Blue Ridge ARt SAmpleR! by mmcsx


									                CHEAP JOE’S                                      june 23-25 • 2011
                ART STUFF                                              Boone, nc
                 established 1985 • Boone, NC

 Blue Ridge
                                                                                         Anne Abgott

ARt SAmpleR!                     You’ll receive…
                                                                                         Mike Bailey

extended outlet Store hours back at cheap Joe’s ~ Quality instruction/Small class size
               Friday evening program (7:30pm) by cheap Joe Miller
                                                                                         Linda Baker
                    Free samples/art supplies in each workshop
               Discounted hotel rooms ~ lunch available on location
                4 hour or 7 hour classes ~ variety of Art instruction
             $30 merchandise coupon for taking 3 or more workshops
   Mix and match your class selection for three days of fun with Anne Abgott,
   cathy cranford Futral, Joe Miller, linda Baker, Mike Bailey, and Wes Waugh            Cathy Futral

                                                                                          Joe Miller

                                    All Sampler Workshops will be held at the Broyhill
                                          Inn & Conference Center in Boone, NC
                            • 800.951.6048

                                                                                         Wes Waugh

   call customer service at 800-227-2788 to register!
                Blue Ridge Art Sampler teachers & 2011 Schedule
             Anne ABgott                            colors here! Learn to finish the painting with
                                                    a mingled, dramatic, dark background. 300lb.
                                                    Arches paper will be provided by Canson, and
                                                    the flat dye brush will be provided by Loew-

                                                                                                                                                                 “limiteD Palette
      “Cut Crystal with                                                                                                                                         stuDies For water
          Daylilies”                                                                                                                                           Color Painting” (wC)
        (wC) All Levels                                                                                                                                        Beginning–Intermediate
        Thurs., June 23, 9am—5pm                                                                               “BolD Flower                                            Sat., June 25, 9am—1pm
           Broyhill West, $160                                                                               (la Fleur)” (aCr)                                                Amber, $95
                WKSHP-BRS60                           “PeaChes, no Cream”                                  Beginning–Intermediate                                             WKSHP-BRS66
                                                          (wC) All Levels                                         Fri., June 24, 9am—1pm
This workshop will be all about learning how                 Sat., June 25, 9am—5pm                                       Amber, $95                         Using various hues of browns and blues, such as
to paint daylilies and cut glass. Learn to paint                Broyhill West, $160                                      WKSHP-BRS64                         Burnt Sienna (or Copper Kettle) and Ultramarine
the colorful reflections and the sparkle of the                     WKSHP-BRS62                                                                              Blue (or Joe’s Blue), you will create beautiful
cut glass along with making beautiful grays.                                                            From inspirational photos of flowers, you will       paintings using American Journey watercolors.
There will be a little masking of the pure white    Paint juicy peaches and learn to make their re-     use Joe’s Prime acrylics to create a beauti-         With this “limited palette” painting approach,
sparkles and shapes in the glass, but very          flections sparkle in an antique silver dish. From   ful floral (“la fleur”) painting. Learn to use       using several landscape and still life studies,
little glazing. Learn to paint the beautiful yel-   the colors of the peaches inside and out, to the    the grid technique to crop and transfer your         you will experience the unlimited potential of
lows, oranges and reds of the lilies. You’ll also   beauty of the gray-green grapes, you will learn     design to a square format canvas. You’ll also        value painting, leaving white areas, and creat-
learn how to make a deep, dark background           the techniques of using transparent paints          practice techniques of blending lights and           ing washes and glazes to build shadows and
with life and color to complement the flow-         and making beautiful clean, clear colors with       darks to suggest the form, texture, and pat-         textures. Demonstrations, tips and handouts
ers and glass. 300lb. Arches paper will be          no “mud”. The beautiful, dark, colorful back-       terns of petals and leaves. This workshop            will add to your learning. This workshop is
provided by Canson, and Quinacridone Red/           ground will be a part of the learning process.      is great for Beginning or Intermediate art-          great for Beginners who want to gain technical
Orange paint will be provided by Sennelier.         300lb. Arches Paper will be provided by Canson.     ists who wish to create the beauty of simple         skills, or for the artist concerned with increasing                                  Transparent Turquoise paint will be provided by     forms with contrast and boldness!          ALL       design and value understanding. ALL MATERI-
                                                    Daler-Rowney.                    MATERIALS WILL BE PROVIDED!                          ALS PROVIDED!

