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                              June 13-15, 2008

                                       TABLE OF CONTENTS

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1.    2008 AGM Schedule of Events                            2
2.    Presidents Report                                      4
3.    Vice President Development Report                      6
4.    Vice President Operations Report                       8
5.    Zone Director’s Reports:
          a. Zone 1                                          10
          b. Zone 2 *(Unreported)
          c. Zone 3                                          10
          d. Zone 4 *(Unreported)
          e. Zone 5                                          14
          f. Zone 6                                          15
          g. Zone 7                                          17
          h. Zone 8 *(Unreported)
          i. Zone 9                                          18
6.    Council Reports
          a. Minor Council                                   20
          b. Female Council                                  21
          c. Junior B & C Council *(Unreported)
          d. Senior Council                                  24
          e. Referee Council                                 25
          f. Junior A Council                                27
7.    Committee Reports
          a. Development                                     29
          b. Match Penalty                                   36
          c. Appeals                                         37
          d. Game and Conduct Management                     39
          e. Alberta Development Model                       40
          f. Nominating                                      42
8.    2007-2008 Registration Summary                         43
9.    2007-2008 Certifications/Clinics Summary               45
10.   Minor Council Meeting Package                          47
11.   Female Council Meeting Package                         51
12.   Senior Council Meeting Package                         55
13.   Junior B Meeting Package                               61
14.   Annual General Meeting Package                         65
15.   2008-2009 Fees                                         67
          a. 2008-2009 Registration Fees
          b. 2008-2009 Referee Rates
16.   NOTES                                                  70-74

                            June 13-15, 2008

                            SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Friday June 13, 2008

TIME                     DETAIL                    LOCATION
12:00 noon – 8:00pm      Hockey Alberta Golf       Innisfail GC
                         Tournament                Innisfail, AB
5:00 pm – 8:30 pm        Registration              Lobby
9:00 pm – 12:00 am       Evening Social            Tuscany

Saturday June 14, 2008

TIME                     DETAIL                    LOCATION
7:30 am – 8:30 am        Breakfast                 Exhibition Hall
8:30 am – 11:00 am       Female Council Meeting    Marseille
                         Junior Council Meeting    Palmero/Savona
                         Minor Council Meeting     Santano
                         Senior Council Meeting    Boardroom #2
11:00 am – 12:00 pm      Minor Hockey Summit       Tuscany
                         Follow Up

12:00 noon – 1:00 pm     Networking Lunch and      Tuscany
                         Summit Guest Speaker
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm        2008 Summit Workshops:    Palermo/Savona
                         Building the next steps   Boardroom #2
3:00 pm – 3:30 pm        BREAK
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm        Hot Stove                 Tuscany
6:30 pm – 11:00 pm       Hall of Fame Induction    Exhibition Hall

Sunday June 15, 2008

TIME                     DETAIL                    LOCATION
7:30 am – 8:30 am        Breakfast                 Exhibition Hall
9:00 am – 11:00 am       Annual General Meeting    Tuscany

             June 13-15, 2008

Annual Report to Membership

                                June 13-15, 2008

                                         PRESIDENTS REPORT

As I complete my first season as President of Hockey Alberta, readying for my second year, I would like
to thank the Hockey Alberta Board of Directors for their support and guidance throughout the season.
Without the vast network of support from members of Hockey Alberta’s Board of Directors, as well as my
fellow members of the Hockey Canada Board, the position of President would have been much more

I was fortunate to be able to be President as part of Hockey Alberta’s Centennial Celebration, and
would encourage all other Branches that if and when they have the opportunity, that they always find
mechanisms to celebrate their past.

   • Clarification of Roles and Responsibilities continues with review of Job Descriptions for 100+
      Hockey Alberta volunteer positions.
   • More comprehensive orientation plan will allow for more training for Hockey Alberta members as
      they attain various volunteer positions. Some of this orientation at some point may include one
      on one training with office staff and President, online learning, starting with a comprehensive
      orientation in September 2008.
   • Elite Stream Committee continues to deal with issues as they arise in the Elite Stream.
   • Hockey Alberta initiated an Officials Development Committee bringing members of the Board,
      Referee Council and the Membership to review officiating in Alberta and three primary areas.
      The special sub-committee will develop recommendations to the Board of Directors for

Leadership Development
   • Regional Development Centre in Grande Prairie, AB has been moved by the Board of Directors
       from pilot phase to full time programming in the 2008-09 Budget.
   • Further plans continue with Hockey Development Committee and Staff to develop and bring
       forth for approval the entire Regional Development Strategy to begin work on phase II of the
   • With subsidization from the Alberta Government, Hockey Alberta is working to hire its first full time
       Coach Mentor position, which would work for 2 years through a program from the Alberta
       Government on mentoring coaches and training athletes within the province of Alberta.

Service to Members
    • Hockey Alberta is the proud recipients of the Paris Cup, the award given by Hockey Canada to
       the Branch that has attained the highest percentage of online registration using HCR for their
       membership. This was Hockey Alberta’s first season utilizing HCR for all registration for all
       members, and despite some of the issues that did come up with an initiative so large, the results
       were very positive and Hockey Alberta’s members as a whole were very committed to the new
       process and program.
    • Plans are underway for the return visit of the Hokkaido, Japan Women’s Program to participate
       in the return visit with games versus Team Alberta Women’s Program and Club Teams within

                               June 13-15, 2008

   •   Hockey Alberta continues to engage its members in discussion following the Minor Hockey
       Summit which was held in June 2007. The Hockey Alberta AGM in June 2008 will feature the
       highest ranked priorities from the members addressed with actions created to move forward.
   •   Hockey Alberta will utilize the format used for the past Annual Meeting including an interactive
       Minor Hockey Summit session as well as the Annual Hockey Hall of Fame and Hockey Alberta

Financial & Organizational Stability
    • Hockey Alberta continues to review opportunities for a new facility with one of the options being
       considered being a partnership with Red Deer College and other Red Deer Community
       organizations on administrative and arena facility expansion at the Red Deer College.
    • Development of the 4 Year Business Plan out of the existing Strategic Plan is continuing with the
       assistance of reviewing models used by Hockey Canada and other Branches.

Marketing and Public Relations
   • A comprehensive Communications Plan is being developed and will be brought forth to the
       Board of Directors for review, input, and direction. The plan will address internal and external
       communication within Hockey Alberta. Internal communication to focus on the manner and
       opportunities to make communication more efficient within the Hockey Alberta structure of
       volunteers and externally out to the 450 + members.
   • Hockey Alberta is working with IMG Canada to work on the evaluation process of its existing
       properties and to review potential new properties and determine value for them. After
       completed, a full sales strategy will be implemented, attempting to enhance sponsorship
       revenue and membership benefit within the Branch.
   • The Centennial Celebration for Hockey Alberta was an outstanding success with the Budget for
       the program being operated through the Hockey Alberta Foundation being in excess of
       $200,000. The added exposure through the various events and the Centennial brand being used
       at all existing Hockey Alberta programs lead to enhanced visibility for Hockey Alberta and
       Hockey Alberta Foundation in the Province.
   • The Centennial culminated with a 750 + guest Gala at Rexall Place in Edmonton which featured
       Hockey Alberta awarding the top 100 Albertans that have made an impact in Hockey in

Partnerships and Alliances
    • Hockey Alberta and the Hockey Alberta Foundation continue to work together on joint initiatives
       which can work to both organizations strategic directions. The Centennial Celebration was a
       very successful venture raising funds for the Foundation Centennial Legacy Fund, as well as
       bringing added exposure to Hockey Alberta’s programs and services.
    • Hockey Alberta has worked closely with the two professional hockey teams in the Province, the
       Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames, on various programs and projects. This relationship
       continues to grow with mutually beneficial program support to assist to enhance the game in
       the Province. The events include season ticket program and Pee Wee Skills finals with the
       Calgary Flames and Centennial Gala night program support and support of Grassroots Programs
       with the Edmonton Oilers.

                            June 13-15, 2008

•   Hockey Alberta is working with the WHL on the renewal of an agreement between the Branch
    and WHL. As part of this proposed agreement, Hockey Alberta is working internally on the
    impact of the CDM within Hockey Alberta structure as it relates to Junior hockey recruitment.


Terry Ledingham, President
Hockey Alberta

                         VICE PRESIDENT - DEVELOPMENT REPORT

It has been a busy first year as Vice President, Development for Hockey Alberta. I will share some of
the highlights of our year and the accomplishments.

From a development perspective we had another very successful year with our development clinics
and seminars; we continue to try to improve the delivery and quality of these programs in Alberta
every year. With the implementation of the Speak Out/NCCP integration clinic operating province
wide is proof that we continue to strive to develop quality coach education programs while
considering time in the clinic setting. We will continue to strive to educate the members on the
NCCP program and the importance of having educated coaches leading our children. The
coaching education programs are a crucial component in the ongoing development of the
athletes and the sport of hockey.

Mentorship remains a priority for development in Alberta. We have hosted numerous seminars this
past year and momentum is building with the LMHAs that were in attendance. The Hockey Canada
Specialty Skill Clinics are and will remain the focus of coach mentorship for the upcoming years.
These are three hour clinics with coaches teaching skills such as skating, puck control, shooting &
scoring, etc. Our focus will be to bring these clinics to the local coaches, as well as, building
relationships with a mentor resource coach.

This Regional Development Center in Zone 1 has been growing in terms of impact and support
within the Zone 1 region. The feedback from the members in Zone 1 has been very positive;
program delivery and awareness has increased significant throughout the year. The purpose of the
RDC is to support and enhance the delivery of core programming facilitating in meeting the needs
of the membership in the zone. Justin Fesyk and the Advisory committee have done great job in
moving forward and will continue to build on the successes. This is a key initiative of Development
and Hockey Alberta, which will fundamentally enhance hockey development and delivery in this
province, as well as provide a national model.

                            June 13-15, 2008

I would be remiss if I didn’t congratulate our Men’s U17 Team (Team Pacific) for their fourth place
finish in London Ontario at the 2008 World U17 Hockey Challenge. Our Women’s U18 Team Alberta
accomplished a 7th place finish at the National Women’s U18 Challenge in Kitchener, Ontario, just
missing out of the semi finals through the tie breaking procedure. The U18 Women’s team also had
the opportunity to travel to Japan for 10 days this past summer and compete in four games against
Japan senior teams. Team Alberta finished the tour with a 3-1 record and many memories were
made on the tour. We would thank the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation for
this opportunity to participate in this sport exchange, as it was an experience of a lifetime for our
players. In both cases our coaching staff and players did an excellent job of leading our province in
these events. Team Alberta InLine also finished 3rd at the USA Junior InLine Festival this past year,
which is a great accomplishment for the sport of InLine.

I would also congratulate the three Alberta athletes who represented Hockey Alberta at the 2008
National and International Skills Challenge in Quebec City this past May. These athletes qualified
through our Provincial Peewee Skills Challenge and Provincial Final. Dillon Heatherington (Calgary),
Caitlyn Fyten (Sundre) and Christopher Hartman (Drayton Valley) we are very proud of you and your

Sledge Hockey has been part of the Hockey Alberta family since May 2004. A Provincial Advisory
Committee has been set up to lead Sledge Hockey in terms of promotion, education, awareness
and development. The Fourth Annual Western Canadian Sledge Hockey Tournament was held in
Calgary in early April with 12 teams competing, in three divisions. Teams from BC, Saskatchewan
and Alberta all participated with a final result of excellent competition and exposure for a great
game. We also had an Ontario team travel in this year to the event which was a great addition.
Hockey Alberta is looking forward to the future of Sledge Hockey and would encourage LMHA’s to
get on board with this exciting game.

I would like to thank all our sponsors who have made a commitment to helping us develop the
game and these initiatives. These sponsors are: Alberta Sports, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife
Foundation, Source for Sports, Elite Sportswear and Awards, CCM/RBK, United Cycle, RAMP
Interactive, SportQuest, International Mascot, Western Hockey League, Mission Hockey, and STEVA

As we enter into a new year we have some very exciting initiatives that we are working on to
enhance the programs and services for our members. The Team Alberta Challenge (Female),
Goalie Skill Clinics and Specialty Skill Clinics are a few examples of new programs and services that
have emerged and we encourage you to keep in touch through our website at

                                June 13-15, 2008

   I would like to thank the many people that I have had the chance to meet and interact with
   throughout the numerous programs and services. I would like to thank Jerrold Lemko our Vice Chair
   Hockey Development who helped me tremendously this past year in the development area. I would
   also like to thank Zone 1 Director, Wayne Curry, for his commitment to the Development Committee,
   as well as, all of the development committee members, Zone Team members and Provincials
   Coordinators for their dedication in our development programs. Finally I would like to thank the
   development staff for their guidance and commitment to the game and their work. It has been a
   pleasure to work with so many great people this year.

   Respectfully Submitted

   Annie Orton
   Vice President Development

                              VICE PRESIDENT - OPERATIONS REPORT

Zone Team Leadership
The year started off with the Zone Leadership weekend in August which was well attended. We
received a great leadership presentation from Paul Carson. It is a valuable weekend for new and
returning zone team members. It prepares the members for the upcoming season and gives them an
opportunity to share ideas. This year’s event will be held in September and I look forward to seeing all of
you again.

Alberta Development Model
The first step in the implementation of the new Alberta Development model for the elite stream was the
creation of the Elite Development Committee (EDC). The committee consisted of representatives from
the AMHL, AMBHL, RAMHL, REM, SAML, AJHL and WHL leagues as well as the HA Board. They met five
times and developed an improved player movement process, a communications plan that engages
LMHA’s as well as elite teams, clarification of the affiliation process within an Elite Draw Zone and a
review of the Minor Midget league. They have set priorities for next season which include standardized
bylaws and improved information flow to teams, LMHA’s & players.

The Zone Teams did an excellent job this season insuring Provincials were completed successfully. I am
impressed by how efficiently they work together to insure play-downs are completed in a timely
manner, teams are categorized appropriately and representatives are in place. This is one of our most
important tasks in Hockey Alberta and our Zone Managers of Operations are the best. There were a few
thorny issues that came up and the experienced chair of minor council (Gord Hira) ensured they were
handled in a professional and timely manner.

Provincials Hosting meeting
The Provincials Host committee meetings held in the north and south were attended by all the hosting
committee representatives. The presentations were well received and the preparation by the HA staff
was exceptional. This has really been a positive step to ensure Provincial hosting committees are
informed and the events are consistent.

                                June 13-15, 2008

Provincial Categorization
The Provincials Categorization committee has been working long and hard on developing
recommendations which will improve provincial play for all categories. They have presented some
recommendations which are currently under review by the Councils and Board.

