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									       COMPLETE LIBBE Device Training &
               I-ACT Certification
         ALL IN ONE TRIP for $2,000.00!

  A&P Course to meet I-ACT PRE-REQUISITE
or attend as Review Before Testing - Earn CEUS

              ADVANCED A&P REVIEW

 CEUs Available for Massage & Colon Therapists

              DESIRE TO TEACH?
   October 9, to 14, 2011 $750.00 Investment
    • 60 Hours • 6 Days • Sunday thru Friday
 Designed to Complete I-ACT or massage Instructor Requirements
   Complete up to 3 hours of powerpoint presentations
   on Digestive System - Learn How to conduct a class -
      Prepare training materials. Limited class size.
Stay over attend Advanced A & P Oct. 15, -17, SAVE $200.00

 in San Antonio, TX. only with proof previous
LIBBE Training at any LIBBE Recognized School
See Dates Top of Page 2. - Must pre-register on Page 11.

                                                   Train.August 2011.indd
   Colonic NetWORK School
                  • I-ACT Recognized School •
    A Texas Licensed Massage Therapy Educational Provider

                     Enhance your Practice!
               Become a LIBBE Colon HydroTherapist !

      50 Hours - Four & 1/2 Days • Investment: $1,000.00
             •September 13,-17, •November 8,-12,

        Tuesday Thru Saturday 2:00 (Starts 8 am Each Morning)
     Includes: MIND BODY Study Guide, 2 to 3 personal colonics,
    2 evenings Soups, and 1 Lunch • Plan Airline after 3:pm on Sat.
             What to Bring - See List Page 8. - Register Page 11.
        Ask About $1,000.00 Discount off of LIBBE Purchase

            SAVE $ - Attend BOTH LIBBE Training
              and I-ACT Certification Course
                         TEN - 1/2 LONG DAYS
        11 Nights Hotel - Complete All in One Trip!

          I-ACT Certification Class
                •September 17, - 23, •November 12, - 18,
             5 Days - 50 plus Hours • Investment: $1,350.00
      $350.00 Discount when attending Both LIBBE & I-ACT Together
       MUST have Already Completed LIBBE Device Training @ LIBBE School!
                       Starts Saturday 1:30pm. thru Friday
             Bring with You a Sack Lunch & Snack for Saturday & Sunday
                Course Includes: Course Manual, CPR Certification
             What to Bring - See List Page 8. - Register Page 11.
                    Plan Airline Departure Friday 3:00 pm. or later

                10911 WEST AVENUE, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78213    210 308-8888

Train.August 2011
       - Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) -

                                                                                                   Arrive Sunday Before 1:00 pm Fee $60.00
   3-1/2 Days • 30 + Hours • Monday thru Thursday
          •September 19,-22, •November 14,-17,
   For I-ACT A & P Pre-Requisite or as Review Course

                                                                              Need Cpr Certification?
       Includes: One Lunch, Manual, Test Fee & Transcript
         (30 Hours CEU's for Massage or NBCHT Therapists)

      A & P Course Only - Fee $350.00 (without I-ACT)
         Students attending LIBBE & I-ACT that need A & P
    to comply with I-ACT pre-requisite - Fee Discounted $200.00
        8 am to 6 pm - Final A&P Test Thursday Morning

         Training that Multi - Dimensionalizes A & P with
             a Strong Focus on the Digestive System!
        Also A Great Preparation for I-ACT Level I. & II. Tests!
             Includes: A&P Manual, and Final A & P Test.

    A & P Only - Plan Airline Departure Thursday after 2:00 pm.
    Transcript From MIND BODY - Texas Licensed School


     Advanced A & P - Oct. 15, 16, 17, 2011
         $350.00 - Saturday thru Monday - 8 AM to 6 PM
     30 Hours of CEU's for Massage, I-ACT or NBCHT Therapists!
             Great Review for I-ACT Level II., III. Or NBCHT Tests
                 Includes: Study Guide & Course Materials
     Dynamic Guest Instructor: Russell Kolbo, DC., ND. Tacoma, WA.
   (I-ACT Level II. or III. - $75.00 Test Fee Required) Departure: Tuesday Anytime
     << I-ACT Instructors Stay Over - Learn from the Best! Fee $200.00 >>

                                Texas Lic. MS0037

Colonic.NetWORK School 10911 WEST AVENUE, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78213 210 308-8888

                                                                                                Page Three
                      Colonic NetWORK School

                LIBBE DEVICE TRAINING - 4-1/2 Days AGENDA
                (These Hours Count Towards the 100 Hour I-ACT Certification Requirement)

