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					                                             Wine & Dine
               Item               Item No. Description                                               Open   Incr   Value

10 - $10 Gift Certificates        2501 WND   Use these gift certificates for any of the following:    35     10     100
                                             Beckham Grill, Diner on Main, Central Park, Shakers
                                             and Wild Thyme.

Electric Wine Opener              2502 WND   Want your cork to pop out easier? Use the handy          10     2      25
                                             dandy electric wine opener.

$40 Gift Certificate to Green     2503 WND   Dine out for lunch or dinner in style at one of          15     5      40
Street                                       Pasadena's favorite restaurants. Does not include
                                             gratuity. Expires 12/31/10.

Vintage Santa Clara Wine and      2504 WND   Here are your tickets to the 27th Annual Wine and        60     20     200
Food Festival for 4                          Food Festival at Santa Clara University on Sunday,
                                             September 12, 2010. All proceeds go to support the
                                             SCU Alumni Faculty Scholarship. A fun event for a
                                             worthy cause and one not to be missed!

Metal Drink Cart                  2505 WND   Delight your guests with this sleek metal beverage       40     10     119
                                             cart. Cart is both decorative and functional with 2
                                             shelves and it holds 3 standard wine bottles.

$100 Roy's Gift Card              2506 WND   Taste, savor, delight in the wonders of Hawaiian         30     10     100
                                             fusion cuisine with this certificate to Roy's.

$50 Starbucks Gift Card           2507 WND   It's Starbucks time - morning, noon and evening.         20     5      50

1 Case of Wine                    2508 WND   Celebrate those special moments with a case of this     250     50     750
                                             Chassagne-Montrachet 2004 white burgundy

6 Bottles of Wine                 2509 WND   Wines for all occasions: 4 bottles of Milbook Wine,      40     10     120
                                             and 2 bottles of Cross Lynn Wine. Cheers.

2 Magnums of Domain               2510 WND   Double your pleasure, double the fun with these         100     25     300
Chandon                                      wonderful California sparkling wines.

Kistler Wine                      2511 WND   Enjoy this Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2006. Must be         35     10     100

Dinner for 4 at Central Park      2512 WND   Dinner out - what could be dreamier.... dinner for 4     40     10     120
                                             at Central Park in Pasadena. Tip, tax and alcohol
                                             not included.

$45 Gift Certificate to Outback   2513 WND   Grab a bite mate, with this $45 gift certificate.        15     5      45

4 Dinners at El Portal            2514 WND   Enjoy 4 dinners at one of the best restaurants of        30     10     100
                                             Yucatan-Mexican cuisine in Pasadena, El Portal.
                                             Valid until 8/15/10. Alcohol, tax and gratuities are
                                             not included. Not valid on holidays or special El
                                             Portal events.

Case of Fritz Pinot Noir          2515 WND   Russian River Valley 2007 Pinot Noir for your            75     25     200
                                             special event.

Case of Cabernet                  2516 WND   A case of delicious Challis Lane Cabernet                35     10     110

Julienne at its Best              2517 WND   A basket of cooking delights! Begin with a Julienne      65     20     200
                                             cookbook, add truffle oils and peelings and enjoy
                                             shopping with a $60 gift certificate to Julienne.
French Bordeaux                    2518 WND   Chateau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac 1988. Savor            100   30   450
                                              the flavor!

La Fiesta Grande Dinner for 2      2519 WND   Come and enjoy a wonderful Mexican dinner for 2 at        15    5    40
                                              either La Fiesta Grande restaurant locations. Two
                                              margaritas included.

Buster Bucks                       2520 WND   $20 worth of Buster's gift certificates.                   5    2    20

Cooking Class for 6                2521 WND   Cooking class for you and 5 of your friends or family.    100   25   390
                                              Pick your favorite class - salads, pasta, soups,
                                              Mexican, etc. This is a really fun afternoon in a
                                              beautiful La Crescenta home. Eat, drink and be

Dinner for 4 at Gale's             2522 WND   Enjoy a wonderful night out at Gale's where you will      50    15   150
                                              feast on savory Northern Italian cuisine in a friendly
                                              atmosphere. $150 gift certificate. Alcohol and
                                              gratuity not included.