Minor Council
This is the hardest working bunch of volunteers I have seen. Their experience handling all aspects of
registration, categorization, player movement, overages, discipline, development, Atom 4 on 4 and
Jamborees continually amazes me. We anticipate a few changes at minor council however there will
be some continuity with several members returning.

Zone Meetings
I had the good fortune to attend three zone meetings this winter and as I expected, they are well run
and informative. The LMHA participation was good and it remains an excellent opportunity for member
associations to provide feedback and stay informed.

Western Women’s Midget Championships
I attended the Western Women’s Midget Championship hosted by St. Albert Minor Hockey at the NAIT
arena. SAMHA did an excellent job hosting this event.

Referees Council
The HA Board has approved the placement of a staff person responsible for officiating in the Red Deer
office. This will help to relieve volunteers of many administrative tasks they are currently performing. The
Referee in Chief and I have had several discussions this season and we are looking for synergies that will
assist in building a stronger relationship with the referees.

Strategic Planning
The new format for strategic planning which includes management staff and the executive committee
instead of the entire Board has some advantages in that it is a smaller group. To date it has been
successful and will be repeated next season. The process is under continuous review to insure it remains

Facility Assessment
This season it was identified that the current Hockey Alberta offices are aging and in need of
improvements. A couple of different options were identified including renovations, leasing a new facility
or partnering with Red Deer College. Realizing that whatever option is chosen, there will be some costs
associated and the Board has approved an increase in fees which will be set aside in a separate fund
specifically for this purpose.

Respectfully Submitted.

Rob Virgil

Vice President (Operations)

                                June 13-15, 2008

                                     ZONE 1 DIRECTORS REPORT

Well another season has come and gone again. This season was very exciting in Zone 1, what with the
new on line registration and all the different events that took place out of the Regional Development

With three Zone meetings a lot did get accomplished, the new Provincials Model was discussed and
there are many questions coming out of that.

We held three Provincials in this Zone and they were all very successful, teams from the Zone traveled
throughout the Province to various venues for Provincials. Some of them were fortunate enough to
come home with medals, others came home with having a GREAT experience.

Our Zone Team worked well in making all sorts of decisions and I would like to thank them for all their
hard work again this year, without them we could not properly function.

Throughout this Zone the different LMHA’s have to travel sometimes for several hours to get to a hockey
game. Not only do they travel for hours but also in poor road conditions and all the games end up
being played. I must say what a good job is done in getting these games played to all the players,
coaches, managers and the parents without whom we would not be playing this game of hockey.

A big THANK YOU to the Zone Team for a job well done.

Wayne Curry


Zone 1

                                     ZONE 3 DIRECTORS REPORT

The membership of Hockey Alberta’s Zone 3 once again displayed their dedication and passion for our
Canadian game, hockey, “the greatest game on earth.” The 2007-2008 season brought it’s usual
challenges and some new ones, especially with the implementation new Hockey Canada Registration
system. The Zone 3 team would like to extend our congratulations to all of the provinces LMHA registrars
and staff members Mike Olesen and his assistant Michelle Skilnick for winning Hockey Canada’s Paris
Cup for the 2007-2008 season. Even though we were the last province to officially adopt the HCR
system, we were the first branch with all of our registrations completed on the national on-line
registration system. The distinction of winning the Paris Cup once again displays how the volunteers and
staff of Hockey Alberta lead our game at the national level.

                                                  - 10 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

The Zone team underwent several changes with Lori Silkie replacing Janet Homme as Director, Ian
Martino joining the team as Manager of Operations, Trevor Marks replacing Pauline Hennig as Registrar,
Jim Thompson joining the team as the Game and Conduct position, and Ken Dentzien replacing
Richard Iwaniuk as the Referee Chairperson. Our Discipline/Travel/Tournament Coordinator, Margie
Smith, once again did an excellent job in meeting and exceeding the responsibilities that position
entails. Murray Summers our long standing Manager of Development and Cliff McCallum, our Clinic
Coordinator once again assisted the Zone Associations with their development requirements. A special
thank you to Annie Orton, Vice President of Development and Mike Olesen for all of their extra
assistance to our Zone Team throughout the year.


The Associations of Zone 3 once again did an excellent job in hosting Hockey Alberta events throughout
the season. As usual, the local minor hockey executive members and volunteers in our Zone displayed
their abilities to “showcase” our game to their fellow participants.

The Western Midget Female Championship was hosted by our Zone’s largest association, St. Albert. Our
Female Council Chairperson, Dave Peterson, commended St. Albert Minor Hockey’s tournament
organizing committee for the excellent “hockey” atmosphere they provided to our female participants
during this prestigious event. Many of the associations in Zone 3 are committed to the growth of the
game in our female division, and our Zone is sure to host more exciting female hockey events in the
seasons to come.

Hockey Alberta events were held throughout the Zone as follows:

           §   Chevy Safe and Fun – Whitecourt
           §   Esso Fun Days – Spruce Grove
           §   Pee Wee Skills Challenge – Drayton Valley and Drayton Valley Thunder
           §   Atom Four on Four – Hinton

The 2007-2008 Provincials saw Whitecourt hosting Midget A and Athabasca hosting Pee Wee C. These
communities did a wonderful job of providing a memorable provincial experience for players, coaches,
officials, parents and fans alike. And a special thank you to two Pee Wee C hockey moms from Provost.
The Provost Pee Wee C Blades were the winners of the PlaySmart Awards. However, the PlaySmart
Awards also contained the gold and silver medals, but with some quick phone calls and our two special
Hockey Mom’s from Provost, the medals were turned around at Sherwood Park and arrived well before
medal presentations. Special recognition must go out to tall the parents, players, coaches and fans at
our two Provincial events, you all displayed respect for one another both on and off the ice. Respect
for the game and for each other as participants will be a key factor in increasing participation in our
game in the future…thank you to all who practiced the Hockey Alberta core value of “Shared Respect”
during the 2007-2008 season…you are truly shaping the future of our great Canadian game.

The member associations of Zone 3 held an innovative Centennial Celebration event in November
known as “Hockey in the Rockies.” This exciting, informative Centennial Celebration was hosted by our
majestic Rocky Mountain hockey towns of Hinton and Jasper.

                                                - 11 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

Hinton hosted Hockey Alberta’s annual Atom Four on Four tournament and added some extra special
features to our grassroots hockey initiative for Atom aged players and parents. The Four on Four players
were coached by the Hinton Midget aged players and a great time was had by coaches and players
alike. During the tournament, a parent presentation titled “Hockey Parents – A Guide for the Next 100
Years of Hockey in Alberta” was facilitated by Ken Dentzien, Zone 3 Referee Chair, and dedicated
hockey volunteer Dawn Gremm, Past President of Edson Minor Hockey and secretary of the Sturgeon
Pembina Hockey League. The materials package presented to the parents was developed by Ken and
Dawn and Trent Pankewicz, President of Drayton Valley Minor Hockey which encompassed the
following concepts:

   §   Your Local Minor Hockey Association and You – who they are and what they do
   §   Hockey Rink Etiquette for Parents – 15 important points
   §   Officials – Supporting your referees….the game DEPENDS on them
   §   The Hockey Parent Centennial Pledge – code and conduct agreement

The members of Zone 3 will be continuing the utilization and facilitation of this parent education session
in the upcoming seasons. We feel that by working together to educate our parents on the importance
of understanding and respecting the roles of our association volunteers and referees, we will effect
positive relationship changes and increased teamwork with hockey’s most valuable resource, our
parents. A special thank you to Hinton Minor Hockey’s Ken Bush, President, Terry Bancroft, Midget
Director, the Atom Four on Four tournament organizing committee and Hockey Alberta’s Christina
Rogers for making the event a special experience for our Atom players.
While the Four on Four tournament was in full swing, the member associations of Zone 3 were hard at
work in Jasper participating in a grassroots governance initiative that was focused on forming
partnerships as local minor hockey associations to improve governance documents by way of
information sharing, dynamic discussion and materials presentation. This event was facilitated by
Murray Summers, Mike Olesen, Lori Silkie, Ian Martino and Tamara Robbins. A materials package was
developed by Stony Plain’s Karen-Nelson Hoflin, Spruce Grove’s Wayne Wishloff, Terry Malmas and Kristy
Rake, and Legal’s Ken Walsh.

Murray Summers, our Manager of Development, focused on presenting an evaluation methodology for
evaluating your local minor hockey association from a coaching perspective. Using the Bylaw and
Conduct management templates provided in the Hockey Alberta Game and Conduct MHA Resource
Manual, the group reviewed their existing documents and identified areas that require improvements.
Spruce Grove Minor Hockey provided their recently updated Bylaws along with valuable Alberta
Gaming regulation information. Stony Plain provided their Team Operations Manual as an excellent
example of an educational/training tool for their volunteer base. Legal Minor Hockey provided their
Public Address Announcement as an example of how to promote the values of fair play and shared
respect as a supplement to the Hockey Parent’s Guide and the Conduct Management template. The
session was dynamic and the information sharing between members served as a valuable resource for
those attending. A special thank you to Jasper’s Annette Brown for assisting in organizing this event.

                                                  - 12 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

2008-2009 ….The Season Ahead

The Zone team welcomes some new members this year with Karen-Nelson Hoflin coming aboard as
Zone Registrar and Ken Walsh as the new Clinic Coordinator. Ken and Karen have displayed excellent
leadership, organizational and administrative abilities at the local minor hockey association level and
are going to be valuable assets to the Zone team in the upcoming season. Karen’s administrative
support in the Registrar’s department will be Angie Dea. Angie brings a tremendous amount of
regulation and HCR knowledge, and coupled with her strong belief in “ethical hockey”, will be an
invaluable support mechanism for the Zone team.

Margie Smith will not only be continuing in her present position as Tournament/Travel/Discipline
Coordinator and will also assume the Game and Conduct position. Margie is a natural selection for this
position with her background in social work coupled with her extensive hockey knowledge and ability to
deal with all the emotions receiving a suspension generates in coaches and parents. She will be
supported administratively by Brenda Neville. Brenda has been an active member of Spruce Grove
Minor Hockey and is dedicated to keeping grassroots hockey alive and well in Alberta.

Ian Martino and Murray Summers will continue to lead the operational and development members of
the Zone team in the upcoming season. Ken Dentzien, who has proven to be a valuable member of
our Zone team, will continue to represent the referee council in 2008/09, which will only bring continued
improvement to our Zone.

Departing members Jim Thompson, Trevor Marks and Cliff McCallum are to be commended for their
many hours of service to the members of Zone 3 this past season. Our thanks to these gentlemen for
volunteering their time to administering our game as Hockey Alberta volunteers.

The members of Zone 3 are already busy preparing for the upcoming season. The September Zone
meeting will be held in Drayton Valley this year with some extra features. In addition to the Hockey
Alberta agenda, Karen and Angie will be presenting valuable information for the Association Registrars,
while Lori, Ian, and Margie plan to focus on a review of the Hockey Alberta Bylaws and Regulations
Handbook. Focus will also be given to building relationships with coaches, parents and on ice officials.
Margie and Brenda are hard at work preparing this event with the assistance of incoming Drayton
Valley Minor Hockey President Brian Markowski.

Keeping the game of hockey “the game of choice” in Alberta is an accomplishment that is shared by
many across this province. A special thank you to the players, parents, coaches and volunteers, Minor
Hockey executives and referees who bring us this great, entertaining sport that truly binds us from coast
to coast as Canadians. Each and every volunteer at the local level is what makes Hockey in Alberta
the greatest place in Canada to play our National winter sport. You are supported by a very
dedicated Hockey Alberta Board of Directors, Minor, Female, Junior, Senior and Referee Councils, your
Zone team members and the Hockey Alberta staff. Together we made the 2007-2008 Centennial year
another success for Hockey in Alberta….Zone 3 looks forward to contributing to another successful
season in 2008-2009.

                                                  - 13 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

                                    ZONE 5 DIRECTORS REPORT

I would like to thank all those parents, players, administrators who volunteer an hour or countless hours
to the support of our sport, for without you contributing we would not be as successful as we are - thank
you all!

This season we in Zone 5 were honored to have been a part of Hockey Alberta's Centennial
Celebration. We were sincerely proud of the following Centennial Award recipients from our area of the
           • Don Gatto
           • Garry Mills
           • Gordon Bossenberry
           • Lethbridge Hockey Hounds
           • Stan Carmichael

Congratulations to each and every one of them and all the other award recipients, and Hockey
Alberta on the first 100 years.

Our zone has had many successes this past season starting with a whole new zone team with only one
member returning to a position they had done before. We believe communication is the key and
although the "Communication Coordinator" was not as active we will be resurrecting that position.

Garry Gudmundson has filled the role of our Manager of Operations for the past 6 years and again
answered many calls and questions and has effectively guided and directed members in our zone
through another successful season. He has chosen to not run again and we wish him the
best in the other adventures he will be moving on to.

Lana Benson took on our Discipline Permits and Sanctions role and did ALL sanctions including the
Special Events. She did a wonderful job with this position and will be staying on for the coming season
and is looking to apply some new organizational approaches to better handle all of this but in particular
the travel permits. We did see a surge of infractions at certain times of the year and it was also in the
types of infractions at those times as well, but overall these were managed well and resulted in few

Bonnie Moench is our new Registrar and she came on board a bit late which muddled up the start of
the season a bit. Our entire zone had been on HCR for one season and this was year 2 for them, but
year 1 without paper. This proved to be challenging in how to define the electronic process and explain
it to others such that what was required got done on time. These have been worked through and
lessons learned for the coming season and the HCR system continues to develop. Bonnie along with our
MHA registrars are looking forward to getting going on the next season.

Jaime Steer was our Manager of Development and we hosted successful Play Smart Jamborees, Pee
Wee Skills, and Esso Fun Days but would love to host more in the future. We got a good start on a 3 year
plan that will come together this season to allow MHA to better prepare and plan for successful events.
Jaime will passing this function on to a new zone member this season, but will remain heavily involved
on behalf of Okotoks MHA.

                                                  - 14 -
                                 June 13-15, 2008

Karen Arnholtz was our Clinic Coordinator and she had quite a few struggles with a shortage of
facilitators to meet the demand of the requested clinic hosting requests. But Karen managed to have
our zone successfully host enough to meet the majority of the demand in our zone utilizing some
creativity in some cases to combine and or share events. The on-line posting has benefited all who are
interested in participating and hosting to see what is available. Karen as well will be passing this role on
to another zone volunteer, but will remain involved in another capacity.

Rick Roberts is our local referee representative and again we have concerns with the decrease in
officials but Rick has added value to our meetings and zone by becoming more visible and
approachable. He brought forward successes and gratitude to our MHA when there were examples of
truly working together. Our goal is to increase these regularly.

