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									                     JDRF 2010 Annual Report

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Table of Contents

2    Letter from Leadership

4    Research Milestones

6    Founder & Founding Members

8    Research Review 2010

17   Donor Support

18   Walk to Cure Diabetes

20   Gala

22   Corporate Partners

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42   Beta Society Members

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57   Directors, Chancellors & Senior Staff
    JDRF is committed to delivering better treatments
    – and ultimately a cure – to people with type 1 diabetes. Over its

    40 years, JDRF has funded $1.5 billion in diabetes research –
    more than any other charitable organization. It has become the

    largest charitable funder of and advocate for type 1
    diabetes research, setting the agenda for diabetes research

    worldwide. In FY2010, JDRF funded more than $107 million in research

        countries worldwide, including more than
    in 19

    40 human clinical trials – the final stage of research before
    new therapies can reach the people who can benefit from them.

    JDRF was founded in 1970 by the parents of children with type 1

    diabetes and now has more than 100 locations around
    the globe. Our supporters share an unrelenting passion and
    commitment to improving the lives of all people
    with type 1 – and to one day achieving a world free of the disease.

research         resources            results
Leadership i JdrF

                          Letter from

                                                                       Frank ingrassia                                    Jeffrey Brewer
                                                                       Chairman, Board of directors                       president and Chief executive Officer

                                                 If the past 40 years have proven anything about        fundamental goal of finding a cure. At the same
                                                 type 1 diabetes research, it’s that meaningful         time, we are working hard to gain new insights that
                                                 progress is challenging, but achievable. And when a    can be used to drive the development of therapies
                                                 cure is finally found, JDRF will be the organization   to dramatically improve the lives of people with type
                                                 that has led the way, from the beginning.              1 diabetes until that cure is found. We believe JDRF
                                                                                                        has an obligation to do all it can to reduce the
                                                 One reason we can say this with confidence is that     day-to-day challenges of living with type 1 diabetes,
                                                 JDRF-funded research has advanced type 1 diabetes-     as well as to reverse or even prevent its
                                                 related science significantly in these 40 years. We    complications in the near term as we work toward
                                                 are the global leader in driving the translation of    our longer-term goal of a cure.
                                                 research progress into better treatments and an
                                                 eventual cure for people with type 1 diabetes.         To ensure that we are allocating our funds to deliver
                                                 Another reason is that 2010 was a pivotal year for     both near-term benefits for people with type 1
                                                 achieving important milestones. We are on the cusp     diabetes and, ultimately, a cure, we have organized
                                                 of tangible advances that will change the lives of     our research program efforts under two main areas:
                                                 people with type 1 diabetes.                           Treatment Therapies, to dramatically reduce the
   More than 80% of                                                                                     burdens of type 1 diabetes and its complications;

  JDRF’s expenditures
 go directly to research                         One promising example is a study co-funded by          and Cure Therapies, to bring about an end to type 1
  and research-related
                                    S RE

       education.                                JDRF in which researchers used a sophisticated         diabetes once and for all.
                                                 nanotechnology-based “vaccine” to successfully

                                S   O            cure and prevent type 1 diabetes in preclinical        Within the Cure area, the focus is on reversing or
                    RESEARCH RE                  models. The study revealed important insights into     stalling the immune attack that causes the disease
                                                 how to stop the immune attack that causes type 1       while simultaneously restoring independence from
                                                 diabetes, a critical step along the path toward        insulin therapy. Within Treatment, our efforts are
                                                 finding a cure in humans. This approach is now         centered around significantly improving the health
                                                 being advanced for testing in people with type 1       and quality of life of people with type 1 diabetes.
                                                 diabetes as well as with other autoimmune              This new structure will enable us to further speed
                                                 diseases. You can read more about this study, and      progress on initiatives with both nearer-term and
                                                 about other advances JDRF funding has supported,       longer-term projected benefits for us and our
                                                 in the Research Review section.                        loved ones.

                                                 The nanoparticle vaccine study is just one of many     And there is good news to report on the fundraising
                                                 ways JDRF is helping to make progress toward our       front. Despite a tough economy, we enjoyed a return

                                                                                                                                           JdrF i Leadership
Mary Tyler Moore                                         robert Wood Johnson iV                                 susan alberti aO hon LLd
international Chairman                                   Chairman of JdrF international                         international patron

to growth in public support in 2010. In fact, total           What will this involve?
public support grew by 8 percent from 2009,
reaching $194 million. Overall revenues (public               It will require us to step up our collaborations with
support plus investment income) grew to $207                  the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry,
million. This growth was driven by our core                   with the goal of creating clearer paths toward the
programs, such as the Walk to Cure Diabetes, which            testing and approval of drugs and devices that
remains the backbone of JDRF’s fundraising efforts.           benefit people with diabetes.
Walks accounted for $76 million in fundraising
support last year, making the JDRF Walk program               We will team up with other partners: doctors,
among the largest and most successful in the world.           nurses, diabetes educators, other foundations,
Special Events and Major Gifts also helped raise              governments, businesses, and scientists. We’ll also
support levels, as did fundraising by our                     be enhancing our results-oriented oversight of the
international affiliates.                                     research we fund, creating metrics for success and
                                                              timetables for progress, while achieving a level of
We take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to           transparency that enables us to drive research
our JDRF families, corporate partners, and                    faster toward our goals.
volunteers, and our broader community of support,
who help make our successes possible.                         What will not change is why we do all this: to
                                                              dramatically improve the lives of people with type 1
As we look to the future, we continue to grapple              diabetes in the near term; to prevent others from
with the realities of this disease: millions of people        getting type 1 diabetes in the future; and to cure this
suffer from diabetes and face the devastating                 disease as soon as possible.
complications that accompany the disease,
including kidney and heart failure, blindness,                A challenge, to be sure.
stroke, amputation, and dangerously low blood
sugar. These truths drive us passionately forward.            But with your continued support, we can and will
We are encouraged by recent progress and the                  remain true to our promise: to redouble our efforts,
opportunities on the horizon. We remain focused on            to secure all available resources for biomedical
our mission. And we will continue to refine our               research, and to deliver a world without diabetes.
strategy, as science and circumstance demand, to
quicken the pace of meaningful progress and to
                                                              Thank you, as always, for all you do for JDRF and for
drive research toward tangible and life-changing
                                                              everyone with type 1 diabetes.
benefits for people with type 1 diabetes.

researCh MiLesTOnes i JdrF

                             JDRF (then known as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation)
                                                                                          JDRF-funded science leads to the development of
                             is founded by Lee Ducat and parents of children with         genetically engineered insulin – the first human protein to
                             type 1 diabetes.                                             be cloned and made by genetic engineering.

                             Vitrectomy, an early surgical technique to treat the         An experimental insulin pump is developed, delivering
                             progression of diabetic eye disease, is pioneered by         a pre-programmed flow of insulin, with larger amounts
                             doctors at a JDRF-funded ophthalmic research center.         before meals.

                             Hormones that can beneficially alter the effect of insulin   JDRF scientists establish the relationship between low
                             are discovered, purified, and synthesized. One of            blood sugar and brain metabolism: since the brain cannot
                             these, glucagon, becomes an important treatment for          store glucose, it is particularly sensitive to rapid and
                             hypoglycemia.                                                prolonged hypoglycemia.

                             JDRF scientists define the tumor angiogenesis factor,        The relationship between diabetic eye disease and
                             the abnormal growth of blood vessels in the eye caused       pregnancy is established – an important step in
                             by diabetes.                                                 determining preventive measures. Diabetic retinopathy
                                                                                          may progress during pregnancy and often reverses
                             The first test to measure long-term blood glucose levels     after delivery.
                             – the hemoglobin A1C test – is developed with JDRF
                             backing. Thanks to this test, doctors and scientists can     JDRF scientists find that blood sugar control is paramount
                             now determine how well someone is controlling diabetes       to fetal development, leading to treatment standards that
                             over a period of months.                                     are invaluable to the delivery of babies by women with
                                                                                          type 1 diabetes.

                                                                                          Researchers funded by JDRF advance understanding of the
                                                                                          cells in blood vessels that are involved in the hardening of
                                                                                          the arteries that can result from diabetes.

                                                                                                                             JdrF i researCh MiLesTOnes
1990s 2000
To prevent arteriosclerosis, scientists find that
                                                                                       to present
                                                    JDRF helps establish the Immune Tolerance Network.
a prototype drug keeps glucose from blocking
blood vessels and interacting with leaked           JDRF researchers develop the Edmonton Protocol for islet
plasma proteins.                                    transplants, which uses less toxic immune-suppressing drugs.

                                                    JDRF partners with the Department of Defense to develop
JDRF research establishes the relationship
                                                    technology to monitor blood sugar.
between diabetic retinopathy and glycosylated
hemoglobin levels.                                  JDRF research shows that the initial stimulus for diabetic eye disease
                                                    comes not only from blood vessels but also from the nervous system
The success rate of pancreatic transplants          and the neural components in the retina itself.
increases as scientists advance the procedures
for transplanting a whole or partial pancreas.      A JDRF-funded human clinical trial shows that treating newly
                                                    diagnosed patients with a drug called an anti-CD3 antibody can
JDRF makes islet transplantation a priority         preserve the function of insulin-producing cells for several years.
by establishing the JDRF Center for Islet
                                                    Military, government, academic, and industry researchers work
Transplantation at Harvard Medical School, the
                                                    together to develop better methods to deliver insulin and
first of many centers JDRF will launch that focus   monitor glucose.
on reversing type 1 diabetes and hypoglycemic
unawareness by replacing insulin-producing          Research shows that insulin itself is a key target in the autoimmune
cells through transplantation.                      attack on pancreatic beta cells.

JDRF establishes the Human Islet Distribution       Clinical trials use new technologies and treatments to reduce the
Programs to meet increased demand for               risk of severe hypoglycemia in children.
insulin-producing cells for both clinical
transplants as well as basic diabetes research.     A large genetics study shows that people with type 1 diabetes who
                                                    carry a specific gene variant are protected to some degree from
                                                    diabetic kidney disease.

                                                    Researchers discover that adult insulin-producing beta cells have
                                                    the ability to successfully replicate.

                                                    Over 50 genes and genetic regions are identified as the genetic
                                                    basis of type 1 diabetes.

                                                    JDRF-funded human clinical trials definitively show that people with
                                                    type 1 diabetes who regularly use a continuous glucose monitor
                                                    experience significant improvements in blood sugar control without
                                                    increasing their risk for hypoglycemia.

FOunder & FOunding MeMBers i JdrF

                                           If Not for Them...
                                                                                                                          A portrait of
                                                                                                                          Our Founder
                                                                                                                          and Founding

                                                                                                                          In looking to grow the organization in order to
                                                                                                                          fund more research, Lee branched out, helping to
                                                                                                                          form chapters in Miami, Northern New Jersey, and
                                                                                                                          Washington by 1971.

                                                                                                                          In 1972, Lee took a step that would profoundly
                                                                                                                          affect JDF’s future: it was a phone call to New York
                                                                                                                          City mom Carol Lurie, whose son, Stephen, also had
                                                                                                                          type 1. Carol and her husband, Erwin, had formed
                                                                                                                          their own charitable group, bringing together
                                                                                            Carol Lurie and Lee Ducat
                                                                                                                          parents and grandparents of children with type
                                                                                                                          1 diabetes to raise money to fund research. With

                                                                 I  t was 40 years ago that Lee Ducat fainted upon        these two charitable families coming together, the
                                                                    learning of her son Larry’s diagnosis of type 1       mission of the foundation was set in full motion.
                                                                 diabetes. Although devastated, the Philadelphia
                                                                 mom and her husband, Edwin, were determined to           Through the early years of JDF, Lee and Carol each
                                                                 do all they could to help cure their son and others      served as President. Edwin was the first Chairman
                                                                 with the disease. During a visit to Larry’s doctor       of the Board, and took great measures to ensure
                                                                 soon thereafter, Lee asked what it would take to         the foundation’s early success. Erwin followed suit
                                                                 cure the disease. When the doctor replied “funding       as third Chairman of the Board, and he and Carol
                                                                 for research,” the course was set. That same night –     proved to be fierce advocates of expanding JDF’s
                                                                 May 21, 1970 – the Ducats hosted a cocktail party to     international presence – we now have affiliates in
                                                                 raise money for research – and JDRF was born.            Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Israel,

              recognIzIng                                                                                                 Mexico, and the United Kingdom. The tremendous
              40 Years                                           That first year, Lee recruited a group of Philadelphia   work of these early leaders – as well as the endless
              of Progress
                                                    S RE

                                                                 area parents and guided them in raising $10,000 to       support and passion of a network of parents

                                                                 fund research – a triumph for the families who made      nationally and internationally – have guided JDRF to

                                                S   O                                                                     become the force it is today.
                                    RESEARCH RE                  up what was then known as the Juvenile Diabetes
                                                                 Foundation (JDF).
                                                                                                                          What started as a mother’s vision to help her
                                                                 Also in 1970, Lee teamed up with Senator Richard         child has now evolved into the largest charitable
                                                                 Schweiker in an effort to gain governmental support      funder of and advocate for type 1 diabetes research
                                                                 for a long-range plan to combat diabetes and             worldwide, with $1.5 billion funded in diabetes
                                                                 to establish research, treatment, and education          research over the past 40 years. JDRF has helped
                                                                 centers throughout the country. “I learned that you      to ensure strong federal commitment to diabetes
                                                                 could get more money for research in one day from        science, and has become the leader in advancing
                                                                 the federal government than you could get from           research toward better treatments and a cure for
                                                                 years of fundraising,” says Lee. The result was the      people with type 1 diabetes. The foundation has
                                                                 enactment of the first National Diabetes Mellitus        played a role in most of the advances that have
                                                                 Research and Education Act.                              improved the lives of people with type 1 diabetes
                                                                                                                          over the past four decades.

                                                                                                                                                                  JdrF i FOunder & FOunding MeMBers
The hopes, dreams – and hard work – of our founder         When she surveys the past 40 years of JDRF, Lee
and founding members pushed JDRF to expand                 believes that many things have changed – most
nationwide to over 100 chapters and around the             noticeably, JDRF’s size.
world to eight international affiliates. They shaped
JDRF in countless ways over the years. In recognition      “But to me, we could never be big enough, because
of their vision and leadership, JDRF this year named       the bigger we grow, the more darts we’ll have that
three of its highest organizational awards in their        could hit the bull’s-eye,” she says.
honor: the Lee Ducat Chapter of the Year Award, the
Carol Lurie Affiliate of the Year Award, and the Erwin     Still, much about JDRF remains the same as ever,
Lurie Volunteer of the Year Award.                         Lee says.

Sadly, Edwin and Erwin have passed on. However,            “When I talk to parents and others deeply involved
since there is still no cure for type 1 diabetes and its   at JDRF now,” says Lee, “they’re very much how I
complications, Lee and Carol are still fighting the good   was – love is what propels them day and night.”
fight, both serving on JDRF’s Board of Chancellors
and supporting the foundation in many ways.

Though Lee and Carol are still as committed as
ever to finding a cure, the scientific advances
over the past 40 years have made them realize
the importance of finding ways to improve the
treatment of type 1 diabetes in the near term.

“I believe that a cure is important, but so is the
amelioration of complications,” says Carol.

For Lee, there are three clear areas of type 1
diabetes research that she feels have made the
most progress in the past 40 years and that hold the
most promise for the future: prevention (possibly
through a vaccine), genetics (discovering new sub-
types of diabetes to allow for better diagnosis and
treatment), and stem cell research (to develop new
beta cells that can replace those destroyed by type 1
diabetes). She views these areas as pathways to the        Top left: Edwin Ducat, first Chairman of the Board. Top right: (Pictured left to right) Carol Lurie,
ultimate goal of a cure.                                   Founding Member; Jacqueline Colvill of Houston, President of JDF, 1979; Lee Ducat, Founder;
                                                           and Lester Salans, M.D., former Director of NIDDK, and member, first JDF Medical Science
                                                           Advisory Board. Bottom left: Lee Ducat, Lester Salans, M.D., Carol Lurie. Bottom right:
“I’ve always likened it to a dart board,” Lee says.        Erwin Lurie, third Chairman of the Board.

“The more you throw the darts, the more likely you
are to hit the bull’s-eye.”                                The hopes, dreams – and hard work –
To help scientists speed progress, Lee also
founded the National Disease Research Interchange.
                                                           of our founder and founding members
The organization provides scientists with ready
access to the biomaterials – human cells, tissues,
                                                           pushed JDRF to expand nationwide to
and organs – they need to investigate how diseases
like diabetes develop and progress and how                 over 100 chapters and around the world
people who suffer from these diseases can be
treated and cured.                                         to eight international affiliates.

     researCh reVieW 2010 i JdrF
                                                                                                                                             JdrF i researCh reVieW 2010
                                                                              revIew 2010

The past year was pivotal for JDRF research – both in
numbers and in scientific focus. We funded $107 million
in research, and we made significant advances toward
new treatments and a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Moreover, as we marked JDRF’s 40th year, we passed a
significant milestone, reaching $1.5 billion in cumulative
research funding since our founding.

T     hat total is surely impressive, but it’s even
      more so when put in historical context.
Consider that JDRF (then known as JDF) funded its
                                                       alone back in 1970. JDRF has aggressively
                                                       invested in these areas and helped accelerate
                                                       these scientific advances.
first research in 1974: four grants totaling just
over $200,000. Not until 1976 did the foundation’s     Because of the momentum and developments
research funding surpass $1 million annually,          we have seen in recent years, JDRF remains as
and as late as 1990, funding totaled just over         confident as ever that continued funding of
$16 million a year.                                    innovative and critical research will result in
                                                       advances that will lead to better treatments
What this means is that the vast majority of the       and ultimately a cure – and that we will be the
$1.5 billion has come in just the last decade –        organization driving these developments.
                                                                                                            RESEARCH R

associated with achieving significant scientific                                                                              JDRF funds
                                                                                                                              research in
progress and exciting momentum, as exemplified         At the same time, the past 40 years have shown                        19 countries.
by the progress in the field of diabetes research in   us that curing diabetes will not be easy. It has
the last year. It is thanks in large part to JDRF      become painfully clear that this is a highly


funding that the field has blossomed over the past     complicated disease, and to cure it, we must solve                C ES
10 years. New and highly promising areas of            multiple problems: We must figure out how to stop
investigation have emerged – beta cell regeneration,   the immune attack that causes diabetes; we must
autoantigen-specific immunoregulation, the             determine how to regenerate or replace beta cells
technologies that will allow for the development of    so people can make their own insulin again; and we
first generation artificial pancreas systems – that    must stop or reverse complications that may have
were not even considerations a decade ago, let         already begun.

researCh reVieW 2010 i JdrF

                                                              We have come to believe that as we progress
                                                                                                                      CuRe TheRApIes
                                                              toward these goals, it is vitally important that we
                                                              also focus on making life better for people with type
                                                              1 diabetes in the short term.                           C     ure-related research accounted for about
                                                                                                                            two-thirds of JDRF’s research funding in FY2010
                                                                                                                      and included programs and projects in our Beta Cell
                                                              Without losing sight of the ultimate goal of a cure,    Therapies and Immune Therapies portfolios.
                                                              JDRF has turned some of its attention to areas we
                                                              believe will bring about impactful, tangible            Beta Cell Therapies research seeks to
                                                              improvements in the lives of people with type 1         find ways to restore the insulin-producing beta cells
                                                              diabetes in the near term – areas like achieving        that are lost in the immune system attack that
                                    www.juvenation.org        better blood sugar control to protect against           causes type 1 diabetes. Within this area, pathways
                                                              complications. By doing so, we will help people with    to a cure involve either the regeneration or the
                                                              diabetes live as long and healthily as possible as we   replacement of the insulin-producing beta cells.
                                                              continue to search for a cure.                          Regeneration focuses on triggering the body to
                                                                                                                      re-grow its own beta cells, and to convert or
                   Juvenation,                                We have reorganized our research focus around           reprogram other cells to become beta cells.
                  JDRF’s online

                 community for                                those two distinct, but related aims: science leading   Replacement focuses on replacing lost or damaged
               people affected by                             to a cure, and science leading to better treatments.    beta cells with functional beta cells or their earlier
              type 1 diabetes, has
                                              S RE

               more than 12,000                               This research review is organized in the same way,      cell forms from external sources, like organ donors,

                                                              highlighting progress across the past year in Cure      animals, or stem cells. Last year, JDRF funded

                                          S   O               Therapies and in Treatment Therapies. We have also
                              RESEARCH RE                                                                             approximately $35 million in research in this area.
                                                              expanded our Industry Discovery and Development
                                                              Partnership program to stimulate company                Immune Therapies research seeks to
                                                              involvement in, and to support the commercialization    stop the immune system attack on beta cells that
                                                              of, targeted type 1 diabetes research projects across   leads to diabetes in the first place and destroys
                                                              our research portfolio.                                 newly regenerated or replaced beta cells if it’s not
                                                                                                                      addressed. Studies supported by the Immune
                                                              Throughout this review, there are common themes         Therapies program focus on the discovery and
                                                              that set JDRF research apart: our proactive             development of novel therapies for halting the
                                                              management of science, our ability to foster            autoimmune response, with strong emphasis on
                                                              collaboration and partnerships between academic         antigen-specific approaches. The Immune
                                                              and industry researchers, our targeting of innovative   Therapies program also supports studies to
                                                              ideas, and our commitment to accelerating scientific    understand the disease progression in individuals
                                                              progress in the area of type 1 diabetes.                at risk for type 1 diabetes as well as those with the
                                                                                                                      established disease – knowledge critical to the
                                                                                                                      ability to design and optimize immunotherapies at

                                                           New and highly promising                                   all type 1 diabetes stages. In FY2010, JDRF funded
                                                                                                                      more than $32 million in Immune Therapies

                                                           areas of investigation have                                research.

                                                                                                                      FY2010 Progress and Success
                                                           emerged that were not even
                                                                                                                      Immune Therapies
                                                           considerations a decade                                    Long-Term Anti-CD3 Benefits A clinical trial in
                                                                                                                      Belgium found that a six-day treatment with an
                                                           ago, let alone in 1970.                                    anti-CD3 drug slows the progress of diabetes over
                                                                                                                      the first few years after diagnosis.

                                                                                                                      For many years now, JDRF has funded research into
                                                                                                                      the development of anti-CD3 antibody therapy –

                                                                                                                                            JdrF i researCh reVieW 2010
compounds engineered to block the function of the
T cells that mediate the immune system attack in                A partnership Beyond Research
type 1 diabetes. The therapy has been shown to                  Novo Nordisk
halt the progression of diabetes in people newly
                                                                                                            Thanks to Novo Nordisk,
diagnosed with the disease. This study took that                                                            JDRF is now reaching people
work a step further by showing that even a brief                                                            with type 1 diabetes in
treatment at the time of diagnosis of type 1 diabetes                                                       an entirely new way: via
preserved the function of insulin-producing cells                                                           Juvenation, its online social
for several years – a major step toward stopping                                                            networking site.
or slowing diabetes. The trial also pointed to the
                                                                                                            It all began in early 2008,
importance of early intervention; people who
                                                                                                            when JDRF approached
benefited most from the treatment were younger at
                                                                                                            Novo Nordisk with the
the time of diagnosis and had more remaining beta
                                                                                                            concept of developing
cell function.                                                                                              a social networking site
                                                                for people with type 1 diabetes, particularly young adults and
Phase III Trials Separate research on anti-CD3                  their families. Novo Nordisk liked the idea because it addressed a
treatments progressed to the most advanced stage                pressing problem that had recently been identified in a global survey
of clinical testing: Phase III trials.                          of kids with diabetes: the lack of social and psychological support
                                                                in healthcare systems, which resulted in poor disease control and
Two of JDRF’s industry partners began testing                   increased risk for long-term health complications.
anti-CD3 treatments in Phase III trials. JDRF partner
                                                                Novo Nordisk saw Juvenation as a way to address the problem. With
MacroGenics and its pharmaceutical collaborator Eli
                                                                its help, JDRF launched the site later in 2008, giving the world its
Lilly and Co. are evaluating the drug teplizumab in a           first online social networking site designed for people with type 1
study of 530 people in 14 countries. JDRF partner               diabetes and their families to come together and share thoughts, tips,
Tolerx and its pharmaceutical collaborator                      and concerns while learning and having some fun, too. By May 2010,
GlaxoSmithKline are evaluating the drug                         Juvenation had reached the impressive milestone of 10,000 members,
otelixizumab in two large Phase III trials at multiple          and it has kept growing by leaps and bounds, adding about 500 new
sites in Europe and North America. The trials                   members a month.
demonstrate the success of JDRF’s strategy to fill
                                                                Novo Nordisk also collaborates with JDRF in other ways. For instance,
gaps in the drug development pipeline by helping
                                                                it’s been a longstanding supporter of the Ride to Cure Diabetes,
small companies fund early clinical testing that then
                                                                sending 26 riders – including President and CEO Lars Rebien
attracts bigger companies to step in and fund the               Sorensen, an annual participant – to the Death Valley Ride in 2009.
large trials needed for FDA registration and approval
in the United States.

