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					                                                                      BISTRO MENU
                                                 480- 921 31 37
                      MEAT                                                 HAMBURGERS
 Almost all dishes are accompanied with three                All burgers are accompanied with three side
   side salads and a side dish of your choice                    salads and a side dish of your choice.

1.   PORK TENDERLOIN SUPREME                       11.75   21.   BEEF MED LÖK: BURGER WITH                    10.50
     7oz Pork tenderloin served with                             FRIED ONIONS GF
     homemade béarnaise sauce and                                Half a pound Angus beef patty served with
     asparagus.GF                                                fried onions.
2.   PORK TENDERLOIN IN GIN AND                    11.50   22.   BURGER SURF &TURF                            11.75
     CREAM SAUCE GF                                              Half a pound Angus beef patty, avocado,
     7 oz Pork Tenderloin in creamy gin sauce                    béarnaise sauce ,4 shrimp, garlic tarragon
     seasoned with juniper berries.                              butter.
3.   FRIKADELLER: PORK MEATBALLS                   10.50   23.   BURGER WITH SWEDISH                          11.50
     6 Danish pork meatballs. Served with sweet                  ANCHOVY & MUSTARD.
     and sour dill sauce and Danish cucumber                     Half a pound Angus beef patty topped with
     salad.                                                      Swedish anchovy and fried onions.
4.   KÖTTBULLAR - SWEDISH                          10.50   24.   SALMONBURGER & SKAGENRÖRA                    12.25
     MEATBALLS-                                                  Salmon burger topped with traditional
     6 Swedish cardamom meatballs -                              Swedish shrimp salad.
     traditionally served with cream sauce and                   Add Golden caviar. For $1.50
     lingon berry preserve.
                                                           25.   ANGUS BURGER                                 9.75
5.   PYTT I PANNA: SWEDISH HASH GF                 10.25
                                                                 Half a pound Angus beef burger.
     Potatoes, onions, ham and smoked sausage                    Traditional American burger.
     hash. Traditionally served with fried egg
     and pickled red beets.                                26.   SCHNITZEL ON THE BUN                         11.50
     Does not come with a side dish.
                                                                 Pork Schnitzel served on French baguette.
6.   PORK SCHNITZEL                                11.25
                                                           27.   VIKING BURGER                                11.25
     6oz Pork schnitzel seared in butter and
     served with porcini mushroom sauce.                         Half a pound Angus beef patty topped with
     Morel sauce $1.50extra                                      fried onion & butter seared mushrooms.

7.   GOŁĄBKI: CABBAGE ROLLS GF                     10.75                    Cold Drinks $1.25
     Traditional cabbage rolls served with
     homemade tomato sauce, potato patties                       Free refills for dine-in customers only.
     or a side dish of your choice.                                                  1. RC Cola
                                                                                  2. RC Cola Diet
8.   SCHNITZEL CORDON-BLEU                         11.75
                                                                                       3. 7 up
     6oz Double pork schnitzel stuffed with ham                                4. Country Lemonade
     and French Brie cheese. Served with
     mushroom sauce.                                                                5. Dr. Pepper
     Morel sauce $1.50 extra                                                         6. Orange
                                                                            7.Milks - NO FREE REFILL
                                                                               Hot Drinks $1.50
                                                                                Japanese Green Tea
                        FISH                                                    CHICKEN
  Almost all dishes are accompanied with three               All dishes are accompanied with three side salads
    side salads and a side dish of your choice                         and a side dish of your choice

