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					  Preface                                                                                            Outline
                                                                                                     1. Preface
                                                                          About the e-book …         2. wedding Planning
                                                                                                           Article 1 : Wedding day checklist
  Ebook wEdding guidE is the go- to place for building up your happiness. For many brides                  Article 2 : Wedding planning checklist
and grooms, weddings involve more than simply inviting guests or booking the hall for ceremony.      3. wedding cake
Organizing your big day can be a difficult task so let us take the worry out of the unknown. Those         Article 1: Cake for perfect Wedding
                                                                                                           Article 2: 18 favorite wedding cakes
information on this ebook is shared from wedding community will be the useful references for you.
                                                                                                     4. After wedding day
                                                                         We will help you covered!         Article 1: Great honeymoon ideas for newlywed couple
                                           What to…?                                                       Article 2: Tips for a better husband & wife relationship
                                            How to...?                                               5. wedding invitation
                                           Where to…?                                                      Article 1: Choosing color for your wedding invitations
                                                                                                           Article 2: Considerations when choosing wedding invitations
                                           When to…?
                                                                                                     6. diY ideas:
              As step by step for your perfect day, we would like to travel with you!
                                                                                                           Article 1: DIY guest book tree
                                                                                                           Article 2 : DIY balloon name card
                                                                                                           Article 3 : Gorgeous Chiffon and Tulle Flowers
                                                                                                     7. wedding shoes
                                                                                                           Article 1: Guidelines to choose wedding shoes
                                                                                                           Article 2: Tips for choosing groom’s shoes
                                                                                                     8. wedding hairstyle
                                                                                                           Hot hairstyle with veil
                                                                                                     9. wedding music:
                                                                                                           The best collection of wedding songs
                                                                                                     10. Wedding flowers
                                                                                                           Article 1: Top 10- inexpensive flowers
                                                                                                           Article 2: Wedding bouquet _ something you need to know
                                                                                                     11. wedding dress
                                                                                                           Article 1: Useful advice for choosing wedding dress
                                                                                                           Article 2: Wedding dress trend 2010
                                                                                                     12. wedding beauty & health
                                                                                                           Article 1: 3 wedding makeup mistakes to avoid
                                                                                                           Article 2: Top 5 tips to be a beautiful & healthy bride
                                                                                                     13. wedding budget
                                                                         About the content…                Article 1: How to save your wedding budget
                                                                                                           Article 2: Loads of tips to help you cut your wedding cost
      The whole information put in this ebook is based on our real experiences that we have con-
                                                                                                     14. wedding favors/bomboniere:
   sulted for the couples who are preparing for their wedding, combined with information which is          Sweet thank-you gifts for your dear guests
        searched from others and many advices from famous wedding experts around the world.          15. wedding ideas & inspiration
                                                                                                                  Article 1: How to make your wedding unique and different
                                                                                                                  Article 2: Amazing wedding themes inspiration
                                                                                                     16. Wedding rings ? Are they difficult to choose ???
Wedding Planning

                   Wedding Planning
                   For many bride and groom, weddings involve more than simply invit-
                   ing guests or booking the hall for ceremony. Organizing your big day
                   can be a difficult task so let us take the worry out of the unknown.
                   Please follow this basic guideline, this will help you get covered !
                   A R T I C L E 1 : W E D D I n G D AY C H E C k L I S T
                   Task detail                                                                  Complete

                   6- 9 months before the big day                                                          1 - 2 months before the big day
                   •	 Choose the wedding date                                                              •	 Choose and arrange the transportation for bride & groom, and guests
                   •	 Estimate the total wedding budge                                                     •	 For groom : select the accessories( belt, tie and shoes)
                   •	 Plan with the wedding coordinator if necessary                                       •	 Send the invitation through address
                   •	 Think about a wedding theme, style, or decoration.                                   •	 Select the attendant’s attire
                   •	 Prepare save-a-date cards                                                            •	 Check again with all vendors: caterer, florist, makeup & hairstyle maker,
                   •	 For bride: research and shop around to choose the                                    baker, transportation renter, musicians, dress maker, groom’s designer ,
                   wedding gown, accessories ( headpiece, veil and shoes)                                  gift supplier, ring’s supplier, wedding coordinator, honeymoon’s service
                   •	 Discuss the guest list with your fiance and family                                   supplier. Make sure that all the vendors work in progress , do the right
                   •	 Select and reserve the ceremony site and reception site                              hings and deliver on time.

                   4 - 6 months before the big day                                                         2 - 4 weeks before the big day
                   •	 Contact with the reception caters, arrange the tasting and menu                      •	 Try the bride’s dress, groom’s tuxedo and other accessories included.
                   •	 Choose and book with the photographer & videographer, discuss the                    •	 Final check!
                   style you want                                                                          •	 Do a hair and makeup run through with your wedding veil on
                   •	 Think idea about wedding cake and choose the baker                                   •	 Do marriage license
                   •	 Make arrangement with florists                                                       •	 Confirm the reception guest count , meal options and notify the caterer
                   •	 Order the dresses for bride maids                                                    •	 Confirm with baker, gift, florist, musicians about their services.
                   •	 For groom : rent or buy the tuxedo                                                   •	 Confirm the wedding detail with the wedding coordinator in the
                   •	 Book with the musicians in the reception party                                       reception and ceremony site
                   •	 Plan the honeymoon and make reservation for the best price
                   •	 Contact with the officiant                                                           1 week before the big day
                                                                                                           •	 Allocate personal task and discuss detail with them
                   2 - 4 months before the big day                                                         •	 Do the checklist for the whole wedding items
                   •	 Shop around online to order the gifts for attendants and wedding favors              •	 Write your own wedding vows and discuss again with the officiant
                   •	 Research and order the wedding rings
                   •	 Finalize the guest list                                                              1 day before the big day
                   •	 Order the stationery, invitation, thank-you notes                                    •	   Do the checklist again
                   •	 Do the playlist for your reception party                                             •	   Rehearsal the program if your wedding program has so much details inside.
                   •	 Make the wedding photo albums with your photographers, and have                      •	   Confirm the transportation schedule
                   them do the slideshow at the beginning of reception                                     •	   Pre-wedding beauty preparations
                   •	 Plan and arrange the program for ceremony and reception                              •	   Prepare payment for some required wedding services
                   •	 Discuss detail (ideas & inspirations) with the wedding coordinator for
                   reception and ceremony about the theme or how to decorate the party                     On the big day
                   •	 Think about your hairstyle and make-up in the big day, as well as order              •	   Relax , keep calm and follow the wedding project timeline
                   with the maker                                                                          •	   Spend at least 2 times for wedding dress, hairstyle and makeup
                   •	 Book rooms for the out-of- town guests                                               •	   You and your fiancé try to eat breakfast
                                                                                                           •	   Enjoy yourself at this once on the special day!
Wedding Planning

                   ARTICLE 2 : WEDDInG PLAnnInG CHECkLIST

                                                   Attire, accessories & beauty
                   For bride                         For groom                      For others                                                        Decoration
                          Gowns                          Tuxedo                           Bridesmaid ’s dress    For ceremony                                                   For reception
                          Shoes                          Shoes & sock                     Bridesmaid ’s shoes          Aisle runner                      Outdoor sign                  Centerpieces
                          Tiara                          Waistcoats                       Mother’s dress               Backdrop                          Pew bow                       Table decoration
                          Veil & Headpiece               Cufflinks                        Flower girl’s dress          Arch                                                                Stage
                          Handbag                        Ties / cravats
                          Jewelry : earring                                                                                                   Photography & videography
                       & necklace                        Belt                                                    For reception & ceremony
                          Hair accessories                                                                              Photo slideshow                                               Videography
                          Hosiery & Garter                                                                              Stand for picture                                             Photography album
                          Lingerie : slip, bra, pettiecoat                                                       Music & entertainment
                          Gloves                                                                                        Sound/ music system                                           Playlist music for cer
                                                                                                                                                                                      emony, reception
                                                        Wedding ceremony                                                                               Stationery
                          Marriage license              Guest book table                  Unity candles                Save the date card                Programs                     Guest book & pens
                          Wedding band/ ring            Pens & guest book                 Unity holders                Invitation                        Place card                   Calligraphy
                          Wedding vow                   Chairs                            Officiant fee                Reply card                        Menu                         Thank you notes
                          Ring pillow                                                                                  Location map                      Envelop