Recently, MacroGenics and Eli Lilly announced that        among the first between patient organizations for
one of their trials of teplizumab used to treat           different diseases.
recent-onset type 1 diabetes did not meet its
primary efficacy endpoints during a one-year review.      JDRF has partnered with Fast Forward – the
The companies have decided to suspend further             drug-development arm of the National Multiple
enrollment and dosing in two other ongoing trials of      Sclerosis Society – and Axxam, an Italian company
the drug in people with type 1 diabetes. This study       that is screening its extensive chemical library for
was not halted due to safety concerns. MacroGenics        compounds that target immune system ion
and Eli Lilly are currently reviewing the data from the   channels – tiny tunnels on the surface of cells. It’s
trials to better understand the outcome and               believed that a particular ion channel is involved in
determine next steps.                                     the immune system malfunction that causes both
                                                          diseases. With JDRF’s funding, Axxam is identifying
Advances Across Two Diseases JDRF joined                  drugs that block the channel, and can be developed
forces with two partners in an innovative bid to stop     as potential immune therapies.
the autoimmune dysfunction underlying both type 1
diabetes and multiple sclerosis. The program is

researCh reVieW 2010 i JdrF

                                    The past 40 years have shown us that                                                 The Network for Pancreatic Organ Donors with
                                                                                                                         Diabetes – better known as nPOD – provides
                                    curing diabetes will not be easy. This is a                                          diabetes researchers worldwide with access to
                                                                                                                         pancreatic and other tissues from organ donors at

                                    highly complicated disease, and to cure                                              all stages of diabetes; researchers use the tissues in
                                                                                                                         studies that seek to answer key questions about the
                                                                                                                         underlying cause and characteristics of type 1
                                    it, we must solve multiple problems.                                                 diabetes. By expanding to Europe, nPOD can offer
                                                                                                                         researchers an additional pool of potential organ
                                                                Nanoparticle Vaccines Researchers successfully           donors – including the important but less-studied
                                                                cured and prevented type 1 diabetes in mice using
                                                                                                                         group with pre-diabetes, a stage of disease prior to
                                                                an innovative nanotechnology-based vaccine.
                                                                                                                         insulin-dependence. nPOD expects to be screening
                                                                                                                         about 30 percent of all organ donors in the United
                                                                JDRF-funded scientists used a vaccine made of
                                                                                                                         States by the end of 2011 – a key milestone for the
                                                                nanoparticles – thousands of times smaller than the
                                                                                                                         program, and a huge help for researchers.
                                                                size of a cell – that were coated with proteins
                                                                involved in enabling immune cells to communicate
                                                                with one another. The treatment increased the
                                                                                                                         Beta Cell Therapies
                                                                numbers of a type of cell that suppresses the            Regeneration Partnerships JDRF entered into
                                                                immune system attack underlying diabetes, and            three new partnerships to speed the fast-developing
                                                                restored normal blood sugar levels in mice with          field of regeneration, demonstrating its leadership
                                                                the disease. The study, conducted at the University      in this new and highly promising pathway of
                                                                of Calgary in Alberta, provides important insights       diabetes research. The early-stage research driven
                                                                into stopping the immune attack that causes type 1       by JDRF has now attracted the attention of large
                                                                diabetes. In fact, these discoveries have now            pharmaceutical companies who are committing
                                                                triggered the formation of a company called Parvus       funds and capabilities to accelerate drug
                                                                Therapeutics, Inc., which will further develop the       development for beta cell regeneration. JDRF will
                                                                technology. The study also shows the potential of        continue to explore innovative partnerships and
                                                                antigen-specific therapies, which target highly          new funding mechanisms to address gaps in type 1
                                                                specific autoimmune responses without damaging           diabetes research.
                                                                the overall immune system.
                                                                                                                         • A research collaboration with Pfizer, Hadassah

                               JDRF is now
                              funding more                                                                                 Medical Organization, and The Hebrew University
                              than 40 trials                    Blocking “Natural Killer” Cells Scientists
                                                   S RE

                                in people.                      demonstrated that certain immune system cells              of Jerusalem to develop drugs that can regenerate
                                                                                                                           insulin-producing cells. The program evaluates

                                                                (called regulatory T cells) play a role in preventing

                                           S     O              type 1 diabetes.                                           Pfizer compounds that promote cell regeneration,
                               RESEARCH RE
                                                                                                                           and builds on unique beta cell regeneration
                                                                Researchers at Harvard Medical School showed that          models created by JDRF-funded researchers.
                                                                regulatory T cells control how diabetes progresses       • A unique agreement with the Genomics Institute
                                                                in mice. The cells rein in the immune attack on the        of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) to
                                                                pancreas by changing how other immune system               create a drug discovery and development platform
                                                                cells – called “natural killer” cells – function. When     for beta cell proliferation, survival, and
                                                                there were no regulatory T cells to block them, the        reprogramming. This is one of the largest and
                                                                natural killer cells began the immune attack that          most comprehensive collaborations in JDRF’s
                                                                causes diabetes. The research suggests that drugs          history, and marks a major opportunity to work
                                                                or therapies targeting these cells could prevent           with an experienced and highly regarded scientific
                                                                diabetes or alter its course.                              partner to quickly translate discoveries in research
                                                                                                                           into new therapies.
                                                                nPOD Expands to Europe JDRF’s nPOD program,
                                                                                                                         • A collaboration with the Johnson & Johnson
                                                                a remarkable success in advancing research into the
                                                                                                                           Corporate Office of Science and Technology to
                                                                causes of type 1 diabetes, was expanded to Europe.
                                                                                                                           develop drug targets and pathways that promote
                                                                                                                                          JdrF i researCh reVieW 2010
 beta cell survival and function. The program funds
 research at academic and medical research
                                                             Mom Leads her hometown to
 centers worldwide, creating an “incubator” to               Walk for a Cure
 support early-stage studies. By working with a
                                                             Lisa Taylor
 company known for first-class research and
 significant experience in the commercialization of          There’s no JDRF chapter in
                                                             Fredericksburg, VA; the nearest
 products, JDRF is looking to increase the number
                                                             one is a 45-minute drive away in
 of viable drug targets identified and fundamentally         Richmond, the state capital. But
 advance the pace of diabetes research.                      that hasn’t stopped local mom
                                                             Lisa Taylor from building a highly
Pancreas Cells Change into Insulin-                          successful Walk in her hometown.
Producing Cells (Reprogramming)                              Lisa helped spearhead the creation
Researchers at the University of Geneva in                   of the Fredericksburg Walk after
Switzerland showed that pancreas cells that do not           moving there from New York City, where she had connected with JDRF
normally produce insulin hold the potential to               after her daughter Elissa was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 10
naturally convert into cells that do.                        months old. In New York City, Lisa had helped make the Queens Walk
                                                             a success. After the family moved to Fredericksburg, Lisa got involved
                                                             in a local type 1 support group for families, and together, some of the
In research in mice, alpha cells in the pancreas –           parents decided to hold a Walk to raise money for JDRF. That first year,
specialized cells that produce glucagon, not insulin         they gathered at the city’s historic Civil War battlefield site and raised
– can spontaneously convert into insulin-producing           $3,000.
beta cells under specific conditions. The study
                                                             The founding families sought out the support of JDRF’s Central Virginia
showed the potential of these cells to adapt and
                                                             Chapter in Richmond the following year, and Lisa took on the role of
produce insulin when needed – in this case, when             volunteer Walk chair. She steered the Fredericksburg Walk to steadily
the beta cells that normally produce insulin were            growing success. But after five years in the role, Lisa was finding the
destroyed. The results were the first to show that           job tough, given medical issues she was experiencing at the time. She
beta cell reprogramming can occur spontaneously,             thought about stepping down.
without genetic manipulation; scientists may be              Then her second daughter, Genaya, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
able to harness this conversion potential to                 at the age of 14 in December 2007. Lisa quickly banished all doubts
regenerate beta cells in people with diabetes. This          about continuing in her Walk role. The event has continued to go from
may be particularly useful in people who have had            strength to strength under her guidance. With her daughters’ help –
diabetes for a long time and have no, or very few,           Elissa is now a 20-year-old college senior and Genaya is a 17-year-old
                                                             high school senior – Lisa organized the most successful Fredericksburg
remaining beta cells.
                                                             Walk ever this past year, raising more than $40,000.

Critical Beta Cell Development Gene                          Lisa has no intention of stopping now. “As a parent, you want to do
Identified Scientists identified a gene needed               anything in your power to help your children,” she explains. “I believe we
                                                             can get to a cure, and I will do whatever it takes to help us get there.”
for cells to mature into insulin-producing cells and
other cell types in the pancreas.

Researchers from the University of California,         Stress Hormone Linked to Cell Growth
San Francisco and McGill University showed that        A hormone responsible for the body’s stress
mice lacking a certain gene were not able to make      response was linked to the growth of insulin-
insulin-producing cells (or most other cells in        producing cells, suggesting new pathways to
the pancreas). They also found that in people,         restore beta cells and cure diabetes.
newborns who had a deficiency of that gene
eventually developed diabetes. The research            When researchers at the Salk Institute for
provides important new insights into beta cell         Biological Studies in California exposed beta cells
development. Most importantly, it boosts the           to a stress hormone and high levels of sugar, the
prospects for one day being able to generate an        cells began to replicate. The findings reinforce the
abundant, renewable supply of insulin-producing        potential of regeneration as a cure for diabetes, and
cells to replace those killed off by the immune        provide insights for discovering new approaches to
attack that causes diabetes.                           treat the disease.

researCh reVieW 2010 i JdrF

                              17 Years of the paper sneaker                                                     TReATMeNT TheRApIes
                              Tops Friendly Markets and JDRF

                                                                                                                T    reatment-related research accounted for
                                                                                                                     one-third of JDRF’s research funding in FY2010
                                                                                                                and included programs and projects in our Glucose
                                                                                                                Control and Complications Therapies portfolios.

                                                                                                                JDRF’s Glucose Control program
                               Is proudly supported by:   Is proudly supported by:   Is proudly supported by:

                                                                                                                encompasses research designed to produce drugs,
                              The JDRF Sneaker is a well-loved symbol of JDRF’s Walk to Cure                    devices, and products that can help people with
                              Diabetes – and the focus of a nationwide Sneaker Sales campaign that              diabetes better manage their disease. Glucose
                              raises $10 million a year for type 1 diabetes research. Like many great           Control research is still in its infancy at JDRF, but
                              fundraising ideas, this one came from a JDRF supporter – namely Tops              over the past five years, JDRF has sped to the
                              Friendly Markets, the supermarket chain based in Williamsville, NY.
                                                                                                                forefront of this area of science, thanks largely to its
                                                                                                                Artificial Pancreas Project – a cross-functional effort
                              The Sneaker Sales concept was born in 1993, when JDRF approached
                                                                                                                to speed the development and use of automated
                              Tops about developing a fundraiser for that year’s local Walk to Cure
                              Diabetes. Larry Castellani, then President and CEO of Tops, agreed                and semi-automated systems to sense blood sugar
                              to sell a dollar item in stores for six weeks leading up to the Walk.             and dispense insulin in response. In FY2010, JDRF
                              With the help of Doug Hartmayer, Tops’ community relations director,              Glucose Control research totaled an estimated
                              creative juices began to flow between Tops and JDRF, and they finally             $22 million, approximately 90 percent of which
                              settled on printing cut-out paper footprints to sell to customers for             was committed to various aspects of the Artificial
                              a $1 minimum donation. The program was a big success, so they                     Pancreas Project.
                              decided to repeat it the following year. But this time, they thought
                              footwear was more apt than footprints – and designed the paper                    Complications Therapies research
                              Sneaker that we all know and love today. Other JDRF chapters caught
                                                                                                                includes science aimed at preventing, slowing, or
                              wind of the idea, and the fundraiser started to grow.
                                                                                                                reversing the major complications of diabetes: eye
                                                                                                                disease, kidney disease, nerve disease, and
                              “We became very attached to JDRF,” Hartmayer recalls. “They
                              energized us, and we energized them. They weren’t just asking a                   cardiovascular disease. JDRF has been particularly
                              corporation to do something; they were there with their sleeves rolled            focused on eye disease, with several major advances
                              up working side by side with us.”                                                 in the past year that are bringing new treatments for
                                                                                                                macular edema and retinopathy. In FY2010, JDRF
                              Since the program’s inception, Tops has raised more than $6.7 million             funded more than $17 million, with approximately
                              for JDRF. In acknowledgement of the company’s generosity over                     40 percent spent on diabetic eye disease.
                              the years, JDRF recognized Tops at its 2010 Annual Conference in
                              Washington, DC.                                                                   FY2010 Progress and Success
                              Tops’ 132 supermarkets throughout New York and Pennsylvania run
                              fundraisers all year long to support JDRF – everything from bowling
                                                                                                                Complications Therapies
                              events to spaghetti dinners – but the Sneaker program remains the                 First New Diabetic Eye Disease Treatment
                              company’s top fundraiser, says Andy Brocato, Hartmayer’s successor,               in 25 Years A groundbreaking study identified the
                              who has been involved with the program at Tops for 13 years.                      first new treatment for people with diabetic eye
                                                                                                                disease in the last 25 years. The results show it not
                              The company’s commitment remains as strong as ever.                               only stops the progress of eye disease, but
                                                                                                                improves vision – a huge step up from any other
                              “Our greatest accomplishment has not been achieved yet,” Brocato
                                                                                                                treatment now available.
                              says. “Our job is to put JDRF out of business. One day we’ll be at your
                              going-away party.”
                                                                                                                The study, a Phase II clinical trial, showed that the
                              That’s one “threat” worth celebrating.                                            drug Lucentis, when combined with the current
                                                                                                                standard treatment of laser therapy, not only slows
                                                                                                                the progression of diabetic eye disease but can also

                                                                                                                                               JdrF i researCh reVieW 2010
actually improve vision. The breakthrough is the
result of JDRF research investments over many years
in partnership with Johns Hopkins University School
of Medicine and Genentech, which licenses Lucentis.

Eye Drops for Macular Edema A clinical                   It is vitally important that
trial found that a topical drug slows the progress
of a severe form of diabetic eye disease called
macular edema. Because this potential treatment
                                                         we also focus on making life
can be self-administered, it may also ease the
burdens of healthcare costs and be more readily          better for people with type 1
used by patients.
                                                         diabetes in the short term.
Diabetic macular edema is a leading cause of
blindness in adults with diabetes. Researchers at
the Wilmer Eye Institute of Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine last year completed a multi-          JDRF entered into an innovative, non-exclusive
center clinical trial evaluating mecamylamine,           partnership with Animas Corp. to develop a
a topical drug developed by JDRF industry partner        first-generation artificial pancreas – an automated
CoMentis, Inc. About 40 percent of the people in the     insulin delivery system – to help people better
trial showed significant improvement, including in       control their diabetes. Animas is a Johnson &
vision, after using mecamylamine eye drops.              Johnson company and a leading pump
                                                         manufacturer. JDRF also announced a partnership
Gene Therapy for Nerve Damage The Phase                  with BD (Becton, Dickinson and Co.), aimed at
III trial of a gene therapy developed by JDRF industry   developing new insulin delivery products to
partner Sangamo BioSciences showed that the              enhance insulin pumps. Advances in pump
therapy reverses and repairs diabetic nerve disease.     technology will not only lead to improved glucose
                                                         control but can also be incorporated into an
The trial tested a gene therapy to treat nerve           artificial pancreas. The partnerships were dramatic
damage in the legs of people with peripheral             steps on the road to producing a readily available
sensory neuropathy (a common diabetic                    artificial pancreas.
complication that involves small nerve fibers in the
arms and legs, often leading to a loss of sensation      Avoiding Overnight Lows A first-generation
and motor function). The study showed that the           artificial pancreas showed that it can safely
                                                         control the blood sugar of children and teenagers                          JDRF has
drug can help re-grow nerves by promoting the                                                                                   committed more
production of a specific protein linked to nerve         with diabetes overnight – the most frightening                         than $70 million
                                                                                                                 RESEARCH R

                                                                                                                               to research at 29
growth and function. An increase in these proteins       time for children, teens, and their parents because                  companies through
                                                         of the danger of unrecognized and untreated low                    its Industry Discovery
may protect the nerves and repair nerve damage                                                                                 and Development
in people with diabetes. This would be a major           blood sugar.                                                              Partnership


improvement, since current treatments address                                                                                   C ES
                                                         In a landmark study in children and teenagers with                          RESULTS
only the pain associated with neuropathy.
                                                         type 1 diabetes, JDRF researchers at the University
Glucose Control                                          of Cambridge showed that using a first-generation
                                                         artificial pancreas system overnight lowers the risk
Artificial Pancreas Partnerships JDRF’s                  of low blood sugar emergencies while improving
Artificial Pancreas Project established several          diabetes control overall. The system maintained the
partnerships with key industry participants to drive     blood sugar of the participants in safe and healthy
the development of a system to enable people with        ranges throughout the night, even under a number
type 1 diabetes to achieve tighter blood glucose         of differing conditions and situations, such as after
management, lead healthier lives, and reduce their       they had eaten a particularly large dinner or after
risk for complications.                                  they had exercised.

researCh reVieW 2010 i JdrF

                                                                  CGM, Insulin, and Glucagon Researchers
                                                                  showed that an artificial pancreas system could        Over the past five years,
                                                                  successfully integrate hormones like glucagon –
                                                                  underscoring its potential to replicate all the        JDRF has sped to the
                                                                  functions of the pancreas.
                                                                                                                         forefront of glucose
                                                                  Researchers from Boston University and
                                                                  Massachusetts General Hospital showed that an
                                                                  artificial pancreas using two hormones – glucagon
                                                                                                                         control research, thanks
                                                                  as well as insulin – can lower the risk of low blood
                                                                  sugar emergencies. Glucagon is a naturally
                                                                                                                         largely to its Artificial
                                                                  occurring hormone that counters insulin’s action;
                                                                  it raises blood sugar when people experience           Pancreas Project.
                                                                  dangerously low blood glucose levels, or
                                                                  hypoglycemia. The production of glucagon is            long-term while experiencing a lower rate of
                                 As many                          impaired in people with type 1 diabetes. Using an      hypoglycemia, a state of dangerously low blood

                                as 3 million                                                                             sugar that can occur even with tightly managed
                              Americans have                      insulin-plus-glucagon version of the artificial
                                                                                                                         type 1 diabetes.
                                                     S RE

                              type 1 diabetes.                    pancreas, all study participants achieved near-
                                                                  normal blood sugar levels for more than 24 hours

                                                   O              without experiencing hypoglycemia.                     The research underscored the point that CGMs are
                                RESEARCH RE                                                                              more than simply devices of convenience for people
                                                                  CGM Studies Show Benefits of Regular Use               with diabetes – they are tools that can substantially
                                                                  Researchers confirmed that regular CGM use – six       improve blood sugar control in people of all ages
                                                                  days per week or more – is the most important factor   when used regularly, without increasing the risk of
                                                                  in achieving better diabetes control; less important   dangerous low blood sugar. The growing evidence of
                                                                  is the age of the person using the monitor or other    CGMs’ benefits highlights the need for continued
                                                                  demographic, clinical, or psychosocial factors. A      research into a closed-loop artificial pancreas, a
                                                                  second JDRF study found that people who continued      system that uses CGM data to automatically deliver
                                                                  using a CGM were able to sustain good control          the right amount of insulin at the right time.

                                        pedaling with a purpose                                                                                   “I have had type 1
                                                                                                                                                   diabetes for 39 years,
                                                                                                                                                   and after completing
                                        JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes                                                                                 my first Ride, I felt as if
                                                                                                                                                   I had just accomplished
                                                                  The JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes engages bicyclists from around the world          more than any other
                                                                  to take on two challenges: raising the money needed to fund the research         single thing I had
                                                                  for better treatments and a cure for diabetes; and reaching a personal           ever done. That was
                                                                  training goal to prepare them for a destination cycling experience.              nine Rides ago. I was
                                                                                                                                                   hooked; it’s changed
                                                                  JDRF Ride destinations are designed for riders of all fitness levels. JDRF       my life forever, and I
                                                                                                                                                   won’t stop riding until
                                                                  supports riders in each challenge; connecting them with both a USA               there’s a cure.”
                                                                  Cycling certified coach and a JDRF fundraising coach. At each site, riders
                                                                                                                                                          – Lorne Shiff
                                                                  have professional mechanical support as well as ride support on a well                    Toronto, Canada
                                                                  marked and marshaled course. Clinics and training rides precede the Ride,
                                                                  and evening awards dinners recognize the amazing accomplishments
                                        of the families and friends that support JDRF’s Ride to Cure Diabetes. The program has raised
                                        more than $20 million since its founding in 1998. Last year’s program attracted more than
                                        700 participants from all over the world to Rides in five spots: Killington, VT; Kansas City, MO;
                                        Whitefish, MT; Death Valley, CA; and Tucson, AZ. More than 70 percent of participants in the
                                        Ride return each year, raising on average $4,500 each and proving that the experience is both
                                        rewarding and life-changing.

JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF

                        walk To cUre DIabeTes

                       Kids Walk Website                              JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes program is in a league
                       Takes program                                  of its own, having raised over $1 billion toward our
                       to the Next Level                              mission since the program began in 1992, including
                       Mesa Middle School                             $86.1 million in FY2010 alone.

                                                                      At the very core of this paramount
                                                The kids at Mesa
                                                                      level of achievement is everyone who
                                                Middle School
                                                                      helps in the Walks’ success, especially
                                                in Castle Rock,
                                                                      the passionately dedicated family and
                                                CO, had a lot to
                                                                      corporate teams.
                                                be proud of last
                                                year. Working
                                                                      Every JDRF Walk also creates a special
                                                together, they
                                                                      kind of support beyond the dollars
                                                helped their school
                                                                      raised. Walkers whose lives have been
                                                become the No. 1
                                                                      touched by type 1 diabetes come
                                                online fundraiser
                                                                      together, building a sense of
                       nationwide for the Kids Walk to Cure
                                                                      community and purpose that far
                       Diabetes program. Their final tally: more
                                                                      surpasses any price.
                       than $13,800 raised online (and more than                                                the countless devoted family and
                       $18,900 raised overall).                                                                 corporate teams, walkers, donors, and
                                                                      We are delighted to recognize the
                                                                                                                volunteers who contribute to the
                       The Mesa students achieved their gold-         family teams that raised $75,000 or
                                                                                                                enormous success of the more than
                       medal performance by making full use of        more for the Walks in FY2010. These
                                                                                                                225 Walks held each year.
                       the new tools launched in 2010 as part of      teams listed represent only some of
                       the Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes website.
                       For example, they created personal
                       webpages and e-mailed friends and family
                       asking for support.                            Congratulations to the FY2010 Family Walk Teams
                       The Kids Walk site also provided teachers      who raised more than $75,000!
                       with lesson plans and educational
                                                                      Cohn Sisters: Mackenzie’s Miracle         Harmelin Family Team
                       activities to help students learn more         Makers & Sydney’s Superstars              Eastern Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter
                       about diabetes and JDRF. It gave families      Eastern Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter
                       and school personnel tips for making their                                               Lizzie’s Crusaders
                       Walk a success.                                Team Cure                                 Metro-St. Louis/Greater
                                                                      New England/Bay State Chapter             Missouri Chapter
                       English/language arts teacher Katherine
                                                                      Michael’s Legal Eagles                    Mimi’s Marchers
                       Azofeifa led the effort at Mesa and was
                                                                      New York City Chapter                     Long Island Chapter
                       deeply touched by seeing the kids taking
                       steps – literally and figuratively – to help   Joe’s Impatient Walkers                   McFeeley Marchers
                       each other. The Mesa middle schoolers          Greater Bay Area Chapter                  Charlotte Chapter
                       proved that “Kids Helping Kids” isn’t just
                                                                      Tessa’s Troopers                          Team Jake
                       a motto for the Kids Walk program, but a
                                                                      Los Angeles Chapter                       Tampa Bay Chapter
                       reality, too.
                                                                      Punkin’s Peeps                            Charlie’s Angels
                                                                      New York City Chapter                     Los Angeles Chapter

                                                                      Team Sudbury
                                                                      New England/Bay State Chapter

                                                                                                                                          JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
COhN family
                                              hope is a Cohn Family Tradition
Back in 1971, JDRF was still a fledgling organization, and founder Lee Ducat was working tirelessly
to raise money for research. To help plan a Gala for the new Philadelphia-based foundation, she
turned to two friends – Norman and Suzanne Cohn – to chair the event. The Cohns had no personal
connection to type 1 diabetes; they just wanted to help.

n    early 40 years later, the Cohns were
     again tapped to help ensure the
success of a JDRF Gala in Philadelphia,
                                               The Walk has become an integral part of
                                               their lives. “One of the most important
                                               things about the Walk is the sense of
serving on the “honorary committee”            hope it gives us – and the feeling that we
that helped fundraise for the Eastern          can make a difference,” Lea says.
Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter Gala in
May 2010. But this time, they had a highly     The Cohns do far more than just
personal reason for volunteering their         participate in the Walk, however.
time: their granddaughters, Sydney and         Matthew serves on the Eastern
Mackenzie. The girls were both diagnosed       Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter Board
with type 1 diabetes at the age of seven       and is a recent addition to JDRF’s
and a half – Sydney in the winter of 2007      International Board of Directors. Both
and Mackenzie in the summer of 2008.           Matthew and Lea serve on their chapter’s
                                               Gala and Walk committees. They have
Since the girls’ diagnoses, the entire         donated the leadership “patron gifts” to
extended Cohn family has gone all-out to       their local Gala every year since 2007,
do what Norman and Suzanne helped do           and they have enlisted the rest of their
in JDRF’s early days: raise money to fund      family members – grandparents, aunts,
research toward better treatments and a        uncles, cousins – in the cause of raising
cure for all who live with type 1 diabetes.    money for research. As if all that weren’t
                                               enough, Matthew recently also took on
Matthew and Lea Cohn, the girls’ parents,      the role of National Walk Chair.
say the family is made up of the kind of
people who, when faced with a challenge,       “One of the most important things about the Walk is
ask themselves: “What can we do to
make things better?”
                                                the sense of hope it gives us – and the feeling that we
                                                can make a difference.”
That philosophy is reflected in the                                                         benefited from research made possible by
enormous success they’ve had in raising        Matthew and Lea are happy to commit
                                                                                            those who came before them – including
money to fund diabetes research. The           their time to JDRF. For one thing, they
                                                                                            Lee Ducat and Matthew’s parents, Norman
family’s Walk team, known as “The Cohn         credit JDRF with giving them crucial
                                                                                            and Suzanne. They want to honor those
Sisters: Mackenzie’s Miracle Makers and        support when their daughters were
                                                                                            contributions by making their own.
Sydney’s Superstars,” has been the No. 1       diagnosed. “There was a time when I
family team for three years running now.       could not envision our lives ever being
                                                                                            “We are indebted to Lee and to all the
This past year, the team’s 200 walkers         normal again,” Matthew says. But he
                                                                                            other volunteers who came before us,”
raised nearly $330,000 – putting them          began to see “the light at the end of
                                                                                            Lea says. “The research that they helped
over the $1 million mark cumulatively          the tunnel,” as he called it, when a
                                                                                            make possible has made the disease
to date.                                       JDRF family invited the Cohns to their
                                                                                            much more manageable.”
                                               home. “When we went to their house,
What’s the secret to their success?            everything was so normal. It helped me       Matthew agrees: “We are truly the
“Reaching out to people,” says Matthew.        see that our lives could be normal, too.”    beneficiaries of all that JDRF has done
“We ask everybody, all the time. We let                                                     throughout the years. Today, there is so
people know that we are raising money          Most importantly, Matthew and Lea give       much promise, so much hope. This is
for diabetes research, and we focus on         their time and treasure to JDRF because      going to be the first chronic disease to be
making sure people are aware.”                 they know that their daughters have          cured. I’m sure of it.”