                                                       CAthy CrAnFord FutrAL

                                                                                                                                                              “Painting lanDsCaPes
                                                                                                            “Painting the lanD-                              in water-soluBle oils”
                                                                                                           sCaPe: roCKs, water                                        (wsoil)
                                                                                                               & trees” (aCr)                                  Beginning–Intermediate
                                                        “Painting PlaCes in                                Beginning–Intermediate                                      Sat., June 25, 2pm—6pm
                                                         PersPeCtive” (wC)                                        Fri., June 24, 2pm—6pm                                      Amber, $95
                                                       Beginning–Intermediate                                             Amber, $95                                          WKSHP-BRS67
                                                            Thurs., June 23, 9am—5pm                                     WKSHP-BRS65
                                                                    Amber, $160                                                                              This practical hands-on workshop will allow
                                                                    WKSHP-BRS63                         Come empty handed and leave with a paint-            you to explore painting with water-soluble oil
     “Country KitChen”                                                                                  ing! In this practical hands-on workshop you’ll      paints and the ease of application using wa-
       (wC) All Levels                              Using photographs, learn to use the grid tech-      be able to sample the new Joe’s Prime acrylic        ter, instead of turpentine. Working on a wood
          Fri., June 24, 9am—5pm                    nique (and other tricks) to transfer your image     paints. Learn techniques of acrylic painting and     panel, you will apply an acrylic understain and
             Broyhill West, $160                    and create the best composition for painting        tips for designing and cropping images from          then paint in water-soluble oils. You will learn
                 WKSHP-BRS61                        buildings or special places. Textures, such as      photos: create rocks (with lights and shadows),      the techniques of glazing, blending, modeling,
                                                    wood, brick and stone; along with windows,          water (with reflections), and trees (up close        color mixing and brush application for creating
An old colander found in a junk shop finds          doors, and roof lines are some of the details you   and distant) in the landscape. Demos, tips,          textures of skies, trees, and water reflections.
the starring role in this painting. Preserving      will learn. Demos will include perspective rules,   handouts, and information will be shared. This       Perspective tips to create depth in the land-
the whites, catching the lights, and painting a     getting correct angles, placement to page, con-     workshop is great for Beginning or Intermedi-        scape will enhance the expressive quality.
beautiful, colorful shadow will be part of this     trast of lights and shadows, and masking areas.     ate painters who paint plein-air or in the studio.   This class is great for anyone who has always
class. Some masking of the reflective holes in      You will complete an 11”x15”painting and learn      ALL MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED!                          wanted to try “oil painting” or for the Beginner
the shadow will be needed. Techniques taught        tips about matting & framing. This class is great                                                        or Intermediate painter who has always wanted
will be charging paint into the paper for deep,     for Beginning or Intermediate watercolor artists                                                         to perfect skills of the landscape subject. ALL
dark colors, along with mingling the paints for     who wish to improve their perspective drawing                                                            MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED with Duo Aqua Oil
exciting passages. No “mud” or boring, dead         and painting skills. ALL MATERIALS PROVIDED!                                                             paints compliments of Holbein.
               Joe MiLLer                                                                                               LindA BAker

