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                         N E W Z E A L A N D ’ S N O . 1 L U X U RY C O R P O R AT E T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E
Introducing the astonishing new Maserati GranCabrio. A true supercar built to propel four adults in high-performance and
absolute luxury. Under the bonnet, the famous 440hp 4.7 litre V8 engine. In its DNA, the magnificent GranTurismo. This is
a motor car utterly capable of taking your breath away.

AUCKLAND 09 526 6962 | CHRISTCHURCH 03 977 8779 | SYDNEY +61 2 8577 8100 | MELBOURNE +61 3 9270 7000
BRISBANE +61 7 3252 8222 | PERTH +61 8 9231 5999 | ADELAIDE +61 8 8338 7755 |
           WINTER 2010

                                          26 Travel Technology                              62 Destination Review – Chile
                                             Drop into a foreign country, half a world         New Zealand has always had a special
                                             away and if you have the latest Iphone/           relationship with Chile, trade is building
                                             Ipad apps then you have access to more            despite their devastating earthquake.
                                             information about your destination than you       Our Minister of Trade Tim Grocer examines
                                             will know what to do with. Need a room at         the growth of trade between the two
                                             your favorite hotel, simply reserve one on        countries.
                                             your mobile. We review the latest apps for     70 Luxury Escapes
                                             the corporate traveller.                          Noosa is a tropical paradise and the area
                                          40 Singapore Special                                 continues to grow with new resorts are
                                             Once again Singapore has reinvented itself,       opening up all the time. We look at the
                                             from the ultra conservative city state to         brand new Quay West resort and the classic
                                             resort and expo central with no less than         Sheraton Spa and Resort. We also take a
                                             two brand new mega casinos. We take a first        look at small ship cruising. Come aboard
                                             hand look at the multi billion dollar Marina      as we cruise Fiji and the Great Barrier Reef
                                             Bay Sands and Resorts World just open in          . We take you on an African safari and
                                             June. If you haven’t been to Singapore for a      then to Palazzo Versace – The best luxury
                                             while, you simply won’t believe the changes.      escapes in the world.

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A beautiful perfume
evokes a memory,
like how you bought it for
a lot less than its normal price.
More brands. More choice.
Two new duty free shops
now open at Auckland Airport.

Introduction of New Check-In Kiosks Saves Time for
Passengers Flying to Australia
AIR NEW ZEALAND HAS UNVEILED a new kiosk check-in experience                Passengers simply scan their machine-readable passports at a kiosk to be
for passengers flying to Australia, aimed at halving the time it takes to    issued with a boarding pass, and bag tags if they are checking in bags.
check-in.                                                                   Customers then take their bags to the ‘bag drop’ area, where Air New
                                                                            Zealand staff will scan the bag and check the passenger’s ID.
In a first for passengers departing from New Zealand, people travelling
to Australia from Auckland International Airport are now able to check      “We set ourselves the challenge to transform our customers’ experience of
themselves in, with more than 1500 passengers flying to Australia so far     the airport, so they have a seamless experience from checking-in through
today able to use the new technology.                                       to walking off the plane at their destination,” says Mr Sims.

                                                                            There are 18 new self-service kiosks in the economy check-in area, and six
“This brand new experience provides our customers with a more
                                                                            new kiosks in the premium check-in area.
convenient and faster way to check-in,” says Air New Zealand Group
General Manager International Airline Ed Sims.                              Air New Zealand passengers able to use the new check-in process are
                                                                            those travelling to an Australian destination with:
“Not only is it a friendlier and more welcoming area with staff no longer   • a New Zealand or Australian passport
stuck behind desks, but we also expect it will reduce check-in queuing      • any passport with a machine-readable zone on their passport
times by up to 50%.                                                         • any passenger on another passport type holding a valid electronic
“Currently passengers must check-in at least 90 minutes prior to their          travel authority (ETA).
Australian flights, but if the new process succeeds in reducing check-in     The airline will be progressively introducing new kiosks at its Wellington,
time as expected, then Air New Zealand will look to reduce the 90 minute    Queenstown and Christchurch international check-in areas over the next
deadline.”                                                                  nine months.
                          There’s no better way to mix
                          business with pleasure.
                          Add a little pleasure to your next business trip by joining the JR/Duty Free loyalty
                          programme and receive a $50 voucher when you earn 400 rewards points in a year.
                          Collect 1 rewards point for every $1 you spend storewide (excludes tobacco and
                          electronics) and every $5 you spend on electronics – that’s a reward of up to 12.5%
                          for every $400 you spend! Has there ever been a more generous loyalty programme?

                          Sign up in-store or online at
JR GR 0 0 0 4 8 3 _ C T
                                                                            United Airlines Celebrates 80 Years of
                                                                            the Flight Attendant Profession
                                                                            EIGHTY YEARS AGO ON 15 MAY 1930, United’s first stewardesses − led by
                                                                            registered nurse Ellen Church − took their initial flight on a Boeing 80A from
                                                                            Oakland/San Francisco to Chicago. Cruising at 125mph, the journey took 20
                                                                            hours, had 13 stops and carried 14 passengers.

                                                                            To commemorate this anniversary, United repeated that historic flight on 15
                                                                            May. This year, a Boeing 767 made the 4-hour nonstop journey with nearly 240
                                                                            customers and cruising at approximately 530mph.

                                                                            “United’s flight attendants are proud professionals who for generations have
                                                                            cared for our customers’ safety and comfort,” says Alexandria Marren, senior
                                                                            vice president of onboard service, who was on the 15 May flight. “Our flight
                                                                            attendants deliver a safe, pleasant travel experience for millions of customers
                                                                            every year, and we want to take the time to thank those who have proudly
                                                                            earned their United wings.”

                                                                            On this honorary flight, United flight attendants were invited to wear vintage
                                                                            uniforms that represent different eras of flight and provide a timeline of glamour
                                                                            and style leading up to 2011, when all United customer-facing employees will
                                                                            dress in new uniforms created by fashion designer Cynthia Rowley.

Upgraded Biometric Technology
for Visitors to the United States
THE US DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY has announced that upgraded
biometric technology is in place at major US ports of entry, and most international
visitors should expect to use the new technology when they enter the United
States. DHS began upgrading its biometric technology from a 2- to a 10- fingerprint
collection to make the entry process faster and more accurate.

For the last five years, the US has collected biometric information digital                Air New Zealand to Offer Mobile
fingerprints and a photograph from all non-US citizens between the ages of 14              Text and Email Services Inflight
and 79, when they apply for visas or arrive at major US ports of entry.
                                                                                          AIR NEW ZEALAND will be enabling its new Boeing 777-300
Collecting 10 fingerprints enables border control to check visitors’ fingerprints           aircraft with mobile phone and data capability, with the first
against the FBI’s criminal data and enables DHS to check visitors’ fingerprints            aircraft due for delivery in November this year.
against latent fingerprints collected by the Department of Defense (DOD) from
                                                                                          The introduction of the new service will enable Air New Zealand’s
known and unknown terrorists around the world.
                                                                                          customers to use their iPhone, Blackberry and GSM mobile
The DHS have also just began collecting biometrics digital fingerprints from               phones to safely send and receive emails and text messages
non-US citizens departing the United States as part of a pilot programme at               during their flights.
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Detroit Metropolitan Wayne
                                                                                          The new service will also enable customers to use their Netbooks
County Airport.
                                                                                          or laptops used in conjunction with their mobile broadband
Non-US citizens leaving the United States from Detroit and Atlanta airports               connection (e.g. Telecom’s T-Stick and Vodafone’ s Vodem) to
should expect to have their biometrics collected before boarding their flights.            access their emails and internet.
These pilots are expected to continue through early July. US-VISIT plans to               Based on recent customer feedback, Air New Zealand does not
                                     begin implementing new biometric exit                currently plan to enable voice calls onboard. Passengers will also
                                     procedures based on these pilots for non-            be requested to keep their phones on silent mode.
                                     US citizens departing the United States
                                     by air within the next year.                         Customers will be billed by their own mobile service provider, as
                                                                                          with any other international roaming plan.
                                        Non-US citizens departing the United
                                                                                          Standard inflight roaming costs apply, which with Telecom XT is
                                        States from all other ports of entry will
                                                                                          80c per outbound text and no cost to receive them. The cost for
                                        continue to follow current exit procedures,
                                                                                          mobile broadband is $40.00 per megabyte of data. Other mobile
                                        which require travellers to return their
                                                                                          phone providers, including Vodafone, will be confirming pricing in
                                        paper Form I 94 (Arrival-Departure
                                                                                          the coming months.
                                        Record) or Form I 94W (for Visa Waiver
                                        Program travellers) to an airline or ship         The new mobile text and data service is subject to regulatory
                                        representative.            approval.
New Airport-Lounge Concept − The Green Market:
Go Green, Go Natural At Singapore Changi Airport

PLAZA PREMIUM LOUNGES have just opened their brand new airport-lounge concept, Go Green, Go Natural.

The Green Market, an embodiment of relaxation and fine food, is set atop the Departure/Transit Lounge on Level 3, Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport.
Unlike traditional airport lounges, The Green Market is attempting to bring nature indoors, in a bid to help travellers relax. Guests can enjoy table-served
fresh food, all-you-can-eat salad and dessert bar, WiFi, internet stations, newspapers, TV programmes and magazines.

For guests who opt for some rejuvenating fresh air at the busy and crowded terminal, The Green Market uses Oxyvital, a green solution to air pollution,
to purify indoor air safely and naturally. With a seating capacity of 85 persons, make sure you book online. Departure / Transit Lounge Level 3, Terminal
2, Singapore Changi Airport (Restricted Area near KrisFlyer Lounge) Opening hours: 0600 − 0100 daily.

New Flagship Duty
Free Store Opened at
Auckland Airport − JR/
Duty Free Unveils New
World-Class Shopping
can now experience the pleasure of the world-class duty free
shop JR/Duty Free, who have opened a superb new store in
the international departures area.

The new store has been designed to deliver an individualised
and interactive shopping experience, reflecting the best of
New Zealand.

Auckland Airport general manager retail and commercial,
Adrian Littlewood, said, “We’re incredibly proud of the new
duty-free experience at Auckland Airport. We think travellers
will be impressed by the new range of brands and products,
some exclusive only to international departures, the appealing
retail experience, and the great deals on offer.”

The new store showcases new and exclusive brands, cutting
edge fit-outs featuring distinctive New Zealand designs, and
a high level of engagement with customers. Also incorporated
are tasting bars in each store, dedicated electronics zones
where you can try before you buy, and beauty bars where you
can get a personal makeover.





 You can be assured of the same high standard whenever you travel with us

                                                                                                                 Latest Models
                                                                                                                 in the Elite Rent
                                                                                                                 ELITE RENT, ONE OF EUROPE’S finest
                                                                                                                 providers of luxury cars for hire has
                                                                                                                 revealed the latest additions to its fleet,
                                                                                                                 representing the créme of the luxury car
                                                                                                                 crop. Including the brand new Mercedes
                                                                                                                 SLS AMG, the new Ferrari 458 and the
                                                                                                                 new open-air Aston Martin DBS Volante.

                                                                                                                 The limited edition Tesla Signature
                                                                                                                 Roadster is another fine example of
                                                                                                                 Elite’s newest models. This is a high-
                                                                                                                 performance electric car, and is twice
                                                                                                                 as efficient as a hybrid, yet oozes slick
                                                                                                                 sophistication as well as impressive
                                                                                                                 speed (0 to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds).
                                                                                                                 Although this stunning car wouldn’t look
                                                                                                                 out of place in a Bond movie, it sets an
                                                                                                                 example of how Green motoring can
                                                                                                                 be. On the waiting list to buy the new
                                                                                                                 Tesla are George Clooney and Arnold
                                                                                                                 Schwarzenegger − a little behind Matt
                                                                                                                 Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio (who
                                                                                                                 have already been seen behind the
                                                                                                                 wheels of theirs). From NZ$2000 per
                                                                                                                 day for most models. Visit

Auckland Airport Launches Online Parking − Book Your Guaranteed
Airport Park Online and Look for the Best Prices on Offer
BOOKING YOUR PARKING at Auckland Airport is now much easier with               “Auckland Airport’s best prices will always be online, so the airport website
a new online system that provides airport customers with great choice and      is always worth a look before travelling,” suggests Mr Littlewood. “You never
even greater deals. Auckland Airport general manager retail and commercial     know what great parking deal you could pick up.” Visit aucklandairport.
Adrian Littlewood says, “Parking at the airport is an extremely competitive
market, and we are constantly looking for ways to provide a better service
and greater choice. We are pleased to announce that this week we have
introduced a new online option, giving customers the ability to book and
pre-pay online, ensuring their parking space is guaranteed.”
Customers will also have the ability to benefit from great deals by booking
online, depending on the availability and duration of their stay.
 People wanting to park at the airport can go to
and enter their travel dates and times on a quick quote calculator to be
presented with a range of options. After choosing their preferred option,
they can pay using a credit card.
The payment process is completely secure. A confirmation is emailed to
the customer confirming the reservation details and the parking spot is
On arrival at the car park, the customer can use their credit card to enter
or exit the car park. “It’s a very easy and seamless process,” Mr Littlewood
says. Some great deals are being offered for the launch of the new service
including up to 50% savings on drive-up rates. For example, a customer
could park right at the terminal for $NZ49 for seven days or $NZ39 for the
whole weekend, depending on availability at time of booking.
Renowned Hong Kong Interior Designer Steve Leung Creates
Landmark Xiao Nan Guo Restaurant in Hong Kong

DESIGNED BY RENOWNED Hong Kong interior            a quality lifestyle, as reflected at the new Steve   colour leather screens with vermilion leather
designer Steve Leung, the recently established     Leung-designed Hong Kong branch of this             doors reveal a semi-private dining area imbued
flagship of Shanghai’s famous Xiao Nan Guo          illustrious dining establishment.                   with a touch of exclusive elegance whilst also
restaurant is located at landmark One Peking                                                           echoing with the restaurant’s overall theme.
                                                   Entering Xiao Nan Guo restaurant, guests are
in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. The restaurant
                                                   guided across a traditional Chinese zigzag bridge   A stylish open bar and five VIP rooms are also
reflects an elegant Chinese Jiang-nan garden
                                                   to the main dining area where seating provides      located at the other end of the restaurant. Plush
with a contemporary touch where guests can
                                                                                                       blue carpets with auspicious cloud patterns,
enjoy an authentic Chinese dining experience.      every guest with panoramic city views through
                                                                                                       wooden ceiling and tasteful furnishings dressed
                                                   huge glass windows.
Originally established in Shanghai over 20                                                             in golden fabrics offset the enchanting city
years, Xiao Nan Guo rapidly developed from a       The Jiang-nan style at Xiao Nan Guo is created      views beyond and convey a sumptuous yet
small restaurant with a few tables to a renowned   using Chinese-style wooden ceiling, dark-grey       comfortable atmosphere. Business Hours:
fine-food brand attentive to delivering delicious   stone flooring and simple, yet stylish, wooden       11:00AM − 03:00PM / 06:00PM − 11:00PM
cuisine, promoting good health and presenting      furnishings. Off to one side, an array of bronze-   (Mon-Sun) Reservation: (852) 2527 8899

                                                                 Lufthansa Introduces new First
                                                                 Class onboard A380
                                                                 LUFTHANSA UNVEILED ITS NEW FIRST CLASS, the world’s quietest, as it accepted
                                                                 delivery of its first Airbus A380 in Frankfurt, Germany. The new First Class experience
                                                                 has been developed in close collaboration with Lufthansa passengers. More than
                                                                 2000 surveys and ten workshops were conducted during development phases, with
                                                                 customers actively involved in the implementation of the concept, assessing the seats
                                                                 and integrating their suggestions and comments into final designs.

