PTA BOARD MEETING by xiuliliaofz


									                                        PTA BOARD MEETING
                                          February 8, 2011

Mae Anderson, PTA President, called the meeting to order at 9:39 a.m. in the PTA Office.

The following Board Members were in attendance: Mae Anderson, Arathi Nilakantan, Becky Moseley, Judy
Byun, Shelby Pazos, Cindy Reidy, Garima Lalwani, Jo McNaughton, Tracie Cohen, Quinn Fletcher, Deb
Christian, Kim Rowe, Abha Kaul, Subha Kalathur, Jodie Stone, Karn Wong, Tim Stuart and Tammy Black.


      Welcome back and Happy Chinese New Year.
      We need to thank Erma Huston for a wonderful Welcome Coffee in January.
      We have two new ECC Representatives, Quinn Fletcher and Anne Duncan, so we welcome them to
       the board.


      Becky asked for a MOTION to approve the minutes of the January 11, 2011 PTA Board Meeting.
       The MOTION was made by Cindy Reidy and seconded by Jodie Stone. The MOTION carried, and
       the minutes were approved.


      Enrollment Figures:
      PS 951
      IS 859
      MS 924
      HS 1158
      Total: 3,882


      No report


      Nothing to report.



      Interim Semester – It is off to a good start. There were a few glitches – some discipline issues,
       some luggage issues, and a family matter. Everything is going well.
      IASAS – Third season sports start on February 14, including badminton, softball, and track and
      National Honor Society – The process is starting. Letters have gone out to the candidates.
       Grades 11 and 12 candidates meet February 15th in H301 at 9:35 a.m. and the Grade 10 candidates
       meet February 16th in H301 at 9:35 a.m.
      AMIS – Strings Convention in Beijing, February 17th – 19th.
      AP - Payment & Information on HS website – Monday, February 21st.
      Interim Semester Parent Presentation Night –
            o  Singapore & Asia Countries on Wednesday, February 23rd at 7:00pm.
            o Non- Asia Countries on Thursday, February 24th at 7:00pm.
      Art & Architecture Night – 10th and 11th Grade on Monday, February 18th – 7:00pm in Room
      Paufest – Friday. February 25th - 7:00pm – 10:00pm at the Memory Garden.
      Parent Forum – These have been well attended. They are now podcast on the HS website.
      Student Forum – There are plans for a Student Forum to meet once a month.
      Upcoming Weekend Activities –
            o Fighting Fish Invitational Swim Meet – February 19th, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
            o PTA County Fair (MS/HS/Aux A/B Gyms/Playfield/Library & MS Foyer) - February 26th.
            o ACSIS Softball Tournament (Field) – February 26 .


      eNews – The weekly newsletter has a different format. It is separated by division. We are trying
       to be more efficient.
      Newsflash – The February issue has a new feel – 100% recycled paper. Extra copies of Newsflash
       are available in the Communications Office.

SCHOOL BOARD: read by Mae Anderson

      Curriculum - The Board of Governors met before CNY to hear the Administration's proposals
       concerning improvements to the Mandarin program. The Administration will report back to the
       Board once it has worked out logistical issues and developed a budget for the implementation of
       the proposed changed.
      Budget - The draft budget for 2011-2012 will be presented to the Community on Tuesday,
       February 22 and we urge interested parents to attend.

BOOSTERS: read by Mae Anderson

      Cookbook - The Booster cookbook should be ready for sales in March.
      Art in Transit Tour - March 16th will be the Art in Transit Tour, tickets are limited so watch for
       sales and get yours early.
      Fashion Show - Our first fashion show will be held on Friday April 1st. If you have a HS student
       encourage them to participate and be sure to show your support by attending.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Garima Lolwani

      Visiting Authors – PTA sponsors an artist-in-residence program. A presentation was made by
       visiting authors, Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann, on January 26th in the HS Drama Theater.
      Field Day – Will be on Thursday, February 10th.
      Parent Coffee – February 14th.
      Valentine’s Day – We will serve ice cream floats during lunch.


