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									Billerud Sack SolutionS
We ShoW the Way to Better BuSineSS

Billerud makes the best sack paper in the world. But that is no reason for
taking it easy. We want more. Through the years we have gained solid
experience and considerable know-how when it comes to the value chain
for sacks. This gives us the strength to both identify and solve problems
with existing sacks and to develop new and innovative solutions. And now
we have gathered everything under one roof – Billerud Sack Solutions.

                                                    WE HELP YOU ALL THE WAY
                                                    » SACK DESIGN. The optimum choice of
                                                    paper, grammage sack design and sack
                                                    size guarantees high functionality and

                                                    » DESIGN AND PRINTABILITY. Technical
      Technical       Training &                    printing advice adapted to the choice
     Consulting        Seminars                     of paper.

                                                    » SACK PRODUCTION. Higher
          SACK SOLUTIONS                            profitability with optimal quality and
                                                    productivity during conversion.

        Total                 ®
                                                    » FILLING. Sack design adapted to the

      Customer        QuickFill                     filling process, thus optimising speed
                                                    and filling.
                                                    » LOGISTICS. Increased efficiency in the
                                                    transport chain from paper mill to end
                                                    customer, including handling and

                                                    » SALES. The packaging’s form and design
                                                    are improved for greater attractiveness.
       Technical                                     Training &
      Consulting                                      Seminars

•	 Choice	of	paper                              We arrange seminars for sack converters
•	 Design	and	improvement	of	sacks              and brand owners – usually on the customer’s
•	 Increasing	efficiency	in	sack	production     premises or at one of our mills – in order
•	 Optimisation	of	filling                      to increase knowledge about sacks, design,
•	 Improvements	in	the	logistics	chain          function and cost effectiveness, and the
                                                options and opportunities Billerud Sack
Billerud Sack Lab                               Solutions offers. In addition, the seminars
All our know-how related to sack paper          provide us with a golden opportunity to
and sacks is gathered here. Using modern        get to know what our customers expect
equipment, our specialists test strength and    and need. Discussions that inspire us to
deaeration of sacks, surface-friction and       think innovatively and develop our offer
sack performance during filling.                still further.
Test equipment                                  Examples of seminar subjects
• PILOT FILLING MACHINE	–	Filling-time	and	     •	Paper	and	pulp	production
weight,	deaeration	and	other	properties	        •	Paper	properties
during	sack	filling	are	measured.
                                                •	Environmental	aspects
• BIG-GurLEy	–	Air	flows	through	the	sack	
                                                •	Printing	technology	and	sack	designs
wall	to	test	deaeration	performance.	
• MEGA-GurLEy		–	Air	flows	through	the	         •	Sack	production
whole	sack	to	test	deaeration	performance.	     •	Filling	technology
• DrOP TEsT rIG	–	The	strength	of	the	filled	   •	Logistics
sack	when	dropped	is	tested	in	accordance	
with	ISO	7965.	
• sACk FrICTION TEsTEr –	Measures	the	
friction	between	sacks	and	between	sacks	
and	other	materials.	

Via Billerud Pack Lab, we have access to
advanced test equipment for analysis of
print quality and barrier properties. So
regardless of whether it is a question of
strength, deaeration, filling, printability
or barriers, we are more than willing to
share our resources and know-how.
          Total                                                 ®
        Customer                                   QuickFill

BILLERUD TCV –                                 BILLERUD QUICkFILL®
TOTAL CUSTOMER VALUE                           The product family QuickFill® has been
TCV is a development concept implemen-         specially developed for valve sacks for fast
ted in close collaboration with our custo-     filling of powdered goods, as for example
mers. Together, we analyse all the costs and   building material, industrial minerals,
potential revenue improvements throughout      chemicals and foodstuff. QuickFill® sacks
                                               offer the perfect combination of high
the value chain and calculate how they can
                                               strength and excellent deaeration during
be reduced – from the purchase of paper
                                               filling. Thanks to the high porosity, there
to filled sacks and how the end user then
                                               is no need to perforate holes in the sacks.
utilises the sacks.                            Non-porous sacks need to have perforation
   The advantage of the TCV programme is       holes but will still deaerate slower than
that the analysis of the value chain is        modern high-porosity sacks. QuickFill®
combined with cost calculations that make      sacks can be made smaller, with less paper
the total costs visible. These calculations    and will perform better in filling and
can then be used to simulate the effect of     handling. Traditional perforated sacks
the different improvement measures.            tend to leave a trail of dust from the filling
                                               operation to the user of the sack. This is
TCV – step by step                             avoided using modern QuickFill® sacks.
Analysis	of	and	improvements	in	the:	             QuickFill® can increase speed and
•	 Choice	of	paper	and	sack	design	            thereby productivity in both sack conversion
•	 Design	and	print	quality	                   and sack filling. The family of high-porous
•	 Sack	production	                            sack kraft paper consists of several white
•	 Filling	process	                            and brown grades matched to be combined
•	 Logistics	chain                             as outer and inner-ply and adapted to satisfy
                                               different requirements.
                                                                                                NINE REASONS FOR CHOOSING
TCV gives results                                                                               BILLERUD qUICKFILL®
We can promise that TCV will lead to                                                            1. Less paper per sack
lower costs and higher efficiency                                                               2. Lower packaging weight
throughout the sack’s value chain.                                                              3. Stronger sacks
                                                                                                4. Cleaner sacks
                                                                                                5. Higher filling speed
                                                                                                6. Fewer broken sacks
                                                                                                7. Exact filling of sacks
                                                                                                8. Efficient palletising and storage
                                                                                                9. Easier to handle during transportation
Sack SolutionS For all end uSeS

Billerud’s wide range of sack kraft           Packaging attracting the attention
paper has been developed to satisfy           of customers
the requirements of several industries        To satisfy demands from brand owners
and applications. Millions of tonnes          requiring very good appearance and
of industrial products, foodstuffs and        outstanding printability, we recommend
animal feed are packed in sacks made          our white clay-coated and white calendered
of Billerud’s high quality sack kraft         grades. These can be used as the outer
paper. to stay ahead, we invest               ply of the sack when a very attractive
considerable resources in research            appearance is important at the point of sale,
and development. We make sure that            as is the case with consumer sacks. Our
our mills are always equipped with            white sack kraft grades offer both good
the latest technology to ensure first         printability and high strength for functional
class product quality.                        and cost-effective packaging. White
                                              QuickFill® grades are beeing increasingly
White and Brown sack kraft paper              used to strengthen brand identity and
Our white and brown grades match each         attractiveness for building material,
other for a number of important charac-       minerals and chemicals at the same time
teristics, allowing sack constructions with   as they offer all the benefits of the
a brown inner and white outer ply. Besides    QuickFill® concept.
a full range of white and brown QuickFill®
grades for powdered goods filled in valve     Unique wood fibres from
sacks, we also offer products with high       sustainable forestry
stiffness suitable for open mouth sacks       Billerud’s sack kraft paper is made from
used for animal feed and other products.      100% primary wood fibres from pine and
All grades feature excellent runability in    spruce. Growing slowly in a harsh
high-speed sack converting lines.             Scandinavian climate, these trees produce
                                              long and slender fibres. The unique wood
                                              fibres combined with our production
                                              process and know-how, enables us to
                                              produce world-leading sack kraft paper.

                                              Let us show the way to better business.
                                                                                                                 022009 WIDéN&MALMqVIST
BILLERUD AB, Box 703, SE-169 27 Solna, Sweden. Tel: +46 8 553 335 00

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