     “Paint your own                                       “Joe’s Fix-it shoP”
       waterColor                                            (wC) All Levels
     reFerenCe BooK”                                           Fri., June 24, 2pm—6pm
    Beginner–Intermediate                                          Broyhill East, $95                                                                               “masKing your way
        Thurs., June 23, 9am—5pm                                      WKSHP-BRS70                                                                                      to suCCess”
            Broyhill East, $160                                                                                  “Pouring Design”                                     (wC) All Levels
                 WKSHP-BRS68                         You’ll be amazed at how much you will learn                   (wC) All Levels                                        Fri., June 24, 2pm—6pm
                                                     from Joe in this workshop! Most people know                  Thurs., June 23, 9am—5pm                                        Burris, $95
In this exciting workshop you will be able to        when a painting needs “something”, but they                          Burris, $160                                           WKSHP-BRS74
produce your very own unique watercolor ref-         don’t know what, or how to fix it. Bring a couple                     WKSHP-BRS72
erence book to take home with you and use for        of paintings that you’ve done, but you’re not                                                              Have you ever applied masking fluid and had
the rest of your life! Joe will demonstrate, step-   happy with, or think needs improvement, and          This workshop will focus on the technique of          it end up a mess? This workshop will focus on
by-step, how to master “tricks of the trade”,        Joe will give you tips and suggestions for fixing    pouring paint. After protecting the light shapes      successfully applying masking fluid and the
including negative painting, salt, spray, mask-      it, and will use watermedia acetate to demon-        with masking fluid, we will pour layers of color      techniques involved. When you protect the
ing fluid, scraping, twigger-riggers, and many       strate how to make changes. In addition, bring       giving the painting a luminous glow. Each layer       most important areas of your painting, you can
more. You will work along with Joe, producing        a successful painting that you have done, and        will include at least three colors. As time allows,   then paint with total abandon. If your design
your own examples, in which each will become         In a relaxed and positive atmosphere, Joe will       we will pour two to three layers of paint. Work-      is good, you can splash and pour your paint,
a page in your book. After completing your ref-      critique your paintings and then explain how to      ing from your personal photo reference, we will       and just have fun!! Working from your photo
erence book, Joe will help you to incorporate all    take your painting to another level through self-    first design a dramatic composition, mask, and        reference, Linda will help you create a dynamic
the techniques into a finished painting for the      critiquing. Please don’t bring matted or framed      then pour!! You will be surprised at the amaz-        simple design. Plenty of paint time and person-
book cover. Bring your favorite brushes and          artwork. Cheap Joe’s will provide FREE sheets        ing effects you will achieve. There should be         al consultation will be available after the demo.
watercolor paints. Kilimanjaro paper and ALL         of watermedia acetate and value filters for you.     plenty of time for painting and individual help,      FREE Kilimanjaro paper and an Uggly Brush
OTHER MATERIALS will be provided for you by                                                               following the demos. FREE Kilimanjaro paper           for use with masking fluid will be provided by
Cheap Joe’s.                                                                                              will be provided by Cheap Joe’s. Graphite             Cheap Joe’s.
                                                                                                          transfer paper will be compliments of Martin F.

                                                           “snow!…in June?”
                                                             (wC) All Levels
                                                               Sat., June 25, 9am—5pm
           “who neeDs                                             Broyhill East, $160
           hallmarK?”                                                 WKSHP-BRS71                                 “the Final Five”
          (wC) All Levels                                                                                          (wC) All Levels                                   “layers oF Design”
          Fri., June 24, 9am—1pm                     Snow in June?! Why, yes! What could be more                    Fri., June 24, 9am—1pm                             (wC) All Levels
              Broyhill East, $95                     refreshing on a hot day in June? Many water-                           Burris, $95                                  Sat., June 25, 9am—5pm
                 WKSHP-BRS69                         color artists feel that saving whites, or painting                    WKSHP-BRS73                                          Burris, $160
                                                     snow scenes are the hardest subjects to paint.                                                                              WKSHP-BRS75
When you really care enough to send the very         Don’t get frustrated! Let Joe show you how to        Self critiquing is difficult, as we don’t have the
best, don’t go buy a store-bought greeting card.     create a beautiful winter scene through several      opportunity to see our work for the first time,       This workshop will focus on the procedure of
Instead, send a unique, original watercolor          different approaches and techniques. Subjects        or with a “fresh eye”. In this workshop, we will      creating a painting through a building of lay-
painting on a card that you have created! Joe        to be covered will include wet-into-wet, reflec-     attempt to take your artwork to the next level.       ers. The demo will show the importance of a
will show you step-by-step how to turn even a        tions, wedging, values, creating white without       Please bring a finished painting (not matted or       detailed value sketch to delineate the layers.
large painting into several dynamic greeting or      using white paint, etc. Bring your own refer-        framed), or one that you’re not sure how to fin-      After applying masking to hold out the light-
note cards. You will also be able to paint your      ence photos of winter scenes, or you can use         ish. We will start with a group critique and a        est shapes, we will apply various layers such
own “mini masterpieces” as another option for        Joe’s that he will provide. FREE Kilimanjaro wa-     demo on how to analyze your own work. This            as direct painting and scumbling for different
creating cards. Just because it’s June doesn’t       tercolor paper, masking fluid, and paint-erase       will be followed by demonstrating various             effects. This is a unique way of encouraging
mean you can’t begin making Christmas cards,         sponges will be provided by Cheap Joe’s.             techniques for finishing the paintings. Linda         the paint to mix and blend on the paper. Work-
but you can also create birthday, sympathy,                                                               will spend the remainder of the time helping          ing with your own photo reference, it might be
get well, or cards for any occasion imaginable.                                                           you apply the finishing techniques to your own        helpful to have something drawn in advance.
Bring your favorite paints and brushes to this                                                            painting. FREE Kilimanjaro paper and a Fritch         Plenty of paint time and personal consultation
workshop, but also be sure to bring paintings                                                             Scrubber will be provided for you by Cheap            will be available. FREE Kilimanjaro paper and
that you have done that you won’t mind cutting                                                            Joe’s.                             an American Journey misting bottle will be pro-
up. Cheap Joe’s will provide FREE Goof-Proof                                                                                                                    vided by Cheap Joe’s.
cards, and gold paint markers will be provided
by Prismacolor.
              Mike BAiLey                                                                                                 Wes WAugh