Our zone is very pleased that Okotoks, Vauxhall and Warner hosted successful provincial events - thank
you and congratulations to each of them. As well we are proud of those medal winners from our zone
and would like to congratulate the following;
           • Atom B - High Country - Gold
           • Pee Wee D - Bow Island - Silver
           • Bantam B Female - Lethbridge - Gold
           • Bantam AA - Lethbridge - Gold
           • Midget A Female - Lethbridge - Gold
           • Midget AA - Lethbridge - Gold

Overall another fantastic season! Congratulations Zone 5 associations on your proactive approach,
willingness to work together and creativeness to success!

As for the next season - we look forward to welcoming and working with some new zone team
            • Manager of Operations - Fred Horbay
            • Manager of Development - couple of people interested in this position.
            • Clinic Coordinator - Gordon Bossenberry
            • Communications Coordinator / Assistant to the Registrar - Sherri Barrett

Welcome aboard!!
                                      ZONE 6 DIRECTORS REPORT

As we come into another summer, we reflect on what has been in the past.
For Zone 6, the year has been another filled with expectations, fulfillment, excitement, changes,
reflections and lots of good things. The hockey is getting better and better. From Initiation to Junior,
more and more of our children are getting to enjoy the great game. Pond hockey has made it possible
for children of all ages and all levels of skill to participate and enjoy the game. Fun has been at the
forefront for many people in Zone 6 and it shows with the number of smiling faces we are seeing at the
Of course there is the competitive side of hockey also.

                                                    - 15 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

With the advent of the ADM, we are finding more and more very good hockey players are getting the
chance to play when they wouldn’t have had the chance before. Although there have been some
small situations that have had to be looked at, all in all the program is working well. As with any new
system, we have been and will continue to alter and adjust where needed. The next thing we are
going to get done is to look at the way the Provincials are set up and the categorization of the teams in
order to achieve more parity and equity in our provincial tournaments. We need a lot of input from the
associations to do the best we can do in order to do the job right. Any suggestions that you have that
will assist us in getting this done correctly will be well received. It takes everyone working together to
ensure that a proper solution comes from the information received. If you have not done so already,
please forward any suggestions to myself so that I can forward them along with all the others that I have

We had a few clinics - referee, coach, etc, - this past season and would like to have few more in the
upcoming seasons. We do need a Clinic Coordinator for Zone 6. We could have had a few more clinics
if he had a coordinator. We will be having our fall Zone Meeting in September so if anyone is interested
in volunteering for this position on the Zone Team, feel free to contact me. The Peewee Skills Challenge,
Play SMART Jamboree, Chevy Safe and Fun, were held in the zone and were very well received and
attended. Thanks to Sundre, Drumheller, Brooks, Strathmore, Hussar for hosting these events.
Congratulations to Caitlyn Fyten of Sundre on winning the Peewee Skills Challenge and attending the
International Skills Challenge in Quebec in May.

Thanks to Tom Wynnyk for his work in the past season as Zone Manager of Operations. Tom is entering
into the Junior Hockey world so has decided to not let his name stand for Manager of Operations. At
the spring Zone meeting, nominations and a vote was taken and Danny Povaschuk from Hanna was
voted in as Manger of Operations for Zone 6 for the 2008-2009 hockey season. Congratulations to
Danny and welcome aboard.

In closing, I want to thank the Zone Team for another job well done. Without the terrific people on the
Team, it would be a lot harder having the Zone run as well as it does. This reflects back to the
Associations as well. Without all of your help and assistance, and all the input into decisions, we may not
be doing as well as we are. Thank you everyone for another outstanding year and let’s look at what we
can do in the future to keep hockey a fun sport for all the kids that want to play. We can always use
good volunteers so if anyone would like to help, contact someone on the Zone Team and I am sure we
can find a job for you. Thank you and great success in the future.

Yours in Hockey,
Larry Watkins
Zone 6 Director
Hockey Alberta

                                                  - 16 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

                                     ZONE 7 DIRECTORS REPORT

Zone 7 has had a challenging but otherwise successful year. I would like to sincerely thank my Zone 7
team for their extraordinary efforts this year, especially given that I was entirely new to my position, as
were most of the Zone team members. Bonnie Ogilvie stepped forward and was elected by the Zone
to the position of Zone 7 Manager of Operations. Bonnie brought with her a wealth of knowledge and
experience from her previous position in the Zone and I thank her so much for her time, effort and
assistance this past season. She really is the backbone of Zone 7. We also had a new Zone Registrar,
Sherri Rawluk, who took on a monumental task this past season in the first year of HCR for the Zone. The
countless hours she spent and the problems she encountered a long the way would have tried the
patience of anyone--but she took it all in stride. As most of you know, we lost a longtime friend and
member of the Zone team this February to cancer, Frank Adair, the Manager of Development. Frank
gave tirelessly of his time and heart to the game he loved, the people who played it, and all the
volunteers and HA staff that made it all possible. I was honored to be one of Frank's friends and I miss
him and his timely and encouraging words of advice. Andy Schinke was another new member of the
Zone team in the position of Clinic Coordinator. Andy was instrumental in setting up 27 clinics this
season, involving 470 participants--a daunting task within the Zone, but one that was definitely needed.
John Jacobs, our Referee Coordinator, as he has done for so many years, does what is necessary to
enable our players to play fun, safe but challenging hockey. Kim Harder was our GCM coordinator and
in addition, handled all Special Event sanctioning requests. Kim was also new to the team but took on
every task she was given with gusto and determination. Kudos to the members of my Zone team that
made my task as Director much easier. It certainly is all about team building and team work.

Last, but certainly not least, I must extend my thanks and gratitude to all the member associations of
Zone 7 and their tireless volunteers. It was my pleasure to deal directly with a number of you this year
and, without exception, each of you exemplified the definition of what a volunteer is and does, and
why Zone 7 enjoyed the successes it did this year. Please extend my thanks to your organizations and
members for the great job done by all of you!

This year, the Zone team, in addition to each of their own portfolios, were also helpful in completing your
analyses of those portfolios as well as describing the time involved in these volunteer positions.

Zone 7 did experience its share of ADM , HCR , and player movement issues this past season, but I
believe were dealt with as expeditiously, efficiently and effectively as could be done, despite how new
most of us were, and our other time and effort commitments to family, home and jobs.

This year, Sherwood Park In Line will host the National Invitational Qualifier. Our own John Jacobs
was one of the instructors at a Supervision Clinic held in December of 2007. Some members of the Zone
attended and learned skills that they can now bring back and teach within the Zone.

The Pee Wee Skills challenge was held in Camrose in December and was a huge success. Thanks to
Camrose Minor Hockey for hosting this very well received event.

Strathcona Minor Hockey hosted the Play SMART jamboree in January and did a fabulous job. The
event was well attended by players and parents alike, all of whom learned a lot while having fun and
meeting new friends at the same time.

                                                  - 17 -
                                  June 13-15, 2008

Countless volunteers stepped in this past season to ensure that the Provincials hosted in the Zone went
off with barely a glitch. The organizing committees, the host LMHAs and referees worked very long and
hard to ensure that the participating teams had a wonderful experience--and one that was combined
fun and healthy competition. Thanks so much to all of you who made this happen. Congratulations to
all the participating teams--whether your team won the Provincials or not, all the teams were winners.
They worked hard to go to Provincials and just as hard when they got there, all in the spirit of good,
clean fun.

I am very happy to report that the incidence of major penalties within our Zone was small. I can only
assume that this reflects the sportsmanship and sense of fair play that is being instilled into our players by
their coaches, peers and parents.

Finally, a number of teams from Zone 7 experienced great success this past season, both on and off the
ice. Rather than omit any one team, I will only say that you all know who you are and what you
achieved this year: my hat is off to all of you. Enjoy your successes--you worked hard to achieve them!

In closing, if there is anything I have missed, the error is mine and I take full responsibility.

I would again extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who comprises Zone 7, from our youngest
registrants, through to the members of my Zone team. You have made my inaugural year as Zone
Director as painless as possible. The Zone team looks forward to being of service to the members of
Zone 7 in the upcoming season. Enjoy your well deserved rest this summer, and best of luck in your
registration and team selection processes!

Respectfully submitted

Frances Zinger
Zone 7 Director
                                        ZONE 9 DIRECTORS REPORT

It has been a very busy and rewarding year with many events taking place within Hockey Calgary. The
following are a few of the events and initiatives that have taken place. Hockey Calgary continues to be
a leader and progressive Hockey Association within this country.

Registration Numbers

This year there were 12,936 players registered with the following breakdown:
                Male          Female
Initiation1     363           73
Novice          1880          129
Atom            2073          162
Pee Wee         2220          156
Bantam          1887          186
Midget          1975          207
Junior          584           35

                                                      - 18 -
                                   June 13-15, 2008

Clinics For The 2008 / 2009 Season

              •   Novice Skills Camp
              •   Atom and Pee Wee Goaltending Camps
              •   Pee Wee Skills Camp
              •   Hockey Calgary/Hockey Canada Atom Skills Camp
              •   Specialty Skating Camp for Officials
              •   Specialty Skating Camp for Pee Wee and Atom Females
              •   Hockey Calgary/Hockey Canada Pee Wee and Bantam Camp
              •   Checking Clinic for First Year Pee Wee Players

Coaching Clinics Held 2008
Clinics                         Participants

Initiation Coach 2              116
Coach Level                     5503
Development 1                   285
Checking Skills                 3176
Safety                          6429
Speak Out                       4382


              •   This year Hockey Calgary Hosted the Bantam “A” Female Provincials and the
              •   Pee Wee “A “ Male Provincials. These events were well run and enjoyed by all the
                  players and fans and parents.

Changes 2008/2009 Season Hockey Alberta Representation

Hockey Calgary has made the decision to have Perry Cavanagh be the Zone Nine Manger of
Operations on Minor Council. Mr. Ken Moore will remain as one of the Directors, and Mr. Ken Morris will
be the other Zone Nine Director.

Friends of Hockey Calgary

This group has been established to finance and assist in the creation of new arenas. They will be looking
into the technology of building arenas and to establish various rink concepts. They plan on raising funds
through Corporate, Government and Private Funds.

This past season Hockey Calgary held Two Hockey Summits with all the Hockey Associations within
Hockey Calgary along with The City of Calgary, Hockey Canada and The Calgary Sports Council. Many
topics were discussed with the lack of Facilities being the major item. Since these Summits were held
there has been progress on the building of Arenas in the near future. As well the addition to Max Bell
Arena was completed this year. This was partial funded by Hockey Calgary and Hockey Calgary will
have the main use of this facility for their program.

Submitted By
Ken Moore/Ted Carter

                                                   - 19 -
                                 June 13-15, 2008

                                       MINOR COUNCIL REPORT

The 2007– 2008 Hockey Season was quite a busy year. Hockey Alberta was very enthusiastic and excited
about the numerous events, competitions, and initiatives that were planned.

This year our Pee Wee aged players participated in the Alberta Winter Games, which was held in the
Leduc and area District from February 14th to 17th, 2008. There was one team representing each of the 8
designated Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation Zones. The Zone playoff format was
either a tournament style or two game total point system depending on the number of teams within
each zone. Our participation level exceeded previous winter games with over 1200 male players
involved. The actual tournament in Beaumont, Alberta was very well attended and the competition was

The Arctic Winter Games were held in Yellow knife NWT from March 9th to 15th, 2008. This competition was
open to all players within the Bantam Division who reside above the 55th Parallel. A selection camp was
held in the North Peace Region in February for which we had over 110 athletes attend. At the actual
games Alberta won gold in a dramatic 3/2 OT win over Alaska. The host committee was very gracious
and I’d like to thank them on behalf of Hockey Alberta for a wonderful experience enjoyed by all.

This season Alberta hosted the Midget National Pacific Regional Championship April 2-4, 2008 in Calgary,
Alberta. The Calgary Buffalo’s will be representing the Pacific Division at the Telus Cup in Arnprior and we
wish them well.

Hockey Alberta continued to offer an innovative program for its members and or interested groups. This
program, called Pond Hockey, focuses on participation in a less structured and flexible environment by
enabling young people and families to enjoy the game of Hockey. We anticipated a continued
increase in participation from the last few seasons and were not disappointed as over 1500 athletes
enrolled in the program.

The Hockey Alberta Atom 4 on 4 Festivals was received enthusiastically once again by our membership.
This innovative program offers Atom aged players the opportunity to participate in a one day festival of
½ ice shinny style Hockey. This is the sixth year of the festival and the response has been tremendous with
all (9) Zones hosting virtually full registration each time.

We are currently reviewing our Provincial structure as well as further developing our relationships with our
numerous leagues. Hockey Alberta struck a committee comprised of the major stake holders to address
high performance hockey. At this time this initiative has been well received and along with the concept
of 3 streams of hockey will truly reflect a “made in Alberta model”. We continue to address challenges
with an innovative approach and a sound process with the main objective of putting players on the ice,
and not to take them off.

I would like to thank the members of Minor Council from this season and also wish good luck those
leaving council this season in their future endeavors: Zone 2 John Erkelens, Zone 5 Garry Gudmundson,
and Zone 6 Tom Wynnyk.

Gord Hira, Minor Council Chairman
Hockey Alberta

                                                   - 20 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

                                       FEMALE COUNCIL REPORT

The Hockey Alberta Female Council consists of the chair, a Senior Female North Representative, Senior
Female South Representative, Minor Female North Representative and Minor Female South
Representative. Hockey Alberta Female Council directs and guides all of Female Hockey in the Branch
in conjunction with the HA Hockey Development Committee.

Hockey Alberta Female Council continues to work on making Hockey the #1 Choice of Sports for
Females in the Province. There have been a number of initiatives that we have continued to work on to
ensure that this continues. The Female Registrations within the branch continued to grow again this

             Hockey Alberta Fem ale Registration #'s                          Division         Female
                                                                     College/University          192
                                                                     Senior Female              1,957
                                                                     Adult Recreation            170
                                                                     Midget                     1,235
                                                                     Bantam                     1,097
                                                                     Pee Wee                    1,112
  4,000                                                              Atom                        944
  3,000                                                              Novice                      800
  2,000                                                              Initiation                  882
  1,000                                                              TOTALS                     8,389































Senior Female

This is the third year that we offered the Senior Female Recreational Program. This program is modeled
after the HCAR program, with some minor adjustments. Registration numbers were more positive this
year and feedback on the program was good. The purpose of the program is to embrace the
concepts of less structure, fun and participation.

On October 27/28 last year, Hockey Alberta in conjunction with Our Centennial Year Celebrations, held
a Female Masters Division Tournament to promote forming a Female Masters Division of play within
Hockey Alberta. The promotional Tournament was composed of players 33 years of age and older. The
response was very positive and encouraging.

