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					                                                        Install Google Apps Sync for
                                                        Microsoft Outlook
7853 E. Arapahoe Court, Suite 3100
Centennial, CO 80112

1. Install Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

  Before installing, be sure that Microsoft Outlook is closed.
  Google Apps Sync is a plug-in for Outlook 2003 or 2007 that lets you import your current data from Exchange (or
  some other hosted service you use Outlook with) into a Google Apps Premier Edition or Education Edition account.
  This will also work for you if you are a new Gotcha Covered Franchisee/Email user; the program will create an
  Outlook profile for you (you must have your own copy of Outlook installed on your system!). You can then start or
  keep using Outlook to access your Google Apps mail, contacts, and calendar, or you can switch back and forth to
  the Google Apps web interface.
  Install Google Apps Sync on the computer where you run Outlook. (Note for Corporate personnel only, please make
  sure that you are VPN’d in to access your Email Account):
       1. Go to the Google Apps Sync download page and carefully review the system requirements listed there.
          Before continuing with installation, install any necessary updates to your version of Outlook or Windows.
          (Note: if you try to install the application and, it will report any errors and list what is needed to update)

       2. From the same download page, click the big download button to **download and install Google Apps Sync.
          If you use Internet Explorer – you can right-click on the download button and download target as…
          **Be sure to download “Google Apps Sync” program locally onto your system; then run the installation.
  After installation, you're asked to sign in to your Google Apps account.

2. Sign in to your Google Apps account
  After Google Apps Sync downloads and installs, you're prompted to enter your Google Apps account Email address
  and password, and sign in. Remember that this must be a Google Apps Premier Edition or Education Edition account:

  This lets Google Apps Sync connect to your account to get ready for importing and synchronization.
  Now let's create your Google Apps profile for Outlook, and import some data...

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                                                       Install Google Apps Sync for
                                                       Microsoft Outlook
7853 E. Arapahoe Court, Suite 3100
Centennial, CO 80112

3. Create your Google Apps profile and import Exchange data

   Next, you're prompted to create a Google Apps profile for use in Outlook. This step is also where you can import
   your current Exchange data to your Google account, and set a few other options. You can import data directly from
   your Exchange profile. Or export it first from Outlook as a PST file, and import that. You can also skip importing for
   now and import later instead.

   ***If you are a new Gotcha Covered Franchisee/Email user, uncheck the box next to “Import data from an
   existing profile”, click “Create Profile”, then go to Step 4.

      Import data from an existing profile. Check this option to import data now. Then choose where to import from.
       If your Exchange profile is listed, choose its profile name to import directly from the profile—Google Apps Sync
       takes a snapshot of the profile's current data and imports just that. If instead you've exported your data from
       Outlook to a PST file, choose From a PST File and browse to the file on your computer or network.

       To import data later or skip importing altogether, uncheck this option.
      Specify what to import (just check each appropriate box). To avoid importing duplicate data, import data all at
       once and don't re-import it later.

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                                                      Install Google Apps Sync for
                                                      Microsoft Outlook
7853 E. Arapahoe Court, Suite 3100
Centennial, CO 80112

      Show advanced options and make sure the “Turn Auto-archive off” is checked.

      Click Create Profile when you're done.

4. Start Outlook and synchronize with Google

   Now it's time to start Outlook and begin using your Google Apps account! If you're importing data, it begins to
   import right away. Once the import is complete, the data synchronizes with your Google account starts.
   1. After creating your Google Apps profile, start Outlook (click Start in the window that appears).

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                                                      Install Google Apps Sync for
                                                      Microsoft Outlook
7853 E. Arapahoe Court, Suite 3100
Centennial, CO 80112

   2. If you have Outlook profiles other than the Google Apps profile you just created (such as the Exchange profile
      you're importing from), Outlook prompts you to select which profile to open. Be sure to choose your Google
      Apps profile to begin using your new account – This is normally selected automatically. (To later access your old
      Exchange account, just restart Outlook and choose your Exchange profile, instead.)

       Click OK

   3. As soon as Outlook opens your Google Apps profile, Google Apps Sync begins to import your data. If you're
      importing from an Exchange profile, you're prompted to log in to Exchange. Google Apps Sync then performs a
      one-time import of data currently in the profile (it doesn't continue importing new data from Exchange later).
      After that, the imported data begins synchronizing with your Google Apps account in the cloud.

          When importing, it might be a few minutes before any data appears in Outlook. Importing and the initial
          synchronization, moreover, can take up to 24 hours or more to complete (although you can begin using Outlook
          right away). If you quit Outlook before importing completes, then restart Outlook, importing continues from where
          you left off. To see the status at any time, just point your mouse at the Google Apps Sync icon in the Windows
          system tray.

   4. If you imported data from Exchange, here's what to do after importing to make your Outlook environment best
      match what you had in Exchange.

   5. You're now ready to use your new Google Apps account from Outlook, or from your Google Apps interface in
      any web browser! Check out the Google Apps Sync help to see what's different about using Outlook with Google

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