                                                       “aPPlying DominanCe”
      “ComPosition For                                     (wC) All Levels                                   “a BeautiFul wet Day”                               “wC values—getting
          imPaCt”                                              Fri., June 24, 2pm—6pm                            (wC) All Levels*                               them right the 1st time”
        (wC) All Levels                                               Jefferson, $95                                Thurs., June 23, 9am—5pm                        (wC) All Levels*
        Thurs., June 23, 9am—5pm                                       WKSHP-BRS78                                     Northwestern, $160                                 Fri., June 24, 2pm—6pm
             Jefferson, $160                                                                                                WKSHP-BRS80                                      Northwestern, $95
                 WKSHP-BRS76                         This workshop will be to help painters build                                                                                WKSHP-BRS82
This class will show you how to set up any           unity and harmony into their paintings and set         This workshop will provide a complete over-
subject in an impactful way to stimulate your        up the context in which to judge their work. The       view of painting a watercolor landscape using       Achieving correct/desired value patterns with
viewer to be drawn into the workings of the          idea of dominance in a piece applies to every          the wet-into-wet technique. Topics include          watercolor is a challenge for many artists. We
painting. It will be a concentrated class reduced    type of art, photo realistic or non objective. A       pigments and materials, controlling and layer-      are often so enamored with the “color oppor-
from three days into one. Whether you paint          painting can be quite chaotic if this simple idea      ing washes, building body color in land masses,     tunities” of this medium that the importance
reality, abstract, or non-objectively, this essen-   is not carefully put to task. Building a reper-        modeling and forming shapes, under-painting         of getting values right is often pushed aside
tial knowledge will help you raise the appeal of     toire of ideas to set dominance will come from         for atmosphere, and finishing and detailing on      until we view the end results! Gaining a bet-
your paintings. Four hours of intense lecture,       lecture, class discussion, and critiques of paint-     dry paper. This workshop will be structured in      ter understanding of how watercolor pigments
discussion, quick demos and lots of visual           ings provided by the instructor. This class is         two phases, with a demo and painting lab as-        result in certain value ranges is guaranteed to
stimuli will set up for three hours of applying      essential for anyone interested in taking their        sociated with each phase. Bring your own land-      improve your results. A one hour discussion and
the ideas to a simple subject. FREE Kilimanjaro      art to a higher level of design and to gain ac-        scape image(s) or you may choose from images        demonstration will be followed by a painting
paper will be provided by Cheap Joe’s, and a         ceptance into shows. This class will awaken the        provided. *Some experience with watercolor is       lab with assistance. *Some experience with
black value marker, compliments of Prisma-           novice or the advanced painter to new ideas for        helpful, but not required. Kilimanjaro paper will   watercolor is helpful, but not required. FREE Kil-
color.                           otherwise mundane paintings. A writing pen             be provided, compliments of Cheap Joe’s, along      imanjaro paper and a tube of American Journey
                                                     (compliments of Cheap Joe’s) and a sketch pad          with a watercolor brush donated by Winsor &         “Prussian Blue/Green Shade” will be provided
                                                     for taking notes (compliments of Strathmore)           Newton.                     by Cheap Joe’s.
                                                     will be provided.

