The AP Calculus AB Exam - PowerPoint by niusheng11


									 The AP
AB Exam

How to Survive
  and Thrive
Reviewing for
  the Exam
• Know the format
• Know your calculator
• Review old questions
• Study what you
  don’t know
• Write new questions
• Manage time leading
  up to exam day
   The format
• Section I-A
  – 28 MC, 55 minutes
  – No calculator

• Section I-B
  – 17 MC, 50 minutes

• Section II-A
  – 3 FR, 45 minutes

• Section II-B
  – 3 FR, 45 minutes
  – No calculator
• Common tasks:
  –   Graph functions in windows
  –   Solve equations
  –   Find values of derivatives
  –   Find values of integrals

• Radian mode
• Answers may be left
  unsimplified, e.g. 2
• Programs
  Types of MC
• Computation
• Set up but not solve
• Choose the
  true/false statement
• I, II, III
  Tips for MC
• Choices may give a
• Penalty of -1/4, so
  don’t guess
• Time is limited
  Types of FR
• Computation
• Show work; indicate
• “Justify your
  answer”; “Show the
  analysis that leads
  to your conclusion”
   Tips for FR
• Don’t write essays
  – Show the work that you do
  – You may use common terms
    (e.g. “The First Derivative
    Test”) without actually
    stating the test conditions.

• Don’t explain how to
  do a problem you
  can’t do
  – Explanations without work
    receive no credit
   Tips for FR
• Avoid decimal
  answers if possible
  – Don’t take a chance on
    pushing the wrong button
  – If you must use a decimal,
    don’t round off early

• Use standard
  notation, not
  calculator notation
   Tips for FR
• Answers without
  work lose credit
  – Don’t do work on a
    calculator unless indicating
    what you are doing, e.g.
         x 2dx  8.667

• Show the complete
  setup even if you’re
  using the calculator
  – Except the 4 common tasks
   Tips for FR
• Put things where
  they’re used
 – Calculations that were put
   unnecessarily in part (a) but
   are needed in part (b) must
   be put in part (b) in order to
   get credit

• Mistakes should be
  crossed out
 – If not, it may lower score
   Tips for FR
• Are the problem
  parts independent?
 – Independent? Read and try
   all the parts. If you can’t do
   part (a), you may be able to
   do part (b), and perhaps it
   will give you a hint for (a)
 – Dependent? Work from part
   to part even if you’re not
   sure where it’s heading. In
   fact, make up an answer to
   carry to the next part if you
   get stuck.
  Tips for FR
• Common mistakes
 – Missing integration limits
 – Not considering endpoints or
   considering points outside
   an interval
 – Giving only one coordinate
   when both are required;
   giving both when one is
   required, e.g. “value of a
 – Not answering the question
 – Ignoring units of measure
 Tips for FR
– Examining a general
  equation with specific values
– Fitting a specific equation to
  a graph or table; any
  questions about it can and
  should be answered without
  using an equation
– Using a calculator feature
  without showing the work or

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