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					                                         VENICE, ITALY
                  Park Lane Invites You To                  "Discover Venice!"
                                     Contest dates: July 27th - ___, 2011

VENICE, ITALY Welcomes You… The minute you arrive in this
mystical magical place, you will be transported back in time to an
era of extreme opulence and luxury; to the days of palaces and
cathedrals and magnificent masked balls hosted in the grand halls
of majestic residences. Everywhere you look you will find elaborate
décor gilded with gold and adorned with inspiring art. Venice is a
fairytale land.

One of the world's most beautiful and popular destinations, Venice
was recently ranked in a USA Today article as the most romantic
city in all of Europe. This place is simply stunning and completely unique. Founded more than 1,500
years ago on 117 different islands, Venice is linked by a series of over 150 canals, 400 bridges and ancient
paved streets and pathways. Chart your way through this historic city on foot, by water taxi, or by gondola.
Traversing the waterways is a way of life here. Ribbons of seawater thread between ancient palazzos and
weave through every neighborhood… and it’s all utterly magical and absolutely stunning.

                                      No trip to Venice is complete without a gondola ride (at least one!)
                                      Share a ride with fellow Park Lane travelers and be serenaded as
                                      you glide along the Grand Canal. You’ll be captivated by the vistas of
                                      Venice and the elegance of the magnificent palaces and cathedrals
                                      that line the sides of the Canal. Only from a gondola can you truly
                                      capture the romance and the magic of Venice.

                                      When you do step onto dry land, stroll the ancient cobblestoned
                                      streets, dive into local stores and galleries and explore the hidden
                                      gems that are tucked into every corner of this fascinating city. In
addition to the endless enchanting alleyways and water canals, you’ll want to explore the sights and
landmarks that define Venice. Visit Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs, and the Palazzo Ducale. You will
stand in awe as the spectacle of Saint Marks Square opens up before you. A visit to Saint Mark’s Basilica
will expose you to the ultimate expression of Venice’s greatness. Entirely covered by gilded mosaics that
are among the most beautiful in the world, the Basilica envelopes the visitors in a unique spiritual and artistic
atmosphere the likes of which are found nowhere else in the world.

Another day, gather a few of your Park Lane friends and head out
for a leisurely stroll along Mercerie Street, Venice’s famous shopping
venue. Lined with fascinating shops selling sparkling, colorful
Venetian glass and ornate masks, designer leather, clothing and
much more; here is where you will find just the right souvenir to take
home as a memento of your Park Lane vacation in Venice. This is a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Come with us and visit Venice. You
must see it to believe it.

                      You and Park Lane…
                            Together we will DISCOVER VENICE!
   2   The Network
                                              VENICE, ITALY

                                            "Discover Venice!"
                                Let’s Get Started!
 Fast Start Bonus dates: Business processed July 27th through September 7th, 2011

Start early and set yourself up for success. The sales and recruits you generate during this time frame count
toward trip bonus points. It all adds up and every point is important, so don’t waste a minute of this bonus
time. Review the contest brochure for Fast Start Bonus Point details.

Are you having “Visions of Venice”?
Do you dream of winning the trip? Focused on your goal?
THIS will help!
The most direct route to Venice, Italy is through recruiting. Park Lane will award
you this special, sparkling “ITALY” pin as soon as you sponsor your first qualified*
Venice trip recruit.

*For the purpose of this Italy pin award challenge, your recruit must start with min. $500 net sales
and go on to submit total min.of $1000 net + non commissionable sales within 4 commission dates following their start week.

Wearing this pin is a great way to generate interest in Park Lane and our opportunity. People you don’t
know, as well as those you do, will notice and comment on your pin, creating an opening for you to initiate a
conversation about Park Lane. The conversation might go something like this…..

She says, “I couldn’t help but notice your pin… I assume you’re Italian? (Or) Did you buy it in Italy?”
You reply, “Actually, neither. My company is sending me on a FREE trip-for-two to Italy! Actually, the
trip is to VENICE, Italy… and I am sooo excited!”
“A FREE trip? WHAT kind of Company is THAT? Where do you work?”

You’ve opened the door, now share a little more about Park Lane; just enough to create interest in our
opportunity. Then follow through by setting up an appointment to get together or by inviting her to a
Park Lane event.
                  Venice, ITALY… One recruit and you are on your way!

                          DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE... DOUBLE YOUR FUN
                               when you “DOUBLE YOUR POINTS”
                                   a side trip you'll have won!

Everyone who DOUBLES the 38,000 points needed to earn the Trip-For-
One will be invited to go on an exclusive private outing with Park Lane
owners and executives. Those who achieve 76,000 points during the
Venice contest will be treated to a special side trip. You will travel to in
the beautiful Valpolicella region where you will enjoy wine-tasting and a
fabulous lunch at an elaborate villa. Then, you will be whisked away to
spend the rest of your afternoon in the fabulous city of Verona! So, go for
your goal and then DOUBLE YOUR POINTS!

                                                                                                            August 2011       3
                                  ANNIVERSARY WEEKS

                            Park Lane 1955- 2011
               Anniversary Weeks Celebration - August 24th and 31st, 2011
Join us as we celebrate our 56th year in business! For over five and a
half decades, the jewelry of Park Lane has adorned men and women
alike. We’ve added sparkle to their wardrobe and to their lives. For fifty-
six years people have “partied” with Park Lane and enjoyed the rewards
of hosting a show. But our finest accomplishment over the last 56 years
would have to be the countless number of representatives and their
families whose lives have been enhanced and enriched through their
affiliation with Park Lane. Yes, we have a lot to celebrate on this special anniversary, and we intend to do just that!

 To show appreciation to our customers & hostesses, we're offering a FREE Bonus Item at the modest $30 order level,
  and we have sweetened the already amazing package of Hostess rewards with an Anniversary Weeks FREE RING*
   offer. To honor YOU, our Directors & Leaders, we held nothing back in designing incredible, jewelry awards worthy
   of this milestone anniversary! Our 2011 Anniversary award jewelry is over-the-top outrageous... Come and get it!
                         Happy Anniversary, Park Lane! Happy Anniversary to one and all!

                Business processed during the weeks that end on Wednesday commission dates
                                         August 24th and 31st, 2011

We’re celebrating our Anniversary all month long… August Customer Appreciation Offer
A FREE Bonus Item starting at the $30.00 net sales order level!
       • $30 order and purchase one $12 Bonus Item; 2nd Bonus Item is FREE!
       • $60 order and purchase two $12 Bonus Items; 3rd Bonus Item is FREE!
       • $90 order and purchase three $12 Bonus Items; 4th Bonus Item is FREE!

Hostess Appreciation Offer
*$300 + one booking = Any Three Booking Gift ring FREE!
With an Anniversary Weeks show totaling $300 net sales or more and at least one
dated booking, the hostess may choose any one RING from the Three Booking Gift
collection as a FREE GIFT!

Park Lane Director/Leader Anniversary Awards!
Directors and leaders, for 56 years, YOU have been the wind beneath our wings! We
want to shower you with the incredible 2011 Anniversary Award jewelry...
The "Socialite" collection. The sensational cluster ring and the beautiful bracelet
& earrings are designed to flatter the amazing centerpiece of this collection… the
Anniversary "Socialite" necklace!

This unique hematite plated multiple chain masterpiece is adorned by clusters of clear and black diamond-colored
crystals and lustrous white pearls. It features two removable sparkling jeweled brooch pins; a glittering bow and
a scintillating open petal rose. When your outfit calls for a pin, wear one or pair both. This special, one-of-a-kind
accessory will daze and amaze! You simply MUST win this Anniversary award collection! Check out the contest

               Happy 56th Year Anniversary, Park Lane!
brochure and qualifications; focus on earning each and every prize and award offering! You deserve it!

   4   The Network

Dancing with the Stars…. About the Show!
If you have ever tuned into ABC’s primetime hit show, you know how fun, exciting and addictive it can be! For those of
us in love with sparkle, Dancing with the Stars is a fashionista’s dream… It’s a ritzy, glitzy, sequin-studded glam-fest,
set to music!

The show pairs professional dancers with celebrities who volunteer to be taught how to dance. This turns out
to be quite a challenge for the contestants who have no dance experience; but somehow, they all seem to rise
to the occasion! The show sets up each performance by playing backstage video clips of the STAR and their
respective Pro during their week of difficult, and sometimes torturous, practice time preparing for their primetime live
performance. At show-time, ready or not, each STAR executes a choreographed routine with their pro partner in front
of an enthusiastic audience as well as tens of millions of at-home viewers.

DWTS fans tune in to watch the performances and, in an in an effort to fend off the inevitable weekly elimination, they
text or call to cast their vote for their favorite STAR. Each Tuesday, the celeb with the least number of recorded votes
is sent home. High glamour, high drama and highly entertaining… all the ingredients we LOVE! The objective is to
cheer on and vote for your favorite STAR in hopes that they will avoid the weekly elimination and eventually elevate to
first place and dance away with the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy!

DWTS new fall season promises to deliver more passion and excitement than ever before, and we are thrilled to
announce that Park Lane will be a sponsor and benefactor! In fact, Park Lane will be gifting the entire cast of pro
dancers and celebrity contestants with a wardrobe of some of our most beautiful jewelry! On Monday, September
19th, Tara LeVin and Ryan Sudick, as representatives of Park Lane, will attend the Hollywood premiere. Shortly
before the broadcast begins, they will meet the STARS and their dance partners and present them with some of our
most dance-floor-worthy, camera-ready, bling-from-here-to-there jewelry ensembles! Tune in, or set your DVR!

