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									                  Northern Virginia Community College
                           Annandale Campus


                     COURSE SYLLABUS FALL 2007

Course Purpose:

This course is designed to provide you with a theoretical knowledge of
the roles, functions, and environment of a business manager. You will
learn about the development of management principles and their
integration into modern management theory and applications.

Course Objectives:

You should achieve the following objectives:
  Define and understand the role of management, and identify the
  major contributions to the evolution of management theory.
  Know the four principal functions of management and how to execute
  them, including the use of quantitative and qualitative techniques.
  Demonstrate knowledge of the techniques, such as MBO, Break-even
  analysis, SWOT, and PERT, used to help in the managerial functions.
  Know the principles of job design, delegation of authority, and span of
  control in organizational design.
  Identify and understand accepted theories of leadership and
  motivation and the use of effective communications to achieve goals.
  Demonstrate knowledge of the control function and control process as
  related to operations management, and total quality management.
  Define and understand the concept of ethical, social, global, and legal
  responsibilities pertinent to the managerial role.

   • Dr Jack Partlow      Office CC216A         Telephone: (703) 323-3333

Instructional Materials:

•   Textbook: Chuck Williams, Effective Management, 3rd Edition, Thomson
    South-Western, 2008.
•   References: Harvard Business Review, Business Week, Fortune, Wall Street
    Journal, Forbes, and Business 2.0 magazines.
•   Resources: VCCS email account and Internet access.
•   Required course web page-
•   Required resource web page –
-2-                       Course Schedule:

Week of:            Assignments:

                  Part One      Introduction to Management

Aug 22        Course Objectives
Aug 22-28     Chapter 1 Management
Sept 3        Labor Day (no class)
Sept 5-10     Chapter 2 Organizational Environments and Cultures
Sept 12       Chapter 3 Ethics and Social Responsibility
Sept 17-24    Chapter 13 Managing Communications
Sept 26       Test: Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 13

                             Part Two   Planning

Oct   1-3     Chapter 4 Planning and Decision Making
Oct   8       Columbus Day (no class)
Oct   10-15   Chapter 4 Decision Making
Oct   17      Chapter 5 Organizational Strategy
Oct   17      Chapter 6 Innovation and Change
Oct   22      Chapter 7 Global Management

                          Part Three Organizing

Oct 29-31 Chapter 8 Designing Adaptive Organizations
Nov 5-7   Chapter 9 Managing Teams
Nov 12-14 Chapter 10 Managing Human Resources

                          Part Four     Leadership

Nov 19    Chapter 11 Motivation
Nov 21    Thanksgiving Holidays (no class)
Nov 26-28 Chapter 12 Leadership

                             Part Five Controlling

Dec 3-5             Chapter 14 Control
Dec 10        Chapter 15 Managing Information
Dec           Final Exam 8:00 – 9:50 am (40 points-objective test)
3-                    Course Administration:

Management Learning Principles:

Every student approaches learning differently. We will study in Chapter 11
that a manager needs an understanding that adult learners are different from
younger students. Some learn best listening in a lecture environment, while
others like to privately reflect on readings. Many learners struggle with
concepts until they actually see them in a graph or hear through audio, and
there are those who need first-hand experience to gain understanding and
application (which is the purpose of the graded management exercises).

This course is designed to give you the value of required class attendance
and classroom instruction enhanced by the modern, Internet technology of
Blackboard Webpage delivery system coupled with the required Effective
Management Online (, and the publisher
furnished electronic multimedia learning platform. You can access
Blackboard and Effective Management Online through your own
personal Internet access or through the NVCC Internet access in the
library or computer labs provided gratis to you.