                                                        Wedding reception                                                                            Favors & gifts
                         Location                       napkins                            Bartender                   Gifts for parents                 Gifts for attendants         Gift for guest
                         Food & drink                   Guest book & pen                   Candles & holders
                         Chair & cover                  Table & linens                     Serving staff                                      Personal contact ( telephone)
                         Glassware/ toasting            Wedding cake, cake                 Dancing floor               Caterer                           Transportation renter        Wedding coordinator
                   glasses, flatware, plate,        topper, cake server set, cake
                   bowl                             knife                                                              Florist                           Musicians                   Honeymoon’s service
                                                           Transportation                                             Makeup & hairdresser               Gift supplier               Photographer
                          Bride & Groom                 Family’s transportation            Guest’s transporta-         Bride & Groom                     Suit maker for bride        Videographer
                   tion                                                                                          accessories supplier          & groom
                   transportation                                                                                      Baker                             Ring’s supplier               Officiant

                          Bride’s bouquet               Corsages                            Centerpieces
                          Flower girl                   Boutonnieres                        Flower girl basket
                          Flower girl basket
Wedding caKe

                                                    c       a K e f O r t H e P erfect                                   dON’T fOrgeT :
                                                                                                                        • Write stating the specific size, shape, decora-
                                                            Wedding                                                        tion, delivery time and the price negotiable to the
                                                                                                                        • personalize the cake through style, decoration or
                                                    Cutting the cake is a symbol of unity and togeth-                      choosing cake topper.
                                                    erness, it also means the essential marker of the                   • Get references and book the cake early
                                                    couples commitment to one another on their                          • eat a sample piece of your wedding cake
                                                                                                                        • preserving your Top Wedding cake Tier
                                                    special day. So, how can you choose the perfect
                                                    cake? Let’s go for number of following guide-
                                                    lines here :

               1   STyle Of The cake:
                   The style of wedding cake should be thought
               first as it likes the main idea to decide how to
                                                                     5  flavOr Of The cake:
                                                                        Most popular flavors include fruit cake,
                                                                     chocolate cake, vanilla cake, angle food cake
               do with other details. Normally, there are some       and even cream cakes. It is entirely up to the
               popular styles that couple can choose: con-           couple which flavor they choose for their spe-
               temporary, dramatic, simple, classic, unique,         cial day
               traditional and regal. There are no hard and
               fast rules and it is entirely the couples' decision
               which they would like to select.                      6  Tier Shape:
                                                                        Depend on the cake’s style, the baker will
                                                                     help you choose the shape of tier. Normally,                                                                pleaSe reMeMBer :

               2   BudgeT:
                   How much will you spend on wedding cake?
               If you spend a little bit so much than average,
                                                                     there are four popular shapes:
                                                                            round: the most traditional style
                                                                            Square: for a bold and elegant affair
                                                                                                                                                                                 • Don’t overdo the wedding cake add-
                                                                                                                                                                                 • Don’t choose an inedible cake color
               your cake can be unique than others, or it is         •      Multi- shape : unique style                                                                          • Don’t choose a generic wedding cake
               decorated with more luxury items. Arranging           •      cupcake wedding                                                                                         topper
               the budget for cake is quite important and the                                                                                                                    • Don’t forget to ask about transportation
               couple should decide it early.
                                                                     7   cake TOpperS:
                                                                         The beauty and art of the cake can be ex-

               3   Size Of The cake:
                   Based on the budget and the guest list, the
               couple can order with the baker which size is
                                                                     pressed thorough the cake toppers or not. It’s
                                                                     up to your overall cake. So, please don’t worry
                                                                     if you cannot find the most suitable topper for
               enough for your wedding reception. In gen-            your wedding cake. Normally, the couple put
               eral, three tiers will serve 50-100 guests. So,       the toppers on it, and some of them have it
               if you're having 150 or more, four or more tiers      decorated with fresh flowers in order to reflect
               are enough, but if it exceeds your budget,            the uniqueness.
               please have your baker do with three-tired
               cake, and then making up the rest of the slices
               with a sheet cake.                                    8   cake Baker:
                                                                         There are many vendors that cater to the
                                                                     special couples' needs. It is usual to have face

               4  cOlOr Of The cake:
                   your cake color will perfectly match your
               wedding day or, whether it will complement
                                                                     -to- face meetings with the intended couple
                                                                     and to work together to decide upon the per-
                                                                     fect cake for the perfect wedding day.
               them? you should speak to your chosen cake
               baker for more in depth and more specific ad-
               vice                                                  9 TiMe delivery:
                                                                       See that your cake is delivered about an
                                                                     hour before the start of the reception
Wedding caKe

               18 faVOrite Wedding caKeS...
               It was hard work, but somebody had to do it! Here are favorite cakes – all
               as unique and colorful as they are delicious. Browse through to find all the
               inspiration you’ll need in your search for the perfect cake.
                                                                  1. layered chocolate cake                    9. Tier Black & White Swirly cake
                                                                  What makes a chocolate cake look             With a whopping five tiers, black spirals
                                                                  even more romantic? red and white            and flowers decorate the otherwise
                                                                  roses sprinkled on top                       pure white layers.

                                                                  2. gift Box cake                             10. White and Black 3 Tier cake
                                                                  Gift a gift to yourselves with this fes-     This three-tier cake is a great spin on
                                                                  tive cake. Featuring multiple layers of      the traditional white wedding cake. With
                                                                  unique, gold-accented patterns, there        chocolate strips throughout the tiers,
                                                                  is a bow on every other tier.                it’s topped off with gorgeous light-green
                                                                                                               orchidsroses sprinkled on top
                                                                  3. hydrangea cake
                                                                  This three-tiered, round cake will stand     11. Modern citrus-colored cake
                                                                  tall and elegant at the cake-cutting cer-    This summery cake makes a splash
                                                                  emony. Dotted throughout, hydrangeas         with bright citrus colors and unique
                                                                  decorate each layer as a fresh alterna-      patterns on each tier. Sunflowers and
                                                                  tive to roses.                               orchids add another nod to warm
                                                                  4. chocolate-foliage cake
                                                                  Gift a gift to yourselves with this fes-
                                                                                                               12. green-Sashed cake
                                                                  tive cake. Featuring multiple layers of      A combination of round and square
                                                                  unique, gold-accented patterns, there        tiers make up this classic-looking cake,
                                                                  is a bow on every other tier.                while sugar paste stephanotis and a
                                                                                                               draped green fondant sash give it a
                                                                                                               modern touch.
                                                                  5. White-Banded Beige cake
                                                                  This beige cake is wrapped with a            13. pretty in pink
                                                                  white fondant ribbon around each of its      This petite, two-tiered cake is perfect
                                                                  four layers. A mixture of fresh roses and    for the bride who likes anything girly,
                                                                  sugar paste petals bring an elegant          frilly, and, we think, absolutely lovely.
                                                                  balance to the cake.
                                                                                                               14. ivory cake with flowers
                                                                  6. Whimsical cake
                                                                                                               perfect for the fall, this four-tiered, ivory
                                                                  each layer of this non-traditional cake      beauty flaunts its unique texture and
                                                                  is decorated with different colors and       colorful accents .
                                                                  patterns to create a fun, whimsical look.
                                                                  The couple’s initials sit on top the cake,   15. grape Wedding cake
                                                                  adding yet another personal touch.
                                                                                                               This multi-tiered, vintage cake is the
                                                                                                               perfect pick for a summer wedding
                                                                  7. Two-Tier light green cake                 – especially if it happens to be at a
                                                                  Great for the Spring, this two-tiered        vineyard. each pink tier is wrapped with
                                                                  round cake stands out with its light         a soft, light green ribbon frosting and
                                                                  green icing and pink ribbons. Delicate       “tied” with fresh grapes.
                                                                  green orchids with a hint of purple top
                                                                  the cake and separate each tier.             16. round, Off-center cake with
                                                                  8. floral purple Banded cake                 This design takes a five-tiered cake
                                                                  Green embellishments and purple rib-         and throws it off center – literally. White
                                                                  bons make these white tiers far from         frosted layers of black polka dots are
                                                                  standard. Multi-colored flowers are          accented with salmon-colored petals
                                                                  scattered throughout and featured as         making this cake almost too visually
                                                                  the topper.                                  interesting to slice.
after Wedding day