Then, on another episode this fall, Tara, accompanied by Park Lane CEO Scott LeVin, will AGAIN visit the DWTS
studio, this time as members of the audience…. and it gets even better! YOU have a chance to go with them!
Yes, YOU can accompany Scott and Tara and watch the DWTS performances, live, from the sponsor’s preferred
                                        Here’s HOW you can earn this honor!
                                          “Dancing with the Stars” Challenge
                   Business processed during the weeks that close on the commission dates of
                                         July 27th through August 31st, 2011

Every Park Lane representative who submits FIVE net $200 qualified shows and sponsors ONE recruit who starts
with min. $500 net sales during the challenge time frame will automatically be entered into a drawing to be held on
September, 2, 2011. From the entries, FOUR names will be drawn as the winners of the challenge. Each of the
four lucky Park Laners will be flown from their home city to Los Angeles and be provided with accommodations and
meals…. all courtesy of Park Lane. All four will then accompany Tara and Scott to the ABC television studio for an
exciting evening of Dancing with the Stars… live and in person direct from Hollywood!

Stars and dance pros alike are certain to love, love, love their sampling of the best of Park Lane jewelry; Stay tuned…
You may just see it dazzling the audience and lighting up the dance floor! Prepare your self for a STAR-STUDDED fall
season with Park Lane!
                                                                                                      August 2011 5
The BEST just got BETTER!
When it comes to jewelry, no one does it better than Park Lane! The incredible jewelry in
our new Supplement catalog has it all… and then some! Your fall and holiday selling season
just got an enormous boost. People will be clamoring for this collection… to buy it; to book
for it… to sell it. Park Lane’s new supplement catalog, in tandem with the main catalog, will
contain your complete collection until the next new monthly edition slated for introduction in
November. (For your convenience, July, August, September, and October editions are already
included in the supplement catalog.) Foldover and postcard invitations feature jewelry in your
new collection.

The icing on the cake… Jewelry adds the finishing touch to an outfit. It’s like putting an
exclamation point at the end of a sentence, the dessert after the meal, or the curtain call at
the end of a play. Jewelry is the characterizing element that makes your outfit uniquely your
own. Jewelry completes your look and defines your fashion personality. With the addition of
so many extraordinary and diverse new Park Lane items, the variety of choices for “the icing
on the cake” just got a whole lot sweeter!

Your supplement catalogs and invitations are sure to be in demand. Order a sufficient quantity to service all your
customers. Supplement catalog #2110 @ $0.75. Postcard Supply Item #990 $ 5.00/pkg. of 100
Fold-Over Supply Item #015 $10.00/pkg. of 100

The expansion of ensembles translates to AUTOMATIC SALES!
Contact past customers who purchased, or hostesses who chose, any of the items
below. Let them know that Park Lane has launched a brand new supplement catalog
and that a fabulous “match-mate” to their item has just been introduced! Explain that,
because she is one of your “preferred customers”, you have reserved a new catalog
for her. Offer to set up an appointment to drop it off and to bring your sample of the
new item that complements the Park Lane jewelry she already owns.

Of course, you will go to the appointment with several rollers of brand new jewelry!
When she sees the new collection live and in person, there is no way she will be
able to resist dating a show. You can turn your visit into a hostess coaching session;
possibly into a interview! At the very least the customer will order the item that
matches theirs. Create a show of all the outside orders you gather and enjoy the
instant progress on your trip qualifications!

Here are the expanded ensembles...
• Starry Nights ring to complete Starry Nights ensemble.
• Lola necklace & earrings to complement Lola ring!
• Fame bracelet to flatter Fame ring and necklace.
• Danielle earrings look gorgeous with Danielle necklace
  (or any other silver necklace for that matter!)
• OMG ring. Well, IT goes with ANYTHING!
  (And, of course, wear it with OMG ensemble!)

           These additions will translate into a BIG business booster!
              Create a CALL LIST and let your clients know that
                         the BEST just got BETTER!

   6   The Network
                       Venice - Fast Start Bonus Points for your Personal Sales
                                July 27th through September 7th, 2011
Submit personal net + non-commissionable sales of $1,000 or more during the above dates, and all the
personal sales you submit during the Fast Start time frame will count DOUBLE toward trip points.

For example, if you submit personal sales of $2,200 during the Fast Start dates, you will be credited for
$4,400 points.
                       Open “The Vault” and see why we are            “proud as a peacock”!
                       See it here. See it first.
                       As a Park Lane representative, each
                       month YOU have the first look at what
                       lies inside “The Vault”!

Jewelry slated for release in The Vault is often an item
that is so elaborate, so special that it cannot be mass-
produced... And, what could be more special than this
bracelet? This masterpiece has been designed to match
Park Lane’s new PEACOCK necklace, earring and ring
ensemble. As the saying goes… “You complete me!”

The hand-assembled bracelet is so elaborate, it cannot be made in large quantities; but we can make one for YOU!
And, we can make one for customers who move quickly, and act before the supply has been depleted. Be among the
first to open The Vault, and enjoy this month’s exclusive purchase!

Item #11326 $125.00 Peacock bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches.
Jewelry found in The Vault may be ordered the same way as any regular line merchandise and is fully
commissionable. It may be purchased, chosen as a Bonus Item, selected with hostess or booking credit, etc.

Park Lane often offers a special item, usually the monthly Hostess Bonus Buy, as an extra reward to hostesses
who have at least one booking and show net sales of $800 or higher. Here’s a fun and effective way to
reinforce the goal with your hostess and help her to realize that $800 in show sales is within her reach!

• Create a fill-in-the-blank sheet with 80 line spaces.
• Make each space worth $10, and number* each space.
• Choose one of the numbered* spaces as the winner and write the number in a corner on the sheet.
  Conceal it with a sticker.

The objective is to have show guests and absentee order customers fill in their name randomly on $10
numbered spaces equal to their net purchase until EIGHTY $10 spots are claimed. For example, a customer
placing a $72 net order and purchasing two $12 Bonus Items would, based on the NET sales of their order, be
entitled to sign their name on SEVEN $10 spaces.

Announce to show guests that when the sheet is filled, the hostess will have reached her show sales goal of
$800 and she will earn the monthly special for FREE. Tell them that you will also have a special gift for the
customer who signed in on the pre-selected lucky number, (concealed by a sticker on the sheet)! The gift you
award is at your discretion. You can access a generic $800 show sign-in sheet in Downloads on the website. You
can customize it with pictures of the current hostess special offer.

The Sizzling Summer Sale CONTINUES straight through the entire month of August!
To launch your new line and kick off the Venice trip contest, Park Lane will continue to offer customers the opportunity
to qualify for a FREE BONUS ITEM starting with a mere $30.00 net order!
See August Customer Appreciation on page 4.
                                                                                                      August 2011      7
If It’s NEW, It’s FREE!        One of the most exciting features of Park Lane’s Success
Builders award program is the opportunity to earn FREE SAMPLES of each monthly
edition of new jewelry! New jewelry every month places you on the cutting edge of
fashion. With Success Builders contest, you can stay there for FREE!

By processing $2500 net+non-commissionable sales during the commission dates
of a month, the director earns the FOLLOWING month’s designated samples of the
new jewelry edition! For example, if you processed $2500 in personal sales on the
commission dates in June, you qualified to earn July’s new edition samples for free!

The new jewelry edition for July has been kept under wraps awaiting convention, but now
that the catalog collection has officially been launched, we can identify the items qualifiers
will receive as their designated July edition samples. (See below.)

ONE MORE WEEK!            With $2,500 personal net+non commissionable sales
processed on the commission dates in JULY, you can earn free samples of August’s new edition as identified
on the next page. (Remember, you still have a few more days left in July to qualify!)

What To Do NOW!
In August, be sure to submit $2500 in net/non sales and earn samples of the items designated as the
September edition. Bonus! There are FIVE commission dates in August! It’s like having an extra week
to qualify! Take advantage of the additional days to hit your FREE JEWELRY goal!

Make It a HABIT!
During September, do it again! With sales of $2500 processed in September, you’ll earn of October’s
jewelry edition samples.

IT’S ALL IN THERE!            For your convenience, and to avoid having to purchase and carry additional
monthly brochures, the July, August, September, AND October editions have all been included in your new
supplement catalog. See back cover for August, September, and October editions.
                                                                              July new edition
                                                                              It’s Hott earrings
                                                                              It’s Hott necklace
                                                                              Cali earrings
                                                                              Hope & Love necklace-G
                                                                              First Glance bracelet
                                                                              What’s NEW NEXT?
                                                                              That would be the
                                                                              NOVEMBER jewelry edition.

                                                                              Set your sights on qualifying for the
                                                                              NEXT edition of BRAND NEW, not-yet-
                                                                              released jewelry scheduled for launch
                                                                              in November. Submit $2500 net/non
                                                                              commissionable personal sales to be
                                                                              processed on the commission dates
                                                                              within the month of OCTOBER, and earn
                                                                              FREE samples November edition FREE
   8 The Network                                                              samples.
                                  COMPANY-WIDE RECOGNITION                                        “Beginning in August: MAINTENANCE – At
                                                                                                  least two minimum $200 net personal
                                                                                                  shows or one personal new recruit start
                                    HALL OF FAME JUNE 2011                                        must be processed on the Wednesday
                                                                                                  Commission dates within a calendar
                                       TOP PERSONAL SALES ACHIEVERS                               month to be eligible to earn overrides and
                                                                                                  bonuses the following month.”