                                                                 From the research, Lufthansa identified a quiet and peaceful atmosphere as one of
                                                                 the most important needs of its first-class customers. As a result, sound-absorbing
                                                                 curtains have been developed and installed to partition off the rest of the cabin, while
                                                                 special sound-insulating material in the aircraft’s outer skin and sound-absorbing
                                                                 carpeting blocks footstep noise, ensuring the worlds quietest first-class cabin. Visit
09460_EuroStar advert.indd 1   5/02/10 10:50 AM
                                                                               Australia’s Newest Hotel, Crown
                                                                               Metropol, Is Now Officially Open
                                                                               CROWN’S NEW 658 ROOM HOTEL, CROWN METROPOL, was officially
                                                                               opened by Crown’s Executive Chairman James Packer and the Premier of
                                                                               Victoria, the Honourable John Brumby.

                                                                               The launch of the wave-shaped hotel included the opening of Isika, the hotel’s
                                                                               day spa on level 27, “28”, the top floor guest lounge and bar, the hotel’s four
                                                                               meeting rooms as well as the official opening of Gordon Ramsay’s two new
                                                                               restaurants, maze and maze Grill.

                                                                               “We have invested over $AU370 million in Crown Metropol and its associated
                                                                               assets, to ensure that Crown here in Melbourne remains one of the best
                                                                               integrated casino resorts in the world,” said Mr Packer.

                                                                               “It’s great to be back in Melbourne to celebrate this momentous occasion,
                                                                               the opening of Crown Metropol,” said Gordon Ramsay. “Having opened
                                                                               restaurants in New York, London, Cape Town and Doha and having seen
                                                                               Melbourne grow into such a dynamic culinary city, I could not be more excited
                                                                               to be a part of the action. Seeing Melbourne’s maze and maze Grill open is a
                                                                               dream come true, he added. Visit

New York City’s Marrakech Hotel
Introduces Souk Seeker to Help
Travellers Navigate Fashion Capital
SIGHTSEEING AND SHOPPING are the universal language amongst
travellers everywhere, and in the Big Apple the pickings are endless.
From high-end department stores and chic boutiques to flea markets and
vintage shops, trying to find the latest looks and the greatest bargains
can be like trying to find a needle in an haute couture haystack. Enter
the Marrakech Hotel’s Souk Seeker − a team of personal bargain hunters
whose mission is to shell out complimentary tips, suggestions and maps of
the fashion capital’s most affordable shopping spots. This exclusive, year-
round service is available only to guests of the Moroccan-themed hotel.

Inspired by Morocco’s colorful markets known as souks, the Marrakech
Hotel’s retail mavens will provide recommendations upon request to New
York City’s top bargain destinations such as Century 21 and the Brooklyn
Flea to Moroccan retailers where guests can hunt for authentic North
African furnishings such as those seen at the hotel.

The distinctly unique Marrakech Hotel is a Moroccan-themed boutique
hotel featuring authentic Moroccan-style décor bringing the passion and
allure of North Africas city to the Upper West Side. The property’s 127
renovated guestrooms offer an intimate living space featuring upscale
amenities such as flat-screen TVs, plush European bed linens, and
iPod docking stations. The hotel showcases a chic design with a vibrant
lobby filled with ceramic tiling, authentic Moroccan lamps and colorful
ottomans and tables. The hotel is located steps from the subway with the
midtown attractions only a few stops away.

The Souk Seeker is launching just in time for the release of the anticipated
blockbuster, Sex and the City 2, which had the fabulous foursome in
Morocco last summer shooting scenes. To celebrate, the Marrakech Hotel
will offer fashionistas-in-training one complimentary Skyy Vodka “Shop ‘til
You Drop” cocktail from 27 May to 30 June 2010 at the hotels Kazbar
Lounge. Visit
Langham Place
MONGKOK – Art Gallery
Masquerading as a Hotel
LANGHAM PLACE HOTEL has become the first hotel in the world to offer its
guests iPod tours of its contemporary Chinese art, which is one of the world’s most
impressive collections. The tours have been introduced to ensure that the art “is
easily accessible and fully enjoyed”, says Langham Place general manager Shaun

The hotel owns over 1500 pieces of contemporary Chinese art, with an estimated
value exceeding $HK20 million. The collection includes pieces by numerous
legendary Chinese artists including Wang Guangyi, Yue Minjun and Jiang Shuo.

The iPod art tour takes guests from the ground level to the 41st floor, highlighting
the hotel’s top 21 pieces along the way. Via the iPod, Langham Place’s art
consultant Angela Li guides the guest, explaining the philosophy and history of
the art and artist as well as the key contributors guiding the artist. Each level of the
hotel carries a different theme designed to suit the likely state of mind of the guest.
As an example, the entrance to the hotel (lobby level) is all about the essence of
life while the hotel’s signature bar Portal – Work & Play (level 5) looks at humanity
and the exhaustion of the modern world. (Yes, that’s when you know you need a
strong drink).

The tours are conducted in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese and are
free for all guests to experience. Guests can do the tour at their own leisure seven
days a week from 6:00am to 11:00pm. Visit
Armani suite living room

Armani Hotel Dubai Opens
in Burj Khalifa
ARMANI HOTEL DUBAI, the world’s first hotel developed by Armani Hotels
& Resorts, in Burj Khalifa opened on 21 April 2010. An unprecedented
luxury hospitality venture, every element of the Armani Hotel Dubai has
been personally designed by global fashion legend Giorgio Armani.

“My ambition for Armani Hotel Dubai − the first of a collection of Armani
hotels, resorts and residences that will soon circle the world − is to
celebrate comfort and style by providing the highest standards of design,
hospitality and service,” says Mr Armani.

Armani Hotel Dubai will be home to eight unique dining experiences.
The hotel will also include Armani/Privé, an upscale lounge, and the
world’s first in-hotel Armani/SPA, which offers 12,000ft2 of wellness,
where guests can enjoy treatment rooms, thermal suites, a fitness centre
and an outdoor swimming pool. The hotel will be home to the Armani/
Dolci chocolates store, an Armani/Fiori florist and an Armani/Galleria
showcasing select couture accessories.

Armani Hotel Dubai is an integral component of Burj Khalifa, covering
over an area of 269,000 sq ft, across the concourse, ground floor and
levels 1 to 8 and levels 38 & 39.

Armani Hotel Dubai’s opening will be followed by the launch of Armani
Hotel Milano in Italy, Armani Resort in Marrakech, Morocco, and Armani
Residences villas in Marassi, Egypt.
Entrance to the Armani private lounge
New Villa Suites open at
Te Manava Luxury Villas &
Spa, Rarotonga Cook Islands
TE MANAVA LUXURY VILLAS & SPA is the newest 5-star
luxury self-contained accommodation on Rarotonga and they
have just opened five brand new 1-bedroom Villa Suites at the
property. Complementing the existing five beautifully designed
and appointed 2- and 3-bedroom villas, these new Villa Suites
each feature their own pool in a private beachfront or garden
courtyard setting.

Set on Rarotonga’s most stunning south-east coast location,
Muri Beach is picture perfect, overlooking small islands and
on a white sand beach fringed with palm trees and lapped by
the gentle waters of the turquoise lagoon. Te Manava Luxury
Villas & Spa offers an exciting new choice for the discerning

Voted Australasia’s Leading Villas at the 2009 World Travel
Awards, guests at Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa can either
be totally self-sufficient and self-contained, or enjoy services
associated with a 5-star experience. Guests can select
additional services from an a la carte guest services menu,
ranging from daily housekeeping through to a 5-course dinner
prepared onsite by Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa’s own private
chefs. Guests simply pay for the services they desire when they
want them. Visit
Encore at Wynn
Macau Opens
Encore, his new, all-suites boutique hotel.
Adjacent to sister resort Wynn Macau,
Encore is a unique destination with its own
repertoire of suites, dining and shopping.

Accommodations at Encore include 414
suites and villas that offer tasteful elegance
in a comfortable, residential setting.
Encore introduces two new restaurants to
the Wynn dining family, and Bar Cristal’s
jewel-box décor turns a classic lobby
bar into a work of art. The serene Spa at
Encore offers treatments in eight private
therapy suites, each with its own steam
room, sauna and aroma-hydrotherapy
bath and shower. The Shopping Esplanade
is home to three signature stores − Cartier,
Chanel and Piaget − showcasing the finest
selections, including limited-edition pieces
unique to Encore. Visit
 Turtle Island Celebrates
 30 Year Anniversary!

“The days unfurl lazily. I snorkel among emerald green, cobalt blue and ludicrously pink fish,
  gallop down the beach on a sleek white horse at dawn, hike to the top of the mountain
         and bike down the other side, and devour several books in my hammock.”
                              CONDE NAST TRAVELLER UK

         “Turtle Island Resort is a retreat for couples who seek a renewal of the spirit
                       and a return to the innocence of falling in love.”
                         D MAGAZINE, DALLAS/FORT WORTH

  The ultimate all-inclusive experience
                         • All meals, beverages & activities
                        • Champagne private beach picnics
                        • Sunset pontoon dining experience
                            • Scuba diving & snorkeling
                        • Sport fishing & horseback riding

    Call now for more information and to reserve your place in paradise.
           Toll Free 1300 887 287 (Aust only)
                    +61 3 9823 8300
                                                                 Peninsula Hotels Launches
                                                                 Real-Time iPhone Rooms
                                                                 Reservation Application
                                                                 SMARTPHONES AND OTHER HANDHELD DEVICES will
                                                                 be the next big thing in hotel bookings as clients seek greater
                                                                 convenience and real-time confirmation, while service
                                                                 providers also find more ways to tap a potentially lucrative
                                                                 market segment, according to Shane Izaks, The Peninsula
                                                                 Hotels General Manager for Information Technology.

                                                                 Development of mobile booking applications or platforms is
                                                                 only a small part of far-reaching changes to the way hotels
                                                                 will handle various aspects of guest services in the future,
                                                                 Izaks said.

                                                                 The Peninsula Hotels is moving in that direction through its
                                                                 iPeninsula mobile booking platform launched in Hong Kong
                                                                 recently. The service allows customers to make bookings on
                                                                 their iPhones that are then automatically delivered to The
                                                                 Peninsula Hotels reservations network

                                                                 Unlike some mobile booking applications currently in the
                                                                 market, which require Reservations staff to manually input
                                                                 bookings after these are received by e-mail, our platform
                                                                 seamlessly delivers bookings to our reservations system
                                                                 without any manual intervention, Izaks said. Within the year
                                                                 mobile bookings for restaurants and spa will be available as
                                                                 well. Visit

A New Arrival in Saint
Tropez This June
MUSE IS COMPRISED OF 15 SUITES, 10 with pools,
most overlooking the terraced gardens and is minutes
from the most elegant epicentre in the world. Each suite is
named after one of the muses the hotel has been dedicated
to such as Edith, after Edith Piaf, Catherine, after Catherine
Deneuve and Lauren after Lauren Bacall. Each suite is
entirely individual, however, all share cool stone floors and
mamorino wall finishes. A large number have their own spa
services room and walk-in closets, oversized showers and
beautiful, neutral décor along with the latest technology in
every suite including a 42-inch Loewe plasma screen with
over 100 channels, PlayStation, an iPad and iPhone.

Exclusive guest services include Bentley shuttles to the
beaches, sunbutlers to administer the best suncreams to
your skin, and overall a level of hospitality to match the
exceptional quality of the hotel. Access to the most exclusive
restaurants and beach clubs in the area is delivered by the
exceptionally connected concierge team.

The hotel includes a beautiful restaurant inspired by the
Slow Food philosophy − M. Dishes will include Royal King
Crab Thermidor style, Red Mullet Tart with Aubergine
Caviar and Baby Mozzarella, Scottish Beef Aberdeen
Angus Fillet with Red Wine Reduction, Sea Bass Baked
in a Crust of Salt or Flambed with Thyme. Visit muse-
Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg
Unveils its New Collection of
Suites and Couture Apartment
amidst the most emblematic labels from the world of Haute Couture, the
Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg has always had a vibrant feel for fashion.

The hotel has just unveiled its collection of suites, the Couture Apartment
and the full magnificent refurbishing of its corridors. All the work of Didier

Considering that every creative act must sit naturally within an environment,
the famous designer here has imagined creations that pay tribute to
fashion. Hence the signed photographs of the top names in fashion over
the past decades that dot the halls and corridors walked by guests from
the lobby to their suite.

The spirit of the 21 suites recreates the harmony and elegance of the
salons in the leading couture houses through the choice of materials,
furniture and colors. Ivory, gray and black form the dominant tones that
enhance gold, crystal and amethyst. The decorative option preferred by
Didier Gomez lies with a subtle balance between the 18th century and the
present day.

On the hotel’s top floor, the Couture Apartment recreates the harmony and
tranquility of a luxurious Parisian interior. The extreme care taken over
each and every detail, like the original and highly elegant lamps, registers
the apartment with a spirit and approach that is distinctly haute couture
in style.

The color ivory has been preferred in the huge lounge that consists of a
work space and dining room, able to cater to a prestige lunch or dinner for
10 guests. The carpet, with black geographic patterns, gives the apartment
a very “designer’” look. Visit
W Hotels Worldwide Continues Global Expansion
with the Announcement Of W Taipei

STARWOOD HAS ANNOUNCED PLANS to open W Taipei hotel in late                  In addition to the many exclusive indulgences at W Taipei, the hotel will
2010. Located in the buzzing Central Business District of Xinyi where        offer a full-service WIRED business centre open 24-hours, over 2800m2
iconic modern architecture intertwines with soulful Taiwanese cultural       of ultra-modern meeting and event space, and the brand’s signature
monuments and the world’s third tallest building, W Taipei will introduce    Whatever/Whenever service promise, providing guests whatever they want
the lifestyle hotel concept to the place where Taiwan’s music, fashion and   − from the ultimate guide to Taipei street markets to midnight delivery of
entertainment industries converge.                                           freshly steamed xiao long bao − whenever they want it (as long as its legal)!
W Taipei will provide 405 stylishly designed rooms starting from 43m2        Guestrooms and suites, including three Wow suites and one Extreme Wow
including a 365m2 Extreme Wow Suite, two contemporary restaurants, one       suite, will feature the W Hotels signature bed with feather-top mattress,
destination bar, the signature W lounge, rooftop WET outdoor pool deck       350 thread-count cotton sheets and goosedown comforter, creating the
and poolside bar, SWEAT state-of-the-art fitness centre.                      ultimate urban escape. Visit

                                                                                   Renaissance Beijing Capital
                                                                                   Hotel Wins Beijing’s Best
                                                                                   Duck Award
                                                                                   FAT DUCK CHINESE RESTAURANT of the Renaissance Beijing
                                                                                   Capital Hotel has won the award for the Best Beijing Duck. Fat Duck
                                                                                   was chosen by voters over Da Dong and other elite restaurants in
                                                                                   Beijing. “It is definitely an honour to have received this award and
                                                                                   recognition for the distinctive and creative culinary leadership of
                                                                                   Chef Jackie,” said Director of Food & Beverage Sander Looijen.

                                                                                   Chef Jackie also teaches a special duck roasting and cutting class for
                                                                                   groups of 10 or more. Classes are priced from $NZ62.00 inclusive of
Mr Marriot and Chef Jackie                                                         wine and food tasting. Visit
Welcome Back to Thailand
THE SUKHOTHAI BANGKOK, has introduced               Room includes daily breakfast at Colonnade          Suite at $NZ313 and receive a complimentary
its Welcome Back Package to invite travellers       restaurant, complimentary high-speed Internet       one way transfer (from or to the airport) and
back to Thailand, starting now through 31           access and in room mini bar (soft drink and         complimentary 60-minute Thai massage at Spa
August 2010.                                        beer).                                              Botanica, for single or double occupancy with
The Welcome Back Package at $NZ222 for              Or choose your preferred room type with an          a minimum of 2 consecutive nights stay. Visit
single or double occupancy in the Superior          Executive Deluxe Room at $NZ270+ or Deluxe

                                                                       Emirates Palace Home to the World’s
                                                                       First Gold Vending Machine
                                                                       EMIRATES PALACE, ABU DHABI was the perfect setting for the world’s first gold
                                                                       vending machine. With the machine itself being 24-carat gold-plated, it perfectly
                                                                       suits its location at the Emirates Palace − often referred to as the golden hotel
                                                                       since its opening 5 years ago.

