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Quarterly Report
    Quarter 4, 2010

           CRICOS No. 00213J
 eLearning Services
   Quarterly Report

            Quarter 4, 2010

Geoff Gillan and Regina Obexer

                     CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                               2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

Departmental Report — eLearning Services
Quarter 4, 2010
Prepared by:           Geoff Gillan and Regina Obexer

Last modified:         January 28, 2010

1. Executive Overview
eLearning Services completed a number of key projects in the 4 Quarter of 2010, including successfully
working with the SAMS team to move our services and initiatives into the post-SAMS environment. This
included contributions from the QUT Blackboard, ePortfolio and Technical Development teams.
A survey of student use of QUT Blackboard elicited a quite positive response with regards to satisfaction with
the Blackboard environment. Plans are underway to further enhance the system, including improved
integration with mobile technologies, advanced reporting options, and an upgrade to the current system. A
new version of SafeAssign was released in December, which addressed some of the limitations of the
previous version, including usability issues and browser incompatibility with Safari.
Learning Design contributed significantly to the well-received Making Connections forum, and the ePortfolio
team had a substantial presence on the organising committee of the successful ePortfolios Australia
conference in Melbourne.
Staff from the QUT Student ePortfolio team and the Careers Development program attended the formal
ceremony in Canberra to receive their ALTC Award for Programs that Enhance Learning, recognising both
programs’ excellence and impact on learning support.

2. Service Achievements
Editing and Desktop Publishing
The team completed several print publications for the IHBI Women’s Wellness program, including editing,
typesetting, and cover design for a journal and book. An external material suite was completed for UDN505
in the Masters of Rail program for BEE. Web-based brochures were designed and edited for the ePortfolio
Conference and a cross- sector resources on privacy consideration in using ePortfolio systems. The team
also completed the first edition of the International Journal of First Year in Higher Education for the Office of
Teaching Quality.

The ePortfolio team worked with the QUT Virtual team on a suite of activities aimed to assist moving certain
applications, including ePortfolio, to use the new SAMS data structures. This required redevelopment of
some applications. This process was completed successfully in time for the SAMS go-live date in November
Enhancements to the ePortfolio system originally planned for the first half of 2010 were carried out and will
be ongoing in 2011. ePortfolio workshops and lectures continued throughout semester 2 and into the
summer, educating students and staff on the functionality of the ePortfolio and its successful use.

ePortfolios Australia Conference, Melbourne
eLearning Services were part of the organising committee for the international ePortfolios Australia
Conference 2010, held in Melbourne 3-4 November, with several key QUT staff attending and presenting.
The successful conference focused attention on current ePortfolio practice, including that of QUT. Attendees
were drawn from the vocational education and training, the higher education, and adult and community
education sectors.

                                                                                                 CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                                2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

eTV continued its activities in Quarter 4, with the following highlights:
eTV QUT News: 76 Journalism students, and 15 Film and TV volunteers participated in Praxis 2 – a ten
week experience of broadcast news production.
Acting Works, Acting Support: 15 Acting students participated in an authentic acting for Screen production as
part of producing their portfolio of final works prior to graduation.
Teaching and Learning Productions: Commenced video productions for HR (PP&R interview exemplars) and
Faculty of Business (testimonials from local business leader experiences). Conducted a number of
workshops on visualisation techniques and options for research dissemination for the CI eCARD research
Creative Industries Digital Infrastructure: Submission of the CI Digital Infrastructure proof of concept report.

Learning Design
Significant efforts continued into support for developing competencies in using QUT Blackboard and other
educational technologies, notably in the use of Elluminate, and into supporting faculties with initiatives in
blended/flexible learning.

Table 1: Faculty based activities (number of meetings/workshops etc)

Faculty contact                                                                                         Total by
                                            BEE       BUS        CIF      EDU   FaST   HLTH     LAW     contact
October-December                                                                                         type

Faculty Liaison meetings (ADTL
                                             3          5         2        2                      3        12
etc)/school meetings

Staff Dev: Group consultations /
                                             2          6                  1                      8        17

Staff Dev: Individual consultations          5         10         2        8     7       5       19        56

Community Site dev support                   3         16                  2     1       8        5        35

Unit Site dev support                        2          5         1        7     1       3       15        34

Total by Faculty                             15        43         5       20     9      16       50

Table 2: QUT-wide activities

Oct-Dec University-wide contact                   Total by contact type

QUT BB Support Training / Workshops                         2

Elluminate Training / Workshops                             7

Other Online L&T Workshops                                  6

Online L&T Resources developed                              18

TILS support / consultation                                 41


           Making Connections – Innovations in Learning and Teaching Forum hosted on November 3 . The
           format of quick presentations with high impact was well received and the event was very positive
   •       Hosted a Learning Design Forum for QUT and Griffith University on 26th November
                                                                                                CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                            2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

   •     Contributed to TILS taster – hosted displays and sessions on Elluminate and Learning Design
   •     Major consultation for creation of Language and Learning Support site for Faculty of Business
   •     Held FLIP Showcase with over 60 attendees
   •     Ideation project established
   •     OWL trial very positive in Faculty of Law
   •     Ascilite Conference presentation by Natasha Giardina, and workshop held in collaboration with
         LETS by Richard Evans and Geoff Mitchell

Learning and Teaching Technologies (Technical Development)
Successfully added Tweak (functionality to enhance customisability of Blackboard pages) to QUT
Blackboard to enhance Java use in Blackboard, reduce maintenance issues and enhance usability. This will
be further enhanced with a major release 2 in 2011.

Australian Access Federation
Completed substantial work on the Australian Access Federation Project, allowing non-QUT users access to
QUT Blackboard. Now awaiting confirmation from AAF on direction for final completion.

Banner Wizard
The wizard that deploys Marketing and Publications approved faculty banners on the entry page of
Blackboard sites is now live.

Blackboard Sync iPhone and ELMS
Successfully developed prototype for iPhone to access QUT Blackboard. Final rollout will be aligned with
AAF work on integration and Blackboard 9.1.

QUT Blackboard
Student Survey
In a student survey about their experience of QUT Blackboard, the 300 respondents indicated increased
satisfaction with QUT Blackboard compared to last year, especially in the areas of navigation and user
interface. The key area where students want change is in making QUT Blackboard better integrated with
mobile technologies, some aspects of which are already in development and awaiting final release in 2011.