                                                               1. Emily Vallejo

                              1. Elizabeth Escareno                                                             Visit us at:
Fashion & BRanCh DiReCtoRs

                                                               2. Mary Grace Lewandowski       
                              2. Sandra Badillo

                                                               3. Terri Sawyer                  Each achiever making an appearance in the
                              3. Amber Thompson                                                 Hall of Fame & Honor Roll will receive a cer-
                                                               4. Elvia Estrada
                              4. Rocio Manzano DeGarcia   e                                     tificate for FREE supplies.
                                                               5. Javier Garcia                 Congratulations to all “STARS”!!
                              5. Barbara Washington

                                                               6. Carol Benedetto               ANNOUNCEMENTS:
                              6. Heather Dawson
                                                               7. Gina Garcia                   Applications for all contests must be submit-

                              7. Guadalupe Lozada                                               ted within 30 days after a contest ends.
                                                               8. Cherie Thorsness
                              8. Cynthia Velasquez

                                                                                                When faxing a new recruit’s agreement to
                                                               9. Aleta Howell
                              9. Janet Elrod                                                    Home Office please also forward the original
                                                              10. Blanca Rdz de Guillen         signed document. Mark the agreement

                             10. Heather Thompson                                               “PREVIOUSLY FAXED”.
                                                                                                Share your creative ideas and techniques to

                                                                                                help fellow Park Laners succeed.
                                                                                                Write to us. If your article, idea, or story is se-
                                                                                                lected for use in an issue of The Network, you
                                                                                                will be awarded a $25.00 certificate that may
                                     HONOR ROLL JUNE 2011                                       be redeemed for supplies. Email Network
                                                                                                article ideas to:
                                        PERSONAL & GROUP RECRUITING
                                                                                                • Information provided in The Network is
          TOP PERSONAL RECRUITERS                              TOP GROUP RECRUITERS             intended as a reminder of programs and
                                                                                                contests offered by Park Lane. Unless oth-
                               BRANCH DIRECTOR:                 REGION/AREA:                    erwise specified, refer to the original contest
                               1. Rosa Ramirez                  1. Maria Del Carmen Hernandez   brochure and/or program explanation sheet
                               2. Jennifer Knaup                2. Guadalupe Salazar            for further information, specific rules and/or
                               3. Angie Delle                   3. Lucero Salazar               qualifications.

                               REGION/AREA:                     DIVISION:                       • You are an independent contractor. Your
                                                                1. Perla Villarreal             participation in the various contests and pro-
                               1. Martha Tamez
                                                                2. Martha Cantu                 motional programs offered by Jewels by Park
                               2. Guadalupe Salazar                                             Lane, Inc. is not mandatory. Likewise, you are
                               3. Maria Luz Garza               3. Lorena Mata
                                                                                                not required to implement the suggestions,
                                                                                                techniques and ideas being offered to assist
                               DIVISION:                        SENIOR DIVISION:                you in your business.
                               1. Elvia Estrada                 1. Margarita Cumpian
                               2. Griselda Garza                2. Maribel Vallejo              • Jewels by Park Lane is not liable for mis-
                               3. Jorge Chavez                  3. Alma Garcia                  prints or typographical errors. For clarification
                                                                                                of any information contained in The Network,
                                                                                                call Home Office.
                               SENIOR DIVISION:
                               1. Alma Garcia                   SALES
                                                                                                NOTICE: Beginning on the commission date
                               2. Margarita Cumpian             VICE-PRESIDENT:
                                                                                                of March 2nd, 2011, the $5.00 replacement
                               3. Rosa Amalia Cepeda            1. Blanca Rdz de Guillen        fee (for items purchased over 120 days) will
                                                                2. Tricia Carrasco              be increased to $7.00 per item. Park Lane’s
                               SALES                            3. Tammra Graves                replacement ratio is lower than ever, however,
                               VICE-PRESIDENT                                                   with the increasing cost of Gold and Silver, we
                               1. Susan McAfee                  COMPANY VICE PRESIDENT          are unable to keep our 1980’s replacement
                               2. Guadalupe Espinoza            1. Terri Sawyer                 fee of $5.00!
                                                                2. Mary Grace Lewandowski       Please inform your customers & hostesses
                               3. Blanca Rdz de Guillen
                                                                3. Dawnette Dobrick             immediately.
                                                                                                Jewels by Park Lane still boasts the best ex-
                                                                                                change/replacement policy in the industry!
                                                                EX. CO. VICE-PRESIDENT
                                                                1. Javier Garcia                                          August 2011           9
ONE MORE WEEK…. One more week ONLY!
Park Lane is authorizing a ONE-WEEK extension of the following JULY hostess special offers. For shows you submit
THIS WEEK that are processed by the commission date of July 27th, the following specials will be honored.

Triple HRCs – Up to $150 additional hostess credit!                       (until July 27th)
Challenge your hostess to earn up to THREE $50 Hostess Reward Certificates ($5 fee
each) in addition to the credit she earns on the Five Star program. Get mileage
from this offer by encouraging your hostess to reach for higher sales, absentee
orders, a pre-arranged booking, attending an opportunity event, etc. With all the
fabulous new in-line jewelry, Triple HRC’s will help this week’s hostesses obtain
the maximum amount of jewelry rewards. A minimum $200 net sales show is
required to award HRCs.

B.O.G.O. Hostess Only Collection                 (until July 27th)
With a show totaling min. $300 net sales & one dated booking, a hostess is entitled to B.O.G.O. the Hostess Only
collection. This offer is especially significant considering how many fabulous new Hostess Only items have just been
added to our collection. For every one Hostess Only item she purchases, a hostess may choose another, of equal/
lesser value, FREE! Offer applies to YOU, too!

Triple HRCs and the B.O.G.O. offer are reason enough for EVERY Park Lane representative to host his/her own
show in the next couple days! Take advantage of this deal! Your clients will want to see the new Hostess Only
items in person and this B.O.G.O. special is the perfect way for you to get them! B.O.G.O this week will save you
a tremendous amount of money on kit samples as well as on H.O. jewelry for your own personal use! Schedule
a QUICK show and/or an Open House! Gather orders and create your own show! Build a show of your own and
B.O.G.O. the H.O.!

                You have a one-week extension on the above specials… Make the MOST OF IT!
         Best of all, these end-of-July specials OVERLAP with the BRAND NEW SPECIALS for August!
                                     Right NOW hostesses can DOUBLE DIP!

                                               Here’s What’s NEXT!
                  Starting NOW! Business processed from July 27th through August 31st

Customer Sale - A FREE Bonus Item with as little as a $30.00 order! See page 4 in the SALES section for details.

Ten & Double – With TEN or more customer orders, hostess credit DOUBLES from $20 to $40 per order!
• Eight orders generates $160 in credit. ($20 per order)
• Ten orders generates $400 in credit. ($40 per order)
• Fifteen orders generates $600 in credit. ($40 per order)
• Twenty orders generates $800 in credit. ($40 per order) There’s no limit to the amount of credit a
hostess may earn!

It’s easy to see how to earn high-end jewelry for FREE. It’s all about the number of
orders. Encourage your hostesses to work on absentee orders and they will reap the benefits! *For the purpose
of calculating the number of orders to determine hostess credit, the purchase of service item(s) alone does not constitute a
customer order, nor does the hostess purchase of half price items or “Hostess Only Collection” merchandise (Star 3 and 4 of the
hostess plan). Home Office audits Ten & Double orders for authenticity.
Get Up and Go mini vacation getaway! This popular reward is a Three Booking Gift option! See page 13 for
more details and marketing ideas.

   10 The Network
Thank You Awards….
Our Five Star Hostess plan begins with Star One… the “Thank You” Award. Park Lane offers
hostesses a choice of over 50 (if you count all the color options) of the most popular and prestigious
designer items in our collection as a “Thank You” Award for just a $14.00 fee. Many of the fabulous
new items introduced at Convention have joined the “Thank You” Award options and the choices are
valued as high as $108!

 With so many to choose from, your hostess is going to have a hard time selecting just one…
                   Soooo, this month Park Lane will let her choose TWO!

                     TAKE TWO! DOUBLE “THANK YOU” AWARDS!
Hostesses who date and hold a qualified (min. $200 net sales show) are entitled to not one, but TWO
“Thank You” Award items for just $14.00 each! What an amazing offer! Spread the word; Park Lane
is “thanking” our hostesses with DOUBLE the rewards!

                                 AUGUST REWARDS AT-A-GLANCE!
                                    ...from July 27th through August 31st

For Customers… FREE Bonus Item eligibility begins at the $30 net order level!

For Hostesses…
• Ten & Double – Double Star Two - With ten or more guest/customer orders, $40 credit each!
• TAKE TWO! Double “Thank You” Awards - $14.00 plus tax each
• Say “Yes!” - Party On! ring – $14.00 plus tax. Featured on page 12
• Get Up & Go get-away vacation certificate. Three Booking Gift option - $20 fee
• You Rule! necklace. Hostess Bonus Buy - $24.00. Featured on page 12
• High sales award - You Rule! necklace. Qualify with $800 show net sales + one booking. Featured on page 12

                           It’s a Win-Win to host a show RIGHT NOW because
                                       Hostesses can DOUBLE DIP!
DOUBLE DIP! Shows processed on or before July 27th will honor the new specials shown above AND will
honor all these JULY hostess offers as well…

• Triple HRC’s – up to $150 additional hostess credit - $15 fee
• B.O.G.O. Hostess Only - July show of $ 300 + one booking
• $800 show + one booking – Hostess may choose ONE $800 high sales award; Heartfelt OR You Rule! necklace.