41.   PANKO BREADED TILAPIA                          10.25   61.   CHICKEN SCHNITZEL                             10.75
      7oz Panko breaded fillet, seared in butter                   Half a pound of chicken breast., breaded
      and topped with Danish remoulade sauce.                      and seared in butter. Served with
                                                                   mushroom sauce.
42.   CAPTAIN’S FISH GF                              10.75         Morel sauce $1.50 extra
      9oz haddock fillets on a bed of tomatoes,
      sprinkled with fresh baby dill and                     62.   FLYGANDE JAKOB-FLYING JACOB                   10.75
      simmered in heavy cream.                                      CAN BE PREPARED GLUTEN-FREE
43.   GRAVLAX - CURED SALMON GF                      12.75         Very popular Swedish chicken bake:
                                                                   marinated chicken, bananas, peanuts, sour
      6oz of our home made cured salmon                            cream and chili sauce, seasoned with curry.
      served with Swedish dill mustard sauce.
                                                                   CONTAINS PEANUTS.
44.   JANSSON'S TEMPTATION GF                        10.75         SPECIAL ORDER WAITING TIME MIN 45 MIN.
      Layers of Swedish style anchovies,                     63.   CHICKEN SCHNITZEL CORDON-                     11.75
      potatoes, onion and heavy cream.
      Traditional Swedish bake.                                    BLEU - aka HOWARD SPECIAL.
      Does not come with a side dish.
                                                                   Double Chicken schnitzel stuffed with
                                                                   imported French brie cheese and black
      SPECIAL ORDER WAIT TIME MIN 30 MIN.                          forest ham. Served with mushroom sauce.
45.   FISH BAKE IN SWEDISH CAVIAR                    12.50
                                                             64.   CHICKEN WITH CARDAMOM SAUCE                   10.75
      SAUCE                                                        CAN BE PREPARED GLUTEN-FREE
      CAN BE PREPARED GLUTEN-FREE                                  Half a pound Chicken breast, simmered in
      9 oz haddock fillets on a bed of leeks baked                 cardamom and heavy cream sauce.
      in crème fraiche and Swedish caviar sauce.
      SPECIAL ORDER WAITING TIME MIN 45 MIN                                      SIDE DISH
      Add sea scallops and shrimp for $3.00
                                                                                    (Choose one)
46.   LAXPUDDING GF                                  10.75                 1. Pan fried thyme potatoes GF
      Undoubtedly one of the oldest Swedish                                       2. French Fries GF
      dishes. Sliced potatoes, cream, dill, egg,
      topped with Swedish cured salmon.                                      3. Dill Mashed Potatoes GF
      Does not come with a side dish.                                          4. Creamy Dill Potatoes
47.   SALMONBURGER & SKAGENRÖRA                      12.25                            5. Rösti GF
      Salmon burger topped with Swedish                                               6. Couscous
      shrimp salad.
      Add golden caviar for $1.50                                                 SIDE SALAD
48.   SEARED GRAVLAX GF                              13.75                           (Choose three)
      6.5oz Cured Salmon fillet topped with                                         1. Broccoli GF
      Swedish shrimp salad. Served with                                       2. Tomato-Basil Salad GF
      homemade vinaigrette potato salad.
                                                                             3. Home Made Coleslaw GF
      Add golden caviar for $1.50
                                                                            4. Marinated Green Beans GF
                                                                                  5. Green Salad GF
                                                                                  6. Green Peas GF
      GF: GLUTEN FREE                                                            7. Spinach Salad GF
                                                                                  8. Sauerkraut GF
                                                            GRAB & GO MENU.
                                            480- 921 31 37

                 COLD DRINKS                                          HAMBURGERS
                                                                Burgers with Scandinavian Twist
Kalil Products only- we are proud to support local
  business. Free refills for dine-in costumers.      128.   BEEF MED LÖK: BURGER WITH                    5.75
                                                            FRIED ONIONS GF
  1.   RC Cola                                1.25
                                                            Half a pound angus beef patty served with
  2.   RC Cola Diet                           1.25          fried onions.
  3.   7 up                                   1.25   129.   BURGER SURF &TURF                            8.75
  4.   Country Lemonade                       1.25          Half a pound angus beef patty, avocado,
                                                            shrimp, garlic tarragon butter, tomatoes,
  5.   Dr. Pepper                             1.25          lettuce.
  6.   Orange                                 1.25
                                                     130.   ANGUS BURGER WITH SWEDISH                    7.50
  7.   Milk - NO free refill                  1.50          ANCHOVY AND MUSTARD.
                                                            Half a pound angus beef patty, served with
                  HOT DRINKS                                our cognac dressing.

