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									A Guide to Believing Bad Advice by Dr. Ritch Boerckel
Many books have been              joy, I perceive very clearly      while David was still weary
written concerning how we         how God was active in             and discouraged from the
might discern God’s will and      directing those decisions.        coup. Absalom decided to
make wise decisions in life.      God was in absolute control       seek more counsel from
Most of these books include       of those healthy decisions.       Hushai. Now Hushai was                   October, 2009
the essentials of bathing the                                       secretly still loyal to David                                         Page
                                  Did you know that God is also
decision in prayer, meditating
                                  deeply involved in the poor
                                                                    and remained in Jerusalem in             From the Pastor               1
on God’s Word, seeking wise                                         the hopes that he could                       When God Surprises Us
                                  decisions we make? While
counsel, waiting on the Lord,                                       influence Absalom with bad               Over the Coffee Cup      2
                                  scripture clearly denies that
accounting for circumstances                                        advice. Hushai contradicted
                                  God is the author of evil,                                                 Evangelism Explosion 2
and obeying God’s clear                                             Ahithophel’s counsel as he
commands. However, I have
                                  scripture affirms that God
                                                                    advised him to wait before               Adoption Ministry        3
                                  actively uses evil to                                                      Homeschool Group         3
yet to read a book describing                                       striking after David. He said
                                  accomplish His purposes in                                                 Car Winterization Day 4
how we might believe bad                                            that David was now like a
                                  our lives. Particularly, God
advice and make foolish                                             bear robbed of her cubs who              Visitation Ministry      4
                                  uses bad counsel to bring
decisions. The point is that no
                                  judgment or discipline on the
                                                                    would fight ferociously                  Engage                   4
one makes bad decisions                                             against a small band. He                 Construction Ministry 5
                                  heart that resists Him. This
purposefully. Every decision                                        counseled Absalom to wait
                                  past week I have been reading                                              Birthday & Anniversary
we have ever made seemed                                            until he could gather a huge
wise to us at the moment. If it
                                  II Samuel. Chapters 16 and
                                                                    army to go out against David.            List                     6
did not appear to yield some
                                  17 tell the sad story of
                                                                    Absalom believed Hushai’s                October Calendar         7
                                  Absalom’s rebellion against                                                Missions                 8
pleasurable reward, we would                                        counsel, and that decision
                                  his father, King David. This                                               Fall Electives           9
not have made it.                                                   would ultimately lead to his
                                  story warns us that when our
                                                                    death.                                   Children’s Ministry     10
As Christians, we                 hearts resist God, our minds
acknowledge that God is           lose the ability to accept good   Now why did Absalom                      Christmas Child         10
deeply involved in the healthy    advice. We open our lives to      believe the bad counsel of               Youth Group             11
decisions we make. We do          an irresistible temptation to     Hushai over the good counsel             Effective Parenting ABC 11
not credit ourselves for them,    believe foolish counsel.          of Ahithophel? The Bible
but we give glory to God for                                        gives us the surprising
                                  By chapter 17, Absalom has
giving us His wisdom.                                               answer. In II Samuel 17:14
                                  led a coup against King
Proverbs 3:5-6 teach us,                                            Absalom says, “The advice
“                                 David. David has fled from
 Trust in the LORD with all                                         of Hushai the Arkite is better
                                  the capital city of Jerusalem,
your heart and lean not on                                          than that of Ahithophel.” And
                                  and Absalom now occupies
your own understanding; in                                          then the text explains, “For
                                  the royal palace. Ahithophel,
all your ways acknowledge                                           the LORD had determined to
                                  the chief advisor to Absalom,
him, and he will make your                                          frustrate the good advice of
                                  counsels Absalom to let him
paths straight.” As I look                                          Ahithophel in order to bring
                                  take 12,000 men and chase
back on the major decisions of                                      disaster on Absalom.”
                                  David down that very night
my life that brought me deep
                                                                                     (Continued on page 3)
        Page 2                                        The Broadcaster