Take advantage of the July specials during the final days of July PLUS offer the new specials! In the days immediately
following Convention, fill every opening in your with appointments to take the orders and hold shows; get all business
into H.O. by 07/27/11 for processing.

                    Introducing a stunning new Three Booking Gift Award…
                    TULIP ring!
                    Showcase this ring! When you flaunt this eye-popping CZ creation at your shows any
                    guest who is on the fence about booking a show will not be able to resist! Tulip is
                    destined to rank among the most popular hostess choices!

                                                                                                    August 2011   11
Our plan is FIVE STAR!
Park Lane hostesses are showered with rewards! Our hostess program is the
envy of the industry! Stock up on your stunning new Five Star Hostess program
brochures (#2003). $5.00 /package of 20. Effective with the commission week ending
on August 3rd forward, a show’s net sales must be $200 or more to qualify for hostess
credit and awards.

                 SAY “YES!” to hosting a Park Lane show,
                 and “PARTY ON”!
                 Sparks fly from this magical, mystical, opalescent sphere.
                 Party On! ring is heavily-encrusted with pave dark opal crystals that
                 radiate a rainbow of sizzling color! When your hostess says “yes!”
                 to holding a show, this stunner is hers for just $14.00 plus tax.
                 (retail value $99.00)

Offer is in effect from Convention through the end of August.
Party On! ring - Item #11320. Sizes 5 to 10.
Director sample may be ordered for $20.00 plus tax.

          Fall is in the forecast and the holidays are ahead; the timing is perfect for a PARTY!
                               Set a date for the show this month and it’s...
                                                “PARTY ON!”

                              Calling all Park Lane Fashionistas…
                             When it comes to fashion, YOU RULE!
                            …especially with your choice of jewelry!
Hostesses will certainly command attention wearing this 28-inch-long
shimmering silver necklace with its interesting cluster of charms; a key, a
fleur-de-lis, and an brilliant amethyst crystal jewel, cleverly caged inside a
glittering ornate crown.

Hostess Bonus Buy!
Whimsical and wonderful, “YOU RULE!” necklace (retail value $139) is
discounted to just $24.00 for Park Lane hostesses. The offer begins at
July’s Convention and runs through the end of August. Director sample
may be ordered for $24.00 plus tax

Earn it FREE!
With a show totaling $800 net sales and one booking, your hostess earns
YOU RULE! necklace for FREE!
• To order You Rule! necklace at the discounted price of $24.00, use Item #11324.
• To order You Rule! necklace for free on a qualified $800 net sales show, use Item #2254.

         Wearing Park Lane jewelry, you rock!... Even more, YOU RULE!
   12 The Network
HERE WE GO… GET UP & GO is Extended!
This month, hostesses who obtain three bookings have the option of selecting a Three
Booking Gift of jewelry OR they can choose a FREE “Get Up & Go” getaway vacation as
their reward!

Get Up & Go is a travel voucher certificate, redeemable for a three-day, 2-night resort
stay. The hostess has her choice of approximately 28 locations/resorts all over the country.
Destinations include resorts in Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Nashville, Myrtle Beach,
Hawaii, San Diego, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and more! Review the brochure with your
hostess and help her choose WHERE she’ll “get up and go”!

• Refer to the Get Up & Go brochure for full getaway details. It can be accessed online in Downloads/Forms.
• The standard $20 Director fee to award a Three Booking Gift applies to the Get Up & Go option as well.
• The hostess’ show must be processed on a commission date this month and the three qualified bookings
must be held within 30 days. Apply for the travel voucher on a Booking Gift Claim form immediately after the
three bookings have been held and qualified.

A different kind of “Getaway”!
Try this twist to introducing the “Get Up & Go” offer. Because the certificate is an award for obtaining three
bookings, suggest to your hostess that she may want to promote Park Lane’s mini-vacation in a unique way.
This approach will not only help her obtain three bookings, but will provide a fun adventure for her and her
friends long after the party is over! Let her know it’s her call; she decides. With three bookings, she can
take a jewelry prize OR the Get Up & Go certificate.

This is where comprehensive hostess coaching really pays off. Not only are you helping her plan for a
successful party, you are developing a relationship with her and a strategy to bring about optimum show

Get up & Go on a “Girlfriend Getaway”!
With your hostess’ approval, announce this…
“Over and above all the rewards and free credit a hostess receives,
she earns another special award when three of her friends book
a show. Tonight, when three of YOU book a party, your hostess,
__name__, will have her choice of a special ring, a sparkling watch,
OR… even better… a 3-day, 2-night mini-vacation at one of over
20 different resorts… Some destinations require a flight, but many
resorts are within driving distance! In fact, ___ name ___ has already
decided that when THREE of you, her friends, book a party, she is selecting
the trip option! Even better, she is taking you THREE with her! Yes, it’s going
to be a ‘Girlfriend Getaway’ road trip! ___ name ___ is thinking of selecting
___city__ as the destination resort.

So, if you are up for a fun road trip with the girls, pool, spa, shopping, sight-seeing, cocktails, girlfriend time
and whatever… date your Park Lane show right now, help __ name___ earn her award, pack your bag, and
let the partying begin!

            READY FOR A ROAD TRIP?                                           BOOK A SHOW!"

                                                                                                           August 2011   13
RECRUITING is your TICKET to TRAVEL! To kick off the
Venice trip contest, Park Lane is extending the $5.00 Kit
Sale for ONE MORE MONTH! From Convention through
the last commission date in August, a new recruit can
begin a business of her own for a mere $5.00!
Make sure everyone in your community knows that you and Park Lane have openings for job-seeking people who
want to enhance their lifestyle and embark on a career that is fun, flexible and fashionable! Announce the new trip
contest and invite people to join you in Park Lane and earn the Venice trip for themselves! The following verbiage can
help you promote the extension of our $5.00 Kit Sale offer…

“Park Lane and I want to set you up for success. Your registration fee will be discounted from $39.00 to
just $5.00. You will receive start-up supplies, lots of support, free training, and a jewelry sample kit valued
at $1,000! Together, you and I will line up bookings to help launch your show business career! Just think,
a business of your own where YOU are the boss and call your own shots, and ; where your income-earning
potential is limitless!! Best of all, your only out-of-pocket cost is a mere FIVE DOLLARS! It just doesn’t get
any better than that! Join Park Lane and experience all that Park Lane has to offer! Your journey to the good
life starts HERE!”

Submit $500 net sales, the commission on which will be withheld to satisfy the cost of the kit. Commission is paid on
sales over $500.

DELUXE KIT OPTION: $2,000 value
Purchase outright for $249.00 plus tax; commission will be paid on all sales. When a new recruit opts for the Deluxe
Kit, clearly indicate their choice on the Agreement and forward to Home Office with the registration fee ($5.00 this
month) and full payment (plus tax) for the kit.

                                        A Business-In-A-Bag for FIVE BUCKS!
                                 Pay $5.00. Sell $500. Your new recruit is in business!

                   Double Referral Reward is EXTENDED!
                $50 X 2 = $100 for a qualified Director referral
               Talent Search... WHO DO YOU KNOW?
 Now the question, “Who do you know?” will have TWICE the impact and TWICE the
                response, because we are DOUBLING the REWARD!
During the month of August, instead of the standard $50 RECRUIT REFERRAL certificate, Park Lane is authorizing you to offer
$100 jewelry credit to the person who refers a qualified new Park Lane recruit. When you make this announcement at your
shows, the guests and hostess will automatically think TWICE as hard about who they know that would make a good PL Director!
Remember to tell everyone that they can even refer THEMSELVES and take advantage of this double credit referral offer!

For the purpose of the Recruit Referral certificate, a qualified recruit must start
on a commission date in August and go on to submit min. $1000 in net/non-
commissionable sales within four commission dates following their start date. The
recommender must submit a claim form requesting their $100 jewelry credit reward.
Double credit Recruit Referral $100 certificates are available for download on the
website under Downloads/Forms.

    14 The Network
Red-Carpet Ready and Party Perfect Wearing this Gift of Gold!
Slip this impressive, hinged golden cuff bracelet on your wrist and
immediately you feel elegant and beautiful. The rich gold swirls are like
the petals of a pretty flower; each generously encrusted with scintillating
faux diamond crystals that deliver serious sparkle! This couture bracelet
brings a new level of glamour to your accessory wardrobe. Wear it well!

Here’s how to earn your August Gift-of-the-Month bracelet.
   One qualified August recruit** and personal net/non
                 August sales* of $1500!

BONUS WEEK! Notice that there are FIVE Wednesday commission
dates in August. It’s like having an EXTRA week to qualify for your Gift of the Month award! Make it yours!

*Your personal sales must be processed on the commission dates in August.
**Your recruit must start with min.$500 net sales processed on one of the commission dates in August and
go on to qualify with a total of $1,000 net/non-commissionable sales processed within four commission
dates following their start date.

                   BE ARMED & FABULOUS!... Earn August’s ‘Gift of Gold’!

         “Discover Venice” Fast Start Bonus Points
You need at least four recruits and 38,000 points to earn a trip-for-one to
Venice. Get on the fast track. Recruit and sell NOW and lock in your Bonus
Points, the earlier you start your recruits, the more time they will have to sell
during the Venice contest... and YOU earn credit for every dollar they submit!

                             FOR PERSONAL RECRUITING
   Earn extra bonus points toward trip award levels for the recruits you sponsor and
                  start during the first seven weeks of the contest…
                        July 27th through September 7th, 2011

       One Personal Recruit who starts with $500 net sales = 3,000 Bonus Points

       Two Personal Recruits who start with $500 net sales = 6,000 Bonus Points

       Three Personal Recruits who start with $500 net sales = 9,000 Bonus Points

New recruits who start during the contest have their own respective SEVEN-WEEK time frame in which to
recruit and sell and earn FAST START Bonus Points. (See trip contest brochure.)