                                                               after Wedding day
                                                                                                                                                5. rOmantic & luxury:
                                                               Article 1: Great honeymoon ideas for newlywed couple
                                                                                                                                                Honeymooners deserve the life of
                                                                                                                                                luxury. Many newlyweds spend their
                                                                       For the newlywed couple, their honeymoon                                 honeymoon on providing much-
                                                                   should be the second memorable event of                                      needed alone time in the form of
                                                                                                                                                intimate meals and spa treatments
                                                                   their new life together right after their wed-                               within the luxurious surroundings of
                                                                   ding. Honeymoon is about the couple and it                                   a secluded villa or cabana. And if you
                                                                                                                                                want to have a romantic honeymoon,
                                                                   is therefore important to choose a destination                               leave work and home at home! This is
                                                                                                                                                the only chance to get some days off
                                                                   that offers an interesting getaway for both of                               from work, so use it. Don’t bring your
                                                                   them. Knowing which type of honeymoon you                                    work or family related problems on
                                                                                                                                                your honeymoon. Turn off your mobile
                                                                   want will help you decide on your locations                                  phone, redirect your emails and just
                                                                   easier.                                                                      enjoy your time together.
                                                                                                                                                Top romantic honeymoon loca-
                                                                                                          2. actiOn-PacKed:                     tions are: Paris, Venice and Rome.
                             1. tOtally relaxing:                                                         Think about an exotic honeymoon
                      If you are looking for a quiet, laid-                                               if you and your new spouse are
                       back stay, a beach honeymoon to                                                    active adventurers and like nothing
                     a tropical country or private islands                                                better than trying something new.
                          would be right perfect for you.                                                 More and more couples are skip-
                      White sandy beaches, crystal clear                                                  ping the traditional honeymoon
                    waters, light breezes, roaring waves                                                  getaways and are instead opting
                      and a lot more- makes you under-                                                    for something a little more
                    stand why to choose beaches as the
                        ideal place for their honeymoon.
                                                                                                          daring. Mountain trekking or
                                                                                                          a wildlife exploration to Africa
                        Popular locations are: Carib-                                                     are great examples for this type of
                         bean, Hawaii, Fiji and Tahiti.                                                   honeymoon. There are also many
                                                                                                          more different adventure activities
                                                                                                          that couple can enjoy such as hik-
                                                                                                          ing, kayaking, diving, skiing and a
                                                                                                          lot more.
                                                                                                          Challenging locations are: Ken-

                            3. HiStOry & culture-
                                                              4. fun-filled:
                                                              For newlywed couple who would love to have a trip full of entertainment, fun
                    Do you have a thirst for knowledge?       and exciting activities, there are many destinations which will definitely sat-
                           Are you a fountain of historical   isfy everything you need. Many couples want to enjoy fun nightlife activities,
                       facts? Then why not take a trip to     gambling, seeing some performances in night clubs or shopping around in the
                      explore a faraway country with an-      morning.
                    cient architecture, amazing historical
                       buildings and museums. Learning        Some ideal honeymoon destinations for excited couple: Las Vegas,
                      a new language, crafting skills, the    Thailand
                       history and cultural art of a nation
                        or just enjoying special local food
                       may bring you lots of excitement.
                     Locations with rich history and
                     culture are: Egypt, Greece and
after Wedding day

                                                                                                                                                                                              4. SHOW yOur lOVe and aPPreciatiOn
                                                                                                                                                                                              Same old advice: tell your spouse “I love you” every single day
                                                                                                                                                                                              and don’t forget to say please and thank you. When your hus-
                                                                                                                                                                                              band helps you fix something in the house, tell him how good
                                                                                                                                                                                              he is. And husband, thank you wife for each meal and for how
                                                                                                                                                                                              well your clothes have been folded. A little appreciation and
                                                                                                                                                                                              compliment never hurts, it will make your mate feel very happy
                                                                                                                                                                                              and encouraging. You should also learn to show your love in
                                                                                                                                                                                              small ways throughout the day like kissing him unexpectedly in
                                                                                                                                                                                              his cheek, cuddling while watching TV. Sometimes, give your

                    Article 2: Tips for a better husband & wife relationship

                                                                  1. talKing and SHaring                 2. admit yOur miStaKe
                      There is no more doubt in marriage, as in any relationship, communication is       The advice here is .When you make
                    very important. You have to speak to each other and make sure you are on the         a mistake, admit it. When your mate
                     same wave length! Talk to your mate, find out what difficulties he has to face      makes a mistake, excuse him or her
                        in his work, share your hopes, dreams or just ordinary things. That way you      easily’. However, this is something
                      can understand each other and always stay close to your mate. When facing          you may find hard to do or just for-
                        problems, communication is absolutely necessary. It is the first step to solve   get totally about it. A lot of people
                      your husband and wife problems. Remember that your wife or your husband            go to great lengths to make up for
                    cannot understand you if you do not communicate. Moreover, improving com-            their mistakes - or to hide them -
                          munication in marriage is key to reducing or avoiding stressful situations.    when a simple “I’m sorry” would do
                                                                                                         the job, and cause a lot fewer hard
                                                                                                         feelings. Also never discuss each oth-
                                                               3. Be HOneSt and faitHful
                                                                                                         ers past faults and mistakes in front
                        You should not allow yourself to become romantic with anyone other than          of other people. While your spouse
                      your husband or wife. You should not have strong emotional attachments to          may laugh along with you and not         5. leaVe yOur Partner SOmetime alOne
                    or fall in love with anyone other than your spouse. Your faithfulness should be      say anything about it but in fact, you
                      physical, mental as well as emotional. Faithfulness is a choice and it is impor-   may have hurt them deep down.            Everybody needs some time on their own. You or your mate may want to spend more time alone, or at work, or with your
                        tant to honor the marriage vows. If something happens, tell your mate and                                                 own friends and do your own hobbies. This is completely normal and there is nothing wrong. It doesn’t mean that you
                     then try to work through the problem. There is nothing worse than hearing it                                                 lost interest in each other. Both men and women are different and therefore should retain their own likes and dislikes. You
                                     second hand from a friend rather than from your mate directly.                                               need to show respect for your mate’s interests and the time set for your mate to be alone or spend with friends. Remem-
                                                                                                                                                  ber that marriage supports your life journey, it doesn’t replace it.
Wedding inVitatiOn

                     Choosing color for your wedding invitation
                     One of the most important concerns with regards to a wedding is the invita-
                     tion as it seems to be the first impression for guests. So, if you are inviting
                     guests from many different cultures, you need to consider those color mean-
                     ings when choosing the invitation.
                                                                                                                  P I n k Both red and pink denote love
                                                                          W H I T E When the bride & groom        but while red is hot passion, pink is
                                                                          choose the white wedding, it            romantic and charming. Therefore, it is
                                                                          means that they want to express         chosen for a wedding invitation color
                                                                                                                  by most of brides. Moreover, admira-
                                                                          the purity and innocence, and the
                                                                                                                  tion, love, and spring time are also
                                                                          same with the meaning for invi-         associated with pink color.
                                                                          tation. This color is common for        However, studies have shown that
                                                                          wedding in West.                        large amounts of pink can create
                                                                          However, in Eastern countries,          physical weakness in people, this belief
                                                                          white is rarely used because of its     somewhat makes less desirable for
                                                                          expression for death.                   some couples.