Day 1------------------------------TUESDAY - Starts @ 8:00 AM
 8:00    Greetings, Tour of Center, Introductions, Oath of Commitment, Pick-up Pre-test
 9:00    DIGESTIVE SYSTEM                                                                   C HECK
         LUNCH - Nearby / Healthy / Economical / We shuttle you
         (Collect Required Prescriptions for Texas) Discuss Client History / Intake Forms -
                                                                                               PAGE 8
 1:30    Introduction to LIBBE Device / Terminology / Mechanics
 3:00    Indications / Contraindications, Intake/History Form History of Colon Hydrotherapy / Sanitation
         Basic LIBBE Device Operation - Function / Safety – LIBBE Quick Reference
         LIBBE Setup / Training on how to explain sessions of LIBBE Device to Clients
         Start Student Individual sessions (Giving and Getting)
                                                                          Late Ev
         Healthy Vegetarian Soup Provided after your session

Day 2----------------------------WEDNESDAY
 8:00 A & P (Digestive System)
12:00 LUNCH - Nearby / Healthy / Economical / We shuttle you
 1:30 Indications / possible side effects / History Colon Hydrotherapy
       Importance - Filing - How to start sessions - Setup / Disinfecting LIBBE Device
 3:00 Student Individual Sessions                                               ening
      Healthy Vegetarian Soup Provided after your session               Late Ev

Day 3--------------------------THURSDAY
 8:00 Business & Ethics - Legal Aspects / Safe Advertising / Marketing
      Business & Ethics – Career Paths / Management / Regulations / Physician Interaction
      Business & Ethics – Review Legal Safe Supplies & Products / Order Forms
      A & P Digestive System
12:30 LUNCH - Nearby / Healthy / Economical / We shuttle you
 2:00 LIBBE Device: Room Set-up / Installation / Function / Troubleshooting / Plumbing
      Safe use of Disinfectants / Maintenance (Monthly & Annually /
      Alternative Therapies (Reflexology, Lymphatics)
      A & P Digestive System / Prepare for Internship Tomorrow /                           raining
                                                                                   L IBBE Tay 8:00 AM
                                                                                         ues d
Day 4--------------------------FRIDAY                                            Starts T n Airline
 8:00 A & P Digestive System Review - Take Group Photos                                 Pla       turday
 9:00 Medical Device Reporting (MDR) By Misty (Attorney/Quality Control)            Depa  rture Sa ter
                                                                                                or La
      School Survey / Disease & Infection / Roll Playing / Prepare for Clients        3:00 PM
10:30 INTERNSHIP - First Sessions with Real Clients start at 11:00
12:30 LUNCH Provided in Class
 1:30 INTERNSHIP - Sessions with Clients - 1:30 3:00 4:30
      Review Client Interaction & Evaluations
      Theory of Colon Hydrotherapy

Day 5--LIBBE Last Morning SATURDAY               Bring Sack Lunch & Snack
 8:00    Review / Final Q & A. / Complete School Survey / Prepare for Internship
 9:00    SESSIONS / INTERNSHIP - 8:30am and 10:00am.
12:00    Review Evaluations / Turn in all documents / LIBBE Students Departure By/Before 1:00 PM.
12:30    Staying for I-ACT Certification Have Sack Lunch you Brought with you.
        LIBBE Students Shuttled to Airport - For Flights 3:00 PM or Later.
                                                                                             Page Four
           Colonic NetWORK School             
I-ACT Foundation Level 1 Certification AGENDA
SATURDAY -          Have Lunch Before Arriving - Bring a Snack for Later!
Day 1. for New Students Arriving for I-ACT
 1:30                                                                                             ?
                                                                                             n Only
                                                                                    tificatio 1:00pm
          Greetings, Introductions, Oath of Commitment, Turn In Pre-Test,
        Review I-ACT Pre-requisites, and collect required documents       CPR Ce nday By
        and I-ACT Membership Applications and Fees.
        Review History of Colon Hydrotherapy
        Prepare for 15 Minute Presentations Tomorrow Morning
                                                                                     REV      IEW
Day 2 -- I-ACT CLASS Starts @ 10:00 am. Sunday                                     C HECK
    Bring a Sack Lunch or Snack (Water / Juices Provided)                             PAGE 8
10:00 15 Minute Presentations
12:00 Have Sack Lunch you brought
1:30 CPR Certification (Colonic, A & P, Massage Students may join.)                Only
                                                                        A&P Course
   A&P Students Arrive 8 am and Join I-ACT Students                       3-1/2 D :00 AM
Day 3-- I-ACT / Day 1. A&P --------Monday                              Starts Mursday 2:00 PM
 8:00   Review Digestive System - Begin Anatomy & Physiology            thru Th
        LUNCH - Nearby / We shuttle you
        Anatomy & Physiology

Day 4 -- I-ACT/ Day 2. A&P ---------Tuesday
 8:00 Anatomy & Physiology
       LUNCH - Nearby / We shuttle you
       Anatomy & Physiology - (Demonstrate Organ Locations.)

