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					         Name            County             Contact Information                            Website                  Position Available
Abilities, Inc. of   Hillsborough   Frank Delucia (727) 538-7370x345 Practicum and Internship
Florida              and Pinellas               fl/abilities-of-fl.html

Adoption Miracles    Hillsborough   Renee Halsnik, LMHC             Practicum II and Internship
Agency for         Hillsborough     Richard Gibbons, LMHC                         Practicum and Internship
Community          (multiple          (813) 246-4899x231 or
Treatment Services locations)

AIDS Coalition of    Pinellas       Sheryl (727) 449-2437                N/A                                  Internship
Pinellas County           

Alternative          Pinellas       Alan Meyers, Executive Director 1-              Internship
Treatment            (Clearwater)   800-897-8060 x 301
International, Inc        

Alzheimer's          Pinellas Park Melinda Faires (727) 578-2558              Practicum and Internship

Associated Marine   Hillsborough, Amy A Bradshaw                        Practicum and Internship
Institutes          Manatee,        (813) 887-3300 (813) 410-4832
                    Pinellas - email preferred

Bay Pines           Pinellas      Anna Marie Ray (727) 398-9306          Practicum and Internship

Boley Center for    Pinellas      Kevin (727) 224-8381             Practicum and Internship
Healthcare, Inc.

Brookwood Florida   Pinellas      Pam Mesmer, Ph.d, LMHC       Practicum and Internship
                                   (727) 822-4789


Caring and Sharing Pinellas       Michael Cook                           Practicum and Internship
Center for                          (727) 539-755x222 or
Independent Living      

CASA (Community Pinellas          Bonnie Marshall                              Practicum and Internship
Action Stops Abuse)                  (727) 895-4912x107     

Catholic Charities    Hillsborough   Janice Hayes                  Practicum and Internship
                      and Pinellas      (813) 631-4370x 214 Tampa
                                          (813) 671-5250 Apollo Beach
Center for Rational   Hillsborough   Bradley Callahan, MSW (813)781- http://www.rationallivingfoundation.c Practicum and Internship
Living                and Pinellas   9676 or (727) 230-9157               om/professionalstaff.html
The Centre            Hillsborough   Linzy Wilson (813) 251- 8437          Internship

Children's            Lee            Val Gill (239) 939-2808              Internship
Advocacy Center               

The Children's        Palm Beach     Dr. Sandy Munoz             (561) http://www.childrenshealinginstitute. Practicum and Internship
Healing Institute                    585-1650x137                       org/index.html

The Children's        Hillsborough   John Pachella (813) 855-4435      Practicum and Internship

CNS Wellness          Hillsborough   Dr. Susan Kelley (813)235-4270       Practicum and Internship

Community             Pasco          Call HR department at (727) 845-    http://www.communityhospitalnpr.c Practicum and Internship
Hospital of New                      9100                                om/
Port Richey

Covenant House      Orange         Libby Nieves (407) 736-9003             Practicum and Internship

Crisis Center of    Hillsborough   Leslie Kille (813) 969-4947 or Kyra       Internship
Tampa Bay                          Snyder (813(964-1964x3167
DACCO               Hillsborough   Laurie Perkerson                          Practicum and Internship
                                   (813) 384-4224
                                   or Jennifer Iceton (813)384-4203

Dawn Center         Hernando       Michelle Rio (352)684-7191           Practicum and Internship
Deaf & Hearing      Pinellas       Lois Maroney                  (727)                Internship
Connection                         399-9983 or 800-452-8253

Division of Blind   Pinellas       (727) 893-2341                        Practicum and Internship
Division of         All counties   Debbie Arnold                            Practicum and Internship
Vocational                            (850) 245-3399
Eagle's Wing        Sarasota       Dave Upton, MA (941) 375-4321         http://www.eagleswingscounseling.c Practicum
Counseling Center                     om/

Eckerd Youth        Pinellas       Ann Harter                     Practicum and Internship
Alternatives                       (727) 461-1236x 3264

Epilepsy Services   Hillsborough   Thomas Orth (813) 870-3414   Practicum and Internship
of West Central                                                          dex.html