                                                                          B L A C k Black is versus with white    G R E E n Green is life. Abundant
                                                                          in the term of meaning. In West         in nature, green signifies growth, re-
                                                                          wedding, black has such a negative      newal, health, and environment.
                                                                          connotation. Sometimes, people          With both a warming and cooling
                                                                          think black as a sophistication and     effect, the color green has also been
                                                                                                                  associated with balance, harmony, and
                                                                                                                  stability. Therefore, most of couples
                                                                                                                  choose the green wedding theme if
                                                                          B L U E In many diverse cultures        they celebrate their marriage in Spring.
                                                                          blue is significant in religious
                                                                          beliefs, brings peace, or is believed
                                                                          to keep the bad spirits away. In        Y E L L O W Yellow is sunshine. It
                                                                          Iran, blue is the color of mourning     is a warm color that, like red, has
                                                                                                                  conflicting symbolism. On the one
                                                                          while. In the West the something
                                                                                                                  hand it denotes happiness and joy but
                                                                          blue bridal tradition represents        on the other hand yellow is the color
                                                                          love. Blue is perhaps one of the        of cowardice and deceit. Normally, if
                                                                          best wedding colors to choose.          the couple doesn’t consider so much
                                                                                                                  about the meaning of this color, it
                                                                                                                  can be chosen for summer and spring
                                                                          R E D Red denotes purity, excite-       wedding as it is a bright color.
                                                                          ment, and celebration.
                                                                          • In China, red represents for hap-
                                                                          piness and prosperity and may be        P U R P L E Purple is royalty. A mysteri-
                                                                          used to attract good luck. So, red      ous color, purple is associated with
                                                                          is often the color worn by brides       both nobility and spirituality in West-
                                                                          in the East while it is the color of    ern cultures. Purple’s many shades
                                                                          mourning in South Africa.               have become a popular addition to
                                                                                                                  weddings over the years, possibly
                                                                          • In India red is frequently used as
                                                                                                                  because of its associations. Darker
                                                                          a wedding color – that might make       shades of purple are also associated
                                                                          it an ideal choice for announcing       with sensuality while lighter shades
                                                                          your special event.                     represent romance.
                                                                          However, it might be a better           However, in Thailand, purple is the
                                                                          choice for the honeymoon than for       color widows must wear while mourn-
                                                                          the wedding invitations                 ing their lost husbands.
Wedding inVitatiOn

                     C     onsideration when choosing
                           wedding invitation
                                                                                                                                          Step 2: Check the details
                                                                                                                                          Most of brides are easily missed some of the important details such as, location of ceremony, reception an RSVP phone
                                                                                                                                          number and etc ... You should write down all of the details you need to send to guests before looking at the design of the
                                                                                                                                          invitation. That way will help you cut cost.
                                                                                                                                          Next part of this step, carefully check and double check the spelling of everyone names. Make sure there is no grammar or
                                                                                                                                          spelling error inside before you go to the printer.

                                                                                                                                          Please remember :
                                                                                                                                          • If you have placed RSVP on the invitation and if a guest has not responded for more than a week, what you need to do
                                                                                                                                          is to reach them on their contact numbers and ask them whether they will go to your wedding or not. In this way, you will
                                                                                                                                          know what you can do for their seats.
                                                                                                                                          • Having a photo of you and your groom-to-be on the front or inside your invitations. You can choose a simple invitation
                                                                                                                                          and have your photo added to make an invitation unique
                                                                                                                                          • Don’t overcrowd so much things in the invitation
                                                                                                                                          • If you would like to choose the cheap wedding invitation to have economic wedding, you can :
                                                                                                                                          •	 Make your own
                                                                                                                                          •	 Find good supplier that asks reasonable price
                                                                                                                                          •	 Online, there is such a thing as a wedding invitation kit
                                                                                                                                          •	 Using a postcard for RSVP

                     “A W E D D I n G I n V I TAT I O n   S T E P 1 : P L A n T H E I n V I TAT I O n :
                                                          In step 1, you should answer the following questions to prepare for your
                     is a letter asking the recip-        wedding invitation
                     ient to attend a wedding.
                     It is typically mailed six to        1. What style should we go for?      2. What color should we go for?
                                                          Firstly, you should consider the     Decide whether you want your invita-
                     eight weeks before the               style of your wedding. Some-         tion to perfectly match your wedding
                                                          times, they call its setting. You    day colors. Invitations are available
                     wedding date. From your              are having a formal wedding or       in almost every color you can think
                     wedding dress to your                modern wedding? You are plan-        of, normally, there are some popular
                                                          ning the traditional wedding or      colors: white, black, pink, red, yellow,
                     wedding invitations, you             more in stylist one? The invita-     green, purple and blue. Choosing the
                     want everything about                tion should be in sync with your     wedding color is also up to the differ-
                                                          setting.                             ent cultures.
                     your wedding to be per-
                     fect, and completing invi-
                     tation takes so much time            3. Wedding theme match or complement?
                                                          Another consideration is the theme of your wedding invitation when you
                     from thinking to sending             are picking out them.
                     it to the guests. Keeping            • If you are having a fall theme wedding, you can incorporate an autumnal
                                                          icon such as a maple leaf or pinecone.
                     these considerations in              • If you are having a garden theme, you may want to have invitations that
                     mind can help you find               have flowers on them to go with the garden theme.
                                                           It’s not necessary to have your wedding invitation match with theme! You
                     wedding invitations that             can decide to do something that can complement with your specific theme.
                                                          It’s up to the decision of the couple.
                     will be beautiful, unique
                     and a wonderful way                  4. What’s your budget?
                     to invite your cherished             Determine how much money you will spend for the wedding invitation.
                                                          Based on that, the couples can easily choose the style for wedding invita-
                     loved ones to share in               tion, whether you do it economically or not?
                           your special day.”
diy ideaS

            diy : real Wedding inspiration: gueSt BOOK tree

            1. Skip the traditional guest book and create a beautiful display out of your friends’ and
               family’s good wishes. It’s easy to create this look on your own — all you need are potted
               flower branches and pretty cards for guests to write on.
            2. Cherry, apple or peach blossom or magnolia branches will work well for this. You could
               also try manzanita or curly willow branches, which look pretty on their own or with cym-
               bidium or dendrobium orchids or carnations wired on. Set pens and a stack of cards with
               ribbons for hanging nearby, and you’re all set!
            3. We love the idea of asking guests to write their specific wishes or advice for you on the
               cards rather than simply signing their names and writing a generic congratulatory mes-
               sage. After your wedding, collect the cards in a nice chest or box for the perfect keepsake.

            Image: Sara Remington/Anna Kuperberg Photography
            Source: http://www.mydiyweddingday.com/2009/04/real-wedding-inspiration-guest-book-tree.html
diy ideaS
                                                                                             S T E P 4 : We made place cards with a paper cutter and bone folder (about 2″
            DIY Balloon Name Cards                                                           by 3). We wrote names and table numbers with a white pen and then cre-
                                                                                             ated a small hole in the top of the card.
            S T E P 1 : You’ll need: Candies (to use as paper weights), balloons, strings,   S T E P 5 : Next, we took the string that was tied to the balloon and pushed it
            pens and parchment paper.                                                        through the hole in the card, then tying the string to the weight.
            S T E P 2 : So our name cards don’t fly away, we wrapped the candies in
            parchment paper and tied with a string.    2.                                      4.                             5.                               6.

