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                11 


                       PRESENTED BY

               NOVEMBER 9-11, 2007

          Friday, November 9
            Palate Pleasers                   4
            Winemaker Dinners                 6

          Saturday, November 0
            Monterey Wine Country Tours      0
            Wine Country Open Houses         2
            The Wine Artisans                4
            Boutique & Hidden Gems           4
              Wine Tasting
            Winemaker Dinners                 6
            Wine Enthusiast’s Signature       8

          Sunday, November 
            The Grand Finale                  6

            83.375.9400 •
           PALATE PLEASERS                                The Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa                                                       Attire: Casual

                                                            Friday, November 9                                           9:30AM - 3:45PM                50

                                                            K       ick off the weekend with an incredible day that features three interactive seminars
                                                                    and one amazing lunch! Vintage and appellation tastings, as well as food and wine
                                                                    integration are the focus of this interactive event.

                                                            Seminar  - Location, Location, Location
                                                              9:30AM - :00AM
                                                              When talking about wine,it’s all about“place.”A vineyard’s
                                                              “sense of place” is a synthesis of geography, climate, soil,
                                                              and farming practices. These elements combine to create
                                                              characteristics that make the grapes and the wine from
                             Clay Conley
                                                              that locale unique. Taste nine representative wines from
                             Azul                             the nine American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) within
                             Mandarin Oriental
                             Miami, Florida
                                                              Monterey County.

                                                            Seminar 2 - Asian Food and Wine Pairings
                                                              :5AM - 2:30PM
                                                              Chef Clay Conley from Azul Restaurant in South Beach,
                                                              Florida will open your eyes and expand your palate with
                                                              this pairing seminar. While you might not typically
                                                              choose wine with your sushi, Chef Conley will show you
                                                              what your taste buds have been missing!

                                                                                                  Lunch - Around the World
                                                                                                  2:45PM - 2:00PM
                             James Waller
                             Executive Chef                                                       Celebrity Chefs Warren Schwartz and James Waller
                             Duck Club                                                            have traveled around the world and bring you the best
                             Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa
                             Monterey, California                                                 of their experiences in global cuisine. Not only will
                                                                                                  you get to taste their masterpieces in this luncheon
                                                                                                  and cooking demonstration, but you will also learn
                                                                                                  to make these culinary delights yourself. This four-
                                                                                                  course meal will be paired with an extensive sampling
                                                                                                  of Monterey County wines.

                                                                                                  Seminar 3 - Everyone’s Got the Bleus
                                                                                                  2:5PM - 3:45PM
                                                                                                  Not all wine seminars are alike and Master Sommelier
                                                                                                  Peter Granoff pairs up with cheese expert Kent Torrey
                             Warren Schwartz
                                                                                                  to bring you the absolute best in wine and bleu cheese
                             Executive Chef                                                       pairings. If you’re a fan of bleu cheese, or even a skeptic,
                                                                                                  you won’t want to miss this dynamic duo. You’ll walk
                             Santa Monica, California                                             away knowing why “Everyone’s Got the Bleus.”
~ Four ~                                                  FOR MORE INFORMATION & TICKETS, VISIT WWW.MONTEREYWINES.ORG OR CALL 831.375.9400            ~ Five ~
          WINEMAKER DINNERS   Monterey County Restaurants                                                        Attire: Elegant

                                Friday, November 9 & Saturday, November 0                  7:00PM                        95

                                M         eet the master behind the bottle at your choice of over 20 Winemaker Dinners,
                                          the highlight of Monterey County’s biggest wine weekend. The actual names
                                          on the labels – approachable, enthusiastic owners and winemakers – share
                                their stories as guests sip, sample and socialize. Vintages are paired with fabulous fare
                                from local celebrity chefs, also on hand.

                                  Anton & Michel · San Saba Vineyard
                                  Christopher’s · Marilyn Remark Wines
                                  Duck Club Grill · Blackstone Winery
                                  John Pisto’s Whaling Station · J. Lohr Vineyards
                                  Monterey Bay Aquarium · Parasio Vineyards
                                  Pacific’s Edge · McIntyre Vineyards
                                  Passionfish · Talbott Vineyards
                                  PortaBella · Kendall-Jackson        Saturday
                                  Rio Grill · Lockwood Vineyard          Anton & Michel · Carmel Road Winery
                                  The Covey · Ventana Vineyards          Il Fornaio · Château Christina
                                  Will’s Fargo · Wines of Carmel         Lugano Swiss Bistro · Hahn Estates/Smith & Hook
                                                                         Melange · Silver Mountain Vineyards
                                                                         Ferrantes Bay View · A Taste of Monterey*
                                                                         Montrio · De Tierra Vineyards
                                                                         Tarpy’s Roadhouse · Scheid Vineyards
                                                                         The Covey · Pelerin Wines
                                                                         The Forge in the Forest · Galante Vineyards
                                                                         TusCA Ristorante · Estancia
                                   * Figge Cellars, Ronan Cellars, Mission Trail Vineyards and Woodward Graff Winery