Family Resources      Pinellas       Lori Deer                               Practicum and Internship
                                     (727) 552-1013 or Linda Walters
First Step            Sarasota       Dr. David Panting                           Practicum and Internship
                                            (941) 366-5333
Girls Incorporated    Sarasota       Marissa Monroe           (941)          Internship

Goodwill Industries   Pinellas       Edwin Pelvis (727) 523-1512x1550    Practicum and Internship
                                     or Christopher Nealson x1515

Gulf & Lake           Pinellas       Tiffany Werhner             Practicum and Internship
Academy                                      727-464-6888 Ext 46799       /Facilities/central_facilities/Lake_Ac

Gulf Coast Jewish     Pinellas and   Ann Marie Winter                           Practicum and Internship
Family Services       Hillsborough        (727) 479-1800 or
                                             (727) 538- 7150 ext 3104
Gulf Coast                           Anthony Zangla 800.461.0641 Practicum and Internship
Recovery                                    dex.htm

Gulfside Regional     Pasco          Kristen Kern (727) 845-5707            Practicum and Internship
The Harbor            Pasco          Elizabeth Galysh or Mary Galysh       Practicum and Internship
                                     (727) 849-9988

Healthcare            Hillsborough   Dennis Delveccio (813)968-1507       http://www.healthcareconnectionoft Practicum and Internship
Connection                           x326 or                 Amanda
                                     DePippo (813)932-7169 x224

HPH Hospice          Hernando       Gwendolyn Burk (727) 863-7971         Practicum and Internship
                     and Pasco

Hillsborough      Hillsborough      Joyce Poklemba, M.A. (813) 264- Practicum and Internship
County Department                   3807x129 Fax: (813) 264-3872          hildrensservices/
of Children's

Hillsborough         Hillsborough   Jocie Fletcher, LCSW       Practicum and Internship
County Head Start                        (813) 272-5140                 eadstart/
                                    Shilene Buck, LMHC            (813)
                                    272-5140 x-3122
Human                Hillsborough   David Anderson (813)872-6250              Internship
Center Inc.

Hyde Park            Hillsborough   Louise Wallowitz, Clinical Director          Practicum and Internship
Counseling Center                   (813) 258-4605

Integrity Counseling Pinellas       Jane McGuire (727) 531-0950          Practicum and Internship

James A. Haley       Hillsborough   James M. MacAulay            Practicum and Internship
Veterans Hospital                   (813) 972-2000x7830                   acility.asp?id=131

James A. Haley       Hillsborough   Rob Villavisanis             Practicum and Internship
Veterans Hospital                     (813) 695-5039 Work Cell            acility.asp?id=131

James A. Haley       Hillsborough   Richard Brown MSW          (813) Internship
Veterans Hospital                   903-2442    acility.asp?id=131

Jewish Family and    Sarasota       Rose Chapman (941)366-2224           Practicum and Internship
Children's Service
of Sarasota-
Manatee, Inc.
JMK of Tampa Inc.    Hillsborough   Joey Kilpatrick, CRC (813) 453-                                         Limited Internship
                                    9970 or (813) 655-7314
Lee Mental Health    Lee            (239) 275-3222           
(Ruth Cooper                                                           owhoweare.html

Life Center of the   Hillsborough   Sheryle Baker (813) 237- 3114    Practicum and Internship
Lifestream           Leesburg       Main Number: (352) 315-7500;                 Practicum and Internship
Behavioral Center                   Mike Dwyer (352) 315-7475

MacDonald            Hillsborough   Barbara Chustz (813) 870-1300 Internship
Training Center                   ex.asp
Manatee Glens        Manatee        Dr. Bob Boxley (941) 782-4131         Practicum and Internship

Martha B. King       Manatee        Robin Hardy, Principal    Internship
Middle School                         (941) 798-6820x 201              middleschool/king/

Mental Health Care, Hillsborough   Human Resources (813)272-2244            Practicum and Internship

Metropolitan        Hillsborough   Stephanie Niemela       Practicum and Internship
Ministries                                 (813) 209-1251