                                                                       The new gold vending machine is installed in this unique luxury hotel and resort
                                                                       and features advanced technology and a wide array of products. In addition to 1g,
                                                                       5g and 10g bars of gold, the machine also dispenses gold coins bearing designs
                                                                       such as the Krugerrand, Maple Leaf and Kangaroo, which are sold in gift boxes
                                                                       at real-time prices.

                                                                       A computer inside the machine ensures that the real time prices are updated
                                                                       in real time. This eliminates the risk premiums usually associated with precious
                                                                       metal trading. As no sales staffs are needed to operate the machine, clients benefit
                                                                       from very competitive prices. All of the gold bars sold are 24 carat and every item
Emirates PalaceGeneral Manager Hans Olbertz and                        comes with a money-back guarantee. Visit
Thomas Geissler, CEO of Ex Oriente Lux AG

Wolgan Valley Resort in Global Conservation Award Win
EMIRATE’S COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY and the environment at Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa in the Greater Blue Mountains in Australia has
been rewarded with the Conservation Award at the 2010 World Travel & Tourism Councils Global Summit, held in Beijing. The Tourism for Tomorrow
Awards are the WTTC’s highest-profile global accolade, recognising best practices
in sustainable tourism development, conservation and bio diversity protection.

Emirates Hotels & Resorts encompasses three major conservation projects spread
across three continents − Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, Al Maha Desert Resort &
Spa in Dubai, and the forthcoming Cap Ternay Resort & Spa in the Seychelles.

Emirate’s first resort, Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa in Dubai, was designed and
built following the principles of environmentally sustainable development. The
experience and the technology advances contributed to even greater efficiency
that has continued at Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, which only opened in October
2009 and is the first hotel in the world to be certified carbon neutral.

To date, more than 175,000 indigenous trees have been planted in wildlife corridors
and along creek banks at Wolgan Valley. Visit
INTRODUCING THE FABULOUS NEW LUXE CITY GUIDES MOBILE                     LUXE City Guides Mobile editions are downloaded directly to devices
EDITIONS, available for a multitude of handsets including iPhone,        for travellers to check out rich content anytime, save their favourites,
Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and HTC. Each app comes        arrange and build personal itineraries and navigate with the handy
with a year of free updates sent directly to your mobile. What’s more,   online and offline maps plus clickable websites and touch dial telephone
when the year is up, re-subscription is half price.                      numbers. Chic, simple and above all, useful.
For seven years LUXE City Guides have led the way for stylish, smart,
                                                                         Ultra-researched and curated, LUXE City Guides are written by city
busy people, providing ultra-opinionated, informed and pithy ‘to the
                                                                         resident editors and packed with the finest and funkiest dining, leisure,
point’ information − no gimmicks, no padding and no adverts!
                                                                         culture, accommodation, bespoke shopping and city secrets that most
The initial mobile editions cover 10 popular destinations − New York,
                                                                         visitors would simply never find.
Paris, London, Rome, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Bangkok,
and Sydney with 20 more international destinations on the way.           Visit

                                                                                LANGHAM PLACE HOTEL + IPAD =
                                                                                TRUE LOVE FOR ALL
                                                                                TECHNOLOGY HOTEL − Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong
                                                                                is now offering a free roaming iPad service for guests.

                                                                                The iPads are loaded with Langham Place’s own Hong Kong city
                                                                                guide, a Cantonese-English translator of must-know phrases, to-
                                                                                the-minute maps of Hong Kong, an intimate guide to using the
                                                                                Mass Transit Railway (MTR), as well as a restaurant locator and
                                                                                information on how to match Hong Kong delicacies with wine.

                                                                                Tech-savvy guests are able to check-out the iPads for 24 hours at
                                                                                a time. General manager Shaun Campbell explains that the hotel
                                                                                is surrounded by a WiFi bubble so guests can take the iPads
                                                                                anywhere in the hotel – by the pool, at the bar or in their room.

                                                                                Guests can also browse the web, check emails, flick through the
                                                                                latest magazines or sit poolside skimming through one of the
                                                                                pre-loaded e-books – all free of charge.

                                                                                The hotel’s x team (concierge) is also equipped with iPads to
                                                                                provide interactive information on the city’s must-see and must-
                                                                                do attractions.

                                                                                The iPads for guest use are accessible free of charge, regardless
                                                                                of room type for a 24-hour time period. They can be checked out
                                                                                from Portal Work on level 5 between 7:00am – 10:00pm Monday
                                                                                Friday and between 9:00am – 10:00pm Saturday Sunday. The
                                                                                iPads will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

AS TIME REMAINS AN INCREASINGLY PRECIOUS COMMODITY Small Luxury Hotels of the World has developed an app
to bring luxury to the palm of your hand. The new, free app allows guests to Discover, Enjoy and Share some GR8 TLC in any
one of their superb 500-plus properties in over 75 countries, anywhere at any time. The new app is available to download

Supported by rich imagery and information, customers will easily be able to book any hotel and share their favourite choices
with friends and family – all with the simple touch of a button. The SLH app also helps find nearby points of interest including
tourist attractions and other rich cultural and culinary experiences through the augmented reality function.

There are three main iPhone app functionalities:

Discover - allows iPhone users to browse and book their luxury hotel, through various search categories such as destination,
specific experiences or the latest special offers for a quick getaway. Whether customers are seeking a blissful spa retreat,
a secluded beachside escape or a sanctuary hidden amid the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling city centre, it is now all
available from the iPhone.

Share - enables a shortlist of favourite SLH hotels and experiences to be shared with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter
and email.

Enjoy - search for points of interest near to your hotel as you walk the streets using an augmented reality layer that delivers
expert personal recommendations from SLH.

                                                   LONDON’S ‘THE BERKELEY’ OFFERS GUESTS IPAD AT
                                                   CHECK-IN + SPECIAL CONCIERGE TOP 5
                                                   THE BERKELEY, located in heart of London’s fashionable Knightsbridge, has announced that guests
                                                   staying in selected suites of the hotel will have access to a personal Apple iPad for the duration of their stay.
                                                   Not yet available in the UK, the iPad will provide guests access to a new level of guest services. Hotel staff
                                                   will demonstrate key features of the device at check-in.

                                                   Guests staying in the hotel’s chic Berkeley Suites, Conservatory Suites and Chelsea Suite will be among the
                                                   first to experience Apple’s latest technology which, launched in the US last month.

                                                   The Berkeley concierge has created a Top 5 of must-visit shops, exhibitions and local attractions, categorised
                                                   under “Children”, “Fashion” and “Culture”. These insider tips have been clearly mapped so that guests
                                                   can plan their itinerary from their bedroom, while learning about the latest, often unknown, must-do’s.

                                                   Complimentary iPad access is available for guests during their stay in the Berkeley Suites, Conservatory
                                                   Suites and The Chelsea Suite, where rates start at $NZ5000 per night plus VAT.

INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS HAS ANNOUNCED the global launch of its Priority Club Rewards iPhone app. The
app complements IHG’s worldwide strategy, which includes its enhanced mobile websites that provide customers with
the functionality to find and book hotel rooms, check rates and view or cancel reservations for all seven of its brands –
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts, Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts, Holiday
Inn Express, Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites.

The iPhone app is the latest entry into the mobile space from IHG following the release of its enhanced mobile websites
more than a year ago. These websites are currently generating more than $NZ2 million per month in revenue for IHG’s
hotels globally – growing by more than 600% over the past year.

The Priority Club Rewards iPhone app contains the features Priority Club Rewards members expect when booking and
managing reservations. The features for the initial release include:

•   Find and Book Hotel
•   Use the GPS functionality of the iPhone to find nearby IHG hotels
•   View photos and amenities for each hotel
•   Get custom directions using the iPhone’s GPS
•   Click-to-call front desk for each hotel
Continental Airlines Announces New Services - First Route
Worldwide to be Announced for the New Boeing 787 Dreamliner

CONTINENTAL AIRLINES HAS REVEALED another major step in development of its Houston hub with plans to begin nonstop Boeing 787 flights to
Auckland on 16 November 2011 (subject to government approval).

Auckland will be added to the 63 international destinations that Continental currently serves nonstop from Houston, and will become the 26th destination
in Continental’s Pacific network.

Continental will be one of just three airlines flying nonstop between North America and New Zealand. At approximately 7400 miles, the new route will be
the longest from Continental’s Houston hub. Continental plans to operate the route on a daily basis, with a 5-times weekly service during certain periods
in the first year of operation.

Boeing Delivers Cathay Pacific Airways 75th Airplane 777-300ER
CATHAY HAS TAKEN DELIVERY OF ITS 75TH AIRPLANE purchased directly from Boeing, a 777-300ER (Extended Range).

“The 777 allows us to economically offer non-stop service to the major gateways of the world,” said John Slosar, chief operating officer, Cathay Pacific
Airways. “The 777 has great passenger appeal, so it’s really a core airplane for us. It has completely changed our business model over the last three
years and enabled us to climb up strongly in the eyes of the travelling public.”

The new airplane expands the airline’s 777 fleet to 34 airplanes, which includes twelve 777-300s and five 777-200s. Sixty customers around the world
have ordered more than 1100 Boeing 777s.
                                                                                    SAA To Fly Daily Flights from
                                                                                    Sydney To SA
                                                                                    SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS (SAA) has announced that QF/SA
                                                                                    codeshare flights to Johannesburg will now depart Sydney every day
                                                                                    from 21 September, 2010.
Emirates Inflight Entertainment                                                      SAA’s Head of Australasia, Thevan Krishna said: “We’re delighted that
Named as World’s Best                                                               we can now offer daily flights out of both Sydney and Perth. We are
                                                                                    seeing strong interest in Africa as a business, recreational and VFR
EMIRATES HAS WON the World’s Best Airline Inflight Entertainment                     destination and the additional flight will help address that demand.”
award for the sixth year running at the 2010 Skytrax World Airline
Awards.                                                                             “SAA is acknowledged as the leading airline in Africa with the most
                                                                                    comprehensive network and number of connections to all major cities
In an extremely competitive marketplace where many airlines are                     on the continent. Now with 14 flights each week from Australia and
spending significant sums in their inflight entertainment (IFE) products,             very competitive fares, we’re confident of an even brighter future,”
Emirates has maintained its leadership position by concentrating                    Thevan said.
on technical innovation and quality content. Since developing ice
(information, communications and entertainment), its ground-breaking
audio and video-on-demand system in late 2003, Emirates has                       Zakumi, the Official Mascot of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, in Dubai to
continually improved and expanded its IFE offering and has become the             celebrate the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup with cabin crew from
benchmark for all other airlines.                                                 Emirates, Official FIFA Partner.
ice, which is available on over 80% of the Emirates fleet, offers a
staggering choice of up to 1200 channels of entertainment including
230 movies from around the world. In 2009–2010 Emirates selected
movies from over 15 countries that were available in over 20 languages,
as well as many with the option to choose Closed Captions for the hard
of hearing – still a first in the airline industry.

787 Dreamliner Undergoing Extreme-Weather Testing
THE BOEING 787 DREAMLINER has begun a series of extreme-weather                  under these conditions. Sensors and monitors will allow the test team to
tests. A special hangar at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory at Elgin Air         determine if all systems hardware and software operate as expected.
Force Base in Florida allows the airplane to experience heat as high as
                                                                                 Cold-weather testing is being conducted first, with preliminary hot-weather
115°F (46°C) and as low as minus 45°F (minus 43°C).
                                                                                 testing to follow. Additional extreme-weather testing will be conducted
After the airplane is stabilised at either the hot or cold temperatures, flight   later in the flight test programme. A crew of approximately 100 people
test technicians will follow the Airplane Maintenance Manual to perform          travelled from Seattle to support the test operations on ZA003, the third
the steps required to prepare the airplane for flight release and operate         787 airplane to be built.
                                                                                                                                  New business class seat

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review                                                                                                    By Karl Schutt

ONCE ON BOARD YOU ARE GREETED by the world famous Singapore                    The crew also hand out the new Phitex Systems noise-reducing
Airlines welcome – couldn’t be any better. Within moments of taking your       headphones, which were just great. Once a movie started it was almost
seat you are being offered champagne.                                          impossible to hear the engines at all – a fantastic product to have on
                                                                               board. You also get a pair of light blue slippers for inflight wear and an eye
You place your drink orders for right after take-off and it’s time to take a
                                                                               mask. It is a shame, it seems the days of the business class goodie bags
look around. The new seats are ultra-wide with a 17” TV screen for the
                                                                               are well and truly over.
entertainment centre.

Everything is tucked away, mainly in the seat backs. All you have to do is     The entertainment system is quite extensive. The remote even provides
push the panel and it opens. There are trays, power sockets and storage        the remaining trip time so you can calculate whether you can fit in that
space all hidden in the seat back. There is also ample storage space below     last movie. The system was not quite working right as you had to double
your seat for shoes and magazines.                                             click a few times to scroll through movies. But one of the great features is
                                                                               the ability to save your own music playlist. Just hold down the enter button
There is lots of space both in terms of width and leg room – there is a        and whatever track you’ve chosen from the dozens of CDs is added to
feeling of sitting in a giant booth.                                           your personal playlist – just waiting for you to push start. The problem is
Suddenly a video pops on your monitor showing how to convert your seat         (and I have done this before) that you spend such a long time choosing
into the largest business class flatbed in the world. Interestingly enough,     from the amazing collection (including every #1 hit on the BBC since
there are two ways of doing this. You can pull a flap at the back of the seat   1963) that you end up with more songs on your personal playlist than you
and it smoothly pulls down into a bed or you can push a button and the         could possibly listen to – unless you were flying from New Zealand to St
crew will do it for you. Both options are incredibly easy.                     Petersburg.
Most TV programme choices only had one or two episodes ready for                After a meal, some more wines, a movie or two, I was getting sleepy. On
viewing. In fact, just one episode of Top Gear was available and I had          the way to the bathroom, a stewardess asked me if I was going to sleep.
seen it.                                                                        When I got back my seat had transformed into a full-sized bed, all made
                                                                                up and turned down. I made a point of stretching right out and there was
Next up, the drinks and a platter of nuts were served. May I recommend
                                                                                still room left over. I watched a few more minutes of television and that was
the “Silver Kris Sling” – not a bad drink at all and miles better than the
“Singapore Sling”, which is best enjoyed at Long Bar in Raffles. And “Yes”,      it – out cold.
I did try both versions for the sake of our readers.                            This is important: Before you go to sleep order the “no wake up breakfast”.
Soon it was time for dinner, with full linen and Givenchy dinner service with   If you are awake in time before landing to have breakfast, you will order
real cutlery. And with the wide seats, I really couldn’t be more comfortable.   it – that way you can sleep in till the last second. After all, if you have been
                                                                                in Singapore for awhile, your body clock reads 5am when we are landing.
You can really tell a place by its garlic bread and mine was quite good –
crunchy and with lots of real garlic. There are even tiny bottles of virgin     My travelling companion was waken first thing in the morning for breakfast
olive oil to use at your table.                                                 – and again several times later – such is the crew’s eagerness to please.
                                                                                The entire flight crew at the door saying goodbye and thank you for joining
The “Chef’s recommendation” for tonight’s flight was Prawns in Sweet
                                                                                them was a great way to finish a perfect flight.
and Sour Hot Bean Sauce, Fried Fish Flavoured Noodles served with
vegetables. One of the three choices on the white wine list was New             The cabin is new, the crew the same world-class standard as Singapore Air
Zealand’s very own Wither Hills Sav Blanc. It felt like home already.           has always flown. Four out of five.
Dubai International Gives Passengers the Silent Treatment
Dubai Airport has launched initiatives that will significantly improve Dubai International’s ambiance both inside and out by reducing noise and emissions
to the benefit of customers, surrounding communities and the environment.

The first silent airport project will dramatically curtail the number of public announcements made across all three terminals at the world’s fourth busiest
airport for international passenger traffic. In the overwhelming majority of airports worldwide, passengers are bombarded with flight-related announcements.
Customer research shows that when combined with mandatory security and ad hoc broadcasts, the resulting noise serves more to confuse than inform as
passengers become overloaded with information and consequently switch off from hearing their flight call.