                                                                                             S T E P 6 : Guests will carry balloons to their tables (creating a lovely scene!)
                                                                                             and then the balloons will serve as table decorations.
                                                                                             S T E P 7 : Display the balloons at different heights
            STEP 3: For a striking visual display, pick a color scheme of 2 or 3 colors to
                                                                                             Finally, they are a perfect way to ensure your reception will be off to a fun-
            buy the balloons in.
                                                                                             filled start !
              3.                                                                                7.                                             8.

                                                                                             Source: http://www.projectwedding.com/wedding-ideas/balloon-name-cards/
                                                                                             All photo by Chelsea Fuss
diy ideaS

            DIY: Gorgeous Chiffon and Tulle Flowers

                                                                                                                       Stack flower cut outs, alternating fabric types and stag-
                                                                                                                       gering petals. Use a needle and thread to secure them
                                                                                                                       together at the center.

                                                                                                                       If desired you can sew decorative beads in the inside
                                                                                                                       center of the flower.

            For this project you will need fabric – we used chiffon and tulle. Yardage needed will vary based on       You can also create a tie-on corsage or sash, by sewing
            the number and size of flowers, as well as the fabric thickness. You’ll also need a piece of paper, a      one or more flowers to a length of silk ribbon
            pen, scissors, pins, needle and thread, glas…
                                                                                                                                                                  You can also create a tie-on corsage or sash, by sewing one
                                                                                                                                                                  or more flowers to a length of silk ribbon.

            To make a stencil first free hand a rose petal shape and cut out. Then retrace it five times on a larger
            sheet of paper to create a full flower shape. This will help you get an even pattern. Cut out pattern.

            Take some fabric and fold it into a square a little larger than your flower pattern. Pin the pattern to
            fabric and carefully cut out. Repeat this process until you have enough layers to make a full flower –
            the number of layers will vary depending…

                                                                                                                                                                                     Source: projectwedding.com
                                                                                                                                                                                     All photo by Olivia Kanaley
Wedding SHOeS

                guidelineS tO cHOOSe Wedding SHOeS                                                                                                                                 4. Shopping around for reference
                                                                                                                                                                                   Make sure before you go around for shop-
                Among many accesso- 1. Wedding shoes suit your wedding themes                                                                                                      ping, you have the bit of knowledge about
                                                                                                                                                                                   the bridal shoes: what style do you want?
                ries the brides need to           Nowadays, most of brides and grooms want to express their per-                                                                   How price are there? What kind of fabric or
                prepare for their spe-            sonalization in their wedding. All the things that they do as well as                                                            the color of your wedding shoes? Don’t buy
                                                  they wear must in sync with wedding theme. And wedding shoes                                                                     the wedding shoes immediately although you
                cial day, wedding shoes           are not exceptional                                                                                                              really like them. You should get the reference
                seem to be the most                                                                                                                                                on many magazines, forums or websites ... to
                important things in or-                                                                                                                                            make sure that you will not make the mistake.

                der to make the brides
                more beautiful. So, how
                                                                                                                                                                                   5. Heels of wedding shoes
                                                                                                                                                                                   Alarm! You need to consider about its heel!
                to choose the wedding                                                                                                                                              The higher the heel, the greater posture you
                shoes which are suit-                                                                                                                                              are, and the more stress you put on your body.
                able with your wedding
                dress, your style and                                                                                                                                              6. Buying shoes at the end of the
                your body shape but                                                                                                                                                day
                not costly? We will give                                                                                                                                           When shopping for wedding shoes, remember
                                                                                                                                                                                   to shop toward the end of the day because of
                some guidelines for you                                                                                                                                            swelling of feet .
                to overcome these diffi-          If your wedding theme is colorful, don’t be worry to choose the
                                                  green, blue, pink, red ... or black wedding dress, and of course
                                                  your wedding shoes can also be green, red, yellow and purple ...         Some things that you can’t forget:
                2. Comfortable wedding shoes                                                                               •	 Please observe the floor spaces to choose the best
                                                                                                                              wedding shoes for the brides
                Just think, you’ll be walking down the aisle, taking photograph, greeting attendant, and possibly          •	 Bridal shoes should be chosen depend on the occa-
                dancing in your bridal shoes, the comfortable wedding shoes will help you have the smooth steps in            sion.
                your big day. Maybe even the most expensive ones – It doesn’t make them the most suitable shoes for        •	 Remember to buy extra shoes to avoid damage and
                your wedding day.                                                                                             bring it to the wedding ceremony
                                                                                                                           •	 Try on your bridal shoes around the house at least
                                                                    3. Fabrics for your shoes                                 two weeks before your wedding starts

                                                                    There are many styles of bridal shoes: classic, vin-
                                                                    tage, diva, and casual made from leather, cotton
                                                                    or silk satin. But please remember that you need
                                                                    to choose the kind of fabrics that suit with the
                                                                    material made at the bottom of your wedding
                                                                    dress, as well as the color. That is the greatest
                                                                    impact on your shoes.
Wedding SHOeS

                What truly important for the groom is the comfort and look of the shoes.
                Although choosing shoes for groom doesn’t get as much trouble as brides,
                we still have some tiny but decisive details to choose the right ones. Here are
                some tips for groom to choose the right shoes and preserve them before his
                “special day”:

                                          • Make sure that your shoes match perfectly with the tuxedo or
                                          suit. Thus, you should hire or purchase the suit before choosing
                                          the wedding shoes. Perhaps, you can wear your suit when buying

                                          • There are two types: ankle and knee-high socks. Be prepared to
                                          wear the socks or insole when trying on dress shoes.

                                          • Comfort will be generally the first consideration, which will en-
                                          able the groom to enjoy the wedding entirely.

                                          • Do not wait until the wedding day otherwise you might choose
                                          unsatisfactory shoes.

                                          • Remember to choose the wedding shoes at the end of day, be-
                                          cause your feet have been swollen slightly.

                                          • Measure both feet at the shoe store. Then choose a shoe which
                                          fits the slightly larger foot.

                                          • Walk around the shop and stand on tiptoe with each foot in

                                          • Try your shoes out on different surfaces to test for potential slip

                                          • If the groom chooses the leather shoes, remember to purchase
                                          them spray with waterproofing.

                                          • Leather shoes also need to be cleaned regularly with a wax pol-
                                          ish or shoe cream. You need to choose a suitable polish.

                                          • If your shoes do get wet, do not place them on direct sunlight
                                          to dry out as it can lead to cracks in the leather. Let the shoes dry

                                          • Use a shoehorn when putting as this will prolong the life of the
                                          back of the shoe.

                                          • wLeather shoes need to be cleaned regularly with a wax polish
                                          or shoe cream. Always choose a polish which matches that of the
                                          leather shoe. If you are unable to find one then use a neutral one.
Wedding HairStyle

                             t     h
                    Hot hairsyle wit veil
                    On your wedding day, you may choose to have your bride hair style profes-
                    sionally done, and now let start to research some following hairstyle ideas
                                                                                                  5. Layered Curl Updo with Vei 6. Straight Updo with Veil
                    going with veil for your special day.                                         7. Spiral Curls and Veil      8. Long and Wavy with Veil
                    1. High updo with traditional veil    2. Curly updo with veil:
                    3. Sweeping Updo with Veil            4. Birdcage Veil Wedding Updo
Wedding muSic

                                                                                             Don’t Want To Miss A Thing           Honey Honey
                tHe BeSt cOllectiOn Of Wedding SOngS                                         Endless Love Every time I close my   Love Me Tender

                Selecting beautiful songs for a wedding ceremony is actually difficult for   eyes                                 I Can’t Help Falling In Love
                many brides and grooms. Since both of them not only want to set the gen-     I Finally Found Someone              I Got You I Feel Good
                eral mood and tone of their ceremony or reception but also hope to express
                their emotions through the rhythm of music. Just don’t worry about this      Forever in Love                      I’d Love You To Want Me
                anymore! We will help you handle this issue! Beautifully touching wedding    Four Seasons                         Spend my Life with You
                songs will create a long-lasting impression on everybody.
                                                                                             From this Moment                     Eternal Flame
                                                                                             Fly Me To The Moon                   Sometimes When We Touch
                                                     All My Life
                                                                                             Greensleeves                         That’s What Friends Are For
                                                     At Last
                                                                                             Heaven                               Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You
                                                                                             How Deep Is Your Love                The Way You Look Tonight
                                                     Angel Eyes
                                                     Angel of Mine
                                                     Could Not Ask For More
                                                     Ave Maria
                                                     And I Love Her
                                                     Because You Loved Me
                                                     By Your Side
                                                     Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
                                                     Canon In D
                                                     Can You Feel The Love Tonight
                                                     At Last
                                                     Come Away With Me
Wedding flOWerS

                  tOP 10: inexPenSiVe flOWerS

                                            1. ALSTROEMERIA LILY                          6. FREESIA
                                            • Alstroemeria Lily is very popularly used    • Freesias provide a wonderful scent that
                                            in wedding bouquets and flower arrange-       is delicate and fresh without being over
                                            ments.                                        powering.
                                            • This kind of flowers can be used for late   • This dainty freesia bridal bouquet is
                                            spring or early summer wedding.               small, but exquisite.