                                                    SHUTTLED PROGRESSIVE DINNER
                                   Friday, November 9                                     5:30PM or 7:30PM             65
                                   Feeling adventurous? Enjoy not just one, but two of the Peninsula’s top restaurants
                                   and three of its celebrated wineries in fine style as you are whisked from one location
                                   to the next in chauffeured transportation. The evening starts at the Cima Collina
                                   tasting room in Carmel, where you will be treated to an array of tasty hors d’ouvres
                                   and accompanying fine wines. Next, you’ll travel to the esteemed Grasings Coastal
                                   Cuisine for your delectable appetizers, salad and wines from Michaud Vineyard.
                                   Finally, end your evening at the impressive Carmel Chop House for your main
                                   course and desserts paired with wines from Pessagno Winery.

~ Six ~                       FOR MORE INFORMATION & TICKETS, VISIT WWW.MONTEREYWINES.ORG OR CALL 831.375.9400        ~ Seven ~
 WINE ENTHUSIAST’S SIGNATURE DINNER                       Bernardus Lodge                                                                    Attire: Elegant

                                                            Saturday, November 0                                       7:00PM                       250

                                                            J  oin chefs Cal Stamenov of Marinus Restaurant and Annie
                                                               Somerville of Greens, as they celebrate the abundant ingredients
                                                               of California. The evening’s menu will showcase Chef Somerville’s
                                                            unrivaled vegetarian cuisine and Chef Cal’s passion for local
                                                            seafood and naturally raised meats. Their shared respect for quality
                                                            ingredients and valued culinary relationships will create a menu
                                                            representing California’s elegant cuisine. Wine Enthusiast’s West
                                                            Coast Editor, Steve Heimoff, will be the host for the evening.Dinner
                                                            will be accented by award winning (90+ points by Wine Enthusiast’s
                                                            Magazine) Monterey County wines, including:

                                                            Bernardus Winery and Vineyard - 2002 Marinus
                              Cal Stamenov                    A bouquet of black cherry, plum and cedar box. Black cherry fruit
                              Executive Chef
                              Marinus                         is round and sweet with a peppery edge. Charred oak and mineral
                              Bernardus Lodge
                              Carmel Valley, California
                                                              nuances linger in the dry, youthful finish.

                                                            Chalone Vineyard - 2004 Pinot Noir
                                                              The wine is darkly colored and amazingly opulent, with fantastic fruit
                                                              intensity leaning toward red cherries and strawberries. Firm in body,
                                                              with big tannins, this wine has amazing texture and length of finish.

                                                            Mer Soleil Vineyard - 2003 Chardonnay
                                                             Initial aromas of the ripe apple/pear/grape combination inherent
                                                             in Chardonnay quickly evolve into rich scents of mango, pineapple,
                                                             lemon, butterscotch and subtle smoke. Explosive flavors—tropical
                                                             fruits and spices with a balancing layer of zesty citrus from the
                              Annie Somerville               midpalate on through to the extended finish.
                              Executive Chef
                              Fort Mason                    Talbott Vineyards - 2003 Diamond T Estate Cuvée Audrey
                              San Francisco, California
                                                              As Talbott’s tête de cuvée from Diamond T Estate, Cuvée Audrey
                                                              is the most rare and distinctive wine they offer. Lush and complex,
                                                              the 2003 vintage displays racy aromatics of white peaches, lemon
                                                              and blanched almonds. On the palate, the wine echoes these inviting
                                                              peach and lemon elements as it reveals a sophisticated.

                                                            The dinner will be held in Marinus Restaurant at Bernardus Lodge,
                                                            where guests can enjoy the striking 2-foot-wide stone fireplace,
                                                            spectacular mountain views and old world charm.