Bodega Wine Bar Gift               2523 WND   Sit and relax with your favorite wine(s) at your choice   25    10   75
Certificate                                   of Bodega Wine Bar locations - Santa Monica or
                                              Pasadena. Gratuity not included.

Italian Catholic Federation 108    2524 WND   Mangia!! If it's Italian, you know it's good and          35    10   100
Basket                                        plentiful. Enjoy all of the Italian flavors with family
                                              and friends.

$100 Gift Certificate to Buca di   2525 WND   Grab your closest friends and family and visit Buca       30    10   100
Beppo                                         for some wonderful family-style meals!

2 Bottles of Wine                  2526 WND   2007 Chateau Potensac Medoc and a 2006                    20    5    60
                                              Fonterutoli Chianti Classico for you to enjoy.

4 Bottles of Eagles Nest           2527 WND   This Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon are                 40    10   120
Vineyard Wines                                produced by Robert Mitchell in a small boutique
                                              winery in Murietta, California. The grapes are grown
                                              on a small 1.5 acre specialized vineyard. Both
                                              wines are completely dry with fully extracted flavors
                                              and sweet tannins.

2 Bottles of Clos La Chance        2528 WND   Clos La Chance is a family-owned winery adjacent          20    5    60
Central Coast Red Wine                        to Corde Valle Resort in San Martin, California.
                                              Enjoy the flavor of the 2005 Corde Valle Cuvee fine
                                              wine with family and friends.

2 Bottles of 2006 Willamette       2529 WND   A blend of the winemaker's favorite Willamette            20    5    60
Valley Pinot Noir - Roco                      Valley Pinot Vineyards including his own Wit's End
                                              Vineyard. A dark, smooth, full of rich berry flavors

$100 Gift Certificate to Sushi     2530 WND   Enjoy fine dining at any Sushi Roku, Boa                  35    10   100
Roku                                          Steakhouse or Katana Robata and Sushi Bar

Basket of Healthy Chocolate        2531 WND   Assortment of Xocai healthy chocolate products.           25    5    100
                                              Indulge without guilt!

In-N-Out Package                   2532 WND   Simply the best. Ten guest checks for any burger,         30    10   90
                                              fry and drink at any In-n-Out location. Wear 2 t-
                                              shirts (sizes L & XL), and 1 baseball cap. Now that's
                                              what a package is all about!

4 Bottles Cross Lynn               2533 WND   Be one of the first to taste the fruits of Cross Lynn     40    10   120
Vineyards                                     Vineyard's premier vintage. 2 Zinfandel and 2
                                              Chardonnay Paso Robles wines.
Lunch or Dinner for 2 at 561     2534 WND   Your meal will include either the regular or tasting      20     5     50
Restaurant                                  menu at 561 Restaurant of Le Cordon Bleu College
                                            of Culinary Art in Pasadena. Wine, alcohol, tax and
                                            gratuity not included.

Case of Caymus 2007              2535 WND   This Napa Valley wine is ripe and fleshy, with rich       400   100   1,240
Cabernet Sauvignon                          plum, wild berry, spice and savory herb notes that
                                            are complex, full bodied and expansive on the
                                            palate. 92 points - Wine Spectator.

Jack Daniels                     2536 WND   An American tradition. Straight up, before or after       15     5     45
                                            dinner, or, in the case of the younger set, just add
                                            coca cola!

Authentic Filipino Dinner for    2537 WND   Enjoy an authentic Filipino dinner for 20 in your         100   35    300
20                                          home. Meal includes lumpia (egg rolls), chicken
                                            adobo, pancit (noodles) streamed rice and leche
                                            flan. Delivery must be within 5 miles of Holy Family.

Rodney Strong Collection Gift    2538 WND   These fine Rodney Strong estate-bottled wines             45    10    135
Basket                                      include fruity and earthy Cabernet Sauvignon, crisp
                                            and creamy Chalk Hill Chardonnay and Spial Knotty
                                            Vines Zinfandel. A selection of cheeses, crackers,
                                            chocolate and more for an entertaining basket.

48 Bottles of Beer on the Wall   2539 WND   Custom made to order, brew master Mark Slattery,          45    10    100
                                            HF class of '98, will bottle 2 cases of beer in the
                                            style you prefer. Custom labels (your design) will
                                            make this beer a special party treat.