Day 5 -- I-ACT / Day 3. A&P -------Wednesday
                                                                                ertifica 0 PM
                                                                         I-ACT C rday 1:3
8:00 Anatomy & Physiology
      LUNCH - Nearby / We shuttle you                                           atu
      Anatomy & Physiology - Course Videos                              Starts S Friday Noon e
                                                                            thru           artur
                                                                                  rline Dep PM.
Day 6 -- I-ACT / Day 4. A&P -------Thursday -A & P TEST                   Plan Ai after 2:00
 9:00 Anatomy & Physiology -- Administer A&P Tests
      A &P Students Flight Departing Thursday Afternoon? - Bring Luggage to be shuttled to Airport
 1:00 LUNCH - Provided in Class (Usually Pizza or Bring your own Lunch)
      I-ACT Students -- Review: of I-ACT Test Tomorrow / What to Study
      Early Day - Shuttled to Hotel to Relax and Study or (Plan a Study Group)

 Flight Departing Friday Afternoon? - Bring Luggage to be shuttled to Airport
 I-ACT----LAST DAY ------- Friday
9:00 Collect any/all Forms - FINAL Review and Administer I-ACT Level I. Test
        Class completed - Students Shuttled to Airport or back to Hotel

        Transcripts for A & P from MIND BODY Institute - Texas Licensed School
        Transcripts for I-ACT from COLONIC NETWORK School - I-ACT Recognized School
                                                                                                Page Five
   10911 West Avenue • San Antonio, Texas 78213 • 210 308-8888 • Fax: 210 349-5679
            I-ACT Certification Level Requirements
    Many States and Countries are changing Laws to Include I-ACT Certifi-

       I-ACT     Member Foundation - Level I.                Foundation LEVEL I.
         Pre-Requisites                                      Business & Ethics       - 5 Hours
                                                             Health & Sanitation     - 5 Hours
       ___ High School/GED or ____ Degree/License
                                                             Anatomy & Physiology - 45 Hours
       ___ I-ACT Full Membership                             Theory/History/Practice - 10 Hours
       ___ Recommend - Receive 1-3 colonic’s                 Internship "Hands-On" - 29.75 Hours
         The Following completed during Training             Presentation - Oral     - 0.25 Hours
       ___ Pass A & P Pretest                                Complementary           - 5 Hours
       ___ 25 clients documented (hands-on)                 TRANSCRIPT TOTALS 100 HOURS
       ___ 15 minute Oral Presentation
       ___ Pass I-ACT Level I. Test ($75.00 FEE)
       ___ Completion of I-ACT 100 hour course @ I-ACT Instructor/School
         Member Must Send the following items to I-ACT to Complete Level I. Certification!
	      	     ___			CPR	Certification	-	Current
             ___ A & P Course (Post Secondary 3 Credits)
             ___ Photos of Facility
             ___ 1 copy of health history/questionnaire
             ___ Liability Insurance (Malpractice)
             I-ACT MEMBERSHIP $150.00
             LEVEL I. II. III. TEST FEES $75.00 Each

       Intermediate - Level II Must Complete all of I-ACT - Level I
       ___ Non-Licensed medical providers must be Level I. for minimum of 6 months.
       ___ Pass Level II Test ($75.00 FEE)
       ___ Two years of practice OR ___ 500 hours of training (Medical Health Care Degrees)
       ___ 30 minute presentation completed/evaluated

       Advanced - Level III Must Have Completed Level I and Level II
       ___ Non-Licensed medical providers must be Level II. for minimum of 12 months.
       ___ Pass Level III Test ($75.00 FEE)                                            RUCTO
       ___ Three years of practice OR ___ 1,000 hours of training               & INST
                                                                        AD                E
                                                                                  S ARE
       Instructor Level Must Have Completed all three levels above.
       ___ Demonstrate three hours of teaching abilities @ A I-ACT School
             or I-ACT Regional Meeting - Eight people evaluating is desired.
             ( Presentation Outline and handouts must be sent to School very early for review)
       ___ Must Complete 60 Hour Instructor Course BEFORE presenting @ I-ACT Convention.
       ___ Must Attend and Demonstrate / Present One Hour at I-ACT Convention
	      	     (	Registration,	Outline	and	handouts	must	be	sent	to	I-ACT	office	Before	Convention	)
         ___ Must prepare a 50 question & answer Test - multiple choice with source documentation
              Note: Must be on Digestive System -Education Chairs will evaluate!
         INSTRUCTORS MUST attend One Convention every Two Years, Schools attend every year.