SafeAssign Upgrade
SafeAssign is now a more user-friendly and reliable tool than earlier in the year. The upgraded version 2.4.4
of SafeAssign was launched immediately after the SAMS go live date on 1st December. The new version
resolves a number of service issues such as outages, usability issues, and browser incompatibility with

                                                                                             CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                            2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

Blackboard User support

QUT Blackboard Support in 2010

                     Q1 2010      Q2 2010      Q3 2010          Q4 2010
       BBSupport      1125          654          910              476
       ItHelpdesk       550        299             420            194

Comparison to previous years

                     Sem 2 2008     Sem 2 2009       Sem 2 2010
        BBSupport       787           1050              836
        ItHelpdesk          599       1008               351

Client requests by user group

Requests logged from               Sem 2 2008                 Sem 2 2009            Sem 2 2010

student accounts                   413 (34.8%)                802 (29.0%)           355 (29.9%)

staff/like staff accounts          773 (65.2%)               1256 (61.0%)           832 (70.1%)

Total ITSM tasks                            1186                    2058                  1187

                                                                                            CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                         2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

3. Service Issues
SafeAssign issues in QUT Blackboard
SafeAssign suffered a number of issues in Quarter 4. Some were new to its 2010 version, while
others were exacerbated issues already present in the earlier version. They include a number of
outages originating on the vendor site, usability issues with regards to sorting user data, delays in
submission turnaround, and SafeAssign incompatibility with the Safari browser. These have been
resolved with the new version of SafeAssign (see Service Highlights above).

Water damage to eTV cameras
During heavy downpours in November, 3 high-end eTV cameras were damaged and eLearning
Services had to pay for costly repairs and higher of equipment to keep the service going.

Security issue in QUT Blackboard
In October, there was a significant security issue in QUT Blackboard which involved extensive
investigation and collaboration with ITS, the Registrar’s office, and Blackboard Inc. Mitigation
strategies are in place, however, a permanent fix will be part of Blackboard version 9.1 to be released
to the QUT community in Semester 2, 2011.

4. Client Feedback

   •      Vice-Chancellor’s Awards
          −     Individual
                 Natasha Giardina (Law Faculty)
                 Richard Evans (LETS)
          −     Learning Design Team – Natasha Giardina, Richard Evans, Paul Fenn, Roger Cook,
                Julian Kapitzke and Christine Newman
   •      Positive feedback to Paul Fenn for his work on LWS101, which helped improve student
          satisfaction with the unit considerably.

5. Planned Service Improvements

 Planned Service Improvement                            Client Benefit
 Blackboard 9.1 Upgrade and reporting project           Version 9.1 will solve a number of longstanding
  In 2011 QUT Blackboard is due to be upgraded to       issues with the product, including security issues,
 version 9.1. At the same time, work will be carried    and will introduce some new features. The
 out to improve reporting mechanisms in QUT             Blackboard reporting project will enable QUT to
 Blackboard.                                            make better use of the large datasets available in
                                                        the systems for a range of purposes.

 SafeAssign for Postgraduate research and               If a solution (and associated support resources)
 coursework students                                    can be found, postgraduate students will be able to
  eLearning Services is currently consulting with key   access SafeAssing to check their academic work
 stakeholders to find an appropriate solution for       and have access to support structures to assist
 postgraduate research and coursework students          them with the use of the tool.
 wanting to access SafeAssign.

 New model for QUT Blackboard training                  Training offered will be more relevant to client
 In 2011, the QUT Blackboard Support Team will be       needs, both in terms of content covered and in
 rolling out a new model of training, working more

                                                                                         CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                   2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

directly with Faculties to meet their needs.          terms of where / when and in what form the
                                                      training takes place.

Training resources                                    Increased and enhanced support and training
                                                      resources for a number of eLearning tools and
 Both the ePortfolio and Learning Design teams        their effective use in a blended learning
are in the process of reviewing and enhancing their   environment.
training resources and approaches (ePortfolio
resources, Learning Design Live, development and
integration of Learning Places with LATTE,
exploration of a blended learning program for

                                                                                   CRICOS No. 00213J
     2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4


Quarterly Report

    Quarter 4, 2010

                     CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                     2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

ITS Departmental Report

Quarter 4, 2010
Prepared by:    Sue Bamber
Last modified: 15 February 2011

Executive Overview
The new ITS Director, Chris Bridge, commenced on November 1, 2010 during a dynamic period for
Quarter 4, 2010 saw the culmination of a number of years of planning and development with the
successful release of the Student and Academic Management System (SAMS) in a collaborative
project between ITS and SBS. During the project, ITS made many changes to related services in ITS
and for business units connected to the underpinning infrastructure. The new system is based on a
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design model which will benefit QUT in being able to introduce
future services more seamlessly and with reduced risk.
Many other service improvements were also delivered during Q4 including the upgrade of the internet
link to 10Gigabytes which will improve the speed of internet services, particularly for researchers in
the first instance. The new link was well utilised during the International IEEE eScience2010
conference held at QUT in December.
Staff and students have benefited from a number of initiatives to improve mobility in 2010, including
unmetered access to the wireless network and the installation or upgrade in Q4 of more than 250
wireless access points.
Enhancements to QUT Virtual now enable JPs to be identified more easily, and will reduce the
number of emails being generated in various email distribution lists at QUT.
The eStore system is responsible for storage of staff user data and critical shared repositories in
faculties, divisions and institutes. A number of issues were experienced with the service in Q4. In
partnership with three vendors supplying the underlying hardware and software, the root cause of the
issues has been identified and ITS looks forward to improved delivery of this service in 2011.

Service Achievements

Student and Academic Management System
    The new Student and Academic Management System (SAMS) was successfully introduced at
    QUT in November 2010, delivering new and improved services to students and staff. A successful
    results run has been completed as well as a full QTAC offer round. The number of enrolments
    resulting from this offer round, as well as from the major offer rounds in January, will be reported
    in the Q1, 2011 report. As part of the implementation ITS staff enabled the seamless delivery of a
    wide range of related services to staff and students including: QUT Virtual, eStudent
    customisation, QUT Web Services, Australian Government Reporting, Syllabus Plus, and ISIS
    Agent management.