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF

                               gALA                     Started in communities around the country long ago,
                                                        JDRF’s Gala program officially launched in FY2000. The
                                                        program has raised over $450 million since its inception,
                                                        with $52 million raised in FY2010 alone.
                                                                      Today, JDRF hosts more than 95 Galas             but also bring in additional support from
                                                                      nationwide – attracting over 44,000 people       people they know. At the Gala, JDRF
                                                                      – each year. The Galas provide a fun, elegant    recognizes the honoree(s) – celebrating their
                                                                      evening filled with dinner, cocktails,           efforts and the progress they’ve helped
                                                                      entertainment, and silent and live auctions.     make toward better treatments and a cure.
                                                                      Gala evenings are highlighted by JDRF’s
                                                                      signature Fund A Cure, a live auction which      We are pleased to recognize here the
                                                                      has raised more than $140 million for            honorees who helped lead their chapters in
                                                                      diabetes research since it began in 1994.        raising more than $100,000 through the
                                                                                                                       FY2010 Galas. Our thanks goes to these
                                                                      Each Gala has its own honoree(s) (an             special supporters and to all the honorees,
                                                                      individual, couple, family, or business), who    supporters, and volunteers who make JDRF
                                                                      not only give generous support of their own,     Galas so successful and inspirational.

                                                        Advance Auto Parts Team Members, Customers &            The Hendren Family
                                                        Vendor Partners                                         (Eileen, Mike, Ruth & Charles Hendren)
                                                        Advance Auto Parts                                      Triangle/Eastern North Carolina Chapter
                                                        Greater Blue Ridge Chapter
                                                                                                                Darren Jackson, CEO; Mike Norona, CFO
                                                        Citlali & Fernando Aguirre                              Advance Auto Parts
                                                        Greater Cincinnati Chapter                              MinnDakotas Chapter

                                                        Amy & Jared Allen                                       Pitch & Cathie Johnson
                                                        Kansas City Chapter                                     Asset Management
                                                                                                                Greater Bay Area Chapter
                                                        William Danforth
                                                        Metro-St. Louis/Greater Missouri Chapter                Gregory B. Jordan, Global Managing Partner
                                                                                                                Reed Smith, LLP
                                                        Richard & Karen Davis                                   Western Pennsylvania Chapter
                                                        Capitol Chapter
                                                                                                                Sandra E. Peterson, Executive Vice President
                                                        Al de Molina                                            Bayer HealthCare, LLC
                                                        GMAC                                                    New York City Chapter
                                                        Charlotte Chapter
                                                                                                                Nina & Mitchell Quaranta; Louise & Terrance Gregg
                                                        Suzy Doherty & Sean Doherty, Managing Director &        Los Angeles Chapter
                                                        General Counsel
                                                        Bain Capital                                            John Reisman
                                                        New England/Bay State Chapter                           Jack Parker Corporation
                                                                                                                John Cammett
                                                        Lee Ducat & Good Neighbor Pharmacy                      Aeroterm
                                                        Diabetes Shoppe                                         Florida Suncoast Chapter
                                                        Eastern Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter
                                                                                                                Arthur & Nancy Roth
                                                        John & Debbie Eck                                       Northeastern New York/Capital Region Chapter
                                                        Fairfield County Chapter

                         JDRF has
                        more than                                                                               Renee West, President
                       100 locations                    Jay Fishman, Chairman & CEO                             Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
                                           S RE

                        worldwide.                      The Travelers Companies, Inc.                           Nevada Chapter
                                                        North-Central Connecticut/Western Massachusetts

                                         O              Chapter                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Byron Williams
                        RESEARCH RE                                                                             (Living & Giving Awards)
                                                        Founding Families                                       PricewaterhouseCoopers
                                                        Greater Dallas Chapter                                  Georgia Chapter
                                                                                                                                    JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT

AguIRRe family                                                                                    Aguirre Family
                                                                                                  goes Above
                                                                                                  and Beyond

e   ight years ago, Fernando Aguirre, Chairman and CEO of
    Chiquita Brands International, Inc., was flying to Europe
with his wife, Citlali, and sons, Franco and Fabrizio. Suddenly,
Fabrizio became violently ill. Being unable to do anything
about it was traumatic, recalls Fernando. When the plane
finally landed, the family rushed Fabrizio to a hospital, and it
was there that they learned he had type 1 diabetes.

The Aguirres turned to friends and acquaintances to
introduce them to other families affected by type 1 diabetes.
It wasn’t long before they heard about JDRF. “We got high
recommendations for JDRF, and that’s how we began to
connect with the organization,” Fernando explains.

Yet to say that the Aguirres “connected” with JDRF is quite
an understatement. They have been more than just generous
donors and extremely involved volunteers. They are a family
that has repeatedly given far more than what’s asked of them,
while continuously thinking “outside the box” to come up with       Thanks significantly to the
novel ways to benefit JDRF.
                                                                    Aguirres’ involvement, the
As Gala chairs in 2007 and honorees last May, the Aguirres
are true champions for their Greater Cincinnati Chapter Gala.
                                                                    Gala was named best non-profit event
In addition to donating approximately $100,000 annually to          in the Cincinnati community by the
the Gala alone, they put their hearts into it as well. During his
acceptance speech at the chapter’s 2010 Cincinnatians of the        city’s Business Courier newspaper.
Year Gala, Fernando spoke about the great research progress
being made and the hope for a first-generation artificial           Always paving new paths of generosity, the Aguirres have
pancreas in the near future. To help illustrate the potential of    recruited close family friend Dhani Jones, a linebacker for
an artificial pancreas, he asked Fabrizio to do a “show-and-        the National Football League’s Cincinnati Bengals, to join
tell” of sorts – to lift his shirt and let the attendees see his    them in a number of efforts benefitting JDRF. Fabrizio, now
continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump – both of which         18, collaborated with Dhani in designing a bow tie that
are key components of an artificial pancreas.                       initially sold for $57 (57 being Dhani’s jersey number), with
                                                                    all proceeds going to the chapter. Due to their enormous
Bill Rice, the chapter’s Executive Director, says, “The Gala        popularity, the bow ties originally produced – along with
had incredible energy in the room, in large part due to the         75 extras made to meet the overwhelming demand – ended
Aguirres.” Thanks significantly to the Aguirres’ involvement,       up being auctioned off for $100 each at the 2010 Gala. The
the Gala was named best non-profit event in the Cincinnati          Aguirres also donated a unique item to the Gala’s auction:
community by the city’s Business Courier newspaper.                 an authentic Mexican dinner (cooked entirely by Citlali)
                                                                    for 20 people at the Aguirres’ home with Dhani as a guest –
Fernando, who is chairing the Finance Committee on JDRF’s           and including a promise that Dhani would visit the attendees’
International Board of Directors for a second year and              kids at their schools.
serving on the Executive Committee for a third year, has also
brought his company into the cause. Chiquita hosted a golf          What anyone else would view as tremendous generosity
tournament, the Chiquita Classic, on this year’s Nationwide         Fernando views as common sense. As he says matter-of-factly:
Tour, with JDRF as one of the main beneficiaries.                   “The more you put in, the more you get out.”

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF

                       CORpORATe pARTNeRs

                       JDRF Corporate Partners represent companies                                Corporations partner with us in a number of ways,
                                                                                                  including Corporate Signature programs, the Walk
                       that truly understand and support our mission.                             to Cure Diabetes, the Ride to Cure Diabetes, Galas,
                       We are proud to partner with many companies                                retail promotions (namely paper Sneaker Sales),
                                                                                                  golf events, and our Major Donor program.
                       both nationally and internationally.
                                                                                                  Overall, Corporate contributions for FY2010 brought
                                                                                                  in over $60 million to JDRF, which enables us to
                                                                                                  continue finding and funding gaps in diabetes
                                                                                                  research worldwide.

                                                                                                  We deeply value our Corporate Partners and we are
                                                                                                  pleased to recognize those partners that contribute
                       hy-Vee helps support                                                       over $1 million annually and those honored at our
                       Research to Make Life “easier,                                             Annual Conference:

                       healthier, and happier” for
                                                                                                  $2 Million Plus Partners
                       people with Diabetes
                                                               Hy-Vee, the employee-owned
                                                               Midwestern grocery chain,
                                                               says its aim is “Making lives
                                                               easier, healthier, and happier.”
                                                               One of the best examples of        $1 Million Plus Partners
                                                               its delivery on that goal is its
                                                               longstanding support of JDRF.
                                                               Hy-Vee has been a steadfast
                                                               JDRF supporter for 12 years
                                                               now, contributing more
                                                               than $10 million to research
                                                               toward better treatments and
                                                               a cure for people with type 1

                                                              How has Hy-Vee achieved             JDRF 2010 Annual Conference
                                                              so much? Each year, the             Award Recipients
                       company holds a JDRF Sneaker Sales campaign with wrap-around
                       events at many of its more than 230 grocery stores. Hy-Vee also sends
                                                                                                  Innovation Award: Novo Nordisk
                       a large group of employees, both current and retired, to participate in
                       the Ride to Cure Diabetes program each year.                               Reaching New Heights Award: Build-A-Bear

                       Hy-Vee is dedicated to serving the needs of local communities. In
                                                                                                  Workshop & Medtronic Diabetes
                       its eight-state region, Hy-Vee is very active at the local JDRF chapter    Chancellors’ Award: Roche Diabetes Care &
                       level. The company’s employees serve on several chapter Boards,            Accu-Chek
                       while forming teams for their local Walks and sponsoring/attending
                       their local Galas. Moreover, through its in-kind donations of food,        Chairman’s Award: Ford Motor Company
                       beverages, and giveaways for JDRF events, Hy-Vee helps JDRF to keep
                                                                                                  President’s Award: Advance Auto Parts
                       expenses at a minimum – meaning more dollars for research, and
                       more potential for improving the lives of people with type 1 diabetes.

                                                                                                                                          JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
                                                                          MAJOR DONORs & pARTN eRs

                                    JDRF expresses its deep appreciation to the friends and partners
                                    who have so generously invested in our core programs. The
                                    people, corporations, and organizations listed below helped
                                    advance research toward better treatments and a cure by making
                                    an outright gift or pledge of $10,000 or more in FY2010.

$3,000,000 and above                 Charles and Ann Johnson              Cordeck’s Cruise for a Cure
Advance Auto Parts                   Lipsig Family Foundation             Cordick Sales
Ford Motor Company                   McDonough Foundation                 Karen and Richard Davis
The Leona M. & Harry B. Helmsley     Novo Nordisk Foundation              Al and Donna de Molina
Charitable Trust                     Silpada Designs, LLC                 Dr Pepper Snapple Group
                                     The Collis/Warner Foundation, Inc.   Edward Jones
$1,000,000 - $2,999,999                                                   Ericsson
                                                                          The Fine Family – Team Brotherly
Hy-Vee, Inc.                         $100,000 - $249,999                  Love
Kellogg Family Foundation            Anonymous (6)                        Ashley and Michael Fisher
Marshalls                            Advance Stores Company, Inc.         Ford KTP Cares
Roche Diabetes Care                  Allscripts                           FOX 25
Walgreens                            Bayer Diabetes Care                  Larry and Charlotte Franklin
Lisa and Neil Wallack                Becton Dickinson & Co.               The James A. Gammon Charitable
                                     Josh and Anita Bekenstein            Foundation
$500,000 - $999,999                  The Benaroya Company                 GoDaddy.com
Anonymous (1)                        Bridget and Mike Bender              The Gregory Fund
Estate of Jeanne Avegno              Fran and Bruce Bergman               Estate of Arthur Guarino
Delta Airlines, Inc.                 Bloomingdale’s, Inc.                 Harman Management Corporation
Genentech, Inc.                      Jennifer Bolt                        Karen and Cliff Harris
Hille Foundation                     Boston’s Pizza                       Harry S. Moss Heart Trust
Medtronic Diabetes                   Mark, Valerie and Jason Brodsky      Holmes Murphy
The O. Wayne Rollins Foundation      Buford Family Foundation             The Howard Family Foundation
Estate of Lisl Schuhmann             Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation     Insulet Corporation
Stop and Shop                        Estate of Meade and Herbert          Solomon Jackson, Jr.
                                     Bynum                                Jensen Charitable Lead Annuity
Tops Markets, LLC
                                     Carolina Restaurant Group            Trust
                                     Casey’s General Store                Ron Jensen Charitable Lead
$250,000 - $499,999                                                       Annuity Trust
                                     Mr. Albert Chan
Mary and Dick Allen in Honor of                                           Stacey and Dave Johnson
                                     Cisco Systems, Inc.
Hannah                                                                    Jonas Brothers’ Change for the
                                     Clear Channel Outdoor                Children Foundation
Cash America International, Inc.
                                     The Coca-Cola Foundation             Don and Donna Kelleher                               JDRF has
Discover Financial Services                                                                                                  received an
                                                                                                             RESEARCH R

                                     The Cohn Family Foundation           Kirkland & Ellis, LLP                          “A” rating from the
Tim and Lisa Fleet
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cohn                                                           American Institute
The Fresh Market                                                          In Honor of Krista Klopp                         of Philanthropy
                                     Community Health Charities of        Kohl’s Department Store                           for 11 straight
Estate of Howard Halff               Nebraska                                                                                   years.
                                                                          The Komar Family

Judy and Walt Havenstein             Estate of Charles M. Conlon                                                        UR

                                                                          John and Connie Kurkowski Family                C ES
Estate of Diane Hoag                 The Cooper-Siegel Family                                                                   RESULTS
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts    Foundation                           Lakeside Industries

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF   MaJOr dOnOrs & parTners continued

                                                           Lasseter Family Foundation           Gilbert and Jacqueline R. Fern      The Barstein Family via The
                                                                                                Foundation                          Birmingham Jewish Foundation’s
                                                           Jonathan and Jeannie Lavine                                              JDRF/Israel Fund
                                                                                                George Polli Foundation
                                                           The Lehto/Virga Family                                                   BB&T
                                                                                                Gordmans, Inc.
                                                           LifeScan, Inc.                                                           Michael and Carolyn Bealmear
                                                                                                Estate of Joanne Gorman In
                                                           Eli Lilly and Company                Memory of Cynthia Ann Hawkins       Big Y
                                                           The Lincy Foundation                 Patty and Kenneth Halverson         Blackbird Technologies, Inc.
                                                           Estate of Elmer Livingston           Mr. and Mrs. William Fred Hagans    BLMF
                                                           The Karen and Herbert Lotman         Hess Corporation                    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia
                                                                                                Estate of Bernard Jaffee            BP Lubricants USA, Inc.
                                                           Boston Marriott Copely Place
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jones, Jr.      Roy and Vanessa Carroll
                                                           The Meyer Charitable Foundation
                                                                                                D. Scott and Pamela Kroh            Dr. Carol Cheney and Dr. Josh
                                                           Nationwide Foundation                                                    Bardin
                                                                                                Kum & Go
                                                           Novo Nordisk                                                             Chubb Group of Insurance
                                                                                                Lunds & Byerlys                     Companies
                                                           Michelle Griffin and Thomas Parker
                                                                                                Monica Maliskas                     CIGNA
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Patton
                                                                                                Medtronic Foundation                Coca-Cola Enterprises
                                                           Pella, Inc.
                                                                                                Amy and Alan Meltzer                Elsie T. & Josephine Colombo
                                                                                                The Neilan Foundation               Charitable Trust
                                                           QUALCOMM Incorporated
                                                                                                Old Orchard                         Community Health Charities of
                                                           Quick Chek Food Stores                                                   Illinois
                                                                                                Melitta S. Pick Charitable Trust
                                                           Republic Finance                                                         Robert Compton
                                                           The Partners of Ropes & Gray, LLC                                        Mr. William R. Conley, Jr.
                                                                                                RR Donnelley
                                                           Estate of Brenda Rudnak                                                  Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP
                                                                                                Arthur and Nancy Roth
                                                           Russell Stover Candies                                                   CSX Transportation and Friends
                                                                                                Pamela and William Sagan
                                                           Sage Hospitality Res.                                                    Cushman & Wakefield
                                                                                                David and Janelle Shaffer
                                                           Sanford Health                                                           Henry D’Auria
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Morton Silver
                                                           Janet and Flip Short Family                                              Sean and Suzanne Doherty
                                                           Charitable Fund                      The TJX Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                                                                    Arnold Donald and Family
                                                           Anonymous - In Memory of Carolyn     Estate of Freda Watts
                                                           H. Taylor                                                                R.L. Donald, Jr. Family Trust
                                                                                                Yum Brands, Inc.
                                                           Tetco                                                                    Ed Miniat, Inc.
                                                           Texans Credit Union                                                      Sandy and Paul Edgerley
                                                           Texas Instruments                    $50,000 - $74,999                   Ernest Lieblich Foundation
                                                           Travelers Foundation                 Anonymous (3)                       Christine and Larry Fee
                                                           Glen and Trish Tullman               AAR Corp.                           Mr. and Mrs. Alan Fisher
                                                           Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.     Abbott Diabetes Care                Ford Sharonville
                                                           Eve and James Tyree                  Aimbridge Hospitality               Laura L. and Robert T. Fraley
                                                           USA Drug Stores                      Alpine Children’s Charity           The Franke Family
                                                           Ms. Hilary Valentine and Mr. Don     Mr. and Mrs. Neal Allen             Estate of George T. Gorman In
                                                           Listwin                              Estate of Robert D. Allen           Memory of George and Pearl
                                                           Virginia Mason Medical Center        Estate of Helene Alley In Memory
                                                                                                of Theodore Whitlock and            Granite Properties
            285 million people                             Vivian and Louis Vance
                                                                                                Theodore Whitlock, Jr.              Guilford Foundation

             worldwide have                                Wawa, Inc.
            diabetes; by 2030,                                                                  Steve and Lisa Altman               Rita Haddow
            it’s predicted that                            Sharyl and John Weber
                                       S RE

              435 million will                                                                  Amgen                               Harris Teeter, Inc.
            have the disease.                                                                   The James Annenberg La Vea          The Haun Trust

                                                                                                Charitable Foundation
                                                           $75,000 - $99,999

                                   S   O                                                                                            H-E-B
                       RESEARCH RE                         Anonymous (1)
                                                                                                Aon Risk Services Northeast, Inc.
                                                                                                                                    Edward Heil
                                                                                                Asset Management Company
                                                           Carolyn and Kenneth Aldridge                                             Michael and Eileen Hendren
                                                                                                Bank of America
                                                           Aldridge Electric                                                        High Points Auto Insurance
                                                                                                Lynda and Chris Barnes
                                                           BP America                                                               Hopkins Capital Group II, LLC
                                                                                                Ann and Sam Barshop, Colleen and
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John Cammett            Bruce Barshop and Jamie Barshop     Howard Industries, Inc.
                                                           Marci Eisenstein and John Treece                                         Jansen Family Foundation

                                                                                                                                            JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
                          L I psIg family
                          Nearly Four Decades of supporting JDRF

w       hen Bob and Joan
        Lipsig’s three-year-
old daughter, Lynn, was
                                                                                                       JDRF’s first international capital
                                                                                                       campaign. At the time, JDRF
                                                                                                       was pioneering interdisciplinary
diagnosed with type 1                                                                                  research, bringing together a
diabetes nearly 40 years                                                                               variety of research specialties as
ago, her future looked                                                                                 the best chance of finding a cure.
bleak. They were told her life
expectancy would be only                                                                               “I think that really got my
about 30 years.                                                                                        attention,” Bob says, “because
                                                                                                       as opposed to just throwing
After looking at several                                                                               a lot of money at certainly a
organizations for support,                                                                             worthwhile cause, we were
they learned about a new one called the Juvenile Diabetes              approaching it from a very systematic way, evaluating our
Foundation. They were drawn to this newcomer, because unlike           investment and constantly insisting that the recipients of our
any of the others, it was actually searching for a cure. The Lipsigs   funds were made to account for it.”
decided to connect with the foundation’s chapter in Chicago –
and that was the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership.         The Lipsigs definitely feel that their investment has paid off.
                                                                       Lynn, now 41, is a consultant with a midsize consulting group
Bob says it was JDRF’s professionalism that convinced them to          in Chicago (and herself a former Board member of the Illinois
dedicate their time and money to the organization.                     Chapter). Bob and Joan credit research advances with helping
                                                                       their daughter remain healthy well past the life expectancy
“Obviously for our daughter, we needed to do whatever we               originally forecast for her. For example, they say the landmark
could to make her situation better,” he says. “But I think what        Diabetes Control and Complications Trial, funded in part by JDRF,
probably swayed me the most, in terms of getting involved,             convinced Lynn to achieve tight blood glucose control to reduce
was the analytical business approach that JDRF took toward the         her risk for complications. They also point to advances in retinal
research.”                                                             surgery as having saved Lynn’s eyesight.

Joan says she threw herself into volunteering for JDRF once            They are undaunted by the fact that the cure has not yet been
Lynn graduated from high school and left for college. She and          found. “We’re not bitter we haven’t cured it; we’re just thankful
Bob served on the chapter’s Board, doing whatever was asked            our daughter Lynn has been able to live as quality a life as she
of them. “The chapter had a great cadre of people, and it was          has, with a good hope of living a long and normal life in later
almost a family kind of a mission,” Bob says. “We shared each          years,” Bob says. “That, to me, is critical.”
other’s traumas and trials and tribulations.”

By the early 1990s, the family’s resources from their business         Their message to other families is to
– manufacturing and importing sporting goods and children’s
licensed products – had grown to the point where they could            focus on the advances that have
begin making consistent, if not “significant” donations to JDRF,       already been made, while continuing
Joan says.
                                                                       to consistently support research.
“We’re not in that million-dollar class of people; we’re just those
middle-class people who just keep trodding along,” she says. “It
                                                                       They have not given up hope for a cure.
takes all of us to do our job. We’re all important in our own way;
we all contribute and do what we can.”                                 Says Joan, “We really feel that there’s a chance out there. You
                                                                       can’t give up; science takes time. When Lynn was diagnosed we
In addition to their own generosity, they also helped JDRF             were doing urine test strips, which were about as accurate as
raise funds from others. Bob signed on as a Board member for           nothing! So think of that, the progress that’s been made.”

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF   MaJOr dOnOrs & parTners continued

                                                           Johnson & Johnson                    Sequent Energy                     AT&T
                                                           Johnson Controls                     Sonora Quest Laboratories          Charles F. Avery
                                                           Pitch and Cathie Johnson             Estate of Carol Sorensen           B&D Industries, Inc.
                                                           JP Morgan Chase                      Standard Motor Products            Cathy and Rick Baier
                                                           Joanne Kagle                         Michael and Debora Sullivan        Bain Capital Children’s Charity
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John Kampfe             Estate of Bettie W. Sumara         Baker Hughes
                                                           Dusty Elias Kirk and William R.      Swat-Fame, Inc.                    Bank of New York Mellon Asset
                                                           Caroselli                                                               Servicing
                                                                                                Taylor Family Foundation
                                                           Barbara Kouris                                                          Barbara Davis Center for Childhood
                                                                                                Tesoro Corporation                 Diabetes
                                                           Estate of Dorothy F. Krause
                                                                                                Thinkway Toys                      Barclay’s Capital
                                                           Estate of Erwin Levy Kremen
                                                                                                UnitedHealthcare                   Ann K. and G. Kenneth Baum
                                                                                                Richard and Marie Unnerstall       BBB Industries
                                                           Kenneth and Jennifer Kroner
                                                                                                University of Pittsburgh Medical   BBDO
                                                           Sandra L. Kurtzig Foundation         Center
                                                           Ladd and Hogue Trust                 Utah Angels
                                                                                                                                   BD Technologies
                                                           Pat and Frank Liberto                Vintage Hollywood
                                                                                                                                   Belk, Inc.
                                                           LIUNA                                Wells Fargo
                                                                                                                                   Toni and Steve Berlinger
                                                           Madden Charities, Inc.               Williams Trading, LLC
                                                                                                                                   Junior Beta Clubs of Louisiana
                                                           Jade and Mark Matlock                The Woodbury Foundation
                                                                                                                                   BKD Foundation
                                                           Phyllis McGovern
                                                                                                                                   Blank Children’s Hospital
                                                           Estate of Ruth McLaughlin
                                                                                                $25,000 - $49,999                  Blue Cross Blue Shield of
                                                           Matthew Meister                                                         Mississippi
                                                                                                Anonymous (7)
                                                           Shannon and Bart Millard                                                Bluegreen Corporation
                                                                                                3M Corporation
                                                           Monsanto                                                                Christopher Bolt
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mullin                                                 Bombardier Aerospace Corp.
                                                                                                Abby’s Friends Foundation
                                                           NBC Universal                                                           Bon Secours Richmond Health
                                                                                                Abbott Fund
                                                           Debbie and Stephen Newman,                                              System
                                                           M.D.                                 AC Delco
                                                           Myron Noble                          Accenture, LLP
                                                                                                                                   Bosch (Purolator)
                                                           In Memory of Kevin Christopher       Diane Adams
                                                                                                                                   Bill and Ute Bowes
                                                           Nolan                                Amy and Micah Adams
                                                                                                                                   Kara and Kevin Boyle
                                                           Nordstrom                            Aetna, Inc.
                                                                                                                                   Tony and Amy Briney
                                                           Northwestern Mutual Financial        AGL Resources
                                                           Network                                                                 Brinton Eaton
                                                                                                Airtex Products, LP
                                                           George L. Ohrstrom, Jr. Foundation                                      The Brockriede Family
                                                                                                Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld,
                                                           Orkin                                LLP                                Kate and Peter Brown
                                                           Ms. Jane Parker                      Albertsons                         Terry and Cindy Brown
                                                           Permatex, Inc.                       Alcoa Foundation                   BTIG, LLC
                                                           Plaza Marketing Associates, Inc.     Amy and Jared Allen                Mr. and Mrs. J. Mahlon Buck, Jr.
                                                           The PNC Financial Services Group     Allstate Giving Campaign           Betty Burnham
                  The Ride to                              Point of Hope, a Deron Williams      Ally Bank                          Edward L. Calcaterra
                Cure Diabetes                              Foundation

               in Killington, VT                                                                Alpine-Litho Graphics              Mitchell and Cindy Caplan
              raised $1.4 million                          Estate of Jean Pond
              in FY2010 — more                                                                  American Legion Child Welfare      Francois and Laura Cardinal
                                       S RE

               than any Ride in                            Thomas and Stella Press              Foundation, Inc.                   Carl M. Freeman Foundation
                 JDRF history.