To maximize your learning opportunities in this course:

            •   Research shows that students are most successful with
                management principles courses when they start their course
                work immediately and make steady progress and receive
                frequent feedback. To help you do this, I recommend:

     •   In a college-level management principles class, a rule of thumb is to read
         the textbook and other assigned readings in advance and study at least
         two-three hours for each class.
     • Do the exercises and tests by the designated due dates to maximize
         management principles learning. A course learning pattern is
         encouraged: REACT (Read Evaluate Apply Concatenate Test your learning).
     • Become familiar with Blackboard immediately by:
      (1) Creating your user name and password from the web site.
      (2) Attaining a gratis VCCS email account. All BUS 200 emails should
          contain your full name and is sent to and from your VCCS email address.
      (3) Attaining your gratis library VIVA account name and password.
      (4) Sign on to Blackboard (http:// Next, and very
          important: post your personal introduction in the personal page icon
          (especially your email address] by August 27, 2007 = Graded 2 extra
          credit points. This will facilitate communication for all participants.
      (5) Contact instructor ( with any immediate difficulties
          getting on to the Blackboard web page. Remember, we are using
          Blackboard and EM -Online to model managerial technical skills, time
          management, and communication methods found in today’s
   -4- Course Administration
Here are some features that I have designed into BUS 200 –01N:

This required, interactive study feature is included in the purchase of new
Williams, Effective Management 2e textbook. Access code for EM online and
textbook are available for purchase through

Today’s managers need electronic communication skills; Blackboard has features that
allow you to attain communication skills through your written responses to graded
exercises and extra credit. Remember, full paragraph responses with proper grammar
and spelling are needed, so – run spell check and proofread before clicking the submit
button. The graded exercises and your responses to other students are posted in
the Discussion Board forums within the designated forum or complete exercises
through a typed document.

The updated syllabus and important updates are located in the Blackboard opening.
Check the syllabus regularly for any updates. Announcements made in class will also
be posted on Blackboard in the opening announcement page.

When you click on this important Blackboard feature, you will see a weekly synopsis of
the required readings, assignments and tests. Due dates are established to model
deadlines used by project managers and teams in Northern Virginia organizations.

   •   Your test taking options: (1) Take the tests online before due date or (2) Take the
       tests in class on the designated classroom date. The graded tests are found in
       the Blackboard Tests icon. For your practice in test taking, contains a practice quiz for each chapter.
   •   First Graded Test. The first graded test is September 26, 2007 after we
       complete Chapter 13. The test is 20 multiple choice-true/false questions from
       chapters 1 and 13. Reminder: last minute quiz attempts may encounter missed
       deadlines, technical problems, upset instructor, etc. Open the test only when
       you are ready to take the test; otherwise, the program may signify “not
       completed” and you will need to take the test in class.
   •   Chapter Tests: See assignment matrix for chapter tests and due dates.
       Chapter test taking options: (1) take the test online before due date or (2) take
       the test in class on the due date. Click on the test and answer the test
       immediately before the indicated time expires. Do your own work, then click on
       submit button and your grade will automatically be posted in your grade book
       (my grades icon). If you experience technical problems with the chapter tests,
       you will need to take the test in class.
   •   Final Exam. A comprehensive objective final exam will be 30 multiple- choice
       questions at one point each question. (Option 1) The final will need to be
       completed online by midnight 2007 Or (Option 2). Take the final exam in class
       from. A study guide for the final exam will be posted on Blackboard under the
       Final Exam icon.
-5-                         COURSE ADMINISTRATION

Grading for BUS 200 course is based on points earned to attain your final letter

      • Tests (Chapters 1 and 13 objective test) = 20 points and
         Three chapter objective chapters tests = 30 points
      • Final Exam @ 30 objective questions points for 30
      • Total Tests/Final Exam                         80 points
      • Seven) Graded Practical Exercises              80 points
        Course Total: 160 points for grade determination

                         Earned Letter Grade Determination:
                            144 – 160 points       =A
                            128 - 143 points       =B
                            112 - 127 points       =C
                             96 - 111 points        =D
                             below 95 points        =F

Grading Notes:

      Academic Integrity/Conduct Policies of the 2007-2008 NVCC Student Handbook are
      followed. Plagiarism or cheating is a zero grade for the activity.
      o Education is a cooperative endeavor between a student and his or her
           instructor. Instructors plan a variety of learning activities to help their student
           master the course content. Your contribution is to participate in these activities
           within the framework established in the class syllabus. In all Business
           Management and Administration classes the following applies:
      • Absences – (3) per semester with additional absences resulting in a lower final
           grade and/or dismissal. Absences are exclusive of test days.
      • Tardy and Early Departure – is equivalent to an absence therefore (3) are
           allowed for the semester.
      • Make-up – Sorry, no make-up tests unless documented illness or military
           service obligation. Make-up test must be completed within one week of
           scheduled test date. If test is missed, test will be given in class during the
           scheduled final exam.
      The last day to withdraw without a grade penalty is October 29, 2007. To withdraw,
      you must initiate and complete the formal college withdrawal form; otherwise, the
      letter grade you will receive for the course is your total points from the recorded tests
      and exercises at the point you left the class.
      Exercises and tests need to be completed on time to maximize learning. Late
      exercises are graded with a letter grade penalty. A zero grade stays until completed.
      Sorry, no I grades will be assigned unless mitigating circumstances.
Matrix for each of the graded and extra credit exercises is below. Refer to each
week assignment under Assignments for the detailed explanation of readings,
activities and/or tests. Post all assignments in the labeled discussion board.

Exercises Purpose
 Many management decisions have a human component, but are challenged when
confronted with quests for productivity and profits. The graded exercises are designed
to focus your attention on the human and communication side of decision-making and
to increase your cognitive and behavioral skills regarding teams and communications.

1/2          Introduction (2 extra       8/27
             credit points)
             8 Mile Video Analysis (0    8/28
             pts-dress rehearsal)
3            Lonely Planet Culture
             Case Analysis (10 points)   9/10
3            Emperor’s Club (2 points
             extra credit)               9/12
4            NEADS communication
             case (10 points)            9/24
5                                                      Chapters 1and     9/26
                                                       13 (20 pts)
6            Drug Testing Case (10
             points)                     10/3
7                                                      Chapter 4 (10     10/17
7            Timbuk2 Strategy Case       10/19
             (extra credit(6 points)
8            Who Goes Abroad             10/24         Responses to      10/26
             Management Team                           Teams
             Decision (20 points)

9                                                      Chapter 8 (10     10/31
10           Team Skills Inventory (10   11/7
11                                                     Chapter 10 (10
                                                       points)           11/14
12           Motivation Decision Case    11/23
             Extra Credit (6 points)
13           P.F. Chang’s Leadership     11/28
             (10 points)

14           Peapod Control (10          12/5
15                                                     Final Exam
                                                       (Chapters 11,
                                                       12. and 14
                                                       (30 points)

When effectively and efficiently done, extra efforts can be extended to a 10
points total added to your final grade. Extra credit only on designated dates
and can be done in the form of:
         1. Personal introduction page due August 27 class= 2 points.
         2. An approved feature magazine article on business management
             summarized, analyzed in a full page, and posted by Nov 1, 2007
             on the Article Analysis Blackboard discussion forum page = 5
         3. Postings in paragraph responses to other student
             postings/responses = 1 point each posting labeled ec response.
             Closing date for ec responses is November 1, 2007.
         4. Emperor’s Club pg 83 Questions 1/2 due by September 12, 2007
             class for 2 points.
         5. Timbuk2 Strategy Case pg 149 Questions 1-3 due Oct 17, 2007
             for 6 points.
         6. Motivation Decision Case pp 340-341 Questions 1-3 due
             November 23, 2007 for 6 points.
         7. Team Leader for Who Goes Abroad team exercise due October 24,
             2007 for 5 points.

A nongraded discussion “chat” area labeled Cyber Cafe is found in the discussion area
forum. I highly recommend using this resource to communicate with fellow students.
You may find others interested in the same aspects of management you are! Sharing of
management principles ideas, suggestions, and comments are highly encouraged. Take
advantage of this technology provided in this forum. Please be polite and respectful of
each other’s opinions.

Recall, for course learning success: a course learning pattern is encouraged:
REACT (Read Evaluate Apply Concatenate Test your learning). I want you to succeed
and am available to meet with you in person. Walk –In and appointment office hours
below are also posted on my NVCC web page and on the CC216A door –Annandale
Campus. You may, of course, email me or telephone, use carrier pigeons or any other
way to communicate so that I can help you effectively complete BUS 200.

              Walk In Office Hours:
              8:00-9:30           MW
              10:00 – 11:00       TR

              Office Hours by Appointment:
              12:30-1:30 TR
              12:30-1:30 MW
              3:00- 4:00 T

              Dr. Jack Partlow (

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