Dubai International is one of few airports worldwide and the first in the Middle East to implement the silent airport concept. To ensure a smooth transition,
Dubai Airports has enhanced the quality and presentation of data on flight information display screens located throughout the airport. Airline and airport
‘May I Help You’ staff are also actively reminding passengers to arrive at their gate on time.

In a separate initiative, Dubai Airports has announced the phased withdrawal of older generation aircraft that do not conform to international noise and
emission standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Auckland Airport Benchmarks Sustainability
IN AN IMPORTANT MILESTONE for Auckland               The EarthCheck Programme is widely regarded          By taking such a holistic view of sustainability
Airport, its commitment to sustainable business      as the world’s most scientifically rigorous. It       practices, Auckland Airport was able to identify
practice has been recognised by EarthCheck,          measures key environmental indicators such           where they were out-performing others, and
the world’s leading sustainable travel and           as energy and water consumption, total waste         where room for improvement remained. Of
tourism certification organisation.                   production as well as community commitment.          particular note is Auckland Airport’s Best
                                                     Using the EarthCheck tool, Auckland Airport is       Practice achievement for its Sustainability
                                                     committed to benchmarking local environmental        Policy, the cornerstone of its entire sustainability
                                                     and social issues such as biodiversity               programme.
                                                     conservation, environmental investment and
                                                                                                          The    EarthCheck      Programme       allows    an
                                                     enhanced community socio-economic benefits.
                                                     This involves submitting a year’s worth of           organisation to compare its performance against
                                                     operational data, and having it compared to          that of others using more than a decade of
                                                     that of other communities of a similar kind. As      factual, operational data, submitted by over
                                                     a result, Auckland Airport has achieved Bronze       1000 communities, government entities and
                                                     Benchmarked status.                                  businesses in 60+ countries.
                                                                                 Auckland Airport Welcomes
                                                                                 New Daily Jetstar Services
                                                                                 to Singapore
                                                                                 New Return Services to Low-Cost Carrier Hub
                                                                                 Opens Up New Zealand to More Asia Growth
                                                                                 AUCKLAND AIRPORT WELCOMED the announcement from Jetstar
                                                                                 of daily return flights between Auckland and Singapore commencing
                                                                                 in March 2011, subject to regulatory approval.

                                                                                 The new services will feature two classes on the Airbus A330-200
The Rocks Evolve                                                                 aircraft, and will offer a new Qantas Group international route from
                                                                                 New Zealand through Singapore to multiple Asian and European
WELLINGTON IS WATCHING as its new international terminal takes
shape. The Rocks’ distinct roof profile is becoming obvious as it is over-
clad for durability in pre-weathered copper sheet.                               Auckland Airport general manager aeronautical business
                                                                                 development Glenn Wedlock said that the growth ambitions of
With no two pieces of steel the same length or same end details, the
                                                                                 Jetstar are also very significant.
building is trial assembled in Tokomaru in the Manawatu before being
shipped to the site for construction.                                            “With these new daily services to Singapore, the existing Jetstar
                                                                                 onward connections into unique markets in China, Vietnam,
In Wellington we like to do things a bit differently. Crusty, enigmatic rocks
                                                                                 Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan, and
perched on the runway. Now that’s provocative and daring!
                                                                                 their stated ambition for further route expansion, Jetstar will help
                                                                                 Auckland achieve significant travel growth from the wider Asian
                                                                                 region – growth that is critical to New Zealand,” said Mr Wedlock.
                                                                                 The new Jetstar services will support major New Zealand tourism
                                                                                 initiatives including the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

                                                                                 Coming Soon…
    kl d Airport voted 9th B t
Auckland Ai     t t d       Best                                                 Customs Made Easy
Airport Worldwide and Best Airport in                                            TRAVEL ACROSS THE TASMAN will be quick and easy with

Australia Pacific by Skytrax                                                      SmartGate, the new automated passenger processing system.
                                                                                 New Zealanders and Australians
AUCKLAND AIRPORT HAS cemented its status as a world-class tourism                with electronic passports can
and trade hub – voted the 9thth best airport in the world (up from 10th last     use e-passport readers to
year) and the best airport in the Australia-Pacific region (for the second        pass through Customs when
year in a row) in the 2010 independent Skytrax World Airport awards.             SmartGate is launched at
                                                                                 Wellington Airport in June.
Auckland Airport is the only airport from the Australia-Pacific region, and
one of only four airports from outside Asia, to make the elite Skytrax top
10 global list. As well as heading off strong competition from across the
Tasman to win the Best Airport Australia-Pacific trophy, Auckland also
triumphed in the Staff Service Excellence category for the region. The top 5
Airports for the Australia-Pacific region listed Auckland in 1st place with the
remaining airports being Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide which
achieved 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, respectively.
                                                                                                   UK Aims to Cut Delays
                                                                                                   at London Airports
                                                                                                   THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT has set up a task force to
                                                                                                   try to reduce queues and delays at the three main airports
                                                                                                   serving London.

                                                                                                   The aim was to create better rather than bigger airports
                                                                                                   and that the group would focus initially on Heathrow,
                                                                                                   Stansted and Gatwick. Heathrow and Stansted are
                                                                                                   owned by BAA, while Global Infrastructure Partners
                                                                                                   bought Gatwick from BAA for NZ$4 billion last year in a
                                                                                                   move designed to help improve competition and bolster
                                                                                                   services. Critics say London airports are over-crowded
                                                                                                   and too full of shops. The vision is for airports to be
                                                                                                   more reliabile with shorter queues, less hassle and better
                                                                                                   services for passengers.

                                                                                                   The group will be chaired by Aviation Minister Theresa
                                                                                                   Villiers and include representatives of British Airways,
                                                                                                   Virgin Atlantic, easyJet and Ryanair, as well as the airport
                                                                                                   operators and passenger groups.
No more delays at Heathrow - yeah right

 International Terminal Upgrade - A Better Travel Experience
 SYDNEY AIRPORT has completed the expansion and upgrade of the                    •   building a new security screening area to undertake essential aviation
 departures level of the International Terminal.                                      security measures – closing two old areas
                                                                                  •   creating the new Forum to provide more waiting areas and food,
 The upgrade is part of a $AU1.7 billion investment that Sydney Airport
                                                                                      beverage and retail outlets for passengers (after Customs) including
 has made since 2002 with about $AU700 million invested in just the last
                                                                                      the largest duty free store in the Southern Hemisphere
 two years. Passengers will continue to benefit from ongoing investment,
                                                                                  •   building a new landside food court to provide passengers, staff and
 with a further $1.0 billion in planned capital expenditure over the next
                                                                                      visitors with greater range and more choice (before Customs)
 five years.
                                                                                  •   refurbishing 30,000 square metres of the existing departures level
 •   expanding the departures level by 7,300 square metres                            to provide upgraded gate lounges, waiting areas and more seating
 •   opening a new outbound hall for the Australian Customs and Border            •   commissioning a new arrivals level baggage reclaim carousel for
     Protection Service closing two old halls                                         increased A380 capacity. Visit

 SAA Opens New Airport Lounges in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban
 SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS has opened new and revamped airport
 lounges in South Africa as the Football World Cup begins in the country.

 A new and improved International Departures lounge has been opened at
 O.R. Tambo International Airport for the convenience of our international
 travelers. For SAA customers travelling on our domestic routes, a new
 Platinum and Business Class lounge has opened at Cape Town International

 The International Departures Lounge at O.R. Tambo International Airport
 is SAA’s flagship departure lounge and rivals the world’s best international
 airline lounges. Situated on the Mezzanine floor of the international
 departures terminal after passport control, the 2500 square metre space
 is divided into two areas: one for First Class customers, Voyager Lifetime
 Platinum and Platinum members and the other for Business Class                   been incorporated into the design. Another requirement was a Left Luggage
 customers, Voyager Gold and Silver and Star Alliance Gold members. The           facility, a dedicated baggage deposit area within the space.
 entire area is a combination of luxury, modernity, practicality and a touch of
                                                                                  The lounge includes a spectacular view of the ORTIA runway assisted
 African opulence evident throughout each space.”
                                                                                  by a raised platform. Other luxuries include rest rooms, rainfall showers,
 The lounge was designed with customer comfort in mind, taking into               an audio-visual entertainment room, dedicated internet, built-in private
 consideration that the time spent in the area averages around 90 minutes.        entertainment screens and private boardrooms. The runway view is carried
 Some customers said they wanted a view of the airport runway, wireless and       through into this area with its chic furnishings. There is also a self-service
 high-speed internet connection and an upgraded product, all of which have        food area and bar.
The Ultimate Conference and Meeting Venue –
The New InterContinental Fiji                                                                                                                By Karl Schutt

HERE AT NZ CORPORATE TRAVELLER MAGAZINE we get to see a lot                      So here in the middle of Natadola Beach is one of the most modern
of conference and meeting venues throughout this country and around              conference centres I have seen. It’s fully airconditioned with a pillar-less
the world.                                                                       ballroom catering up to 450 guests, as well as three separate 125-delegate
                                                                                 theatre-style meeting rooms. Each meeting room can be divided into two
Most resorts include meeting rooms, etc. as an afterthought, as a possible
                                                                                 smaller rooms creating six rooms that can cater for 50–80 delegates.
extra revenue earner. And nine times out of ten these facilities are located
                                                                                 Positioned around a central water court, the banquet zone also features
right in the middle of the resort area, which means privacy is lost, there are   breakout spaces, a business centre and a luxury boardroom. This area is
people everywhere and lots of distractions. If you have ever tried to have       very popular for theme and gala dinners.
a serious meeting while lots of bikini-clad women walk past the meeting
room on the way to the pool, you will know what I mean.                          While I was there the boardroom was being used and there were several
                                                                                 conferences going on at the same time – but the rest of the resort
So you can imagine our surprise when we were invited to stay at the brand        wouldn’t have had a clue they were even there.
new InterContinental Fiji to inspect its conference and meeting venue.
                                                                                 And best of all, at the end of the day the delegates moved down to the
After a guided tour around the $NZ250 million hotel and resort, I was
                                                                                 waterfront ‘Kama Lounge’ – an über-chic bar where they serve Kavatinis.
taken to a completely private complex at the side of the resort – which I
thought was going to be the spa area (it looks that good). You can imagine       So if you are after a very private, modern conference destination that is
my surprise when I discovered it was a purpose-built conference and event        brand new, not too far away from home and set in paradise, I have found
centre, complete with huge water gardens.                                        the place for you. Visit
King size room
A NZ Corporate Traveller Promotion

THE WINNER OF THE WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS for best NZ luxury lodge,              both on the Estate and further a field, to suit everyone’s taste. Treetops,
Treetops Lodge offers the ultimate in world class luxury accommodation       a ‘sophisticated safari’ offers an unparalleled range of activities and
and is located in the heart of the trout fishing capital of the world and     exhilarating experiences from your doorstep, making Treetops an idea
famed therapeutic thermal region, Rotorua, New Zealand.                      corporate getaway - including
                                                                             • Trout Fishing
Nestled amidst magnificent native forests and valleys, Treetops Lodge
                                                                             • Hunting
& Estate offers a uniquely New Zealand experience. The Lodge with its’
                                                                             • Salt Water Fishing
elegant architectural style derived from this country’s pioneering past.
                                                                             • Golfing
Timber and stone finishes echo the beauty and simplicity of the great
                                                                             • Helicopter Options
outdoors at Treetops Lodge.
                                                                             • Wine Tasting
A sanctuary and retreat of breathtaking terrain in 2,500 acres of secluded   • Sightseeing
native forest and game reserve, seven trout streams, four lakes, over 70     • Self Guided Safari’s
kilometers of hiking trails, mountain bike riding, horse riding and the      • Guided Safari’s
ultimate in tranquillity and splendor.                                       • Children In The Treetops

In the heart of a forest in the middle of New Zealand’s incomparable         In fact there is so much too do that the partners can have a full days
Volcanic Plateau, Treetops offers an unbeatable range of activities,         activities while the corporate’s do a completely different range of
adventures all designed to bring you back to nature and in turn leave you          If you are hosting overseas clients then may we suggest the unique
relaxed and if that wasn’t enough, after a day in the wilds, indulge in a          ‘Treetops Lodge & Estate Maori Indigenous Food Trail’ which is aimed at
luxurious massage followed by a leisurely spa in your suite.                       educating guests on native Maori cuisine and the indigenous herbs and
                                                                                   plants used in each dish.
Treetops is also very well known for it’s fantastic cuisine which is an integral
part of the Treetops experience. Flavorsome and healthy dishes are created         In keeping with Treetop’s eco-friendly ethos, a key focus of the fine cuisine
by the Lodge’s talented chefs using the finest game and locally grown               that is prepared for guests is on locally-grown produce including sourcing
produce, complemented by an array of the finest New Zealand wines.                  and utilising native herbs and ingredients found on the property that were
Sipping on the finest New Zealand wine, soak up the tranquility that is             traditionally used by Maori. Chef, Eru Tutaki, comments, “Native herbs
Treetops Lodge. Overlooking mist rising off the hills, serenity spreads over       are not commonly used on menus in New Zealand so utilising them in our
you like a warm blanket. Relax, unwind and contemplate at your leisure,            cuisine provides a new culinary experience, in particular for guests from
then relish the sumptuous cuisine.                                                 overseas.

The Treetops Team achieve the right balance of being attentive and                 For the full range of activites, menus and the full ‘Treetops’ story visit
genuine yet relaxed and warm, with understated service.                   or call +64 7 3332066.
                                                                                                                                 Advertising Special Feature

What’s New in Singapore for 2010 from A to Z
THE NEW YEAR STARTED OFF WITH A BANG in the Lion City and the                     City’s raft of fine dining offerings will sate all tastes. Recently launched
action is set to continue right through 2010. Whether you are planning to         must-trys include The White Rabbit, which puts a new world twist on
stay for seven hours or seven days, the following A–Z guide will help you         old world recipes ( and Private Affairs, a modern
discover the raft of new attractions and experiences that Singapore – the         European restaurant and bar ( And look out for the
City of Contrasts – has to offer.                                                 launch of Tetsuya Wakuda’s inaugural Singapore restaurant at Marina Bay
Amazing City Tours: A constantly transforming city, there is always something     Sands early this year, as it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.
new to see, do and learn in Singapore. So why not reacquaint yourself with        Esplanade Theatres on the Bay: Escape into the world of music and
a tour? For a convenient and comfortable introductory sightsee, the SIA           theatre with an evening beneath the Esplanade’s durian dome. The
Hop-On bus ( is the way to go. For those wanting             Esplanade plays host to a raft of internationally acclaimed acts throughout
to delve into the customs and culture of old Singapore, try the award-
                                                                                  the year (, or just browse its trendy shops.
winning Original Singapore Walks ( or for those that
are happy to venture out on foot, grab a self-guided walking tour from any        Festivals: With celebrations taking place island-wide throughout the year,
of Singapore’s Tourist Offices.                                                    Singapore is sure to delight whichever month you visit. Key dates for 2010
                                                                                  include the Great Singapore Sale (June), the Singapore Food Festival
Bars: Whether you prefer a classic beer or the latest cocktail, Singapore
                                                                                  (July), Singapore National Day Celebrations (August), Deepavali, Hari
has a venue for you. Kickstart your evening at 7atenine, Wine & Dine
                                                                                  Raya and the Mid Autumn Festival (October–November), and the island’s
Magazine’s Best Gastrobar of 2009 serving up a fabulous selection of vino
                                                                                  Christmas in the Tropics extravaganza (December).
coupled with cool beats and esplanade views ( Then
proceed to Muddy Murphys, one of the Lion City’s oldest traditional Irish         Grand Prix: Revving its engines for the third year running, be sure to
pubs, boasting seven international premium ales on tap (muddymurphys.             get trackside for the world’s only FORMULA ONE night race through the
com). And to end the night, Rebel in the heart of The Cannery at Clarke           streets of Singapore. And while you’re there, hit the dance floor at F1
Quay in this cool urban hip-hop boutique club (                         Rocks – Singapore’s premier music concert.
Coins and Notes: Everyone loves money and at Singapore’s newly opened             Hawker Centres: Partake in a food tour of Singapore with a visit to one
Coins and Notes Museum ( you can see and touch                  of the island’s popular hawker centres. Cuisines range from Singaporean
the Lion City’s various forms of currency as it has evolved – from the earliest
                                                                                  to Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian and Korean, and a full meal
objects used for barter trade to the latest cutting-edge polymer notes.
                                                                                  will cost less than $S10. Make sure you visit the island’s first hawker hall,
Dine: Forget fast food. Singaporeans love to eat and some love to eat             Lau Pa Sat (Boon Tat St), and East Coast Lagoon Food Centre (East Coast
in style. From traditional cuisine to contemporary culinary fare, the Lion        Park) where you can trail your toes in the sand while feasting.
ION Orchard: The 300+ stores at Singapore’s latest shopping mall, ION           exhilarating Sky Park, floating crystal pavilions, museum, theatres, casino,
Orchard, brings together the world’s best-loved brands, top luxury brands       retail hub featuring international luxury brands and cutting-edge local
and signature flagship stores. And to ease the burden of choice, ION has         labels, celebrity chef restaurants and the fabulous nightclub scene, Marina
adopted a Trinny and Susanah approach, providing a personal shopper             Bay Sands is a holiday destination in itself (
service (
                                                                                NUS Museum: Housed at the National University of Singapore, the NUS
Jewel Box: Just minutes from the city, this gem atop Mount Faber combines       Museum boasts an extensive range of works in three celebrated collections
fabulous fare with fantastic views. Enjoy the elegance of exquisite dining at   The Chinese Art Collection, the South and Southeast Asian Collection, and
any of The Jewel Box restaurants Sapphire, Empress, Jade, Black Opal,           the Ng Eng Teng collection. Open Tuesday to Sunday, admission is free
Moonstone or Emerald Lodge (                                 (

Kranji Countryside Surprise: Revive childhood curiosity of all things slimy     Organic farms: Tantalise your tastebuds with a truly green treat by
at Jurong Frog Farm, or head to Hay Dairies goat farm where the kids can        visiting one of Singapore’s organic orchards. Head to Bollywood Veggies
meet the kids. For farm accommodation Singapore-style, try the DKranji          ( to try Singapore’s sumptuous organic bananas
Farm Resort with its elegant Balinese style villas nestled in the tranquil      and papayas, or visit Green Circle eco farm ( to sample
Kranji countryside (                                         biodynamic organic vegetables and partake in a group cooking tour.