Over the Coffee Cup                     by Char Wallen
We, my husband and I, had stopped at the busy intersection because the stoplight was
red. My husband kept his eye on the light, but my eyes were roving to see what was
interesting on my level. There was a cement triangle dividing the right turn from the
straight lane that lay ahead. I was amazed to see a light green plant growing, what
appeared to be, right out of the cement! There was no dirt that was visible in the time
allotted to me. Not only was it about 10 to 12 inches tall, but it had many seeds all over
the top of the plant!
Many years ago I wrote a poem entitled, “Let us bloom where we are planted.” This plant chose to grow,
flower, and produce seeds in a cement triangle! Perhaps it didn’t choose the spot, but it was going to make the
best of its environment, and bring a blessing to such as I, the observer.
What can we learn from this hard tenacious plant? First, the place where we are planted can be difficult, but if
we really try, by God’s grace, we’ll overcome! Is your place of growth difficult today? Just persevere and ask
God to help you bring forth flowers of blessing for Him. I will be excited to see if it grows again next Spring!
It was such a blessing to me to realize that, with God’s help, we can overcome many obstacles in life. Did you
choose your place of birth? I didn’t, but there were times, with my Swedish heritage, that I felt like I was
growing in cement. Yes, it was strict, but out of it I found that it led me to a closer relationship with my God.
Did I flower? Did I leave seeds of joy, peace, love, and comfort for others to share? I hope so! One thing I
learned was that “my God shall supply all my needs.” Remember to keep your eyes on the road, but if you see
a plant growing in cement, it will speak volumes for our God! “Thank you, God!”

                                         Evangelism Explosion
                                                 By Matt Morgan
The gun has sounded and another semester of EE is off and running. Would you cheer us on by praying
regularly for the ministry? Consider this analogy from Charles Spurgeon:
            “I believe in business prayers. I mean prayers in which you take to
            God one of the many promises which He has given us in His Word,
            and expect it to be fulfilled as certainly as we look for the money to
            be given us when we go to the bank to cash a check. We should not
            think of going there, lolling over the counter chattering with the clerks
            on every conceivable subject except the one thing for which we had
            gone to the bank, and then coming away without the coin needed; but
            we should lay before the clerk the promise to pay the bearer a certain
            sum, tell him in what form we wish to take the amount, count the cash
            after him, and then go on our way to attend to other business. That is
            an illustration of the method in which we should request supplies
            form the Bank of Heaven.”
In Isaiah 55:11-12 God promises us, “As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it
without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the
eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I
desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” Later, Paul declares that the message of the gospel is the
power of God and asks the Thessalonians to pray that this good news would spread rapidly and be honored
among its hearers. Please call upon the “Bank of Heaven” to unleash this power of God throughout our
community so that we might rejoice together as it fulfills its purpose by bringing many to salvation through
Jesus Christ.
                                       Issue 938                                                                        Page 3

     “This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father, to visit orphans and widows in
                     their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.” James 1:27

                      Open Hearts, Open Homes Orphan Ministry
                          How might God be calling you
                           to respond to the orphan?
      •    Join the Open Hearts Open Homes prayer chain via
      •    Volunteer to facilitate the DCFS Foster Parent training hosted by Bethany
      •    Provide a meal to a foster or adoptive family during their transition                                Open Hearts, Open Homes
      •    Attend the Adoption Bible Study held at Bethany Baptist during Sunday                               Adoption & Orphan Ministry
           night electives
      •    Provide financial assistance to families in domestic/international adoption
  Stay connected to ministry updates and needs through the Open Hearts, Open Homes email list and blog. The
                               email list can be accessed via
                    The blog address is
              Please contact Monica Lonergan at if you have any questions.

                        Bethany Fellowship Homeschool Group
The Bethany Fellowship Homeschool group is off to a great start. To become a part of the group and stay
informed of events and opportunities, you need to join the yahoo group by contacting Julie Walin at 274-9998 or
For other information and questions, contact Val Wichael (243-5582 or or Christine
Carbaugh (740-0658 or
Field trip to Forest Park Nature Center
Friday, October 2. Meet at 12:45pm
We will go on a stroller friendly guided tour through the park. We will be identifying trees and other plants as we
collect leaves for rubbings. Contact Alison Meuth for cost information and to RSVP or (309)397-4367.
Field Trip to Tanner's Orchard
Thursday, October 15 at 9:45am
If you missed the first field trip to Tanner's, another one has been scheduled since it was such a popular
event. RSVP to Darcey Handly at 309-263-3595 or