High Performance Computing and eResearch Support
Utilisation of High Performance Computing (HPC) resources by QUT’s researchers has continued to
grow exponentially in recent years to meet demand. For example, the total number of computations
performed in 2010 was around 80% higher than 2009, and exceeded those performed on the central
HPC platform in all previous years combined since the mid-1990s. As part of the HPC group’s

                                                                                       CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                     2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

ongoing technology refresh activities to facilitate this growth, major hardware and software upgrades
were successfully completed in Q3 and Q4 of 2010 by ITS staff. Apart from planned maintenance
windows, researchers experienced near seamless service provision during the upgrades. Significant
improvements were delivered that increased critical compute and storage resources to researchers.
HPC staff in collaboration with the ITS Network Operations Centre have also been trialling the use of
an upgraded 10G network to the HPC Optiportal. The Optiportal is a large tiled wall offering an
advanced collaborative visualisation platform. The HPC group also co-hosted a workshop featuring
the Optiportal as part of the International IEEE eScience2010 conference held at QUT in December.
The workshop was well attended and received by technical support personnel and researchers active
in the area of Advanced Visualisation systems.

QUT Wireless
The QUT Wireless service has maintained its quality of service despite receiving more than double
the demand in 2010, over previous years. To meet increased demand, more than 250 new access
points were installed or upgraded in Q4. The majority of these points were added in student spaces to
enable students to access QUT information systems across the QUT campuses. Additional wireless
points were also installed in the Faculty of Education to provide improved wireless access for staff. In
addition, new interference avoidance technologies were introduced to improve service availability.
The doubling of demand for the wireless service in 2010 was not anticipated. It was caused by
multiple devices, in many cases for the same user (e.g. laptop, iPhone and iPad) all accessing the
network simultaneously. The potential for poor student and staff experience in using the network was
very well mitigated.

                                                   No. of Logins


     Unique Logins

                 300000                                                                                     2009



                          Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug    Sep    Oct     Nov     Dec

                                                                                        CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                       2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

A trial to improve access for mobile devices to the wireless network allowing unmetered access for
students and staff concludes in January 2011. Since the trial commenced in January 2010, use of the
wireless network was double and sometimes triple the use in a similar period in 2009-2010. The trial
concludes in Q1, 2011 with the implementation of the new Internet Access Service (IAS) in February,
which will allow simple access to the internet without requiring login via a pop-up window.

    QUT Virtual: Justice of the Peace (JP) search
QUT Virtual introduced a new search function in Q4 allowing
staff and students to search for staff who have registered their
details as Justice of the Peace (JP) on a QUT campus. Staff can
add their status as a JP via StaffConnect. This search will reduce
the flow of traffic to the qut.classifieds list and students will be
able to search for a JP and contact them in their own time frame,
potentially reducing calls for assistance required from the JPs
located at the Student Centres at peak times. The new search
function has received approximately 1,200 hits since it was
launched in December.

Service Issues

Up to 1,000 staff experienced issues accessing their network drives and folders late in Q4, 2010 when
the eStore service experienced an unscheduled outage. The impact of the disruption (two days before
the University end-of-year shutdown) was minimised as many staff were already on leave at that time
and service was restored to affected users by the next business day. The service team has continued
to work on the stability of the system and the root cause of the problem has been identified as a
component of the tiered data storage system. Management escalation processes were invoked with
three separate vendors, and effective cooperation with and between the vendors has enabled the root
cause to be identified. Remediation work will commence in Q1, 2011 to rectify the issue.
QUT Virtual
Clients experienced various issues accessing services via the QUT Virtual interface in Q4, 2010.
Work is progressing with relevant service teams to address the issues below:
Students who accepted a Graduation Invitation were unable to reprint their eTicket at a later stage. In
addition, the Award Title was incorrect due to data issues in the source system and students not
being allocated to a ceremony.
Some student data was not reflected correctly in QUT Virtual. Students update their course, unit or
personal data in eStudent, but delays in data flowing from eStudent to QUT Virtual can cause
confusion for students when they see different data in the two interfaces; eStudent and QUT Virtual.
When a large number of students apply for Supplementary Assessment a timeout error is causing
errors for students. This issue has been reported to Student Business Services and is awaiting a
resolution from the vendor. This is a time-critical process for students as there is a narrow window
during which they can lodge requests. A temporary workaround was been put in place to slow the
back end processing so that an error is not presented to students.

                                                                                       CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                               2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

Client Feedback
ITS has received excellent feedback from business units for its work supporting the transition to

          On behalf of [Staff] thanks for all the work with the RM-SAMS data conversion. I know it’s
          been a monster effort in your world but you’ve done your best to ensure that it was not a
          monster impact on ours. For us, the impact on our users (both divisional and faculty) has
          been minimal and I think went much better than my expectation of how it would go; and the
          data conversion itself appears to have gone super well.
          Staff member, Monday, 1 November 2010

          A quick email to say how much the KGSC has appreciated the excellent ID card production
          support from your ID card team during the busy and complex October ‘cutover’ period. [Staff]
          have been very quick to answer our calls for help, have quickly acted to fix the various
          problems, have kept us informed all the way during the processes. They’re really easy and
          friendly to work with, clearly demonstrate an understanding the importance of the ID process
          and lend the quality of support that this requires.
          Staff member, 27 October 2010

      The IT Leadership Residential course held in November 2010 received excellent feedback from
      participants across Australia:

          I found this course excellent and aimed right at my level. I don’t feel I can fault this course and
          trust me that is RARE!!
          Staff member, November 2010

          An excellent course, really enjoyed myself, facilitators and presenters all excellent – thanks
          Staff member (ACU), November 2010

          Will be recommending to USC (University of Southern Queensland) to send future
          Staff member (USC), November 2010


Planned Service Improvements

Service                             Client Benefit
QUT Virtual                         Mobile QUT Virtual at
                                    The most popular QUT Virtual functions will be delivered via a mobile friendly web
                                    site, offering a more convenient service for staff and students ‘on the go’ and
                                    freeing up computer lab space. To support the further expansion of mobile QUT
                                    applications, a new login tool for authentication from mobile devices will be
IAS                                 The new Internet Access Service will be released in early February, offering a
                                    number of benefits including:

                                       •    Better reporting;

                                                                                                    CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                 2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

                         •   Better identification of what clients are using the Internet for;

                         •   Seamless authentication to the internet, removing the ‘popup’ login box.