2 Bottles Eagles Nest            2540 WND   This Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon are                 20    5      60
Vineyard                                    produced by Robert Mitchell in a small boutique
                                            winery in Murietta, CA. The grapes are grown on a
                                            small 1.5 acre specialized vineyard. Both wines are
                                            completely dry with extracted flavors and sweet

Ruth Chris Restaurant            2541 WND   Can you hear the steaks sizzling? Enjoy and               35    10    100
                                            evening at one of the best steakhouses in town and
                                            beyond with the $100 gift certificate.

Egermann Ruby Red Czech          2542 WND   This Czech red stained glass decanter and 6 glass         50    15    250
Glass                                       set will make a statement at your next dinner party.
                                            Egermann glass company is famous for inventing
                                            the red staining glass technique.

Two Syrahs                       2543 WND   A 2005 Araujo Syrah and a 2005 Laser Meredith             50    10    160
                                            Syrah. Two outstanding Syrahs from the heart of the
                                            Napa Valley.

Personal Chef Dinner Service     2544 WND   Personal chef, Terry Madigan, will come to your           80    20    250
                                            home and prepare 5 dinners for your family of 4 in
                                            one cooking day. When you are ready, you simple
                                            heat the meals and your family enjoys wholesome
                                            hand cooked meals. Cost of groceries not included.
                                            Two week notice required. Valid within 20 miles of

Dream Dinners for Dreamers       2545 WND   Dream Dinners has pioneered a completely new way          25    10     75
                                            to put food on the table even if you don't know how
                                            to cook. It is truly unlike anything you've experience.
                                            This gift certificate is for new guests to come in and
                                            make their "menus sampler" (6 - dinners for 3).
Orin Swift Trio                    2546 WND   Enjoy a trio of great wines including "The Prisoner"       40    10    120
                                              2008, "Saldo" 2008 and "Papillion" 2006. These
                                              unique wines from an exceptional wine maker will
                                              thrill your senses.

West Coast Syrah Trio              2547 WND   Enjoy 3 bottles of Syrah. 2005 VaPiano Vineyards,          35    10    110
                                              Walla Walla Valley, WA, 2006 Domaine Serene
                                              Rockblock Reserve, Walla Walla Valley, 2007
                                              Foxen, Williamson-Dore Vineyard, Santa Ynez, CA.

Fine Dinning at the Ritz           2548 WND   Spend a romantic for 2 at the new Ritz Carlton in          200   50    725
                                              downtown LA. Start your luxurious experience with
                                              a work out and spa treatment. Enjoy wine for 2 in
                                              the Ritz Carlton bar and then move on to dinner at
                                              Wolfgang Puck's latest restaurant WP24. Wake up
                                              with breakfast for 2 and dream up excuses to tell
                                              your wife/husband where you have been. Certificate
                                              is valid from 7/14/10 - 2/01/11. Excludes holidays.
                                              Date to be selected by 6/01/10.

Cosmopolitan 101                   2549 WND   Everything you need and then some. This complete           50    10    145
                                              package will help you make fantastic cosmos.
                                              Include premium vodkas, and all of the accessories.
                                              Like is good!

2 Bottles of Wine for a Fine       2550 WND   Enjoy a bottle of Cakebread Chardonnay and a               40    10    120
Time                                          bottle of Duckhorn Merlot. Tasty wine that is sure to
                                              complement a tasty meal. Meal not included.

Happy Trails Catering and          2551 WND   Enjoy lunch for 4 in the beautiful garden of Happy         35    10    100
Garden Cafe Certificate                       trails Catering and Garden Cafe. Choose a time,
                                              Monday through Friday 11:00am-2:30pm and take
                                              some time to smell the roses while enjoying a great

The Counter Gift Certificate, T-   2552 WND   The Counter is the 21st century's answer to the            25     5     88
shirt and Hat                                 classic burger joint. With this $50 gift certificate you
                                              can choose among the many beers, unique wines,
                                              cocktails and of course, burger options that are only
                                              limited by your imagination. Includes t-shirt and hat.

Sub Zero Wine Refrigerator         2553 WND   Give your wine the undisturbed rest it deserves. Not       700   100   2,900
                                              a wine cooler. This is a guardian against the
                                              enemies of great wine. Features 2 individual
                                              storage zones sealed and digitally controlled for
                                              proper temperature. Stainless steel finish. It can
                                              also be incorporated as an under counter
2007 Scarecrow Cabernet            2554 WND   Perfect rating (100) from Robert Parker (wine              100   50    600
Sauvignon                                     advocate). The winery is owned by the family of Ray
                                              Bolger - the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz.