Continued from page 1 - A Guide to Believing Bad Advice

Notice that God plays a very active role in Absalom’s decision to believe bad advice. God does not sit on the sidelines
and let Absalom make his own choice without divine interference. God was determined to frustrate the good advice
Ahithophel offered so that the Lord’s purpose of judgment would be fulfilled in Absalom’s life. Whatever God
determines, God accomplishes. The implications should frighten us. This story reminds me that once I set my heart to
resist God, I lose the ability to think clearly about any decisions set before me. I invite God to work in my life to
frustrate any good counsel that I might receive. I open my mind to the beauty of the lie. If God determines to frustrate
any good counsel that comes our way, then good counsel will be frustrated.
Earlier I referenced the popular passage Proverbs 3:5-6 as being central to the process of making wise decisions. But
Proverbs 3:7 is just as important, “Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil.” Absalom refused
to fear the Lord and to shun evil. He lost his ability to discern good advice from bad. You and I will too if we follow
the path of disobedience. May God give us grace to submit ourselves to Him everyday. Then God will work to
advance good counsel, rather than frustrate it.
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          Calling All Seniors & Women on Their Own
                                                      For a…

             the                     Car Winterization Day
        Let          ny
          o f Be
      Men     e yo
                   u!                 Saturday, October 24th
                                        At DHX (on Allen Rd)

Set up an appointment through the bulletin insert on Oct. 11 or Oct. 18; or
  contact Doug Rabenhorst at 253.6685 or

      We would like to check your car’s fluids, belts/spark plug cables, and tire
    pressure as well as change your oil (if needed). We are willing to address other
       reasonable problems. (we are limited as to what we can repair. Please be
       prepared for payment of parts. Financial assistance is available if needed.)

                                  Pure Religion? Visit the Widows!
                                               By Pastor Fred Laugherty
•    Do you know that Bethany has some members who are shut in and are no longer able to attend our services?
•    Do you know that there are members of our church family who are lonely and in need of someone to share the
     love of Christ with them?
If you would like to know more about how you can share the gifts of friendship and encouragement, come to an infor-
mational lunch on Sunday, October 18 to find out more about the Visitation Ministry of Bethany Baptist Church.
Learn how you can give about one hour each month to share in the life of someone who otherwise might be cut off
from the life of our church.
                   Call the church office and reserve your spot for the Visitation Volunteers Lunch!
                   Sunday, October 18, after the 3rd worship service (Approximately 12:45pm)
"Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress,
and to keep oneself unstained by the world." ~ James 1:27

Attention Senior High Students!
Mark your calendar now for the 3rd Annual
Apologetics and Preaching Competition called
Engage on Jan 30. Apologetics is open to
young men and women while preaching is
open to young men only. This is a great
opportunity for High School students to dig
                                                        January 30, 2010
into God’s word and defend their faith. The
competition is open to students throughout the community. Watch for application information coming soon. Contact
Jerry Sanderson at 692-1755 or for more information.
                                    Volume 938                                                            Page 5

Bethany Construction Ministry
“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

Construction Site Volunteers Make a Big Impact
A recent Saturday morning at the construction site hosted a record 51 volunteers serving in many ways. We are busy
sweeping floors, gathering cardboard, and sealing concrete. This fall we will begin many landscaping projects by
moving black dirt and planting trees and shrubs. Please consider donating your time to keep the construction area
                                                                   clean, the site safe for construction workers, and to
                                                                   keep costs down. Sign up in the lobby to receive
                                                                   emails with the volunteer schedule or emails on
                                                                   how to pray for the project and workers. So come
                                                                   serve and enjoy some fellowship with us!