      Thank you – Thank you to the PTA and especially Erma Huston for welcoming the new families.
       This always helps to make the transition easier for both parents and child.
      Conferences – Conferences are coming up in March on the 17th and 18th. More information
       regarding sign-ups will be coming soon.
      Parent Coffee – Our next parent coffee is on February 16 th. It will be hosted by the counseling
       department and the topic is “Friendship and Bullying.” Representatives of the Finance Department
       will also be present to share the latest updates on the lunch cards.
      March Parent Coffee – The March parent coffee will be held on Wednesday, March 16 th, at 7:00
       p.m. The topic will be on literacy.
      IS Variety Show – Performances will be on February 18th and19th. Tickets will be issued in order
       to manage the number of attendees.
      Mother Daughter Tea – We are hosting our second Mother Daughter Tea on February 10 th from
       4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This term we have approximately 40 attendees.
      Awesome Ape – the Awesome Ape Contest is approaching, February 15 th - 18th. Last year there
       were approximately 200 participants in the preliminaries.
            o Grade 3 preliminaries – February 15th
            o Grade 4 preliminaries – February 16th
            o Grade 5 preliminaries – February 17th
            o Finals – February 18th
      Valentine Grams – The Student Counsel is selling Valentine Grams for $1.00. Proceeds will help
       support Tabitha.
      Professional Development – Teachers continue to take part in PD opportunities. On February
       2nd, the early release day, teachers across the division were very busy. Several committees met,
       including the math committee, conferencing committee, social studies committee, and
       reading/language arts committee, to discuss curriculum and to determine ant possible next steps.
       In addition, departments and grade level teachers met to continue their work (e.g. unit writing,
       resource development).


       Valentine’s Day - The upcoming Valentine’s Day will be observed with students exchanging
       valentines on that day as a recognition of friendships. This day is not formally celebrated as a party
       day within the Primary Division but is still introduced as a recognized day within the USA and many
       other countries.
      Visiting Author - Linda Sue Park, will be here on campus from March 1st through the 4th. A
       schedule will be out next week that informs everyone about the sessions she will be hosting across
       the school within the different divisions. She will be providing sessions from the ECC through the
       high school. Ms. Park is a Korean/American who won a Newberry Award for her book “The Single
       Shard” which is used as a textbook for one of our classes in 6th grade. Ms. Park has created
       everything from Picture books for our youngest learners to high school literature as well. She will
       also be offering a parent session on Wednesday, March 2nd from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. We thank the
       PTA once again for their support of these wonderful authors and artists that are brought to SAS to
       inspire our students to be great writers, readers and learners.
      Parent/Teacher conferences – They are not that far away. We will begin preparing for these
       days which occur on March 17th and 18th and well as the 16th as an additional day for the larger
       preschool population. We will be working to prepare the schedule in the next few weeks for those
       Early Release Day -Over the latest early release day last week our teachers in Primary worked on
       refining their literacy units, met to discuss consistent homework guidelines among teams and met
       to talk about the improvements we are looking to make to our conferencing schedule for the
       2011/2012 school year.
      Parent Coffee - Yesterday the Primary/ECC hosted a coffee in the Primary Faculty Lounge for
       parents and the topic was “Monitoring TV, Gaming, and Media Time For Your Children”. The
       Principals and Counselors led a discussion and presentation on how to set reasonable limits for
       what is becoming a very heavy media focused generation of children and learners. A wonderful
       discussion was held and parents were able to take away great ideas on how to help manage and
       control media for their children.
      County Fair - Jodie Stone, representative for the PTA, was on board to give an update on the
       County Fair and to also showcase the T-Shirts that would be on sale for this event.
COMMUNITY LIBRARY: Mary Reagan - absent

      No report

GALA DINNER DANCE: Kim Rowe and Deb Christian

      Event plans are on schedule.
      This is the last week to buy tickets.
                o If you have not already done so, please purchase and talk event up to friends and
                     encourage others to attend!
                o Tickets are available at the PTA Sales, Booster Booth and this Friday, we will have
                     tickets available at the American Club- Poolside from 10-1and at TDT from 6-9
      Our catalogue is going online this week. Check the PTA Sales Office and website for preview of
       these items. We have over 200 items available!
           o Auction Items include:
                      iPads
                      2 Villas in Bali
                      Apartment in San Remo Italy
                      Camel bone inlay chest
                      Carlos Santana concert tickets
                      Jewelry
                      Clothing
                      Wine
                      Vouchers for dining, spas, hair, nails, etc.
      Dinner will be substantial- a traditional Indian meal paired with unique wine selection.
      This year our Raffle- or “Taj Treasures” will feature approximately 20 fabulous prizes.
      Our lucky lanterns- or “Feathers of Fortune” will be available. Guests contribute $50 or $100 and
       receive a lucky draw item on the spot! This will be cash only.
      Bring cash, check book, credit cards – all 3 methods of payment will be accepted

COUNTY FAIR: Jodie Stone

      Volunteers - Very happy with the number of volunteers we are getting. Dr. Mutsch sent
       out email to school staff and we have quite a few so far.
      Silent Auction - Got a lot of things coming in, Brent sent out email to school
      Used Books - As of Monday afternoon we have @ 15,500 books and only 10-15 boxes
       of the old books from storage to go through.
      T-Shirts and Coupons - We have sold 320 shirts and 100 coupon booklets as of
       yesterday morning
      HS Clubs - Record number of 51 clubs signed up this year.
      Food & Drinks - Lost F&N as a sponsor, looking to buy sodas. The restaurants we
       have signed up so far are Jerry’s BBQ, The American Club, The Coffee Bean, The
       Mexican Taco Bar, and Erma’s helper – Thai food. Kat Kehoe is looking into
       Botak Jones for burgers and an Indian Restaurant, and of course we have Mr. Hoe.
      Bake Sale - Chocolate Cake Bake-Off
      Entertainment - We have a lot of entertainment but need about 10 more acts. Sue
       will be aggressively pursuing this next week when the HS students are back.
      Vendor Fair - We have 42 confirmed vendors and Erma is chasing down quite a few
       to pay and get paperwork in. Looking to fill up with 50ish, doesn’t think this
       will be a problem.
      Chess Match – Will be going on during the County Fair. I will be meeting with Jim Ryan
       today to discuss.


