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					THIRD SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME                                                               January 25, 2009
Dear Friends,
       This weekend is the 3rd Sunday in the Ordinary Time of the Church Year. You may recall, though, that this
year has been named the “Year of St Paul” honoring the great “Apostle to the Gentiles” in the 2000th year since his
birth. In the spirit of the year honoring Paul, the Church has given us the option of celebrating the Feast of the
Conversion of St Paul (January 25th) at our Sunday Masses. Our prayers and readings at all the parish Masses this
weekend will be those of the feast of Paul’s conversion. We’ve also used Paul’s year as the theme of our parish
Lenten Series each Wednesday of Lent.
        Last week was quite a week---the Eagles, the Inauguration and the March for Life. This Sunday begins
Catholic Schools Week. For many years the Church in this country has asked us to promote Catholic Schools this
week. Locally our parish school has an “Open House” this Sunday and throughout the week the school kids will
have different activities that play up the importance of our school and all Catholic Schools. On Friday the whole
school will gather at Mass in the spirit of Catholic Schools Week.
        As part of Catholic Schools Week, the Archdiocese annually has a Distinguished Graduates Award Dinner
promoting Catholic education. Each year parish schools nominate candidates for the awards and they are chosen on
merit. Of the six award winners this year, two have local ties. The first local recipient will be our local State
representative and recently Speaker of the the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Dennis O’Brien.
Representative O’Brien attended Our Lady Of Calvary School and Archbishop Ryan High School. The other award
winner with local ties will be Sgt. Patrick McDonald. Patrick attended Christ the King School and Archbishop Ryan
High School. In receiving the award posthumously, Patrick will also be representing all graduates who served or
presently serve as Police Officers and Fire Fighters in our city. The McDonald family will have a contingent at this
Friday’s dinner. We’ll also have a group representing our parish and school at the dinner in the Crystal Tea Room of
the Wanamaker Building.
        Please take notice of the flyer in this Bulletin promoting our Annual Married Couples Night on Saturday,
February 8th. It begins with the 5 PM Mass and continues with a reception in the Hall. It’s been a nice addition to
parish life here. It’s our way of affirming the many faithful married couples of our parish. Consider being with us.
        Take note also in this bulletin of the news about our “Basket Extravaganza” the week before the beginning of
Lent. After eight years, we felt it was time to revamp our “Mardi Gras”. We look forward to it being a good time
with prizes for many as well as a fund-raiser for the parish.
        One of the tasks of the Parish Pastoral Council is to review parish life---affirm the good of parish life but also
to point out our flaws. Since I’ve been pastor the council has been faithful to the task. A few times over the course of
the years, we’ve also encouraged the Congregation to take part in the review of parish life. A few months after I
began as Pastor eight years ago, we held “Parish Town Meetings” dealing with the positives and negatives of parish
life. In that time it was an easy time for me. I could listen to suggestions and complaints and also know that none of
the negatives were my doing. Eight years later, I have to be a “big boy” and recognize that the negatives are now
under “my watch”. Plan to be with us on Sunday, February 8th after the 8 and 10 AM Masses for one of our “Parish
Town Meetings”.
            Pope Benedict XVI sent a congratulatory message to Barack Obama on his inauguration as U.S. president.
He prayed that he would remain steadfast in his dedication to promote understanding, cooperation and peace in the
world. The pope, in a January 20 telegram, told Obama that he prayed God would "grant you unfailing wisdom and
strength in the exercise of your high responsibilities." Popes traditionally send a telegram of congratulations to new
presidents of the United States on the day of their inauguration. In his message to Obama, Pope Benedict said he
prayed, under the new president's leadership, "may the American people continue to find in their impressive
religious and political heritage the spiritual values and ethical principles needed to cooperate in the building of a
truly just and free society." The pope said he hoped the future of the United States would be "marked by respect for
the dignity, equality and rights of each of its members, especially the poor, the outcast and those who have no voice."
           Have a good week!

                                                          WHAT’S NEW IN THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST
                                                          BAPTISMS – We welcome as a new member of our
                                                          Church: Alana Ungaro baptized January 18, 2009.
Sunday, January 25
       NO PREP/CCD                                        DEATHS – Sympathy and prayers to the families and
CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK OPEN HOUSE                          friends of Harry Campbell, Louis Middleton and Anna
   10:00 AM - Little People’s Church                      Fallon. May they rest in peace.