Luxurious lodgings: From eclectic boutique gems to grand old dames or           Putt-putt: Lilliput, the little land of golf, offers mini golf like no other (lilliputt.
sleek modern suites, Singapore does 5-star like nowhere else. Recently          com). Here you can tour the Lion City as you putt-putt your way through
opened additions to check out include the island’s first premium luxury          the Singapore-themed 18-hole course – up miniature Mt Faber on a cable
resort Capella situated amidst the lush greenery of Sentosa, cosmopolitan       car, around the Singapore Port, on the MRT, past the Singapore Flyer and
and chic Klapsons, the boutique hotel a stone throw from the CBD, and           much much more.
Naumi, a premier boutique business hotel featuring an entire floor solely
                                                                                Quarters: From the colonial buildings of the Heritage District to the bustling
for female guests.
                                                                                streets of Little India with its array of stalls and arcades (Tekka Centre and
Marina Bay Sands: Opening this year, this premier entertainment and MICE        Little India Arcade), to the historic seat of Malay royalty – Kampong Glam
(meetings, incentives, conferences, events) destination promises to be a        – with its traditional food stalls (Arab Street) and boutique shopping (Haji
stunning addition to the Lion City. With its three cascading hotel towers,      Lane), to Chinatown’s boldly painted shophouses, intricate temples, jam-
packed antique stalls and popular Night Market, Singapore boasts a raft of        delight in the glitz and glamour of showbiz – fighting villains and meeting
diverse ethnic quarters, just waiting to be explored.                             the celebrities.

Resorts World Sentosa: Home to Asia’s first Universal Studios theme park,          Venture onto the water: Whether you choose to float along the Singapore
six hotels, resident theatre show Le Vie, bustling shopping and nightlife         River in a traditional bumboat (, sail across
thoroughfare Festive Walk, the impressive Crane show as well as a casino,         the azure South Asian Sea aboard a luxury yacht ( /
Resorts World Sentosa is opening in stages in 2010 and promises to be the or paddle in the waves off the shore of East Coast Park (nparks.
family getaway of a lifetime (                           , a trip to this island city simply must involve the water!

Sentosa: Singapore’s island playground, Sentosa offers a raft of activities       Wave House: Surfs up in Singapore with this latest addition to Sentosa
for the fun-lover. Ride up the hill via the Skyride chairlift before flying down   Island. With wave pools catering for everyone from pro-surfers to learners,
on the Luge, soar through the treetops on the Megazip – the longest and           WaveHouse Sentosa ( is THE place to hit the surf.
steepest zip wire flying fox in Asia – or immerse yourself in a 4-dimensional      For a wicked ride, rent a board and head to The Wave – a fully flowing 10-
wonderland at Sentosa 4D Magix. Or, for those more interested in relaxation,      foot sheet wave.
indulge in a Spa Experience @ Spa Botanica (                      Xin Yun Antique and Tea House: Here you will spend hours browsing the
Temples, Mosques and Cathedrals: A country of diverse cultures, no trip to        century old furniture, carpets and knick-knacks, all the while breathing in
Singapore is complete without a visit to one of its many places of worship.       the scents of a diverse array of teas. While there, why not sit down and enjoy
Our picks: The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (288 South Bridge Road),                 a cup? (Shop #02-36 Tanglin Shopping Centre)
an ornate Buddhist temple housing the Buddha Tooth Relic; the Sultan              Yoga retreat: Balance your inner yin and yang with an afternoon at
Mosque (3 Muscat Street) with its massive golden dome and huge prayer             Singapore’s premier yoga studio True Yoga ( Offering a
hall; and St Andrews Cathedral (11 St Andrews Road), a distinctive and            complete wellness experience including group and personal yoga, dance
elegant example of colonial architecture built by Indian immigrant workers        and pilates classes, as well as steam and relaxation rooms, a visit will ensure
over a hundred years ago.                                                         you return from your Singaporean escape relaxed and revitalised.

Universal Studios: Having just opened its doors, here you will step into the      Zhen lacquer Gallery: The perfect place to find a truly unique souvenir.
fantastic world of movie magic. Located at Resorts World Sentosa, Universal       Mostly stylish but sometimes kitsch, each time you visit there is something
Studios ( will feature 24 diverse rides and attractions.            new on offer. Hand-painted jewellery boxes, placemat sets, utensils,
Thrillseekers can choose between coasters where they are either seated            plates and photo albums are the pick of the crop (1/1A/1B Trengganu St,
or suspended, while those that like to keep their feet on the ground can          Chinatown). Visit
become the number one hotel in Singapore. Nestled among 30 acres of
rolling hills, it offers an ultra-luxurious sanctuary on Sentosa Island just
minutes from Singapore’s financial and shopping districts. It represents
a new standard of luxury in Asia, combining the best of old and new

On arrival, the hotel's Rolls Royce Phantom winds past groves of trees and
up a knoll. Along the way, I was greeted by a 30-foot tall Angsana tree,
which is one of the five heritage trees found on site, and an expressively
abstract Bernar Venet sculpture.

Arriving at the main lobby, you stand face-to-face with two original colonial
buildings – both have been masterfully restored. Built in the 1880s by the
British military, these two historic structures once served as recreation
and entertainment centres for their officers. Named Tanah Merah, which
translates to “red earth” in Malay, these two gems represent the heart
of Capella Singapore, which odes to the fertility of the soil this exquisite
property is built on.

Designed by world famous architect Sir Norman Foster, (who also designed
the new Bejing Airport), the hotel is in the shape of a figure-eight, an
auspicious number in the Chinese culture that signals prosperity. The
curvilinear structure also ensures the grandeur beauty is slowly unveiled      Bob’s Bar; an Auriga Spa and a fitness centre; three meeting rooms; a
to reveal hints of the curving architecture as it cascades down towards the    business centre with two boardrooms; a Library; and three cascading
South China Sea.                                                               outdoor pools.

Featuring the most spacious guestrooms in Singapore, many of which             The Capella Singapore reminded me of being in the tropical hills of Bali
overlook the South China Sea, the resort offers room choices that include      as the hotel goes down in levels just like the rice paddies. Yet you are only
1- and 2-bedroom villas as well as freestanding manors complete with           minutes from a huge bustling city. The beauty of the place is that there is
                                                                               so much space, it feels like you’re the only guest – but you will never know
private plunge pools and discreet outdoor showers.
                                                                               which celebrities are staying in the tucked away manor houses or private
Guests can enjoy a range of activities for relaxation or business: Cassia, a   villas on the property. Staying at the Capella you will feel like a movie star
fine-dining Chinese restaurant; The Knolls all-day dining restaurant and        yourself. I did, it's just that amazing. Visit
By Rob Prince

OFFICE, Chamber of Commerce and The Singapore Club – all of which
played a pivotal role in the history of Singapore – The Fullerton Building
was turned into a 400-room luxury hotel after a $400 million makeover.
The hotel officially opened its doors on 1 January 2001.

The building’s heritage and classic architecture makes it eminently suited
as a grand hotel. With its distinguished Doric columns and monumental
porte cocheres, The Fullerton represents the height of Palladian
architecture in Singapore, with only two other buildings in the city sharing
the same architectural grandeur – the City Hall and the Supreme Court.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is ranked as one of the world’s top hotels in
the much-coveted Conde Nast Traveller 2010 “Gold List”.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is well positioned in the heart of Singapore’s
Central Business District. It is within walking distance to the cultural centres
of Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, the Asian Civilisations Museum
and the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay as well as Boat Quay, one of
Singapore’s most popular dining and entertainment belt.

The Merlion, Singapore’s national icon, is located just across from The
Fullerton Hotel at One Fullerton, a waterfront dining and entertainment
complex linked to the hotel via an underground travelator.

The Fullerton Hotel surrounds its guests with a refreshing ambience of
peace and tranquillity. The hotel’s interior designers Hirsch Bedner &
Associates have created a décor that is contemporary and stylish. Slick and
streamlined fittings grace bathrooms that are accessorised with the hotel’s
customised brand of bathroom amenities. State-of-the-art features and
broadband connectivity provide guests with high-speed internet access.

Views from the 400 rooms and suites at The Fullerton Hotel are unrivalled
in Singapore. Rooms either overlook the sunlit atrium courtyard or have
balconies that open out to sweeping panoramas of the city skyline, river
promenade or sea.

When it comes to surpassing guest expectations, The Fullerton Hotel
delivers with personal touches, such as the discreet way polished shoes
are dispatched through a specially designed niche in the wardrobe closet
of each room.
By Karl Schutt

JUST OPENED IN JUNE 2010, STUDIO M HOTEL is part of the Millennium
group and the newest addition to the massive quantity of accommodation
already available in Singapore. With this much competition, you better have
a point of difference. Luckily Studio M has just that.

It is the first loft-concept hotel in Singapore. Designed by Italian Piero
Lissioni, Studio M exudes quintessential Italian lines and subtle colours.
There are 360 loft rooms over nine floors. The executive lofts occupy two
storeys with the bedroom on the second level and accessible by a wooden
staircase leading over your workstation.

The views out of the floor-to-ceiling windows are worth the stay alone.
Another major feature of the hotel is the unique open air tropical deck,
which offers a private space in landscaped surroundings for meetings.
There is also a 25m swimming pool and a sun deck complete with the city’s
first open-air gym. No more working out in airconditioned rooms. Here you
can get a real sweat up.

This outdoor deck really serves as the centre of the hotel .There is also an
open-air restaurant where breakfast is served – a refreshing way to start to
start any day.

If you are looking for a traditional Singapore business hotel, then this
isn't for you. But for those of the IT, media and design crowd, this new
generation hotel will make them feel right at home – funky but practical.
Urban Boutique Hotel Singapore
ONCE IN AWHILE YOU HAPPEN UPON a gem in your travels. This happened while
visiting Singapore. I had heard of the Nostalgia Hotel and decided to pay a visit.

Situated in Tiong Bahru Road, this boutique hotel is not in the concrete jungle
commercial centre of brandname stores, but is placed among buildings of
yesteryear where the hustle and bustle of superstores are replaced by local markets
and quaint stores supplying the local populace.

In the world of massed produced products, there is nothing more welcoming than
a haven to call your own. Elegant yet cosy, Tiong Bahru’s newest attribute is set in a
district once known as the place where rich merchants kept their mistresses. This
of course adds a sense of mystique and charm to the whole area.

Classic décor with fine furnishing and chandeliers give this hotel a unique and
welcoming ambience. Since details indeed give a product its value, Nostalgia has
ensured that perfection continues in its art pieces, which serve to carry on its
theme and character.

Nostalgia, a nonsmoking boutique hotel, boasts a terrace bar with pleasant views
and is the ideal spot to relax in style while enjoying a glass of champagne. There
is also a remarkable al fresco restaurant and lounge bar adjacent to the lobby.
Going up, you will find Nostalgia’s pool bar and swimming enclave located on the
3rd level. It’s a getaway spot for that mid-afternoon or day-end pleasure in a glass.

This boutique hotel offers 50 rooms that are combined with a stylish and
romantic décor. All rooms are business friendly and are fully equipped with the
latest technology that includes WiFi and wired internet access, LCD TV and an
iPod docking station, while high-quality fittings and fixtures in the bedroom and
bathroom will make the stay a truly pleasant one.

Nostalgia’s Superior and Deluxe rooms offer collectables from Pascal Morabito,
a highly talented French designer known for his creations in jewellery, perfume,
champagne, leather goods, decoration, sculpture, fashion and art.

Meeting with General Manager James Ting was a pleasure. Here is a man
passionate about his job. His humble beginnings as a waiter and Captain with the
Glass Hotel in 1986 (now the Holiday Inn Atrium) have only made his move up
so much sweeter. At the start of his 15 years’ service with Le Meridien Changi, he
was a Banquet Sales Manager, which led the way to Assistant Director of Sales. He
then became the Director of Marketing and worked on the opening of Le Meridian,
Taipei in 1997. He then moved on to an impressive stint at The Novotel Apollo
Singapore (now the Furama Riverfront Hotel) before setting up the Link Hotel
Singapore in Tiong Bahru in 2006. Now he focuses his care and attention on the

If you want to get back to the old charming Singapore, a stay at the Nostalgia is a
must. The staff here will make your holiday or business trip worthwhile. I feel this
hotel really lives up to its name.

 James Ting - General Manager
The Roxy
IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GOOD HOTEL                   of the harbour and it is an ideal place to sit down   lounge for breakfast and to catch up on the
close to Changi Airport after your late night flight   and unwind over a glass of wine before retiring       international news or check your emails.
touches down in Singapore, then the Grand             for the night.
                                                                                                            Being a Mercure hotel, you are assured of high
Mecure Roxy is the place for you.
                                                      Because of the time difference, you are going         standards in terms of both room and service
Just 10 minutes away, it's one of the closest         to wake up 4 hours before anyone else, so take        – and the 'Roxy' (as it is known) didn't let me
hotels to the airport. After a long flight, I can      advantage and enjoy an early morning dip in           down. A clean, modern, reasonably priced
thoroughly recommend a night cap in the Royal         the hotel pool. After the most refreshing swim        hotel – the perfect start to your Singapore
Lounge on the club floor. There are great views        in the world, it’s time to head back to the club      adventure.
FULLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS ON 23 JUNE 2010 and at a cost of                          The destination has a luxury hotel with three 55-storey towers housing
approximately $NZ6 billion, the Marina Bay Sands really is a breathtaking         over 2500 rooms. And if that wasn't enough, the towers are crowned by
project of huge proportions. It has completely changed the skyline of             the Sands SkyPark. This architectural masterpiece is the world’s largest
Singapore. When you enter the hotel, it seems all of the 7000 hotel staff         cantilever building and has a 150m infinity pool (the biggest in the world at
are in reception waiting for you. It simply is one of the biggest hotels in the   that height), lush gardens containing over 250 trees, an observation deck
world.                                                                            and restaurants.