                              Steve Heimoff
                              West Coast Editor

~ Eight ~                                                                                                                                         ~ Nine ~
                              Wine Enthusiast Magazine
                                                          FOR MORE INFORMATION & TICKETS, VISIT WWW.MONTEREYWINES.ORG OR CALL 831.375.9400
     MONTEREY WINE COUNTRY TOURS   Monterey County Wineries                                                           Attire: Casual

                                     Saturday, November 0                                       9:00AM - 3:30PM              60

                                          ee where the region’s robust blends are born on Monterey Wine Country tours
                                          led by local wine experts. No need to fuss with maps or directions, thanks to
                                          transportation by luxury motor or mini coach. You’ll be welcomed with wine, food
                                     and entertainment at each stop, plus a complimentary copy of Wine Enthusiast and tasty
                                     gourmet treats from Trader Joe’s.

                                     Purchase of the tour includes admission into the Boutique and Hidden Gems Wine
                                     Tasting, featured on page 9.

                                     Carmel Valley Tour
                                       Tour # - Bernardus Vineyards & Winery · Château Julien Wine Estate · Château Sinnet ·
                                       Heller Estate Organic Vineyards · Morgan Winery

                                     Vineyard View Tours
                                       Set in scenic Steinbeck Wine Country, these tour
                                       options offer the opportunity to explore flourishing new
                                       wineries in the Arroyo Seco, Chalone, Salinas Valley and
                                       Santa Lucia Highlands regions and beyond.

                                        Tour #2 - Chalone Vineyard · Scheid Vineyards ·
                                        Ventana Vineyards / Meador Estate

                                        Tour #3 - Hahn Estates / Smith & Hook Winery · Paraiso
                                        Vineyards · Pessagno Winery · San Saba Vineyard

                                        Tour #4 - Blackstone Winery · Manzoni Estate Vineyard ·
                                        Marilyn Remark Wines

                                     Parking and Departure
                                       Tour check-in begins at 8:00AM and buses depart promptly at 9:00AM from the
                                       Monterey Marriott. Parking is available in the East and West garages in downtown
                                       Monterey. Tours return to the Monterey Marriott at approximately 3:00PM.

                                                                SNACKS PROVIDED BY:

~ Ten~                             FOR MORE INFORMATION & TICKETS, VISIT WWW.MONTEREYWINES.ORG OR CALL 831.375.9400       ~ Eleven ~
            WINE COUNTRY OPEN HOUSES   Monterey County Wineries                                                           Attire: Casual

                                         Saturday, November 0                                       :00AM - 4:00PM               40

                                         V    isit the tasting rooms of Monterey County at your own pace and experience the
                                              hospitality of the beautiful wine region. Monterey County wineries will open
                                              their doors with special tastings, hors d’oeuvres and music. Guests will receive a
                                         commemorative wine glass as a keepsake from their excursion.

                                         Wine Tasting maps are provided upon ticket purchase and can also be downloaded at

                                         The Wine Country Open Houses ticket includes admission to the Boutique and Hidden
                                         Gems Wine Tasting featured on page 9.

                                          A Taste of Monterey - Cannery Row
                                          Bargetto Winery
                                          Silver Mountain Vineyards
                                          Ventana Vineyards

                                           Cima Collina
                                           Galante Vineyards
                                           Morgan Winery

                                         Carmel Valley
                                           Bernardus Vineyards and Winery
                                           Château Julien Wine Estate
                                           Château Sinnet
                                           Heller Estate Organic Vineyards

                                         Salinas Valley
                                           A Taste of Monterey - Oldtown Salinas
                                           Blackstone Winery
                                           Chalone Vineyard
                                           Hahn Estates / Smith & Hook Winery
                                           Manzoni Estate Vineyard
                                                                                                              CHEESE PROVIDED BY:
                                           Marilyn Remark
                                           Paraiso Vineyards
                                           Pessagno Winery
                                           San Saba Vineyard
                                           Scheid Vineyards
~ Twelve~                              FOR MORE INFORMATION & TICKETS, VISIT WWW.MONTEREYWINES.ORG OR CALL 831.375.9400     ~ ieen ~
              THE WINE ARTISANS       Montrio Bistro                                                                     Attire: Casual

                                        Saturday, November 0                                       2:30PM - 3:00PM             70

                                                 ew artisan vintners are popping up everywhere on the Monterey County
                                                 map. Ultra-small production wineries, those that produce under 0,000 cases
                                                 annually, will share their passion and craft. This exclusive tasting panel will
                                        include the owners from Pelerin
                                        Wines,      Carmichael      Vintners,
                                        Michaud Winery and Pianetta
                                        Vineyards & Winery. Guests who
                                        attend the seminar receive early
                                        tasting access into the Boutique and
                                        Hidden Gems Wine Tasting at the
                                        Monterey Marriott.