Martini Sophistication             2555 WND   The martini is the original sophisticated cocktail.        60    20    180
                                              They should only be enjoyed in style. Here you have
                                              everything necessary to prepare that perfect drink
                                              for your friends at your next cocktail party.

Simi Reserve 2002                  2556 WND   Cabernet Sauvignon 1500 liter. Donated by Briganti         40    10    125
                                              in South Pasadena. Drop in and have a fine Italian
Cabernet Dreams                  2557 WND   These are truly great wines, worthy of miracles and       60    20      185
                                            enjoying life. 2004 Silver Oak, Napa Valley
                                            Cabernet; 2007 Caymus, Napa Valley Cabernet;
                                            2005 Silver Oak, Alexander Valley Cabernet.

Gift Certificate to Il Fornaio   2558 WND   Lunch or dinner for 2 at Il Fornaio in Pasadena.          25     5       80
                                            Valid until 4/1/11. Mange! Pasadena location only;
                                            gratuity and alcohol not included.

Year of the Wine                 2559 WND   Enjoy a year of wine with one special bottle for each     90    30      275
                                            month. On a special occasion or just with a special
                                            someone. What a treat!

The Ultimate Tea Lover           2560 WND   If you love tea, this is the ultimate gift to yourself.   480   100    1,450
Package                                     This package includes an Everpure water
                                            purification and Instahot System. No more boiling or
                                            microwave. It is the greatest invention for tea lovers
                                            since the cup was designed. Installation not

Complete Mojito Basket           2561 WND   In this basket you will find everything to make the       40    10      120
                                            perfect Mojito for friends and family. A great
                                            refreshing drink for summer!

The Greatest (or Worst) Port     2562 WND   You have to dream a little here. This could be the        25    10    Priceless
of Your Life                                greatest Port wine you have ever had in your life. 2
                                            bottles of Port wine bottled in 1945 from the cellars
                                            of The Chronicle. The condition is unknown but it
                                            may be worth the chance. It could be priceless and
                                            the money goes to a good cause.

Golf & Dinner at Jack's Place    2563 WND   Spend the day golfing at the only Jack Nicklaus           125   40      475
                                            signature golf course, Dove Canyon Country Club, in
                                            Orange County. You and 2-3 of your friends can
                                            play a round and have lunch or dinner at the
                                            clubhouse. Includes a special bottle of port for the
                                            end of a great day. Passage available without
                                            member Tuesday through Thursday after 12 noon.
                                            Package available for threesome Tuesday through
                                            Friday before noon; Saturday and Sunday after

Cait's Cakes                     2564 WND   $100. gift certificate for Cait's Cakes where you can     30    10      100
                                            order themed cakes and cupcakes. You call, you
                                            order, they deliver.

Taste and Views of Italy         2565 WND   Enjoy lunch for 4 at delicious Italian restaurant,        60    20      190
                                            Celestino. Then go home and enjoy 2 bottles of
                                            Italian wines - Chianti Rufina and Pinot Grigio. All
                                            while looking through a Tuscany book.

Beers & Buddies with NFL         2566 WND   Superbowl V was decided on a last second kick by          80    25      255
Super Bowl Winner Jim                       Baltimore Colts rookie kicker, #80, Jim O'Brien.
O'Brien                                     Catch an NFL game at Matt Denny's Ale House with
                                            a $150 gift certificate and chat with Jim O'Brien
                                            about his Superbowl win and the NFL experience.
                                            Includes an autographed football and case.

Dining & Dodgers for 4           2567 WND   Be honest. do you really want a hot dog? Enjoy the        150   50      485
                                            Dodgers vs Angels on Sunday, June 13, 2010.
                                            Combine your outing with the bold & seductive
                                            flavors of the Latin world at Ciudad. It is a great
                                            outing for the sports fan with a love of food and
                                            drink. Tickets are field level, Section 28, Row R.
Personal Chef Dinner for 6    2568 WND   Personal Chef, Joanna Laggan Fox, will do all the        200   50   600
                                         shopping, prep, cooking and clean-up for a dinner
                                         party of up to 6. You just select the menu and enjoy
                                         your friends and a night of great dining. This
                                         package includes a sparkling, white and red for each
                                         course. Live the life of luxury for one night in your
                                         own home. Groceries included.