                     The eStore service team will continue to work to improve the stability of
                     service by changing the clustering arrangement of the servers.
QUT Wiki             The wiki service will be moved to virtual machines, which will lead to savings of
                     approximately $10,000 for the management and replacement of a physical server.

Additional Information

                                                                                      CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                 2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

Appendix A:
ITS Client Charter Services and Targets: Q4, 2010

Service               Targets                                                   Target status
                                                                                met Q4, 2010

IT Training           The quality of IT training, as indicated by participant
                      feedback, will be 85% or above for client satisfaction.

QUT Virtual           QUT Virtual pages from the navigation bar will be
                      viewable in less than 10 seconds of making the request
                      via the QUT Network.

QUT Network           The QUT Network will be available 24 hours a day,
                      seven days a week, 99% of the time (excluding a
                      maintenance period).

Research Support      The quality of high performance computing and
                      eResearch, as indicated by survey results, will be 85%
                      or above for client satisfaction.

Computer and          95% of PC hardware exception requests will be
Software Purchasing   responded to within 24 hours.

IT Security           The quality of IT Security training, as indicated by
                      participant feedback, will be 85% or above for client

Telephony             The QUT telephone system will be available 24 hours a
                      day, seven days a week, 99% of the time (excluding
                      end device failure).

Collaboration         Email and calendar:
                      95% of mail and calendar invitations will be received
                      (within the QUT Exchange infrastructure) within five
                      Email Lists:
                      For email sent within the QUT mail list infrastructure,
                      95% of mail sent will be received within sixty minutes.
                      95% of spam messages are blocked from reaching the
                      client mailbox.

                                                                                 CRICOS No. 00213J
          2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

Environments and
Services Quarterly

        Quarter 4, 2010

 Geoffrey Mitchell, Director

                          CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                         2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

Departmental Report - LETS
Quarter 4, 2010
Prepared by:            Emma Power
Last modified:          10 March 2011

6. Executive Overview
Quarter 4 was yet another busy period for the Department. A major focus this quarter was the
increased workload associated with the introduction of the Student and Academic Management
System (SAMS). During October, IT Helpdesk staff received training in the SAMS system in
preparation for the 1 November go-live date. Throughout November an overall increase of 8% in the
number of calls received was observed and during December $20k SAMS project funding was utilised
to cover the processing of the additional SAMS related workload. However, despite the increased
workload the abandoned phone call rate decreased by 42% in comparison to the same period last
year. The IT Desktop Support Section experienced a 31% reduction in the number of support calls
received resulting in improved average response and resolution rates of 80% and 78% respectively.
Quarter 4 also witnessed significant achievements across the Learning Environments AV Projects
Section with the successful completion of the acoustic refurbishment and AV upgrade of two Gardens
Point Campus lecture theatres, GP-Z401 and GP-Z406 which included the trialling and proving of the
use of advanced fibre optic signal transport techniques.

7. Service Achievements

IT Helpdesk
During Quarter 4, a total of 23,055 support enquiries
were resolved from all sources in comparison to the
26,664 enquiries resolved during Quarter 4, 2009,
representing an overall decrease of approximately
13.5%. This decrease can be directly attributed to the
introduction of the Student and Academic
Management System (SAMS) on 1 November 2010,
which resulted in an increase in the number of SAMS
related enquiries which could not be resolved at first
tier level. The SAMS project provided $20k to be used
towards additional support and this funding was
utilised during December to process the increase in
the number of email messages and phone calls
received as a result of the first round of student offers.
The Call Centre and Helpdesk closed for the
Christmas period from midday Friday 24 December
and reopened on Tuesday 4 January. However, email
enquiries continued to be responded to during the
break which resulted in 210 incidents being logged.
                                                             Figure 1 - IT Helpdesk Total Calls for Period By Month

                                                                                           CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                        2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

                                                                    A total of 16, 137 calls were
                                                                    answered by the IT Helpdesk during
                                                                    Quarter 4, 2010 and the abandoned
                                                                    phone call rate decreased by 42% in
                                                                    comparison to the same reporting
                                                                    period in 2009. This Quarter, the
                                                                    abandoned phone calls constituted
                                                                    7% of the total call volume, which is
                                                                    lower than usual. However, due to
                                                                    the relatively quiet period being
                                                                    experienced by the Helpdesks, a
                                                                    decrease of approximately 18% in the
                                                                    number of enquiries received during
                                                                    December 2010, compared to
                                                                    December 2009, two staff members

Figure 2 - IT Helpdesk Total Calls for Period By Month              were relocated to the Call Centre to
                                                                    assist with phone and email

      Exam Scanning
                                                               Throughout Quarter 4, the majority of exam
                                                               scanning was processed and ready for
                                                               collection on the same day with the
                                                               remainder being completed by the next
                                                               business day.

 Figure 3 - Number of Exams Scanned by Month

IT Desktop Support
The number of tasks completed by the Technology
Support teams across this quarter was 4,083, down from
4,633 in the previous quarter. This reduction in load was
reflected in an increase in the resolution rates. During the
fourth quarter 80% of all jobs were responded to within
the expected timeframes while 78% of all jobs were
resolved with the expected resolution targets.

                                                                Figure 4 - Percentage of Incident Resolved within SLA

                                                                                         CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                       2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

Learning Environments
Quarter 4 was yet another busy Quarter for the AV Support and AV Project Teams. The AV Projects
Team successfully completed the acoustic refurbishment and audio-visual equipment upgrades of the
Gardens Point lecture theatres GP-Z401 and Z406; successfully trialling and proving the use of
advanced fibre optic signal transport techniques which will be widely employed in the SCITEC project
during 2011/2012. The team also completed the upgrade of the button panel room controls, replacing
them with colour touch panels, in the flat floored classrooms. The central labs retained their Service
Level Agreement (SLA) agreed availability rate of 99% throughout Quarter 4.