                                            2. BABY’S BREATH                              7. GLADIOLUS
                                            • It is a great option if you have a tight    • Gladiolus can produce a unique look to
                                            budget for your wedding. If you very          your floral arrangements. These flowers
                                            much wish to go for a conventional wed-       grow up almost the entire length of the
                                            ding bouquet, then you can save baby’s        stem from large blossoms at the bottom
                                            breath bouquets for your bridesmaids.         to smaller ones at the top.
                                            • Baby’s breath bouquets can indeed be        • This is typically considered as bouquet
                                            your choice if you are determined to go       for summer wedding.
                                            for an offbeat wedding.

                                                                                          8. QUEEn AnnE’S LACE
                                            3. CARnATIOn                                  • This is a beautiful choice for an outdoor
                                            • The carnation is the recession-friendly     wedding with that just picked from the
                                            flower. It symbolizes love to your guests     garden look.
                                            and a less badly dented wallet to you.        • Queen Anne’s lace can provide delicate
                                            • They were always used as a filler and       blooms and greenery at the bottom of the
                                            almost paired with baby’s breath.             cascading bridal bouquet.
                                            • They’re hearty and last a long time.

                                                                                          9. SUnFLOWER
                                            4. CHRYSAnTHEMUM                              • The bright yellow of the sunflower and
                                            • The autumn weather brings about a rich      its various sizes can fit into these catego-
                                            variety of flowers that can make any wed-     ries without breaking the bank.
                                            ding bouquet a beautiful sight. The chry-     • It’s meaning, adoration, fits well into
                                            santhemum is perhaps the most widely          any wedding theme and its size and versa-
                                            known fall flower.                            tility will enhance both the wedding party
                                            • Ribbon often gives this bouquet the         and the décor of the reception or ceremo-
                                            impressive effect.                            ny location.

                                            5. DAISY                                      10. SWEET WILLIAM
                                            • For all wedding seasons, daisy can be       • Sweet William is an excellent choice
                                            used as wedding bouquet.                      for boutonnieres, corsages, or smaller
                                            • When choosing a bouquet with these          bouquets. It would also be lovely in larger
                                            daisies, a bride should carefully consider    arrangements as an accent flower
                                            the colors, arrangement, and accents in
                                            order to fit with the theme and feel of her
                                            • Gerber daisy bridal bouquets can also
                                            work with formal weddings as well.
Wedding flOWerS

                  yOur Wedding flOWerS - SOmetHing
                  yOu need tO KnOW
                                                                                                                      4. PlEAsE noTiCE wiTh ThE sCEnT of flowErs, because some brides may be sensitive to the fra-
                                                                                                                      grance. However, in the places like centerpiece, fragrant scent will attract guests and create the warm
                                                                                                                      atmosphere for them.

                                                                                                                      5.   onE imPorTAnT ChArACTErisTiC whEn ordEring ThE wEdding bouquETs is frEshnEss.
                                                                                                                      Some types of flowers have the longer –life- fresh than others after they have been cut.

                                                                                                                      6.   ChECk ExACTlY wiTh ThE florisT ThE sChEdulE of dElivEring ThE wEdding flowErs,             as
                                                                                                                      their schedule on the day of your wedding may be coincided with another wedding or event.

                                                                                                                                                                             7. CosT is ThE lAsT fACTor ThAT musT bE
                                                                                                                                                                             ConsidErEd. One of the best ways of keep-
                  1.   do A lisT of flowErs nEEdEd.            2. To sTArT PlAnning,     the couples can get ideas                                                           ing your costs down is to do them yourself, or
                  Normally, on your big day, there are some    from magazines, friends, and family. Start look-                                                              get a friend or relative to help out and there
                  following things that need to display with   ing at the colors the bridal couple would like to                                                             are some tips to help you covered:
                  flowers :                                    include.                                                                                                      • Choosing in-season flowers
                  • Bride’s bouquet                                                                                                                                          • Buy the flowers wholesale from florists or
                  • Bridesmaids’ bouquet                       3. TAkE A PiCTurE of Your drEss,        your brides-                                                          flower markets
                  • Groom’s & Groomsmen boutonnieres           maids’ dresses and your groom’s clothing when                                                                 • Use simple ideas for your bouquet
                  • Flower Girl/Ring Bearer Flowers            you visit your florist. Also take swatches of fab-                                                            • Search information on the internet to get
                  • Attendant Boutonnieres & Corsages          rics including your gown and any pictures from                                                                more advices
                  • Ceremony Flowers                           magazines of wedding bouquets that you intend                                                                 • Watch video clips to learn how to do with
                  • Reception Centerpieces                     to do the same.                                                                                               flowers.
Wedding dreSS

                uSeful adViceS fOr cHOOSing tHe Perfect
                Wedding dreSS
                On your special day, you would definitely appreciate wearing a perfect wed-
                ding dress in order that you not only look exceedingly sensational, but feel
                completely gorgeous as well. To get the perfect wedding dress means to
                get the perfect fit. Then, what’s the best wedding dress style for your body
                type? Please remember that in the end, it’s your wedding, and you CAN
                do whatever you want. Therefore, we would love to give you some advice
                about the dresses before you even set foot into a bridal shop.

                In reality, there are 5 popular types of wedding dress: A –line dress, Empire
                line dress, Ball gowns dress, Sheath wedding dress and Mermaid wedding
                dress. So, which body shape is suit for each?
                                                                      linE drEssEs :
                                                                      • An A-line dress is narrower
                                                                      at the top, flaring gently wider
                                                                      toward the bottom thereby
                                                                      resembling the letter A
                                                                      • You will look slimming when
                                                                      wearing this kind of dress

                                                                      EmPirE linE drEssEs
                                                                      • An empire dress is tighter un-
                                                                      der the bust or has a seam right
                                                                      under the bust, with the rest of
                                                                      the piece flowing loosely down
                                                                      the body.

                                                                      bAll gowns drEssEs
                                                                      • Ball gown gives a princess-
                                                                      like presence, and is one of the
                                                                      most romantic shapes. It suits
                                                                      pretty for church wedding,
                                                                      garden wedding or other theme

                                                                      shEATh wEdding drEssEs:
                                                                      • Sheath dresses follow every
                                                                      curve of the bride’s figure
                                                                      • You are great on petite
                                                                      brides, as well as tall brides

                                                                      mErmAid wEdding drEssEs:
                                                                      •The mermaid wedding dress
                                                                      is probably most considered by
                                                                      women who want to show off
                                                                      their curves.
Wedding dreSS

                Wedding dreSS trendS in 2010
Wedding Wedding Beauty & HealtH

                                  Wedding Beauty & HealtH
                                  Article 1: 3 wedding makeup mistakes to avoid                                                        Article 2: Top 5 tips to be a beautiful & healthy bride
                                                                                                                                       1.   ChoosE Your food & vEgETAblEs:
                                                                                                                                       Everyone knows the connection between
                                                                                                                                       food & health. In addition, what you eat can
                                                                                                                                       also affect your sex life. So make sure you eat
                                                                                                                                       healthy and avoid crash dieting. Keep trays of
                                                                                                                                       chopped vegetables and fruits in the fridge
                                                                                                                                       and you will take out the chore of eating a
                                                                                                                                       healthier diet. Limit food and drinks high in
                                                                                                                                       calories, sugar and fat.