                                                                                          August 2011   15
Park Lane “PEARL GIRLS” of Hawaii rise to the top!
Senior Division Jana Champagne, writes periodic newsletters to her “Pearl Girls” team. One of the features of each publication is
an article that spotlights a rising star in her group. The first “Pearl” to be featured was Division Manager, Julie Smith. Below you
will find the fascinating and inspiring story as to how Julie came to be a Park Laner.

“My husband Tim and I just celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary! We are proud parents to two
great kids: Eli (8) and Ella (6) and live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I currently work full-time as Co-Director
of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at University of Hawaii. I love paddling outrigger canoes, coffee,
Chipotle, hanging out with my university students, empowering women, and encouraging people!
OH, and if you want me to teach you to HULA... it would be an honor to do so!

In April 2007, I gave direct sales a try with a different company and did very well. Now, 4 years later, I
decided to make a change and join Park Lane (and still work full-time with University students).
I LOVE that Park Lane honored my leadership experience and brought me straight over as a Division
Manager. I’m lovin’ life at Park Lane.

The “SIGN” … How Julie became a Park Laner!
Julie writes, “There I was at 8:30 am in the morning, sitting at my kitchen table. I prayed, Lord, please give me a
sign. I don’t know what to do." I am afraid to leave my current company and make the move to Park Lane. What if it
doesn’t work? I’m excited and scared. Please give me a sign and tell me what to do.’"

                                Eight hours later, I needed to buy shoes for my
                                5-year-old daughter. We arrived at the shoe store,
                                opened the door, and what greeted us? A huge,
                                glorious SIGN that read, ‘IT’S TIME TO THINK
                                JEWELS’. My mouth dropped open: I was in shock!
                                A shoe store telling me to “Think JEWELS”... (by
                                Park Lane, that is!) Could ‘my sign’ be anymore

                              I jumped aboard the Park Lane train at the end of
                              April! My husband kept reminding me that even at
                              the entry level I would still be making more than at my
                              current leadership position with the other company.
                              Indeed I have. Within the first four weeks with Park
                              Lane, FIVE awesome gals have joined my team and
                              I literally made more in that first month of May than
                              I ever did in any one month at the other company. I
      Julie's "SIGN"          earned Super Start level 2, Business Builders levels
                              1, 2, 3, a Star Fleet Bonus, three 3-Booking gifts,
                              $100 Jewelry Referral Reward for recruiting myself,
the Costa Rica trip, Tropic Treasures necklace, and a bajillion dollars in free

I am so thankful to Jana and Vonda for thinking of me and sharing the Park Lane experience. My husband is happy
and thankful that Park Lane fits into our lifestyle and supplements our income. I am thrilled and honored to be a part of
this wonderful company. Oh, and I love looking gorgeous in all my new jewelry!

The two things I always tell myself and my team:
1) It’s our job and our privilege to share the Park Lane opportunity with everyone. It’s their right to choose.
2) Never take a ‘no’ personally. Every ‘no’ points us to a ‘yes’!” Aloha, Julie

  16    The Network
      Park Lane’s first “LEADERSHIP CA$H BONU$”contest was so
                successful that WE’RE DOING IT AGAIN!
At our last Convention in February, a new contest was launched challenging Division and above level
managers to qualify for a LEADERSHIP CA$H BONU$. The response was overwhelming; the results
extraordinary! You have earned a repeat performance.

Park Lane is re-launching the LEADERSHIP CASH BONUS contest!
Never before in Company history have we experienced so many promotions and a CASH BONUS
payout THIS BIG! Previous cash bonus contests that have since been retired, such as Beverly
Hills Cash Bonus, New Year Cash Bonus, Cash Jackpot Bonus, Mega-Money Bonus, etc. PALE IN
COMPARISON to the success generated by Park Lane’s 2011 Leadership Cash Bonus. Going above
and way beyond Park lane’s compensation plan, Leadership Cash Bonus contest is a proven winner.
Join the alumni of Park Laners who, thanks to this contest challenge, have experienced phenomenal
growth and who returned home from our last Convention with BIG bonus checks!

                               Leadership CA$H BONU$ … an ENCORE Performance!
                               Contest dates: July 20, 2011 through January 25, 2012

By inspiring others to move up the ladder, you increase the points you need to earn your bonus. You will receive
points for each person in your organization who steps up into a new position. The higher the position, the greater
the amount of points you’ll receive. Your goal is to accumulate points based on your level. It’s all mapped out in the
new Leadership CA$H BONUS brochure. There is NO LIMIT to how BIG a BONUS you can earn! This contest is for
Division managers and above. Not yet a Division? You can be! This is a six-month contest; promote to Division, and
you, too, will be eligible to earn a Leadership Cash Bonus.

Congratulations! You’ve elevated, and we’re elated!
At Convention we celebrated the promotion of many new leaders. If you were touched by the story of someone you
met at Convention, moved by someone who spoke from the stage, or motivated by someone you witnessed advancing
in Park Lane, hold on to that inspiration and use it to propel you to where YOU want to go. There are no limits here.
Isn’t it time for YOU to advance? Isn’t it time YOU elevated? This IS you time to step up to success in Park Lane and
enjoy the rewards!

                                              Leadership Award
                        Challenge Dates: July 20th, 2011 through January 25th, 2012
At Fall 2011 Convention (held in July) in Chicago, we challenged Division and above level managers to promote an
assigned number of new Branch Directors within their respective organizations before the NEXT Convention to be held
in Las Vegas in February 2012. EVERY LEADER who meets their promote-up goal will be recognized and receive a
gift. The leader EACH LEVEL who EXCEEDS the goal by the highest number of new Branch Director promotions will
be honored for their achievement and will receive a special award.

           YOUR LEVEL                                             YOUR GOAL
           Division                                               Develop 4 Branch Directors
           Sr. Division                                           Develop 8 Branch Directors
           Sales Vice-President                                   Develop 12 Branch Directors
           Company Vice-President                                 Develop 18 Branch Directors
           Executive Company Vice-President                       Develop an assigned number of Branch Directors

Note: All promotion requirements, as well as the completed, signed Promotion Application form, must be received in Home Office
for processing by the January 25th, 2012 commission date.
                                                                                                         August 2011       17
                                 FALL 2011 CONVENTION
                              In PRAISE of Park Lane Presenters!
Our presenters make the Park Lane convention experience unforgettable. The talented people who designed and
delivered presentations at our Chicago Convention rank among the most accomplished and successful Park Lane
leaders. They generously offered their time and expertise and prepared presentations filled with information, ideas,
and inspiration to benefit the members of Convention audience. We extend our gratitude to each speaker!
                                   FALL 2011 CONVENTION PRESENTERS
Specialized Sessions- Friday Meetings                             Convention Workshop – Saturday
Fashion Director Meeting
                                                                  Keynote Speakers – Saturday Meeting
Gem Medrano, Division                                             Catherine Walker, Company Vice President
Jolyn Schwartz, Division                                          Tammra Graves, Sales Vice President
                                                                  Sue Silver, Sales Vice President
                                                                  Danielle Rose, Sales Vice President
Branch Director through Area Manager Meeting                      Mary Grace Lewandowski, Company Vice-President
                                                                  Carol Benedetto, Sales Vice President
Michelle Pederson, Division
Neelee Tschetter, Sr. Division                                    Testimonials - Saturday Meeting
                                                                  Audrey Patton, Division
Valorie Morris, Sales Vice President
                                                                  Jennifer Lowell, Sr. Division
                                                                  Kelly Adams, Area Manager
Division, Sr. Division & Vice President Meeting                   Jennifer Bond, Sr. Division

Mary Grace Lewandowski, Company Vice President                    “Commercial” Interludes – Saturday Meeting
Catherine Walker, Company Vice President                          Nicole Workman, Sr. Division
                                                                  Heather Ferro, Sr. Division
Dawnette Dobrick, Company Vice President                          Cynthia Ramos, Sr. Division
Julyn Panicola, Company Vice President                            Aleta Howell, Sales Vice President

The Heart Award
                   The Park Lane “HEART Award” is not earned by sales or recruiting accomplishments or group
                   achievement; rather, it is a personal honor determined by the field of Park Lane managers who
                   nominate one of their peers. Division managers and above submit the name of the fellow leader
                   they feel most represents the best qualities of a leader. For Fall 2011 Convention, the vote
                   response was overwhelmingly in favor of this leader. The Heart Award recipient is Executive
                   Company Vice President, Juanita Garcia.

                    Since the very start of her career, Juanita has, and continues to be, a role model for all women who
                    strive to achieve a better life for their families. She is kind and caring and quick to express her love
                    for all Park Lane people. An outstanding leader who puts others first, she works tirelessly to help
members of her organization realize their dreams. When it comes to selfless commitment, Juanita raises the bar. She
is a jewel in Park Lane.

It is especially fitting that THIS convention’s HEART AWARD go to Juanita, not just because she is a deserving leader,
but because she represents the blessed result of thousands and thousands of prayers from her Park Lane family and
friends. We all prayed that Juanita would receive the heart transplant that she so desperately needed. A couple of
months ago, our prayers were answered. Now, the woman voted as the leader with the biggest heart, has a brand
new, bigger than ever heart with which to carry on her role as a Park Lane leader extraordinaire! All of Park Lane
absolutely LOVES you, Juanita… Just listen to your HEART, and it will remind you of that each and every day!