There are not the words to describe the feeling as you walk across the huge       Covering a total of 1.2 hectares, the SkyPark is longer than the Eiffel Tower
expanse of marble and look up at one of the biggest atriums you have ever         is tall and large enough to park four-and-a-half A380 jets! Yet it sits 200m
seen. Rather than head straight to check-in, you spend a few minutes              up in the sky. When driving around Singapore, you simply can’t help but
taking it all in – the huge eateries in the distance, the sheer size.             look up at the complex.
There is also a state-of-the-art convention and expo centre
with 1.3 million ft2 of meeting space theatres, which can
host over 45,000 delegates, 2000 exhibition booths and
250 meeting rooms. It also has one of the most upmarket
shopping malls in Asia with over 800,000 ft2 of luxury retail
space – home to 300 of the most exclusive shops this side
of Dubai.

Marina Bay Sands is also building not one but two stunning
glass-and-steel crystal pavilions ‘floating’ on the bay, which
will house the one-of-a-kind Louis Vuitton ‘island' store.
The other will house two of Miami and New York's top night
clubs – “Pangaea’s” and the Bruce Willis-owned “Avalon”.

Of course you can't go shopping all day without getting
hungry. Dining at the Marina Bay Sands will be a gourmet
experience with over 50 dining experiences set to open.
These include celebrity-chef restaurants helmed by
Tetsuya Wakuda (Sydney), Wolfgang Puck (Los Angeles)
and Guy Savoy (Paris) to name a few.

There is also a world-class museum being built right on
the water in the shape of a massive lotus flower, which will
host blockbuster exhibits that would dwarf any museum in
New Zealand.

Naturally there is a state-of-the-art casino (complete with
the world's largest crystal chandelier) but surprisingly it
occupies only 3% of the total floor space of Marina Sands
– the focus is clearly on the business traveller and expo/
convention visitors.

Some of the biggest conferences and expos in the world
are already booked for 2011–21012, so there will be a lot
of Kiwis heading to stay at Marina Bay Sands. My advice
is to wait until everything is open – the malls, museum,
SkyPark, convention centre, the floating pavilions – and get
ready to be amazed. I was and that was just with the lower
levels of the hotel open.

Experience the epitome of business class travel. Complemented
by the award-winning KrisWorld inflight entertainment system and
the inflight service even other airlines talk about, it’s more than just
business as usual.
By Karl Schutt                                                                    spend every day at the casino. A brilliant idea and one I wish New Zealand
                                                                                  had in place.
IF YOU HAVE VISITED SINGAPORE BEFORE, you will be stunned at the
changes on Sentosa Island. The beach side still has the same surreal sleepy       Anyway, I have been told on very good authority (three different taxi drivers
“beach vibe” but the city side is now a $NZ7 billion ‘destination’. Set on 49     and a local) that the Resort World casino pays out a lot better than the
hectares, the city side of the island is home to the only Universal Studios       Sands. But in saying that, the locals don’t like the huge statue of a naked
theme park in Southeast Asia, the world’s largest marine park, a destination      couple at the entrance as it represents ‘losing everything’ before you have
spa, six hotels and of course a designer casino.                                  begun. So there you go.

At the moment parts of the area still look like a construction site, but          For me, one of the biggest attractions of the whole complex is the never-
Universal Studios has already has its ‘soft’ opening and NZ Corporate             ending range of food available with some 350 different menu items. Headed
Traveller was invited along. While big by Singapore standards, the park was       up by Kiwi John Sloane – this is the largest food and beverage operation in
quite small compared to the Disney product – you can easily see the whole         Singapore – the choice of restaurants is quite staggering.
park in a day. However, its size doesn’t limit the fun. We had a great time.
                                                                                  Stay at Resort World for a day or two – there are more and more rides and
As the name suggests, there is a lot more to Resorts World Sentosa. The           attractions coming online every month providing loads of fun.
shopping is out of this world with every sort of whim catered for and there
are some of the most rarefied brands in the world here. Funnily enough,
they are all situated next to Crawford Tower – a 120 suite/mansion/villa
‘invitation only’ hotel just for the high rollers.

We were shown around the hotel. We couldn’t look at the lavish suites as
they were all fully occupied. But the rest of the hotel was out of this world.
The set lunch in the hotel’s Japanese restaurant was close to $NZ800 per
person – but at this level, who pays?

Back in the real world, Festive Hotel is a treat for the family and is designed
with children in mind. I saw a playcentre right in the middle of the lobby, so
that kids are watched while the parents check-in. Children get a welcome
pack of lollies and a bathrobe just for them. There is even a dessert

This would truly be an ideal place to bring your family while attending a
conference in one of the 26 function centres (only in Singapore). There is
plenty for them to do – they wouldn’t even miss you.

If you are travelling alone, may I suggest the Hard Rock Hotel – the self
described ‘retreat for trendy jetsetters’. If this sounds like you, then check-
in to the Hard Rock. It is outfitted with unique furniture like ‘magical’

And of course there is the new, beyond big, casino. If you are a resident,
you must pay an entry fee of $S100 – this helps ensure the locals don’t
Auckland’s Hippest Hotel                                                                                                              By Karl Schutt

I WAS ON A MISSION TO FIND AUCKLAND’S HIPPEST HOTEL, so                     As this site was Auckland’s #1 resturaunt and bar in the nineties, I have
what better place to start than über hip High Street in central Auckland,   walked through the Art Deco doors and over the famous mosaic entrance
home of the glamorous Hotel DeBrett.                                        tiles more times than I will admit to. So it was amazing to see the main
                                                                            wooden staircase restored to its former glory. It’s wonderful to see a
When I first saw this hotel in 2008 the renovation hadn’t even been
                                                                            historic Auckland landmark renovated to look better than the original.
completed and was still undergoing a complete refit, but I was impressed
back then, so it was going to be interesting to visit the hotel which has   The hotel has a very informal, European style check-in, complete with a
been fully operational for just over a year.                                guided tour to my suite. I was shown how the keyless entry worked and
                                                                            given a quick rundown on the features of my two storied home for the
Naturally the first thought to strike me about staying in the heart of
Auckland’s CBD is the huge issue of parking. The problem is easily
solved! There is a loading zone right outside reception and valet parking   The suite features a downstairs lounge with a plasma screen and
is only $NZ20 per night. That is fantastic value and a great start to my    entertainment centre, a seperate bathroom, and is beautiful and
stay.                                                                       comfortable couches to lounge in.
But you can’t help being drawn to the main feature of this stunning
pad – the spiral staircase leading upstairs to the outstandingly luxurious
bedroom. The bed is enormous and fits in beautifully with the spacious
room done out in subtle tones of earthy browns, which blends in with the
amazing individual antique cabinets and the owner’s eclectic art pieces.

The décor, in tandem with the view of the 1950s style buildings across the
street, really creates a feeling that you could be anywhere in the world.

Just off the main bedroom is the ensuite bathroom. It’s all done out in
black polka dot tiles giving a striking contemporary look to the room,
complete with a wonderful bathtub and a rain-shower.

It was time to head off to the ‘Drawing Room’, which is a guest-only
retreat right in the heart of the hotel. Touch the keyless pad and enter into
a library complete with huge armchairs and couches, and newspapers
provided, just like an English private members club with a contemporary

Another reason I have called Hotel DeBrett the hippest boutique hotel in
Auckland is that the whole establishment, from the Art Deco back bar,
the in-house restaurant and the suites all have the feel of a designer
boutique hotel in any of the world’s centres, from London to Sydney.
There are only 25 rooms and each one is original. In short, Hotel DeBrett
is a unique, central and effortlessly stylish location to stay – you will
definitely not be disappointed.
The New Zealand – Chile Relationship                                                                                                          By Tim Groser

CHILE IS ONE OF NEW ZEALAND’S longest standing and closest friends              that there are opportunities for strategic alliances and Chile is a significant
in Latin America. Under the government’s Latin America Strategy it is a         and growing destination for New Zealand investment, particularly in dairy,
priority country for New Zealand, reflecting the depth of the economic           energy, horticulture, agri-technology and biotechnology sectors. In 2009
relationship and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.                                  New Zealand investment in Chile was estimated to be more than $US400
New Zealand and Chile have much in common. Both economies are
open and transparent, with a shared respect for trade liberalisation and        New Zealand is now a major player in Chile’s dairy sector. Since Fonterra
multilateral processes. Most recently, Chile’s economy and government           became a 99.4% owner of Soprole, this partnership has led to Chile
have been tested by both the financial crisis and the earthquake on 27           becoming a dairy exporter for the first time. There is New Zealand investment
February. I have been impressed by Chile’s performance in the face of these     in dairy production in southern Chile and growing research and education
challenges. Chile is looking at growth of 4.25% – 5.25% in 2010.                links have deepened the relationship beyond a simple commercial one.

With our similar geography, New Zealanders felt deeply for our Chilean          While the agricultural sector has been the traditional focus for New Zealand
friends – both the loss of life and the devastation following the earthquake.   investment in Chile, more recently energy, including renewable energy, has
The New Zealand Government provided funding through the Red Cross               become an important sector for New Zealand businesses operating there.
to assist with immediate emergency needs. New Zealand companies were
                                                                                Greymouth Petroleum has invested in oil and gas exploration and production
also generous with their assistance, and the New Zealand Embassy in
                                                                                in the Straits of Magellan in Chile and has so far achieved a 100% success
Santiago has funded a number of small projects ranging from the provision
                                                                                rate with its drilling operations.
of emergency shelters to replacing computers in a rural school.
                                                                                The Chilean government has recently announced a target to achieve 20%
The Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (P4)
(including New Zealand, Chile, Brunei Darussalam and Singapore) has             of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. New Zealand is well-placed
provided the framework for strengthening trade and economic links               to work with Chile to develop clean technology energies with 70% of New
between New Zealand and Chile since 2006.                                       Zealand’s energy matrix generated by renewable energy and a long history
                                                                                of using renewable energy sources like geothermal and hydroelectricity.
The P4 is a high-quality, comprehensive agreement, liberalising trade in
goods and services between the four countries. Besides improving market         Together with US partner GGE, Mighty River Power has made a significant
access, the agreement promotes strategic economic partnerships – in             commercial commitment to Chile’s geothermal energy industry. With
particular, economic, scientific, technological, educational, cultural and       a number of permits to begin drilling and to develop geothermal power
primary industry cooperation. It also includes a binding Environment            capabilities, this is a promising sector. Other New Zealand energy companies
Cooperation Agreement, and a binding Labour Cooperation Memorandum              are developing positive partnerships with Chilean counterparts.
of Understanding.                                                               Chile and New Zealand have established a successful programme for
One of the objectives of the P4 was to create an agreement that could be        environmental cooperation under the P4 Environmental Cooperation
seen as a model within the Asia-Pacific region and potentially attract new       Agreement.
members. The agreement is open to accession “on terms to be agreed              The agreement aims to encourage sound environmental practices and
among the parties, by any APEC economy or other state”.                         improve the capacity of each country to address environmental matters
The original P4 countries are now engaged in negotiations together with         through cooperation and dialogue, in mutually agreed priority areas. These
Australia, Peru, the United States and Vietnam to expand the agreement.         include: Energy, Climate Change, Waste, Environmental Management and
Chile and New Zealand are working closely together in the negotiations, as      Good Practice and Urban Sustainability.
original P4 members, to advance our shared vision of the TPP providing the      This programme has facilitated cooperation on environmental issues of
platform for a 21st century regional trade agreement.                           shared interest to Chile and New Zealand and strengthened links between
Since the P4 came into effect, business links between New Zealand               relevant government agencies, research and educational institutes and
and Chile have strengthened, including successful partnerships in the           businesses.
agriculture, energy and education sectors.
                                                                                There is a significant education relationship between the two countries.
Bilateral trade between New Zealand and Chile is modest – we produce            Not only do large numbers of young Chileans and New Zealanders visit
largely the same products at the same time of year. This means, however,        each other’s countries under the Working Holiday Scheme, but a growing
                                                                                number of Chilean students are studying in New Zealand. Apart from the
                                                                                longstanding relationships that these exchanges foster, the provision of
                                                                                education services to Chile is estimated to bring more than $10 million to
                                                                                the New Zealand economy.

                                                                                Chile and New Zealand are both open, outward-looking countries in the
                                                                                Asia-Pacific region, and cooperate in regional and multilateral fora, such
                                                                                as APEC and the WTO, to advance our shared interests. New Zealand was
                                                                                also a strong supporter of Chile’s OECD aspirations and warmly welcomed
                                                                                its accession to that organisation.

                                                                                All in all, the New Zealand – Chile relationship is in good health and I am
                                                                                optimistic that it will continue to gather momentum.
LAN Will Be One of the First
Airlines in the World to Receive
the Boeing 787 Dreamliner
LAN AIRLINES HAS ANNOUNCED an agreement with the Boeing
aircraft company to bring forward the delivery of 10 long-haul Boeing
787-8 Dreamliner aircraft. The revised schedule means the airline will
introduce its first B787s in the first quarter of 2011, instead of 2014 as
it had planned previously.

The rescheduled deliveries will make LAN the first airline in the
western hemisphere to receive the new technology Dreamliner, which
is expected to revolutionise the airline industry with greater efficiency     due to innovative technological advances featured inside the aircraft cabin.
and comfort and lower operating costs. The 10 aircraft to be delivered       In addition, this is the world’s most efficient aircraft reducing the effects of
in 2001 are part of an order for up to 32 Boeing 787s, announced by          global warming, so the 787 is considered as the new Green Aircraft.
LAN in 2007.
                                                                             “The incorporation of the Boeing 787 ensures the company’s sustainable
The Boeing 787-8 undertook its first test flight in December 2009 and is       growth while preserving the environment and incorporating state-of-the-art
expected to begin commercial operations in 2010. It has the capacity to      technology to deliver the best travel experience for LAN’s passengers,”
seat approximately 250 passengers, providing a unique in-flight experience    stated Mr Enrique Cueto, the airline’s chief executive officer. Visit

LAN to Launch Two Exciting New Routes in South America
LAN IS AGAIN EXPANDING ITS SOUTH AMERICAN NETWORK, with                      LAN Ecuador will operate Airbus A320 aircraft from the mainland to the
daily flights to the remote and unique Galapagos Islands from September       Galapagos Islands.
2010, and twice-weekly services from Lima, Peru, to the mystical Chilean
                                                                             Further south and later in the year, LAN Peru will commence twice-
territory of Easter Island, commencing in November.
                                                                             weekly flights from Lima to Easter Island, linking two of the most popular
From 16 September, LAN Ecuador will fly from the cities of Quito and          destinations in South America, and providing an exciting new itinerary
Guayaquil to Galapagos, a chain of 13 islands located 1000 kilometres        option for tourists.
west of the South American mainland.
                                                                             Easter Island is said to be the world’s most isolated inhabited island. It
The volcanic islands are rich in history and amazing wildlife, with native   is estimated by archaeologists to have been discovered by Polynesian
animals including the Galapagos Hawk, the Frigate Bird, the Swallow-         explorers in about 400AD and is best known for its unique Moai – the giant
Tailed Gull and the Galapagos Marine Iguana.                                 carved stone statues dotted around the island.

The Galapagos wildlife also played an important part in the theory of        LAN already flies from the Chilean capital Santiago to Easter Island, and
evolution espoused by the famous anthropologist Charles Darwin, who          the new LAN Peru flights will enable travellers to continue from Easter
arrived on the island of San Christobel in 1845.                             Island to Peru, or to fly Lima - Easter Island - Santiago.