Monday, January 26
     6:00 PM - Brownies                                   SERIOUSLY ILL- Please pray
     7:00 PM - RCIA (Rectory)                             for Karen Agneta, Tracy Roesner
     8:00 PM - Jackpot (Hall)                             Augustin, Marcella Barrett, Joan
Tuesday, January 27                                       Binni, Carolyn Boyer, Regina Bradley, Kathleen Buday,
     5:00 PM - Exposition of Blessed Sacrament            Teodora Campbell, Bridget Carey, Edith Carroll, Joseph
     7:00 PM - Rosary & Miraculous Medal Novena           Carroll, Austin Caucci, Eugene Caucci Sr, Kathleen
     7:00 PM - Boy/Cub Scouts Meeting                     Cook, John & Josephine Cramutola, Drew Deal,
     7:30 PM - Basket Extravaganza Meeting (Rectory)      Margaret Fox, Loretta Fenn, Ricky Gallagher, Richie
     7:30 PM - Faith Formation                            Ginsberg, Katherine Haitsch, John Hansen, Jack Harvey,
Wednesday, January 28                                     Mary Hendrie, Louise Hoffman, Tom James, Thomas B.
    7:00 PM - Choir                                       Kiernan, Jr., Joyce Landauer, Thresa Laslvia, Joanne
Thursday, January 29                                      Mazzarelli, Francis Mc Anulty, John McDermott,
    1:00 PM - Seniors Meeting                             Margaret McLaughlin, Mary Ann Michalowski, Bill
    7:00 PM - Civic Association (Hall)                    Nork, Joseph O’Connell, Robert O’Halloran, Joseph
Saturday, January 31                                      Olewnik, Jim Osbourne, Elizabeth Peck, Dominick
   9:00 AM – 2:00 PM - St Vincent de Paul Truck           Pietrafesa, Richard Preston, Norbet Rix, Isabella
Sunday, February 1                                        Romano, Melinda Rowland, Amy Rudnitskas, Christine
   10:00 AM - PREP/CCD                                    Sanville, Matthew Scannapieco, Susan Siregar, Rosalie
   10:00 AM - Little People’s Church                      Smith, Anna Tierney, Mary D. Walsh, Sheila Kendall
                                                           MASSES FOR THE WEEK OF January 25, 2009
                                                          SUNDAY    8:00 AM Mary Mc Ilhenny
 Sunday, January 18, 2009                -   $11,666      MONDAY    8:00 AM Stephen Nicholson (Birthday)
             516 Envelopes                                TUESDAY     6:30 AM Charles Elkins
                                                                      8:00 AM Fred & Lucy Perry
  Third Sunday January 2008             -    $10,010      WEDNESDAY 6:30 AM Buren Keptra
                                                                      8:00 AM Thomas Cabrey
                                                          THURSDAY    6:30 AM Eleanor Palmer
 Catholic Bishops Overseas Relief -          $1,406                   8:00 AM William & Mary Basile &
 Catholic Bishops 2008            -          $1,412                                             Family
              151 Envelopes                               FRIDAY      6:30 AM Donna Dawson
                                                                      8:00 AM Joseph Mahler
                                                          SATURDAY    8:00 AM Regina Bonner

                                                                      CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK
How shall I make a return to the Lord                     CTK is celebrating CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK
   For all the Good He has done for me.                   beginning TODAY Sunday, January 25th. Following the
                    (Psalm 116:12)                        theme CELEBRATING SERVICE we have several
                                                          projects for the students to help celebrate our country,
                      CRAFT FAIR                          city, and school personnel. We will begin the week with
         CORRECTION PHONE NUMBER                          a show about Bullying performed by the Walnut Street
The Craft Fair is being sponsored by the Ladies           Theatre, and we will end with a school Mass. The
Auxiliary in CTK hall on Sunday, March 22, 2009 from      Liturgy will be at 11:00 AM on Friday; all are welcome.