  18    The Network
                                NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS
BEVERLY HILLS beckons! It’s a Star-Studded Event!
Last fall, Park Lane, along with L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Lifetime TV, Godiva, Coca-Cola, Office Max
and Honda sponsored Variety’s annual “Power of Women” celebration honoring 2010’s nominees,
Amy Adams, Susan Bymel, Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes, Diane Lane, and Eva Mendes for
their outstanding charitable efforts. Before the event, we offered Park Laners a challenge… a
drawing… to win the opportunity to join the LeVin family for the Beverly Hills event. The winners
were Sue Silver, Beth Flath, Cheryl Akers, and Yasmin Gonzalez. The day-long celebration included
a gifting suite from which our representatives showered the celebrities and entertainment industry
representatives with Park Lane jewelry. As you can imagine, OUR booth created a frenzy of

This year, Variety will recognize the 2011 celebrity nominees for their philanthropic work and
Park Lane is thrilled to, once again, be a sponsor of Variety’s "Power of Women" event. Our hope
is that by celebrating the generosity and good work of these high-profile professionals, women
everywhere will be inspired to get involved and give back. So… how about YOU?

Want to participate in the event? Want to spend two days in Beverly Hills?
Want to shower celebrities and entertainment industry leaders with our beautiful jewelry?
Want to join Scott LeVin in Beverly Hills for the star-studded luncheon and award celebration?

                          The BEVERLY HILLS “Power of Women” CHALLENGE…
Between July 27th and September 7th, submit FIVE shows and sponsor ONE recruit who satisfies their kit
with $500 net sales and you will automatically be entered in the drawing! FOUR lucky Park Laner’s names will
be drawn as the Beverly Hills trip winners!

Variety is keeping the list of this year’s Power of Women celebrity honorees under lock and key. As soon as the
announcement is made, you will be the first to know which stars you will be able to meet up-close and personal.
This two-day Beverly Hills experience will be hosted by the LeVin family and will include your travel, hotel, and lavish
meals.                           Meet the challenge and YOU WILL BE IN IT TO WIN IT!
                     Which Park Lane STARS will rub elbows with the STARS of Beverly Hills!

                     Park Lane’s 2012 National Convention
                 February 10th & 11th - The Paris – Las Vegas
This is THE EVENT of the year! All weekend long, you will mingle with the movers and
shakers, the people who are making it happen and making big bucks doing it! Come and
meet the members of the founding family who have your best interest at heart. Get to
know the company executives. Be showered with cash, prizes and awards. Watch the
presentation that reveals the destination for Park Lane’s next new trip contest and soak up
the excitement and enthusiasm generated by the launch of all the incredible new jewelry
in our brand new catalog! This is the time. This is the moment. What you learn will send
your business soaring, what you see and hear will motivate you, what you witness will
inspire you. Join us for an amazing weekend designed to rock your world!

While Friday and Saturday, February 10th & 11th, are the official dates for our Spring 2012
Convention, how fun it would be to arrive the day BEFORE Friday’s Opening Ceremony and party with your
Park Lane friends! There are sure to be Park Lane events, fun and excitement on Thursday, the 9th as well!
Don’t miss a moment. See you at The Paris!
                            Come to Convention and party with Park Lane!
                                                                                                     August 2011      19
                               EXECUTIVE PROMOTION
                           We at Park Lane are thrilled to announce that Rosalinda (Rosie) Zrinsky has fully qualified
                           for promotion to the level of Senior Division manager. Rosie’s devotion to her team and
                           to seeing that each of the people in her group experience success is, in part, what helped
                           Rosie advance up the management ladder. She brings joy and passion to her work and
                           inspiration to her team.

                           Company Vice-President Julyn Panicola says, “Rosie is a caring, passionate Leader and
                           a woman of great integrity. She has embraced Park Lane’s direction from day one and
                           teaches her team by example. She has a passion for helping others achieve their goals
                           and urges them to reach even greater heights. Rosie reached her promotion goal by totally
                           focusing on her team and encouraging their development and promotions.”
   Senior Division         We asked Rosie to share her feelings about her adventure in Park Lane. Here is her story.

I believe there is a time for every one…
"I started my Park Lane business at the end of October 2010. I was interviewed in September by Julyn Panicola and
Wanda Valentin, just days before they left on their trip to Aruba. I listened as they talked about the company and as
they reviewed everything Park Lane had to offer, and I thought to myself, ‘This is just too good to be true’. I have
been in sales for over 17 years and many other companies have approached me, but I had never heard of a company
where you could start a business without investing, and (best of all) without stocking an inventory. I just could not
believe it.

After the interview, I asked Julyn to let me read through all the information and brochures. I just knew I had to go
through everything and find ‘the catch’. They were leaving to their trip to Aruba that week so I knew I was going to
have enough time to read it all, and I did. Well, to my surprise, there was no ‘catch’. Park Lane truly is a company that
recognizes you for your accomplishments. You are rewarded for so many things and the gifts and prizes are endless;
you just have to do the work and follow the programs and the rewards keep coming. In Park Lane we have the best
hostess program in the business and our warranty for the jewelry is incredible. No wonder Julyn always says, “If it
sounds too good to be true, it has to be Park Lane”. After they came back from their trip, Wanda gave me a call and
asked if I was ready to get started. At that moment, I believed the moment was right; it was my time to start my
Park Lane business. I just knew this was the perfect opportunity for me; how could I say no? There was nothing to

I love working with people and giving them positive advice. I love teaching them the business and helping them
to believe that they can achieve whatever they desire. I tell my team that the key to success is to love what
you do and believe in yourself. I have, and continue to, work my business following the 5 and 1 plan, qualifying
for Super Start awards and Success Builders each month, just as I was taught to do from the very beginning.

I attended the Convention in Las Vegas this past February where I was inspired by all the speakers. I learned so
much from them. I came back from Convention prepared to work, and as a result, our team kept growing month after
month. Most of my Fashion Directors have been promoted, and two have earned their trips to Costa Rica. I just know
this is just the beginning of all the great things yet to come. I have been blessed with an awesome team; I love and
respect each and every one of them. I am so proud to be a part of the Julyn Panicola Organization and grateful to
have Wanda Valentin as my Sr. Division. Thank you for sharing the opportunity with me. I am blessed to have three
wonderful children; Natalie, Cody and Haylie. They are the reason I never give up. And, my wonderful husband Bill,
who has always been understanding and supportive of me and my business; I could not ask for more. Together, we
will celebrate my promotion in grand style, while vacationing in Costa Rica on my first Park Lane trip! Yes, I believe
there is a time for everyone."

  20    The Network
                                EXECUTIVE PROMOTION
                           Park Lane proudly announces that Cherie Thorsness (Utah) has fully qualified for promotion
                           to Senior Division Manager. This talented go-getter has advanced to the executive level
                           and we are confident that with her enthusiasm & passion, this step is just the beginning of a
                           parade of achievements she and her team will enjoy.

                           Sales Vice-President Maureen Faulkner writes, “Since joining Park Lane, Cherie has
                           become a master at ‘Laser Focus.’ Whether it’s earning four trips to travel with her kids
                           and husband or building her weekly paycheck, she knows exactly what she wants, and she
                           does whatever it takes to reach her goals. Cherie is building a dynamic team by making
                           sure they quick-start their business successfully. She and her organization are committed
                           and excited to advance to Senior Division level.” Congratulations on your promotion,
CHERIE THORSNESS           Cherie, and all the best to you and your organization.
   Senior Division

A Life-Changing Decision…
“I have a few true passions in life; my amazing husband, my beautiful daughters, my Savior, and Park Lane. I am
passionate about Park Lane because it has given me the freedom to enjoy my other passions! Having grown up in an
environment of poverty and debt, I was not even aware that there was a different kind of lifestyle out there, but when I
was introduced to Park Lane, I knew that a better life was possible.

Living debt-free became a goal for our family. I remember watching Shirley LeVin on the Convention screen, filmed
standing at a podium, telling the women in her audience that she wanted to help them get to a point that they would
not need to worry about balancing their checkbook. That was so powerful to me! That was a place I was determined
to be!

Choosing to make Park Lane a part of my life was like choosing to be married. I did it for better or worse. And, that
is the best thing I could have done! Anytime we have encountered difficulty or hardship, whether I was struggling
through a life threatening pregnancy, or running my business from the ICU waiting room for weeks when my husband
suffered internal bleeding, staying committed to Park Lane helped bring us through and come out for the better. The
income and support have helped and my confidence is stronger as I see that each time I refuse to move Park Lane to
the back burner, it pays off!

I am so grateful to be part of a family-run company, and a business in which
my own family can participate. It brings such joy to my little girls to come to
each Convention, walk across the stage with me and receive prizes and a
hug! My 4-year-old loves to ‘take orders’; and she cheerfully tells my team
members, ‘Keep in touch ‘OF’ my mother!’ Being able to take my family of
four on free vacations to places like Aruba, Dublin, Costa Rica is a dream-
come-true, and being able to live a debt-free lifestyle is a now a reality
thanks to my Park Lane business!

I have a great love and admiration for the LeVin Family and for Shirley… a
woman whose strength and persistence inspired her to build a company that
would empower other women to fulfill their own dreams. I am so blessed to have my amazing “Bling Team” who strive
consistently to achieve their goals. I am fortunate to be their leader and to learn from them every day! They are a big
part of the reason I am where I am and I love each of them! I have an amazing SVP in Maureen Faulkner who offers
me her support & expertise! And my sweet husband is my biggest supporter as he interests people in booking shows
and joining Park Lane, all by himself!