BOUTIQUE & HIDDEN GEMS WINE TASTING   The Monterey Marriott                                                              Attire: Casual

                                        Saturday, November 0                                       3:00PM - 6:00PM              40

                                                                                          njoy wine tasting, food and live music
                                                                                          from over 5 wineries who don’t have
                                                                                          tasting rooms within Monterey County,
                                                                                   but who recognize the quality of grapes from
                                                                                   the region and label their award-winning wines
                                                                                   as Monterey County. This is an extraordinary
                                                                                   opportunity to taste wines from the hidden
                                                                                   treasures of the region.

~ Fourteen~                           FOR MORE INFORMATION & TICKETS, VISIT WWW.MONTEREYWINES.ORG OR CALL 831.375.9400      ~ Fieen ~
             THE GRAND FINALE                             Quail Lodge                                                                        Attire: Elegant

                                                            Sunday, November                                          2:00PM - 4:00PM              90

                                                            R      eserve your tickets to the hottest cooking demonstrations in town. Watch and
                                                                   delight in the culinary renderings of celebrity chefs Kris Morningstar of Blue
                                                                   Velvet in Los Angeles and Rick Moonen of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas paired with
                                                            exquisite Monterey County wines—a delicious way to wrap up the weekend. Meander
                                                            through Quail Lodge tasting the cuisine from over ten local Monterey restaurants and
                                                            pair them with your choice of Monterey County wines.

                                                            Participating Restaurants
                                                              Belgique Truffle Gateau · Bon Appetit Management
                                                              Company at the Monterey Bay Aquarium · Bubbly
                                                              Fish · Cantinetta Luca · Cielo · Contemperary
                                                              Catering · The Covey · Duck Club Grill · The Forge in
                                                              the Forest · Illy Café · Marinus · Sierra Mar

                                                                                        ACCOMODATIONS GUIDE
                                                               Please reference The Great Wine Escape Weekend when making your reservation
                                                               The Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa · Package 83.375.9400 · A la’ carte 83.646.700
                                                                 Great Wine Escape Package
                                                                   ,556 includes three nights accomodations (double occupancy) in an Ocean
                                                                   View Room, plus Palate Pleasers, Winemaker Dinner on Friday or Saturday,
                                Rick Moonen
                                Chef & Co-owner                    Monterey Wine Country Tour with Boutique and Hidden Gems Wine Tasting
                                RM Seafood
                                Mandalay Bay
                                                                   and the Grand Finale (excludes taxes and parking)
                                Las Vegas, Nevada                A la’ carte
                                                                  Deluxe Ocean View room with purchase of Great Wine Escape tickets - 325
                                                                  (excludes taxes and parking)
                                                                  Inland View room with purchase of Great Wine Escape tickets - 95
                                                                  (excludes taxes and parking)

                                                               Bernardus Lodge · 888.648.9463                 The Inns of Monterey · 800.554.5542
                                                                 345                                           279 Hotel Pacific
                                                                                                                309 Monterey Bay Inn
                                                               Monterey Marriott · 800.228.9290                 259-369 Spindrift Inn
                                                                67 Standard Room                              209 Victorian Inn
                                Kris Morningstar                207 Bay View Room
                                Blue Velvet
                                Los Angeles, California

~ Sixteen~                                                FOR MORE INFORMATION & TICKETS, VISIT WWW.MONTEREYWINES.ORG OR CALL 831.375.9400    ~ Seventeen ~
                            PARTICIPATING WINERIES                                                                                                       PURCHASE TICKETS
                                                                                                                                                 Order Tickets Online:
                                                              Wine      Monterey    Wine                 Boutique
                                     Palate    Winemaker   Enthusiast    Wine      Country
                                                                                                         & Hidden
                                                                                                                                            Phone: 83.375.9400 · Fax: 83.375.6 · Mail: use form below
                                    Pleasers    Dinners    Signature    Country     Open                Gems Wine
                                                                                             Artisans               Finale
                                                             Dinner      Tours     Houses                 Tasting

