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									                                                       Curriculum vitae
Sukhvinder Singh
Gali no. – 7,
New Delhi, INDIA
Mob. No.- +919013701883, +919670929592,


        To seek challenges and to put forth best of my abilities, in turn gain quality experience and strive hard for
the growth of the organization.

Work Experience-

      Working as a Software Developer in Alliance infotech pvt. Ltd.
      Worked as Software Devloper in Buzzworks business service pvt ltd.
      Worked on a project on asterisk TALK2GOD.
      Worked as technical support engineer in Buzzworks business service pvt ltd
      Completed a project on IVR for JUSTDINE DUBAI.

     Completed R.H.C.E Certificate no.- 805010784545828
     Completed training on RH333(Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services).
     Completed PHP and MYSQL certificate from DUCAT noida.
     Completed 1 year certification of Hardware and Networking from Jetking in 2006.

Company Responsibilities :
Alliance Infotech Pvt Ltd(1,july,2011 to Present)
Software Developer-
     Working on different asterisk, voip, sip related projects.
     Working on PHPAgi.
     Working on Sangoma and digium cards and devices.
     Working on dialplans.
     Working on mysql database.

Buzzworks Business Service Pvt Ltd(1,april,2010 to 30,june,2011)
Software Developer-
     Installation , Troubleshooting, Administration and Upgrades to servers. Software Application.
     Solving queries related to mysql database.
     Providing training to support engineer.
     Solving queries related to asterisk server.
     Handling servers remotely.
     Working on asterisk dialplans.
     Shell scripting, cronjobs.
     Working on different asterisk related projects.

Buzzworks Business Service Pvt Ltd(9,sep,2009 to 31,march,2010)
Technical support engineer -
      Installation , Troubleshooting, Administration and Upgrades to all desktop and servers. Software Application.
       Monitoring server, uploading data, Performed Routine Backups.
       CentOS 5.5(Flexydial 1.2) server side and fedora 14 client side.
       Handling cables and installing switches, made CAT5 patch cable.
       Handling GSM channel bank, PRI card.
       Creating users and Apache server.
Technical Skills-
    Operating systems/ server: RHEL5.1, CentOS-5.5, fedora15, windows 98, 2000,xp,vista,windows7
    Telecom Exposure: Asterisk, VoIP, SIP, Predictive dialers (Vicidialnow 1.2), (Goautodial 2.1),
    Hardware/ special system: Computer Assembling, Trouble Shooting, Installation, Up-Gradation
and Maintenance.
      Programming Languages- PHP + Mysql, C, Shell Scripting.

Application Software-

       Ms-Office, Open Office, Internet, Anti-viruses.
       Networking / protocol - TCP/IP, IP, Telnet, FTP, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, NIS, POP3, voip,
       Servers- DNS, DHCP, APACHE, hands-on on Kerberos server, SAMBA server, Send-mail, Post-fix,
       Squirrel-mail Server, asterisk
       Knowledge of RAID.


       Worked part-time as a customer executive in eventure advertising's
       performing and handling events
       handling clients of the company

Professional Qualification-

       Pursuing M.C.A from Punjab Technical University (6th SEM).
       Completed B.C.A from integral university with 1st division in 2009.
       Completed 12th from C.B.S.E in 2005.
       Completed 10th from C.B.S.E in 2003.

Personal Details-
Father's name - Mr. Iqbal Singh.
Mother's name - Mrs. Gurdev Kaur.
Sex - Male.
Date Of Birth - 22/June/1987.
Marital Status - Single.
Language Known - English, Hindi & Punjabi.
Mailing Address - Singh medical store
Tikonia Road
Nighasan -Kheri
Pin no.-262903
Uttar Pradesh

(I hereby declare that the above mentioned details and information's are being true to best of my


                                                                                               (Sukhvinder Singh)

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