Morton Plant        Pinellas       Jackie Monroe (727) 736-9740
Operation PAR       Pasco,       Rich Neubert                   Internship
                    Pinellas,    (727)549-6172x 223
                    Manatee, Lee

Psychological    Hillsborough      Robert Wright, Ph.D              http://www.psychologicalmanageme Practicum and Internship
Management Group and Pasco           (813) 963-1016       

Pasco Family        Pasco          Jon Wisenbaker (727) 845-8080 Practicum and Internship
Protection Team             d-5b.html

Peace River Center Polk,           Rita Langdale                    http://www.peace-                 Practicum and Internship
                   Hardee, and        (863) 519-0575x1129 

PEMHS (Personal Pinellas           John Link                           Practicum and Internship
Enrichment through                 (727) 545-6477 ext. 413
Mental Health                      (727)362-4378
Services, Inc.)          

PlacementWorks      Tampa Bay       Christy Boccabella-Brown   (727)      Practicum and Internship
                    (office is in   798-4565
                    Pinellas Co.)
Polk County Drug    Polk            Jim Hornsby (503) 623-1877 Internship
Court                                                                DRUG_COURT_BROCHURE.pdf

Project Rainbow     Manatee         MaryAnn, CRC                 (941) Practicum and Internship
(Easter Seals)                      355-7637ext. 457                      eServer?pagename=FLSW_respite

Project Return, Inc. Hillsborough   Mike Ross (813) 933-9020     Practicum and Internship

Public Defenders    Pinellas and    Jane Jackson (727) 464-6555             Internship
Office              Sarasota        (Pinellas); Elliot Metcalfe (941) 861-

Redlands Christian Hillsborough, Ana or Gloria (239)658-3600 or 
Migrant Association Polk, Pasco, (239) 658-3560

ReEmployAbility,     Hillsborough   Becky Balter                         Internship
                                    Stacy Wharton
                                    (813) 663-9880

The Rehabilitation   Hillsborough   Dan Cosby                     Practicum and Internship
After Work &         County
School (RAW)                          (813) 262-0471 ext. 701.

Rehab Consulting     Hillsborough, Robynanne Cash-Howard, MA,          N/A                                Internships only - no ability
Services             Polk          CRC, CVE, CCM, CLCP, FL-QRP                                            to tape

Rehabilitation       Pinellas       (813) 654-4245 A. Orphanidys, MA, Practicum and Internship
                                    Preston or John
Counseling                          CRC, CVE, CCM, QRP                m/
Associates                          (727) 323-4220
Riverside Academy Hillsborough      Connie Rebane (813) 239-3321      http://www.sunshineyouthservices.c Practicum and Internship

Safe Place and       Sarasota       Eva Cristiani, LCSW                   Internship
Rape Crisis Center                  (941) 365-0208 or
Salvation Army       Hillsborough   Tampa - (813) 226-0055 ask for Practicum and Internship
                     Pinellas       Social Services      or             or
                                        St. Pete - (727)550-8080x332

Sarasota Memorial    Sarasota       Jan Kuhn (941) 917-8819                  Internship only (Practicum
Hospital- Bayside                                                                                         students allowed, but only
Center                                                                                                    with commitment to stay
                                                                                                          through Internship)

Self- Reliance Inc   Hillsborough   Brenda Ruehl (813) 375- 3965      Practicum and Internship

St. Joseph's         Hillsborough   Everett Dameron (813) 870- 4730 Practicum and Internship
Hospital                          cfm?id=584
Suncoast Center      Pinellas       Human Resources (727) 327-7656     Practicum and Internship
for Community                       ext. 4204
Mental Health
Sunshine Youth   Hillsborough, Gene Magrini (813) 514-6275x210         http://www.sunshineyouthservices.c Practicum and Internship
Services         Pasco, Polk                                           om/
Sunrise of Pasco Pasco         Kelly Sinn, Clinical Director        Practicum and Internship
County                          (352) 567-1681
Tampa Crossroads Hillsborough Gwendelyn Green                (813) Practicum and Internship
                               238-8557 x 407                          efault.asp?url=main/welcome.htm