Darwin noted physical differences between Galapagos creatures and            From Australia and New Zealand, LAN a member of the global oneworld
similar mainland varieties, and concluded that the Galapagos wildlife had    airline alliance – soon to offer a daily Airbus A340-300 service to Santiago,
physically adapted to the local environment.                                 with onward connections to destinations throughout South America.
Matetic Vineyards Winery
by the Viña Matetic team in cooperation with architect
Lawrence Odfjell, is a state-of-the-art winemaking facility,
constructed to complement its glorious setting. In other
words, harmony has been reached between the winery’s
organic agricutural practices and the natural landscape
of the valley. This winery, which has a 300 thousand-
litre capacity, relies on a gravitational-flow design that
optimises management of the grapes brought in from
the nearby vineyards. During a tour, visitors can learn
about the different phases of wine production while
appreciating stunning views of the vineyards and the
beautiful Rosario Valley.
  Casas del Bosque
  CASAS DEL BOSQUE IS LOCATED 70KM FROM SANTIAGO, the capital                    comes from grapes grown in the Rapel Valley where many of the vines
  of Chile, and 30km from one of the principal ports of Chile, Valparaiso. It    are 35 years old or more.
  was conceived in 1993 to be a family boutique winery exclusively oriented
                                                                                 Nowadays, Casas del Bosque is recognised as a vineyard specialising in
  to the production of high quality wines. Casas del Bosque has its own          Sauvignon Blanc wine in Chile. Its Pinot Noir and Syrah are also excellent
  vineyards in the Casablanca Valley, a privileged place for premium wine        wines.
  production. It guarantees the entire grape production and all its treatment
                                                                                 Production reaches 75,000 cases per year. This is one of the reasons
  is carefully handled and controlled, leading to the highest quality.
                                                                                 the owners chose to be a boutique winery. Working with small quantities
  Currently, Casas del Bosque has 245 productive hectares of white vines         makes it possible to maintain the practices neccessary to produce the
  Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc (and red vines). Syrah, Pinot         best quality wines. Over 80% of the production is exported to the most
  Noir and Merlot. Also, the winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère           demanding markets abroad.

Catrala Vineyard
LOCATED IN THE ZONE OF LO OROZCO, the vineyard lies in the
outstanding Casablanca Valley, surrounded by rolling hills, rich in native
vegetation. Because of its proximity to the coast, it receives light marine
breezes that create a temperate climate with mild temperatures, not so
rainy winters and extended summers.

This results in proper ripening, well balanced in regard to sugar and acid
levels, with excellent concentration in aromas and colours. Catrala is
focused in limited production, with a rigorous grape selection, reflecting a
commitment to creating exceptional wines of distinction for a specialised
and demanding market.

The plantation amounded 70 hectares, planted in flat lands with special
irrigation technics and freezing up control, includes Chardonnay
(Mendoza Selection), Sauvignon Blanc (clon 1), Merlot and Pinot Noir
(Davis Selection).
                                                                                located inside the vineyard.Catrala receives, between october and march,
Catrala receives, between october and march, PLANNED visits for groups          PLANNED visits for groups from 10 to 12 people. The tour’s name
from 10 to 12 people. The tour’s name “Tasting in Origin”, includes a           “Tasting in Origin”, includes a hike through the vineyards and rolling hills,
hike through the vineyards and rolling hills, and wine tasting in terraces      and wine tasting in terraces located inside the vineyard.
Viña Casa Tamaya
VIÑA CASA TAMAYA IS LOCATED IN THE LIMARÍ VALLEY, just 400km north of Santiago, Chile and
a mere 20km distant from the Pacific Ocean.

Beneath luminous skies refreshed by soft breezes from the Pacific Ocean, the wondrously fertile
Limarí Valley lies adjacent to the most arid desert in the world, The Atacama.

Thus, the Limarí Valley is a unique and privileged land. Blessed with an exceptional climate in a
land of virgin soils free from contamination, it is strategically located in the foothills of the majestic
Andes Mountains.

Viña Casa Tamaya has succeeded in achieving a perfect equilibrium between the combination of its
varietal grapes and the character of its land. It is this extraordinary balance of especially privileged
characteristics that bestows unparalleled quality upon each of the varieties of grapes, which are then
carefully harvested by hand. This is the secret of how they bring to life the some of the most innovative
wines produced in the North of Chile.

“Tamaya” in the Diaguita dialect means high lookout. It is the name of the highest peak in the area
and from there one can view the entire valley below.

Vestiges of the ancient Diaguita culture, which reigned in this zone between the 8th and 15th centuries,
have been found in the vineyards of Viña Casa Tamaya. Inspired by its culture, they named the winery
after the highest peak above the Limarí Valley, Tamaya. Among the outstanding archeological findings
of the Limarí Valley are the “piedras tacitas” – rocks distinguished by a great quantity of holes worked
into their surfaces. These enigmatic holes are thought to represent the stellar constellations.

Viña Casa Tamaya has a total surface area of 210 hectares, 160 of which are planted to vines and
in production. Its vineyards date to 1997 and its primary varieties are Chardonnay, Viognier, and
Sauvignon Blanc in whites, and Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carménère, Syrah and Sangiovese in

                                                         Cavas del Valle
                                                         THE WINERY OF CAVAS DEL VALLE is located            bottling and corking are done by hand). And it
                                                         seven hours north of Santiago. The winery is        is the northernmost winery in Chile (therefore, it
                                                         placed in the delightful and mystic Alto Valle      is the one with the strongest sun) and lies at the
                                                         del Elqui (High Elqui Valley). Silent mountains     highest altitude (1080 meters above sea level).
                                                         are the perfect scenario for this project crowned   The climate is almost desert-like, with a long
                                                         by the unrivalled nobility of the purest sky        six months of summer and extreme dryness.
                                                         – unfailable deep blue during the day and           Adding a personal touch, tourists are attended
                                                         impressively clear and star-spangled at night       directly by the owners, who show the facilities
                                                         (a fact supported by the presence of five huge       and serve wine samples while their guests relax
                                                         international observatories located nearby).        in an enchanting pergola.
                                                         This boutique operates in an ancient adobe          The wineyard produces a Syrah – Cabernet
                                                         building that has been tastefully restored and
                                                                                                             Sauvignon assemblage and a pink (actually
                                                         filled with modern art pieces.
                                                                                                             blush) Muscatel. Its genuinely limited yearly
                                                         Cavas del Valle is unique for several reasons.      production of only 20,000 bottles allows
                                                         It is one of the smallest Chilean wineries (most    a personalised devotion to the wine and
                                                         of the processes like wax sealing, labelling,       guarantees its unbeatable quality.
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By Rob Prince

WE STARTED OUR ADVENTURE which we still talk about as one of our best experiences – with
a flight from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit (Eastgate Airport) with South African Express Airways.

On arrival we were transported to Thornybush Game Reserve to await our ride to n’Kaya Game
Lodge – around a 20-minute drive in an open Land Rover. n’Kaya is situated in the Thornybush
Game Reserve, adjacent to Krugar National Park, and is set amidst 11,500 hectares of pristine
African bushveld.

Sitting on a hilltop, n’Kaya Lodge has a spectacular view of the surrounding savannah and the
famous Drakensberg Mountain Range. It is a fantastic location far from civilisation.

The accommodation at the lodge comprises four spacious double suites, each with private lounge
and twin ensuite facilities. Built around an inviting pool area for all four suites, this lodge boasts
an excellent bar, dining and lounge facilities and an outside Boma area for night-time dining.

The camp has a waterhole within sight of the lounge and bar. This attracts many species of
game. After evening safaris, we gathered around the huge open fireplace and shared exciting
experiences of that day’s activities while enjoying coffee and liquors.

Morning and evening safaris in open Land Rovers are conducted by qualified rangers and
trackers. We were amazed by our guide’s knowledge, not only of the animals in the area but also
the bird life and flora.

Our morning game drive started around 6am. After a hunt for tracks to see what the animals have
been up to during the night, we stopped for a brew up of tea and coffee. On returning to the lodge,
a breakfast was served that would satisfy the heartiest of appetites.

A late lunch was served at approximately 3pm to allow for the afternoon game drive, which
extends into the evening to view seldom seen nocturnal species by torchlight.
Let the experts take you on safari.
Making tracks to Africa? South African Airways offers direct non-stop flights out
of Sydney and Perth to Johannesburg, with convenient code-share connections
from New Zealand. We can get you to South Africa faster. Once you’re there we
offer more African flight connections than any other airline so you can easily get
to where you need to go. So visit or your local travel agent or
call us on 09 977 2237 to get started on your adventure today.
Once again, we took a break – this time in a remote, scenic
spot to watch the sunset, complete with Sundowners and
snacks. On our return, we were greeted with a gourmet
3-course dinner, either in the boma, bush or lodge.

We think n’Kaya Game Lodge offers unique exclusive safari
experiences. The private reserve is home to an abundance of
species: 147 mammals including the “Big Five”, 114 reptiles,
507 birds, 49 fish, 34 amphibians and 336 trees. The reserve
is predominantly open savannah and with a near perfect year-
round climate, it is the ideal African safari holiday destination.

If you are contemplating a visit to South Africa or thinking about
where to go for your next trip, put n’Kaya on your shortlist.
Choose an adventure that you will talk about for years to come.
                                                                                                                                                 By Karl Schutt

                                                                                sitting down on my Versace couch sipping complementary Italian still
the glitzy Gold Coast about 4 years ago, I had a funny feeling I might          water, I noticed the Versace emblem at the bottom of my glass.
be disappointed on returning as the first experience was fantastic. Well
                                                                                It was then that I began noticing the incredible detail in my room from the
nothing could be further from the truth. The property really does have a
                                                                                amazing cushions on the bed, to the heavy gold curtains separating the
timeless beauty to it.
                                                                                spa bath from the bedroom, to the etched Versace wine goblets, to the fine
After parking in the beautiful hand-cobbled palazzo (the largest in             Versace china.
Australia), I entered the stunning chandelier-lit lobby where – in true Gold
                                                                                For the business traveller no detail has been overlooked, from fast wireless
Coast style – the latest F40 Spyder was sitting in the middle of the lobby,
                                                                                internet, USB ports and lots and lots of plugs. The problem (if you can
surrounded by admiring guests and it didn’t even seem out of place.
                                                                                call it that) is that once you start noticing the little finishing touches, it just
The massive construction costs have really paid off with the marble floors       doesn’t stop. Even my lounge had inlaid wood, worked on by craftsmen
and the wood inlays throughout the public spaces looking better than ever       flown from Italy. There are even intricate patterns on the balcony railing.
– glowing in fact.                                                              The bathroom was stuffed full of Versace products including all the soaps
                                                                                wrapped in black with gold Versace labels.
There were beautiful long-legged model-type men and women everywhere
and they were just the staff. The guests themselves are truly international.    After a long soak in my huge gold-lined bath, it was time for bed. The
I saw a girl in a micro skirt with towering high heels walking past a woman     next morning I opened the Versace curtains and stepped out to greet one
dressed in a full black burka with just her eyes showing, all set against the   of the most beautiful days ever. The view was incredible over the lagoon
backdrop of the famous pool with its own sandy beach.                           and across the marina out to sea.

After a very quick check-in, I was escorted to my room and shown the            Next it was off down the art-lined corridor into the marble-floored lift
points of interest that would make my stay more comfortable. While I was        and down to breakfast. What a feast. It was truly better than most 5-star
hotels I have stayed in. The quality and presentation of the food was          The public spaces outside were even better than my last visit, with ivy
outstanding.                                                                   creeping up the walls and giving the hotel an Italian villa look. In fact, it is
                                                                               clear that the older the complex becomes the better it is going to look –
There is something special about having breakfast served on the most
incredible Versace china sets while outside overlooking the lagoon and         another example of great planning.
being served by immaculately dressed staff.                                    On the other side of the pool are the 2- and 3-bedroom condominiums. All
Then it was off to the pool/ lagoon with its real sandy beach. Staff clad in   the lower level units have their own plunge pools and again the attention
Versace pool wear catered to my every whim. There is even a giant box of       to detail is amazing. The design is over-the-top classical, which will never
water toys for the kids.                                                       go out of fashion. There are huge patios overlooking the marina, the
perfect spot for watching the world go by. Each unit comes with 24-hour
butler service, so you don’t have to move.

If you do get hungry, there are three top class restaurants onsite and an ultra
high-end marina complex right next door. I returned after 11pm and there
was a live DJ, playing chilled out music in the lobby.

When you do finally get back to your villa/suite, it has been turned down in
true 5-star style – except unlike any other hotel I’ve stayed at, the bedspread
has been changed and changes every single night.

There is also a gold bag filled with chocolate fudge on your pillow (every
night after it’s just Italian chocolates).

In addition there is a newsletter with the following day’s highlights listed
including the weather and daily activities. They even light a scented candle
for you.

It is this attention to even the smallest details that makes Versace Palazzo
so very special. While other hotels have a cookie-cutter style, here every
single piece of furniture is custom made – even the fire exit signs are a
work of art.

So much thought and effort and skill have gone into the hotel. It really is a
unique experience staying here. It might seem over the top at first but it just
works. You have to experience the Versace style at least once in your life.
A LONG TIME FAVORITE OF KIWI’S FOR YEARS, Noosa is a small town               Have an outdoor adventure - walk, dive, paddle, ride or cycle through
with a population of approximately 50,000 locals located 120 kilometres       Noosa’s coastal and hinterland landscapes.
(75 miles) north of Brisbane on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, on the
                                                                              Sample the extraordinary breadth of the Noosa gourmet scene. Attend a
east coast of Australia but it continues to grow and grow - in this special
                                                                              cooking course, experience local produce at farmers’ markets or book a
Noosa feature we show you the very latest resort just open - a fabulous new
                                                                              table with a view at a Noosa restaurant.
property development right on the water - we also feature the always great
‘Sheraton Spa and Resort, another firm favorite with NZ visitors.              Indulge yourself in Noosa or seek out a romantic getaway. Dine out, spend
                                                                              an idle hour in a café, take a twilight gondola ride, shop in style or pamper
There really is a huge range of things to do and unlike home the weather is
                                                                              yourself with a day spa treatment or with a relaxing massage.
normally beautiful one moment and stunning the next, so experince Noosa
and discover Noosa’s natural environment. Watch whales, enjoy pristine        With more and more flight from New Zealand to Noosa being added all the
beaches, explore the dramatic hinterland landscape, and visit the world’s     time - not to mention the amazing deals on our low cost airlines - this winter
largest sand island.                                                          is the ideal time to visit Noosa - enjoy - we did!!

   Escape and enjoy Coral Beach Noosa Resort’s spacious, affordable accommodation combined with superb resort
   facilities. Walk to an abundance of cafes, restaurants and boutique shopping along the beautiful Noosa River.

                      Phone 61 7 5449 7777 Email
                                             For your perfect Queensland vacation

                                                   discover absolute beachfront

                                                   couples style accommodation


                                            located in the heart of Hastings Street,

Phone:   + 61 7 5449 5000
Add:     49 Hastings street, Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia 4567
LOCATED ON HASTINGS STREET, THE SHERATON NOOSA RESORT                          Hastings Street is the heart of Noosa and features boutiques, galleries and
AND SPA certainly makes a statement. Painted in bold terracotta with sea       al fresco dining. At the resort, Cato’s restaurant opens out onto Hasting
blue trim, the resort has a festive and welcoming appeal. Positioned just      Street and is well known for its nightly seafood buffet. Or you may prefer
steps from Noosa’s famous main beach, the Sheraton Noosa Resort and            dining at the River Lounge where between 7 April and 6 May you can
Spa is the only full-service 5-star hotel on Hastings Street, with 175 rooms   indulge in a tasting plate expertly matched with wines from France,
including 29 suites and 7 lifestyle spa studios.                               Australia and New Zealand. These tasting plates combine award-winning
                                                                               local produce with the culinary talents of the kitchen team.

                                                                               A visit to the AQUA Day Spa is a must while staying at the Sheraton Noosa
                                                                               Resort and Spa. The spa is a haven where guests can escape the day-
                                                                               to-day routine and be totally pampered. A unique feature of the spa is
                                                                               the Aqua therapy centre set in a private outdoor courtyard. Here you are
                                                                               offered a range of hydro and resistance pressure treatments. Facilities and
                                                                               services include eight multipurpose treatment rooms. With 60 face and
                                                                               body treatments on offer using Thalgo and La Prairie products, this spa is
                                                                               a must to try.