                                                       - 21 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

Esso Women’s Nationals

This year we had 3 AAA Senior Female teams in the Branch: Oval X-Treme, Edmonton Chimo’s and the
Strathmore Rockies. The teams play in the WWHL. The Oval X-Treme represented the WWHL as well as
the Minnesota Whitecaps. The Oval X-Treme came away with a bronze Medal. Congratulations to
Charlottetown, PEI for hosting a well run event. This was the last year of the Esso Women’s Nationals in its
current format. Next year, there is to be a Championship between the representatives of the WWHL
and the CWHL. The two leagues are to work on making this happen.

Western Shield

The Calgary Coyotes (Senior A) and the Calgary Canadians (Senior B) represented the Branch at the
Western Shield held in Winnipeg Manitoba. The Calgary Coyotes lost out in the Bronze Medal game to
the Manitoba Herd (Host) and the Calgary Canadians came away with a hard fought Gold Medal in a
4 – 3 overtime thriller against the Winnipeg Aces. Congratulations to the Host Committee from
Manitoba for hosting a very well organized event.

Western Midget Female Championship

The Alberta Major Midget Female Hockey League is our top division (AAA) of play for Female Minor
hockey in the branch. The winner of the playoffs this year, the Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs represented
the branch at the Western Midget Championship in St. Albert, Alberta this year along with the host team
the St. Albert Kal-Tire Slash. The Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs lost to the Notre Dame Female Hounds
(Saskatchewan) 4 – 3 in overtime. It was a very exciting and well run event. Events included a
Banquet, Awards, Bronze Medal Game and Championship Game. St. Albert and the host committee
were very proud to be showcasing their community’s commitment to championship female hockey.

Alberta Winter Games

Alberta Winter Games (Female): Leduc AB - February 14 - 17. This was open to all Female hockey
players registered with Hockey Alberta and born between 1993 and 1996. The zone tryout camps saw
an increase in the number of registrations across the province. The competition at the games was very
close, Zone 5 (Black/Gold Yellowhead) won for their second win in a row.

Arctic Winter Games

Arctic Winter Games (Junior Female) Yellowknife, NWT - March 9 - 15. Open to Female hockey players
born in 1986 - 1994 and registered on a Hockey Alberta team (excluding ACAC or CIS Varsity Teams)
and reside on or above the 55th parallel. Team Alberta was the winner of the Bronze UIU by defeating
Yukon, 6 – 1.

                                                   - 22 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

2008 IIHF World Women’s Under-18 Championship

The 2008 IIHF World Women’s Under-18 Championship was held in Calgary from Jan 7 - 12. Girls
Hockey Calgary as well as many other volunteers worked with HC on hosting this prestigious event. USA
won Gold, Canada won Silver and the Czech Republic won Bronze. In addition to the event, Hockey
Alberta implemented a “Female Coach Mentorship” training seminar which was well received by 10
female coaches. The intent of this program was to train female coach mentors in the area of “Specialty
Skills” to support all coaches within the female game. The areas of support are the individual skill
development, communication – inter personals relationships, designing practice plans and goaltending.

Junior Female

We continue to work on developing our Junior Program. Again, we have had many discussions
throughout the year with our Minor and Senior associations trying to get this program off the ground.
The success rate has not been as anticipated. With the number of ACAC and CIS teams available in
the Branch, forming Junior teams and Leagues has been a struggle. We will encourage various LMHA’s
and Leagues to assist in the creation of these Junior teams to compete at a Hockey Alberta Female
Junior Provincials this upcoming season. Will work with the other 3 Western Branches to include a Junior
division in the Western Female Shield.

Esso Fun Days

We continue to encourage our centers to experience the opportunity to run the highly successful “Esso
Fun Days” program. We ran 4 events this year in Okotoks, Spruce Grove, Grande Cache and Red Deer.

“We Are Coaches”

We held a very successful “We Are Coaches” seminar in Edmonton in February this year. Participation
and feedback was excellent. Hockey Alberta has approached Hockey Canada to host an additional
seminar in the North West part of the Branch during the upcoming 2008-09 hockey season.

National U18 Team Alberta Female

The team participated in a Japan exchange, spending 10 days touring the province of Hokkaido and
playing 4 games. At Nationals, the team won 2 games and lost 2 games and were tied for 2nd place in
our pool but lost out in the tie breaking formula which bumped them to the 7th-8th game. The team
was well prepared and ready for the game as they beat Ontario Blue 3-2.

Team Alberta Challenge – Female

The first Team Alberta Challenge was held in Lloydminster May 10 -13, 2007. Team staffs were selected
for the 6 zone teams. Females born in 1992 & 1993 were eligible for the program. The Team Alberta
Challenge is an excellent development opportunity for female hockey and is one of the first steps in our
Team Alberta program. It fits well with our philosophy on grass root development and aids in the process
of developing athletes towards the Canada Winter Games and National U18 Women’s Hockey
Championship and is now one of our core Hockey Alberta Development Programs. The next Team
Alberta Challenge is scheduled to run in May 2009.

                                                 - 23 -
                                 June 13-15, 2008

Hockey Alberta Provincials 2008

Division               Gold                                Silver

Midget AAA             Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs         Lloydminster Steelers
Midget A               Lethbridge Midget A Blaze           Red Deer Sutter Fund Chiefs
Midget B               Southeast Rebels                    Lacombe Ice

Bantam A               Edmonton Thunder                    Calgary GHC Dinos
Bantam B               Lethbridge                          Camrose

Pee Wee A              St. Albert Hit                      Medicine Hat One Lane Oilfield Hounds
Pee Wee B              Olds Thunder                        Spruce Grove Grizzlies

Senior AAA             Calgary X-Treme
Senior AA              Calgary Coyotes                     Beiseker Fusion
Senior A               Calgary Canadians                   Calgary Unknowns
Senior B               Lloydminster Eagles                 Grimshaw Hustlers

Objectives for the Upcoming Season

1.   Develop our Junior Program.
2.   Develop our Senior Female Recreational Hockey registration and teams.
3.   Develop a winning formula for Provincials.
4.   Develop the Female Bantam AAA division.
5.   Develop the Female Atom Provincials.

                                        SENIOR COUNCIL REPORT

The Daysland Northstars of the Battle River Hockey League won the Provincial A Tournament hosted by
Drayton Valley on the weekend of March 28-30. They defeated the Onoway Ice Doges of the North
Central Hockey League by a score of 8-2 in the finals.

The Rocky Rams of the Chinook Hockey League won the B side of the Provincials for the second year in
a row. The Rocky Team defeated the Lamont Lakers in the finals.

The Drayton Valley Tournament Chair, the Drayton Valley Executive and the Drayton Valley Wildcat
Hockey Team have to be congratulated for a job well done. As Senior Council Chair, in the last 6 years
this tournament ranks with the top tournaments in Alberta. Congratulations from Hockey Alberta.

The Bentley Generals of the Chinook Hockey League won the AAA Provincials. The Bentley team then
proceeded to win the McKenzie Cup in Fort St. John, the BC champions by three games to one. Bentley
won the right to represent Team Pacific at the Allan Cup in Brantford ONT. Bentley lost in the National
Championship game by a score of 3-1. Congratulations to the Generals management and coaching
staff for the determined effort provided by the team. One of the highlights of the tournament was TSN
televising the final game live for the first time.

                                                 - 24 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

A few challenges occurred with the registration this year as was expected. The next year should be a lot
better as team organization as well as Hockey Alberta understand the new system.

League President have handled problems in their own leagues with a little advice from myself; great job

Alan Fedorus

                                      REFEREE COUNCIL REPORT

First and most importantly, I need to thank the many people that have contributed to the operations
and development of the officiating program in our branch. These people reside in every local hockey
association as RIC’s or supervisors, on zone committees and executives, in leagues, on councils, as staff,
as board members or at the national level. In most cases the end result of this effort is witnessed by the
performance of individuals on the ice during a competition. What most time goes unseen is the amount
of effort required to get those individuals to that point. The development and operations of our council
and officials, just as that of the players, is successful through the efforts of many that in most cases do
not receive any recognition or credit. That isn’t their goal. For every individual that gets an assignment
to a local, provincial, national or international competition; a number of individuals will have made a
contribution to that success. Without these contributions our programs would most definitely move in a
negative direction.

Our branch has made a significant contribution in many areas that make up the present national
officiating program. We have also been quite successful in producing top officials at the local,
provincial, national or international level. We presently have the third highest number of registered
officials of the thirteen Hockey Canada branches.

Like other parts of the hockey family, we are challenged with dealing with issues such as retention and
recruitment. Recently in Quebec City, an officiating summit was held in conjunction with the World
Senior Championship. There were delegates from across Canada, the USA, the NHL as well as IIHF
federations such as France, Switzerland, Finland and Germany. Retention and recruitment of officials
were the two most common concerns of all present. A number of exercises were carried out to
speculate on how to address these issues. If there was a magic solution, no one seemed to be able to
unearth it. A number of items were identified and depending on what level you are in the game and
what your financial situation may be, there are avenues that can be explored.

Areas that we may explore and move forward towards improving include:

   •   Strengthening relationships with the other parts of the hockey community. There is a lot to be
       gained through becoming accepted as a member of the hockey family and not viewed as
       someone that continually is in conflict with coaches, players, administrators and spectators. We
       were fortunate to have Dennis Pottage speak to us at the summit in regard to this issue. Dennis
       was Hockey Canada’s RIC and is an administrator in the Winnipeg School System. He gave an
       excellent presentation. Our next leadership will be held in conjunction with the coaches and
       administrators. It would be beneficial to have everyone in the room receiving the same
       message. This may also have a positive effect in how the game is moving in the terms of
       governance. In the past officials were instructed to keep their distance from players and
       coaches off the ice. That philosophy seems to be moving in the other direction now and would
       be a positive toward improving relationships. The idea of combining our AGM with that of the

                                                   - 25 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

       branch has been brought forward again. An improvement in relationships along with reducing
       costs could be gained provided this was workable. As much as this would be a step forward, we
       are presently unable to see how to implement such a change without eliminating our AGM or
       asking our members to put in more time during that week in order to properly conduct our
       business. We are open to suggestions that would work providing our concerns can be
       addressed. Everyone would welcome one less weekend away in the summer.

   •   An officiating resource person to do much of the administration and assist with our various
       development programs. This should help greatly in reducing volunteer hours at both the zone
       and provincial level. That would free up time for volunteers to be more hands on or simply offer
       more time for family. Either way retention as well as recruitment would most likely benefit from
       this help. Setting up meetings, arranging clinics, assisting coordinators in their various programs
       are just a few areas where we would see benefits. There are a couple of branches that have
       gone in this direction and based on their feedback it appears a positive step. The
       implementation of this person would require an increased cost in member registration, however
       it is not a significant increase and we have been able to not increase our fees for the last sixteen
       years. A person situated in the branch office would also allow for more availability to resources.

   •   More use of technology. The Hockey Canada Registration, use of websites, on-line clinics, video
       clips of infractions and other e-learning are being piloted and in some cases implemented.
       Technology can bring an unrealistic cost as well as an erosion of competence and therefore
       these concerns need to be considered prior to implementation. A proper balance needs to be
       maintained. However, this type of training is being developed and is well under way. We need
       to explore what makes sense for us and our budgets at this point in time. Over the next couple of
       years, there will most likely be programs in place that address at levels of officials.

Some of the other areas that will require addressing or we will continue to strengthen for the upcoming

       •   The implementation of the new playing rules. There a few changes this upcoming season
           and our instructors will receive the necessary interpretation in order that our members and
           the rest of the hockey community receive them early in the season. There will also be a new
           rule book as well as case book to get familiar with.
       •   We will be looking to increase officiating opportunities to our grass roots officials. This can be
           accomplished through exchange programs in and out of the zones and branch.
       •   Work in conjunction with the branch staff and future resource person through our program
           coordinators in order to build our core strength. We presently have coordinators that take
           care of leadership, level 4/5 camps, specialty camps such as the Alberta Cup and
           development Camp, female officiating and supervision.
       •   Continue providing supervisors for events such as provincials and league competitions.
       •   Build strength in our female officiating program. We are working with the Midget Female
           AAA League in order to provide a consistent product for their hockey as well as open
           development opportunities.
       •   Raise our profile. We can use avenues such as websites, officiating information booths at
           competitions and the Branch AGM, provincial tournaments, mini-clinics and possibly a
           traveling road show to LMHA’s.

                                                   - 26 -
                                 June 13-15, 2008

Being that we deal with all leagues, associations and councils and that we are involved in every game
played, it is essential that we are viewed at the same level in terms of acceptance and competence.

In order to make an improvement in our major concerns of retention and recruitment and maintain our
level of competence and acceptance, it is imperative that we get the support of not only our members
but also that of the LMHA’s, leagues, parents and the various councils.

If everyone can agree that our common goal is to improve the game and we all work toward
achieving that goal it isn’t important who receives the credit.

Wally Popik
RIC Hockey Alberta

                                           JUNIOR A REPORT

The Alberta Junior Hockey League embarked on its 44th season in 2007-2008. The AJHL Regular Season
Schedule consisted of 16 teams playing an unbalanced schedule of 62 games apiece. The AJHL
attracted over 415,000 fans in 2007-2008, an impressive 9% increase from the 2006-2007 regular season.

The Fort Saskatchewan Traders were relocated to St. Albert as the St. Albert Steel for the 2007-2008 AJHL
Season. St. Albert has been without an AJHL franchise since the Saints were moved to Spruce Grove in

Bob Clark resigned as Chairman of the Board for the Alberta Junior Hockey League at the completion
of the 2006-2007 season. Mr. Greg Wood, former Governor of the 2007 League Champion Camrose
Kodiaks, was elected the new Chairman of the Board.

The Alberta Junior Hockey League officially released its new branding statement ‘Excellence Awaits’ in
2008. To launch the campaign, an ‘Excellence Awaits’ video featuring AJHL Alumnus Mark Messier was
created and can be viewed at The new brand is designed to spotlight the unique values
of the AJHL in a clear and compelling way and will also serve as the foundation for promoting the AJHL
to current and future student-athletes. ‘Excellence Awaits’ reflects the opportunities available within the
AJHL and is intended to inspire athletes in their pursuit of excellence and future goals.

The AJHL brand reflects a unique path to excellence, whether it be athletic or academic, and this
campaign was designed to encapsulate everything that the brand stands for and reinforces the
commitment to providing every opportunity for AJHL athletes to succeed. ‘Excellence Awaits’ is more
than simply a statement or a slogan; it is a motivating value that AJHL student-athletes can live by. The
new brand identity will be the platform that we will use to assert our leadership and presence in Junior
hockey in Alberta and across North America.