Figure 5 - Refurbished Z401 Gardens Point

3. Service Issues
IT Desktop Support
Throughout Quarter 4, The Technology Support teams continued to experience lower than average
staffing levels due to a number of staff secondments to different roles. Staff were assigned to assist
with the application packaging process as part of the Windows 7 Project in addition to the preparation
of software for the labs for the commencement of Semester 1, 2011.

IT Helpdesk
The introduction of the Student and Academic Management System (SAMS) in November raised a
number of issues throughout Quarter 4. The Helpdesk’s limited expertise with the new system
resulted in only a small number of incidents being resolved at first tier level. As Faculties prepared for
the release of student offers in December combined with unfamiliarity of the new system a large
number of support requests were logged. Many of the incidents logged required second tier level
attention, resulting in increased resolution times.

                                                                                         CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                       2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

On-going service issues and outages, particularly with two key systems, eStore (home drives and
network drives) and print servers were experienced throughout the Quarter. These service outages
and associated disruptions to core business for many University areas lead to an increased level of
frustration from clients. As the outages were a result of service issues, neither the IT Helpdesk nor
Technical Support staff were able to resolve these incident but did process a number of incidents
related to the outages.

Learning Environments
Learning Environments dealt with a number of issues during this reporting period. The planned
upgrade of KG-E214 lecture theatre was put on hold until the architects and engineers, engaged by
QUT Facilities Management were able to resolve structural and technical difficulties associated with
the existing building structure. AV Support reported the failure of three portable PA systems while on
loan to students, however, they are scheduled for replacement in February 2011. The Lab Builders
reported a number of slow logins, particularly in the vicinity of B Block, Gardens Point Campus.
Significant lags times of 10-15 minutes were advised by clients, however testing was only able to
reproduce lag times of 4-5 minutes. The slow login issue may be attributed to a number of issues
including; image size and age, obsolete login scripts, older domain controllers unable to process
logins in a timely manner and/or networking issues. The planned migration to Windows 7 will
eradicate some of these issues and help to pinpoint any remaining lag issues.

4. Client Feedback
Learning Environments continues to receive positive feedback, from QUT staff and students, in
relation to staff who go well beyond the expectations of their roles in order to provide high end client

IT Helpdesk
“Thanks for your fast reply to my query. I thought I wouldn’t get a reply until Wednesday. This is what
happens at other places. Thanks, I will apply now.” [QUT Student]

“I thank you very much for your professional support and high level technical expertise”. [QUT

“Dear QUT, you are such a large organization that I'm not entirely sure who to send this to, but thank-
you! Thanks for the degree. Thanks for the extensions. Thanks for the quality teaching. Thanks for the
good friends I made while I was studying on your campuses. Thanks for the long holidays and the
hard work. I do want to apologize to the IT guys for the non-educational websites that I visited that
probably would've had viruses. So my biggest thank-you goes out to the IT department, who keep the
whole Uni running in our digital age! Thanks :)” [QUT Student].

“I just wanted to say thank you for walking me through the processes to reconnect my computer to the
Ombudsman’s Konica multi-function printer a short time ago due to a network fault. I especially
appreciated your return telephone call to advise the system was up and running and for waiting until I
successfully reconnected the printer. I appreciated your professionalism and thoughtfulness this
afternoon. [QUT Staff Member]

AV Support
“Hi AV Services Team!

I want to add my thanks to the phenomenal effort and support that the entire AV team provided us
with throughout the tournament. This includes the planning and organisation help we had in the lead
up to the tournament, the setup on the day before the tournament, the continual support on the day
and then the help with the pack up today after the event. Thank you all very much for making the FLL
event awesome. Hope to have you all on board again next year”. [QUT Staff Member, November

                                                                                         CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                           2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

IT Desktop Support
“I’d like to thank you all for your superhuman effort to help our clients back online after the Melbourne
Cup Day incident. Everyone was quick, thorough and professional at a time when minimising the
impact to our clients was particularly essential. Well done! Special thanks for: The days of
coordination and follow-up work and working very long hours to provide technical solutions. Everyone
collaborated and cooperated to make the best of a bad situation.” [QUT Staff Member]

5. Benchmarking
IT Helpdesk Survey
4th Quarter Comparison Data
                                                                       296 Survey Responses

 How satisfied        Very                                                   Very      National    Your
                                  Dissatisfied   Indifferent   Satisfied
 were you with     Dissatisfied                                            Satisfied   Average    Average
The courtesy of
the IT Helpdesk         0              0             4            64         228         4.76       4.61
The technical
of the IT               1              4             11           85         195         4.58       4.55
The timeliness
of the service         11              7             16           50         212         4.50       4.47
The incident
                        7              9             4            58         218         4.59       4.51
The overall
service                 2              9             13           69         203         4.56       4.53

This is the first quarter where all aspects of the benchmark were below the national average. While
the overall annual comparison reveals that most factors are above the national average (see below),
the figures for Quarter 4 are of significant concern. The most likely explanation for the below average
performance is related to the introduction of the new student management system. The IT Helpdesk
was used as a portal for all SAMS related queries during the fourth quarter but was unable to assist
most enquiries – logging them mainly to SBS. This means that fewer calls were resolved at first tier
and average resolution times were consequentially longer. Both of these issues may have contributed
to lower customer satisfaction. This data will be closely watched in the next quarter to see whether a
similar result occurs. If similar trends occur then it will be important to ask whether continuing with a
strategy of a single point of contact is a sensible strategy if the helpdesk is not in a position to add
value by resolving as many enquiries at first tier as possible.

