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									                                                                                       Ph#      052-9250103
State Life Insurance Corporation,                                                               052-9250104
Siddique Plaza Paris Road,                                                            Fax No. 052-9250109
Sialkot Zone.
   TENDER NOTICE No: Skt/Furn-S.Hs/10-07/2011
Sealed financial bids are invited from reputable suppliers/firms registered with Sales Tax Department
having own offices and phone/fax numbers, (if found contrary the tender will be rejected) for the supply
of different items of office furniture for Sector Heads, as per detail given hereunder:-
S.# Description of Items/                              Qty       Delivery         Closing Date    Date/Time
    Specification                                                Schedule         and Time for    of opening
                                                                   2011           Submission      of Bids
                                                                                  of Bids
 1 Executive Office Table 6 x 3 with fixed Side Rack    2    Within 20 days after 29th Jul 2011   29th Jul 2011
   Top: Glass 12 mm., Frame: Aluminium                         after receiving        before            at
   Revolving Chairs Cushioned (High Back)                       Supply Order        03:00 P.M.     03:30 P.M.
 2 Sofa Set 5 Seater (1-3-1) poshesh (good quality)     2
   without arms
 3 Center Table (made of Shesham winboard with          2
   Lamination Sheet Top)
 4 Visitor's Chairs Cushioned (Shesham Wood)            4

2 Bids may accompany a Pay Order/Bank Draft of the 2% of the bid value in favour of State Life
  Insurance Corporation of Pakistan as earnest money which will be returned immediately after
  issuance of purchase order to un-successful bidders and after satisfactory completion of job to
  successful bidder.

3 No bid will be accepted without earnest money
4 Bids will be opened in the Office of Incharge Personnel and General Services, Siddeque Plaza,
  Paris Road, Sialkot, on the date and time as specified above in the presence of those bidders or
  their authorized agents who wish to be present at the occasion.
5 The Envelope should be marked as "QUOTATION FURNITURE/SECTOR HEADS
6 Income Tax @ 3.5% will be deducted at source from the payment.
7 The rate should include 16% General Sales Tax or as per the rules of the Government.
8 Non-GST Registered Firms/Suppliers may also take part in bidding but deduction of GST @ 16%
  will be mandatory further 3.5% Income Tax will also be deducted.
9 The supplier will be responsible to supply the Furnitures located at Zonal Office building,
  Second Floor.
10 Bidding/Tender Documents are available in the Office of the undersigned which can be obtained
   during Office Hours (9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) except Saturday & Sunday
11 The rate should include transportation cost.

12 Interested Parties can examine our samples (Quality, Size & Design) of our existing furniture
   during Working Days (Monday to Friday) and Office Hours (9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.).
13 Competent Authority reserves the right to cancel any bid on assigning the reasons/grounds
   for rejection which will be intimated on the written request of concerned Firm/Supplier.


                                                          Zonal Procurement Committee,
                                                          State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
                                                          Siddeque Plaza, Paris Road, Sialkot
                                                          Contact No. 052-9250104

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