Tampa Jewish         Hillsborough   Vicki Robey (813) 960-1848               Practicum and Internship
Family Services                                                                    (not taking students till
The Spring of        Hillsborough   Eric Greorich (813) 247-5433          Internship
Tampa Bay

Town and Coutry    Hillsborough   1-866-933-3869 or Thomas Garcia- http://www.townandcountryhospital. Practicum and Internship
Hospital                          (813) 855- 6666 ext 240          com/

Turning Point of   Hillsborough   Stacy Washburn (813) 882-3003           Practicum and Internship
Tampa                       or fax
Two 6 Resources    Orange         Patrick Scott (407) 894-5051       Practicum and Internship
Vincent House      Pinellas       William McKeever (727)541-0321       Practicum and Internship
                                  or (727) 580-0525

Wesley House       Monroe         Nicole Canalejo (305) 587-4741             Internship

West Care          Pinellas       Kathy Rodman or Susan Rinaldi Practicum and Internship
                                  (727)502-0188 x 291 or x 288        p

Western Judicial   Hillsborough   Bob Mitchell (813) 930-9595     Practicum and Internship

Women's Resource Manatee          Bethany Willats (941) 747-6797          Practicum and Internship
Center of Mantee        

YMCA- Sarasota     Sarasota      John, Program Director             http://www.sarasota-                Practicum and Internship
                                 (941) 361-6752           

Youth and Family   Hillsborough, (813) 901-3400 or Carolyn Arnold              Practicum and Internship
Alternatives       Pasco, Polk, (727) 569- 1004
                   Sarasota and

         Population Served
Vocational evaluation, skills
training, transitional living, and job
placement services
Accepting beginning Fall 2011.
Has heavy case management
Students should email resume and
cover letter. Services include:
prevention, treatment, and
supportive services for substance
abuse, mental illness, child
protection, delinquency, criminal
justice, housing, economic self-
sufficiency, and health and

Alternative Treatmentf for
Substance Abuse and other Mental
Health disorders using the Mind-
Body-Spirit-Environment approach.

The mission of the Florida Gulf
Coast Chapter of the Alzheimer’s
Association is to provide a support
system for Alzheimer’s families
through patient services,
education, advocacy and research.

AMI programs consist of residential
and day treatment programs for
adjudicated youth and Juvenile
Justice. Clients ages 13-19.

Veterans Vocational Rehabilitaiton
only. No Mental Health Counseling.

Enrich the lives of people in
recovery by providing the highest
quality treatment, rehabilitation,
employment and housing services.

Brookwood Florida is dedicated to
providing troubled adolescent girls
with an alternative living
environment and therapeutic
program encompassing education,
employability skills, independent
living training and counseling that
will prepare them for self-
sufficiency or successful family
Assist persons with disabilitites to
achieve a self-determined lifestyle
to the greatest degree possible in
the least restrictive environment

Domestic violence and abuse

Various populations; contact facility
for information on specific

Substance Abuse and Anger

Women, Families, Seniors, Girls,
Substance Abuse (has a lot of
programs willing to take interns.)

Children's Advocacy Center works
with abused children and survivors
of abuse and under one umbrella
offers services to help the healing
Children and Families

Children and Families

Provide counseling in a setting that
emphasizes neuro-psychiatric
modalities (neuro-feedback, stress
reduction, and cognitive-behavioral
Behavioral health


Provides services to multiple
Substance Abuse

Domestic and sexual violence
The Deaf and Hearing
Connection’s goal is to empower
people affected by hearing loss to
function as productive,
independent and self-reliant
Blind and visually impaired


A Christian counseling center
which provides individual, group,
family & marital counseling
Eckerd Youth Alternatives is one of
the nation’s leading not-for-profit
providers of services for at-risk and
high-risk youth and their families


Children and Families - multiple
programs, view website for contact
information for each program.
Substance Abuse

Female high-risk, underserved

Various programs; contact facility
for information on specific

Intensive Mental Health for
adjudicated youth. Residential

Multiple populations served

Substance Abuse

Grief Counseling

Substance Abuse


Provides counseling to patients
with life-limiting illness and to their
families, bereavement counseling
for individuals and groups,and
children’s bereavement counseling
that includes individual and groups.

