping
                                                   Ask your bed partner if you snore loudly,
• Insomnia – trouble falling asleep or             stop breathing for any length of time, or
  staying asleep                                   appear to sleep restlessly. Then, be sure to
• Restless leg syndrome – unpleasant               tell your doctor.
  sensations in the legs causing frequent leg
  movements                                        For more information on common sleep
                                                   disorders and symptoms, visit
• Circadian rhythm disorders – conditions            To find a physician, call the Grand View
  related to the body’s natural time cues such Information Line at 215-453-4300 or visit
  as jet lag and shift work                

SLEEP TIGHT:                                         THE STONERIDGE SLEEP CENTER
HOW TO SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT                           Helping You Sleep Peacefully
Learn about common sleep disorders                   The Stoneridge Sleep Center offers
including sleep apnea, insomnia, and other           testing, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep
complex conditions. Understand sleep’s role          disorders in a comfortable, friendly setting.
in overall health and learn ways to improve             For more information, call
sleep hygiene. Plus, learn how the Stoneridge          215-453-8106 or visit
Sleep Center can help you or your partner
sleep better. Registration required.
• Tues, Nov 9; 2 - 3 pm
Arbour Square, Harleysville FREE
  Rubina Haidar, MD, Co-Medical Director,
  Stoneridge Sleep Center &
  Scott McMaster, Clinical Coordinator,
  Stoneridge Sleep Center
EXERCISE, FITNESS, AND HEALTHY LIVING                                                           13
Improve strength, flexibility, balance control,    This class helps heighten your attention to
and muscle symmetry. Registration required.        the body while safely bringing your heart
• Mon, Sept 13 - Nov 1; 6:30 - 7:30 pm             rate up and down. Registration required.
• Mon, Nov 15 - Jan 3; 6:30 - 7:30 pm              • Fri, Sept 10 - Oct 29; 9:30 - 10:30 am
• Mon, Jan 24 - Mar 14; 6:30 - 7:30 pm             • Fri, Nov 12 - Jan 14; 9:30 - 10:30 am
Penn Foundation Auditorium, Sellersville ($80)       (skip Nov 26 & Dec 24)
                                                   • Fri, Feb 4 - Mar 25; 9:30 - 10:30 am
                                                   GVH Outpatient Center at Sellersville ($80)
Tai chi can help increase balance,
coordination, muscle mass, and endurance.
                                               YOGA FOR STRESS RELIEF
Registration required.
                                               December is Grand View’s Stress
• Mon, Sept 13 - Nov 1; 1 - 2 pm
                                               Awareness Month
• Mon, Nov 15 - Jan 3; 1 - 2 pm
                                               Learn yoga postures and breathing
• Mon, Jan 24 - Mar 14; 1 - 2 pm
                                               techniques to help the body better respond
GVH Outpatient Center at Sellersville ($80)
                                               to stress. This class can help decrease your
YOGA EIGHT-WEEK SERIES                         heart rate, lower blood pressure, and ease
Reduce stress, improve breathing, and          respiration. Registration required.
become more relaxed. Registration required. • Wed, Dec 1; 6 - 7 pm
• Wed, Sept 8 - Oct 27; 7:15 - 8:15 pm         GVH Community Education Center FREE
• Wed, Nov 10 - Dec 29; 7:15 - 8:15 pm           MOYO Yoga of Skippack
• Wed, Jan 19 - Mar 9; 7:15 - 8:15 pm
Penn Foundation Auditorium, Sellersville ($80) MASSAGE SERVICES
                                               • Mondays & Wednesdays
LIFESTYLE FITNESS CENTER                       GVH Outpatient Center at Sellersville
AT GRAND VIEW                                  (Fees vary from $40 to $80)
Using a medical model, our team of medical       For times and more information, or to
professionals develop and supervise an           schedule an appointment, call Marianne at
exercise program to help you reach your          215-262-2678.
goals. We specialize in developing healthy
lifestyle habits and reducing risk factors for
chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart     CPR, FIRST AID, & BABYSITTING
disease, and more.
                                               CPR, first aid, and babysitting preparation
Lifestyle Fitness Center Hours:
                                               courses are held at Grand View Hospital through
• Monday - Thursday: 6 am - 7 pm
                                               the North Penn Visiting Nurses Association.
• Friday: 6 am - 6:30 pm
                                                 For more information, call 215-855-6191 or
   For more information, including fees, call
   215-453-3260 or visit