  1.   Coffee                                 1.50   131.   SALMONBURGER & SKAGENRÖRA                    8.75

  2.   Japanese Green Tea                     1.50
                                                            Salmon burger with traditional Swedish
                                                            shrimp salad.
                 SANDWICHES                                 Add Golden caviar for $1.50

                                                     132.   ANGUS BURGER                                 5.50
  Sandwiches served with Swedish potato salad.              Half a pound Angus beef burger.
                                                            Traditional American burger.
117.   Swedish Meatball                       5.50
                                                     133.   SCHNITZEL ON THE BUN                         6.75
118.   Grilled Chicken                        5.50
                                                            Pork schnitzel served on the bun.
119.   Swedish Classic                        5.50
                                                     134.   VIKING BURGER                                7.25
120.   Falafel                                5.50
                                                            Half a pound Angus beef patty topped with
Sandwiches without Swedish potato salad                     fried onions & butter seared mushrooms.
                                                     135.   PANKO BREADED FISH                           6.75
121.   Shrimp Salad.                          5.75
                                                            7oz. Tilapia—panko breaded and seared in
122.   Egg & Anchovies                        5.75          buter, topped with Danish remoulade
                                                            sauce. Served on a burger bun.
123.   Shrimp & Egg                           5.50

124.   Fresh Mozzarella, Salami, Tomato &     5.75
125.   Cured Salmon & Avocado Salad.          6.75

126.   Swedish cured salmon                   6.50

127.   Caprese.                               5.50
101.   Fries
               Small                                2.00                           WRAPS
               Medium                               2.75
                                                                  Tortilla wrap with Scandinavian Twist
               Large                                3.75
                                                           108.    Gordon Special                                5. 50
102.   Quebec Poutine                                              Grilled chicken, potato salad, lettuce,
       In Quebec, among students, poutine is                       tomato, cucumber and red onion.
       considered to be a drinking companion
       and a hangover remedy.                              109.    Tschakovsky Special                           5. 50

       Poutine is a plate of french fries, topped                  Meatballs, potato salad, tomato,
       with cheese curds and covered with hot                      cucumber, red onion.
       beef gravy.
                                                           110.    Fabian Special                                5. 50
               Small                                5.25
                                                                   Grilled chicken, red beet salad, lettuce,
               Medium                               6.25           tomato, cucumber, red onion.
               Large                                7.50   111.    Adam Special                                  5. 50
                                                                   Grilled chicken, tzatziki, lettuce, tomato,
103.   Swedish Pita                                 5.00           cucumber, red onion.
       Swedish meatballs, tomato, cucumber,
       lettuce, tzatziki and red onion.                    112.    Chris special                                 5. 50

104.   Chicken Pita                                 5.50           Grilled chicken, fresh salsa, lettuce, sour
       Grilled chicken, tomato, cucumber,
       lettuce, tzatziki and red onion.                    113.    Maria Sole Special VEGETARIAN                 4.50

105.   Falafel Pita VEGETARIAN                      5.50           Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, fresh salsa
                                                                   and Honey Vinaigrette dressing.
       Falafel, tzatziki, tomato, cucumber,
       lettuce, and red onion.                             114.    Harmonie Special VEGETARIAN                   5.50

106.   Barbeque Chicken on a Bun                    5.00           Falafel, potato salad, lettuce, tomato,
       Marinated grilled chicken tights on                         cucumber, red onions.
       hamburger bun topped with barbeque                  115.    Tunbrödsrulle:                                6.00
                                                                   Wrap containing European wiener
107.   Salads                                                      sausage, mashed potatoes, lettuce,
       The salad comes with seasoned pasta,                        cucumber, tomato, onion and dressing.
       lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion,                       Favourite food in Sweden after a night out,
       parmesan cheese, croutons and our
       homemade dressing.                                          or the day after the night out.
                                                                   Add shrimp salad for 1.50
                Garden $4.50
                Chicken $6.50                              116.    Slider (aka heart attack wrap)                5.50

                Falafel $6.50                                      Poutine in a wrap. The dish got its name
                Swedish Meatball $6.50                             from our amazing students at Queen’s
                                                                   University in Kingston, ON, since according
                Shrimp $6.50                                       to them, it slides nicely into your belly.
                Gravlax $7.50
                                                                   Add bacon for $0.60 a strip


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