The Alberta Junior Hockey League introduced the addition of a Showcase Tournament in 2007. The
Inaugural AJHL Showcase Weekend attracted over 80 NHL, major junior, College and University scouts.
The event was determined a success and will continue to provide maximum exposure for our athletes.

                                                   - 27 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

The 2007-2008 season has been filled with highlights and successes for current AJHL players and Alumni.
Eight AJHL players were amongst Team Canada West, which captured a second-consecutive gold
medal at the World Junior A Challenge in November under Camrose Kodiaks Head Coach Boris
Rybalka. Three AJHL prospects have been ranked by Central Scouting for the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.
Camrose forward Joe Colborne leads the way as the 30th ranked North American skater with the
potential to be selected in the first round.

Over 210 AJHL Alumni competed on College and University teams at Post-Secondary Institutes across
North America in 2007-2008. AJHL Graduates have captured the 2008 University Cup, 2008 ACAC Men’s
Hockey Championship Title and the Western Collegiate Hockey Association 2007/08 NCAA
Championship while pursuing a post-secondary education this season. To date, over 50 current Alberta
Junior Hockey League players have committed to a College or University for the 2008-2009 season and
The Alberta Junior Hockey League in conjunction with the Friends of Alberta Junior Hockey Society
awarded 42 scholarships, totaling over $60,000 at the 2007-2008 Annual AJHL Scholarship Banquet. The
recipients received cheques ranging from $1,500 to $2,000 for their academic efforts. The Friends of
Alberta Junior Hockey Society scholarship program has provided over $400,000 in scholarships since the
program began in the early 1980s.

AJHL Alumni continue to have success in the National Hockey League, including NHL stars such
Fernando Pisani, Wade Redden, Dany Heatley and Chris Phillips. AJHL Alumni continued to break into
the NHL this season, including Mason Raymond (Vancouver Canucks / Camrose Kodiaks) and Curtis
Glencross (Edmonton Oilers / Brooks Bandits). The number of AJHL Alumni competing in the NHL will
surely grow as Alumni continue to sign NHL contracts, including recent signings by the Philadelphia Flyers
(Jon Kalinski, Bonnyville Pontiacs) and the Columbus Blue Jackets (Nick Holden, Sherwood Park

The Alberta Junior Hockey League is proud to partner with Enerflex Systems Income Fund (Enerflex) as its
Championship Sponsor for the next five seasons. Starting in the 2007-08 Season the AJHL’s sixteen
member teams will battle for the honor to hoist the Enerflex Cup as AJHL Champion. The AJHL also
formed a new partnership with Reebok–CCM Hockey, the new official equipment supplier to the AJHL
starting with the 2007-2008 AJHL season. The partnership agreement between Reebok-CCM Hockey
and the AJHL is one that will build on player promotion and development.

The 2007-2008 AJHL champions were the Camrose Kodiaks. This marked the second consecutive
championship and 5th in the past nine seasons for the team. The Kodiaks went on to win the Doyle Cup
beating Penticton in 5 games to advance to the Royal Bank Cup held in Cornwall. After putting
together 5 straight wins, the Kodiaks had to settle for a silver medal at the Canadian Championship,
losing 1-0 to the Humbolt Bronco’s of the Saskatchewan Junior A Hockey League in the final.

Hockey Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL), have selected
Camrose as the host community for the 2008 World Junior A Challenge from November 2-9, 2008. All 13
games of the 2008 World Junior A Challenge will take place at EnCana Arena in the Edgeworth Centre,
home of the Alberta Junior Hockey League’s Camrose Kodiaks. It will mark the first time in the three-
year history of the event that the entire tournament will be played out of one venue.

                                                  - 28 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

The AJHL is working on furthering partnerships with Hockey Alberta. The Jamboree for novice players,
held in conjunction with Camrose, was very successful and it is anticipated that this event will be
executed in other markets in future years.

The Alberta Junior Hockey League and AJHL Board of Governors look forward to continuing a strong
relationship with Hockey Alberta, the Canadian Junior Hockey League and Hockey Canada in 2008-

Respectively submitted

Greg Wood
Chairman of the Board of the Alberta Junior Hockey League
Hockey Alberta Junior Council Chair

                                      DEVELOPMENT REPORT

The Hockey Development Committee has met twice this year to discuss the programs and services in
the Development area and the work of the various Sub committees. During these meetings we have
held several workshops on the Long Term Player Development, Hockey Summit, Female hockey
development and Regional Development centres. The Hockey Development Policy Committee has
met four times this year and continues to build and move the Development area forward at a policy

The following is an executive summary of the major work areas from May 1, 2007 until April 30, 2008.
There is a significant amount of activities, programs and services that our development group is
providing our membership at all levels.
Policy Committee
             - Meeting with Female Council in February to facilitate the communication process
                 between Councils and Committees and discuss moving female hockey forward in the
                 Province of Alberta.
             - Regional Centre in Zone 1 continues to be very busy and moving forward.
             - Continue to work on Business Plan development for Regional Center strategy that would
                 include finance model and overall vision.
             - Developed and reviewed HDC budget for 2008-09 for Executive Committee and Board
                 of Director review.
             - Continue Strategic Direction of Hockey Development Document (Technical Plan) in
                 conjunction with HDC Sub Committee's and Strategic Planning initiatives of Hockey
             - Continue work with Sledge Hockey group in developing the game in Alberta. Held a
                 summer camp in conjunction with the Male U16 camp and hosted the 4th Annual Sledge
                 Hockey tournament in Calgary. A Kitchener team attended and did very well and we
                 certainly appreciate them attending to help build the sport in Alberta.
             - Vice Chair attend National Fall council Meeting
             - Continue work on Technical Plan to have ready for spring meeting for Sub Committees to
                 review and update
             - Senior Manager attended Long Term Athlete Development conference in Ottawa as a
                 representative with the sport of hockey. Continued work and input on National working

                                                 - 29 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

Coaching Development Sub Committee
Clinic Information
            - Speak Out and Coach Level have been fully implemented throughout the province.
            - All levels of coaching clinics were implemented throughout the province. Over 1200
                Coach level attendees and 150 Dev I attendees.
            - In the process of reviewing and designing the Checking Skills Clinics resource material
                and looking into the possibility of combining its material with the Rules Emphasis
            - We Are Coaches Female coaches seminar was in conjunction with Hockey Alberta and
                Hockey Canada.
            - In May our 4th Annual Mentorship workshop was organized for the membership
                throughout Alberta.
            - The purpose of workshop was to educate the members and Coach Mentors as to what is
                recommended to implement Coach Mentorship within their Associations.
            - The Team Alberta Program mentorship ran with all male and female programs this past
            - The 2007-08 Leadership Seminar was successfully implemented in conjunction with the
                Zone Team Leadership Seminar this past August 24 & 25, 2007 in Red Deer, AB. Planning
                has begun on the 2008 version in which will combine the Officials, Coach Facilitators and
                Zone Team volunteers.
            - The Future Leaders Development Program (FLDP) has been completed. We have also
                booked our next one for May in Strathmore.
Mentorship Specialty Skills – Instructor Training
            - Hockey Calgary and Hockey Alberta hosted a mentorship training session on January 11-
            - Recruited nine female mentors and implemented a Female Instructors Mentorship
                Training during the U18 World’s Championship January 12 & 13, 2008.
High Performance I (HP1) Seminar
            - HP1 was hosted this past July 2007 in Camrose and was very successful. The seminar had
                speakers such as Mel Davidson, Ryan Walter, Rob Cookson, Dean McIntosh, and Ray
                Bennett. Hockey Alberta has qualified 36 coaches from across the province that are
                currently in the process of completing their post task.
Inline Hockey Sub Committee
            - Annual Planning Meeting was held in November and it was great way to wrap up the
                Inline season and plan for the upcoming year.
            - Once again Innisfail In Line will kick off the season with the King of the Rink tournament
            - Red Deer In Line will host the Battle on Wheels
            - Medicine Hat In Line will host the 11th Alberta NARCh Regional Championships
            - Sherwood Park In Line will host the 2008 HAIL Provincial Championships
            - Continental Cup was held by Northern Stars In Line
            - Sub Committee continues to meet on a regular basis and has targeted Lethbridge, Lloyd
                and Grande Prairie as potential sites for new leagues to form.

                                                 - 30 -
                                 June 13-15, 2008

Coaches Program
         - April/May 2008 will see the yearly one-day High Performance Seminar being hosted for
             Team Alberta and Summer Games coaches.
         - 6 coaches guided the 3 Alberta teams in the Canada West Cup program.
         - Colin Baustad from Calgary and Brent Walker of Innisfail lead Team Alberta to a bronze
             medal at the USA Hockey In Line Junior Festival.

Officials Program
             - April 4-5, 2008 will be the Referee In Chief’s and top official’s leadership seminar for the
                new year.
             - The Official Supervision program was administered at the club team tournaments
                throughout the season.
             - Alberta officials had several Elite Opportunities in 2007 with more to come in 2008, such
                as Alberta Summer Games.
                        Ø 1 Official attended USA Hockey In Line Junior Festival
                        Ø 6 Officials took part in the Canada West Cup
                        Ø 8 Officials called games in the 2007 National Championships

Alberta Summer Games
          - Medicine Hat will host the 2008 Alberta Summer Games.
          - The community has a strong in line hockey program and is a contributing member of
          - The Sport Technical Package has been confirmed
          - The Sport Facility has been approved.

Canada West Cup
        ­ Hockey Alberta held the 3rd Annual Canada West Cup
        ­ The program is the 2nd stage of the In Line Program of Excellence
        ­ The Identification camp had 80 athletes compete to represent Alberta.
        ­ The 3 Alberta teams faced BC & Manitoba All-star teams
        ­ Alberta teams finished 1st, 3rd and 4th in the 5 team competition
        ­ The competition was held on July 20-22, 2007 in Sherwood Park.

Provincial Team Program
            - For the 6th year Team Alberta participated in the USA Hockey In Line Junior Festival in
               Colorado Springs, Colorado June 13 – 18, 2007. The USA Inline association will be taking a
               one year break from hosting the event; therefore we are planning a Canadian National
               Event to take place around the National Club team championship.
            - Team Alberta Identification Camp was held in Red Deer June 1-3, 2007
            - Team Alberta finished in 3rd place losing the semi final game in overtime.
               4 American Zone All-Star teams, Team British Columbia and Team Ontario competed in
               the event.
            - The competition was scouted by NCAA schools

National In Line Hockey Association – Canada (NIHA)
            - In 2008 NIHA – Canada will send a team to compete in the IIHF World Men’s In Line
                Hockey Championship
            - Process to have an NCCP Coach Certification program is ongoing
            - The association has hired their 1st full time staff person to work on several initiatives in
                developing the sport

                                                    - 31 -
                                  June 13-15, 2008

             -   Membership continues to grow. A group in Quebec has approached NIHA in becoming
                 an Affiliate Member for 2008

Officials Development Sub Committee

Development Camp
        - The Development Camp was held in Camrose again this summer. It is held in
            conjunction with the Male U16 Provincial camp.

Level 4/5/6 Clinics
           - Two Level 4/5 Clinics were held this year. The first was August 25/26 in Calgary and was
                organized by Ross Wiley. It was attended by 22 participants. The second clinic was
                October 6/7 in Vermillion with 36 participants.

Level 1 to 3 Clinics
            - One day clinics were offered this year and it will be reviewed to see if it will continue.
                Around 225 clinics were hosted this year.

Supervision Program
           - All zones continue to run a Supervision seminar and a Provincial seminar was held at the
               Mac’s Midget Tournament.

High Performance Opportunities
           - Each year we subsidize travel for selected officials to attend events to assist in their
              development through supervision and exposure to a high level of competition. 16
              males and 5 females traveled to the Mac’s Tournament and two officials were on an
              exchange program with the ODHA. We also one official attend the Junior challenge.

Alberta Cup
          -      This program runs in March and April each year. It consists of Zone camps followed by
                 the provincial Camp. It is our entry level for identifying officials for our Development

             -   This program is now up and running in most of our Zones. Support from LMHAs has been
                 growing and very positive.

Female Alberta Winter Games
              Officials Development Program went very well and was greatly appreciated by the
      host/coaches and players. Looking at building on the program and having this lead into the u16
      female Provincial Camp.

                                                    - 32 -
                               June 13-15, 2008

Player Development Sub Committee
    • Chevy Safe & Fun
          o Program remained the same this year
          o 9 events are complete and 1 currently booked
                § Whitecourt
                § Rocky
                § Drumheller
                § High River
                § High Level
                § Grande Prairie
                § Brooks
                § Camrose
                § Eckville
                § Strathmore (May)
          o Close to 500 players participated in the Program this season.

   •   Esso Fun Days
           o Program remained the same for this year
           o Hockey Canada enables us to run 4 Province Wide
           o Ran 4 events:
                  § Okotoks
                  § Spruce Grove
                  § Grande Cache
                  § Red Deer
           o Around 100 girls participated in the Program this season.

   •   Pee Wee Skills Challenge
          o Recruited “Elite” teams to run the Zone Finals in each area again.
          o Ran 9 Zones:
                 § Zone 1 – Peace River                   Dec. 16        GP Storm (AJHL)
                 § Zone 2 – Bonnyville                    Nov. 25        Bonnyville Pontiacs (AJHL)
                 § Zone 3 – Drayton Valley                Dec. 1         DV Thunder (AJHL)
                 § Zone 4 – Millet                        Dec. 9         No Team
                 § Zone 5 – Lethbridge                    Jan. 13        Lethbridge Hurricanes (WHL)
                 § Zone 6 – Sundre                        Nov. 24        U of C Dinos (CIS)
                 § Zone 7 – Camrose                       Dec. 16        Camrose Kodiaks (AJHL)
                 § Zone 8 – Edmonton                      Dec. 2         U of A Bears (CIS)
                 § Zone 9 – Calgary                       Dec. 15        Calgary Canucks (AJHL)
          o Had 402 players participate in the program this season.
          o Calgary Flames partnered with us to run the Provincial Final again (Jan. 20)
          o 105 players in attendance at the Provincial Final with 16 players moved on to the Flames
             Super Skills
          o 3 players (1 goalie, 1 forward, 1 defense) are heading to Quebec to compete in the
             International Skills Challenge in May.
                 § Dillon Heatherington (Calgary)
                 § Caitlyn Fyten (Sundre)
                 § Christopher Hartman (Drayton Valley)

                                                - 33 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

Play SMART Jamboree
          o Was year 2 of our agreement with the AJHL
          o Ran 6 events
          o Host sites were:
                § Spruce Grove (Sept. 15)
                § Hussar (Nov. 24)
                § Strathcona (Jan. 26)
                § Edmonton (Dec. 2)
                § Edmonton (Dec. 9)
                § Red Deer (Feb. 18)
          o Around 400 participants were involved in the program this year.
          o Around 350 parents also attended.