                                                           Steve and Cindy Rasmussen            Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.       Margo and John Catsimatidis

                                   S   O                   The Reynolds Company                 Michelle and Richard Anderson,
                       RESEARCH RE                                                              M.D.
                                                                                                                                   Cellino & Barnes
                                                           Estate of Earl and Laurel Rogers
                                                                                                                                   Cenegenics Medical Institute
                                                           Marlene and Bruce Saltzberg          Anheuser-Busch Companies
                                                                                                                                   Cereal Food Processors, Inc.
                                                           Renee and Robert Samuels             The Annenberg Foundation
                                                                                                                                   The Rhoda and David Chase Family
                                                           Saturday Club of Wayne, PA           Anthem Blue Cross                  Foundation
                                                           Denise and Marc Schmittlein          Arch City Theater Troupe           Chevron
                                                           Robert and Candi Selig               Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Arnold           Bill and Kim Chisholm

                                                                                                                                                 JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
Cia Centro Inspection Agency        Harrison Ford and Callista
                                                                              giving You Can
Emory T. Clark Family Charitable
Foundation                          The Henry Ford II Fund                    Cuddle up To
                                    Ford Louisville Assembly Plant
Clark Construction Group, LLC
                                                                              Build-A-Bear Workshop
Brett and Karen Coleman             Franklin Templeton Investments
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Freishtat
Cooley Godward Kronish, LLP
                                    Patricia and Steven Gabbe
E.L. Cord Foundation
                                    Barbara M. Gasser
Laura and Kelly Crain
Credit Suisse
Crowley Automotive Group
                                    Joanne Gimbel
Mark Curry
                                    Glen Cove PBA
CVS Caremark
                                    David Glick
Dade County Federal Credit Union
                                    GMB North America, Inc.
D’Agostino Supermarkets, Inc.
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Seth Godin
Danaher Tool Group
                                    Goldberg, Kohn, Bell, Black,
The Dash to Cure Diabetes, Inc.     Rosenbloom & Moritz, LTD
                                                                              Last year, Build-A-Bear Workshop decided to
DCP Midstream                       Beth Kreeley Goldstein and Dennis
                                    Goldstein                                 turn its special expertise toward a new kind of building
Cathy and Alex Debelak
                                    Good Times Burgers                        project: namely, building support for JDRF among its guests.
Arlo and Barbara DeKraai
                                    Eunice and Douglas Goodan
Denso Sales                                                                   During its annual retail campaign supporting JDRF, Build-A-
                                    Mike and Becky Goss                       Bear Workshop initiated a point of sale donation collection
Diabetes Shoppe
                                    Estates of John R. and Elaine B.          program in all U.S. stores, requesting a $1 donation from every
DIRECTV, Inc.                       Grady In the Name of Timothy
Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers           Richard Grady                             customer at the time of checkout. At its Canadian stores, Build-
                                    Grant Thornton, LLP                       A-Bear offered the company’s signature purple satin hearts to
Barbara and Peter Dyson
                                    The Graves Foundation
                                                                              customers for $1.
Norman Eaker
East Penn Manufacturing             SL Green Realty                           Customers responded to these innovations with great
John and Debbie Eck                 Greenberg Traurig, LLP                    enthusiasm, enabling the Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation
Bill and Barbara Edwards            Terry and Louise Gregg                    to deliver almost $209,000 to JDRF in 2009 – a nearly
Electronic Tax Center               David P. and Toni Halle, Jr.              575 percent increase over the previous year’s total!
EMWIGA Foundation                   Donald and Nedra Hansen
                                                                              Build-A-Bear Workshop has been a JDRF corporate supporter
Energizer Holdings, Inc.            The Stephen P. Hanson Family
                                    Foundation                                since 2003, generating more than $400,000 for diabetes
Kim and Peter Enns                                                            research in that time. The partnership stretches from local to
                                    H. Edward and Ellen Hanway
Entergy                                                                       national levels: the company hosts local events in support
                                    Alice and Raymond Hartke
Brady Exber                                                                   of JDRF at its World Bearquarters in St. Louis, and holds its
                                    Brad and Kim Hayes
Exelon Corporation                                                            nationwide retail fundraising campaign each November in
                                    Hayes + Associates
Cindy and Robert Fairchild                                                    conjunction with National Diabetes Awareness Month.
                                    HealthTrust Purchasing Group Tees
Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta   Up for Kids
Federal Mogul                       Henry Schein, Inc.
Judy and Richard Feldstein          Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield     Intricon Corporation
Domenic and Molly Ferrante          Kathy and Jim Hipps                 Jacks Family Restaurants, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund       Hoffman Car Wash and Jiffy Lube     Mr. and Mrs. James Jacobson
Fifty 50 Pharmacy                   Tim Hoiles and Lorie Mondo          JDRF North Iowa Volunteers
Fifty 50 Medical Devices, LLC       Honeywell                           Jewelers Charity Fund For Children
First Community Bank                Hope For A Cure Guild               Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
First National Bank                 Sam and Anne Hummel                 Karen and Jeffrey Jordan
Mark and Lisa Fischer-Colbrie       Imagine a Cure                      Gregory and Ellen Jordan
Randy and Jay Fishman               Indianapolis Marriott Downtown      Kaiser Permanente
Flextronics                         International Association of Heat   Edward and Irene Kaplan
                                    and Frost Insulators & Allied
Thomas J. Fogarty, M.D.             Workers                             Michael Keaton
                                                                        Bonnie and Jerry Kelly

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF   MaJOr dOnOrs & parTners continued

                                           How has Steve Winer made a difference
                               Q           in the lives of thousands of people with
                                           type 1 diabetes?

                                           He helped create the Online Diabetes
                               A           Support Team, a volunteer group
                                           that answers all kinds of questions
                                           about the disease from people all over
                                           the world. In the process, he helped
                                           establish a role for outreach at JDRF.

                             sTeVe                                       Internet stuff?” as Steve recalls. He
                                                                         and others saw great potential to using
                                                                         technology to support the JDRF mission.
                                                                                                                    “I never imagined it would grow like
                                                                                                                    this; I really never did,” Steve says. “It’s
                                                                                                                    really pretty cool. It was all done totally

                                                                                                                    grassroots, all by the seat of our pants,
                                                                         Steve and Ardy championed the idea         at no cost to JDRF.”
                                                                         of establishing JDRF as the “go-to
                                                                         place” for people needing information      The “one-to-one targeted connection” is
                                                                         and advice; they decided to create an      what makes ODST particularly special,
                                                                         “online support team” of volunteers        Steve says. Moderators try to forward
                             Connecting for                              – people who had “been there, done         each question to a responder who
                             a Cause: The story                          that,” as Steve puts it. The team would    has experience with the issue being
                                                                         provide crucial support by answering       described. For example, if a teen wants
                             of ODsT                                     people’s questions – submitted via the     advice about the best way to keep an

                             T    he story begins back in 1997.          JDRF website – about living with type 1    insulin pump hidden under her prom
                                  At that time, the Internet was still   diabetes.                                  dress, the moderator will identify a
                             a relatively new phenomenon for most                                                   responder who has tackled that herself.
                             people. But not for Steve, who was then     With Steve and Ardy spearheading the       If a mother is concerned that type 1
                             working for a small Internet service        effort, the “Online Diabetes Support       diabetes will keep her son from being
                             provider on Long Island and well-versed     Team” (ODST) was launched in 2003 on       able to play soccer, the moderator seeks
                             in all things Web.                          Christmas Eve, with three moderators       a responder who has been there, too.
                                                                         to read through questions and forward
                             When Steve’s daughter, Allie, was           them to the 10 people who had signed       The site gives no medical or legal
                             diagnosed with type 1 diabetes that year    on as “responders.”                        advice. Rather, ODST is “just people
                             at the age of 11, Steve used his Internet                                              whose lives have been impacted by type
                             savvy to do some research online, and       ODST very quickly outgrew the Excel        1, giving advice about day-to-day living
                             ended up connecting with other parents      spreadsheets that were originally used     with type 1 diabetes,” Steve says.
                             through message boards and chat rooms       to keep track of its operations. Today,
                             – including Ardy Johnson of Seattle,        ODST receives 200-300 requests a           The ultimate goal is to hook questioners
                             whose son had type 1 diabetes. Steve        month – 40 percent of them relating to     up to their local chapters – so that they
                             learned about JDRF and connected with       diagnoses within the past year. Earlier    can then connect with other type 1
                             his local Long Island Chapter.              this year, the program celebrated a        families in their communities and also
                                                                         huge milestone when it received its        with other JDRF programs that can help
                             Soon thereafter, JDRF’s national office     20,000th question.                         them live well with type 1 diabetes.
                             asked Steve to share his expertise by
                             joining its volunteer-led Information       Today, there are 10 moderators –           Beyond helping people, ODST has
                             Technology Committee. At the time,          including Steve and Ardy – and at any      also had a big impact on JDRF as an
                             JDRF’s website was “young and               given time, up to 100 responders, one of   organization, Steve says. “We now see
                             incomplete,” and committee members          whom is Steve’s daughter, Allie, now 24.   outreach as part of what we should
                             were grappling with questions like                                                     be doing,” he says. “ODST has helped
                             “what do we need to do with this                                                       change the culture of JDRF.”

                                                                                                                                                        JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
Bonnie and Lawrence Kivel            Barbara and Thomas Neal             Robert W. Johnson, IV Charitable
Tony and Sheryl Klein                The Neilsen Company
                                                                         Robindale Energy Services, Inc.
Mr. Maury Klumok                     Daryl and David Nelms
                                                                         C.H. Robinson
The Koch Foundation                  New Hanover Regional Medical
                                     Center                              Linda Benge and Paul Robshaw
Steve and Marilyn Kraft
                                     NJ-Sim Foundation, Inc.             Lisenne Rockefeller
Katherine Kupferer
                                     Norjana Charitable Foundation       Julie and Len Rodman
Latham & Watkins, LLP
                                     Old World Industries                Kathy and William Roe
Judy and T. Scott Leisher
                                     Omaha Steaks                        James and Sharon Rohr                www.jdrf.org/diabetessupport
Christopher and Rebecca Lien
                                     O’Neal Steel                        Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Rolles
The Lincoln Electric Company
                                     Optima Fund Management, LLC         The Ron Santo Golf Experience
Donna Longo
                                     Mike and Trina Overlock             Kim and David Roosevelt
Gloria Loring via Are You Smarter
Productions, Inc.                    Dr. Graydon and Shelley Page        Harriet Ross
Shelley and Douglas Lowenstein       Palmetto Restaurant Group, LLC      Toby and Michael Rozen
Edward and Kathy Ludwig              Norma Parker                        Saipem America
Lynyrd Skynrd                        John J. and Joan M. Pasteris        Jack and Anita Saltz Foundation
Macy’s Foundation                    Loretta and Douglas Patterson       Sanofi-Aventis                                                   JDRF’s Online
Major League Baseball Players        John and Cindy Paul                 Thomas and Mary Pat Santel                                    Diabetes Support

                                                                                                                          RESEARCH R
Alumni                                                                                                                                 Team has handled
                                     Pavarini McGovern, LLC              Margaret and Robert Schafer                                   more than 20,000
Al and Claude Mann                                                                                                                   requests from people
                                     PCB Piezotronics                    Estate of Amelia Schmitz                                    with a type 1 diabetes
Linda and Aaron Martenson                                                                                                             connection seeking
                                     peermusic                           Jennifer Schneider and                                              support.

Uzal and C. Jun Martz                                                    Dain DeGroff                                                UR
                                     Penn Traffic Company

                                                                                                                                        C ES
Marvin L. Baker Family Foundation                                        Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux                                           RESULTS
                                     PepsiCo                             Community
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
                                     Perot Foundation                    Alan and Sandra Silvestri
Susan and James Maslowski, Sr.
                                     Marilyn and Phil Perricone          Ms. Sydney Simons
Stuart and Flora Mason
                                     Robert and Jill Petcove             Arnold J. Simonsen Foundation
Estate of Earl V. Mason In the
Name of Alice E. Mason               Jeff Petro                          K.P. Singh
Maxon Precision Motors, Inc.         Peyton Manning Children’s           Smoker Friendly International, LLC
                                     Hospital at St. Vincent
Mazda North American Operations                                          Sony Electronics, Inc.
                                     Piccadilly Restaurants
Sarah and Bryan Mazlish                                                  Estate of Margaret Sorensen
                                     PIMCO Foundation
The H.F. McCarty, Jr. Family                                             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spano
Foundation                           Roy and Yvonne Polatchek
                                                                         Starcom MediaVest Group
Mr. and Mrs. James McDonald          Melinda and Richard Poulton
                                                                         STERIS Corporation
McKesson Foundation, Inc.            The Price Family Foundation, Inc.
                                                                         Susan and Rick Sterling
McKinney-Geib Foundation             PricewaterhouseCoopers
                                                                         Barry and Mimi Sternlicht
Kim Medley                           Publicis
                                                                         Carol Stillwell, Stillwell-Hansen,
Menasha Foundation                   Mitchell and Nina Quaranta          Inc.
Mesirow Financial                    Stephen and Anne Rader              Sun Products
Stanley Meyers                       Ron and Barbara Rapaport            Kris and Greg Swetnam
Ron and Diane Miller                 Gary and Anita Rathburn             Tata Consultancy Services
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Miller, III   Chris and Sarah Redlich             Telvent DTN
Millstadt Optimist Club              Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reed, Jr.         The Thomas Foundation
Beth and J. Barry Mitchell           Reed Smith, LLP                     Joan and Byron Thompson
Estate of Marian L. Moore            Melissa and Thomas Reedy            Sharlyn and Wade Threadgill
Morgan Stanley                       Mr. John Reisman                    Title Guaranty of Hawaii
Mother Tried Foundation              Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Bobbi       Touchstone Communities
Motorcar Parts of America (MPA)                                          Tower Loan
Leslie Mulholland                                                        Trozzolo Communications Group
                                     Donald and Nancy Resnick
Mure & Carone P.C.                                                       TRICO
                                     Michael and Joannie Rich
Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation                                        University of California
                                     Mrs. Debby Robbins
James & Sally Nation Foundation                                          UPS

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF   MaJOr dOnOrs & parTners continued

                                                           Valero Energy Foundation            All Access Apparel, Inc.             Robert W. Baird
                                                           Bruce Vaughan                       Allegacy Federal Credit Union        Baker Tilly
                                                           Vistakon, a Johnson & Johnson       Allegheny Technologies               Jennifer and Don Baldridge
                                                                                               Jon and Mary Beth Allegretti         Susan and Jim Baldwin
                                                                                               The Allergan Foundation              Bank of America/Merill Lynch
                                                           Wachtell, Lipton, Rozen & Katz
                                                                                               Allergan, Inc.                       BankPlus
                                                           The Walbridge Fund, LTD
                                                                                               The Allstate Foundation              Bantle & Walker
                                                           Walmart Foundation
                                                                                               Dean and Shelby Alms                 Baptist Health South Florida
                                                           Teresa and Thomas Walsh
                                                                                               Alro Steel Foundation, Inc.          Dr. and Mrs. Michael Barber
                                                           Jim and Stacey Weddle
                                                                                               Alston + Bird, LLP                   C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc.
                                                           Weil, Gotshal & Manages, LLP
                                                                                               AMCI Capitol                         John Bardis
                                                           Gail and Charles Welliver
                                                                                               Amedisys                             Barnes Charitable Foundation
                                                                                               American Airlines                    Earlene and Bob Barnes
                                                           Western Refining Co.
                                                                                               American Express Charitable Fund     Barona Band of Mission Indians
                                                           Fred and Elizabeth Wiese
                                                                                               American Express Travel Related      Irving Barr
                                                           Willbros                            Services
                                                                                                                                    Robert A.J. Barry
                    Every year,                            Robin Williams                      American General Life and Accident
                                                                                               Insurance Company                    Jennifer and John Basham
                 more than 30,000

                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Byron Williams
                   new cases of                                                                Ametek                               Richard Bassuk
                  type 1 diabetes                          Timothy and Christi Windler and
                 are diagnosed in                          Family                              Amherst Securities Group             Coca Cola Bottling of Baton Rouge
                                        S RE

                   children and                                                                                                     Patrick Baumgarten
                      adults.                              Richard S. Worthington              Jenny and Gil Amoroso

                                                                                                                                    Baylor University Medical Center

                                       O                   Workers Compensation Fund           Mary and Tom Anderson
                       RESEARCH RE                         Worth Harley-Davidson North, Inc.   Mrs. Carleen Andrews                 BBVA Compass Bank

                                                           Sharon and David Wright, III        Christine and John Andrie            BD Medical

                                                           Ellen and Stavely Wright            Angel MedFlight                      Edwin Beachler

                                                           Monica and Robert Yolles            Animas                               Jennifer and John Beard

                                                           Robert and Leslie Zemeckis          Julie Ann and Brian Annulis          Elizabeth Ann Beck Foundation

                                                                                               Robin and Darrin Antrim              The John and Frances Beck Family
                                                                                               Appel Open for JDRF
                                                           $10,000 - $24,999                                                        Becker Family Foundation
                                                                                               Mr. Bernard Aptaker
                                                           Anonymous (16)                                                           Robert and Kellie Belk
                                                                                               Allen and Helene Apter
                                                           1st Bank                                                                 Dr. William F. Bell
                                                                                               Milton Arbitrage Partners, LLC
                                                           432 Park South Realty Co.                                                Bender Foundation
                                                                                               Arch Capital Services
                                                           ABB Foundation                                                           Brian Benjet and Kim Emmons-
                                                                                               Archon Corporation                   Benjet
                                                           Karen Abbruzzese
                                                                                               Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue         Mignon and Les Bentley
                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Abes          Shield
                                                                                                                                    Brent Berge
                                                           Lisa and Michael Absatz             Lisa and Jeffrey Aronin
                                                                                                                                    Berkeley College
                                                           Absolute Pharmacy, Inc./Avalon      Annabel Galva-Arthur and Jason
                                                           Foodservice, Inc.                   Arthur                               W R Berkley Corporation Charitable
                                                           Jeff and Wendy Adams                Dr. and Mrs. Todd Asarch
                                                                                                                                    James and Diane Berliner
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John S. Adams, Jr.     Ascent Media Group, LLC
                                                                                                                                    Robert and June Berliner
                                                           AE Petsche Company                  John and Rosalind Ashkar
                                                                                                                                    Bernstein Management Corp.
                                                           Aegon Transamerica Foundation       ASICS                                (Joshua Bernstein)
                                                           AEP                                 Associated Packaging, Inc.           Ray Berry
                                                           Aetna Foundation                    Aultman Hospital                     Tom and Lise Bessant
                                                           AFLAC                               Rick Austin                          Susan and Stan Bever
                                                           Vikram Agrawal                      AVID                                 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bibb
                                                           Ms. Jane Aklestad                   AVM                                  Bingham McCutchen
                                                           Akron Children’s Hospital           BAE Systems                          W. Bisso, IV
                                                           Alabama Power Foundation, Inc.      BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair      Black, Starr & Frost
                                                           Alberto Culver                      Baggett Transportation Co.           Greg Blackmon
                                                           Jenna Alexander                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Blackmon

                                                                                                                                                        JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
Frank and Sandra Blanchfield        Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bruns              Llee and Jill Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Has               Ms. Kirsten Buchanan                 Chapman Family Foundation
The Bill Blass Foundation           Bucyrus Foundation                   Charter Business
Marv and Toby Blecker               Gary and Loraine Budke               Chevron Products Company
Joann Blehi                         The Bugas Fund                       Chevron Oak Point
Bloomberg Financial                 Bulgari Corporation of America       City of Chicago
Bloomington Lions                   Mary Elizabeth and Jeffrey Bunzel    Chicago Cubs
Blue Bird Auxilliary                David and Barbara Burstin            Chicago Title Insurance Company
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama   Burstin, Burstin & Frantz            Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona   Business Support Group For Platt     Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of
                                    College                              UPMC
Blue Cross Blue Shield of
New Mexico                          C.W. Butler                          The Children’s Regional Hospital at
Blue Cross Blue Shield of           Lynn and Chad Buxton
North Carolina                                                           Mrs. Celeste F. Childs
                                    Byrne Family Foundation
Blue Shield of California                                                Richard and Barb Christensen
                                    C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc.
Blue Slate Solutions, LLC                                                Dianne Christensen
                                    Cablevision Systems Corp.
Blue Package Delivery                                                    Chubb & Son Incorporated
                                    Cactus Software
BNY Mellon                                                               Citigroup, Inc.
                                    Becky Cage
The Boeing Company                                                       City National Bank
                                    Steve Cage
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Stacey                                          Toni and Tim Clark
Bonagura                            Gloria and Louis Cairo
                                                                         Classic Industries, Inc.
Judy Bond                           Cajun Cruisers
                                                                         Mrs. Mary Clay
Bonner Family Private Foundation,   Jo Ann and Peter Calvanico
Inc.                                                                     Clean Energy
                                    The Capital Group Companies
Shannon and Rik Bonness             Charitable Foundation                Clear Channel Communications,
Daniel and Deborah Booker           Karen and Peter Capuciati
                                                                         The Clingen Foundation
Borger Management                   Car Program, LLC
                                                                         Martin Cobb
Boston Scientific Corporation       Cardinal Health
                                                                         The Coca-Cola Company
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Boyd             Cardone
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Fielding Cocke
BP Activities Association           Alexis and Scott Carmer
                                                                         Ron and Susie Codd
Elizabeth and Charles Bracken       Caroselli, Beachler, McTiernan &
                                    Conboy                               Coffee Serv
Dan and Annette Bradbury
                                    The Carriero Family                  Neil and Marcy Cohen
Judy and Ray Brandt
                                    Evelyn C. Carter Foundation, Corp.   Sandra and Sheldon Cohen
Brasfield & Gorrie
                                    Suzanne and Michael Carusillo        Rhonda and Russell Cohen
David and Gail Braswell
                                    The Thomas and Agnes Carvel          Lisa and Gary Coleman
Cheryl and Bob Brecht               Foundation                                                                  www.jdrf.org/adults
                                                                         Steve Collins and Carmen Gantt
Brencourt Advisors, LLC             Mary Kate and Rob Cary
                                                                         Joe and Laura Colmery
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Brenneman      Karen and James Case
Warren and Elaine Breslow           Casey’s Charities, Inc.
                                                                         Community Hospital of the
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Brettmann        Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cash             Monterey Peninsula
Anastasia and Nicholas Brien        Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cash              Community Foundation of North
                                                                         Texas                                                          JDRF’s Adult
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Broders          Catholic Archdiocese of New
                                                                                                                     RESEARCH R

                                                                                                                                       Type 1 Toolkit
                                    Orleans                              Community Foundation of Tampa                                    has been
Greg Brody                                                               Bay
                                    Catholic Healthcare West                                                                          downloaded by
Bill and Betty Brooks                                                    Community Surgical Supply                                     nearly 4,000
                                    Mike Cavallo                                                                                           people.
Brooks Sports, Inc.                                                      Stephen Conley

                                    CB Richard Ellis                                                                            UR
Brothers Air & Plumbing

                                                                         Stephanie and John Connaughton                           C ES
                                    The Cementworks, LLC                                                                                  RESULTS
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brown                                                   Marsha and Michael Connellan
                                    Centennial Bank
Brown & Tarantino                                                        Lisa and Ken Conway
                                    CenterPoint Energy
Tammy and Bruce Broyles                                                  Todd and Beth Cook
                                    Centre Partners
Brubaker Family Foundation                                               Mr. Richard Cooper
                                    Chadbourne & Parke, LLC
Bruce Bergman Foundation                                                 Cops Running for Charity
Mary Lou and Stewart Bruce

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF   MaJOr dOnOrs & parTners continued

                                                           Cordray Foundation                    Diamond Management &                Emerald Cascade Restaurant
                                                                                                 Technology Consultants, Inc.
                                                           Corn Products Specialty                                                   Emkay, Inc.
                                                           Ingredients                           Dick’s Sporting Goods
                                                                                                                                     Mike and Sharon Ensign
                                                           Missy and Chris Costello              Louis DiNardo and Julie Stein
                                                                                                                                     Epic Systems Corporation
                                                           Covance                               Dawn and Sid Dinsdale
                                                                                                                                     Pete and Wendy Ernaut
                                                           Coventry Health Care                  Mr. and Mrs. Kane Ditto
                                                                                                                                     Ernst & Young
                                                           Faye L. and William L. Cowden         Estate of Richard Nason Doheny
                                                           Charitable Foundation                                                     Annette S. Eskind and the Eskind
                                                                                                 Donatelle Plastics                  Family Foundation
                                                           Amy Coyer
                                                                                                 Estate of John and Mary Donecker    Es-O-En Dba Taco Bell
                                                           Carol and Denis Crawford
                                                                                                 Doner Advertising                   ESPN
                                                           Creditors Collection Service
                                                                                                 Barbara Donnell and Scott Markus    David Ettinger M.D., D.M.D. and
                                                           Lynne and Richard Creed                                                   Jacqueline Ettinger
                                                                                                 Donovan Wright Advisors, LLC
                                                           John and Karen Creelman                                                   ExxonMobil
                                                                                                 Dopkins & Co.
                                                           Kitty and Tom Crisham                                                     Marcia and Joel Faber
                                                                                                 Yale and Sherrie Dorfman
                                                           CTS Corporation                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Robyn
                                                                                                 Rans and Margaret Douglas           Fagen
                                                           Dr. Vincent and Mrs. Cheryl Culotta
                                                                                                 Douglas J. Aveda Institute          Lindy and John Fain, OD
                                                           Debbie and Guy Culpepper
                                                                                                 Dove Family Foundation              Families for a Cure
                                                           CUNA Mutual Group
                                                                                                 Downey & Company                    Bronwyn and Scott Farber
                                                           Joanne and Fred Cunha
                                                                                                 Diana and Robert Doyle              Farmington Bank
                                                           Alice and Craig Cuvelier
                                                                                                 Dreisenszun Family Foundation       Federated Clover Investment
                                                           Elinor M. Cuvelier Trust                                                  Advisors
                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. James Drone
                                                           Cy Pres Class Action Settlement                                           Federated Kaufman Fund Utsch,
                                                                                                 Bill and Barb Drotar
                                                           Daedalus Foundation                                                       Hans
                                                                                                 Drury Inns, Inc.
                                                           Lauren Daitch                                                             Kelly and Carl Fellbaum
                                                                                                 Lee Ducat
                                                           Stacey and Don Dale                                                       Fenco
                                                                                                 Dunkin Donuts
                                                           John and Georgia DallePezze                                               Bill and Kristin Fenech
                                                                                                 Duplicolor Products Company, Inc.
                                                           Dr. William H. Danforth                                                   Whitney and Peter Ferré
                                                                                                 Eunice L. Dwan 1991 Irrevocable
                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Howard Darvin            Trust                               Fight for Children
                                                           Data-Mail, Inc.                       Pat and John Dyer                   Financial Concepts, Inc.
                                                           David Winans GMAC Real Estate         Christopher and Bijen Dyrek         Karey and Michael Finch
                                                           Mark and Nancy Davis                  Eagle Materials, Inc.               Mr. Marvin Finkelstein
                                                           DaVita                                Mr. and Mrs. Jay Eastman            Caryn and Douglas Firebaugh
                                                           Dayco Corporation                     Mr. and Mrs. John Eastman
                                                                                                                                     First Commonwealth
                                                           The Dayton Foundation                 Ms. Louise Eastman-Loening
                                                           Dean Health Plan                      Pete and Martha Eckerline
                                                                                                                                     Scott and Betsy Fishbone
                                                           Michael Dearing                       Edgepark Medical Supplies
                                                                                                                                     Shelly and Scott Fisher
                                                           Dr. and Mrs. William Deaton           Mrs. Franklin S. Edmonds
                                                                                                                                     Tammy and Steve Fitzgerald
                                                           Thomas and Lorraine Deeney            Pamela F. and
                                                                                                 Franklin S. Edmonds, Jr.            Ken and Jane Fitzsimmons
                                                           Elizabeth and Seth Deleery
                                                                                                 Edsal Manufacturing Co., Inc.       Joseph A. Fleck
                                                           Dell, Inc.
                                                                                                 Education Management                Susan and Kevin Flynn
                      Roughly                              Delta Dental Plan
                   half a million                                                                Corporation                         Focus Express Mail Pharmacy

                   people in 230                           Deltic Timber Corporation             Lia and Herm Edwards
                 cities nationwide                                                                                                   Janet and Ken Follansbee
                participated in the                        Dematic Corp.                         Carl Edwards Motorsports
                                       S RE

                                                                                                                                     Fort Pitt Capital Group
                  FY2010 Walk to                           Estate of Paul Deniger
                  Cure Diabetes.                                                                 Debbie and Richard Egan/Debbie’s    Foster Parts

                                                           Desert Diamond Casino                 Dream

                                       O                                                                                             Daveen and Alan Fox
                                   S                                                             John and Ginger Eichhorn
                       RESEARCH RE                         Leanne DeShong and James
                                                                                                                                     Melanie and Jeff Fox
                                                           Conlon                                James Ellis and Margaret Brady
                                                           Michael DeSimone and Dr. Susan                                            FPD Brakes
                                                                                                 Gary and Cindy Ellis
                                                           Hughes                                                                    Mr. John Robert Franke
                                                                                                 Dennis and Bonnie Ellman
                                                           Steve and Nanette DeTurk                                                  Frankel Family Foundation
                                                                                                 Elvis Presley® Charitable
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeVos            Foundation                          Sheri Frazier-Kesner
                                                           DexCom, Inc.

