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					Christopher Bowman

       91 Tierra Plano | Rancho Santa Margarita | California 9268 | 949.413.0065 |


       Christopher Bowman brings 20 years of Marketing and Design experience to his clients combined with
       innovative uses of the Internet, Web and Social Marketing providing real bottom line solutions, and a
       unique vision that meets today's marketing challenges. Chris’s Marketing and Design vision is set
       apart by his understanding that the goal is not just great eye candy, but driving results. Creating
       innovative uses for digital technology and outside-the-box strategies has established a proven track
       record of success. Intrinsically built into this progressive vision is the ability to incorporate original and
       dynamic branding strategies with a human touch which has proven to impact the market and often
       redefine the company’s view of itself and its products as well.

        With experience at all levels of Advertising, Branding and Marketing, the thrust of Christopher
       Bowman's experience has been at the Director & Manager level creating effective solutions and paving
       new paths. Overseeing the execution of all aspects of campaigns spans prints, online, radio &
       television advertising mediums, Christopher’s talent and management experience is rooted in new
       business development and the creation of new business opportunities from existing assets.

Summary of Qualifications

   •   Direct firm’s overall marketing and strategic planning programs, and corporate communications.
   •   Facilitate development of new profitability through marketing and new business development
   •   Create and implement all advertising integrating traditional and digital media opportunities.
   •   Create ranking web solutions, and implement Social Network marketing programs.
   •   Implement programs created to increase business opportunities with both the firms targeted customer
       base and create distribution opportunities.
   •   Design and effectively promote company and product branding to create recognition resulting in
       increased market ownership.
   •   Instituted E-blast programs generating an average 9% - 13% click through rate.
   •   Created hundreds of live leads using phone number reference data extracted against e-blast opens.
   •   Created innovative sales strategy that increased per exchange profitability
   •   Developed, managed and oversaw the continuing development of 1M+ consumer email and phone
   •   Manage the ongoing SEO of 127 url /web sites.

Impacting the Bottom Line

   •   Created strong branding and increased brand recognition creating expansion of overall market share.
   •   Brought all advertising tasks in-house eliminating the need for outside agency's resulting in substantial
       cost savings.
   •   Created new profit centers from existing products through rebranding. Internal marketing and
       advertising provides a more immediate response allowing the company to stay ahead of the
   •   Create web based test markets for proposed products to pre-evaluate market potential and refine
       product and branding.
   •   Created on-line solutions for franchise graphic ordering streaming process resulting in higher
       satisfaction at a much lower cost of delivery.
   •   Advised CEO on financial feasibility of new business propositions and prepared periodic operating
       reviews to drive cost containment initiative.
   •   Created the company's distinct B2B and B2C brand messages.
       Identified and managed the marketing organization's key external business partner relationships.
   •   Developed the media plan and oversaw creative copy for outdoor and radio ad campaign.
   •   Managed an online campaign that included cost-per-action partnerships and banners ads.
   •   Implemented an affiliate marketing program and monthly e-mail marketing campaigns.

Employment History

       Keller Williams Real Estate, (2010 - 2011)
       Director of Communications, United Agents
       Park Place Finance / Park Place Escrow, (2009 - 2010)
       Director of Marketing and Communication
       Ampronix Inc. (2002 - 2009)
       New Business Development
       IPG & Expotrans (1998 - 2002)
       Director of Marketing
       Whitewood Aviation (1990 – 1998)
       Owner / Chief Pilot
       Atlantic Richfield, Alieska Project (1984 - 1990)
       Field Design Engineer


       Strong Tower Ministries
       Serve the People
       Saddleback Church Bulletin Board


       University of California Davis | Pre Law / History
       Sacramento State University | Mechanical Engineering
       Loyola Marymount University | MBA – Marketing

       A pre-law graduate from the University of California, Davis and an MBA in Marketing, Christopher
       Bowman is currently working on his Doctoral Thesis on the Impact of Social Networking on Marketing
       and Brand Recognition. He is a member of the eMarketing Association Network & The National
       Marketing Directors Group as well as offering his services, pro-bono, for a number of local Non-Profit