Labor Day Recognition a Success
Thank you for making our Labor Day "Tool Day" a big success. In the month of August the construction ministry
raised $900 from our ABC classes, thank you! On September 4th, Dust to Glory prepared a fantastic barbecue
chicken dinner. Then each of the 44 construction workers selected a tool from a collection of new DeWalt,
Craftsman, and Kobalt construction tools. The workers wanted us to thank you for your generosity. So, thank you for
supporting the construction workers and continue to pray for their safety and salvation.
                                                                 Birthdays and
1 -    Carol Clark                       11 -   Tom & Peggy Robinson      21 -   Jim Elsasser
   -   Josh Kellem                       12 -   Merlin Barnes                -   Carolyn Grimaldi
   -   Mark Yonke                           -   Jessica Borden               -   Elda Heiniger
 2 -   Gerry Traenkenschuh                  -   Jairus Lin                   -   Robert Robins
   -   Benjamin Walenta                     -   Sarah Schlich                -   Dan & Jean Byerly
   -   Marlea Yonke                      13 -   Penny Smith                  -   Luke & Holly Wirtz
   -   Willy & Sue Bonnell                  -   Christa Setterlund        22 -   Anna Clore
3 -    DeAnna Hutton                        -   Brenda Theobald              -   Hannah Fouts
   -   Dianne Mathes                     14 -   Abigail Dobra                -   William Frazee
   -   Greg & Karen Joyce                   -   Tom Schlich                  -   Dean Hoerr
   -   Scott & Deb Schepke                  -   Clayton & Kelly Walenta   23 -   Abigail Bryant
   -   John & Holly Zimmerman            15 -   Audrey Deutsch               -   Kurt Kieser
4 -    Cora Evans                           -   Michelle Doty                -   Barb Nielsen
   -   Ed Grimaldi                          -   Will Good                 24 -   Seth Elsasser
   -   Kent Hudson                          -   Gordon Henry                 -   Becky Frye
   -   Storm Huse                           -   Tom Kelly                    -   Garrett Page
   -   Josh Moon                            -   Sarah Moon                   -   Lindai Lin
   -   Ryan Servey                          -   Sandy Pope                   -   Ed Luan
5 -    Mike Barngrover                      -   Joe Ramsey                   -   Taya Zimmerman
   -   Missy Eversole                       -   Paul Setlech              25 -   Todd Bryant
   -   Diane Noar                           -   Noel & Nellie Hawkins        -   Steve Dietz
   -   Dorothy Slopak                       -   Steve & Jennifer Weers       -   Sally Greb
6 -    Janelle Clark                     16 -   Melissa Ferguson             -   Virginia Lewis
   -   Alex Hassenger                       -   Darby Fitch                  -   Cameron Mitchell
   -   Andrea Hoerr                         -   Connor Kallina               -   Kendra Showalter
   -   Nicole Lee                           -   Desi Reeves                  -   Char Wallen
   -   Kirsten McRaven                      -   Joni Rumbold                 -   Mike & Patti Falatko
   -   Tiffany Waller                       -   Roger & Terry Krikke      26 -   Roger Haywood
   -   Dylan Webb                           -   Joel & Ginny Smith           -   Roger & Janet Lawson
7 -    Lawrence Baer                     17 -   Deanna Gerdes                -   Greg & Sherri Urban
   -   Julia Ekstrom                        -   Kaela Gerig               27 -   Hilary Conyers
   -   Charles & Cassandra Ellenbecker      -   Jill Johnson                 -   Jim & Kristy Johnson
   -   Andy & Anna Hofmann                  -   Sharon Van Meter             -   Jason & LeAnne Padiak
   -   Kenneth & Teri Lynch                 -   Don & Mura Haupt          28 -   Luke Graham
8 -    David Berger                      18 -   Breana Bauman                -   Nate Johnson
   -   Ian Delinski                         -   Barb Boerckel                -   Marli Meiss
   -   Mura Haupt                           -   Kathryn Braun                -   Bethany Noar
   -   Gene Rebholz                         -   Mansil Jett                  -   Jerry Sanderson
   -   Caleb Rhodes                         -   Andrew Rice                  -   Philip Smith
9 -    Cameron Delinski                     -   Zack & Jessi Esterling    29 -   Melanie Phillips
   -   Brittany Esterling                19 -   Jason Borden                 -   LaNae Huang
   -   Roger Fitch                          -   David Fisher                 -   Ross & Natalie Elsasser
   -   Paul Warner                          -   Kristen Johnson              -   Beth & Roger Fitch
10 -   Victoria Sanderson                   -   Betty Moreland            30 -   Abby House
   -   Joel Smith                           -   Kennedy Teubel               -   Greg Joyce
   -   Hazel Sullins                     20 -   Jim Borop                    -   Megan Sutton
   -   Vince Warner                         -   Cherie Layne                 -   Herb & Debbie Chowaniak
11 -   Liddy Arp                            -   Laura Miller                 -   Darren & Becky Frye
   -   Josie Deutsch                        -   Dawson Raw                31 -   Jodee Bauman
   -   Emma Meiss                           -   Blake Warfield               -   Vernon Moreland
   -   Tessa Meiss                       21 -   Genae Andris
   -   Doug Williams                        -   Nolan Dreyer
         Page 8
                                          The Broadcaster