                                                                                                                                          JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
LuCAs family                                                                                             Turning
                                                                                                      into possibility

At 18, an ambitious and enthusiastic Mary Lucas is on the brink of her “next big thing”: planning
her move from Atherton, CA to New York City to study fashion design at Parsons, her dream
since she was in grade school and making dresses out of fabric remnants. Being on the brink of
the “next big thing” is a common theme for the entire Lucas family, and their vigorous approach
to life is reflected in how Mary has managed her type 1 diabetes.
“I try not to let diabetes affect what     ill, they rushed her to the hospital, where     after year – has a fundraising goal of
I want to do,” Mary says. “I’m not         she was diagnosed with type 1, a disease        $1 million.
inhibited by it.”                          the family knew little about at the time.
                                                                                           Throughout its years of growth, Spring
In fact, the Lucases have created ways     The Lucases were determined to keep             Fling has remained family-and-friends-
to remain proactive, productive, and       life as normal and active as possible. As       oriented, much like the Lucases
positive in the face of the disease’s      soon as they were settled into their new        themselves, which makes them proud.
challenges. Parents Sarah and Don          home, Sarah – already an avid charitable        Each year, the entire Lucas family is
Lucas are the founders of Spring Fling –   event planner – rented out a bowling            involved in planning and running Spring
an annual fundraising event for JDRF’s     alley, set out a donation box, and invited      Fling, including Mary and her siblings, Jack
Greater Bay Area Chapter that includes a   their friends to come out and play to           (16), Kate (12), and Henry (10). Explains
golf tournament, a ladies luncheon and     support type 1 diabetes research. While         Sarah, “It’s marked on the family calendar
boutique, and a themed evening bash.       researching organizations to send the           each year much like a holiday…it’s part
Sarah now sits on the chapter’s Board,     proceeds to, she discovered JDRF.               of the fabric of our lives. From now until
serving as Vice President of Special                                                       there’s a cure, I see our family continuing
Events. Don, a venture capitalist who      The next year, when their bowling event         this event.”
served on JDRF’s Silicon Valley Branch     brought in $40,000 for JDRF, the Lucases
Board for six years, is a founding         got a call from the Greater Bay Area            Sarah hopes her family’s story
investor and Board member of Dexcom,       Chapter’s executive director, who called        underscores the message that everyone
one of the companies that provides         their grassroots efforts impressive and         can make a difference. “The point is to do
continuous glucose monitors for research   asked if they would be interested in            something,” Sarah urges. “That’s what
being funded by JDRF’s Artificial          creating an annual chapter event. Sarah         we try to model for our kids. That’s our
Pancreas Project.                          and Don agreed, and came up with the            message. But also have fun while you’re
                                           idea for Spring Fling. It began with inviting   doing it.”
Their involvement with type 1 diabetes     friends and colleagues to participate, and
began in November 1998, when the family    has grown into a multi-event community          And it’s just this mantra, “do something,”
was on the brink of another “next big      tradition that has raised nearly $5 million     that keeps the family positive and
thing.” With three children in tow, the    for JDRF. The 10th-anniversary Spring Fling     productive. It’s why Mary’s type 1 diabetes
Lucases were staying with friends for a    is set for April 1, 2011, and the honorary      is an important detail in her life, but not
couple of days while moving into a new     committee – which celebrates those who          its definition. Her life is hers to design,
home. When Mary, then seven, became very   have helped make it so successful year          with all of her “next big things.”

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF   MaJOr dOnOrs & parTners continued

                                                           Fred Meyer Stores                     Michael and Loren Gordon            Patricia and Gary Henn
                                                           The Robert Freeman Ford               Gabriela and Peter Gottlieb, M.D.   Bruce Herring
                                                                                                 Joseph Grady                        Hershey Entertainment & Resorts
                                                           Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver &
                                                           Jacobson, LLP                         Steve Graham                        Hess Foundation, Inc.

                                                           Robert and Lori Frieling              Greater Houston Community           Hewitt Associates
                                                           Fringe Benefit Life Insurance                                             Heymann & Fletcher Esqs.
                                                                                                 Edith Dee Green Foundation
                                                           Frito-Lay                                                                 Jewel and Mark Hickman
                                                                                                 Greenacre Properties
                                                           Fry Communications, Inc.                                                  Hickory Printing Solutions, Inc.
                                                                                                 Jonathan and Stefanie Greenberg
                                                           Michael and Elizabeth Gallagher                                           David and Dawn Hickton
                                                                                                 Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman
                                                           Lori and Greg Gallant                 & Machtinger, LLP                   Mr. and Mrs. John Hipp

                                                           John and Lori Galley                  Estate of Dorothy Greenfield        HITT Contracting, Inc.

                                                           Robert R. Galvin                      Debra and Bruce Grewcock            Hoag Memorial Hospital
                                                           Janie and Michael Gantt               GRI Engineering & Development
                                                                                                                                     Michael and Jennifer Hobbs
                                                           Emma and Mark Garrett                 Grillsmith Restaurants
                                                                                                                                     Mason Hoffman and Family
                                                           Steven J. Gartner                     Mr. Paul and Dr. Donna Roy Grogan
                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoffman, Jr.
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Garza              Estate of Abraham Gross
                                                                                                                                     Holiday Management Foundation,
                                                           Kim Gatlin                            Group Health                        Inc.
                                                           GBS Corporation                       Andy and Julie Gruber               Brad and Deb Hollinger
                                                           GE Asset Management                   Mrs. Bridget M. Guerin              Emily and Steve Hollis
                                                           GE Capital                            Guess? Foundation                   The Holzman Family Foundation
                                                           GE Foundation                         Christian and Cathy Haase           Home Box Office, Inc.
                                                           Mary and James L. Geisman             Hagans, Bob & Burdine               Chiu Has Hong
                                                           Gene & Jerry Jones Family Charities   William Hake                        Russell Hoppenstein
                                                           James and Janice George               Mrs. Sally Halff                    Horne Brothers Construction, Inc.
                                                           Drs. David and Katie Gesensway        Halliburton                         Lorraine and Graeme Houston
                                                           Gibbons P.C.                          Harry and Lynne Hallowell           Mrs. Helen M. Howard
                                                           Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP          Mr. and Mrs. Walter Halverstein     Mr. and Mrs. Billy Howard
                                                           Gidick Family Trust                   Clay Hammerstein                    Howrey, LLP
                                                           Gilbane Building Company              Hanify & King, P.C.                 HAS Commercial Real Estate
                                                           Cliff Gilbert-Lurie                   Carl and Val Hansen                 Janna Hubble
                                                           Mike and Susan Gillfillan             The Mark and Anne Hansen            Jeff and Catherine Huge
                                                           James Gleason                                                             Clayton and Gina Hughes
                                                                                                 Harbert Management Corporation
                                                           Mark and Sue Gleason                                                      Greg Hughes
                                                                                                 Eric and Deidre Harger
                                                           Mark and Hanna Gleiberman                                                 Joe and Marilyn Hughey
                                                                                                 Julia and Jeremy Harman
                                                           Globallogic, Inc.                                                         Roy A. Hunt Foundation
                                                                                                 Jim and Janet Harris
                                                           Gohmann Asphalt/Construction,                                             John Iberle
                                                           Inc.                                  Jennifer and John Hart
                                                                                                                                     IBM Employee Services
                                                           Janie and Brian Gold                  Mr. Kevin Harvey
                                                                                                                                     ICT Group, Inc.
                                                           Goldman, Sachs & Co.                  Stan Hastings
                                                                                                                                     Estate of Mary E. Ide
                    In FY2010                              Charles and Rhonnie Goldstein         Haugo Bancshares, Inc.
                 Team JDRF was                                                                                                       Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

                   launched to                             Jennifer and Alan Goldstein/Team      Joy and Ralph Hauser
                                                           Alaina                                                                    Frank Ingrassia and Elizabeth
                support people in                                                                Desmond and Jen Havilcek            McCaul
                holding their own
                                        S RE

                                                           Daniel and Margo Good
                 fundraisers for                                                                 Jeff and Christina Hawkins          Inserra Supermarkets
                       JDRF.                               Good Family Foundation

                                                                                                 Mr. Victor Haydel                   Interactive Concept Management,

                                   SO                      Janet Goodman                                                             LTD.
                       RESEARCH RE                                                               Hilda Laura V. Haynes Family
                                                           Ms. Diana Goodrich                    Foundation – Melissa M. Amice       Interdynamics, Inc.
                                                           The Goodyear Tire and Rubber                                              International Bank of Commerce
                                                           Company                               Healthways
                                                                                                                                     Interpublic Group
                                                           Andrew and Amy Gordon                 Dan and Carolyn Heard
                                                           Brenda and Robert Gordon              The Helen G. Hauben Foundation
                                                                                                                                     Ion Media Networks
                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Wendy          Julie and Michael Hellmers
                                                           Gordon                                                                    International Paper Foundation

                                                                                                                                                 JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
Chris and Tonia Irion                       From heartbroken to heroic:
                                            A story of generous high-Achievers
Iroquis Avenue Foundation
Cindy and Jim Irvine
ITT Night Vision                            Mackin Family
Allen Ivester
J & J Family Foundation                                                        When Larry and Suzanne Mackin’s daughter, Ali, began
The J.E. and Mildred Waggoner                                                  rapidly losing weight and feeling weak at age 14, they took
Family Foundation                                                              her to the doctor, hoping that the problem could be easily
J. Lawrence Khakis of Carmel                                                   fixed with a little nutritional guidance. But to their horrific
JP Morgan                                                                      surprise, tests showed Ali’s blood sugar was at 500, and
Jabil Circuit                                                                  she was rushed to the hospital. Type 1 diabetes had
Darren and Terry Jackson                                                       entered the Mackins’ world, and they knew life would never
Katie and Steve Jackson                                                        be the same.
Jackson Family Wines
                                            Since that day, Larry and Suzanne have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into volunteering
Arlene Jacobs, M.D. and Allen
Feltman                                     with and supporting JDRF to work for better treatments and a cure for Ali and everyone with
Brandon and Kim Jacobs
                                            type 1 diabetes. And even though Ali is now an adult – a recently married 26-year-old who
                                            works in the family business and is setting up her new home – Larry and Suzanne remain
Hal and Debby Jacobs
                                            devoted to JDRF. As Suzanne says, “I don’t like to do anything halfway; I feel like I have to
Irwin and Joan Jacobs
                                            stick with things and carry them through fully.”
Jeff and Deni Jacobs
Paul and Stacy Jacobs                       The Mackins’ contributions to their Oregon/Southwest Washington Chapter have been – and
The James Family Foundation                 still are – extensive. Larry has served as a Board member for more than six years and was
Sean and Jennifer Jeffries                  Board president for two. Larry and Suzanne have also been Gala co-chairs for five years and
Cathy and Peter Jensen                      are major contributors to and catalysts of the event’s success. In fact, they are ongoing Gala
                                            sponsors and have donated auction items, given to Fund A Cure, and even provided
Dr. and Mrs. E. Forrest Jessee, Jr.
                                            transportation for auction items and other chapter donations. For a five-year stint, they were
                                            the Gala’s “Presenting Sponsors,” helping to ensure its success with a generous
Joe and Ora Vella
                                            contribution of $20,000 a year. The family also holds JDRF fundraising events, including
GE Johnson Construction                     poker and golf tournaments. The Mackins have even enlisted their company – Mackin’s Auto
                                            Body – to become a Walk sponsor, form a Walk team, and sell Sneakers in its six locations. In
Greg and Tracy Johnson
                                            recognition of all that they do, Larry and Suzanne were honored at the chapter’s 2002 Gala.
The James Hervey Johnson
Charitable Trust                            Says Larry, “Every day, we try to make a difference with diabetes; it’s our passion.”
Jay Johnson and Hannah
Mrs. Jennifer U. Johnson
                                      Carol and Edward Kaplan             Terri and Michael Kerber
Jim and Laura Johnson
                                      Leon and Mary Ellen Kaplan          Carla and Michael Kilbane
Ron and Karen Johnson
                                      Kevin and Janet Katari              Mr. and Mrs. David Kim
Rupert and Maryellie Johnson
                                      Katherine Herman Charitable         Kingston Technology
Jones Lang LaSalle                    Remainder Trust
                                                                          The Kinney Family
Estate of John W. Jordan              Ira J. Kaufman Family Foundation
                                                                          Estate of Julia J. Klapec
John and Andrea Jordan                Jack Kay
                                                                          Stephen Klar and Janice Gross
Josco                                 KBR
                                                                          Kristin and Jim Klint
Catherine and Thomas Joyce            Tonya and Michael Keith
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Todd Klumok
Sarah and Ron Jury                    Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable
                                      Foundation                          Knights of Pythias Diabetes
Chara Schreyer & Kadima                                                   Research Association
Foundation                            The Kelleher Corporation
                                                                          Mrs. Stephanie Knippel
Bob and Marissa Kagle                 Keller Family Foundation
                                                                          Dr. John Knoedler
Robert J. Kahn Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kellner
                                                                          Knollwood Adopt a Charity
Craig and Rose Kaintz                 Kemps                               Association
Jackie and Norm Kallan                Kenan Advantage Group               Katchen and Mark Knorringa
Kansas City Chiefs Ambassadors        Ken Kendrick                        Tracy and Mike Koeppen
Charitable Foundation
                                      Margaret L. Kenyon Trust            Mark Kogan
Kansas City Power & Light District

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF   MaJOr dOnOrs & parTners continued

                                                                                                  Celebrity Chair, and representing JDRF at a variety of community
                                                                                                  fundraising events. On the national level, Jared appeared at
                                                                                                  Children’s Congress in 2009, offering support and inspiration to

                                                                                                  children with type 1 from across the nation.

                                                                                                  Miller credits Jared’s involvement with boosting JDRF fundraising
                                                                                                  by more than $300,000, and she says his partnership has given
                             Just Because he Cares:                                               the chapter an entrée into the entire Chiefs organization.

                                  Jared Allen’s Inspiring                                         “Our relationship with Jared has evolved into so much more than
                               Commitment                                                         him serving as our Celebrity Chair...he has gone from interested
                                                                                                  advocate to evangelist,” Miller says. “He truly has become part
                                                                                                  of the Kansas City Chapter family. He has visited kids in the
                                                                                                  hospital, gone to their baseball games, basketball games, high
                                                                                                  school football games, swim meets, and school plays.”

                                                                                                  One of the most striking things about Jared’s involvement with
                                                                                                  JDRF is the fact that he has no direct experience with type 1
                                                                                                  diabetes. “I knew the kids were great,” he says of his decision
                                                                                                  to become involved. “Just hanging around with the kids grew
                                                                                                  my relationships with the families, and I learned more and more
                                                                                                  about diabetes.”

                                                                                                  In 2008, Jared joined the Minnesota Vikings, his talents
                                                                                                  rewarded with what at the time was the most lucrative contract
                                                                                                  ever for a defensive player. Since then, he has also become
                                                                                                  supportive of JDRF’s MinnDakotas Chapter, appearing in public
                             One of the most striking things about                                service announcements, among other initiatives. Jared has
                             Jared’s involvement with JDRF is the fact                            also started his own charity, building homes for wounded war
                                                                                                  veterans. Still, he remains dedicated to JDRF.
                             that he has no direct experience with
                                                                                                  One of the things that inspires him is JDRF’s results-oriented
                             type 1 diabetes.                                                     research. He has learned a lot about the search for a cure and
                                                                                                  understands the challenges involved. “It’s one of those things
                                                                                                  where on the research side, every step is one step closer,

                             w       hen Jared Allen was a rookie for the National Football       but I know these kids would like to see the complete cure
                                     League’s Kansas City Chiefs in 2004, his roommate            altogether.” he says.
                             received a Walk to Cure Diabetes fundraising letter from
                             a friend’s son. Jared read it and was moved by the child’s           What keeps him committed are the kids and families he’s met.
                             description of the challenges of type 1 diabetes. It inspired him
                             to pick up the phone.                                                “Big corporate events, sponsorships, and fundraising are all part
                                                                                                  of what you’ve got to do,” he says, “but it’s always good to hang
                             “I was looking for something to get involved with,” he says.         out with the kids and families, see their struggles firsthand, and
                             He talked first with the child’s father about living with diabetes   get to know them…I don’t even think of it as charity; I’m just
                             and then with JDRF’s Yvonne Miller about how he might be             hanging out with friends now.”
                             able to help. He agreed to appear at a Walk awards dinner for
                             the Kansas City Chapter – a first step that has evolved into a       For Jared, the visibility he can bring to type 1 diabetes is
                             marathon relationship.                                               secondary to what he brings to these families. “I think the
                                                                                                                                      biggest thing…is the time I’ve
                             Today, Jared describes his many contributions to JDRF in a                                               spent with families,” he says.
                             typically understated way: “I got involved with some kids, and                                           “Even if it’s just an hour to take
                             it’s gradually grown over the years.” Yet that doesn’t begin                                             the kids’ minds off the disease
                             to adequately describe what he’s done, especially for the                                                that they’re battling every day,
                             Kansas City Chapter: appearing at the Dream Gala, initiating                                             that’s the greatest gift I can
                             a “Sack Diabetes” fundraising program, serving as the Walk                                               give them.”

                                                                                                                                             JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
Seth Kogan                        Jacqueline and Richard Loynd         Mr. and Mrs. Ken McClure
Florence and Chester Kolczewski   Lozier Foundation                    McConnell Development
Darla and Jerry Kollar            Cheryl and Tom Lozowski              Billie and Scott McCormick
KPMG                              Forrest and Charlotte Lucas          McCownGordon Construction, LLC
Kraco Enterprises, LLC            The Lucas Family                     Mr. and Mrs. Kyle McCoy
Harvey and Minna Kramer           Lucas Oil Products                   McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc.
Steven and Cindy Kramer           Larry L. Luing Family Foundation     Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McFeeley, Sr.
Carolyn and Morris Kremen         Kimberly Lund                        Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McFeeley, Jr.
Ure and Dianne Kretowicz          Kristina and Marvin Lustiger         Sharon McGill
Estate of Ruth M. Kroon           Richard Lutz                         Eric and Donna McGovern
Mr. Michael Krupka and            M & H Building Specialties, Inc.     Andy and Dan McGuire
Dr. Anne Kubik
                                  M.D. Anderson Foundation             Virginia McGuire Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kudla
                                  Mr. and Mrs. James MacDonald         Marc and Mandy McIntyre
Laffey McHugh Foundation
                                  Will MacKenzie                       McKamish, Inc.
Mr. Marshall Laitsch and Ms.
Carolyn Powell                    Mackin’s Auto Body                   Kevin McKenna

Lamar Bruni Vergara Trust         Macquarie Group Foundation           McKesson – Greenville, TX

Estate of Gilbert E. Lamothe      MacroGenics, Inc.                    McNeil Nutritionals                                     JDRF Ride to
                                  Heather and Jim Madden               MED3000, Inc.                                          Cure Diabetes

                                                                                                               RESEARCH R
Land O’Frost                                                                                                               participants raised
Jim and Maggie Lang               Joe and Wendy Madden                 Medical Center of Plano                                an average of
                                                                                                                             $4,100 each for
Lannan Foundation                 Madison Square Garden                Meguiar’s, Inc.                                     diabetes research
                                  Jerome and Frances Magner            David W. Meier, Jr.                                      in FY2010.
Las Patronas


The Lawton Family Fund            William Mahoney                      Meijer, Inc.                                         C ES
Mary and Jack Leary               Major League Baseball                Menasha Corporation

Joann Leatherby and Dr. Greg      Robin and Charles Malk               Vickie and Bob Mercer
Bates                             Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Mallis          Mercy Medical Center
Mr. and Mrs. Franc Lee            Mr. and Mrs. Bob E. Mallory, Jr.     Nancy and Les Meredith
Leerink Swann & Co.               Peter and Catherine Malone           Merisant US, Inc.
Matthew and Violet Lehrer         Mr. and Mrs. John M. Maloney, Jr.    Merrick Ventures, LLC
David Lewis                       Amir & Rosita Manocherian Family     Estate of Robert H. Merrill
Geoffrey and Karen Lewis          Foundation
                                                                       Merrill Companies, LLC
Rick and Lisa Lewis               Marathon Oil
                                                                       Merrill Lynch
Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation   Mr. and Mrs. Barry Margolis
                                                                       Metro East Annual JDRF Golf
Elizabeth Liebman                 Robert Margolis                      Tournament Association

Liner, Yankelevitz, Sunshine &    Marina Medical Billing Services      Foy and Judy Meyer
Regenstreif, LLP                  Marion W. Minton, Walter J. Minton   Michelin
Joe and Debbie Lippincott/        Foundation, Inc.
Lippincott & Lippincott           Mark Lauria Associates, Inc.
                                                                       Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit
Robert and Elizabeth Lisowski     Markey’s Audio Visual                Union
Little Feet and More, Inc.        John and Lisa Marquardt              Elise Mikus
Local Edge                        Jane and Z. Marshall                 Milano Foundation
Jacinta and Robert Loewen         Melinda and John Marshall            Cindy and Rich Miller
Long Island Diabetes Support      Kara and John Martin                 Diana and Mike Miller
Foundation, Inc.
                                  Massapequa Youth Lacrosse Club       Lisa and David Miniat
Lormar Foundation
                                  Mattel, Inc.                         Pauline and Ronald Miniat
James Lott
                                  Barbara and Hank Mawicke             May Mitchell Royal Foundation
Estate of Barbara Louis
                                  W. David and Mary Maxwell            Howard and Judy Mock
Louis Yager Cantwell Private
Foundation                        Louis Mayberg                        Moe’s Southwest Grill
Louisiana CNI, LLC                Mark and Anna Maynard                Molton Brown
Louisiana Machinery               McAlester Radio                      Peter and Sarah Monaco
Lowdon Family Foundation          Mr. and Mrs. Josh McCarter           Montgomery Coscia Greilich/
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lowit          Elizabeth and Jake McCarthy

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF    MaJOr dOnOrs & parTners continued