                                                                                                                                       2.   drink morE wATEr
                                                                                                                                       Water is one of the most essential elements
                                                                                                                                       to good health. Drinking water will greatly
                                                                                                                                       help you lose weight and become healthier in
                                                                                                                                       general. The body is made up mainly of water
                                                                                                                                       and it needs a lot of water to function prop-
                                                                                                                                       erly. Drinking more water is also the best tip
                                                                                                                                       to get a perfect skin for your big day. Every
                                  1. Too muCh mAkEuP:                                                                                  bride should drink at least eight glasses of
                                  Remember that your fiancé is marrying you, so he should at                                           clean water (about 1.9 liters) each and every
                                  least recognize you! Don’t walk down the aisle or show up at                                         day to maintain good health.
                                  a party that you lost a fight with a Drag Queen. You should
                                  feel comfortable in the makeup you are wearing. If you usu-                                          3.   gET good slEEP:
                                  ally go for the natural look, stick to natural colors but slightly                                   You should get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.
                                  stronger. You don’t want to try out blue mascara and red                                             A good night sleep can help your energy re-
                                  lipstick!                                                                                            store and daytime mental capacity increases.
                                                                                                                                       Clear your mind of the ‘must do’ lists well
                                  2.   forgET AbouT wATErProof mAsCArA:                                                                before heading to bed.
                                  Everyone cries at wedding. So waterproof mascara is a must!
                                  You should also have an emergency makeup kit containing
                                  mini versions of your wedding day makeup products, in case                                           4.   lovE Your bodY:
                                  you need to touch-up your makeup right before the ceremo-                                            Realize that all of them are really just to make you feel better. Don’t torture your body by crazy diet-
                                  ny or at the reception.                                                                              ing. If you want to lose weight, eat smaller food portions, lower the amount of fat in your diet, and
                                                                                                                                       be active. Drinking water can increase your metabolism, which in turn will help burn calories faster,
                                  3.   don’T go for A mAkEuP TriAl                                                                     making you lose weight.
                                  It is very important to have trial makeup applications. That way you get a good idea of how your
                                  makeup will look on your special day. Make sure your artist know you and your tastes. You should     5.   mAnAgE wEdding sTrEss:
                                  also avoid these following beauty treatments one or two weeks before the wedding: tanning, aggres-   Planning a wedding can be very stressful sometimes. If you encounter any problems when planning,
                                  sive facial treatments, facial waxing.                                                               think of it as “challenge” than “stress”. Then, take a moment to take a deep, four-count breath. Talk
                                                                                                                                       to your partner, friends or family members who can help you out with this problem.
                                                                                                                                       One of the biggest reasons that causes brides headache is worrying about what other people are
                                                                                                                                       expecting. So ask yourself: ‘What do I want? What’s important to me?’ Always keep in your mind
                                                                                                                                       the reason for this wedding during the stressful planning process. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be the
                                                                                                                                       wedding of your dreams, when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll be just as married to the love of your
Wedding Budget
                                                                                                                         Article 2: Loads of tips to help you cut your wedding cost
                 Wedding Budget                                                                                                                              1. ATTirE, ACCEssoriEs & bEAuTY
                                                                                                                                                             wEdding drEss & ACCEssoriEs:

                 Article 1: How to save your wedding budget                                                                                                  • Start shopping right away. The more time you have, the
                                                                                                                                                             better you'll be able to find a version of your dream gown
                                                                                                                                                             in your dream price range.
                 While some are more fortunate to have parents pay for their wedding, there                                                                  • One of the best ways to bag a bargain is online via the
                 are also those who have to pay their own way. Surprisingly enough, many                                                                     internet.
                                                                                                                                                             • Buy a second-hand dress.
                 people end their wedding with quite a bit of debt. These are something you
                                                                                                                                                             • Select a non-bridal bridal gown, such as prom dress.
                 should avoid if possible.                                                                                                                   • If fiance doesn't allow you to purchase a designer wed-
                                                                                                                                                             ding dress, consider renting.
                                                          1. hAvE A wEdding budgET ChECklisT/Tools:      This is the                                         • Wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress
                                                          first thing you should have when planning your wed-                                                is a very nice thing to do.
                                                          ding. That way you can control your budget and know                                                • It’s best to purchase your dress before shopping for
                                                          which part can be spent more or less money on. Surf                                                accessories. Certain elements of the dress will help you
                                                          the Internet for ‘Budget calculator’ tool or download                                              choose the best accessories to match.
                                                          ‘Wedding Budget Checklists’ in page of this Ebook.                                                 • Ask family and friends for bridal accessories you can use.
                                                          2. CuT Your guEsT lisT:    Each time you add a name to         wEdding hAir & mAkE uP:
                                                          your invitation list, you’re increasing your budget signifi-   •   Have a friend or someone in your family do your wedding makeup or consider doing it yourself.
                                                          cantly. When making a guest list, you should have three        •   Use simple makeup.
                                                          categories of people: must have, should have and can           •   Go with a simple wedding hairstyle.
                                                          do without. Then it will be easier for you to trim your        •   Let your bridesmaids do their own makeup.
                                                          wedding guest list.
                                                                                                                         2.wEdding CErEmonY
                                                          3. onlinE shoPPing: Internet is a great source for eve-        wEdding loCATion:
                                                          rything from second-hand dresses to wedding favors,            • Find a low-cost location: A city-owned location,
                                                          cake toppers, cheap centerpieces and more                      such as a public garden or historic building, may
                                                                                                                         be available for a surprisingly low fee.
                 4. do-iT-YoursElf:     Many brides                                                                      • Consider marrying at home if your guest list isn’t
                 totally love this idea. It’s your wed-                                                                  too large.
                 ding and why not do something that
                 you can do on your own. You will be                                                                     wEdding dATE/TimE:
                 amazed at the variety of beautiful                                                                      • Schedule your wedding “off-season.”
                 wedding DIY projects you can find on                                                                    • Getting married on any other of the week other
                 web. There are definitely many easy                                                                     than Saturday.
                 projects for you to try.

                 5. Ask for hElP from friEnds And                                                                        CErEmonY dECorATion:
                 fAmilY mEmbErs: Think of musicians                                                                      • Go online shopping
                 you know, well-spoken friends who                                                                       • DIY some easy table centerpieces, candles, flow-
                 could be your officiant, and crafty                                                                     ers. You can find many wedding DIY projects on
                 people who can help you assemble                                                                        the internet.
                 things. They will generally be honored                                                                  • Pick a location that needs little or no embellish-
                 to be a special part of your big day.                                                                   ment a garden in bloom, a scenic beach, a fully-re-
                 Also ask them for what they did to                                                                      stored historic building, or a spectacular cathedral.
                 save money on their big day.
Wedding faVOrS

                 Wedding faVOrS – SWeet tHanK-yOu giftS
                 fOr yOur dear gueStS
                                                  Many brides want to cut their wedding budget by
                                                  not offering any wedding favors to their guests. It
                                                  sounds reasonable because there are many wed-
                                                  ding favors which only end up in garbage and don’t
                                                  leave any impression on guests. So, just leave out
                                                  the favor part and save some money for wedding
                                                  dress, shoes or anything else.
                                                  But please wait a minute, don’t you forget the
                                                  meaning of giving wedding favors to guests?
                                           Traditionally, offering wedding favors are consid-
                                           ered as a necessary gesture to say thank-you to your
                                           friends, family members who come and share the
                                           happiest day of your life. Until now, it still keeps
                                           the same meaning. During your wedding, you may
                                           don’t have time to talk to every
                 one and obviously a little gift can help you express your care and gratitude
                 to them. Make sure you pay attention to three things below when you de-
                 cide on wedding favors:
                 1. go for somEThing AffordAblE: You don’t have to choose
                 something expensive for your guests. They may not know anyway and
                 this is absolutely not necessary. There are many options for inexpen-
                 sive wedding favors which are still beautiful that you can easily find on
                 the Internet.