Provided by the Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership (BCHIP) through a grant from the
PA Department of Health, this five-week series incorporates curriculum from the National Cancer
Institute. Designed to help you quit smoking, this program addresses behavior modification, nicotine
addiction, tobacco education, relapse prevention, and peer-group support. Registration required.
• Thurs, Sept 2 - Sept 30; 7 - 8:30 pm
GVH Cafeteria Conference Room (2nd floor of GVH) FREE

    Call the Grand View Information Line at 215-453-4300 or visit
GRAND VIEW AUXILIARY EVENTS                                                                       14
“JAZZ IT UP” WITH WINE                                27TH ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS
Enjoy the lively music of The Eric Mintel Quartet,   Illuminate the trees in front of the hospital by
along with fine wines and gourmet fare at            making a contribution to:
the Auxiliary’s newest fundraising event. Our        • Honor a person or organization
silent auction will feature 12 monthly-themed        • Memorialize someone special
baskets, which will make each month of the           • Recognize a cancer survivor
year most memorable. Reservations required.          • Celebrate the birth of a baby
• Fri, Oct 22; 7 pm                                  Dedication Ceremony: Wed, Dec 1; 7 pm
The Loft at Sweet Water Country Club,                Grand View Hospital – Main Lobby
Pennsburg ($50 per ticket)                              For more information, call 215-453-4381.
   For tickets or more information, call       BREAKFAST WITH SANTA
   215-453-4084.                               A delicious pancake breakfast with Santa.
                                               • Sat, Dec 4; Seatings at 8, 9, & 10 am
SUPPORT GROUPS &                               $5.50 for adults; $3.50 for children two and
CONSULTATIONS                                  above; free for children under two
                                                 Reservations required, call 215-453-4084. For
For more information and on additional support   information on all events, visit
groups in the community, call the Grand View
Information Line at 215-453-4300 or visit      BLOOD PRESSURE SCREENINGS                                   & BLOOD DRIVES
ABC Diabetes Program at GVH: 215-283-2833
Alcoholics Anonymous: 215-923-7900                   BLOOD PRESSURE SCREENINGS
Bereavement Support Groups: 215-453-4398             Free blood pressure screenings are provided
Better Breathers: 215-453-3250                       throughout the community by the Grand View
Breast Cancer Support Groups: 215-453-3356           Community Nurse-Home Care Department.
Cancer Support Group: 215-453-4952                     For more information, call 215-453-4265. FREE
Infant Bereavement Services: 215-453-4902            BLOOD DRIVES
Lactation Consultations: 215-453-4594                Nearly 5 million people in the U.S. receive life-
Postpartum Consultations: 215-453-4594               saving blood every year. Donate blood today.
Multiple Sclerosis: 215-453-4300                     • Tues, Nov 23; 7 am - 5 pm
Nutrition Consultations: 215-453-4194                • Wed, Nov 24; 7 am - 1 pm
Teen Parent Support – Building the Family:           GVH Community Education Center FREE
215-453-4300                                           To register, call 215-453-4699.

Refine your driving skills and develop safe,         DRIVING PROGRAM & NEED TO RENEW?
defensive-driving techniques. Pennsylvania           Take our refresher course. Participants may
residents 55 and older may receive an auto           continue to receive their auto insurance
insurance discount after taking this course.         discount. Registration required.
Registration required.                               • Mon, Sept 13; 9 am - 1 pm
• Thurs & Fri, Oct 14 & 15; 9 am - 1 pm              • Mon, Nov 15; 9 am - 1 pm
• Wed & Thurs, Dec 8 & 9; 9 am - 1 pm                • Thurs, Dec 16; 9 am - 1 pm
• Sat, Feb 12; 9 am - 5 pm                           • Sat, Jan 15; 9 am - 1 pm
GVH Community Education Center ($12 for              GVH Community Education Center ($12 for
AARP members; $14 for non-AARP members)              AARP members; $14 for non-AARP members)

    Call the Grand View Information Line at 215-453-4300 or visit
WHAT’S NEW AT GRAND VIEW                                                                                15
                                                      BALANCE & VESTIBULAR THERAPY
  SAVE THE DATE:                                      NOW AT GRAND VIEW
  GRAND VIEW INTEGRATIVE                              Grand View’s Vestibular & Balance Therapy
  MEDICINE CONFERENCE                                 Program helps improve stability and balance,
  Like many people you’ve probably                    decrease dizziness, and reduce your risk of
  heard the term – integrative medicine.              falling. Our specially-trained therapist has
  An approach to medicine, which                      advanced training in evidence-based treatments
  combines traditional with alternative or            of vestibular disorders and imbalance.
  complementary treatments, integrative                 For more information, call 215-453-3220 or
  medicine is now being used by patients                visit
  and physicians. Learn more about
  integrative medicine from local                     VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY
  physicians – how it works and when to               Make a difference in somebody’s life,
  seek it out. Plus, see alternative therapy          volunteer. Grand View is currently looking for:
  demonstrations such as yoga and                     • Operating Room Liaisons: Be a liaison
  massage. Registration required.                     between medical staff, patients, and their
  • Sat, Nov 13; 9:30 am - 12:30 pm                   families in the waiting room. Answer the
  GVH Outpatient Center at Sellersville               phone, communicate information to family
  ($20 per person – includes breakfast)               members, and more.
                                                        For more information on volunteering at
                                                        Grand View, call 215-453-4606.

