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This is a really important time for equality, fairness and human rights across
the country and James Watt College is committed to making a significant
contribution through all of our stakeholders be they staff, learners and
partners such as NHS, Strathclyde Police, local Councils and the voluntary

Legislation against discrimination has been essential in raising the profile of
equality and diversity issues; it has helped to establish the public value of
eliminating prejudice and unfairness, given representation and voice to
different groups and ultimately made a difference to people’s behaviour and

Legislation on its own it is not enough; our approach within James Watt
College must be to empower our stakeholders to promote equality and
diversity in ways which are aligned to the reputation and aspirations of the
College and be based on shared rights and responsibilities within the
framework of our common purpose “it’s all about learning”.

In practical terms, we have decided to establish the following groups to drive
and generate action on equality and diversity.

Equality & Diversity Steering Group will be supported by three E&D, task
and finish groups

Equality & Diversity Task Groups
         • Equality and Diversity for Employees
         • Equality and Diversity for Learners
         • Equality Impact Assessment

What follows is an outline of the remit, membership, member role, meeting
frequency and reporting arrangements with a reporting diagram at Appendix

                   Equality and Diversity for Employees

The purpose of this group will be to take action on specific areas of work on
employment, employee engagement, recognition and learning which will take
the College on its journey of improvement on equality and diversity.

These specific duties relevant to employment matters are:

   •   equality monitoring of the workforce; recruitment and selection;
       grievance and disciplinaries; leavers and training opportunities
   •   assessing the equality impact of policy, practice and decision-making
   •   promoting a workplace free from harassment and discrimination
   •   involvement and engagement with staff
   •   equal pay review process

The following tasks identified for this group will assist the College comply with
the specific equality duties on employment.

   •   equality data capture, analysis and publication of the College workforce
   •   to develop an internal audit process to measure pay and reward
       to ensure equity
   •   to promote dignity and respect for all
   •   staff involvement and engagement in the equality agenda within the
   •   to develop a programme of equality and diversity learning and
       development opportunities for staff across the College
   •   to liaise with the Equality Impact Assessment Group on workable
       process and delivery


Des Martin, Service Manager Human Resources, supported by key staff from
the following disciplines, will chair this group:

   •   human resources – Nicola Dillon
   •   learning & teaching – Carolynn Rodgers
   •   learning and development – Position currently vacant – tba)
   •   management information – HR link
   •   equality and diversity project manager – Celia Sweeney
   •   learner association representative – Geraldine Shambach/Claire
   •   trade union representatives – Timothy Witham and Neil Coyle
Member Role

The role of members will be:

   •   to produce high quality equality data on staff and applicants for posts
       with the College
   •   to analyse data information and identify appropriate equality issues and
   •   to publish the data in an agreed format annually
   •   to mainstream equality & diversity within the personal review process
   •   to identify and deliver appropriate equality and diversity training for staff
   •   to equality impact assess new and revised employment equality policy

Meeting Frequency

The action role of this group would require as a minimum monthly meetings.

Reporting Arrangements

This group will report to the E&D Steering Group.
                                                            APPENDIX 1

                                         Board of

                 Human Resources                     Learning & Teaching
                   Development                           Committee

                 Equality & Diversity      Validation and            Quality
                   Steering Group            Approvals              Standards
                                            Committee               Committee

E&D Task Group   E&D Task Group            Equality Impact
 for Employees     for Learners           Assessment Task

     Staff           Equality

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