                                                            Monument Realty                    The News Corporation Foundation   Mark and Kathy Papermaster
                                                            Moore and Van Allen                Estate of Hilda Newton            Chris and Shannon Parker
                                                            Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc.      Next Chapter Associates           Mr. and Mrs. Howard Parker
                                                            Morgan Stanley-Investment          NIC Holding Corporation           Parker Hannifin Corporation
                                                            Banking (NYC)
                                                                                               John and Lori Niehoff             Paul Parsons/Team Jake
                                                            Thomas Morhaus
                                                                                               Nipro Diagnostics                 Elyse and George Pasha
                                                            Alan Morris and Pia Exber-Morris
                                                                                               Sharon and Jack Nix               Varsha and Vikas Patel
                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morrison
                                                                                               Noble Corporation                 The Patricia & Clarke Bailey
                                                            Julie and John Morrow                                                Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                               Peter And Stephanie Nolan
                                                            Michael and Jenna Morton                                             Kathy and Nathan Patterson
                                                                                               John and Linda Nordin
                                                            Mountainstar Healthcare                                              Mr. and Mrs. John Patterson
                                                                                               Cathy Nordling
                                                            Patty Mozart                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Net Payne
                                                                                               Julie and Gary Nordlund
                                                            MSC Industrial Direct                                                Karin and Philip Pead
                                                                                               Phyllis Nordlund
                                                            Douglas Mueller                                                      Earl Peeples, M.D.
                                                                                               Norkus Enterprises
                                                            Sue and William A. Munck                                             Bob and Leslie Penkhus
                                                                                               Daniel and Janice Norman
                                                            Munck Carter, LLP                                                    Bob Penkhus Volvo Mazda VW
                                                                                               Normandy Real Estate Partners
                                                            Mr. Anthony Murphy                                                   Drs. Jennifer and William Pennoyer
                                                                                               Robert and Jane Norris
                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Murphy                                          Pepper Hamilton, LLP
                                                                                               Jean Norris and Vincent Norton
                                                            Payson and Grant Murray                                              PepsiCo Foundation
                                                                                               Dellora A. and Lester J. Norris
                                                            Mutual of Omaha                    Foundation                        Eric Perakslis
                                                            Diana and Michael Myers            Northern Tool and Equipment       Perfection Hy-Test
                                                            NASCAR                             Northern Trust                    John Peterson
                                                            Nas-Walker                         Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    Alan and Bonnie Petsche
                                                            National Bank of Arizona           Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals      The Pfeiffer Family Foundation
                                                            National Basketball Association    Lance and Lou Noyes               Pfizer, Inc.
                                                            National Championship Hunt         Oakland Athletics                 The PGA TOUR / THE PLAYERS
                                                                                               Estate of Hubert O’Daniels        PHH Mortgage
                          www.facebook.com/myjdrf           National Philanthropic Trust
                                                                                               Susan and Stacy Oelsen            Philadelphia CBOA
                                                            National Postal Mail Handlers
                                                            Union                              Old South Home Co.                Physicians Plus Insurance
                                                            Mrs. Beatrice Naumann              Ollila Law Group
                                                                                                                                 Lynn Pieper
                                                            Nauticon Imaging Systems           O’Melveny & Myers
                                                                                                                                 Vicki and Robert Pierce
                                                            Molly and Skip Naylor              Edmond and Alice Opler
                                                                                               Foundation                        Anne and Robert Pillion
                                                            Laurence and Susan Nayman
                                                                                               Orange Coast Magazine             Nancy and Bret Pilney
                                                            The Nancy Lurie Marks Family
                                                            Foundation                         Winifred & William O’Reilly       Pinnacle Bancorp, Inc.
                                                            Nancy Near                                                           PlainsCapital Bank
                                                                                               Estate of Brenda Orr
                                                            NeBAA                                                                Jill Plant and James Nichols
                                                                                               Osborn & Barr
                                                            Nebraska Heart Institute                                             Platte Valley Bank of Missouri
                         More than                          Neil and Jane Golub Foundation                                       Dena and Michael Plumer

                       50,000 people                                                           Osram Sylvania
                                                            Neiman Marcus                                                        The Plymouth Rock Foundation
                       follow JDRF on                                                          Jonathan and Donna Ostrau
                                            S RE

                         Facebook.                          Mr. Randall Nelson                                                   PNC Private Wealth Management
                                                                                               Bank of America In Memory of
                                                                                                                                 PNC Foundation

                                                            Kathi and Dirk Nelson              Gunnar S. Overstrom

                                                                                                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Pogreba
                                        SO                  Meeghan and Michael Nemeroff       Bill and Norma Overton
                        RESEARCH RE                                                                                              Patrick and Laura Pohlen
                                                            Nestle Waters North America        Mary Ellen and Lee Owen
                                                            Netezza Corporation                Owens Illinois                    Matthew and Judith Pollack

                                                            Dave and Esparanza Neu             PACCAR                            Polo Ralph Lauren

                                                            New York Giants                    Pacers Sports & Entertainment     Mr. Christopher Pongratz

                                                            New York Media, LLC                Donna Pacicca and Dominic         Porsche Club of America Chicago
                                                                                               Decicco                           Region, Inc.
                                                            The New York Times Company
                                                                                               Penny and Ruffner Page            Gerry Powderly and Adriana Bauza
                                                            Newbury Comics
                                                                                               Steve and Tamara Pann             Thomas and Tina Powderly
                                                            Newmont Mining Corporation

                                                                                                                                          JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
David and Virginia Powell           Anthony and Rosemary Roberto       Schlumberger
John Powell                         Mitch and Jill Roberts             Ed and Donna Schmidt
Prairie Meadows                     Peter and Leslie Robinson          Shawna and Eric Schoonveld
Pratt & Whitney                     Mr. and Mrs. Bud Roche             Mark and Jackie Shrekgast
Praxair                             The Rockland Country Club          Chris and Krista Schultz
                                    Foundation, Inc.
Linda and Richard Price                                                Dr. Peter Schultz
                                    Ms. Ellen Rollins
Mr. and Mrs. Lev. H. Prichard, IV                                      Schulze and Burch Biscuit Co.
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rollins
Print Shop Open                                                        Peter and Kathleen Schwalje
                                    Ms. Nancy Rollins
Proliance International, Inc.                                          Terri and Marc Schwartz
                                    Romenesko Family Dentistry
Promontory Financial Group, LLC                                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schwartz
                                    Mr. and Mrs. David Roos
Pro’s Ranch Market                                                     Scottrade
                                    Tom Roose and Joanne Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Provenzano                                        Seinfeld Family Foundation
                                    Rosemary Haggar Vaughan Family
Providence Medical Group            Foundation                         Sellers, Richardson, Holman, West
Prudential Financial                Rosler Family Foundation           Seneca Niagra Casino & Hotel
Mr. and Mrs. John Pruitt            Ross & Yerger Insurance, Inc.      Thomas and Lyn Shea
Pulse EFT Association               The Arthur J. Roth Family          Bill and Julie Sheley
                                                                                                                         Some 24 million

                                                                                                           RESEARCH R
Quaero, a CSG Solution              Foundation                         Shell Oil Products United States                  Americans have
                                    Marty Rumble                                                                       either type 1 or type
Charles and Jeri Eckhart Queenan                                       Mary Sheridan                                       2 diabetes.
Quest Diagnostics                   Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Leroy       John and Mary Sherman
                                    Russell, Jr.

Quicksilver Resources                                                  The Sherwin-Williams Company                   UR

                                    Mrs. Doris Russell                                                                  C ES
Jay and Kathy Rains                                                    Jack and Sue Shilling                                   RESULTS
                                    Steve and Claudia Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Randall                                           Shoes For Crews
                                    Kerry and Timothy Ruth
Craig Rauchle and Julie Weintraub                                      John Shrewsberry and Ereca Miller
                                    RX Stat
Raymond James Financial, Inc.                                          Portia Whitaker Shumaker Fund at
                                    Ryan Companies                     the San Diego Foundation
Raynbow Foundation
                                    S&D Coffee, Inc.                   Sigma-Aldrich
RB Distribution
                                    S.S. Medici Cosma & Damiano        Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Silk
Red Ball Oxygen
                                    Dave and Janice Sachs              Lin and Mike Simmonds
Red Rock Distributing Company
                                    Safeco Insurance                   Simmons Browder Gianeris
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Reed                                                Angelides & Barnerd, LLC
                                    Saint Louis Children’s Hospital
Kevin, Christine and Shea Reilly                                       The Sidney, Milton and Leoma
                                    Saks Fifth Avenue
Lisa and Chris Reilly                                                  Simon Foundation
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Allen Salikof
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Reitzes                                               Mari Sinton-Martinex
                                    Salt River Project
The Related Companies                                                  Skanska USA Building, Inc.
                                    Terry Saltzberg
Remsa of America                                                       Mike and Beth Skorich
                                    Sam Roosth Foundation
Renée West                                                             Estate of Natalie Slesinger
Don and Margie Reynolds                                                Mike and Lisa Smart
                                    Samuels & Associates
Reynolds American                                                      Smart Pill Corp.
                                    San Diego Parrot Head Club, Inc.
Reznick Group                                                          Ed Smith
                                    Cary and Valerie Sandler
Mr. and Mrs. John Rice                                                 Ellen and Lew Smith
                                    The Sandra Atlas Bass & Edythe &
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Ginny Rich   Sol G. Atlas Fund, Inc.            Patty and Greg Smith
Charles L. Richards                 Sangamo BioSciences, Inc.          Mr. Steve Smith
Richards Manufacturing/ETI          Estate of Mildred Sansbury         Smith Family – In Memory of
                                                                       Jennifer Catherine Smith
Camilla and Scott Richardson        Michael and Diane Sapir
                                                                       Smith International
Jim and Karin Riley                 Neil and Sheryl Sarnak
                                                                       Velocity Solutions
Richard and Nancy Riley             Scafco Corporation
                                                                       Jeffrey and Mindy Sosland
Jim Ritchie Family Foundation       The Paul Scammell Foundation
                                                                       Neil and Blanche Sosland
Mrs. Tammy J. Ritchie               Mr. William and Vicki Schaefer
                                                                       Southwest Securities
William Rittwage                    Mr. and Mrs. Joel Schaller
                                                                       The Spano Family Charitable
RiverStone Resources, LLC           Schlesinger Companies              Foundation
Robert J. Kahn Foundation           Mark and Maria Schlossberg         Sperling Brothers Foundation

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF    MaJOr dOnOrs & parTners continued

                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Speyer            Bill and Karen Talbert               United Way of Metropolitan
                                                            Tishman Speyer                        Susan Talbot
                                                                                                                                       Universal Lighting Technologies
                                                            The Spiritus Gladius Foundation       Anonymous in honor of Mark
                                                                                                  Tamoshunas                           Universal Weather and Aviation
                                                            Anne and Bernard Spitzer
                                                                                                  Tanamera Construction                University of New Mexico Hospitals
                                                            Alana Spiwak and Sam Stolbun
                                                                                                  Target Corp.                         University of Pittsburgh
                                                                                                  Tarson Investment, LLC               University of Texas Southwestern
                                                            St. Louis SportsServices, LLC                                              Medical Center
                                                                                                  The Taubman Company
                                                            STMicroelectronics, Inc.                                                   US Bank
                                                                                                  Taylor International Corporation
                                                            The Julia Carell Stadler Foundation                                        U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private
                                                                                                  TD Ameritrade                        Wealth Management
                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Tom Standish
                                                                                                  TD Bank                              USS-Posco Industries
                                                            Robert and Connie Stanley
                                                                                                  Team Zachary                         Utah Del, Inc.
                                                                                                  Tech Group North America, Inc.       Valentine Capital Asset
                                                            Stefani’s Children’s Fund
                                                                                                  Gina Tega and Ali Partovi            Management
                                                            Steve and Betty Sterett
                                                                                                  James and Laurie Theiss              Philip L. Van Every Foundation
                                                            Bruce and Judith Stern
                                                                                                  Telesis                              Amy Roth and Jack Van Valkenburg
                                                            Thomas D. and Denise R. Stern
                                                            Family Foundation                     John and Ethel Templeton Fund        Mr. Eric Van Zwisler (Australia)
                                                            Mr. Mark Stevens                      Joni Elaine Templeton Charitable     Vanderbilt University Medical
                                                                                                  Trust                                Center
                                                            George and Sue Stewart
                                                                                                  Terry World                          Vanguard Charitable Endowment
                                                            Teresa and Glen Stewart                                                    Program
                                                                                                  Terumo Medical
                                                            Mr. David Stierle                                                          Variety Children’s Charity of
                                                                                                  Texas Children’s Hospital            New England
                                                            John and Denise Stilley
                                                                                                  Texas Health Resources               Sherrie and Anthony Varrichio
                                                            Sting Alarm, Inc.
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Alex Theriot            Sarah and Porter Vergon
                                                            Stony Apparel
                                                                                                  Karen and James T. Thielens          Cliff and Jill Viner Family
                                                            Storandt Pann Margolis                                                     Foundation
                                                                                                  Walt Thirion
                                                            Stradley Ronan Stevens & Young,                                            ViraCor-IBT Laboratories, Inc.
                                                            LLP                                   Jennifer Thoele
                                                            Strauss Foundation of Trust           Mr. Ryan Thomas
                                                                                                                                       Vista-Pro Automotive
                                                            Luke and Scotti Strockis              Thomas E. Jernigan Foundation
                                                                                                                                       Visteon Climate Control
                                                            Jim and Susan Stuart, Jr.             Kay and Don Thorp
                                                                                                                                       VML Foundation
                                                            Lee R. Stuart Family Foundation       Jelindo and Sandee M. Tiberti
                                                                                                                                       Mr. Roger F. Vorce
                                                            Studley, Inc.                         Time Warner, Inc.
                                                                                                                                       Vornado/Charles E. Smith
                                                            Heather and Tom Sturgess              Cynthia B. Tomlinson Foundation
                                                                                                                                       Anne Lyons and C.J. Voss
                                                            Sub-Zero Foundation                   Jan and John Totushek
                                                                                                                                       Dawn and John Vresics
                                                            Suffolk Construction Company          Tricia and Randy Touchstone
                                                                                                                                       W P W Foundation
                                                            Dan and Katie Sullivan                Mr. Andy Townend
                                                                                                                                       W.T. Young, LLC
                                                            Rich and Gaby Sulpizio                Mr. John F. Trexler
                                                                                                                                       Judy and David Wachs
                                                            Summit Credit Union                   Tri City National Bank
                                                                                                                                       Mr. Laurence Wald
                                                            Sun Capital Partners Foundation,      TriMark SS Kemp
                                                            Inc.                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard and
                                                                                                  Troutman Sanders                     Edith Wald
                                                            Sunrise Hospital and Medical
                                                            Center                                Scott and Vonnie Trumble             Estates of Seymour and
                          Diabetes and                                                            Trying2help.com                      Gloria Wald

                       its complications                                                                                               Milton and Miriam Waldbaum
                         cost more than                     The Supreme Master Ching Hai          Cindy and Bob Tucci and Jeff Wolfe
                          $174 billion a                                                                                               Family Foundation
                                                            International Association             Rob and Gina Tuckey
                                               S RE

                        year in the U.S.                                                                                               The Waldman Family
                                                            Terese and Jeffery Surges             Tucson Medical Center

                                                                                                                                       Chris and Terri Walker
                                                            Susie’s Deals

                                                                                                  Chris and Tracy Turner
                                     SO                                                                                                Estate of Lillian K. Walker
                         RESEARCH RE                        Madalene and Wayne Swetnam            Wayne and Susan Turner
                                                                                                                                       Martha and Dave Waller
                                                            Scott and Tina Swisher                ULLICO, Inc.
                                                            SXC Health Solutions, Inc.            United Biosource Corporation
                                                                                                                                       J. and J. Walsh Family Charitable
                                                            Sysco Corporation                     United Parcel Service                Fund
                                                            The Taddeo Family                     United States Steel Corporation      Walsh and Nicholson

                                                                                                                                                 JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
The Warburg Pincus Foundation        Westchester Capital Management        Gregg Wolfe/Kaplan, Leaman,
                                                                           and Wolfe Court Reporters
Jeanne and James Ward                Western Athletic Clubs, Inc.
                                                                           Claire Wolfe
The Warranty Group/TWG               Jeff Westphal
Holdings, Inc.                                                             Lawrence and Stacey Wolin
                                     Pam and Jim Whalen
Denise and Peter Waters                                                    Wolverine World Wide, Inc.
                                     Harvey and Sheryl White
Marjorie Waters                                                            Patricia and Larry Wright
                                     Michael and Sharon White
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Watts                                               Terry and Dana Wright
                                     Harvey and Annette Whittemore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Watts                                               Xcoal Energy and Resources
                                     Brett and Louise Wickard
Missy and Chuck Wayland                                                    XL Group
                                     Mr. Randy Wild
Kevin and Erin Wehrenberg                                                  XTO Energy
                                     Wild Flavors, Inc.
James and Ellen Weil                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yackira
                                     Willa’s Workshop
Dr. and Mrs. E. Hunter Welles, III                                         Mr. and Mrs. James L. Yeargan
                                     Mr. and Mrs. A. Kelly Williams
Julie and Dennis Wellner                                                   Yocum Oil Company
                                     Sarah and Daniel Williams
Wellpoint                                                                  Yoh Group
                                     Williams & Connolly
Tobias and Kristin Welo                                                    Beverly and Bruce Young
                                     Kim Williams-Paisley
Bob and Kay Welsh                                                          Mary Jeanette Yuengling Charitable
                                     Willow House                          Remainder Trust
The Robert & Kathleen Welsh
Foundation                           Mr. and Mrs. James Winchester         The Zaltzman Family
The Welter Foundation                Patricia and Steven Winegar           Janice and Jason Zeid
Alton and Millie Wendzel             Ann and Marc Winthrop                 Todd and Julianne Zeile
Robin and Bradley Werner             Greg and Barbara Wipf                 Lauri and Bruce Zessar
Alice and Bruce Werstak              Bud and Barb Wise                     Frank and Andrea Ziegler
Bob and Gloria Werth                 The Ken Wishall Family                Zurich Financial Services
Wescon Construction                  Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wolf

West Corporation                     Richard and Jane Wolf

        hope spans generations of Family
        Monier Family
        In 2007, after having lived with type 1 diabetes for more than         Recently, Melinda and her husband, Jerry, took their JDRF
        34 years and having lost a grandmother to its complications,           commitment to the next level by including the foundation
        Melinda Monier didn’t think she could be any more ready                in their estate plans. “The reason JDRF is mentioned in our
        to see an end to the disease. Then she got a heartbreaking             wills is because we feel that they are the best hope for a
        phone call: her 28-month-old grandson Rory had also been               cure,” she explains. Melinda stresses that “a cure for type
        diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.                                        1 diabetes is critical,” especially since she worries that her
                                                                               “two small granddaughters could also be at risk.” Melinda is
        As soon as Rory’s parents started a family JDRF Walk                   most heartbroken by seeing children suffer with the disease.
        team called Rory’s Mission in 2008, Melinda seized the                 “Children should be able to be children,” she says. “They
        opportunity to kick her JDRF involvement into high gear.               should not have to be concerned with blood sugar highs and
        She immediately arranged for a Bag of Hope for Rory and                lows, carb counting, insulin injections, finger sticks, and all
        became active in her local Louisiana Chapter, participating in         the complications associated with type 1 diabetes.”
        the 2008 and 2009 Walks and taking part in an inspirational
        video for the Gala. Currently, Melinda serves as a committee-          Today, Rory is a happy five year old who loves playing sports
        at-large member of her chapter’s Board. Melinda is endlessly           and is an inspiration to his grandmother. “He loves snow
        motivated by seeing how Rory’s parents throw themselves                cones,” she says. “He calls me Mim, and one day after a
        into the cause wholeheartedly, supporting JDRF through a               game he said, ‘Mim, you and me, we’re gonna get the sugar-
        number of fundraising events. Melinda says that “the hope              free cones because we have type 1 diabetes.’” As Melinda
        and the faith that a cure will be found in Rory’s lifetime” also       puts it, “My grandson inspires me everyday. I have become a
        helps to guide her extensive commitment.                               better diabetic because I have to set an example for him.”

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF

                             BeTA sOCIeTY MeMBeRs

                             The BETA Society recognizes individuals who have
                             included JDRF as a beneficiary in their estate plans. The
                             listing below features BETA Society members who made
                             new planned giving commitments to JDRF in FY2010.

                                                          Anonymous (46)                Allyson and Ruedy Edgington   Dave Johnson
                                                          Beth Adams                    Jay Ellett                    Gloria Jones
                                                          Thomas Anderson               KC England                    Deborah and Steven Jones
                                                          Ann Ansel                     Jenny and Neill Erdossy       Stephanie Jones
                                                          Kelly and Mark Anthony        Priscilla Call Essert         Kristen Judd
                                                          Andrea and Mark Bacik         Megan and John Farley         Laurie and Tom Kane
                                                          Angela and Michael Barber     Rick Ferguson                 William Keller
                                                          Deborah J. Barrett            Olivia and Grady Foster       Shirley and Gary Kerkow
       Over the past six
       years, JDRF has                                    Teresa Bath                   Lisa Sailor-Fowler and Bob    Caroline Kinsey

       distributed over                                                                 Fowler
                                                          Ann and Thomas Behan                                        Rachelle and Randal Kline
     50,000 Bags of Hope
      to children newly                                                                 Mary and Terry Franke
                                                          Jayne Beyer                                                 Lisa and Todd Klumok
                                       S RE

     diagnosed with type                                                                Greg Gallant
          1 diabetes.                                     Skene and Rebecca Black                                     Bonnie Kunzel

                                                                                        Chaprell Gazzerro

                                   S   O                  Robin Bosch                                                 Teresa and Kevin Lentz
                       RESEARCH RE                                                      Lani Gendron
                                                          Carol Bradway                                               Leigh MacHaffie
                                                                                        Camden Gooch
                                                          Katherine and Rob Burgener                                  Tina Maden
                                                                                        Melissa and Michael Gray
                                                          Virginia and Lawrence Capek                                 Dr. Ira and Susannah Marks
                                                                                        Stephen Grieco
                                                          Kristen and David Carter                                    Patrick McKowen
                                                                                        James Griffin
                                                          William Cederholm                                           James McLaughlin
                                                                                        Jim Griffith
                                                          Lee Clark                                                   Janice and David Merdgen
                                                                                        Gabriella Guazzo
                                                          Rita Cohen                                                  Mrs. Charles Monasee
                                                                                        Lori and Jody Hanks
                                                          Cindy Lorenston Cook                                        Melinda and Jerry Monier
                                                                                        Frances Hansen
                                                          Erica and Greg Cowan                                        Deborah Newsome
                                                                                        Errol Harris
                                                          Sean Curran                                                 Jon Nordenberg
                                                                                        Lisa and Mark Haslam
                                                          Illa and Kevin Davis                                        Steve Peterson
                                                                                        Eileen and Mike Hendren
                                                          Linda and Bill Dettelback                                   Dr. Kevin and Becky Pogreba
                                                                                        Jack Hickethier
                                                          Jennifer and John Dilling                                   Earl and Juli Postol
                                                                                        John Hipp
                                                          Lawrence Dolce                                              Melissa and Thomas Reedy
                                                                                        Tea Hoffman
                                                          Kathi and Bruce Donnor                                      Michelle and Frank Reynaud
                                                                                        Mary Hollock
                                                          Dennis and Jo Ann Dworshak                                  Shawn Reynolds
                                                                                        Donald S. Huddleston
                                                          Mary Eckhert                                                Irene and John Ronzia
                                                                                        George B. Hutchinson
                                                          Robert Edelbrock                                            Kenneth Roosth
                                                                                        Rosalind and David Ingber

                                                                                                                                            JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
Jon Rosa                             Kevin Smith                        Allan Wearing
Carol and Walt Rosebrough            Elizabeth Squires                  Julie Weiss
Linda and Kreg Rowe                  Mark Stevens                       Linda and Hank Wells
Jennifer and Joel Russell            Judy and Bob Strohl                Marcus Wesche
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Sansevere        Judy Summers                       Charles Wexler and Stephanie
                                                                        Wexler Malone
Joshua Sauberman                     Todd R. Teter
                                                                        Mark Whitehead
Paul Schlesinger                     Karen and Ted Thielens
                                                                        Shea Wills
Erica and Scott Schuetze             Dana Thomas
                                                                        Thomas Wood
Susan and Dr. Lenny Segal            Suzanne and Todd Turnlund
                                                                        Janet and Robert Yaroma
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Shatkin             Holly and Robert Udell
Jenny and Tom Sheahan                Lynda Ufer
Marc Sheffler                        Bob and Meg Van Schoorl
Ruth and Kevin Shelly                Laura Vartanian
John Shrewsberry and Ereca Miller    Tania Violette

           A great-great-uncle’s Love
           Elmer Livingston
                                          Elmer Livingston was a kind but private man. He lived into his 90s, staying active in body
                                          and mind until his later years. Before retirement, Elmer made a living buying royalties in
                                          the oil business; he saved his earnings and invested them carefully. Though Elmer was a
                                          dedicated and meticulous manager of his stocks and wealth, it was his family that was the
                                          true center of his world. His nephew Jack explains, “Elmer didn’t show a lot of emotion, but
                                          he had a lot of emotion.”

           Nowhere is Elmer’s love for his family more evident than in the trust he
           created, in which he left over $114,000 to JDRF. The impetus behind his
           generous gift was his two great-grand-nieces, Clara Livingston and
           Meghan Fisher, each of whom lives extremely successfully with type 1
           diabetes. Clara, now 14 – a wonderfully accomplished student, violinist,
           softball player, and swimmer – was diagnosed at age four. She attended
           Children’s Congress and since 2002 has participated in her Illinois Chapter’s
           Walk, for which her family’s team has raised over $100,000. Clara’s mother,
           Gretchen, who served on the Illinois Chapter’s Board, says, “She’s an
           amazing kid who’s done an amazing job of managing her diabetes.”

           Meghan, 16, is also an outstanding student and athlete: She has won the Oklahoma State Gymnastics competition for her
           age group three times, twice after her diagnosis at age 14. Meghan’s parents, Bob and Wendi, have become highly involved
           with their local Tulsa Green Country Chapter, particularly in the Gala. Wendi says that since her diagnosis, “Meghan says she
           sees herself stronger.”

           Elmer would be enormously proud to see his two great-grand-nieces thriving so beautifully today, and to know that his
           generous contribution is going directly toward improving the lives of Clara, Meghan, and everyone living with type 1 diabetes.

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF

                        sTeM CeLL ReseARCh FuND
                        Co-Chairs: Mary Tyler Moore & s. Robert Levine, M.D.