   •   Skills Academies
            o 2007-2008 saw 33 Academies operating on 16 licenses.
            o Had a total of 1036 players participating in the Program.

   •   Hockey Canada Skills Camps
          o Assisted with Hockey Canada Skills Camps that were booked for MHA’s.
          o Recruited and trained a few new instructors.

Provincial Team Sub Committee

Team Alberta (Male): World U17 Challenge
         - Team Pacific finished 4th for the second time in a row at the World Under 17 Hockey
              Challenge. Alberta and BC combine to make up Team Pacific and this process is
              undergoing a review to see if changes can be made at improving the program.

Team Alberta (Female): National U18 Women’s Hockey Championship
         - Identified top 20 players in July. Team then participated in a Japan exchange, spending
              10 days touring the province of Hokkaido and playing 4 games.
         - Team departed for Kitchener, Ont Nov 4 and had a couple practice days in Kitchener
              before starting the national challenge on the 7th.
         - The team won 2 games and lost 2 games; we were tied for 2nd place in our pool but
              then lost out in the tie breaking formula which bumped us to the 7th-8th game. Our
              team was well prepared and ready for the game as they beat Ont Blue 3-2.

Alberta Cup:
               Lloydminster, AB hosted this year’s Alberta Cup (April 24-27, 2008).
               Coaches selected.
           -   Player registration has begun and will close on February 29. 950 players registered for the

Alberta Winter Games:
           - This year’s program was open for female players born 1993-1996. Zone Camps seen
               almost 800 athletes try out for the program. This is the highest number to date.
           - The Games were in Leduc, February 14-17th, 2008 .
           - The top 80 athletes from the Games will be invited to a Provincial Camp in July. The top
               coaches will also be invited to be apart of the U16 program as well.

                                                  - 34 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

Arctic Winter Games:
               2008 Competition was held in Yellowknife, NT March 9-15, 2008
               Junior Female Selection Camp – Dec. 7-9, 2007 High Prairie, AB
               Bantam Male Selection Camp – Jan. 11-13, 2008 Valleyview
               Males won gold and Females won Bronze.

Goaltender Camps
             Operated two camps this past year. 80 goaltenders attended the weekend sessions
             which combined on ice and off ice sessions.
             Very well received and will continue this year.

Trainers Development Sub Committee

Alberta Cup & Alberta Winter Games:
          - Trainers selected for each team at the events through an application process.

High Performance Trainers (U17 / U18):
           - Trainers selected for both programs through the development program.

Hockey Canada Safety Program:
         - The Safety Committee has reviewed it’s partnership with the St. John Ambulance and we
            will continue to work together in partnership.
         - Implementing Level 2 certification in Alberta this season.
         - Over 1200 clinic attendees

Speakout Program:
          - Hockey Alberta has begun providing the new NCCP Coach / Speakout clinics in all
             zones, each zone will still host some separate Speakout clinics but all NCCP Coach clinics
             will have the Speakout component attached.
          - 900 clinic attendees

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Hockey Development Committee members for
their dedication and time spent in trying to make this a better game for all our participants. The HDC
committee members for the 2007-2008 season were: Wayne Curry Director, Jerrold Lemko Vice Chair,
Janet Schwesinger Zone 8 Rep, Mike Scheidl, Chair Coaching Committee, Kevin Sharp, Chair Inline
Committee, Dave Ganley, Chair Referees Committee, Russell Jemieff, Chair Player Development
Committee, Janis Entem, Provincial Team Committee, Ray Boudreau, Chair Trainers Committee and Kirk
Reynolds, Zone 9 Rep. Derek Descoteau, HCRC –West.
As well I would like to thank the Hockey Development staff for all their assistance this past year.
I would also thank the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation for their ongoing
contribution to hockey development in the province of Alberta.
This has been my first year with the Development Committee and it has been a very positive
experience. I certainly appreciate all the volunteers and the staff time in moving the area of hockey
development forward in this Province. The amount of people involved and the hours they put in are
certainly nothing short of extraordinary and for that I thank you.
Respectfully submitted
Annie Orton, Vice President Development

                                                 - 35 -
                              June 13-15, 2008

                                       MATCH PENALTY REPORT

                               Match Penalties on Officials By Zone

        Month          Sept      Oct      Nov       Dec       Jan     Feb    Mar    Apr    TOTAL
                       2007      2007     2007      2007      2008    2008   2008   2008    2008
CENTRAL                 0         3        0         0         0       0      1      0       4

NORTH                   0          1       2          0        2       2      1      0      8

NORTH CENTRAL           0          1       1          1        0       1      1      0      0

NORTH EAST              0          1       0          2        0       2      2      0      0

PEACE                   0          0       0          1        0       1      0      0      0

SOUTH                   0          0       0          1        1       3      2      1      8

OUT OF PROVINCE         0          0       0          0        0       0      0      0      0

TOTAL                   0          6       3          5        3       9      7      1      34

                  Breakdown by Penalty/Zone

          Zones        71 A       71 B   71 C    Reduced     TOTAL
                       07/08     07/08   07/08    07/08      07/08

CENTRAL                 2          2       0          1        5

NORTH                   4          1       2          0        7

NORTH CENTRAL           1          2       3          0        6

NORTH EAST              3          3       1          0        7

PEACE                   1          0       0          0        1

SOUTH                   1          5       2          0        8

OUT OF PROVINCE          0         0       0          0         0
TOTAL                   12        13       8          1        34

                                                 - 36 -
                                 June 13-15, 2008

                                            APPEALS REPORT

  Date        Name        vs.          Name                      Rule                    Decision
30/07       Association   vs    Boundary Resolution       Boundary Dispute    Denied
21/07       Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Player Movement     Approved
28/07       Player        vs    Boyle MHA                 Player Release      Approved - Release granted
28/07       Player        vs    Boyle MHA                 Player Release      Approved - Release granted
Oct 1/07    Player        vs    Taber MHA                 Player Release      Approved - Release granted
Oct 12/07   Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Player Movement     Approved
Oct 19/07   Player        vs    Camrose MHA               Player Release      Denied
Oct 22/07   Coach         vs    Hockey Alberta            Coach Suspension    Appeal not heard
Oct 22/07   Player        vs    Vegreville MHA            Player Release      Denied
                                                                              Approved - Able to play in
Oct 29/07   Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Residency Ruling    Hythe
Nov 5/07    Player        vs    Bonnyville MHA            Player Release      No longer wants release
Nov 5/07    Player        vs    Plamondon MHA             Player Release      Denied
                                                                              Approved - Able to play in
Nov 5/07    Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Player Release      Vauxhall
Nov 8/07    Coach         vs    Hockey Alberta            Coach Suspension    Denied
Nov 8/07    Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   Denied
13/07       Coach         vs    Hockey Alberta            Coach Suspension    Denied
Nov 9/07    Player        vs    Hockey Calgary            Player Suspension   Denied
Dec 3/07    Coach         vs    Hockey Alberta            Coach Suspension    Approved
Jan 3/08    Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Player Release      Denied
                                                          Overage Player
Jan 9/08    Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Procedure           Denied
Jan 18/08   Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Player Release      Approved
Jan 20/08   Association   vs    Hockey Alberta            Provincials         Approved
Jan 21/08   Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Abuse of Official   Appeal Not Heard
Jan 21/08   Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Affiliation         Denied
Jan 30/08   Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   Denied
Feb 6/08    Coach         vs    Hockey Alberta            Coach Suspension    Reduced to 5 games
10//08      Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   Denied
Feb 20/08   Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   Appeal Not Heard
Feb 21/08   Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Affiliation         Denied
                                                                              Reduced to 3
Feb 27/08   Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   games/already served
                                                                              Served 10 games before
Feb 27/08   Player        vs    Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   hearing
Feb 2/08    Player        vs    Battle River League       Player Suspension   Approved

                                                 - 37 -
                                 June 13-15, 2008

Mar 3/08    Player      vs   Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   Denied
Mar 8/08    Player      Vs   Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   Appeal Not Heard
                                                                           Reduced to rest of playing
Mar 6/08    Player      vs   Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   season
18/08       Coach       vs   Hockey Alberta            Coach Suspension    Denied
Apr 7/08    Player      vs   Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   Refused
Apr 25/08   Player      vs   Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   Denied
May26/08    Player      vs   Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension   Refused
open        Player      vs   Hockey Alberta            Player Suspension

                                              - 38 -
                                June 13-15, 2008


The GCM Committee met twice this past season. Mike Olesen and myself attended a Hockey
Canada Risk, Conduct and Safety Management Committee meeting in Toronto on February 29 and
March 1st. Representatives from Hockey Canada and representatives from every Branch attended and
discussed a number of matters including the aging status and shortage of hockey facilities across
Canada, cyber bullying, Speak Out and coaches' training, Cancelling of games due to weather,
concussions, Criminal Record Checks and prospective fitness testing for officials.

Hockey Alberta reported that its GCM Committee had utilized some programs and initiatives to
educate its members in the areas of risk management, safety, insurance and Play SMART. The ongoing
annual initiatives included the Source for Sport Play SMART program (which continues to be Hockey
Alberta's umbrella for all of its safety, conduct and risk management initiatives. Play SMART Pete
continues as our Mascot and attended several events where he is always well received by the program
participants--the players love him. Play SMART Jamborees were held in various locations across
Alberta. Many players received the on ice skill sessions and their parents enjoyed off ice presentations
respecting officials, equipment fitting, etc..Many children participated in the Play SMART Guide and
Activity Book contest which highlights that the messages behind Play SMART are being favourably
received. The GCM Committee will continue to review and update the Manual to ensure that it
remains both current and effective. Hockey Alberta's newly updated Game and Conduct
Management Manual (available on both the website and on disc) was issued and has proven to be a
great tool for our members. Finally, as a result of the Minor Hockey Summit held at the 2007 AGM of
Hockey Alberta, the GCM Committee of Hockey Alberta will be reviewing the results and developing
programming and messaging for our members to ensure that each LMHA and club team has every tool
necessary to continue operating as viable and effective organizations.

The main workshop at the HC Risk, Conduct and safety Management Committee
considered whether coaches should wear helmets during on ice activities due to the risks of injury
posed when not wearing a helmet. In anticipation of our attendance at that meeting, the Committee
discussed its views of this issue and the history behind this initiative. Following that meeting and our
report to the GCM Committee, The GCM Committee again met to discuss what recommendation if
any, it would make to the Board of Directors. After much discussion, a favourable recommendation
was made to the Board. Coincidentally, on the very night of the workshop in Toronto, an e-mail was
received from the wife of an assistant coach in Calgary. Her husband had sustained a serious head
injury when he fell during a practice, without a helmet, and struck his head. She was at the hospital with
him at the time. The Board of Directors passed a motion at its monthly meeting in April that Hockey
Alberta recommended to its members that CSA approved helmets be worn by all team personnel
during all on ice activities.

Ray Boudreau and myself, co-chairs of the GCM Committee would like to extend our thanks and
appreciation to Mike Olesen and the members of the GCM Committee for their able assistance and
participation this past season. Unfortunately, we will be losing one long time member of the Committee
going into next season, Pat Elliott. Special thanks to Pat for the common sense, continuity, and
experience he brought to the table: Pat, your loss will be keenly felt!

                                                  - 39 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

GCM Committee Meetings have already been tentatively scheduled for the next season. The
Committee looks forward to the upcoming hockey season and has high on its agenda the results of the
Minor Hockey Summit and what it can do to develop programs and messages for our member LMHAs
and club teams.

Thanks again to all the members of the Committee for their able assistance and guidance of me, in my
first year as Chair. I am humbled by the knowledge and experience you each bring to the table, and I
thank you for the opportunity to have worked, and to continue working with you, on the GCM

Frances Zinger
HA GCM Committee


I would like to thank the Elite Development Committee members for their participation and input to the
Alberta Development Model. The committee consisted of experienced hockey people who brought a
solid hockey background with them to the meetings.

The members were Rob Virgil, Neil Robertson, Bob Olynyk, Greg Wood, Marv Seibel, Jim Racette, Craig
Sather, Lori Silkie, Ken Moore, Doug Petruk, Bob Bruyer, Brian McNaughton and Brad Robbins as staff

With this being the first year of implementation for the Alberta Development Model, the committee
focused on operational items, clarifications, etc. to insure the model continued to evolve. The
committee met a total of five times and completed the following:

Communication Model
Developed a communication model which will serve as a vehicle for the Elite teams and the LMHA’s to
receive and provide feedback to the Board of Directors. It will assist in insuring that the needs of both
groups are being met and that the ADM is striving for continuous improvement.

Player Movement
The player movement process got off to a slow start and has been reviewed. Based on what was
learned in the past season, improved processes and forms have been developed to simplify and
expedite player movement when it is required.

Boundary Adjustments
Feedback on the LMHA draw zone assignments was solicited and a few minor changes were made to
improve the draw zones.

                                                  - 40 -
                                 June 13-15, 2008

The priorities for next season are:

    •   Continue to review and update the ADM based on actions and recommendations from this
        season so it continues to improve.
    •   Improve communications with players, LMHA’s and teams to enhance the communication of
        the ADM.
    •   Develop a handbook for administrators, players and parents in the elite stream.
    •   Ensure that Elite Draw Zones are meeting accordingly and facilitated by the committee through
        agenda development.
    •   Development of a standardized set of bylaws to be used by elite leagues.
    •   Develop recommendations for the Midget Minor AAA league makeup.

Thank you.
Rob Virgil
Chair, Elite Development Committee

                                                - 41 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

                              NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT
                                      ***As of May 27, 2008***

        Zone 1               Wayne Curry                1 year to serve
        Zone 2               Randy Hupka                                         Seeking Election
        Zone 3                 Lori Silkie              1 year to serve
        Zone 4              Graham Parson                                        Seeking Election
        Zone 5            Cheryl Gudmundson             1 year to serve
        Zone 6               Larry Watkins                                     Seeking Re-Election
        Zone 7              Frances Zinger              1 year to serve
        Zone 8               Paul Schmidt               1 Year to serve
        Zone 8                 VACANT
        Zone 9                Ken Moore                                          Seeking Election
        Zone 9                Ken Morris                                         Seeking Election
       President            Terry Ledingham                                    Seeking Re-Election
   Vice President             Annie Orton                                      Seeking Re-Election
   Vice President               Rob Virgil                                     Seeking Re-Election
Chief Financial Officer    Jerry Van Someren                                 Seeking Re-Appointment
         Minor                  VACANT
        SENIOR                Alan Fedorus                                     Seeking Re-Election
                               Kim Marsh                                        Seeking Election
       Referee                 Wally Popik                                    Appointed by Council
       Junior A               Greg Wood                                        Appointed by AJHL
     Junior B & C               VACANT
       Female                David Peterson                                    Seeking Re-Election

*As per Hockey Alberta Bylaw 9.02 (d) further nominations may by made fourteen (14) days before the
                                    date of the Annual Meeting.