Missions in October
Visiting Missionaries: Pablo and Judi Perez, Oct. 8-19
Please welcome Pablo and Judi Perez, who will be visiting
the Bethany Fellowship of Churches in October. They will be
speaking and participating in various events during their visit.
They will be staying with Bruce and Rose Ekhoff during their
                                   time with us.
                                   Pablo and Judi live in Texas but minister pri-
    MONTHLY                        marily in Mexico as part of Leadership
    MISSIONS                       Resources International.
                                   If you are interested in meeting with the
                                   Perez’ and hosting them for a meal, please
  Would you like to
                                   contact Helen Barngrover by Oct. 5.
      know more about
        our Bethany              Pray for the Middle East Missions Team, Oct. 2-11
  Fellowship of Churches’        The team will be heading to the Middle East to meet and make
  missionaries and pray for      friends with English students, visit the refugee clinic, and help
   them more effectively?                           with clothing distribution.
  If so, then sign up for the        Please pray for team unity, opportunities to share Christ,
       Missions Prayer           opportunities to be an encouragement to the Christian workers
 Newsletter. To sign up you      there, and for the students to be receptive to relationships with
  must have a myBethany                                      the team.
account. You can sign up for
      this on our website,
  To get the monthly e-mail
updates, click on subscription
  lists on the myBethany
  home page or use the link
 from the missions page to
add Missions Update to your          Pictured: Back Row: Jon Baumann, Joel Taylor, Caleb Jorden
    e-mail subscriptions.          Front Row: Joe Burke, Ginger Burke, Martie Scott, Sravani Jorden
                                        Issue 938                                                          Page 9

                                                Fall Electives
                                                          October 4 - November 8
                                                              6:00 - 7:15pm
                                         Classes will be at Bethany Baptist unless noted otherwise.
                          There is a new virus that is impacting a multitude of churches across our great nation. Have
                          you heard of IIDS (Intellectual Immune Deficiency Syndrome)? One writer described the
                          epidemic this way: “This malaise is characterized by a decline of Christian content in
                          teaching and preaching with an accompanying increased interest in self-help directions that
                          merely promise better management of everyday crises.” Beginning the evening of October
Classes begin October 4!
                          4, we will offer a variety of vaccinations to prevent the deadly spread and effects of this
                          illness. Please take the necessary precautions, and join us for one of these six-week series
as we combat this plague together.
Systematic Theology III (Man, Angels, and Sin) Taught by Pastor Ritch (at Living Hope Community Church)
A systematic examination of the biblical doctrines concerning man, sin and angels. Special focus is given to the
nature and origin of man, the origin of sin and its effects upon mankind, the bondage of man’s will, and the spirit
world of angels and demons.
The Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ Taught by Pastor Art
Join Pastor Art for a study on the Millennial Kingdom, that future 1,000 year earthly reign of the Lord Jesus
Christ. This study will focus on solid exposition and synthesis of key Old and New Testament passages in order to
derive a more informed and encouraging view of the age to come.
Theology of Adoption Taught by Pastor Daniel & Jerry Sanderson
This elective combines a theological understanding of the church with a practical understanding of orphan
ministry. Its primary purpose is to lay out a biblical and theological understanding of the nature of orphan ministry in
the church. It will cover such topics as: the uniqueness of a Christian adoption, God’s care for the orphan, God’s
glory in adoption, orphans and missions, wrong reason to adopt, decision making and the will of God, and an
overview of the Bethany Fellowship of Churches’ orphan ministry.
Applying Study Methods to the Book of Ruth: Its Theology, Literary Structure, and Application for us today
Team Taught by Jeff & Laura Miller
This is an application class. Jeff will show us how to apply Bible Study Methods principles to discover Ruth's literary
structure and develop the theology of the book of Ruth. Often deep insights come from a close reading of the text of
Scripture, once you know what to look for. We will take those insights and talk about applicational lessons (in a
discussion format) from this incredible Book of the Bible.
Gleaning in the Gospels: How to Study and Teach the Life of Jesus Taught by Matt Morgan
In this course we will learn how to tune the different accounts of Jesus in the Gospels so they form a harmonious
chorus. As we listen to this glorious sound our hearts will be drawn to greater love and devotion to our Savior. The
tuning process will include: historical backgrounds, miracles, parables, working with the synoptic accounts,
determining the theological message of a given passage, and how the Gospels relate to the rest of the New Testament.
Introduction to Soul-Care Taught by Kent Kloter
Ever felt like the questions you were being asked by a child or friend were beyond your knowledge or ability? The
gospel has robust answers for the most difficult life-issues that God’s people experience. Come and learn timeless
biblical principles that will equip you to become a more intentional parent, a more effective discipler, and find out
how you can be used of God in the growing soul-care ministry at Bethany.
How to Help People Change Taught by Pastor Joel
Full and lasting change can seem like an unattainable target but it does not have to be. The Bible lays out a process
that guides us on a path of real blessing. Come and join Pastor Joel as we explore a biblical process on How to
         Page 10                                                  The Broadcaster