                        The Juvenile Diabetes Research
                        Foundation International
                        wishes to express its deepest
                        gratitude to the following
                        members of the JDRF family for
                        their generous donations of
                        $10,000 or more to the JDRF
                        Stem Cell Research Fund.
                        These donors, and many
                        others, have provided JDRF
                        with more than $19 million
                        since the Fund’s inception in         Anonymous (4)                      Ken and Sherry Corday
                        FY2002. Their vision and              The Judith and Jean Pape Adams     Thomas and Wendy Cramer
                                                              Charitable Foundation
                        leadership ensure that JDRF                                              Creative Arts Agency
                                                              Alagem Capital Group
                        can continue to vigorously            Susan Alberti AO Hon LLD*
                                                                                                 Alison and Richard Crowell
                                                                                                 Jaime Davila
                        pursue stem cell research,            Mrs. Kathleen Albrecht and Mr.
                                                              Pete McCormick                     Lawrence J. and Florence A.
                        which holds such promise              Andrew Family Charitable
                                                                                                 DeGeorge Charitable Trust
                                                                                                 Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman
                        for a cure for type 1 diabetes        Foundation
                                                              Helene and Allen Apter             Eunice L. Dwan 1991 Irrevocable
                        and its complications.                                                   Trust
                                                              Ares Management LLP
                                                                                                 EMWIGA Foundation
                                                              Veronica Atkins
                                                                                                 Entertainment Industry Foundation
                                                              Karen Barfoot*
                                                                                                 Joel and Marcia Faber
                                                              The Bloom and Mittel Founding
                                                              Families of the Greater Bay Area   Allen Feltman and Arlene Jacobs,
                                                              Chapter                            M.D.
                                                              Quent and Inez Boyken              Mr. and Mrs. Simon C. Fireman

                                                              William K. and Delores Brehm       First Republic Bank

                                                              Broidy Capital                     Marilyn & Dr. Gerald Fishbone

               More than                                      Capital Guardian Trust             Greg Fisher and Family
            15,000 people
                                                                                                 The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable

           have registered                                    Richard and Elizabeth Carrell
         with JDRF’s Clinical                                                                    Foundation
         Trials Connection to                                 Chartwell Charitable Foundation
                                   S RE

         gain information on                                                                     Jeanine Forman-Ham
             type 1 clinical                                  Dean and Shirley Chenoweth

                 trials.                                                                         The Lauren Gatlin Stem Cell and

                                                              Clarity Partners                   Beta Cell Research Initiatives Fund
               RESEARCH RE
                                                              Irene and Seymour Cohen            Geffen Foundation
                                                              Comerica Bank                      James Gorton

                                                                                                                                                                     JdrF i dOnOr suppOrT
Greenberg, Glusker, Fields, Claman   Shelly and Ira Meister                 Marianne and Roy C. Smith
and Machtinger
                                     Medtronic MiniMed                      Sony Pictures Entertainment
Clay Hammerstein and Family
                                     Steven G. Mihaylo                      Brenda and James Souers
Michael Heine*
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Gary Millican, In         In Honor of Barry and Mimi
Michael and Loretta Helfant          Honor of Alexander Millican and In     Sternlicht
                                     Memory of Roy E. Millican, Jr.
Stephen and Roey Higgs*                                                     Jim and Susan Stuart, Jr.
                                     Mary Tyler Moore and S. Robert
Hille Foundation                     Levine, M.D.                           Tiscornia Foundation
Irell and Manella, LLP               Jim and Susan Nelson                   TransAmerica
Frank and Sophia Jackson*            Nicholl Family Foundation, Inc.        Trench Shoring Co.
Robert Wood Johnson IV               O’Melvany and Meyers                   Jami and Nicolaus Von Heidegger
Julie and John Johnston              Bert C. O’Neal, In Honor of Lisa and   Warner Brothers Pictures
Damien and Yvonne Jordan             Jack Reed and Elizabeth Shannon        Casey Wasserman
                                                                                                                                                      Nearly every
                                     In honor of Kathy & Mark

                                                                                                                                       RESEARCH R
Marjorie & Maxwell Jospey, In                                               Charles and Mary Jane Wick                                             JDRF chapter in the
Memory of Their Daughter, Jane       Papermaster, Kathy & Steve                                                                                   U.S. provides trained
                                     Papermaster and Gail Papermaster       Cynthia Wick and Channing Gibson                                        mentors to assist
Jospey Cobb                                                                                                                                         people with type 1
                                     & Dave Mattson
                                                                            Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher                                                   diabetes.
Marjorie & Maxwell Jospey
                                     Lorna and Gary Pederson

Foundation                                                                  David and Terry Wohlberg                                              UR

                                     Paramount Pictures                                                                                             C ES
WM Keck Foundation                                                                                                                                         RESULTS
                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. William T. Young, Jr.
The Kennedy/Marshall Company         Lea and Barry Porter
                                                                            Anne and Allen Zaring
Brent Kessel and Britta Bushnell     PR 21
                                                                            Julianne and Todd Zeile
Taras and Kristen Kihiczak           Kay and Jay Proops
                                                                            Robert Zemeckis – Image Movers
Laurie and Alec Kouyoumdjian         Mitchell and Nina Quaranta
                                                                            Donor to the Nucleus Fund
Gilda and Murray Lappe               Steve and Anne Rader
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reed, Jr.            Names in gold indicate donors making gifts during FY2010
Latham & Watkins, LLP                                                       Names in boldface indicate a donor to the Nucleus Fund
Eason and Ellen Leake                Remy Investors                         *Australia

The Lee Family Fund                  Jamie and Anthony Ressler

Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation      In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. David I.
                                     Roos, Jr. and Family, In Memory of
Richard and Jacqueline Loynd         Debbie Roos Hoppenfeld

The Joseph D. Maio Scholarship       Jan M. Roswig
                                     Sheila Royles*
Sharon and Tom Malloy
                                     Renee and Robert T. Samuels
Alfred Mann
                                     Scudder Investments and
Fred and Susan Mardell               Deutsche Asset Management

Andy and Terry Marx Foundation       In Honor of Elizabeth O’Neal
Douglas Matheson-Illinois Tool
Works                                Elizabeth O’Neal Shannon and
                                     Jack Herbert Shannon
Helen and William Mazer
Foundation                           In Honor of Mrs. JoAnn Shull and
                                     In Memory of Her Daughter, Candy
Brian McCarthy
                                     Mrs. JoAnn Shull
Michael and Kimberly McClain
                                     Mr. James M. Shure and Family
Charles and Aniela McCool
                                     Kelly and David Siegel
In Honor of Allison McDonough
                                     Reagan Silber-Edge TV
McDonough Family Foundation
                                     Sandra and Alan Silvestri
The Giles W. and Elise G. Mead
Foundation                           Victoria Mann Simms

Marianne and G. Allen Mebane         Skadden Arps

dOnOr suppOrT i JdrF

                             NAMeD gRANTs

                             JDRF is pleased to recognize the following donors for their
                             generous investments in specific JDRF-funded research studies.
                             By helping to fund JDRF’s research priority areas, these donors
                             play a critical role in aiding our efforts to improve the lives of –
                             and ultimately find a cure for – people with type 1 diabetes. The
                             following are named grants that received funding during FY2010.

                             Estate of Helene Alley in Memory of       Estate of Bernard Jaffee                     In Memory of Lisl Schuhmann
                             Theodore Whitlock and Theodore            Involvement of Heparanase in Diabetic        Accomplishing Type 1 Diabetes Immune
                             Whitlock, Jr.                             Nephropathy                                  Regulation in the Pancreas
                             Pancreatic Stem Cells                     Israel Vlodavsky, Ph.D.                      Manuela Battaglia, Ph.D.
                             Derek Van der Kooy, Ph.D.                 Technion – Israel Institute of Technology,   Fondazione Centro San Raffaele del
                             University of Toronto, Toronto, CAN       Haifa, ISR                                   Monte Tabor, Milano, ITA

                             In Honor of Jonathan P. Altman Research   In Honor of Ahmed Mahfooz Latif              In Honor of Tops Markets, LLC
                             Grant Award                               Regulation of CD4 T cell Islet Entry         A Future Without Diabetes Career
                             TXNIP, A Novel Therapeutic Target for     Dario Vignali, Ph.D.                         Development Award
                             Type 1 Diabetes                                                                        Molecular Profile of the Human Diabetic
                                                                       St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,
                             Anath Shalev, M.D.                        Memphis, TN, USA                             Kidney Disease
                             University of Wisconsin – Madison,                                                     Katalin Susztak, M.D., Ph.D.
                             Madison, WI, USA                                                                       Albert Einstein College of Medicine,
                                                                       Lewis–Sebring Family Foundation
                                                                                                                    Yeshiva University, Bronx, NY, USA
                                                                       In support of Dr. Alexander Chervonsky
                             Diane Gay, Mike & Tamra Gay
                             In Honor of Parker Gay & in Memory of     University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
                                                                                                                    The Louis Vance Family In Honor of
                             His Grandfather, Francis V. Gay                                                        Kathryn Vance Research Grant
                             nPod Coordinating Center                  Vickie & Robert Mercer                       Targeted Expression of Insulin to
                             Mark Atkinson, Ph.D.                      Novel Pathways to Expansion of               Intestinal Encocrine Cells
                             University of Florida, Gainesville,       Functional Beta Cell Mass                    Timothy Kieffer, Ph.D.
                             FL, USA                                   Christopher B. Newgard, Ph.D.                University of British Columbia,
                                                                       Duke University Medical Center,              Vancouver, BC, CAN
                                                                       Durham, NC, USA
                                                                                                                    The Wattles Family Foundation in Honor
                                                                       The Proctor & Gamble Company Career          of Conner Wattles
                                www.jdrf.org/satrequest                Development Award                            Cell Fate Potential of Putative Progenitor
                                                                       Regulatory T cells, Immune Privilege and     Cells from Telomerase Tg Mice
                                                                       Islet Allograft Tolerance                    David Breault, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                       Zhenhua Dai, M.D., Ph.D.                     Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA, USA
                                                                       University of Texas Health Center,
           JDRF’s School                                               Tyler, TX, USA
                                                                                                                    The Sybil and David Yurman

       Advisory Toolkit has
       been downloaded by                                                                                           Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
        over 10,000 people                                             Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund                 Identifying Urinary Biomarkers of
                                        S RE

        since its launch in
          February 2008.                                               Drug Development for Beta Cell               Diabetic Nephropathy

                                                                       Regeneration                                 Maryam Afkarian, M.D., Ph.D.

                                   S   O
                       RESEARCH RE                                     Fred Levine, M.D.                            Massachusetts General Hospital (The
                                                                       University of California San Diego,          General Hospital Corp.), Boston, MA, USA
                                                                       San Diego, CA, USA

JdrF i FinanCiaL repOrT

FinanCiaL repOrT i JdrF

                                                                                                     FUNCTIONAL EXPENSES $191.0M
                                                                                                     for the year 2010
                                                                                                     n Management & General $13.0M
                                               62%                   20%
                                                                                                     n Fundraising $21.4M

                                                                                                     Research & Education Programs $156.6M
                                                                                                     n Public Education $38.7M                          82%

                                                                                                     n Research Support $117.9M

                                                                                                     PUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUE $207.1M
                                                              22%                                    for the year 2010

                                                                                                     n Contributions $45.3M
                                               60%                       12%
                                                                                                     n International Affiliate Transfers $24.7M
                                                                                                     n Revenue $13.5M

                                                                                                     n Special Events, Including Walk (net) $123.6M

                          Independent Auditors’ Report
                          The Board of Directors
                          The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International:

                          We have audited the accompanying statements of financial position of The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (the
                          Foundation) as of June 30, 2010 and 2009, and the related statements of activities, functional expenses, and cash flows for the years
                          then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of the Foundation’s management. Our responsibility is to express an
                          opinion on these financial statements based on our audits.

                          We conducted our audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. Those standards
                          require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material
                          misstatement. An audit includes consideration of internal control over financial reporting as a basis for designing audit procedures
                          that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the Foundation’s
                          internal control over financial reporting. Accordingly, we express no such opinion. An audit also includes examining, on a test basis,
                          evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements, assessing the accounting principles used and significant
                          estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. We believe that our audits provide
                          a reasonable basis for our opinion.

                          In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of The Juvenile
                          Diabetes Research Foundation International as of June 30, 2010 and 2009, and the changes in its net assets and its cash flows for the
                          years then ended in conformity with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles.

                          New York, New York
                          October 4, 2010

                                                                                                     JdrF i FinanCiaL repOrT
                                                           sTATeMeNTs OF FINANCIAL pOsITION

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
June 30, 2010 and 2009

(in thousands)                                                                    2010       2009
Cash and cash equivalents                                                   $    23,118     42,311
Investments (note 3)                                                            146,062   134,535
Accrued income                                                                    5,081     3,770
Contributions receivable, net (note 6)                                           23,094    23,467
Prepaid expenses and other assets                                                 2,792     3,568
Fixed assets, net (note 7)                                                        3,760     2,230
                        Total assets                                        $   203,907   209,881

              Accounts payable and accrued expenses                         $    12,610     7,323
              Liabilities related to split-interest agreements                    2,554     2,598
              Deferred special events revenue                                     4,524     4,346
              Research grants payable (note 9)                                  152,664   180,152
                        Total liabilities                                       172,352   194,419
Commitments and contingencies (note 10)
Net assets (accumulated deficit):
              Unrestricted                                                         466    (20,868)
              Temporarily restricted (note 11)                                   25,675    31,122
              Permanently restricted (note 11)                                    5,414     5,208
                        Total net assets                                         31,555    15,462
                        Total liabilities and net assets                    $   203,907   209,881

See accompanying notes to financial statements.

FinanCiaL repOrT i JdrF

                          sTATeMeNTs OF ACTIVITIes

                          The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
                          Years ended June 30, 2010 and 2009

                          (in thousands)                                                                             2010                                               2009

                                                                                       Temporarily Permanently                            Temporarily Permanently
                                                                        Unrestricted     Restricted Restricted       Total Unrestricted     Restricted  Restricted      Total
                          PUBLIC SUPPORT
                          AND REVENUE:
                          Public support and revenue:
                               Contributions                        $       31,517      13,763        —          45,280      32,509         8,136         —           40,645
                               Special events:
                                     Proceeds                               149,003       —           —          149,003    147,140          —            —          147,140
                                     Direct donor benefits                  (25,430)      —           —          (25,430)   (27,095)         —            —          (27,095)
                               Contributions from
                               affiliates (note 8)                          24,693        —           —          24,693      18,567          —            —           18,567
                                         Total public support               179,783     13,763        —          193,546     171,121        8,136         —          179,257
                          Revenue (loss):
                               Investment return (loss)
                               (note 3)                                     13,104        8           206        13,318     (36,390)          5           51         (36,334)
                               Other                                          224         —           —            224        622            —            —              622
                                         Total revenue (loss)               13,328        8           206        13,542     (35,768)          5           51         (35,712)
                          Net assets released
                          from restrictions                                  19,218    (19,218)       —            —         12,243        (12,243)       —               —
                                         Total public support
                                         and revenue                $       212,329    (5,447)        206        207,088    147,596        (4,102)        51         143,545

                          ExPENSES (NOTE 5):
                               Program services:
                                     Research support, net
                                     (note 9)                               117,920       —           —          117,920    109,912          —            —          109,912
                                     Public education                       38,657        —           —          38,657      36,072          —            —           36,072
                                                                            156,577       —           —          156,577    145,984          —            —          145,984
                               Supporting services:
                                       and general                          13,001        —           —          13,001      11,930          —            —           11,930
                                       Fund-raising                         21,417        —           —          21,417      19,665          —            —           19,665
                                                                            34,418        —           —          34,418      31,595          —            —           31,595
                                         Total expenses                     190,995       —           —          190,995    177,579          —            —          177,579
                                         Change in net assets               21,334     (5,447)        206        16,093     (29,983)       (4,102)        51         (34,034)
                          Net assets (accumulated deficit)
                          at beginning of year                              (20,868)    31,122       5,208       15,462       9,115        35,224       5,157         49,496
                          Net assets (accumulated deficit)
                          at end of year                            $         466       25,675       5,414       31,555     (20,868)       31,122       5,208         15,462

                          See accompanying notes to financial statements.

                                                                                                                                           JdrF i FinanCiaL repOrT
                                                      sTATeMeNTs OF FuNCTIONAL expeNses

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
Years ended June 30, 2010 and 2009

(in thousands)                                                                                                                     2010
                                                                 PROGRAM SERVICES                 SUPPORTING SERVICES
                                                      Research      Public             Management                                  Total
                                                       support   education     Total    and general   Fund-raising     Total   expenses
Research grants, net (note 9)                     $    107,547         —     107,547            —              —         —      107,547
Payroll and related expenses                             6,701     25,591    32,292          8,656         14,069    22,725      55,017
Printing and promotional expenses                         284       2,086     2,370            489          2,019     2,508       4,878
Office rent and related expenses,
including depreciation and amortization                  1,624      6,305     7,929          2,548          3,329     5,877      13,806
Meetings and conferences                                  786       2,045      2,831           380            782     1,162       3,993
Professional services                                     869         995      1,864           379            390      769        2,633
Miscellaneous                                             109        1,635     1,744           549            828     1,377        3,121
           Total functional expenses                   117,920     38,657    156,577         13,001        21,417    34,418     190,995
Percentage of total functional expenses                61.74%      20.24%    81.98%          6.81%         11.21%    18.02%
Costs of direct benefits to donors                                                                                               25,430
           Total expenses and costs of
           direct benefits to donors              $                                                                             216,425

                                                                 PROGRAM SERVICES                 SUPPORTING SERVICES
                                                      Research      Public             Management                                  Total
                                                       support   education     Total    and general   Fund-raising     Total   expenses
Research grants, net (note 9)                     $    100,870         —     100,870            —              —         —      100,870
Payroll and related expenses                            6,045      22,965     29,010         7,798         12,543    20,341      49,351
Printing and promotional expenses                         242       2,560     2,802            523          1,936     2,459       5,261
Office rent and related expenses,
including depreciation and amortization                  1,190      5,776     6,966           2,173         2,822     4,995       11,961
Meetings and conferences                                  722        1,665    2,387            451           1,122    1,573       3,960
Professional services                                     776        1,648    2,424            509            634     1,143       3,567
Miscellaneous                                              67        1,458     1,525           476            608     1,084       2,609
           Total functional expenses                   109,912     36,072    145,984         11,930        19,665    31,595     177,579
Percentage of total functional expenses                61.90%      20.31%    82.21%          6.72%         11.07%    17.79%
Costs of direct benefits to donors                                                                                               27,095
           Total expenses and costs of
           direct benefits to donors              $                                                                             204,674

See accompanying notes to financial statements.

FinanCiaL repOrT i JdrF

                          sTATeMeNTs OF CAsh FLOWs

                          The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
                          Years ended June 30, 2010 and 2009

                          (in thousands)                                                                                2010        2009
                          Change in net assets                                                                      $ 16,093     (34,034)
                          Adjustments to reconcile change in net assets to net cash used in operating activities:
                               Net (appreciation) depreciation in fair value of investments                          (11,002)     40,027
                               Depreciation and amortization                                                            1,989        960
                               Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
                                     Accrued income                                                                    (1,311)     1,608
                                     Contributions receivable                                                            373       3,109
                                     Prepaid expenses and other assets                                                   776       (574)
                                     Accounts payable and accrued expenses                                             5,287      (4,643)
                                     Split-interest agreements                                                           (44)      (282)
                                     Deferred special events revenue                                                      178      (260)
                                     Research grants payable                                                         (27,488)    (21,003)
                                              Net cash used in operating activities                                  (15,149)    (15,092)

                          Purchase of fixed assets                                                                    (3,519)     (1,381)
                          Purchase of investments                                                                    (24,014)    (14,863)
                          Proceeds from sale of investments                                                           23,489      53,046
                                              Net cash (used in) provided by investing activities                     (4,044)     36,802
                                              Change in cash and cash equivalents                                    (19,193)     21,710
                          Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year                                              42,311      20,601
                          Cash and cash equivalents at end of year                                                  $ 23,118      42,311

                          See accompanying notes to financial statements.

                                                                                                                                                                                             JdrF i FinanCiaL repOrT
                                                                           NOTes TO FINANCIAL sTATeMeNTs
June 30, 2010 and 2009 (Amounts in thousands)

1. ORGANIzATION                                                                               D. INVESTMENTS
The mission of The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (the Foundation) is    The Foundation’s investments, including assets related to split interest agreements,
to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research.            are reported at fair value based upon quoted market prices or, with respect to hedge
                                                                                              funds and convertible preferred stock, at estimated fair value. The estimated fair
The Foundation solicits contributions from the public and engages in various fund rais-       value of hedge funds, as a practical expedient, is the net asset value as provided by
ing activities. Funds raised are used to support Type 1 diabetes research. In addition, the   the investment managers, and evaluated for reasonableness by the Foundation. The
Foundation engages in advocacy efforts aimed at increasing federal funding of Type 1 dia-     fair value of the convertible preferred stock of a private company is estimated by the
betes research.                                                                               Foundation based upon audited financial statements and other information provided
The financial statements of the Foundation include the accounts of the Foundation and its     by the company. Due to the inherent uncertainties of these estimates, these values
Chapters located throughout the United States. The Foundation has international affiliates    may differ from the values that would have been used had a ready market existed for
located in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and a number of other countries. The        such investments.
financial statements of those organizations are not included in the accompanying financial
statements since the Foundation does not exercise control over the management and op-         E. FIxED ASSETS
erations of the international affiliates.                                                     Fixed assets, which consist of furniture, equipment, and leasehold improvements, are
                                                                                              recorded at cost. Depreciation is provided on a straight line basis over the estimated
The Foundation is a not for profit organization exempt from federal income taxes un-          useful lives of the assets, which approximate three to ten years for furniture and equip-
der Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, organized under the laws of the           ment. Leasehold improvements are amortized on a straight line basis over the shorter
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.                                                                 of the life of the asset or the lease term.

                                                                                              Financial instruments are defined to include: cash and cash equivalents, investments,
                                                                                              receivables, assets related to split interest agreements, accounts payable, and
The Foundation’s financial statements are prepared on the accrual basis of accounting
                                                                                              liabilities related to split interest agreements. The fair value of investments is discussed
in accordance with standards established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board
                                                                                              in note 3. The carrying amount of the Foundation’s remaining financial instruments
(FASB) for external financial reporting by not for profit organizations. Accordingly, net
                                                                                              approximates fair value.
assets of the Foundation and changes therein are classified and reported as follows:
    Unrestricted Net Assets—Net assets that are not subject to donor imposed                  G. ALLOCATION OF JOINT COSTS
    restrictions.                                                                             The Foundation allocates joint costs between fund raising and program services or
                                                                                              management and general in accordance with Accounting Standards Codification (ASC)
    Temporarily Restricted Net Assets—Net assets subject to donor imposed restric-            No. 958-720, Accounting for Costs of Activities of Not for Profit Organizations and State
    tions that will be met either by actions of the Foundation or by the passage of time.     and Local Governmental Entities That Include Fund Raising.
    Permanently Restricted Net Assets—Net assets subject to donor imposed re-
    strictions, which stipulate that the principal be maintained permanently by the           H. USE OF ESTIMATES
    Foundation, but permit the Foundation to expend part or all of the income and             The preparation of financial statements in conformity with U.S. generally accepted
    gains derived there from.                                                                 accounting principles requires management to make estimates and assumptions that
                                                                                              affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities and disclosures of contingencies
Revenues and gains and losses on investments and other assets are reported as                 at the date of the financial statements and the reported amounts of revenues and
changes in unrestricted net assets unless limited by explicit donor imposed restrictions      expenses during the year. Significant estimates made in the preparation of the
or by law. Expenses are reported as decreases in unrestricted net assets.                     financial statements include fair value of alternative investments, net realizable value
When a time restriction ends or a purpose restriction is accomplished, temporarily            of contributions receivable, and functional expense allocation. Actual results could
restricted net assets are reclassified to unrestricted net assets and reported in the         differ from those estimates.
statements of activities as net assets released from restrictions.
                                                                                              I. FUNCTIONAL ALLOCATION OF ExPENSES
B. CONTRIBUTIONS                                                                              The costs of providing the various programs and other activities have been summarized
Contributions, including unconditional promises to give (pledges), are reported as rev-       on a functional basis. Accordingly, certain costs have been allocated among the
enues in the period received or pledged. Contributions with purpose or time restrictions      programs and supporting services areas that were benefited.
that are not met in the same reporting period as received are reported as increases in
temporarily restricted net assets and are reclassified to unrestricted net assets when        J. NEW ACCOUNTING STANDARDS
the purpose or time restrictions are met. Contributions subject to donor imposed              In 2010, the Foundation adopted the disclosure requirements of Accounting Standards
stipulations that the corpus be maintained permanently are recognized as increases in         Update (ASU) No. 2009 — 12, Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures – Investments
permanently restricted net assets.                                                            in Certain Entities That Calculate Net Asset Value per Share (or its Equivalent), with
                                                                                              respect to investments within its scope. The Foundation had adopted the measurement
Conditional promises to give are not recognized until they become unconditional, that         provisions of this guidance in 2009.
is, when the conditions on which they depend are substantially met. Contributions of as-
sets other than cash are recorded at their estimated fair value. Contributions expected to    In 2010, the Foundation adopted ASU 2009 — 06, Implementation Guidance on
be received after one year are discounted at a risk adjusted rate of return. Amortization     Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes and Disclosure Amendments for Nonpublic
of the discount is recorded as additional contribution revenue in accordance with the         Entities, in conjunction with its adoption of FASB Interpretation No. 48, Accounting
donor imposed restrictions, if any, on the contribution.                                      for Uncertainty in Income Taxes (now included in ASC Subtopic 740 10, Income Taxes
                                                                                              – Overall). FASB Interpretation No. 48 addresses the accounting for uncertainties in
Contributions received for future special events, primarily walk events, are recorded as      income taxes recognized in an organization’s financial statements and prescribes a
deferred revenue and are recognized as revenue in the fiscal year the event takes place,      threshold of more-likely-than-not for recognition and derecognition of tax positions
which is generally within one year.                                                           taken or expected to be taken in a tax return. There was no significant impact on the
                                                                                              Foundation’s financial statements as a result of the adoption of this guidance.
The Foundation administers two types of split interest agreements – Charitable Gift
Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts. With Charitable Gift Annuities, the Foundation
receives cash or marketable securities from a donor in exchange for an annuity to be          3. INVESTMENTS
distributed for a fixed amount over the lifetime or lifetimes of the donor or other benefi-   Investments at June 30, 2010 and 2009 consisted of the following:
ciaries. Upon the death of the annuitant or survivor of the annuitants, the Foundation is                                                                2010                       2009
entitled to full use of the remainder. With Charitable Remainder Trusts administered by
the Foundation, the Foundation receives donated assets as trustee under a trust agree-        Cash and cash equivalents                            $ 16,000                           —
ment established by the donor in exchange for an income stream to be distributed to the       Equity mutual funds
donor and/or other beneficiaries over a specified period of time. The distribution to the            Domestic                                          18,626                     16,962
donor or other beneficiaries may be a fixed dollar amount (an annuity trust) or percent-
                                                                                                     Foreign                                            2,636                      2,410
age of the fair value of the trust as determined annually (unitrust). Upon the termination
of the trust, the Foundation is entitled to full use of the remainder. For both Charitable    Convertible preferred stock                               4,934                      4,934
Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts, a related liability is recorded for the ac-   Fixed income mutual funds
tuarially determined present value of the obligation to the annuitant or annuitants. The             Corporate                                          9,714                    28,383
discount rates used to calculate the liability range between 2.6% and 8.2% at June 30,
2010. For Charitable Gift Annuities, the assets received are held as general assets of the           Government                                        14,565                     7,380
Foundation, and the annuity liability is a general obligation of the Foundation.              Hedge funds                                             79,587                     74,466
                                                                                                     Total investments                             $ 146,062                    134,535
Cash equivalents consist of money market accounts, demand notes, savings accounts,
and certificates of deposit purchased with original maturities of three months or less,       Included in investments are amounts related to Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable
except for such instruments purchased by the Foundation’s investment managers as              Remainder Trusts totaling $2,177 and $2,193, respectively, at June 30, 2010 and $1,928
part of their investment strategies.                                                          and $2,040, respectively, at June 30, 2009.