  Bargetto Winery                                                                    •                                •      EVENT                                                           QTY            PRICE      SUBTOTAL
  Bernardus Vineyards & Winery                                 •           •         •                                •
                                                                                                                             Palate Pleasers                                                _____          $50.00     __________
  Blackstone Winery                               •                        •         •                                •
  Carmel Road Winery                   •          •                                                        •          •      Winemaker Dinner Friday                                        _____           $95.00     __________
  Carmichael Vintners                                                                           •          •                 Shuttled Progressive Dinner                                    _____          $65.00     __________
  Chalone Vineyard                                             •           •         •
  Château Christina
                                                                                                                             Monterey Wine Country Tours                                    _____           $60.00     __________
                                                  •                                                                            Boutique & Hidden Gems Wine Tasting Included
  Château Julien Wine Estate                                               •         •                                •
  Château Sinnet                                                           •         •                                •      Wine Country Open Houses                                       _____           $40.00     __________
                                                                                                                               Boutique & Hidden Gems Wine Tasting Included
  Cima Collina                                    •                                  •                                •
  De Tierra Vineyards                             •                                                        •          •      Designated Driver                                              _____           $5.00     __________
  Estancia                                                                                                                     Boutique & Hidden Gems Reception Included
                                                  •                                                        •          •
  Figge Cellars                                   •                                                                          The Wine Artisans                                              _____           $70.00     __________
  Galante Vineyards                               •                                  •                                         Boutique & Hidden Gems Wine Tasting Included
  Hahn Estate / Smith & Hook           •          •                        •         •                                •      Boutique & Hidden Gems Wine Tasting                            _____           $40.00     __________
  Heller Estate Organic Vineyards      •                                   •         •                                •
  J. Lohr Vineyards and Wines
                                                                                                                             Winemaker Dinner Saturday                                      _____           $95.00     __________
                                       •          •                                                        •          •
  Jekel Vineyards                                                                                          •                 Wine Enthusiast’s Signature Dinner                             _____          $250.00     __________
  Kendall-Jackson Vineyards                       •                                                        •          •
                                                                                                                             The Grand Finale                                               _____           $90.00     __________
  Lakeview / Ronan Cellars             •
  Line Shack Winery                    •                                                                                     The Weekend Escape Package                                     _____          $220.50     __________
                                                                                                                               10% Off - Winemaker Dinner, Monterey Wine Country Tour,
  Lockwood Vineyard                    •          •                                                        •          •        Boutique and Hidden Gems Wine Tasting, The Grand Finale
  Manzoni Estate Vineyard                                                  •         •                                •
  Marilyn-Remark Wines                 •          •                        •         •                                                                                Sorry, No Refunds            TOTAL:              __________
  McIntyre Vineyards                   •          •                                                        •          •
  Meador Estate                                                            •         •                                •
  Mer Soleil Winery                                            •
                                                                                                                              Winemaker Dinner Fri:                                       Winemaker Dinner Sat:
  Michaud Vineyard                     •          •                                             •          •          •
  Mission Trail Vineyards              •          •
  Morgan Winery                                                            •         •                                •
                                                                                                                              Shuttled Progressive Dinner Time:                           Monterey Wine Country Tour #:
  Paraiso Vineyards                               •                        •         •                                •
  Pelerin Wines                                   •                                             •                     •       Name:
  Pessagno Winery                      •          •                        •         •                                •
  Pianetta Vineyards & Winery                                                                   •          •                  Address:                                                    City / State / Zip:
  Robert Talbot Vineyards                         •            •
  San Bernabe / Monterra               •                                                                              •       Phone:                                                      Credit Card #:
  San Saba Vineyard                    •          •                        •         •                                •
  Scheid Vineyards                     •          •                        •         •                                •       MasterCard           Visa         American Express               Discover         Exp:
  Silver Mountain Vineyards            •          •                                  •                                •
  Szalay Winery                                                                                            •
  Thomas Fogarty                                                                                                      •
  Ventana Vineyards                    •          •                        •         •                                •
  Wines of Carmel                                 •                                                        •
                                                                                                                              CHECK PAYABLE TO: MONTEREY COUNTY VINTNERS & GROWERS ASSOCIATION (MCVGA)
  Woodward Graff Winery                           •                                                        •          •       MAIL TO: PO BOX 1793 · MONTEREY, CA, 93942

~ Eighteen~                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ~ Nineteen ~
                         WHERE GREAT TASTE BEGINS™   U.S. Postage
P.O. Box 1793 · Monterey, CA 93942                   Permit #110
831-375-9400 ·                 Monterey, CA

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