        “seven iDeas to
         (wC) All Levels
          Fri., June 24, 9am—1pm
                Jefferson, $95                        “exalt the munDane to                                    “Painting BolD anD
                 WKSHP-BRS77                             extraorDinary”                                       ControlleD with wa-
                                                          (wC) All Levels                                          terColor”
The seven elements of design are not only the                  Sat., June 25, 9am—5pm                            (wC) All Levels*                                  “no BounDaries!
basis of good designs, but are also the starting                    Jefferson, $160                                   Fri., June 24, 9am—1pm                    waterColor anD mixeD
points for truly creative paintings. Arm yourself                      WKSHP-BRS79                                       Northwestern, $95                          meDia” (wC/mix)
with the power to make realistic paintings come                                                                              WKSHP-BRS81                        Intermediate—Advanced*
alive or to make abstractions dazzle the viewer.                                                                                                                          Sat., June 25, 9am—5pm
This short, four hour class will be to bring forth   This class is for adventurous souls who want           This workshop will focus on helping you learn                   Northwestern, $160
different ways to use and exploit the 7 elements     to put excitement into their work and to flex          how to overcome two common barriers in cre-                          WKSHP-BRS83
of design. We will hold two fast hours of ani-       their creative muscles. How many times have            ating successful watercolor paintings. 1: using
mated lecture and demonstration followed by          you overlooked something you see every day             your pigments properly and in adequate con-         This workshop will lead you away from the
two hours of absolute play with hands on exer-       and never considered it for a painting subject?        centrations, and 2: learning the “physics” of       typical watercolor landscape and into the forest
cises. FREE Kilimanjaro paper and a #7 Golden        Even the most boring subject matter can be             how to control your washes and greatly improve      interior or roadside boulder outcrop. Wes will
Fleece Round Brush will be provided by Cheap         brought to visual excitement if you know what          results. The first hour will be a discussion and    discuss and demonstrate during the first hour-
Joe’s.                           tools to use. Taking a simple still life of ordinary   demonstration, followed by a painting lab with      and-a-half on how he uses mixed media tech-
                                                     items from your house, we will put the seven           instructional assistance. *Some experience with     niques to create tree and boulder “portraits”,
                                                     elements of design to work so that any viewer          watercolor is helpful, but not required. Cheap      resulting in an almost egg-tempera surface
                                                     will not be able to resist looking at the mun-         Joe’s will provide FREE Kilimanjaro paper and       texture (without the egg yolk and tedious mix-
                                                     dane items in your painting. This class is where       a tube of “Joe’s Blue” American Journey paint.      ing!). A painting lab will follow. Bring your own
                                                     a license to play is granted and rules are thrown                             rock/tree photos, or choose from images that
                                                     out the window. It will test your courage and                                                              Wes will provide. *Not suggested for beginners,
                                                     excite you at the same time. FREE Kilimanjaro                                                              as some experience with watercolor is needed.
                                                     paper will be supplied by Cheap Joe’s, along                                                               Mixed-Media materials will be provided by
                                                     with a tube of gouache provided by DaVinci.                                                                Wes, along with FREE Kilimanjaro paper and a
                                                                                                                                   Cheap Joe’s sponge provided by Cheap Joe’s,
                                                                                                                                                                and samples of Acrylic Mediums will be compli-
                                                                                                                                                                ments of Golden.
                                   Important Art Sampler Information
                        PleASe reAD cAreFullY, We HAve MADe SeverAl
                        iMPorTANT cHANGeS To our ProGrAM For 2011
• Dates are June 23—25, 2011
• All Sampler Workshops will be held at the Broyhill Inn
   & Conference Center in Boone, NC
• Call any of our customer service representatives at
   800-227-2788 to make your Blue Ridge Art Sampler
   workshop reservations.
• Spaces are extremely limited and will fill very quickly, so make your reservations early.
• Deadline to register for classes is May 23
• There will be a $30 non-refundable/non transferable fee per workshop if you cancel or change workshops
• Sorry, but we cannot issue a refund after May 23. If it is necessary for either an instructor or Cheap Joe’s to cancel
   a workshop, you will receive a full refund.
• You will need to make your own travel arrangements and hotel reservations. A block of rooms is being held at the
   Broyhill Inn for the Sampler workshops. Call them directly and be sure to ask for the Cheap Joe’s special rate. Hotel
   reservations must be made before May 31, or the rooms may no longer be available.
• Contact: The Broyhill Inn & Conference Center, 775 Bodenheimer Dr., Boone, NC 28607, 828-262-2204,
• Lunch will be available daily (Th, Fr, Sa) at the Broyhill Inn for $12, including tax, gratuity, and drink. We STRONGLY
   suggest purchasing your lunch! The Broyhill Inn is a lovely, but isolated location on top of a mountain. There are
   no other restaurants in the area, nor enough time for you to go out for lunch, and the Broyhill will not allow you to
   bring your own. Purchase your lunch ticket in advance from Cheap Joe’s when you are calling to register for classes.
• Your confirmation, supply list, and lunch tickets (if purchased) will be mailed to you following your reservation.
   Please do not lose your lunch ticket. You will need it to get your meal.
• Watercolor paper and various other art supplies will be provided in each workshop.
• All supplies will be provided in Cathy Futral’s workshops
• Breakfast is complimentary at the hotel, and dinner will be on your own. The Broyhill Inn offers dinner on Thursday,
   Friday, and Saturday nights, or there are many great restaurants a short drive away, in the town of Boone.

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