Disney for the Wine Lover     2569 WND   Does Mickey + Wine + Kids exist as a happy                0    0    405
                                         ending? It does in this experience. Spend the day
                                         with your family of 4 at the happiest place on earth
                                         and the night having a romantic kid-free dinner for 2
                                         at Napa Rose Restaurant at the Grand California.
                                         Parishioners Judy & Jeff Lucas have signed up for 2
                                         hours of baby sitting duty and will treat your kids to
                                         dinner around the corner while you relax and enjoy
                                         the wine and peace. Tickets not valid until 7/1/10
                                         and will be delivered to winner in June. Babysitting
                                         date to be mutually agreed upon.

Romance Under the Stars       2570 WND   Find romance under the stars at the California           50    20   160
                                         Philharmonic Festival on the Green at the L.A.
                                         Arboretum on Saturday, July 24, 2010. Relax on the
                                         lawn under the summer sky and enjoy champagne,
                                         cheese, wine and beautiful music. Heaven calling!
Homer's Dream Beer Cooler     2571 WND   Only Homer and you have a use for this beer cooler.      100   35   375
                                         This cooler is for people who love to have a party.
                                         We are also stocking it for your first one with an
                                         assortment of brews that will make you a hero to
                                         your friends. P.S. Only bid on this when your wife
                                         or husband isn't looking.

Dare We Dream of Wine for     2572 WND   Is Two Buck Chuck really worth $2.00? Challenge          35    10   100
$2.00!                                   wine snobs from afar and do a taste test with your
                                         friends. 2005 Silver Oak, Napa Valley Cabernet
                                         ($75.), 2006 Robert Hill, Cabernet Sauvignon, Two
                                         Buck Chuck, Cabernet Sauvignon ($2.). The results
                                         may surprise you!

A Night of Jazz and Premium   2573 WND   Enjoy a night out at Red White + Bluezz in                0    0    210
Wine                                     Pasadena with a $100. gift certificate. A bottle of
                                         Cakebread Cellars Cabernet (2006). Benchland
                                         Select will complete the evening.

High Society Pub Crawl        2574 WND   Remember your last college pub crawl? Try it again       130   45   400
                                         with style and fine wine. Package includes $100. gift
                                         certificates to Bodega Wine Bar, Vertical Wine Bar,
                                         Madeleine's Wine Bar and Red White + Bluezz
                                         Wine Bar & Grill. Wine not?

Just Dreaming About Justin    2575 WND   Justin Vineyards duo. You will enjoy a 2007              35    10   110
                                         Isosleces and 2005 Syrah Paso Robles.

Ultimate Margarita Blender    2576 WND   This summer will be unlike any other. Relax and          165   50   495
Package                                  amaze your friends with your new Viking stainless
                                         steel professional blender. This is the ultimate
                                         blending machine and with the premium tequila and
                                         mixes, you will have an experience that only Jimmy
                                         Buffet could dream.
Los Tacos Summer Party         2577 WND   Have a party for 20 of your best friends with all the   165   50   500
                                          food and drink included. Los Tacos will provide the
                                          appetizers, entrees and dessert! This package also
                                          includes drinks, cutlery and paper goods. Ole!!!
                                          Delivery not included; must be picked up.

Mijares for 10                 2578 WND   Enjoy lunch or dinner for 10 plus two pitchers of       80    20   250
                                          margaritas at the wonderful Mijares Mexican
                                          Restaurant. Expires May, 2012. Not valid during
                                          December. Does not include gratuity.

Dinner + Wine & Life is Fine   2579 WND   Enjoy a lovely evening for 4 at Pasadena's popular      140   45   425
                                          Cheval Blanc Bistro. Add to that 3 fine wines from
                                          the riboli Family Wine Estates to complement your
                                          meal: a Duval Leroy Vintage Brut 1996;
                                          Windstream Chardonnay "Sarmento Vineyard"
                                          Santa Lucia Highlands 2007; and Opaque Paso
                                          robles 2006 Petit Verdot. Expires 10/31/10. Does
                                          not include tax or gratuity. For wines, contact at
                                          least 1 week before dinner reservation.

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