                                               - 42 -
                 June 13-15, 2008

                 REGISTRATION REPORT

          2007-2008 REGISTRATION SUMMARY

     Division        Teams Male Female
College/University     17        248   192       440
Senior AAA              8        249     0       249
Senior (Other)         43       1264     0      1264
Senior Fem AAA          3         0     59        59
Senior Fem (Other)     81         0    1618     1618
Adult Recreation      25         644    128      772
Junior A               16        536     0       536
Junior (Other)         79       2276     0      2276
Midget                570       8359   1315     9674
Bantam                549       7870   1152     9022
Pee Wee               641       8974   1144    10118
Atom                  663       9063   953     10016
Novice                658       8629   801      9430
Initiation            600       7561   828      8389
Pond                   35       1140   250      1390
Sledge                  8         78     0        78
        TOTALS                                65,331

                            - 43 -
                                 Players                                                             Players                                                                   Players

                 19                                                                    19                                                                       19
                    91                                                                    91                                                                      91


                 19 199                                                                19 -1 9                                                                  19 199
                    92 2                                                                  92 9                                                                    92 2
                       -                                                                                                                                             -
                 19 199                                                                19 -1 9 2                                                                19 199
                    93 3                                                                  93 93                                                                   93 3
                       -                                                               19 -1 9                                                                  19 -199
                 19 199
                    94 4                                                                  94 94                                                                    94 4
                       -                                                               19 -1 9                                                                       -
                 19 199                                                                                                                                         19 199
                    95 5                                                                  95 95                                                                    95 5
                       -                                                               19 -1 9                                                                       -
                 19 199                                                                                                                                         19 199
                    96 6                                                                  9 9                                                                      96 6
                       -                                                               19 6-1 6                                                                      -
                 19 199                                                                   97 99                                                                 19 199
                    97 7                                                                                                                                           97 7
                       -                                                               19 -1 9 7                                                                     -
                 19 199                                                                   98 98                                                                 19 199
                    98 8                                                                                                                                           98 8
                       -                                                               19 -1 9                                                                       -
                 19 199                                                                   99 99                                                                 19 199
                    99 9                                                                                                                                           99 9
                       -                                                               20 -2 0
                 20 200                                                                   00 00                                                                 20 -200
                    00 0                                                                                                                                           00 0
                       -                                                               20 -2 0                                                                       -
                 20 200                                                                   0 0                                                                   20 200


- 44 -
                    01 1                                                                                                                                           01 1

                       -                                                               20 1-2 1                                                                      -
                 20 200                                                                   02 00                                                                 20 200
                    02 2                                                                                                                                           02 2
                       -                                                               20 -2 0 2                                                                     -
                 20 200                                                                   03 03                                                                 20 200
                    03 3                                                                                                                                           03 3
                                                                                                                                                                                         Total Playe r Re gis tration

                       -                                                               20 -2 0                                                                       -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    June 13-15, 2008

                 20 200                                                                   04 04                                                                 20 200

                                           Total Player Registration (M ale)
                    04 4
                                                                                                               Total Minor Re gis tration (Fe m ale )

                                                                                                                                                                   04 4
                       -                                                               20 -2 0
                 20 200                                                                   05 05                                                                 20 -200
                    05 5                                                                                                                                          05 5
                       -                                                               20 -2 0                                                                       -
                 20 200                                                                   06 06                                                                 20 200
                    06 6                                                                                                                                          06 6
                                                                                       20 -2 0
                 20 200                                                                   07 07                                                                      -
                                                                                                                                                                20 200
                    07 7                                                                    -2                                                                    07 7
                       -2                                                                      00                                                                    -2
                         00                                                                      8                                                                     00
                            8                                                                                                                                             8
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        HOCKEY ALBERTA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                               June 13-15, 2008

                                2007-2008 CERTIFICATION CLINICS SUMMARY

                   ZONE 1                                                   ZONE 2
    Program       Clinics       New Participants                Program    Clinics       New Participants
Intro to Coach              4                  42        Intro to Coach              3                  54
Coach Level                 8                 143        Coach Level                 7                 169
Development I               1                  14        Development I               2                  19
Development II              0                      0     Development II              0                      0
Checking Skills             4                  58        Checking Skills             4                  32
Safety                  10                    113        Safety                      6                  98
Speak Out                   4                  49        Speak Out                   5                  63
Total                   31                    419        Total                   27                    435

                   ZONE 3                                                   ZONE 4
    Program       Clinics       New Participants                Program    Clinics       New Participants
Intro to Coach              2                  17        Intro to Coach              6                 106
Coach Level                 5                  87        Coach Level             13                    241
Development I               0                      0     Development I               2                  18
Development II              0                      0     Development II              0                      0
Checking Skills             4                  51        Checking Skills             3                  37
Safety                      6                  67        Safety                  13                    183
Speak Out                   1                  24        Speak Out                   8                 104
Total                   18                    246        Total                   45                    689

                   ZONE 5                                                   ZONE 6
    Program       Clinics       New Participants                Program    Clinics       New Participants
Intro to Coach              4                  60        Intro to Coach              9                  85
Coach Level                 6                  94        Coach Level                 6                  74
Development I               0                  14        Development I               0                      0
Development II              0                      0     Development II              0                      0
Checking Skills             2                  27        Checking Skills             4                  40
Safety                      5                  78        Safety                  11                    150
Speak Out                   2                  77        Speak Out                   8                  76
Total                   19                    350        Total                   38                    425

                                                       - 45 -
                               June 13-15, 2008

                   ZONE 7                                                   ZONE 8
    Program       Clinics       New Participants                Program    Clinics       New Participants
Intro to Coach              3                  70        Intro to Coach              5                  97
Coach Level                 8                 181        Coach Level                 8                 178
Development I               0                      0     Development I               2                  27
Development II              0                      0     Development II              0                      0
Checking Skills             3                  42        Checking Skills             2                  34
Safety                      8                 121        Safety                      9                 158
Speak Out                   6                  65        Speak Out                   2                  43
Total                   28                    479        Total                   28                    537

                   ZONE 9
    Program       Clinics       New Participants
Intro to Coach              2                 117
Coach Level                 5                 386
Development I               2                  85
Development II              0                      0
Checking Skills             3                 176
Safety                      6                 387
Speak Out                   4                 381
Total                   22                   1532

                                                       - 46 -
              June 13-15, 2008

Minor Council Meeting Package

                  - 47 -
                                 June 13-15, 2008

                                       MINOR COUNCIL MEETING
                                         Saturday June 9, 2007
                                         8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
                                     SANTANO ROOM, CAPRI HOTEL
1.0    Call to Order/Welcome                                         G. Hira

2.0    Introduction of Head Table                                    G. Hira

3.0    Minor Council Voting Procedure                                R. Virgil

4.0    Agenda                                                        G. Hira
       4.1  Approval

5.0    Minutes of June 2007 Minor Annual General Meeting             G. Hira
       5.1    Errors or Omissions
       5.2    Approval
       5.3    Business Arising From Minutes
              • Provincial Categorization by Division Model Update   K. Vreeling

6.0    Minor Council Report                                          G. Hira

7.0    Alberta Development Model                                     R. Virgil

8.0    Atom 4 on 4                                                   G. Hira

9.0    Dodge Caravan Kids Sponsorship                                B. Robbins

10.0   Aboriginal Committee Report                                   T. Carter

11.0   Hockey Canada AGM Report                                      G. Hira

12.0   2009 Provincial Tournament Dates *Attached                    J. Erkelens

13.0   Helmets on Coaches                                            F. Zinger

14.0   Election of Minor Council Chairperson                         R. Virgil

15.0   Adjournment                                                   G. Hira

                                               - 48 -
                               June 13-15, 2008

                                 MINOR COUNCIL VOTING STRUCTURE

Voting procedures at Minor Council meeting of the Annual General Meeting shall be granted to
delegates from Minor Hockey Associations that have met the qualifications as provided in Bylaw 4.06.2
as follows:

                               Have had a Hockey Team(s) registered with Hockey Alberta in the year
                               immediately preceding the said meeting which were involved in active

                              Pay the Annual Membership Due payable for the forthcoming year if the
                              meeting is an Annual Meeting;

                              Be in good standing with Hockey Alberta;

                              Have its Member’s Representative’s credentials signed by the Credential’s

                              Be present in person or have its Representative present at the meeting;

                                                 - 49 -
            June 13-15, 2008

 2008-2009 Provincial Championship Dates

 Division/Category     Date

 Midget AA             March 19-22, 2009
 Midget A              March 19-22, 2009
 Midget B              March 19-22, 2009
 Midget C              March 19-22, 2009
 Midget D              March 19-22, 2009

 Bantam AA             March 13-16, 2009
 Bantam A              March 13-16, 2009
 Bantam B              March 13-16, 2009
 Bantam C              March 13-16, 2009
 Bantam D              March 13-16, 2009

 Pee Wee AA            March 19-22, 2009
 Pee Wee A             March 19-22, 2009
 Pee Wee B             March 19-22, 2009
 Pee Wee C             March 19-22, 2009
 Pee Wee D             March 19-22, 2009

 Atom AA               March 13-16, 2009
 Atom A                March 13-16, 2009
 Atom B                March 13-16, 2009
 Atom C                March 13-16, 2009
 Atom D                March 13-16, 2009

                     - 50 -
               June 13-15, 2008

Female Council Meeting Package

                   - 51 -
                         June 13-15, 2008

1.0   Call to Order                                     P. Schmidt
      1.1     Review of Voting Procedures
      1.2     Roll call of delegates

2.0   Agenda                                            D. Peterson
      2.1  Additions/Deletions
      2.2  Approval of Agenda

3.0   Minutes from 2007 AGM Female Council Meeting      D. Peterson
      3.1    Errors or Omissions
      3.2    Approval

4.0   Council Reports
      4.1  Minor                                        Minor Reps
      4.2  Senior                                       Senior Reps

5.0   2008 Championship Updates
      5.1   2008 Provincial Championships               Minor/Senior Reps
      5.2   2008 Western Canadian Shield                L. Fulton/M. Wasylynchuk
      5.3   2008 Western Midget Championship            D. Peterson
      5.4   2008 Esso Women’s National Championship     D. Peterson
      5.5   IIHF U18 Championship                       D. Peterson
      5.6   2009 Provincial Dates
      5.7   Western Canadian Shield – 2009
      5.8   Female Midget National Championship -2009

6.0   League Reports
      6.1   NAFHA
      6.2   SAWHA
      6.3   PCFHL
      6.4   ACAC/CIS
      6.5   WWHL
      6.6   AMMFHL
      6.7   G.H.C.
      6.8   E.G.H.A.
      6.9   Other

7.0   Notices of Motion                                 P. Schmidt

8.0   Female Development Update                         B. Marsh

9.0   Regulation Changes

      9.1      Minor Regulations
               - Atom Provincials
               - Bantam AAA

                                            - 52 -
                           June 13-15, 2008

        9.2      Senior Regulations
                 - Junior Female Provincials
                 - Senior Female Recreational Registration
        9.3      Provincials

10.0    New Business

        10.1     2008 Hockey Canada AGM Update               D. Peterson
        10.2     Referee’s Report
        10.3     Registration System – 2009                  M. Olesen
        10.4     HC Sports Academy’s                         D. Peterson

11.0   Female Council Elections
        11.1    Chairperson
        11.2    Senior Provincial Representative – North
        11.3    Senior Provincial Representative - South
        11.3    Minor Provincial Representative – North
        11.4    Minor Provincial Representative – South

12.0    Adjournment

                                            - 53 -
                               June 13-15, 2008

                         FEMALE COUNCIL VOTING STRUCTURE
Voting privileges at the Female Council Meeting of the Annual General Meeting shall be granted to
delegates that:

                              Each Senior Female team is entitled to one (1) vote;

                              Each Female hockey league is entitled to two (2) votes;

                              Each Minor Hockey Association is entitled to two (2) votes;

                              Hockey Alberta Board of Director assigned to Female Council is entitled to
                              one (1) vote;

                              Hockey Alberta Minor Female Representatives are entitled to one (1) vote

                              Hockey Alberta Senior Female Representative is entitled to one (1) vote;

                              Hockey Alberta Female Council Chairperson is entitled to one (1) vote;

                         All members must be in good standing with Hockey Alberta;

                                                 - 54 -
              June 13-15, 2008

Senior Council Meeting Package

                  - 55 -
                              June 13-15, 2008


1.0   Call to Order                                                           A. Fedorus

2.0   Identify Voting Delegates – See Attached Voting Structure               L. Watkins

3.0   Agenda                                                                  A. Fedorus
      3.1  Additions/Deletions
      3.2  Approval

4.0   Minutes of June 2007 Annual General Meeting                             A. Fedorus
      4.1    Errors or Omissions
      4.2    Approval
      4.3    Business Arising from the Minutes

5.0   Senior Council Chair Report                                             A. Fedorus

6.0   Hockey Canada AGM Update                                                A. Fedorus
      6.1   2008-2009 Rules Emphasis
      6.2   Recreation Hockey Promotion

7.0   Senior Rules and Regulations                                                  A. Fedorus
      7.1     Senior AAA Declaration                                                Chinook League
      7.2     October 15th: Deadline for ordering of Team Registration
      7.3     November 15th:
              - Deadline for teams to be properly registered with Hockey Alberta. (On November 15th
                or first league game, whichever is first.
              - Deadline for notice of intent to host provincials.
      7.4     December 15th: Affiliation Deadline.
      7.5      December 31st: Senior A/B Provincials notice of intent filing deadline.
      7.6     January 10th: 25 Man Cut Down deadline.
      7.7     February 10th: 25 Man Cut Down deadline.
              - Player Transfer filing deadline
              - Return to amateur status deadline
              - Final date to register any player

8.0   Hockey Alberta Notices of Motion                                        L. Watkins

9.0   Senior “A” and “B” Provincials                                          A. Fedorus
      9.1     Recap of Provincials 2008
      9.2     Hosting Applications (North of HWY 16) – Deadline Nov 15th
      9.3     Provincial Playoff Format: Possible Amendment
      9.4     Aggressor/Instigator Rule: Possible Amendment
      9.5     2008-2009 Provincial Dates