The department manages a wide
range of residential and non-
residential services for at-risk
children and parents, Head Start,
the Child Care Licensing office and
Parent Education classes.
Children and families

Adults with Developmental
Disabilities and Behavioral

Women Substance Abuse

Adolescents and Adults

   Vocational Rehabitation

Veterans's Mental Health

Veteran's with visual impairment

Various populations; contact facility
for information on specific

Private Vocational Rehabilitation

Provide a wide spectrum of
services, including children’s and
adult’s behavioral health services,
both crisis and long-term,
substance abuse recovery
services, and protective services
for children and their families.
Children, Adults and Families.
Accepting beginning Fall 2012.
This site offers inpatient and
outpatient counseling, including
substance abuse, mental health
and rehabilitation services. Child
and adolescent school-based
services are also available.

Mental Health and Substance
Middle School students.

Various populations; contact facility
for information on specific
Various populations; contact facility
for information on specific

Substance Abuse and Mental

Individual counseling and
psychotherapy for adults, children,
adolescents and seniors.
Counseling is also available for
couples and entire families.

It is our mission to assist in the
Protection of Pasco County
Children from the devastating
affects of child abuse
Services offered by Peace River
Center include Crisis Stabilization
Unit, Outpatient Counseling,
Psychiatric/Medical, Adult
Residential Treatment, Case
Management, Domestic Violence
and Sexual Assault programs, and
24-hour Crisis Hotline services.

PEMHS is dedicated to enhancing
the mental health, family
functioning and development of
adults and children in our

A non-profit job placement
organization for individuals with
Substance Abuse

Children who are medically fragile,
chronically ill or diagnosed with a
disability. Adults with
developmental disabilities. Level II
background check required,
responsibility of student.

Project Return is dedicated to
improving the quality of life for
people experiencing mental
illnesses through educational,
vocational, and supportive housing
services so that they may live
productive and fulfilling lives in the
Representation of indigent persons
charged with criminal law violations.

Worker's Compensation vocational
rehabilitation. Note: you will be
involved in an aspect of vocational
rehabilitation by working with the
Worker's Compensation
community. You will be working
with individuals who have been
injured on the job, and determining
what employment the individual
can perform given their physical
restrictions. The knowledge you
gain will assist in acquiring CRC
and QRP credentials.
RAW is a licensed intensive
outpatient drug and alcohol
treatment program. Their mission
is to provide outpatient
rehabilitation for adolescents,
adults, and families who are
suffering as a result of alcohol and
drug use.

All Disabilities within Forensic
Rehabilitation setting. Focus on
Vocational Services.


165-bed moderate risk residential
commitment program that provides
specialized substance abuse
treatment services for males ages
12 to 18

Domestic and sexual violence

Various populations inluding
homeless, substance abuse,
mental illness, prison; contact
facility for information on specific
programs. Religious affiliation.

Psychiatric Inpatient Crisis
Stabilization and Substance Abuse.
Level II background check required
and will be responsibility of student.

Works towards independent living
for those with disabilities.
Inpatient Psychiatric Care

Various populations including
Substance Abuse and
Youth aged 12-18.

Domestic Violence and Sexual

Substance Abuse/ Women with a
history of criminal offenses. Accept
students for: Rose Manor, Pearl,
Athena, Outpatient and VEN

Various populations; contact facility
for information on specific
Domestic Violence and abuse

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse and Eating
Disorders. Limited to one studens
per semester.
Vocational Rehabilitation

A vocational and social recovery
program for adults that experience
a mental illness, based on the
International Center for Clubhouse
Development (ICCD) Clubhouse

Wesley House Family Services is a
nationally accredited not-for-profit
organization dedicated to
protecting and nurturing children
and strengthening families with
services spanning Monroe County,

Substance abuse related services
for gay, lesbians, and transgender,
and counseling for clients with HIV.

Skills training to offenders and
socially disadvantaged.

Women support services.

Children and Adolescents (6-12) in
either Triad or Character House

Children and Families


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