                                                                                           CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                           2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

                                                                        2876 Survey Responses
Annual Comparison Data

 How satisfied        Very                                                   Very      Average     Your
                                  Dissatisfied   Indifferent   Satisfied
 were you with     Dissatisfied                                            Satisfied    Rating    Average
The courtesy of
the IT Helpdesk        31             21             42          817         1957       4.62        4.61
The technical
of the IT              36             65             72          1048        1647       4.47        4.55
The timeliness
of the service         89             148            67          917         1654       4.36        4.48
The incident
                       81             100            47          907         1734       4.43        4.51
The overall
service                63             107            54          948         1693       4.43        4.54

6. Planned Service Improvements

Service                             Client Benefit
Audio Visual Upgrades               The AV Projects team are currently heavily involved in the
                                    refurbishment of the Kelvin Grove Campus Library. This
                                    includes the installation of a large quantity of digital signs, flat
                                    panel displays and two state of the art PC training rooms,
                                    scheduled for completion in time for the start of Semester 1,
AV Loans Equipment                  All loans equipment is currently under review to identify and
                                    dispose of and replace all old/outdated/faulty items.
IT Helpdesk – Staff Training        All new Helpdesk staff will be cross trained to work in both the
and Assignment Minder               Call Centre and Helpdesk environments. Ten new Lab staff
System                              commenced their training in the Call Centre during December
                                    2010 to bring them quickly up to speed with the newly
                                    implemented Student Academic Management System.
                                    A rewrite of the Assignment Minder system also commenced
                                    in December.
Windows 7 Rollout and               The Lab Builders will soon commence the roll out of Windows
Rembo Service                       7 for all Central Labs. This will provide increased login speed
                                    in addition to a modern operating system.
                                    The Rembo service is due to be retired as Lab rollouts are
                                    being migrated to the University & industry standard Microsoft
                                    System Centre Management (SCCM).

                                                                                           CRICOS No. 00213J
     2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

     Quarter 4, 2010

                     CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                    2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

Departmental Report - Library

Quarter 4, 2010
Prepared by:          Joanna Logan
Last modified:        10 February 2011

1. Executive Overview
In Quarter 4, 2010 the Library consolidated the significant service improvements made during the
year, by enhancing the delivery of learning support; improving access to the online and print
resources; enhancing the development and delivery of research support services. The results of the
InSync Survey indicate that QUT is performing in the top 25% of the other benchmarked libraries in
Australia and New Zealand.

There were no Service Disruption Reports for QUT Library in Quarter 4, 2010, and there are no major
outstanding issues from any of the 2010 Library Service Disruption Reports. Two of the KPIs listed in
the Library Client Charter were not met in Quarter 4, and these are addressed in Appendix 1. The key
service gaps highlighted in the 2010 InSync Client Satisfaction Survey were access to computers and
to study spaces. These will be addressed by the Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point library upgrades
(due for completion in early 2011), and by a Division wide project (in 2011) which will investigate
access to computers.

2. Service Achievements

AskQUT is QUT’s Enquiry Management system available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to empower
students and staff to satisfy the majority of their queries in their own time and place. Below is a
comparison of Incidents and FAQs since the introduction of AskQUT. It highlights the significant
growth in use of the Knowledgebase to access information.

                            Number of Incidents & FAQ Searches
    Time line                 Incidents                             FAQs
                         2009             2010              2009            2010
    Semester 1           4 657           10 060           110 398          210 717
    Semester 2           6 715           15 982            70 297          116 681

    Year Totals          17 351          43 344           326 541          573 289

Feedback from QUT staff indicates that the AskQUT service is enabling them to follow the trail of
student communication with QUT, which will help improve the student experience. Planned service
improvements for 2011 include an improved home page for users, the use of Cloud Monitor reporting
for Service Managers, and the provision of performance reports to Faculty and Department

                                                                                     CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                          2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

QUT Library Facilities                         New look Level 4

Kelvin Grove

                                            I think the library provides a fantastic service. The restructure
                                            has been frustrating with limited copies and the noise etc. There
                                            are never any free spaces to work at anymore either. However I
                                            realise that space is limited at the moment and every time I've
                                            asked for help or had document deliveries I have experienced
Temporary Library Helpdesk                  excellent customer service. Fast, friendly and efficient. Thank
                                            you. [student, InSync Survey]
After undergoing significant upgrade works throughout 2010, Levels 4 and 5 of the Kelvin Grove
Library reopened in October 2010, providing:
    • Over 180 study seats
    • Over 150 computer and laptop spaces
    • New zones for both quiet and collaborative study
New furniture

Levels 2 and 3 are closed for upgrade works and will reopen in early 2011.

QUT Library Teaching Program

Study Solutions
Study Solutions is an appointment-based self-referral Library consultation service for students who
wish to improve their study and research abilities. The service was trialled in Semester 1, 2010 at the
Caboolture, Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove libraries. Student and faculty feedback was very
positive and it became an ongoing service from Semester 2, 2010 onwards. The service was
extended to the Law Library in Semester 2, 2010.
                         Total student consultations

                         SEM 1             SEM 2                    “Thank you. As a new student with
                                                                    enormous pressure I didn’t know what to
        Cab              6                 22
                                                                    do and I felt like giving up. You were able
        GP               19                114                      to give me answers, reassure and relieve
                                                                    me of so much pent up stress” [student]
        KG               25                115

        LAW              -                 4

        TOTAL            50                255

Semester generic programs

The Library implemented an extensive generic teaching program in Semester 1, and a reduced
program in Semester 2 in response to a lower midyear intake. The introduction in Semester 2 of trial
weekend and twilight sessions allowed greater access to workshops for students unable to attend
during the week, and these will be continued in 2011. Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive

                                                                                           CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                      2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

for the semester’s generic programme, with a very high/high satisfaction rate of 96.5% for Quarter 4,

“I believe I can improve my researching skill due to this session; learnt how to search properly with
limitations & search queries; All really great thanks and will come to you guys more.” [student]

Assignment Calculator

                                     The Assignment Calculator was released in Semester 2, 2010 as
                                     a time management tool for students, and is accessible via
                                     Studywell. It was developed in collaboration with eLearning
                                     Services and student feedback has been positive.

Research Support
The following are highlights of the Library’s research support activities for Quarter 4, 2010:
   • The Library’s ERA work was completed on time, enabling access to the QUT ERA Collection
         by the ERA review panels.
   • A Library Research Support Strategy was developed to enhance the coordination and
         planning of Library research support services.
   • There was a 20.5% increase in the number of QUT ePrint deposits in Quarter 4, 2010
         compared to the same period last year, which promotes access to QUT research.
   • Researchers now have access to a range of confidential and secure datasets with the
         implementation of the Library's new External Research Dataset Service. The following five
         research datasets are now available to QUT staff and eligible research students: Australian
         Social Science Data Archive (ASSDA); Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social
         Research (ICPSR); Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA);
         Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC); and the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous
         Children (LSIC).