     I-ACT Levels                                                                      Page SIX.
                        Hotel Upscale A T I O N
                  aloft L I N F O R M- Very Popular!
   838 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78216
1 210 541-8881 Ext. 0 Credit Cards Only! Ask For MIND BODY Room Rate!
  Single / Double or King Loft - Rate Based on Availability - MUST RESERVE EARLY!
                                    MIND BODY Rate $73.00
  Complimentary Internet, 42” Plasma TV, Heated Pool, Fitness Center, Lounge, 24/7 Food Service,
 You are in Class Many Hours - so no need for a room with a Kitchen - Plus Nearby are Eleven Assorted
 Restaurants, Target, Sears, Theatre, Comedy Club, Nail Salon, all walking distance and so much more!
                   No Need to Rent a car or pay for a Taxi
   FREE Shuttle to/from Airport and To SCHOOL/CENTER each Morning!
 Be On time/Ready for Shuttle at 7:40 am. Each Morning - (Class Starts 8:00 am)
                       Manager Email:

                                                                  N     MIND BODY located in
                                                                        Beautiful South Central Texas,
                                                                        Home of the Alamo (16 mi),

                                                                        Sea World (25 mi),
                                      ro A

   10911 West Ave.

                                                                        Six Flags-Fiesta Texas (20 mi),


           k hi                                                         San Antonio Spurs (16 mi),

               ll Se                                                    and the extremely popular
                                                                        RiverWalk (16 mi).


      aloft HOTELS                        North Star
     838 nw loop 410
 Check List Training Requirements & Preparation:

 ______Register for Class as soon as you can
 ______Only After Registration is confirmed arrange for travel
 ______Book Hotel "ALOFT" Early so rooms do not get filled.
 If you do NOT stay at Aloft Hotel - you must arrange own transportation.
 dress comfortable & in Layers. We do use Air Conditioning.
  (Ladies will be kneeling on floor CPR Certification - wear pants on Sunday)
 Special Diet needs should be brought with you.
 Please respect others and our clients - do not wear perfumes.
 Please Silence Cell phones during class - Breaks are provided.
 Agendas are flexible based on knowledge base of all students in class.
 Please Arrive Healthy with a positive outlook for a fun learning experience.

     LIBBE DEVICE TRAINING - Agenda Page 4.
 This Class is Five Days - Meets 50 of the required 100 for I-ACT
   Arrive no later than Monday Before class Starts Tuesday 8am.
 ______Verify with Hotel -- shuttle Time (7:40am) to Bring you to our Center.

 Items to Bring with you / Preparation
 ______Must Bring your personal Prescription: as you will be getting and giving
       Colonics. (Sample Rx on page nine.)
 ______Bring Your pre-Study Guide we shipped to you.
 ______Bring Your completed Pre-Test to class to turn in. (May use study Guide)
      (Pre-Test assists in determining Knowledge Base of Students)
 ______During Internship you should Bring and wear Scrubs.

     I-ACT Certification Class -                      Agenda Page 5.
 This Class is Five Days - Meets 50 of the required 100 for I-ACT
MUST Attend LIBBE Device Training Before attending this class!
   Arrive no later than Saturday Morning Before class Starts @ 1:30 PM
 ______Verify with Hotel -- shuttle Time (1:00pm.) Bringing you to our Center.
 ______ Have Lunch Before Arriving, Bring a Snack for the afternoon.

 Items to Bring with you / Preparation
 _____ I-ACT Membership Fee $150.00 and Test Fee $75.00
 ______ come prepared to do your 15 minute presentation on the digestive
         tract demonstrating knowledge & communication to client, You may
         use "show & Tell" Items. Presentation Sunday After Lunch - make it Fun!
 ______ Bring Study Guide and _______ Bring pre-test completed.
 ______ Copy of High School Diploma / GED OR
 ______ Copies of any Health Care related Degrees AND/OR
 ______ Copies of Transcripts with A & P Hours completed.
 ______ personal Prescription - you will get opportunity to get a Colonic, OR
     (IF arrival Friday Eve. - PRE-Schedule session with students Sat. Morning.)