                   Bethany Children’s Ministry
                                 By Jerry Sanderson
                          Minister of Children’s Discipleship
Children’s Ministry
I’ve read several books recently regarding the declining Spiritual health of children in the
Evangelical Church at large in America and what to do about it. The findings and
suggested responses of all of these books are similar. The findings offered no surprises and
no guaranteed formulas for success. Perhaps that is because the Lord wants us dependent
on Him every step of the way. A very top-line summary of these books are as follows:
• The responsibility for the Spiritual upbringing of your children falls squarely on the parents – Deut 6:4, Ephesians
• “More is caught than taught,” parents need to live out their faith in a real way in front of their children – James 1:22-
    23, Ephesians 5:22-23, 2 Timothy 1:5
• Parents’ unconditional love, not performance-based love of children is key – 1 Corinthians 13, Galatians 5:22-23,
    Ephesians 6:4, 1 Peter 4:8
• Salvation is a work of God, parents need to pray! – Luke 18:1, John 3:8, Philippians 4:6
• Parents need to be humble, patient, kind, compassionate, forgiving with your children just as Scriptures says we are
    to be to others in the Church– Ephesians 4:2 & 4:32
• By parents living out life in our families with the qualities described in the above points, we are helping prepare
    deep soil for God’s Word to be planted and take deep root in our children– Luke 8:1-15
• The Church needs to support parents in their role by teaching the full council of God’s Word and helping prepare
    parents not only to live a life that is consistent with God’s Word, but by providing answers to difficult questions
    children may have as they get into their Middle School, Junior High and High School years.
If you are interested in reading the books I am referring to they are:
         Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna
         Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions by George Barna
         Already Gone by Ken Ham
Sunday School
In October we start the study of Joshua, a man who was uncompromising in his obedience to God. We encourage you as
parents to go through the Scriptures being taught in Sunday School with your children to reinforce the lesson. The
Scriptures covered in October are:
             10/4     Joshua 1:1-9
             10/11    Joshua 2
             10/18    Joshua 3:1 – 5:1
             10/25    Joshua 6
We could use people who would be willing to be substitutes when our teachers need to take a Sunday off. Please contact
Mary Carlson, Amy Morgan or Jerry Sanderson for more information.

