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Restaurants in Varna


									Restaurants in Varna
  Happy Bar&Grill is largest
bulgarian fast-food chain.
Typical fast food restaurants with a
variety of dishes and drinks.
Chicken dishes are recommended
as specialties. The atmosphere is
typical just like in Happy Bar. There
are also places in the open. Opened
24 hours round the clock at some of
the best spots in the cities, the food
is served fast (up to 3 minutes for
the drinks, 5 for salads and 17 for
the main courses) but not at the
expense of its good quality which is
standardized and closely
monitored. In the cities,
where "Happy" is present, the
restaurants have turned out to be a
major attraction and meeting
venue. In geographic terms,
another very successful move was                 Restaurants in Varna:
the presence of "Happy" at the         · Dragoman Str 1 (++359 52 606 338)
four Shell gas stations (replacing       · Preslav Str 11 (++359 52 602 541)
McDonalds), that covered the two        · Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd 25 (++359 52
main highways.
                                                        603 532)
        Restaurant Horizont
 The restaurant “Horizont” is a part of the attractive Complex "Horizont". It
is situated in the close proximity of the azure beach. The restaurant
combines comfort with finesse and style.
The capacity is 400 seats – 200 in the air-conditioned hall, and 200 in the
summer garden, which looks to the beautiful bay of Varna and cape Galata.
The restaurant offers different food, including a variety of meat and fish
dishes, delicacies from the European, Asian and traditional Bulgarian
cuisine, dietetic, vegetarian and flamed dishes.
Business cocktails and presentations, business conferences and banquets,
wedding, private and birthday parties are being organized here. The
restaurant offers and exceptional selection of 0ver 80 different kinds of
white and red wines, both produced in Bulgaria and imported.

Open at: 10.00 – 01.00 am
                                     Restaurant Hashove

  In the heart of Varna, in close proximity to the entrance of the Sea
Garden, was opened the entire renewed restaurant Varna in the
Odessos hotel.
The furniture is in classic style, with crystal details and avanguard
accessories. There is also a beautiful open-air terrace; rich interior
and exterior planting, which is in harmony with the entire style of
the place; live music. The restaurant is proper for giving receptions,
family occasions and corporate parties. We can also provide you the
proper decoration, catering, special discounts, professional service
and a
lot of unforgettable moments! There are 140 sitting places in the
We offer traditional Bulgarian and European cuisine, exotic tastes
from all over the world, strictly selected wine list according to
dishes, service, which can satisfy all your requests.
Address: Varna, 1 Slivnitca Blvd., in Odessos hotel
Working time: 10:00–24:00
Nr seats:
Phone: 052 63 04 01
Wine club Varna
 Wine Club Varna is situated in the central part of Varna, opposite
the Archeological Museum in an authentic stone cellar. Its aim is to
introduce to the admirers of wine the history of vine growing and
wine producing in Bulgaria, and to make popular Bulgarian wines.
The capacity of the club is 50 seats. Wine tasting of selected
Bulgarian wines is organized in the club and interesting information
about the technology of wine producing is presented. There is no
requirement for the minimum number of participants in order the
wine tasting to be held.
Different wine-cellars and wine producers form Bulgaria present
their selections of wines in the Wine Club.
A great variety of meat and diery cold dishes is offered.
Wine Club Varna has a collection of over 500 sorts of Bulgarian
wines, from all over the country. The experienced cup-bearer and
enologist in the club are always ready to help the visitors in their
choice of wine and to give them information about the different
sorts of wine.
The collection of books, articles, pictures and different items
illustrates the history of vine growing, wine producing and
cooperage in Bulgaria. In the entrée of Wine club Varna there is a
shop from where the visitors can buy different beverages and
souvenirs related to vine growing and wine producing.
Working time:
from 18.00 p.m. every day without Sunday.
Address: Town of Varna, 36, Ivan Vazov Str.
Phones: +359 52/609224, 601042, +359 88/8536916
                               Staro selo
    Being the only one of its kind, the authentic Bulgarian
   restaurant Staro Selo opened its doors for all citizens and
   guests of Varna. The restaurant impresses with its unique
   folk style design, which reminds of the Bulgarian village
   from the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th
   century. Variety of folk music and dances performed on
   stage will bring good mood to our guests. The menu list
   responds to the traditional Bulgarian cuisine and includes
   lamb and pork meat on barbeque, veal on oven and many
   other kinds of meat. Of course we offer a large selection of
   wines, quality beverages and the traditional Bulgarian

Address: Varna, 97 Vasil Drumev Str.
Working time: 11:30–24:00
Nr seats: 450
Phone: 052 78 30 77
                                      Red Rock
Cuisine: european, Bulgarian
We will meet you and your friends in our eighty seats
restaurant, situated on the very seacoast. Every night
you can listen to evergreen rock, blues and Bulgarian
songs live. The unique and cozy atmosphere, combined
with the large selection of wines, dishes and collectors
music, which could satisfy everyone’s taste and wish.
Red Rock is the preferred place for all kind of parties,
round-the-clock every single day of the year. We can
praise with the amazing sea view and guarantee you
a great mood in the whirlwind of the dances. Large and
free parking lot. no taxes, no days off. For people with

                               Address: Varna, Asparuhovo's beach
                               Working time: 10:00-24:00
                               Nr seats: 100
                               Mobile: 089 476 09 99
Made by : Gloriq Dimitrova
& Diana Ivanova XII d

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