                                                                          Page EIGHT

   Personal Prescription Requirement
   You will be Getting and Receiving Colonic Sessions.
              This is part of the "Hands-On"
In Texas to Receive Colonics - A Prescription is Required.

         Please Contact your area Physician
    The Prescription (Rx) may be on Dr's. Script Pad
             or Dr. may use Sample below.
    Bring with you OR May Be Faxed to 210 349-5679

Should You arrive without one - an area Dr. will charge
  $35.00 to review & determine if you can have an Rx!

      Physicians Name___________________________________
        State_____________________ Zip_____________________
        Office Phone ________ ___________________

     Patient Name: ___________________________________________

                  This Rx is for "Colonics as Needed"

     X ___________________________________                 Date___/___/____

      Type:__________         Lic#: ___________________ State: ______

This is NOT Prescription to Purchase LIBBE and Supplies
             “U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Code of Regulations”
          FDA (Class II.) Colon Irrigation Systems, are prescription medical devices
                          and are approved only for colon cleansing,
       when medically indicated, such as before radiologic or endoscopic examinations.
                                                                                         Page NINE
                This page can be for Notes:

DEPARTURE: Confirmation # ______________________

Date _______________________   Time:___________________

Airline_____________________   Flight # _____________________

RETURN:      Confirmation # ______________________

Date _______________________   Time:___________________

Airline_____________________   Flight # _____________________

ALOFT HOTEL     Phone 210 541-8881 Ext. 0
Name of Hotel Staff:__________________________

Dates: _____/______   to   _______/________

Confirmation #_____________________________

PLE T! TRAINING REGISTRATION                          School
 NAME_____________________________________________ Home/Cell PHONE ______________________

ADDRESS________________________________________________________ APT / SUITE #_________
        Do N0T use P.O. # - MUST have a Street delivery address!

CITY____________________________________________ STATE ___________                             ZIP _______________

Province______________ Country___________ Birth Date _______________ NickName ______________

Business Phone: _____________________________ Fax________________________________________
                International Please provide Phone and Fax Number with Country code - 011 +

Your personal E-mail:________________________________________ Occupation: ___________________
LIST: Health Care Degrees & Date Completed; ____________________________________ (Bring Copies)
CPR	Certification:		YES____		Date	_______			NO____			A&P	Course:	YES____		Date	_______			NO____
What do you expect to do with the experience you get from this training? _____________________________
How	did	you	find	us	or	who	referred	you	to	our	school?		___________________________________________

                 Please Print NAME to appear on "CERTIFICATE of TRAINING"
 *Bring to Class: Copies of High School / GED, Degrees, Licenses or Transcripts in Health Care.
LIBBE Device 4-1/2 Day         Date____________       $1,000.00 _____              Your Emergency Contact:
I-ACT Level I. - Five Day*     Date____________       $1,350.00 _____ **           Name:_____________________
  *NOTE: When Attending Both LIBBE / I-ACT Together - $ 350.00 Discount            Phone _____________________
 **I-ACT Only - MUST Have Completed LIBBE Training/LIBBE School Previously         Relationship_________________
A&P Class/Test/Transcript      Date____________       $ 350.00 _____
A&P Test/Transcript Fee       Date____________        $ 200.00 _____
                                                                                  MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:
CPR Certification Only       Sunday__________         $   60.00 _____
I-ACT Instructor 6 Days        Oct. 9, - 14, 2011     $ 750.00 _____              Colonic NETWORK School
                                                                                  10911 West Avenue,
Advanced A&P (Dr.Kolbo)        Oct. 15,-17 2011       $ 350.00 _____
                                                                                  San Antonio, TX. 78213
                                                                                  210	308-8888	office
 THESE CARDS ACCEPTED: Master CARD____ VISA _____                                 210 349-5679 fax
CREDIT CARD # _______________________________________

Expiration ____ / ____    Security code (_______)   Zip_________                  Call to Verify
                                                                                  Class Schedule Before
  Printed Name on Card:________________________________                           Airline is Booked
   Address: _________________________________________                        Late Registration Fee of $150.00 when
   _________________________________________________                         Registration not received 5 days prior to Training.
   Phone # of Card Holder     ____ _____ ________                            Refund Policy: Written notice sent a minimum
                                                                             of Five (5) days before training date.
                                                                             $300.00 Non-Refundable! Non-transferable!
                                                                             OR Student must attend next scheduled Class.
    Signature Authorizes Payment of $_____________                           NOTICE: We do not provide job placement
                                                                             or Employment guarantees as part of training.
   X ______________________________________________

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