FinanCiaL repOrT i JdrF   nOTes TO FinanCiaL sTaTeMenTs continued

                              The Foundation’s investments are exposed to various risks, such as market and credit           The limitations and restrictions on the Foundation’s ability to redeem or sell these
                              risks. Because of the risk associated with such investments, it is possible that change        investments, as well as the convertible preferred stock, vary by investment. Based
                              in their values will occur and that such changes could materially affect the Foundation’s      upon the terms and conditions in effect at June 30, 2010, the Foundation’s Level 2 and
                              financial statements. The Foundation is exposed to credit risk in the event of nonper-         3 investments can be redeemed or sold as follows:
                              formance by the issuers of the fixed income securities. However, the Foundation does                                                                                           Amounts
                              not anticipate such nonperformance.
                                                                                                                             Less than a month                                                                $ 9,908
                              Assets and liabilities reported at fair value are required to be classified within a fair      Monthly                                                                           10,792
                              value hierarchy, which gives preference to the use of observable inputs over unobserv-
                              able inputs. Fair value is defined as the exchange price that would be received for an         Quarterly                                                                         54,438
                              asset or paid to transfer a liability (an exit price) in the principal or most advantageous    Annually                                                                           2,225
                              market for the asset or liability in an orderly transaction between market participants        Biannually                                                                         2,224
                              on the measurement date. The three levels of the fair value hierarchy are as follows:
                                                                                                                             More than 2 years                                                                  4,934
                              • Level 1 inputs are quoted prices (unadjusted) in active markets for identical assets or                                                                                      $ 84,521
                                liabilities that a reporting entity has the ability to access at the measurement date.
                              • Level 2 inputs are other than quoted prices included within Level 1 that are observable
                                for the asset or liability, either directly or indirectly.                                   The following table presents a reconciliation of Level 3 investments for the years
                                                                                                                             ended June 30, 2010 and 2009:
                              • Level 3 inputs are unobservable inputs for the asset or liability.                                                                                                    2010      2009
                              Most investments classified as Level 2 or 3 consist of shares or units in investment           Balance at beginning of year                                        $ 17,802      11,274
                              funds as opposed to direct interests in the funds’ underlying holdings, which may be
                              marketable. Because the net asset value reported by each fund is used as a practical                 Transfer to Level 2                                             (9,554)         —
                              expedient to estimate the fair value of the Foundation’s interest therein, its classifica-           Net realized and unrealized gains                                 1,135        528
                              tion in Level 2 or 3 is based on the Foundation’s ability to redeem its interest at or near          Purchases                                                            —       6,000
                              the date of the statement of financial position. If the interest can be redeemed in the        Balance at end of year                                               $ 9,383     17,802
                              near term, the investment is classified in Level 2. The classification of investments in
                              the fair value hierarchy is not necessarily an indication of the risks, liquidity, or de-
                              gree of difficulty in estimating the fair value of each investment’s underlying assets         The components of investment return and its classification in the statements of activi-
                              and liabilities.                                                                               ties for the years ended June 30, 2010 and 2009 were as follows:
                              The following table presents the fair value hierarchy of investments as of June 30, 2010:                                                                              2010
                                                                           Total           Level 1      Level 2    Level 3                                                    Temporarily Permanently
                                                                                                                                                               Unrestricted     restricted      restricted     Total
                              Cash and cash equivalents              $ 16,000              16,000           —          —
                                                                                                                             Interest and dividends              $ 2,280                 8              28    2,316
                              Equity mutual funds
                                                                                                                             Net appreciation                       10,824              —              178   11,002
                                     Domestic                           18,626             18,626           —          —
                                                                                                                                                                 $ 13,104                8            206    13,318
                                     Foreign                              2,636             2,636           —          —
                              Convertible preferred stock                 4,934                —            —       4,934
                              Fixed income mutual funds
                                                                                                                                                                               Temporarily Permanently
                                     Corporate                            9,714             9,714           —          —
                                                                                                                                                               Unrestricted      restricted   restricted     Total
                                     Government                         14,565             14,565           —          —
                                                                                                                             Interest and dividends             $ 3,644                   5           44    3,693
                              Hedge funds                               79,587                 —        75,138      4,449
                                                                                                                             Net (depreciation) appreciation      (40,034)               —             7 (40,027)
                                     Total investments               $ 146,062             61,541       75,138      9,383
                                                                                                                                                                $ (36,390)                5           51 (36,334)

                              The following table presents the fair value hierarchy of investments as of June 30, 2009:
                                                                                                                             Investment expenses relating to investment advisors, managers, and custodians
                                                                        Total        Level 1      Level 2       Level 3      and other bank charges are recorded as reductions to interest and dividend income.
                              Equity mutual funds                $                                                           Investment expenses totaled $686 and $556 for the years ended June 30, 2010 and
                                     Domestic                        16,962          16,962            —             —       2009, respectively.
                                     Foreign                           2,410           2,410           —             —
                                                                                                                             4. RETIREMENT PLAN
                              Convertible preferred stock             4,934               —            —          4,934
                                                                                                                             The Foundation has a defined contribution pension plan, which covers substantially all
                              Fixed income mutual funds                                                                      employees. The Foundation’s expense for the years ended June 30, 2010 and 2009 was
                                     Corporate                       28,383         28,383             —             —       $994 and $508, respectively.
                                     Government                       7,380           7,229           151            —
                              Hedge funds                            74,466               —        61,598       12,868       5. ALLOCATION OF JOINT COSTS
                                     Total investments           $ 134,535          54,984         61,749       17,802       In 2010 and 2009, the Foundation conducted activities, principally direct mail, that in-
                                                                                                                             cluded fund raising appeals as well as program components. The joint costs incurred
                                                                                                                             were allocated as follows:
                              Information with respect to the strategies of those investment funds which are re-
                              ported at estimated fair value based upon net asset value per share (or its equivalent)                                                                                2010      2009
                              is as follows (amounts included are as of June 30, 2010):                                      Public education                                                     $ 1,599      1,595
                              Long only global ex U.S. equity securities ($9,908) – includes investments in compa-           Management and general                                                   297        314
                              nies that are believed to have overlooked value as well as event driven stocks selling         Fund-raising                                                           2,351      2,363
                              at discounts to their intrinsic values. Investments are in long positions, predominately         Total                                                              $ 4,207      4,272
                              in developed markets outside of the United States.
                              Long only emerging markets equity securities ($4,887) – includes investments in
                              companies that are believed to have overlooked value as well as event driven stocks            6. CONTRIBUTIONS RECEIVABLE
                              selling at discounts to their intrinsic values. Investments are in long positions, pre-        Contributions receivable at June 30, 2010 and 2009 consisted of:
                              dominately in emerging market countries.                                                                                                                               2010      2009
                              Multi-strategy hedge funds ($13,611) – includes investments in funds that pursue               Gross contributions receivable, due in:
                              multiple investment strategies in an attempt to diversify risks and reduce volatil-
                              ity. Capital allocated to each of the strategies, as well as geographical areas, varies          Less than one year                                                 $11,942    10,957
                              depending on market opportunities.                                                               One to five years                                                   12,990    14,579
                              Equity long/short hedge funds ($18,561) – includes investments in funds that invest              Thereafter                                                             163       372
                              both long and short in equities. Investments are also made in fixed income securities                                                                                25,095    25,908
                              and funds, depending on market conditions.                                                     Less:
                              Distressed debt hedge funds ($7,329) – includes investments in funds that attempt                Allowance for doubtful accounts                                     (1,344)   (1,324)
                              to invest opportunistically in troubled companies. Investments encompass distressed
                              debt, private equity, real estate, high yield bonds, and a number of hedge fund                  Unamortized discount to present value, at rates ranging
                              strategies.                                                                                      from 1.00% to 5.50%                                                  (657)     (1,117)
                              Real assets ($13,943) – includes investments in liquid energy, real estate, and natural                                                                            $ 23,094    23,467
                              resources equities, as well as investments in commodities.                                     Contributions receivable have been discounted to their present value at the rate at the
                              Fixed income securities ($11,348) – includes investments in sovereign and invest-              time the original unconditional promise to give was made.
                              ment grade corporate bonds – both in the United States and globally. Investments
                              also include the most senior debt of riskier, non-investment-grade companies.
                                                                                                                                                                                           JdrF i FinanCiaL repOrT
7. FIxED ASSETS                                                                                Rental commitments for all leases are as follows:
Fixed assets at June 30, 2010 and 2009 consisted of:                                           2011                                                                             $ 5,265
                                                                           2010       2009     2012                                                                               4,680
Furniture and equipment                                                 $ 5,568       6,010    2013                                                                               3,533
Leasehold improvements                                                    1,687       2,054    2014                                                                               2,488
                                                                          7,255       8,064    2015                                                                               2,099
Less accumulated depreciation and amortization                          (3,495)     (5,834)    2016                                                                               1,827
  Fixed assets, net                                                     $ 3,760       2,230    Thereafter                                                                         5,130
                                                                                                                                                                               $ 25,022
During the years ended June 30, 2010 and 2009, the Foundation received contributions           C. LINE OF CREDIT
from affiliates as follows:
                                                                                               On February 19, 2010, the Foundation entered into an agreement with JP Morgan Chase
                                                                           2010       2009     for an unsecured line of credit in the aggregate amount of $10 million. The term of the
JDRF - Canada                                                          $ 15,586       7,908    agreement expires January 29, 2011. The line of credit was unused as of June 30, 2010.
JDRF - Australia                                                          7,202       9,306
                                                                                                11. NET ASSETS
JDRF - United Kingdom                                                     1,599       1,183
                                                                                               A. TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS
JDRF - Greece                                                                37          65
                                                                                               At June 30, 2010 and 2009, temporarily restricted net assets were available for the fol-
JDRF - Denmark                                                               74          —     lowing purposes:
JDRF - Israel                                                               195         105
                                                                                                                                                                        2010      2009
                                                                       $24,693       18,567
                                                                                               Future periods, principally contributions receivable
                                                                                                 and split-interest agreements                                     $ 24,319     29,733
JDRF Australia’s 2010 and 2009 contributions include $3,457 and $6,116, respectively,          Diabetes Care Coalition program (know your A1C)                           —       1,014
funded by the Australian Government as part of the JDRF Islet Transplantation Program          Various research projects                                              1,356        375
(ITP) in Australia. The program, which began in 2007, funds JDRF approved grants at                                                                                $ 25,675     31,122
Australian medical and research institutions to address the basic science surrounding
preclinical approaches to improve islet transplantation techniques.
                                                                                               B. PERMANENTLY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS
JDRF Canada’s 2010 contributions include $7,883 related to a joint funding agreement           At June 30, 2010 and 2009, the investment return derived from permanently restricted
with the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario as part of the               net assets was expendable to support:
JDRF Canadian T1D Clinical Trial Network. The program funds JDRF- approved grants
to conduct clinical trials to further the development and/or commercialization of an                                                                                    2010      2009
artificial pancreas for diabetics and to establish a Clinical Trial Network in Southern        General activities                                                    $ 1,576      1,576
Ontario in order to facilitate and coordinate the conduct of Phase I and II Clinical Trials.   Research projects:
                                                                                                 Artificial Pancreas Project                                          2,000      2,000
                                                                                                 Virginia Mason Research Center                                        1,838     1,632
Research grants payable at June 30, 2010 and 2009 consisted of:
                                                                                                                                                                     $ 5,414     5,208
                                                                           2010        2009
Amounts expected to be paid in:                                                                The Foundation’s endowment consists of four individual donor restricted endow-
  Less than one year                                                  $ 150,420 168,837        ment funds established for a variety of purposes. The Foundation has interpreted
  One to five years                                                       2,269  11,585        Pennsylvania law as requiring the preservation of the fair value of the original gift as
                                                                                               of the gift date of the donor restricted endowment funds absent explicit donor stipu-
  Subtotal                                                              152,689 180,422        lations to the contrary. As a result of this interpretation, the Foundation classifies as
Less discount to present value, at rates ranging                                               permanently restricted net assets (a) the original value of gifts to the permanent en-
from 1% to 1.71%                                                            (25)      (270)    dowment and (b) accumulations of investment returns to the permanent endowment
  Total                                                               $ 152,664     180,152    made in accordance with the direction of the applicable donor gift instrument, when
                                                                                               applicable. The four endowment funds are invested in fixed income mutual funds. The
                                                                                               Foundation has no board designated endowment funds.
Research grant expense is net of any grant refunds, reductions, or terminations. These
adjustments were $13,178 and $52,928 for the years ended June 30, 2010 and 2009,               The following tables present the changes in the Foundation’s donor restricted endow-
respectively.                                                                                  ment funds for the years ended June 30, 2010 and 2009:
10. COMMITMENTS AND CONTINGENCIES                                                                                                               Temporarily Permanently
                                                                                                                                 Unrestricted     restricted   restricted       Total
As of June 30, 2010, there were conditional research grant commitments of $102,453,            Endowment net assets
which will be recognized in the Foundation’s financial statements when the conditions             at June 30,2009                        $—               —         5,208     5,208
have been substantially met, and are currently estimated to be payable as follows:             Investment income                         397              —             28       425
2011                                                                                $ 73,185   Net appreciation
                                                                                                  (realized and unrealized)              495              —           178        673
2012                                                                                  27,212
                                                                                               Appropriation for expenditure           (892)              —             —      (892)
2013                                                                                   1,308
                                                                                               Endowment net assets
2014                                                                                     748      at June 30, 2010                       $—               —         5,414      5,414
B. LEASES                                                                                                                                                              2009
Effective January 1, 1995, the Foundation entered into a 15 year lease agreement for                                                               Temporarily Permanently
executive office space in New York City. In 2001, the Foundation leased additional office                                        Unrestricted        restricted   restricted      Total
space in the same building. Rent expense for the executive office was $1,605 and $1,369        Endowment net assets
for the years ended June 30, 2010 and 2009, respectively. The Foundation was also re-             at June 30,2008                         $—               —           5,157      5,157
imbursed for certain construction costs associated with leasehold improvements. The
leasehold improvements and a corresponding deferred credit were recorded in 1995,              Investment income                          626              —              44        670
both of which were amortized on a straight line basis over the term of the lease, which        Net appreciation
expired on December 31, 2009. The Foundation did not renew this lease.                            (realized and unrealized)                20              —               7         27
On August 3, 2009, the Foundation entered into a new lease agreement and relocat-              Appropriation for expenditure            (646)              —               —      (646)
ed its national headquarters during December 2009. The new lease commenced on                  Endowment net assets
September 1, 2009 for a 10 year term. Annual rent will be $1,269, increasing to $1,353            at June 30, 2009                        $—               —           5,208      5,208
after the fifth year. Rent expense is recognized on a straight-line basis and, accordingly,
a deferred rent credit has been recorded. At June 30, 2010, a credit of approximately
$1,000 is included in accounts payable and accrued expenses.                                   12. SUBSEQUENT EVENTS
                                                                                               In connection with the preparation of the financial statements, the Foundation evalu-
The Foundation is also obligated under various leases for space occupied by certain            ated subsequent events through October 4, 2010, which was the date the financial
Chapters. Rent expense including maintenance costs for the Chapters was $3,687 and             statements were available for issuance, and concluded that no additional disclosures
$3,744 for the years ended June 30, 2010 and 2009, respectively.                               are required.
ChapTers & aFFiLiaTes i JdrF

                               ChApTeRs & AFFILIATes
                               JDRF has over 100 locations worldwide, including chapters and branches active throughout the
                               United States and affiliates in eight countries. JDRF chapters and affiliates host Walks, Galas, and
                               other fundraising events and programs to support the JDRF mission. They also offer support,
                               guidance, and a sense of community for people with type 1 diabetes and their families. Please visit
                               www.jdrf.org for information about JDRF activities near you.

                               Alabama                                   Iowa                                  New York                                 Texas
                               Alabama Chapter, Birmingham               Eastern Iowa Chapter, Cedar Rapids    Central New York Chapter, Liverpool      Austin Chapter, Austin
                                                                         Greater Iowa Chapter, Johnston        Greater Adirondack Region Branch,        Greater Dallas Chapter, Dallas
                               Arizona                                                                           Glens Falls                            Greater Ft. Worth/Arlington Chapter,
                               Desert Southwest Chapter, Phoenix         Kentucky                              Hudson Valley Branch, Wappingers Falls    Ft. Worth
                               Southern Arizona Branch, Tucson           Kentuckiana Chapter, Louisville       Long Island Chapter, Melville            Houston Gulf Coast Chapter, Houston
                                                                                                               New York City Chapter, New York City     Panhandle Branch, Amarillo
                               Arkansas                                  Louisiana                             Brooklyn/Queens Branch, New York City    South-Central Texas Chapter,
                               Greater Arkansas Chapter, Little Rock     Louisiana Chapter, Baton Rouge        Staten Island Branch, New York City       San Antonio
                               Northwest Arkansas Branch,                New Orleans Branch, New Orleans       Northeastern New York/Capital Region
                                Fayetteville                                                                     Chapter, East Greenbush                Utah
                                                                         Maryland                              Rochester Chapter, Rochester             Utah Chapter, Salt Lake City
                               California                                Maryland Chapter, Linthicum           Westchester County Chapter,
                               Greater Bay Area Chapter, San Francisco                                           White Plains                           Virginia
                               Inland Empire Chapter, Riverside          Massachusetts                         Western New York Chapter, Amherst        Central Virginia Chapter, Richmond
                               Los Angeles Chapter, Los Angeles          New England/Bay State Chapter,                                                 Greater Blue Ridge Chapter, Roanoke
                               Northern California Inland Chapter,        Wellesley                            North Carolina                           Tidewater Chapter, Virginia Beach
                                 Sacramento                                                                    Charlotte Chapter, Charlotte
                               Orange County Chapter, Irvine             Michigan                              Piedmont Triad Chapter, Greensboro       Washington
                               San Diego Chapter, San Diego              Metro-Detroit/Southeast Michigan      Triangle/Eastern North Carolina          Inland Northwest Branch, Spokane
                                                                          Chapter, Southfield                    Chapter, Raleigh                       JDRF Northwest Chapter, Seattle
                               Colorado                                  Michigan Great Lakes West Chapter,                                             Seattle Guild, Seattle
                               Colorado Springs Branch,                   Grand Rapids                         Ohio                                     South Sound Branch, Seattle
                                Colorado Springs                                                               Greater Cincinnati Chapter, Cincinnati
                               Rocky Mountain Chapter, Denver            Minnesota                             Greater Dayton Chapter, Dayton           West Virginia
                                                                         MinnDakotas Chapter, Bloomington      Mid-Ohio Chapter, Columbus               West Virginia Branch, Charleston
                               Connecticut                                                                     Northeast Ohio Chapter, Independence
                               Fairfield County Chapter, Norwalk         Mississippi                           Akron/Canton Branch, Independence        Wisconsin
                               Greater New Haven Chapter, Hamden         Mississippi Chapter, Jackson          Northwest Ohio Branch, Toledo            Northeast Wisconsin Chapter, Menasha
                               North-Central Connecticut/Western                                                                                        Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter,
                                 Massachusetts Chapter, Farmington       Missouri                              Oklahoma                                  Wauwatosa
                                                                         Kansas City Chapter, Kansas City      Central Oklahoma Chapter,                Western Wisconsin Chapter, Madison
                               Delaware                                  Metro-St. Louis/Greater Missouri        Oklahoma City
                               Delaware Branch, Wilmington                Chapter, St. Louis                   Tulsa Green Country Chapter, Tulsa
                                                                                                                                                        JDrf affiliates
                               District of Columbia                      Nebraska                              Oregon
                               Capitol Chapter, Washington, DC           Lincoln Chapter, Lincoln              Oregon/Southwest Washington              JDRF Australia
                                                                         Omaha Council Bluffs Chapter,          Chapter, Portland                       St. Leonards, NSW
                               Florida                                     Omaha
                               Central Florida Chapter,                                                        Pennsylvania                             JDRF Canada
                                 Altamonte Springs                       Nevada                                Central Pennsylvania Chapter, Lemoyne    Markham, Ontario
                               Florida Suncoast Chapter, Sarasota        Nevada Chapter, Las Vegas             Eastern Pennsylvania/Delaware
                               Greater Palm Beach County Chapter,        Northern Nevada Branch, Reno           Chapter, Bala Cynwyd                    JDRF Denmark
                                 West Palm Beach                                                               East-Central Pennsylvania Branch,        Copenhagen
                               North Florida Chapter, Jacksonville       New Hampshire                          Bala Cynwyd
                               South Florida Chapter, Ft. Lauderdale     Northern New England Branch,          Northwestern Pennsylvania Branch,        JDRF Germany
                               Tampa Bay Chapter, St. Petersburg          Manchester                            Erie                                    Heidelberg
                                                                                                               Western Pennsylvania Chapter,
                               Georgia                                   New Jersey                             Pittsburgh                              JDRF India
                               Georgia Chapter, Atlanta                  Central Jersey Chapter, Shrewsbury                                             Salt Lake, Kolkata
                                                                         Mid-Jersey Chapter, East Brunswick    Rhode Island
                               Hawaii                                    Northern New Jersey/Rockland County   Rhode Island Branch, Warwick             JDRF Israel
                               Hawaii Chapter, Honolulu                   Chapter, Englewood Cliffs                                                     Tel Aviv
                                                                         South Jersey Chapter, Cherry Hill     South Carolina
                               Illinois                                                                        Palmetto Chapter, Columbia               JDRF Mexico
                               Illinois Chapter, Chicago                 New Mexico                            Western Carolinas Chapter, Greenville    Mexico City
                                                                         New Mexico Branch, Albuquerque
                               Indiana                                                                         Tennessee                                JDRF United Kingdom
                               Indiana State Chapter, Indianapolis                                             East Tennessee Branch, Knoxville         London
                               Northern Indiana Branch, South Bend                                             Middle Tennessee Chapter, Brentwood
                                                                                                               West Tennessee Branch, Collierville


fY2010 board of Directors                         Ross A. Cooley                    Harold Smethills
                                                  Don Corrao                        Roy C. Smith
Diane Adams
                                                  Lee Ducat                         Emily Spitzer
Fernando Aguirre
                                                  Samuel D. Ewing, Jr.              James Stuart Jr.
Dick Allen
                                                  Gerald Fishbone, M.D.             James C. Tyree
Shannon Allen
                                                  Joseph Gardner, Ph.D.             Peter Wilson
Richard K. Bonness
                                                  Eileen Gelick                     Anne Zaring
John Brady
                                                  Robert D. German, Esq.
Mary Elizabeth Bunzel
                                                  David Glusman
Mitchell H. Caplan                                                                  senior staff
                                                  Krayna Golfman
Dayton Coles                                                                        President and Chief Executive Officer
                                                  Marilyn Gomm                      Jeffrey Brewer
Cynthia Ford
                                                  William Graves
Chip Halverson                                                                      Chief Human Resources Officer
                                                  Roslyn Greenspon                  Gerri Feemster Bostick, SPHR
Michael Hendren
                                                  Eric Harkna                       Executive Vice President, Development
Robert R. Hindle
                                                  Margaret Conn Himelfarb, M.P.H.   Mania Boyder
Steve Hitchins
                                                  Michael J. Hopkins, Esq.          Vice President, Research
Judy M. Hunt
                                                  Terry A. Jackson                  Darlene Deecher, Ph.D.
Francis J. Ingrassia
                                                  Fran Jacoby                       Senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs
Robert Wood Johnson IV
                                                  Ardy Johnson                      Robert A. Goldstein, M.D., Ph.D.
Richard Kirkland
                                                  Dave Johnson                      Assistant Vice President, Cure Therapies
Ellen Leake                                                                         Julia Greenstein, Ph.D.
                                                  Larry King
Richard Levy
                                                  Robert N. Klein II                Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances
John Madden                                                                         Karin Hehenberger, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                  Anne Lacey
James F. McDonald                                                                   Chief Scientific Officer
                                                  Joann Leatherby, Esq.
Patrick McFeeley                                                                    Richard A. Insel, M.D.
                                                  Jan Leeper
Leo F. Mullin                                                                       Vice President, Internal Audit
                                                  Stephen Leeper, D.D.S.            Gil King
David W. Nelms
                                                  S. Robert Levine, M.D.
George Nethercutt                                                                   Vice President, Individual, Major and
                                                  Carol Lurie                       Planned Giving
Nettleton S. Payne, M.D.
                                                  James M. Lurie, Esq.              Jamie Klobuchar
David Rehr
                                                  John J. McDonough                 Assistant Vice President, Treatment
Lewis R. Runnion
                                                  Steven M. Merdinger               Therapies
Glen E. Tullman                                                                     Aaron Kowalski, Ph.D.
                                                  Mollie Miller
Michael L. White                                                                    Vice President, Business Development
                                                  Penny Moseley
William T. Young, Jr.                                                               Michael Malekoff
                                                  Leah Mullin
Anne Zaring                                                                         Vice President, Government Relations
                                                  J. Richard Munro                  Cynthia Rice
Ex officio:
                                                  Katharine S. Overlock
James C. Tyree                                                                      Senior Vice President, Marketing and
                                                  Willard J. Overlock, Jr.          Communications
                                                  Penn Payne, Esq.                  Claire Schultz
fY2010 board of chancellors                       Margery D. Perry                  Chief Financial Officer & Assistant Treasurer
Susan Alberti AO Hon LLD                          Gail Pressberg                    Edward Sebald
Don Aron                                          Sandra Puczynski, Ph.D.           Chief Operating Officer
Robert Auerbach                                                                     Lawrence A. Soler, Esq.
                                                  Charles J. Queenan III
Aubrey W. Baillie                                 Kenneth M. Rich                   Chief Information Officer
                                                                                    James Szmak
Gordon D. Barker, R.Ph.                           Mark Rubenstein
Maureen Barunas                                   Steven T. Ruby, M.D.
Joan Beaubaire                                    Pam Sagan
Crandall Bowles                                   Bob Samuels
Erskine Bowles                                    Alyce Satsky
Max C. Chapman, Jr.                               Helaine Shiff
Sanford Cloud, Jr.                                Sandra D. Silvestri
Judi Cochran                                      Adam Singer


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