                 2.   ChoosE PrACTiCAl fAvors: The    truth that the most favorite
                 wedding favors are edible things. Chocolates, candies, cookies with
                 beautiful and elegant wrapping will definitely make your gueats enjoy.

                 3. wEdding fAvors should rEflECT YoursElf: You should find
                 wedding favors which can be personalized to reflect who you are.
                 That way your favors will leave impression on your wedding guests.
                 Some wedding vendors can personalize your gifts by writing the
                 names of Bride & Groom and change details’colors. Normally they will
                 charge fee for personalization. But there are also other vendor who
                 offer free customization & personalization like BridalCookie.
Wedding ideaS & inSPiratiOn

                              Wedding ideaS & inSPiratiOn
                              Article 1: How to make your wedding unique and different                                                     4.   ChoosE ‘Your musiC’
                                                                                                                                           Selecting the right music really helps to set the mood for your day. Choose the music that makes your
                              A wedding is likely the biggest, and certainly the most meaningful, event                                    guests stand up and dancing. Music can really set the atmosphere and tone of your wedding day.
                                                                                                                                           It’s also a great opportunity to get personal. Choose ‘your song’ for your first dance and pick music
                              which a couple will ever plan in their lives. This is the day that you have                                  from your favorite films, musicals and artists to reflect your taste. The music is something that will be
                              been dreaming for your entire life, so make it special. Every bride wants her                                noticed a lot by your wedding guests during the ceremony to the reception. The extra time that went
                              wedding to be beautiful and memorable. They want to create unique touch-                                     into selecting musicians and music really helped make your day more memorable for everyone

                              es that make the wedding truly theirs. This is a look at some simple ways to
                              make your wedding unique.

                              1.   ChoosE A ThEmE ThAT rEflECT ‘You’:            2. bE CrEATivE whEn dECorATing Your wEdding:
                              Wedding themes allow you to design and             If you want your wedding to be memorable, you
                              put your own stamp on things. Whether you          should pay attention to every single details and
                              choose traditional, romantic or modern style,      think ‘ What can I do to make it different?’. For
                              your wedding day should be all about you. Try      example, you can easily add personal touch on
                              to combine and involve your favorite things        your wedding reception by decorating with photos
                              so that your theme can show the reflection of      of your family and friends that are put in beautiful
                              who you are. It may tell your love story, your     frames. Also be creative with table numbers, escort       5. wvoffEring guEsT uniquE wEdding fAvor
                              characteristics, your interest, favorite place,    cards and table centerpieces. Your guests will be         Guests who receive wedding favours are leaving your wedding with a small remembrance of your
                              movie or colors. If you both care about en-        surprised when they see your personal handwritten         event and the couple who gave it to them. Why not make it something that speaks uniquely of you?
                              vironment, settle on a eco-friendly wedding        note in each place card like “Mary, thanks a lot for      The best wedding favors isn’t the expensive ones, they’re often the ones that are truly personal and
                              with the main theme color is green. If you love    being here today” with a lipstick - smooch mark.          reflect the happy couple’s style, taste and personalities. Chocolate with your names printed on, cook-
                              football, why you don’t choose a football wed-     Rather than using the standard white tent cards to        ies which are personalized or custom-made. Your guest will also like something homemade such as
                              ding theme with main color is the color of your    let guests know their table number, try something a       sweets, jam of honey. Don’t forget to put them in nice decorated jars and I’m sure they will be highly
                              favorite team.                                     bit different. If you have a beach wedding, tie a card    appreciated by your guests.
                                                                                 in sea shell shape with the name and table number         A unique wedding is one that is remembered for a long time by the couple as well as all the persons
                                                                                 of each guest to a starfish.                              who attended it. Adding personal touches to your wedding day will not only wow your guests but
                              3. TrY somEThing noT TrAdiTionAl:                                                                            also it will express that you really are making them feel special to be involved in such a personal occa-
                              Most people are still traditional and are more comfortable with those ceremonies that have some              sion.
                              religious or other significance. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to try something
                              different. If your new idea is appreciated, it will definitely leave a great impression on your guests and
                              people will not stop talking about your wedding. Just make sure that you don’t do anything too tacky
                              or ridiculous.
Wedding ideaS & inSPiratiOn

                              Article 2: Amazing wedding themes inspiration
                              1. Birdcage and eggs        4. Fun-filled circus
                              2. Eco-friendly wedding     5. Baseball wedding theme
                                          3. ‘Alice in wonderland’
Wedding ideaS & inSPiratiOn
                   Wedding ringS ? are tHey difficult tO
                                           cHOOSe ???

Choosing a wedding ring – also known as a                                                                                                                  •	 For wedding band’s style, it should match with the
                                                                                                                                                              engagement ring. The best way to determine what
wedding band – might seem a more straight-                                                                                                                    you’ll need is to take a closer look at your engage-
forward task than selecting an engagement                                                                                                                     ment ring.
ring, but it still involves many important and                                                                                                             •	 With band metal, there are some popular choices:
                                                                                                                                                              a yellow gold wedding ring is the traditional
exciting decisions! For many couples, the se-                                                                                                                 choice; a white gold wedding ring ‘s plating is
lection of the diamond engagement ring and                                                                                                                    likely to wear off with time; a platinum wedding
wedding rings will be their first experience in                                                                                                               ring is more expensive, but it will last a lifetime;
                                                                                                                                                              and a titanium wedding ring is a more modern
purchasing expensive ones. So, is it difficult                                                                                                                choice. It is extremely durable and can be carved
to choose? Here are some following advice                                                                                                                     without losing its strength.
from jewelry’s expert:                                                                                                                                     •	 Consider your lifestyle. Based on it, you can decide
                                                                                                                                                              on choosing the band shape. If you use your hands
                                                                                                           a lot for manual labor and you do not want to scuff up your stone or damage your ring, consider a
                                                                                                           low setting or a hard stone.
                                                                                                           •	 When you get your finger measured up, make sure that you inform the jeweler which size width
                                                                                                               you require to allow them to compensate by increasing or decreasing the size slightly.
                                                                                                           •	 ″Select a jewelry store which has good reputation in business. In addition to their magnificent
                                                                                                               selection, their web site is also an excellent source of guidance and education about selecting a
                                                                                                               diamond ring.
                                                                                                           •	 ″Some couples often want to have their wedding date engraved on the inside of their wedding
                                                                 •	 ″Look through bridal magazines             rings. So, remember to check carefully what you want inside your ring – including use of capital
                                                                    or wedding planning site to get            letters etc – or font or style will be used.
                                                                 •	 ″Ask friends and family for recom-
                                                                    mended jewelers to make your
                                                                    bands. This method is usually less
expensive and more personal.
•	 ″Shop together. Both bride and groom should decide on wedding rings together. The way of sit-
   ting and discussing which style, metal, or other details inside both of you want is so important.
•	 ″Get started of preparing the wedding rings in plenty of time. Avoid disaster by shopping for rings
   long before the wedding date, with an abundance of time to spare. Allowing at least eight weeks
   is a good rule of thumb.
•	 ″You decide on matching or separate bands? It is possible to buy wedding rings together so they
   coordinate, but it is not absolutely necessary.
•	 ″When it comes to the shape of the bride-to-be’s wedding band, the main consideration is how it
   sits with her engagement ring.
•	 ″You will be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life so it’s important to choose a design
   you’ll be comfortable with: style, metal, band shape and band width.

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