Research Data Managements Project
The Steering Committee reviewed progress on a range of data management initiatives in
collaboration between HPC and the Library. Over 200 data collection records from the ANDS Seeding
the Commons Project were added to the new data repository; a data management service had been
drafted; the QUT Researcher Data Repository (Mediaflux) is in progress; and the ANDS Metadata
Hub project with Griffith University was completed. Data management responsibilities have been
included in the new Research Support Librarian role.

Information Resources
In 2010, QUT Library significantly improved access to print and online resources. In 2010, the
demand for online resources continued, and the Library’s ebook collection increased from 70,000 in
2009 to over 180,000 in 2010. The Library will continue to expand its online collection in 2011, and
will purchase online resources in favour of print.

                                                                                       CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                     2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

Online collection:

                                                     Great range of online databases and search platforms.
                                                     Hopefully growth forthcoming in the area of eBooks.
                                                     [student, InSync Survey]

                                                     Just found some eBooks in #QUT catalogue which
                                                     saved a library trip...! Excitement! [student tweet]

Print collection:
By the end of Quarter 4, 2010, the following improvements to the Library’s print collections were
                                        •   Students in large classes will have access to more copies of
                                            textbooks, with the Library increasing the maximum potential
                                            number of copies of textbooks from 15 copies per branch to 50
                                            copies across all campuses. The policy change was made in
                                            response to student feedback received in the InSync Survey
                                            (September, 2010).
                                        •   Staff and students will find it easier to locate relevant resources
                                            on the shelves with the removal of 45,000 items from the
                                            Gardens Point Library and the transfer to Store of 55,000 items.
                                        •   $100,000 was spent on additional resources for the Curriculum
                                            Collections. Feedback from Early Childhood staff indicated they
                                            were thrilled with the new resources to support their research
                                            and professional development programs.
                                        •   $50,000 was spent on replacing and converting VHS formatted
                                            resources to DVD, ensuring continued access for staff and
                                        •   $750,000 was spent on purchasing journal back sets.
                                        •   In Quarter 4, QUT Library fulfilled 1559 requests from QUT staff
                                            and students for BONUS+ books. BONUS+ was a new service,
                                            launched in August 2010, and provides QUT staff and students
                                            with access to books from 11 Australian and New Zealand

3. Service Issues
There were no Service Disruption Reports in Quarter 4, and there are no outstanding issues from any
of the 2010 Library Service Disruption Reports. In Quarter 4, the Library met all except two of the
KPIs identified in the Library Client Charter (see Appendix 1).
As part of the ongoing upgrade works to the Kelvin Grove Library, there was a complete closure of R
block from Saturday 13 November 2010 with the building reopening on Monday 22 November. Kelvin
Grove Library however, continued to provide limited services to clients on weekdays (9am-5pm) from
level 4, D block during this period.
The key service issues highlighted in the 2010 InSync Survey are discussed in Section 5.

                                                                                       CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                           2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

 4. Client Feedback
 During 2010, formal client feedback was obtained in a number of different ways, including: the ebook
 Survey; the ebook Reader Survey; the InSync Survey (see below); the Helpdesk Satisfaction Survey;
 and web usability testing. The feedback will be used to inform planned service improvements for

 5. Benchmarking
 In September 2010, the Library’s major client satisfaction survey was conducted, and more than 4505
 QUT students participated in the survey. The results show that QUT Library is performing in the top
 25% of the 38 other benchmarked libraries in Australia and New Zealand. Of the five key areas of
 service that the InSync survey focused on (Communication, Service Delivery, Facilities and
 Equipment, Library Staff and Information Resources), QUT Library scored highest for Library Staff,
 with a score of 88.2%. QUT set a new benchmark high in the category of Information Resources, and
 this is a great outcome for the Library which has worked hard to build and manage the online and
 print collections.
 QUT students indicated that the two largest service gaps were: “A computer is available when I need
 one”; and “I can find a quiet place in the Library to study when I need one”.
 Staff are very helpful however it is difficult to find computers and space to study sometimes during
 peak times.

 These will be addressed by the Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point library upgrades (due for completion
 in early 2011), and by a Division wide project (in 2011) which will investigate access to computers.

 6. Planned Service Improvements

Service                     Client Benefit
Library buildings:
Gardens Point Library       Levels 3, 5 and 6 will receive upgrades during the 2010/2011 summer semester,
                            providing: improved building access, a new casual reading area, additional individual
Caboolture Library          and collaborative study spaces, and multifunction devices and express loans.
                            The design of the new Caboolture Library is due to be finalised in March 2011, and
                            once started, the building is expected to be completed by early 2012.

                            Students will have access to Library services and resources with the release of the
Mobile friendly web sites   mobile interface for the Library Catalogue and the iPhone App. An investigation of the
and applications            mobile service needs of users will be undertaken in Quarters 1 and 2, 2011.

New Learning and            From Semester 1, 2011, the new Library “Learning and Research Desks” will provide
Research Desks              staff and students with a single Library service point.

                            By Semester 1, 2011, the updated QUT cite/write resources (online and print) will be
QUT cite\write              released, providing up to date referencing and academic writing information for

                            Researchers will be able to measure the impact of their work, by finding the number of
                            citations for their research through the QUT ePrints database. The new citation
QUT ePrints                 features will provide citation data from the Scopus, Web of Science and Google
                            Scholar databases and is due for release in early February 2011.

 7. Additional Information
                                                                                              CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                      2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

Appendix 1: Library KPIs, Quarter 4 2010

  Service            KPI                                                 Achieved

                                                                      ×   Not Achieved
                                                                 Q1       Q2             Q3          Q4

                     Response to email enquiries
                     within 3 working days.
                                                                  ×         ×             ×            ×
                     95% of Intercampus loans
                     processed within two working                                                   
  Borrowing          days.
  Services           100% of materials shelved within
                     2 days of return or in-house use.                                              

                     90% of new books & audiovisual
                     material available for use within 21         ×         ×                         ×
  Library            calendar days of receipt
  Collections        95% of e-journals, databases and
                     ebooks are accessible at any one                                               
                     95% of ePrints are accessible via
  QUT ePrints        the QUT Digital Repository within                                              
                     5 days of submission
                     95% of newly requested
                     documents which are readily
  Course Materials
  Database (CMD)
                     accessible will be available in the                                            
                     Course Materials Database (CMD)
                     within four working days


Although the Library met the individual response time for AskQUT email enquiries other
departments/faculties were unable to due to the impact of the SAMS implementation. The issue was
discussed in meetings with the AskQUT Service Owner, Service Manager and senior staff members
in each area.