                                                                               The Sheraton Noosa Resort and Spa also features award-winning
                                                                               conference and meeting facilities for up to 350 guests. The fully equipped
                                                                               rooms ensure that everything from a small meeting to a major product
                                                                               launch can be catered for by onsite specialists whose professionalism
                                                                               and friendliness is the signature of the Sheraton Noosa. Having met with
                                                                               Jennifer Dwyer-Slee, Director of Sales and Marketing, and talking about the
                                                                               resort, her passion for Noosa, Sheraton and the upcoming events being
                                                                               organised becomes contagious.

                                                                               This is a venue well worth considering, whether for business or pleasure.
                                                                               There is something for every taste.
            to Noosa
          Sheraton is where people come
          together. And our special short break
          escape makes it easy for you to enjoy
          the sunshine and stay in the very heart
          of Noosa’s Hastings Street. Relax with
          a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival
          and plan the perfect day to explore,
          shop, dine or pamper.

          Winter Escape
               $245* per

          Book at or
          call the resort direct on (+61 7 ) 5449 4888 and
          quote TRAVELNZ. Visit

                      *Rate is AU$ and based on Noosa Superior Room,
                Sunday to Thursday, Room only. Valid 1/7/10 until 31/8/10,

                      subject to availability, excluding school holidays.
                                            Sparkling Wine is Australian.
                                                                                                                         NZ Corporate Traveller Promotion

A PRESTIGIOUS NEW BEACHFRONT DEVELOPMENT on Hastings Street                     Other amenities include a 52 metre beachfront infinity pool, poolside
is offering buyers a unique opportunity to enjoy a new standard of luxury       lounge and bar area, and rooftop sundeck and pool.
in Noosa.
                                                                                Firstlight Noosa is the flagship project in an extensive global portfolio for
Occupying 100 metres of prime beachfront, Firstlight Noosa will comprise        Firstlight Private Residences, combining the benefits of ownership and the
20 three and four-bedroom private residences, offering around-the-clock         premium services that exceed even the worlds finest hotels in the most
boutique resort style amenities and services.                                   sought after locations.

However where most beachfront properties price all but the wealthiest           The project has an estimated end value of $AU350 million and is scheduled
buyers out of the market, Firstlight Noosas unique co-ownership model is        for completion in the first half of 2012.
designed to make this level of luxury accessible to more people.
                                                                                Owners are also entitled to international exchange privileges with the K
Under the co-ownership model, owners purchase a freehold title in a             Club in Ireland and other future Firstlight International destinations as they
particular residence. They then have access to use any residence of the         are developed. Firstlight creators Blue Sky Capital have helped deliver a
same type, providing greater flexibility and availability. A strict no-rental    number of luxury projects across the globe, including the Residences at
policy ensures that residences are available exclusively for the use of         The Little Nell in Aspen Colorado. Visit
owners and invited guests.

Having multiple owners also ensures the private residences are occupied
year-round, which adds to the vibrancy of the landmark Hastings Street

Currentlypriced at $AU1.8 million for three-bedroom residences, and
$AU2.3 million for four-bedroom residences. A small number of residences
are being offered for outright purchase between $12 million and $15 million.

Firstlight Noosa residences will be fully serviced to the highest standards.
Comprising 60 full time staff, the team will include 24-hour concierge, twice
a day housekeeping, in-residence private dining service, valet parking and
chauffeur service, personal chefs and highly qualified leisure personnel.
         An unrepeatable opportunity to own a piece of prime Noosa beach frontage.
Fully-serviced luxury Private Residences on one of the world’s most coveted beaches now selling.

                                   Q U E E N S L A N D, AU ST R A L I A
                                 W W W. F I R S T L I G H T N O O S A . C O M
                                        T : + 6 1 7 5 4 4 7 4 74 4
BEING ONLY 25KM FROM MAROOCHYDORE AIRPORT (or a 2-hour                         Mash, Slow Cooked Pork Belly and many more delicacies. Make time to
drive north of Brisbane) and located just a short 2km drive from the hustle    sample the delights of Restaurant Aroona.
and bustle of Hastings Street has its advantages. Quay West Resort & Spa
                                                                               As with any resort of this quality, a gym, tennis court and beautifully
in Noosa is set among 9 hectares of a protected conservation sanctuary,
                                                                               landscaped pool are there at your disposal. While at Quay West Resort
creating the perfect destination for a relaxing escape, family holiday,
                                                                               & Spa Noosa, a visit to Mii Spa is a must. This is your key to restoration,
meeting or conference – and there is always the shuttle bus to run you into    inspiration and invigoration. The Mii Spa offers six treatment rooms with a
Hastings Street on Noosa Beach.                                                range of Pevonia Botanica performance facials, body and water therapies,
The resort offers fully self-contained studio and 1, 2, or 3-bedroom           and massages. The spa also offers exclusive signature rituals unique to
apartments. These apartments are spacious with modern décor and                Quay West Resort & Spa Noosa.
quality appliances giving the option of self-catering or using the excellent   Having opened in March 2010, Quay West Resort & Spa Noosa has
restaurant facilities. Each apartment offers a view of the conservation        started to gain a following as a conference venue. With a capacity for
sanctuary or the resort precinct and features a private furnished courtyard    200 delegates or a board meeting of 20, Quay West Resort & Spa Noosa
or balcony. All 2 and 3-bedroom apartments have 2–3 bathrooms with             offers excellent meeting facilities with state-of-the-art technical equipment.
separate dining and living areas.                                              Conference facilities include a ballroom, two dedicated break out rooms
                                                                               and a boardroom.
Shades Bar is an excellent venue to have a cocktail and unwind or you
can dine in style at Restaurant Aroona, which boasts contemporary              Whether the occasion is a wedding, board meeting, company retreat or
Australian cuisine created by Executive Chef Lee Jeynes. Designed around       product launch, you will find Quay West Resort & Spa Noosa not only
local seasonal produce, the menu features specialities such as Roast           has the ideal location but also the most up-to-date facilities to ensure the
Queensland Barramundi, Roast Lamb served with Butter Bean and Chilli           success of any event.
THEY SAY THAT FOR EVERY bad thing that happens something good will            that open onto the outside deck, sauna, a gym, two lounges and two bars.
follow. Today I am on Captain Cook Cruises M.V. Reef Endeavour sailing        There is really nothing else to want for.
the waters of the Yasawa Islands in Fiji.
                                                                              Featuring 75 staterooms and cabins, the M.V. Reef Endeavour has the
Up to December 2009, the M.V. Reef Escape was the vessel operating the Fiji   ability to nearly double the number of passengers Captain Cook Cruises
Islands Cruises for Captain Cook Cruises. However, on Monday 14 December      can carry on its Fiji itineraries.
the Reef Escape got caught in Cyclone Mick and had to be beached on Naviti
                                                                              Purpose built for cruising the sheltered waters of reef environments, the
Island in the Yasawas. Having sustained considerable damage and breaches
                                                                              vessel caters for no more than 150 passengers – ensuring every guest
to her hull, a replacement had to be found at short notice.
                                                                              gets personal attention. Captain Cook Cruises is a family-owned small
Captain Cook despatched its flagship Reef Endeavour from Sydney as a           ship cruise operator. It is the recipient of numerous awards including
replacement vessel, giving Fiji its largest and most elegant cruise vessel    Australian, New South Wales, Tropical North Queensland and South
operating exclusively in Fijian waters.                                       Australian Tourism awards for excellence. Both the Fiji Visitors Bureau
After an 8-day crossing, the ship arrived in Fiji on 18 January 2010 and      and the Australian Federation of Travel Agents have awarded the
commenced its first cruise on 6 February.                                      company the title of Best Cruise Line.

The M.V. Reef Endeavour was the largest vessel built at the Fiji Government   Employing 500 people and operating a fleet of 16 vessels, the company
ship yards in Walu Bay, Suva. Shipbuild No. 92 was launched in 1996,          offers over 150 cruises weekly throughout Australia and Fiji.
originally for the Australian Great Barrier Reef market.
                                                                              Having had the privilege of a 4-night voyage with Captain Cook Cruises,
Only 3125 tonnes and 73 metres in length, this vessel offers all the extra    I want to come back for seconds. This is a cruise every discerning cruise
comforts of a large cruise ship with swimming pool, spa pools, staterooms     follower should put on their list.
TODAY WE ARE BOARDING THE CORAL PRINCESS II for a voyage                    Barrier Reef. Although a barbeque on shore is planned the inclement
along the Great Barrier Reef. Coral Princess Cruises have been running      weather sees a change of venue to the aft deck of Coral Princess II. As
cruises to the reef for the last 26 years and must be one of the most       usual, the presentation and quality of the food served is of a high standard
experienced operators in this region.                                       – even including kangaroo steaks. At 2pm we depart for Rattlesnake
                                                                            Island, which is our overnight anchorage. In the morning after a 2-hour
We left Trinity Wharf in Cairns for a 3-night cruise culminating in
                                                                            cruise we arrive at Townsville.
Townsville. After a safety briefing at 11am, we are soon underway to the
Thetford Reef with an arrival time of 2.30pm. Lunch is served on the way,   Coral Princess Cruises was formed in 1984 by Captain Tony Briggs and
a delightful smorgasbord. After a full afternoon snorkelling, swimming      his wife Vikki. The first cruises were made in a converted World War II
and scuba diving, it is time to depart for our overnight anchorage.         Fairmile accommodating 24 guests. The first custom-built vessel, The
                                                                            Coral Princess was commissioned in July 1988. This proved so popular
During pre-dinner drinks, Denis our Cruise Director recaps the day’s        that in 1996 The Coral Princess II entered service.
activities and briefs us on tomorrow’s events. This is followed by a
wonderful seafood buffet prepared by Jin our chef for this cruise.          With a maximum of just 50 guests, these vessels have the freedom and
                                                                            flexibility to explore remote coral cays and fringing reefs beyond the reach
Day two sees us at Nathan Reef where we enjoy the reef from the glass       of other visitors. Onboard you have unlimited opportunities to experience
bottom boat – a unique experience where Denis can share with us his         the reef first hand. You have a marine biologist onboard who will discuss
vast knowledge of the coral reefs and marine life. We depart Nathan         all the mysteries of the underwater world. Whether you are happy to see
Reef for Dunk Island at 10.30am, arriving at 3pm for a walk through the     the reef from the glass bottom boat or prefer to jump into the water to
rainforest that ends with a long cool drink by the pool.                    snorkel or – for the more adventurous – scuba dive, this will be a truly
                                                                            unforgettable experience.
After a pleasant evening onboard, we set sail early next morning for
Pelorus Island. The beach we are to explore is on a point of the island     Thank you Captain Peter Conlon and crew for letting us into the wonderful
leased by Coral Princess Cruises for the use of passengers cruising the     world of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
AQUA Day Spa at Sheraton Noosa Resort and Spa
THE AQUA DAY SPA AT SHERATON NOOSA                      Change Rooms
RESORT AND SPA is a unique haven. A tranquil            Personal locker facilities, showers and grooming
oasis in which to relax, unwind, be pampered            essentials are available.
and indulged by their highly professional and
                                                        Spa Cuisine
nurturing staff.
                                                        Before or after your treatments relax and enjoy
AQUA Day Spa is your passport to a healthier            our fresh fruit platter, filtered water, tropical
lifestyle where your wellness, health and beauty        juice, energy boosting cookies or the famous
are carefully nurtured through Starwood Spa             ginger tea.
Collection’s inspiring The Seven Pillars of Well-       TREATMENTS AVAILABLE
Being. These elemental facets of health, beauty         Thalgo Aromaceane Body Treatment – 90
and inner peace provide a comprehensive                 Minutes
platform ensuring your AQUA Day Spa                     Reflexology begins this treatment, then the body
experience is a truly holistic one.                     is cocooned in marine mud from the Dead Sea,
Beauty: Universal energy in its purest form.            followed by an invigorating sea salt exfoliation.
Life Balance: Pure life energy through spiritual        Renowned for its relaxing and healing qualities
                                                        the mud is showered from the body leaving
                                                        your skin revived. To finish, an aromatherapy
Harmony: Power and energy through balance.
                                                        massage combining essential oils.
Aqua: An energising, refreshing current.
Vitality: Growth, health, joy de vie.                   Thalgo Toning Body Wrap – 90 Minutes
Nature: Vital living in a healthy environment           Ideal for body contouring. Relax, cocooned in
Nutrition: A healthy life is a life full of pleasure.   a thermal blanket, whilst enriched marine gel
                                                        encourages the elimination of fluids and fatty
The Aqua Therapy Centre offers a world of
                                                        deposits. This toning experience is completed
aqueous well-being! A walk through area
                                                        with an overall massage leaving your skin toned,     and cold stones. A true invitation to deep sleep,
provides a range of hydro or resistance
                                                        firmer and radiant.                                   Mer and Sens is recommended for extremely
pressure      treatments,    whilst  individual
                                                        Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae Body                  stressed clients. This sculpting massage creates
submerged lounges allow trigger point therapy
                                                        Wrap – 90 Minutes                                    a sensation of tranquillity and evokes a floating
via a series of gentle warm water “multi-jets.” A
                                                        The ultimate combination of marine vitamins          sensation.
high powered invigorating massage is offered in
the larger spa.                                         and minerals makes this treatment a powerful
                                                                                                             Thalgo Slim And Sculpt – 90 Minutes
                                                        immune system booster. Your skin is deeply
Treatment and Couples Rooms                                                                                  An overall personalised solution to combat
                                                        polished then cocooned in a comforting algae
Eight treatment rooms offer the latest in skin                                                               cellulite and skin lacking firmness. The dual-
                                                        poultice. Finishing with an overall massage, this
and body care. Enjoy your experience with a                                                                  action treatment is based on the principles
                                                        treatment promotes detoxification, assists in the
special someone in the AQUA Day Spa’s new                                                                    of the Russian School of Massage and active
                                                        reduction of fatty deposits (cellulite) and leaves
couples room.                                           you with an overall feeling of well-being.           ingredients of Marine Pro-Collagen and Cocoa.
                                                                                                             The result is smooth and toned skin.
Steam Room                                              Thalgo Mer and Sens Body – 90 Minutes
Hydrating Steam Room provides hot and humid             More than a new massage method, Mer and              Personally tried by NZ Corporate Traveller
steam. Excellent to open pores and flush out             Sens Body is a complete purifying, remineralising    Magazine in May 2010, the Sheraton Noosa
toxins. Recommended as a preparation to most            and relaxing treatment. The exfoliating and          Resort and Spa is highly recommended and is
treatments.                                             sculpting techniques are carried out with hot        set in Noosa’s only 5-star resort.

                                  Exclusive Agent for Thalgo | E-mail : |
                                  29 Dacre Street, Newton, Auckland |        0800 842 546 OR (09) 362 0882

                               Thalgo Corporate Relaxation can be discovered at
                                               Chuan Spa at The Langham Hotel |      + 64 9 379 5132
                                                    Senses Spa at The Westin |   + 64 9 909 9000
                                                 Illusions for Men and Women |     + 64 4 471 1222
                                            The Retreat Day Spa at Platinum Lodge |     + 64 6 765 5800
                                           The Stress Exchange Complete Body Care |      + 64 4 386 4222
                                                           Spa St.Clair | + 64 3 455 0750
The                      travels from the City to Auckland Airport and back
every 15 minutes during the day. It’s a comfortable way to get on with your
work and keep your expenses in check. Visit for details.

Find out more | | 09 366 6400
             Two great package options.
             HertzSki (the ultimate ski package)
             • A competitively priced, late model Hertz vehicle from compact car to premium 4WD • Snow chains • Ski
             or snowboard rack • One HertzSki voucher - valid at Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Treble Cone
             & Cardrona - for every day you rent. (A 5-day HertzSki rental will come with 5, daily HertzSki vouchers!)
             A HertzSki voucher equals an adult lift pass. You choose which participating field you’d like to ski at!
             HertzSki Flexi (ski and activity package)
             • A competitively priced, late model Hertz vehicle from compact car to premium 4WD • Snow chains
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             per day as you like! Valid at Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Treble Cone, Snow Park NZ plus more.
             And over 100 fantastic South Island attractions and activities!
             For information and bookings call 0800 654 321 or visit
             Conditions apply. Minimum 2-day rental. Available at participating locations in NZ only. Available 1 May to 31 October 2010.
             Subject to availability. Standard rental terms & conditions apply.

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