                                               - 56 -
                               June 13-15, 2008

10.0   Senior “AAA” (Allan Cup)                                   A. Fedorus
       10.1    Recap of 2008 Provincials
       10.2    2008 Allan Cup Recap
       10.3    2009 “AAA” Playdown Format and Seeding
       10.4    2009 Mackenzie Cup Playoff Format (AB Host)
       10.5    2009 Allan Cup: Branford Ont.
               a)      April 13-18 Stienback MB
               b)      TSN
               c)      Quebec hosting 2010
               d)      BC Hosting 2011 Allan Cup: Fort St. John

11.0   League President Reports                                   All
       11.1  North Peace
       11.2  Battle River
       11.3  North Central
       11.4  Sask-Alta
       11.5  Chinook
       11.6  Ranchland
       11.7  ACAC

12.0   Election of Chairperson                                    L. Watkins

13.0   Adjournment

                                                  - 57 -
                               June 13-15, 2008

                                SENIOR COUNCIL VOTING STRUCTURE

Voting procedures at Senior Council meeting of the Annual General Meeting shall be granted to
delegates from Senior Hockey Teams and Leagues that have met the qualifications as follows:

                              Each Senior Hockey team that participated in the
                              Current season shall be allowed one (1) vote;

                              Each League that operated in the current season shall be allowed two (2)

                              Be in good standing with Hockey Alberta;

                              Be present in person or have its Representative present at the meeting;

                              Senior Council Chair shall have one (1) vote;

                             Chinook League                    Representative             2 votes
                             Saskalta League                   Representative             2 votes
                             North Central League              Representative             2 votes
                             Ranchlands League                 Representative             2 votes
                             North Peace League                Representative             2 votes
                             Battle River League               Representative             2 votes
                             All other Clubs                   Representative             1 vote/club

                                                 - 58 -
                             June 13-15, 2008

Regulation Review Process Issues                      ISSUE #: 08-00-71
Submitted by:     Senior Council                        Zone:              N/A
Association:      N/A
Regulation:             10.2 Provincial Play Procedure

      10.2.1 Hockey Alberta will conduct competitions in the Senior Division for the
             following Categories and recognizes that all Provincial competitions are
             for the purpose of determine the Championship member in any category.

            a)    Senior “AAA” – this category is open to all Teams that have
                  registered Senior “AAA”, filed both their notice of intent to
                  participate and bond payment of $1500.00 by June 1st.

                  Teams wishing to participate in Senior “AAA” competition must
                  have participated in either Senior AAA or “A/B” Provincials in the
                  previous year prior to being eligible for Senior “AAA” Competition in
                  the current season and also be playing in a registered senior


      10.2.2 Hockey Alberta will conduct competitions in the Senior Division for the
             following Categories and recognizes that all Provincial competitions are
             for the purpose of determine the Championship member in any category.

            b)    Senior “AAA” – this category is open to all Teams that have
                  registered Senior “AAA”, filed both their notice of intent to
                  participate and bond payment of $1500.00 by October 1st.

                  Teams wishing to participate in Senior “AAA” competition must
                  have participated in either Senior AAA or “A/B” Provincials in the
                  previous year prior to being eligible for Senior “AAA” Competition in
                  the current season.

“So that when the senior leagues prepare their schedule for the coming season will be
able to allow leagues to their own play-offs.”

                                         - 59 -
                             June 13-15, 2008

Regulation Review Process Issues                         ISSUE #: 08-00-72

Submitted by:      Senior Council                        Zone:              N/A
Association:       N/A
Regulation:              10.2 Provincial Play Procedure

10.2.3 Senior Hockey Teams wishing to register for the Provincials must complete a
       Senior Provincial Notice of Intent to Participate form and submit the necessary
       bond payment as set out below to the Hockey Alberta Office.

      Bond Payments for Senior Hockey shall be as follows:
           a)   “AAA $1500.00 due June 1st


10.2.4 Senior Hockey Teams wishing to register for the Provincials must complete a
       Senior Provincial Notice of Intent to Participate form and submit the necessary
       bond payment as set out below to the Hockey Alberta Office.

      Bond Payments for Senior Hockey shall be as follows:
           b)   “AAA $1500.00 due October 1st

“to be current with regulation change 10.2.1”

                                          - 60 -
                June 13-15, 2008

Junior “B” Council Meeting Package

                    - 61 -
                                June 13-15, 2008

                                          Junior B Council
                                            - AGENDA-
1.0    Call to Order                                         R. Zablocki

2.0    Roll Call and Voting Structure                        R. Zablocki

3.0    Agenda                                                R. Zablocki
       3.1  Additions/Deletions
       3.2  Approval

4.0    Minutes from Junior “B” Council Meeting – 2007        R. Zablocki
       4.1    Errors/Omissions
       4.2    Approval
       4.3    Business Arising

5.0    Junior “B” Reports
       5.1     Junior “B” Chair                              R. Zablocki
       5.2     League Presidents
                       a. Calgary
                       b. Heritage
                       c. Capital
                       d. Northwest
                       e. Northeast

6.0    Junior “B” Provincials Report
       6.1     2008 Three Hills                              G. Arnusch
       6.2     2009 Cold Lake                                A. Rawlake

7.0    Referee Report                                        TBD

8.0    2009 Western Canadian Championships Report            R. Zablocki
       8.1   Site – Thunder Bay, ONT
       8.2   Date – April 18th to 20th, 2008

9.0    Hockey Alberta Update                                 TBD

10.0   Hockey Canada Update                                  R. Zablocki

11.0   New Business                                          R. Zablocki
       11.1 Junior Overage Policy                            Lacombe Wranglers

12.0   Notices of Motion                                     R. Zablocki

13.0   Election of Junior B Chairperson                      TBD

14.0   Adjournment                                           R. Zablocki

                                                - 62 -
                               June 13-15, 2008

                          JUNIOR “B” COUNCIL VOTING STRUCTURE

Voting privileges at the Junior “B” Council Meeting of the Annual General Meeting shall be granted to
delegates that:

                               Have had a Hockey Team(s) registered with Hockey Alberta in the year
                               immediately preceding the said meeting which were involved in active
                               competition. Each team qualifying above will be entitled to one (1) vote;

                               Each Junior “B” league shall have one (1) vote per league.

                               All Representative’s must be present in person or have its Representative’s
                               present at the meeting;

                               Are in good standing with Hockey Alberta;

                                                  - 63 -
                              June 13-15, 2008

                   Lacombe Wranglers Junior Overage Proposal

A.    Existing Teams

      The overage player(s) must have been registered and played with that Junior "B" team as a
      twenty (20) year old after January 10 and did not play more than five (5) games with Junior "A"
      after January 10. Each team is allowed a maximum of 5 over aged players including affiliates
      carded at one time. Conversely, only 4 over aged players may participate in any sanctioned
      match at any given time.

B.    Returning Junior "B" Teams (after one (1) year leave of absence)

      May sign an overage player provided that:

      1.     a.        The potential overage player registered and played with a Hockey Alberta
                       Junior "B" team after January 10 and did not play more than five (5)
                       games with a Junior "A" team after January 10. The previous Junior "B" team has
                       the right of refusal on the playing rights of the player.

             b.        The potential overage player must provide written confirmation from the
                       previous team that he has completed all commitments to the previous
                       team, i.e. refilm of equipment, fees, dues or time allocated to fundraising,

      2.     The potential overage player had previously registered in that community as a
             Junior "B" player.

C.    New Junior "B" Teams

      May sign an overage player provided that:

      1.     a.        The potential overage player registered and played with a Hockey Alberta
                       Junior "B" team after January 1 0 and did not play more than five (5) games with
                       Junior "A" team after January 10. The previous Junior "B" team has the right of
                       refusal on the playing rights of the player.

             b.        The potential overage player must provide written confirmation from the
                       previous team that he has completed all commitments to the previous
                       team, i.e. return of equipment, fees, dues or time. allocated to fundraising,

D.    Players Returning From a Leave of Absence

      A 21 year old who has had a leave of absence from Junior "B" hockey is eligible to register with
      the last Junior "B" club that he was registered with providing he did not play any organized
      (Professional, Collegiate, International, etc.) hockey in their years of absence. The Junior “B”
      Chairperson is authorized to rule on these special cases in consultation with the League

                                                   - 64 -
            June 13-15, 2008

 Annual General Meeting

                - 65 -
                             June 13-15, 2008

                               HOCKEY ALBERTA
                           ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                             Sunday June 15, 2008
                       MONACO/VENECIAN Room, Capri Hotel

                                        – AGENDA –

                                      As per Bylaw 4.02

1.0   Welcome and Opening Remarks                          T. Ledingham
2.0   Roll Call of Member Delegates                        R. Litwinski

3.0   Introductions of Directors and Life Members          T. Ledingham
4.0   Presentation of 2007 AGM Minutes                     T. Ledingham
5.0   Business Arising from Minutes                        T. Ledingham
6.0   Reports                                              T. Ledingham
         a)   President
         b)   Vice President - Development
         c)   Vice President – Operations
         d)   Other
7.0   Announcements                                        T. Ledingham
8.0   Reporting of Audited Financial Statements            J. Van
9.0   Appointment of Auditor                               J. Van
10.0 Notices of Motion                                     D. Squire
11.0 Elections                                             T. Engen
12.0 Directors Honorariums                                 T. Engen
                                                           L. Silkie
13.0 Awards Presentations
14.0 New Business                                          T. Ledingham
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15.0 Adjournment                                           T. Ledingham

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            June 13-15, 2008

       2008-2009 Fees

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                              HOCKEY ALBERTA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                          June 13-15, 2008

                                                             APPENDIX “A”
                                               REGISTRATION & INSURANCE FEES 2008-2009
  Division/                                           Team                  Per Participant                     TOTAL
                  Category                       Registration Fee                Fee                    At time of Registration

  Senior (Male)
                    AAA                                $330                         $31.00                  $1539.00 +   GST
          AAA (Rule Supplement)                       *$3330                        $14.85                  $3909.15 +   GST
                    A&B                                $180                         $31.00                  $1389.00 +   GST
          A & B (Rule Supplement)                     *$3180                        $14.85                  $3759.15 +   GST

  Senior (Female)
        Carded (AAA, AA ,A, B)                          $90                         *$31.00                 $989.00 + GST
             Team Sheeted                               $50                         *$31.00                 $825.00 + GST

            A (Rule Supplement)                       *$3760                        $14.85                  $4502.50 + GST
                      B                               *$1364                        $31.00                  $2449.00 + GST
                      C                                *$605                        $31.00                  $1504.00 + GST

                 Midget                                 $80                         *$31.00                     $80.00
                 Bantam                                 $70                         *$31.00                     $70.00
                Pee Wee                                 $60                         *$31.00                     $60.00
                  Atom                                  $40                         *$31.00                     $40.00
            Minor Team Sheet                            $32                         *$31.00                     $32.00
      (includes Novice & Initiation)

                  Level 1-3                              $3                         *$31.00                  $34.00 + GST
                  Level 4-6                              $3                         *$36.00                  $39.00+ GST

  Pond Hockey                                           N/A                         *$36.00                     $36.00

  Sledge Hockey                                          N/A                          *$36.00                       $36.00
                                                 * Fees include Medical/Dental Coverage
Optional Medical/Dental Insurance is offered to Senior Male Divisions playing without the Rule Supplement at the following rates, should
Teams in these Div/Cats not purchase this optional coverage then they have no access to medical/dental insurance through HC:
           Senior (All)
                 w/full facemask          $ 370.00
                 w/half shield                                $1,245.00
           Adult Recreational
                 Half shield/Full facemask                    $ 261.00
  Junior and Senior Teams will be required to purchase Provincial Team status. Teams not having used all the player allotments
  received will be eligible for a refund. Some Divisions will be eligible to purchase additional player allotments ($31.00 + GST) up to
  the maximum eligible for that Division, as per Hockey Canada Regulations.

  Minor Hockey Associations will be given Teams in the Registry by the Zone Registrars as requested and
  invoiced by Hockey Alberta the appropriate team fees. Hockey Alberta will invoice/refund MHA’s for the per participant fee
  based on the following schedule:

  August 15th – invoice MHA for 100% of participants from previous season.
  February 15th - reconcile August 15th invoice to actual participants for current season

                                                                 - 68 -
                                 June 13-15, 2008

                                   REFEREE RATES 2008-2009 Season
Category                           Max. League        Rate Split         Playoff        Rate Split

CIAU (Male)                             TBD                 TBD           TBD              TBD
CIAU (Female)                           TBD                 TBD           TBD              TBD

ACAC (Male)                             TBD                 TBD           TBD              TBD
ACAC (Female)                           TBD                 TBD           TBD              TBD

Senior Male (AAA)                       160               72-44-44        170           76-47-47
Senior Male                             145               65-40-40        155           69-43-43
Senior Female                           110               50-30-30        120           54-33-33

AJHL                                    TBD                 TBD           TBD             TBD
Junior B                                150               68-41-41        160           72-44-44
Junior C                                120               54-33-33        130           58-36-36

Midget AAA                              140               64-38-38        150           68-41-41
Midget AA                               105               47-29-29        115           51-32-32
Midget A                                100               46-27-27        110           50-30-30
Midget B, C & D                         100               46-27-27        110           50-30-30
Midget Female                            85               39-23-23         95           43-26-26

Bantam AAA                              100               46-27-27        110           50-30-30
Bantam AA                                90               40-25-25        100           46-27-27
Bantam A                                 85               39-23-23         95           43-26-26
Bantam B, C & D                          75               33-21-21         85           39-23-23
Bantam Female                            75               33-21-21         85           39-23-23

Pee Wee                                  75               33-21-21         85           39-23-23

Atom                                     58               26-16-16         63           29-17-17

Novice                                   45               21-12-12         50           22-14-14

Recreational (2 officials)               90                45-45          100             50-50
Over 1.5 Hours                          100                50-50          110             55-55
Kilometer Rate:        As per Hockey Alberta Regulations @ .35/Km.
Travel time:         Negotiable to a maximum of $5.00 per 100 km per passenger. Includes return time.
                     First 100 kilometers free.
                        Travel Time: = (total kilometer - 100) 100 x Rate (per passenger)
Late or Early Games: Games scheduled to conclude after 12:00 midnight and starting before 7:00 a.m.
                    (Negotiable to $5:00 per official).
Tournaments:         Rates for all tournaments except Provincial tournaments are to be negotiated with
                     to applicable Referee Council Zone Chairperson or their designate. Playoff rates
                     are not be exceeded. Assigning fee may be charged.

                                 THESE RATES ARE NOT TO BE EXCEEDED

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            June 13-15, 2008


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            June 13-15, 2008


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            June 13-15, 2008


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            June 13-15, 2008


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            June 13-15, 2008


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