      In conjunction with the Boosters Club, the PTA gives need-based scholarships to HS students to
       participate in Interim Semester.
      PTA gave 3 full scholarships and Boosters gave 5 full and 5 partial scholarships.
      There were 66 applications this year. The applications are vetted by the HS administration and
       include a 500 word essay. Judging is blind.
      The winners of the PTA scholarships are: Heather Erdman, Simon Felice, and Jeremy Lincoln.


      The PTA awarded 6 $5,000 scholarships to graduating seniors in 2010.
      A committee is formed to judge the blind applications
      The applicants must have a 3.2 GPA or above, teacher recommendations, and submit a resume.
       They must also write a 500 word essay.
      The committee meets to discuss the top 10-12 applications and 6 are selected.


      The PTA Nominating Committee, Shelby Pazos (chair), Kim Rowe, and Deb Christian, are now
       accepting nominees for the elected Executive Committee positions.
      Several members of the Executive Committee are not returning next year, including President Mae
       Anderson and Treasurer Judy Byun. Shelby Pazos will not be returning in the appointed position of
       Parliamentarian as well.
      If you are interested, please submit your name to a committee member by April 26th. The
       Nominating Committee will meet to form a slate of candidates to be presented at the May 10 th
       Annual General Meeting.
      There has not been a contested election in recent memory.


      Treasury team has three people, one treasurer and two assistant treasurers.
      Assistant Treasurer 1 duties:
           o Daily work such as making checks.
           o Preparing deposit slips including the weekly consolidated income from the PTA Sales.
           o Depositing checks and cash to the bank.
           o Entering payments and deposits into the system.
           o Working as a team at events – bundling cash and checks and preparing deposits.
      Assistant Treasurer 2 –Event Treasurer duties:
           o Attending preparation meetings for PTA events and communicating with the person in
              charge for the specific event such as PTA Sales open house sales, Food Fest, Book Fair,
              Gala Dinner Dance, County Fair, Pumpkin sales, Carpet Auction.
           o assisting the coupon sales coordinator for the Food Fest and County Fair before and during
              the events.
           o Working as a team with the treasurer overseeing volunteers in the cash room for the Food
              Fest and County Fair.
                    Cashiers for coupon sales
                    Cashiers for Raffle Ticket sales
                    HS Club Booths & Country Booths volunteers
                    Silent Auction Cashiers
                    Game booths volunteers
                    Outside Food Vendors
                    Reconcilers
                    At each event, the cash room volunteers are 30 -50 in number.
      Treasurer duties:
           o Executive Committee member.
           o Estimate the number of event coupons and raffle ticket we need and put in order.
           o Check the daily entry of the assistant treasurer and reconcile the account monthly.
           o Oversee two assistant treasurer’s work and support them.
           o Make financial report and arrange outside audit for the previous year account.
           o After the event, receive the cash and check from the assistant treasurer and do the final
             counting and deposit at the bank.
          o Make the excel sheet for the numbers from the events, report the preliminary numbers to
             the committee chairs as soon as possible.
          o Send money for the HS club earnings from the events (pumpkin sales, FF and County Fair).
          o Arrange for the internal audit for the fundraising accounts.
          o In December, check the balance of expenses from all of the committees and send the
             report to each committee so that they can plan the spending for the rest of year and give
             them the balance report when they need for the rest of year.
          o Prepare the Tax Report.
          o Prepare the Year end projections for the accounts for the fund spending committee.
          o Make the Budget for the next year’s account.
      Number s from the last school year (July 2009 – June 2010) rounded to units of nearest
          o Total Income: $870,000
          o Fund spending: $380,000 (including scholarship)
          o Funds to High School Clubs from FF, CF and Pumpkin Sales: $75,000
          o Contributions for volunteers to spend for events such as Celebration books, Party Fund, Rep
             spending, Welcoming & Hospitality: $74,000
          o Total Contribution to school: $530,000



As there was no further business before the board, Mae asked for a MOTION to adjourn the meeting. A
MOTION to adjourn was made by Kim Rowe and seconded by Abha Kaul. The MOTION carried and the
meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Becky Moseley
PTA Secretary

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