                       CONFIRMATIONS & CANCELLATIONS
    Pre-payment is required for all programs and is non-refundable. To ensure your reservation,
    send your payment with the registration form. Confirmations will be mailed for class enrollments.
    If programs are cancelled due to inadequate enrollment or weather conditions, your money will
    be refunded. In the event of inclement weather, cancellations will be announced on:
     • WNPV 1440 AM Lansdale • KYW 1060 AM Philadelphia
 Complete this form and enclose a check payable to: Grand View Hospital (unless otherwise specified)
                  Mail to: Grand View Hospital • Attn: Health Promotion & Wellness
                      700 Lawn Avenue • PO Box 902 • Sellersville, PA 18960

NAME ___________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________________

CITY ______________________________________STATE __________ ZIP _________________

PHONE ____________________________________ EMAIL _______________________________

PROGRAM _______________________________________________________________________

FEE _______________________________________ DATE ________________________________

PROGRAM _______________________________________________________________________

FEE _______________________________________ DATE ________________________________

PROGRAM _______________________________________________________________________

FEE _______________________________________ DATE ________________________________
SEPTEMBER                                            12       Yoga for Cardio
2      Clearing the Air: Smoking Cessation           13       GVH Integrative Medicine Conference
8      Yoga                                          15       Pilates
10, 24 Weigh & Learn for New Parents                 15       Tai Chi
10     Yoga for Cardio                               15       AARP Mature Driving Program: Refresher
13     Pilates                                       23, 24   Blood Drives
13     Tai Chi                                       26       Toddler Steps Play Group
13     AARP Mature Driving Program: Refresher
16     Baby Talk & Sign Language                     DECEMBER
24     Mother/Daughter Self-Defense                  1     Yoga for Stress Relief
24     Toddler Steps Play Group                      1     GVH Auxiliary Festival of Lights
25     Embrace Life: Cancer Survivor’s               2     Beyond the Basics of Breastfeeding
       Celebration                                   4     GVH Auxiliary Breakfast with Santa
30     WhatYou Should Know about Shoulder Pain       8, 9 AARP Mature Driving Program
                                                     10    Weigh & Learn for New Parents
OCTOBER                                              JANUARY
4, 11 Strengthening Your Family                      14, 28 Weigh & Learn for New Parents
6      Infant Massage                                15     AARP Mature Driving Program: Refresher
6      Prenatal Yoga                                 19     Yoga                                                                         NONPROFIT
7      Steady Now: Improving Balance & Dizziness     24     Pilates                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
8, 29 Weigh & Learn for New Parents                  24     Tai Chi                                                                          PAID
14, 15 AARP Mature Driving Program                   28     Toddler Steps Play Group                                                   Southeastern, PA
15     Staying Fit & Healthy into the Middle Years                                                     700 Lawn Avenue, P.O. Box 902    Permit No. 307
18     Look Good, Feel Better                        FEBRUARY                                          Sellersville, PA 18960
22     Manage Your Painful Knee                      1      Tour Your Grocery Store:
22     GVH Auxiliary Jazz It Up with Wine                   Heart-Health Edition
27     Healthy Holiday Choices for Diabetics         2      Grand View Date Night:
29     Toddler Steps Play Group                             Protect Your Valentine’s Heart
                                                     4      Yoga for Cardio
NOVEMBER                                             11, 25 Weigh & Learn for New Parents
3      Tour Your Grocery Store: Diabetes Edition     12     AARP Mature Driving Program
4      Diabetes: Controlling Complications           25     Toddler Steps Play Group
9      Diabetes & the Holidays
9      Sleep Tight: How to Sleep Well at Night       Registration is required for all events, unless
10     Yoga                                          otherwise indicated. To register, call the
12     Joint Pain & You                              Grand View Information Line at 215-453-4300
12, 26 Weigh & Learn for New Parents                 or visit

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