I am honored to receive the title of Senior Division Manager and I’m especially excited and grateful that my team and
I have earned it! I am looking forward to continuing to grow and build with my awesome team and to providing an
incredible future for my family; all due to the extraordinary opportunity offered by Park Lane!”
                                                                                                     August 2011     21
                                EXECUTIVE PROMOTION
                           This vivacious achiever from Odessa, Texas, has three children, one granddaughter and
                           a large Park Lane team… all of which adore her! Without missing a beat, Maria Mendoza
                           has soared in Park Lane since the day she started. She has won contests, taken awards,
                           and advanced from one level to the next… and she makes it look effortless. We are
                           delighted to officially announce that Maria has qualified for promotion to the level of Senior
                           Division Manager.

                           It was love at first sight!
                          “I was introduced to Park Lane in October of 2009, when my sister, Mercedes Morales,
                          invited me to a show. Trisha Carrasco was the “Park Lane lady”, as we called her. When
                          I saw the jewelry for the first time, I instantly fell in love with it! It was beautiful and the
   MARIA MENDOZA          specials were wonderful! I ordered the $90.00 special to take advantage of the bonus
     Senior Division      items. I was fascinated by all that I got for the price! Then, my sister joined the company
                          and I booked her very first show. My show was over $1,000 and my gifts and awards?
OMG! They were awesome! I was so excited to choose the jewelry I earned, that I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. trying to
decide! (Of course, my husband thought I was crazy!) Both Trisha and my sister asked me to join Park Lane; but I
refused because I already had a job with the School District. Looking back, I guess I just wasn’t ready.

I booked three more shows after the first one; very successful shows, by the way. Once again my sister asked me to
join Park Lane. I promised her that I would do it, but only if and when she needed a recruit to earn a promotion or to
win a trip. Then, in May 2010, my sister was working for two trips to Aruba; one for her and one to give to her son as
a graduation present. That is when I finally said ‘YES’ to Park Lane and began my business in June. I held my first
show and I recruited my daughter. On my second show I recruited two more people; so in a matter of six weeks I had
my four recruits, promoted to Branch, and earned my trip to Aruba on the Second Chance offer. I was very happy and
looking forward to attending the Convention in July. I registered and paid my fee and booked my flight, but then I had
to cancel because my son was called for a Christian retreat that weekend, and I stayed to support him. But I continued
to work… the jewels were selling like ‘homemade bread’.

In the next six months, I promoted to Area then to Division. Now it was time for the Las Vegas Convention. I
registered and used the airline refund from the last convention cancellation to pay for this ticket, but something
happened; a mistake in the booking and, once again, I didn’t make it to Convention… I had, however already earned
three trips to Ireland by this time. A few months after that Convention, in April 2011, I earned three trips to Costa
Rica and qualified for promotion to Sr. Division! Everything happened so quickly that I don’t even know how I did it.
Scott Levin came to our meeting in Odessa and recognized my promotion; it was such an honor and a very special
experience for everyone on our team. The biggest blessing to come from all this is that, because of the income I
was earning in Park Lane, I was able to leave my job with the school district and devote more time to my Park Lane

People ask me for ideas and tips. I answer that I believe it’s my enthusiasm and my commitment to my customers,
always wearing the jewelry, and bragging about Park Lane’s opportunity; the trips, the gifts, the money, and more.
And, of course, always being myself. Hopefully, this time I will finally make it to July’s Convention in Chicago. Thank
you to my wonderful team. Thank you to Park Lane and Scott Levin for acknowledging my work. And, I really want to
thank my family for being very supportive; I love you! God Bless all of us, Park Lane people.”

Sales Vice President Tricia Carrasco says, “What a blessing Maria has been to our organization! She joined the
company to help her sister earn a trip to Aruba never realizing that, in less than 6 weeks, she would earn the trip
as well! That achievement was only the beginning for Maria; the list of her accomplishments keeps growing! Her
determination and commitment to build her business grows stronger every day. Her personal sales are worth cheering
for and her smile and attitude can light up anyone’s day! Congratulations, Maria on a well-deserved promotion!”

  22    The Network
                              EXECUTIVE PROMOTION
                         There is no stopping this single mom of three who works a full-time job as an
                         elementary school counselor plus runs a super-successful Park Lane business.
                         Cynthia Ramos’ work ethic is exemplary and her energy level knows no bounds!
                         We are so proud to announce that she has now qualified to advance to Senior
                         Division manager. Park Lane congratulates Cynthia on her promotion and wishes
                         her continued success!

                       Sales Vice-President Tricia Carrasco shares her thoughts… “As soon as I met
                       Cynthia, I just knew that she would be a super star! It’s been an honor to have
                       had the opportunity to work with her and to see her promote up Park Lane TWICE
   CYNTHIA RAMOS       within two years! We have partied together in Paris, Aruba & soon we’re heading to
     Senior Division   Costa Rica! I would love to see my newly-promoted Sr. Division grow her lineage
                       to a Million Dollar team; and she has the God-given talent to do it! Cynthia is a
loving mother and works super hard to give her kids what they need. She realizes what it takes to grow her
business and I admire her for overcoming every challenge life throws at her and for continuing to stand tall
and deliver! Congratulations Cynthia!”

Super-Mom and Super Star!
"I was introduced to the direct selling industry 10 years ago and haven’t
looked back since! Being a single mom of three, I have always needed
a SECOND pocket and direct sales has helped me out of so many binds,
as well as provided us with the “extras” in life! I am blessed to be able
to provide for my Erika, Roy Zachary and Jonathan as a single mom,
experience personal growth and earn a great second income! I get to have
it all by coordinating fashion shows for my hostess’ and customers and by
attracting other people to our awesome opportunity. I love helping people
grow their own business by becoming a Park Lane Fashion Director.
Meeting new people keeps me excited! Earning new pieces of jewelry to add to our GREAT line every
month keeps me motivated! Providing for my family keeps me inspired.

This September will be my 2nd anniversary with Park Lane. I will be forever grateful to my up line leader
who didn’t give up on me when I told her ‘No, I am happy where I am.’ I had previously sold for another
Jewelry Direct Sales company and while it provided that “extra” pocket for me and my kids, it definitely
wasn’t in the same league as Park Lane! I love earning our jewelry, car allowances, designer outfits,
exotic trips AND making money! And the best part is that I didn’t have to invest in the company… Park
Lane invested in me! All I had was a small $5 startup fee. I earned the kit and the chance to earn up to
$400 in jewelry samples for the first six months of my business! I want to say a big thank you to my upline
organization because you all have had something to do with where I am now… So, thank you to Tricia
Carrasco, Jennifer Spera, Terri Sawyer and Dawnette Dobrick! I also thank the amazing team of ladies that I
have the pleasure to work with. You girls ROCK! I am so proud of all of YOU!

I am so blessed and thankful to be a part of such an amazing company where I can match my love of
fashion with my passion for this incredible direct sales business opportunity. When I started with Park Lane
back in September of 2009, I was able to earn my first Park Lane incentive trip in just 7 short weeks of
joining the company. Going to Paris was the trip of a lifetime! What an experience, especially for me as a
single mom! I also earned 2 trips to Aruba and most recently earned 2 trips to Costa Rica! Thank you God
for the LeVin family and what they have provided for all of US! As I like to say, “If it’s too good to be true...,
it MUST be Park Lane!”
                                                                                                 August 2011    23
                              EXECUTIVE PROMOTION
                           Park Lane is delighted and proud to announce the promotion of Mercedes Morales
                           to the executive level of Senior Division manager. Since her start in Park Lane,
                           Mercedes has been a talented, consistent performer and a high achiever. She
                           exudes commitment and devotion and she leads by example.

                           A Park Lane STAR...
                           Mercedes manager, Sales Vice-President Tricia Carrasco, puts it perfectly…
                           “Mercedes is a Rock Star in Park Lane! When I met her I just knew that this
                   beautiful, outgoing, loving, lady would be fabulous in Park Lane and a perfect fit on
   Senior Division
                           my team! She immediately began climbing the charts with Park Lane, advancing
level after level. Her passion for her Park Lane business and her team is incredible and she loves to
share the opportunity with everyone with whom she comes in contact! It has been a blessing to have had
the opportunity to work with and develop a strong friendship with Mercedes. I am so happy to see her to
achieve this promotion!”

We asked Mercedes to share a little about her start in Park Lane, and how she feels about what she
has experienced thus far. Here, she shares her thoughts….

“My name is Mercedes Morales, and I am a Senior Division Leader. I come from a Hispanic family; I was
born and raised in Mexico. My husband and I arrived in the United States in the year of 1985 without
knowing a single word of English, but filled with the desire to learn every bit of the language. I set my mind
to it and I accomplished my goal by learning enough English to get me by. The years past, and we had three
wonderful children, Neftaly, Manny and Lukas.

I always wanted to take part in helping my husband with family expenses, but I couldn’t seem to find a job
where I didn’t have to be away from my children for long periods of time. Then, one day in October of 2009,
I ran into a friend and she was wearing the Amaretto set. I instantly fell in love with it! I was fascinated with
the jewelry and wanted to know more about how I could earn every bit of it. As Park Lane’s program was
revealed to me, I automatically knew it was the perfect job for me!

It has now been one year and eight months since I began my Park Lane business. As a result of my Park
Lane income, I have been able to help my husband with family expenses such as paying for our daughter’s
college. Through Park Lane contests, our family has had the opportunity to enjoy wonderful vacations in
exciting places; Aruba, Ireland, and now, Costa Rica! I truly believe that with God, a positive attitude, and
my dedication to Park Lane, all things are possible!”