Borrowing Services
There was a temporary delay in the availability of new books and audiovisual material on the library
shelves, which was addressed by allocating additional staff time to the task.

                                                                                         CRICOS No. 00213J
           2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

   TILS departmental
     quarterly report:

QUT Printing Services

          Quarter 4, 2010

          Craige Richardson

                           CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                        2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

QUT Printing Services

Quarter 4, 2010 report
Prepared by:              Craige Richardson 82724
Last modified:            1 February 2010

1. Executive summary
This document provides performance metrics for QUT Printing Services during the period 1 October
2010 to 31 December 2010. QPS is a partially self funded business operation providing a range of
user pays services to the wider university community. The key services delivered by QPS are listed in
the TILS Service Catalogue. The expected performance levels of the key services were met during
this reporting period.
 The current financial position is consistent with the projected budget estimates for the fourth quarter.
The trends in copying and printing have shown minor changes to that of previous years. There have
been significant improvements to providing on-line access to services and support functions. At this
point the performance of QUT Printing Services is strong across the full range of services offered.

2. Service Achievements

2.1 Service Inquiries

Service – QPS Service Counters                               Q4, 2009        Q4, 2010       % change

GP Service Counter                                           9,083           8,953                 -2%

KG Service Counter                                           2,504           1,676                 -33%

The service counter data is taken from the inPOS cash register terminal financials report. The data
represents transactions that go through the terminal but does not represent general inquiries about
services and support across the counter. Portion of the decline in service at the KG campus can be
attributed to the refurbishment of the Library.

2.2     Mini Teller Terminal Product Usage

Service – Self Help Mini-tellers                             Q4, 2009        Q4, 2010       % change

GP Mini Tellers                                              28,009          26.131                -7%

Law Library Mini Teller                                      2,742           2,396                 -13%

KG Mini Teller                                               19,483          15,201                -22%

Caboolture Mini Tellers                                      498             420                   -16%

                                                                                        CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                       2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

The mini-teller usage represents student transactions to add credit to their account. This is a self help
transaction that accepts coins and notes. The mini-tellers are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
The mini-tellers operate totally independent of QPS Service Counter hours. The mini-tellers are
located at various locations around the campuses.

2.3     QUT Pay Payments

Service – QUT Pay on-line account credit                    Q3, 2009        Q4, 2010       % change

QUT Pay                                                     N/A             576                N/A

QUT pay usage represents student transactions that add credit to their account through an on-line
payment system. This is an electronic transfer of funds. QUT Pay is available 24 hours a day 7 days a


                                                                                       CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                      2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

2.4      Student Printing and Copying

Service – QPS Student Printing and Copying                Q4, 2009         Q4, 2010       % change

Student Printing (black/white)                            1,947,197        1,745,634          -11%

Student Copying (black/white)                             85,821           133,016            +54%

Student Copying and Printing (colour)                     80,147           96,447             +20%

Student printing has declined over the quarter. Student copying has shown an increase over the
quarter but the general trend is down. There has been a steady increase in student colour over the

2.5      Staff Copier Rentals

Service – Staff Copier Rentals                            Q4, 2009         Q4, 2010       % change

Staff Copier Rental impressions                           4,123,203        4,824,460          17%

Staff Copier Rental impressions have been on the rise. There is an increase in the number of rentals
available to staff as well as an improvement in technology supporting the devices. The increase in
impressions can be directly contributed to the increase in devices.

2.6      Staff Printing – QUT Printery

Service – Staff Printing - Printery                       Q4, 2009         Q4, 2010       % change

Staff Colour                                              252,640          199,829            -21%

Staff Black/White                                         1,802,368        2,836,617          +57%

                                                                                       CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                      2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

Staff printing through the Printery fluctuates between the peak periods of the academic calendar. The
demand for colour and black/white impressions is difficult to predict. The increase in black/white
impressions is a promising sign but overall the trend would be negative. The decrease in staff colour
printing is inconsistent with previous quarters and will need to be monitored.

2.7     Student Laptop Purchases

Service – Student Laptop Purchases                         Q4, 2009        Q4, 2010      % change

Student Purchases                                          9               3                 -66%

Student laptop purchases over this quarter have declined. The overall trend for the full year has been
positive and reached the highest number of units sold.

3.      Service performance availability

Service                                                           Target service level     Target achieved

QPS IT Systems                                                              97%                     

                                                                                      CRICOS No. 00213J
                                                                    2010 Quarterly Report: Quarter 4

3.1       Library Refurbishment
The work associated with the KG Library refurbishment has impacted on QPS’ ability to provide a full
range of services. Building related issues has seen QPS relocate into a temporary location with a
reduced capacity to deliver services. Disruptions to services continued in the 4 quarter. The eventual
relocation into the newly refurbished Library will resolve this issue.

4       Client satisfaction
No formal surveuys were undertaken in Quarter 3, 2010. There has not been any negative feedback
received from clients.

5       Benchmarking
No formal benchmarking activities were undertaken in Quarter 3, 2010

6       Planned service improvements for the next quarter

Service                                                   Client benefit

Student scanning                                          This is a new service and will negate the
                                                          need for standalone scanners and
                                                          supportive PC. Students will use existing
                                                          multifunction devices and scan back to
                                                          their email address. Scanning through
                                                          QPS is under development with
                                                          implementation set down for 1 semester

Stationery                                                The development of a new web on-line
                                                          shopping cart for the ordering of stationery.
                                                          This will provide improved functionality
                                                          including audit and reporting processes.

Staff Copier Rental monitoring tool                       Allow staff to view history of staff copier
                                                          rental devices and to reference the same
                                                          data that is available to QPS

QPS Web Page                                              The QPS web page is under development
                                                          and is expected to be complete by 1
                                                          quarter 2011. When completed the web
                                                          page will provide more information at a
                                                          quicker rate with easier navigation between
                                                          pages of interest.

7       Additional information
No information for this quarter

                                                                                     CRICOS No. 00213J