                                        It’s Operation Christmas Child Time!
                       This is your opportunity to minister to a child in a third-world county. Brochures are now
                       available at the Welcome Center. A limited number of ready-to-assemble boxes are also
                       available. The brochure contains a wish list, mailing label and packing instructions. Boxes
                       should be brought to church NO LATER THAN Sunday, November 8. Wrap the lid of
your shoebox separately from the box. Be sure to include a check for $7 or more to cover shipping and others
costs. Checks should be made payable to Samaritan’s Purse. If you are packing more than one box, you can make
one combined donation for shipping in a single envelope. Place the envelope on top of the gift items inside your
shoe box so it is clearly visible. Then place a rubber band around your box and lid. If you have any questions,
call Carol Vance at 387-2021or go to
                                         Issue 938                                                               Page 11

                                  Ever remember receiving a note asking if you liked a certain person where you
                                  had to circle the “yes” or the “no”? The high school version of this has not
                                  gotten any easier since I was there in the early 90s. That is why our high
                                  school group spent the entire summer working through a series called the
                                  “Biblical Principles of Love, Dating, Courtship, and Marriage.” This is a
                                  challenging and formative time of life for them, especially in regards to
  By Joey Holland                 romantic relationships, and it has only gotten more difficult over time with the
                                  influx of the media, the influence of peers, etc. Our time together was very
intriguing as we talked about a number of different issues related to this topic.
I began this series by taking a survey with ten questions.
The questions ranged from the purpose of dating,                                             Youth Group Spotlight
difference between dating and courtship, pitfalls of dating,
whether they have experienced any of those pitfalls, and
                                                                                               Daniel Boerckel,
defining love. However, I want to focus on the first two                                        Student Leader
this month. The first one asked the kids what their parents                               School: Dunlap High School
say about dating. The second one asked the kids how they                                  Age: 18       Grade: Senior
personally feel about what their parents say about dating.                                G.P.A.: 3.95
Although I was fairly pleased with the attitude                       Family: Parents – Ritch and Kimberly ;
exemplified in their desire to honor and obey their                    Siblings – Alexander (19) and Jackson (12)
parents’ instructions (unfortunately, not all shared such a           Church Activities: Aletheia Leadership team,
sentiment), I was surprised by how many students’                     School Activities: Tennis, CORE, Ultimate Frisbee
answers seemed to reveal that the conversation between                 Club, Robotics Club, Key Club, AP Scholar,
the parent and the child about dating is not happening. I              National Honor Society, Scholar Athlete, and letter
would like to contend to parents that your children are                winner.
forming opinions, philosophies, values, and practices                 Other Activities: Christian Center soccer and
relating to this issue whether they have someone of the                Christian Center basketball
opposite gender on their radar or not. If you have not                Job: Coldstone Creamery
already taken time to sit down and discuss your own                   Future Plans: plan to attend college to study
convictions, expectations, and desires through biblical                aviation, medicine, or engineering.
instruction, I would encourage you to consider that there             Highlights from High School: founding CORE club
                                                                       (Christ Our Rock Eternal). The purpose of this club
is no time like the present. Next month, I will share some
                                                                       is to gather together the Christians of Dunlap into
of the key points we covered in our series together.
                                                                       one group for the purpose of strengthening each
Coming up this month is our Jr. High Retreat on the 23rd               other, and sharing our faith with our fellow
through the 25th. Also the Sr. High will be attending a                students.
Bethany Fellowship of Churches youth event with                       Youth Group Favorite Memories: Summer camps,
students from our two church plants on Saturday the 17th               Aletheia meetings.
from 8-1:30 pm.

                               Effective Parenting in a Defective World
                        “Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence” ~Plato
             “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking
                                            around outside your body.” ~Elizabeth Stone
                           “Your children need your presence more than your presents.” ~Jesse Jackson
  “Character is largely caught, and the father and the home should be the great sources of character infection.” ~Frank H. Cheley
                 “Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” ~Chuck Swindoll

What kind of deposits are you currently making in the memory banks of your children? If you would like to learn more
about God’s design for parents, the Foundations ABC class will be viewing the Chip Ingram series "Effective Parenting
in a Defective World." This is a 9-week series which began on Sunday, September 27. The Foundation class meets in
the senior high school room from 9:45 to 11:00am.
           For more information, please contact Chris and Val Wichael (243-5582 or
                                                      College Care
                           Fall Elective Classes
                                   begin                 Sunday,
                        Sunday, October 4th            October 25th
                             6:00pm                 We will collect snacks,
                            Details on page 9!      baked goods, candy, etc. in the kitchen!
                                                     ***If you have a college student, please
                                                   contact the office with their current school

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