   24 The Network
                               EXECUTIVE PROMOTION
                           Three years ago, Park Lane was introduced to a talented, vivacious lady with an outgoing
                           personality and a positive outlook. A resident of Florida, Valorie Morris brought years of
                           direct sales experience with her when she joined Park Lane. She took that experience,
                           merged it with our program, and her business took off!

                           She heads up a dynamic team that worked together to move up the Park Lane Ladder.
                           Company Vice President, Pat Smoak, says, "Valorie is committed to her team members
                           and to helping them advance up the ladder. She is a dynamic leader with a heart of gold!
                           A perfect fit for Park Lane! Once she attains one goal, she sets her sights on the next.
  VALORIE MORRIS           She maintains a clear vision of where she wants to go, and I am always confident she will
        Sales VP           get there! Congratulations on your promotion, Valorie!” We are excited to announce the
                           promotion of Valorie Morris to the level of Sales Vice President! We at Park Lane extend
our best wishes for continued success to Valorie and her organization.

You had me at “Hello”!
Like in the movie Jerry McGuire, when Renee Zellweger says, “You had me at hello.” …that is exactly how I felt when
I first met Park Lane three wonderful years ago!

I was with another direct sales company that was in flux for many years. Then, when someone recommended me to
Park Lane and I listened to all the great things about this opportunity...well, Park Lane had me at hello! I have never
looked back!

These past three years with Park Lane have been an AMAZING journey filled with many, many blessings! Starting
out, I filled my calendar with as many bookings as I could and I looked for those special people that would join me
on my team and build a successful business of their own. I have worked with so many wonderful women and men in
the past three years and I would like to say to all of them, ‘You don’t become successful all by yourself.’ I realize how
connected we all are and how very important relationships are in building a successful Park Lane business. From the
home office staff to the newest Fashion Director, we all play a role in each other’s success.

The rewards with Park Lane are over the top and I have a closet full of designer outfits and many trips under my belt
to prove it… not to mention the most gorgeous jewelry any woman would love to have. The trip to Paris and to Dublin
were each a lifelong dream-come-true; and, best of all, I was able to share the experience with my two daughters.
They will also be traveling with me in September on yet another dream-come-true vacation… Costa Rica!

My husband and two daughters are my biggest supporters. I am so grateful to be able to help my family as well as
other families with the financial rewards from Park Lane. Giving and receiving is really one big circle, so when I receive
from Park Lane... I like to give back.

Park Lane had me at ‘Hello’ ....I have found a home here. It is wonderful to have a career that excites me. When I
wake up each day I jump out of bed and start my day with a vision of many good things to come! My passion is to
help others be successful in this business; and with Park Lane as our foundation, the sky’s the limit!

                                                                                                    August 2011      25
                            EXECUTIVE PROMOTION
                        Tricia Carrasco joined our Park Lane family in October of 2008, a young, single
                        mom who was struggling to support her five children while battling her own seriously
                        debilitating illness. In spite of every challenge, every health setback she faced,
                        she prevailed. She overcame one obstacle after another to move forward and
                        build a successful and dynamic Park Lane business. Her work ethic is impeccable;
                        her leadership, undeniable. When it comes to achieving goals, Tricia’s talent and
                        tenacity raise the bar. We are thrilled to officially promote Tricia Carrasco to the
                        executive level of Sales Vice President!

  TRICIA CARRASCO        A life forever changed.
       Sales VP          My name is Tricia Carrasco, and as many of you already know me and my story, I
                         would just like to say thank you to Park Lane, to my entire team and to my friends!
And, a special note of love and appreciation to my boyfriend, Gabriel, who, along with my children, has been
my Number 1 supporter and fan. It’s not always easy for me to work when I’m feeling sick, but Gabriel is
always positive, supportive, and helpful and he motivates me by reminding me why I joined Park Lane to
begin with… To better myself and to be able to provide for my family.

I have now been with Park Lane over two years and what a wonderful journey I have had! As the mother of
five, with the Lord as my leader and my boyfriend & partner Gabriel by my side, my dream to represent our
team as a Sales Vice President has come true. I have walked through my journey with great honor, being
able to help others accomplish their dreams! I am so delighted to be able to share the many Blessings Park
Lane offers with my team and watch so many people in my organization promote to higher positions.

Park Lane has forever changed my life! Thanks to my Park Lane
income, our family has been blessed with many opportunities.
My daughter Lauren was able to attend private school and, I am
proud to say, that my oldest son Spencer will begin attending the
University of Texas Tech this August. The flexibility of my Park
Lane career has allowed me to have the time that I need to spend
with my kids and travel the world with my older two boys, Spencer
& Mason. I’ve won a total of 19 trips to destinations like: Greece,
Cabo San Lucas, Paris, Aruba, Ireland, Costa Rica… even a trip
to Beverly Hills! Many doors have been opened and many lives
have been changed, all because of Park Lane!

One of the biggest ‘trips’ I made was moving my family from Odessa to San Antonio and beginning to build
Park Lane in another new city. Starting out from the midsize town of Odessa to becoming a big city girl
in San Antonio, I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to all my friends & family in both cities and everywhere in
between for believing in me! I love you and appreciate you. I want to thank my upline leaders, Terri Sawyer
& Dawnette Dobrick for supporting me from the beginning & never giving up on me! And a special thank you
to my mentor, Shannon Pell, who helped me stay focused and came up with a plan that worked! All three
ladies have been inspired and motivated me and I am blessed to call them my friends!

   26 The Network
                                EXECUTIVE PROMOTION
                            Look up the word “enthusiasm” in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Terri Sawyer.
                            This bubbly and fun Park Lane Star is a dynamo; a real people-person. But she’s more
                            than that. She is a superb leader; someone that others want to follow. Terri came to Park
                            Lane with years of party plan experience and found a new home and family here. Her zest
                            for life, coupled with her love of people and devotion to her team have catapulted her to
                            the top. We are happy to officially announce the promotion of Terri Sawyer to Park Lane
                            Company Vice-President! This is Terri’s story as she tells it in her unique own style….

                            Texas STAR shines!
                            “Thank you, Park Lane, for not giving up on me! You see, Kathy Cassidy (Park Lane
                            National Director) called me and continued to follow up on me for 9 straight months. I was
    TERRI SAWYER            not the least bit interested in what she had to say about Park Lane, but I thought she was
      Company VP            very pleasant. Maybe it was all those nice complimentary things she had to say about me,
                            to me, that made me leave the door open for her to keep calling back. Call #9 was the
magic call. I told Kathy, ‘OK’. I would agree to meet with someone as long as they came to Dallas. (There was no
way this Texas gal was going to Chicago which, at the time, had a wind chill factor of four degrees below! Really!)
Well, a few days later Scott LeVin flew to Dallas (I’m pretty sure he needed to thaw out!) and we spent 6 or 7 hours
together. I always tell people that I was done in the first 15 minutes, but I was playing hard-to-get. Truth is, Scott just
humored me for a few hours all the time realizing I was going to be his new Sales VP. Scott, thank you so much for
coming to Dallas that day. Joining Park Lane has been the best business decision my husband and I have ever made
and I am a better person because of Park Lane.

Now, with that being said, I was not easy to teach. I came with 12 years of baggage from 2 other companies that
left me a little skeptical and somewhat distrustful. Although I quickly earned my first trip, (the first of the FOURTEEN
trips I’ve earned in the last 3 years!) it took me over a year to learn to embrace all of the Park Lane ways. At first, I
hated the flip chart until I realized that it is what made me duplicable. Then I fell in love with the flip chart! And that
was followed by finally seizing the roll- out method of presenting the jewelry and weekly meetings, and eventually, I
embraced the 5&1 program which has catapulted our team in the past year. If you want to know what the secret to
being successful in Park Lane is, it’s doing and teaching the 5&1 plan.

Park Lane is perfect for me because I believe that I am here on this earth to help others and to serve in any way that I
can. To me, being a leader is all about serving others and Park Lane just solidifies that. I have the best job ever and
not only is my life being transformed but I am also getting to help mentor and transform the lives of others. I can see
the financial impact, the personal growth and the blessings that Park Lane is making possible for so many people.
One of my long time dreams was to have my husband, Rene, retire from the car business. This past December, he
was able to do just that and he is not planning to return. I am loving the fact that we are working together growing our
Park Lane business. I love you Baby, and thank you for all that you do! I want to also thank all of my mentors who
have helped me become a better person. To my upline leader, Company Vice-President Dawnette Dobrick, who has
consistently been supportive, I hope to do you proud. We have an amazing group of ladies at every level and I want
to thank each of them. I want them to know that if it weren’t for them I would not be writing this testimonial. I love and
care for each of you and if I could I would list every one of you by name and thank all of you for your efforts in helping
us reach this hairy scary goal of mine. Company Vice President. Really? It is mind-boggling to me that I am getting
paid what I am getting paid for doing what I love! Thank you Park Lane and it is with great excitement and honor that I
accept the position of Company Vice-President.”

Company Vice-President, Dawnette Dobrick shared her thoughts about her friend and colleague. “I love working with
Terri. She’s a great leader with a big heart! Over the past three years, I have watched her grow in Grace, Wisdom
& Strength. She strives to help others achieve their dreams and goals. When Terri makes a decision to make
something happen, the world better just STEP ASIDE, because she doesn’t take NO for an answer! She will be a
GREAT Company VP!

                                                                                                       August 2011      27
                                   FIRST CLASS
                                   US POSTAGE
                                 SCHAUMBURG, IL
                                   PERMIT #189

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