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Vendors are needed. Tables are         Please join our open house after the Masses TODAY
$20. For info or to reserve a table call Dolly 215-632-   and experience the many things happening at Christ the
1722.                                                     King School. We are taking registrations for grades 1
                                                          thru 8 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
We need your help! Come share your thoughts and
ideas about Christ the King Parish. Over the past year                                    BASKET
the Pastoral Council has reviewed characteristics of vital                          EXTRAVAGANZA
parishes and identified the priorities listed below as areas   Our 1st Annual Basket Extravaganza is February 21st.
needing particular attention. The Town Meeting will            Tickets are one price $20. Tickets will include
give every parishioner a chance to give feedback and           appetizers, dessert, coffee, tea and 25 chances for the
suggestions on how to accomplish these goals and to            baskets. Beer, wine, soda and bottled water will be
identify other areas that may have been missed.                available for purchase. There will be a DJ for your
Please join us on February 8th after the 8:00 and 10:00        entertainment. Tickets will be available to purchase in
A.M. Masses in the Parish Hall.                                February. Call the rectory to reserve your ticket @ 215-
                                                               632-1144. Anyone wanting to purchase chances for the
          PASTORAL COUNCIL’S NAMED                             baskets they will be available after all masses the
                  PARISH PRIORITIES                            weekend of February 14/15th $10 for 25 chances.
    1)   Continue attempt to fill Faith Formation              There are many gift baskets for chance: Win a basket of
         Director Position.                                    lottery tickets, $100 towards CTK tuition for
    2)   Outreach with special focus on Sunday Mass            2008/2009, a basket of gift certificates, Hannah Montana
         Participation, Young Families and Children and        basket, High School Musical, $100 cash, 6 - $50 baskets
         Youth and Young Adults                                for supermarkets, dinner, movie and an overnight stay at
    3)   Establish a Stewardship Committee that will           the Courtyard by Marriott on , baskets of cheer, and
         challenge Parishioners to be more involved with       that’s just a peek. We are still in need of donations to
         Time, Talent and Treasure.                            fill these baskets for chance: new items please - toys, gift
    4)   Strive for better connection and integration of       certificates, toiletries, electronics, bottles, wine, sports
         Parish and School.                                    items, tickets to events etc. All donations will be greatly
    5)   Better Worship Participation.                         appreciated. We also need all sizes of baskets to put
    6)   Raise Consciousness on Moral Issues of our            these items in. Donations can be dropped off in the hall
         Day.                                                  Monday nights from 6:00 to 8:00 PM or at the rectory.
    7)   Better Communication within Parish---e.g. Web-        Items are needed by February 7th. As always thank you
         site, e-mail, Church Bulletin, etc.                   for your continued support.
        PICARIELLO TOT REGISTRATION                                          CAREGIVERS MEETING
Registration for the School Year 2009-2010 will be on          The next caregiver meeting will be Thursday, January
Monday, February 2, 2009. Door opens 8:30 AM.                  29th at 1:00PM Holy Innocents Rectory and 7:00 PM St.
Registration fee is $40.00.                                    Leo Convent. All caregivers are invited and encouraged
Three years old classes are Tuesday and Thursday, AM           to attend. Questions call Teresa @215-624-1639.
and PM Classes. Tuition is $65 a month.
Four years old classes are Monday, Wednesday, Friday                               MUSIC NOTES
AM & PM classes. Tuition is $75. For more information          SING TO THE LORD MUSIC IN
call 215-685-9391.                                             DIVINEWORSHIP is the name of a recent document
                                                               on liturgy and music from the U.S. Bishops. A
                  WEEKLY JACKPOT
                                                               workshop day will be held at St. Charles Seminary on
                   January 19, 2009
                                                               Saturday, Feb. 7, 9-2:30, for anyone interestedContact
                                                               Helen at 215-338-1132 for further information.
              4     18      23     28      30
                                                                   ST. VINCENT DEPAUL CLOTHING DRIVE
                NO JACKPOT WINNER
                                                               will be held at CTK on Saturday, January 31st from 9
                Consolation Prize Winners
                                                               AM until 2 PM. They are
            Winners                   Sellers
                                                               currently collecting donations of
         Teresa Ignasiak            Marie Gift
                                                               men’s, women’s and children’s
         Roberta & Mike             E. Horne
                                                               clothing. They will also be
         Stella McFadden            Marie Gift
                                                               accepting small household goods;
         Balsano                    Marie Gift
                                                               bed and bath linens, pots and pans, dishes, cooking
                   NEXT DRAWING
                                                               utensils and books. They will accept household
                Monday, January 26, 2009
                                                               appliances in good working condition. No baby
                         $50,000                               equipment will be accepted.

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