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					                                                                                       FACT SHEET

  Teamware Mail 7.1 Ed 1
  Keeping your e-mail communication confidential

   Enables users to send           you to access your email messages from your smart mobile phone
   sensitive information

   Encryption and

   signatures ensure data
   integrity and verify
   origin of the message

   Uncompromized security
   by the use of Smart
   Cards - users do not
   have to rely only on
   passwords for security

   Teamware Secure Mail has
   completed S/MIME
   interoperability testing
   and has been granted the
   S/MIME-Enabled seal from
   RSA Security Inc.

   Integration with
   Teamware Mobile allows

April 2006
Digitally signed
and encrypted                        Public key ideology
mail                                 Teamware Mail encryption and signing is based on public/private key
Teamware       Mail     is   an      technology. The idea behind this technology is that encryption/decryption is
intelligent           electronic     always based on a pair of keys. One is available publicly and one is private
messaging       system      with     and held only by the owner.
searches,          annotations,
reminders, custom views,
                                      The keys are mathematically bound to each other so that anything encrypted
mailbox permissions, and
many more powerful features.         with the public key can be decrypted only by using the private key of the
Teamware Mail supports both          same key pair – and vice versa. In this way, a message encrypted using the
the Internet and X.400               recipient’s public key can only be read by the recipient who has the
messaging environments as            appropriate private key.
well as fax integration and
working off-line. Mailboxes are      Teamware Office 6.1 and later supports integration with Teamware Mobile.
also accessible through the          This integration provides advanced mobile access to Mail, Calendar, and
use of standard Internet mail
clients via the POP3 and             Personal Address Book (the last mentioned requires Teamware Office 7.0
IMAP4 protocols.                     Ed1 or later). More information on Teamware Mobile is available in
                                     Teamware Mobile fact sheet and product overview.
Teamware Mail enables users
to send digitally signed and/or
encrypted mail messages.             More information on Teamware Office and its other components can be
Teamware Mail is based on            found in separate fact sheets.
the S/MIME standard and the
use of private and public keys.
With Mail you can securely
send confidential e-mail. You
can sign and/or encrypt your
messages        using    strong
algorithms and long keys.
Teamware        Mail    supports
smart       cards,      providing
uncompromized            security.
Support for LDAP certificate
directories enables you to
connect Teamware Mail into
an     existing    Public    Key
Infrastructure             (PKI).
Teamware           Mail      has
completed                S/MIME
interoperability testing and has
been granted the S/MIME-
Enabled seal from RSA
Security Inc.
Mail is a part of the modular
Like the rest of Teamware
Office Mail supports use with
both a Windows client and
with      an        html-based
WebService      client    used
through a standard Web

Teamware Mail                                                              message       and     attachments.                                      security options. The choices are
Teamware Mail provides each                                                Decryption is done in the                                               normal and non-repudiation sign
user with a mailbox, which                                                 workstation. The message file in                                        and/or encrypt. Non-repudiation
enables sending and receiving                                              the server is left unchanged. The                                       sign means that the sender of the
mail and attachments, and                                                  user can fetch and save the                                             message cannot deny being the
creating folders and subfolders to                                         attachment either in decrypted or                                       actual sender.
organize messages.                                                         encrypted format.
Users can get notifications of                                             Certificate Authority                                                    RSA (4096 bit)
received messages. Mail enables                                            support                                                                 Signature
searching for messages and                                                 A Certificate Authority (CA)                                             SHA-1, MD5, MD4, MD2
listing messages in various ways                                           validates the user identity. They                                       Encryption
both in online and offline mode.                                           may also make the actual Smart                                           Blowfish (256 bit), Triple-DES
Offline functionality allows users                                         Card and they also typically                                               (168 bit), DESX (120 bit),
to download messages from the                                              provide an LDAP directory for                                              DES2 (112 bit), DES (56 bit),
server,    read     and    prepare                                         user certificates. The user                                                RC2 (40 bit)
messages offline and when back                                             certificate binds the user name
connected to the server send the                                           and the related public key to each                                      Support for Smart Cards
messages.                                                                  other. LDAP address and search                                          The private key is the proof of
                                                                           information, used to fetch the                                          identity and is securely stored in a
How does Secure Mail                                                       certificate   from     the   LDAP                                       Smart Card. Some Smart Cards
work?                                                                      directory, is stored in the                                             contain two certificates with
Secure messages are created in                                             Teamware Directory. In cases                                            corresponding PIN codes – one
the same way as normal                                                     where a user may have several                                           is used for message integrity
messages. The user then selects                                            different certificates, a list is                                       signing and decryption and the
the sign and/or encrypt option. In                                         presented to allow selection of                                         other is used for non-repudiation
the case of signed messages the                                            the appropriate certificate.                                            signing. The first PIN code is
users private key either from the                                                                                                                  valid as long as the card is in the
Smart Card or from the PKCS#12                                             When sending or reading a                                               card reader, whereas the PIN
file is used. The user must supply                                         secure message Teamware Mail                                            code for non-repudiation has to
the correct PIN code or                                                    automatically       checks     the                                      be entered again each time a
password. When messages are                                                certificate validity from the CRL                                       signature is made. Teamware
encrypted, the recipient’s public                                          (Certificate    Revocation    List)                                     Mail supports PKCS#11v2.11 API
key is first obtained from the                                             maintained by the Certificate                                           based Smart Card readers.
LDAP Certificate directory.                                                Authority. This is done by the
                                                                           OCSP server (Open Certificate                                           Cardless functionality
When a user receives a signed                                              Status Protocol).                                                       The cardless version of Mail uses
message, the message viewer                                                                                                                        certificates stored in PKCS#12
displays a security information                                            In cases where the LDAP                                                 files. These X.509 certificates
button.   Security      information                                        directory is not available or the                                       and private keys have password-
shows whether the message was                                              recipient’s public key is otherwise                                     based access control.
signed and/or encrypted, and                                               inaccessible, certificates can be
also the validity of the signature                                         exchanged as mail attachments.                                          Technical specification
and any related certificates.                                              They can then be stored into a
                                                                           local certificate cache for later                                       Teamware Mail security features
If a received signed message is                                            use.                                                                    require:
also encrypted, a PIN code                                                                                                                          User Certificates
(Smart Card) or a Password                                                 Settings and algorithms                                                  Smart Card and a reader
(PKCS#12 file) is required to use                                          In the main message window, the                                             (optional)
the private key to decrypt the                                             user can select the desired

Teamware®, Teamware OfficeTeamware Mobile, Teamware Mobile Express and other Teamware product and service names are
trademarks of Teamware Group Oy. Rights to other trademarks reside with their respective owners. Copyright Teamware Group Oy 2004. All
rights reserved. Teamware cannot accept any liability for any contents in this document and the information is subject to change without notice.
This document does not form part of a contract or license unless expressly agreed.

For further information contact:
Teamware Group P.O.BOX 135, FIN-00381 Helsinki Finland.
Telephone: +358 (0)207 515 300 Fax: + 358 9 547 2965
   SetWeb 1.5 (required with
    smart card readers)
 Teamware Office 7.1 Ed 1 or
 OCSP server.
The     SMTP/MIME       connector
should be installed.

See Teamware Office 7.1 Ed 1
fact sheet for the description of
other technical details.


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