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					Silver & Gold Bullion News: Buying Silver and Buying Gold is a no brainer - 05-16-2011
by Admin - Silver Snowball, the Worlds Most Affordable Silver Program -

Silver & Gold Bullion News: Buying Silver and Buying Gold is a no
by Admin - 05-16-2011

Silver & Gold Bullion News: Buying Silver and Buying Gold is a no brainer

Cache Metals' Bullion and Commodity Week-In-Review for November 29 – December 03, 2010.


Ireland's formal application for financial aid from the EU and the international community initially gave risk appetite this past
week as the EU and IMF provided 85 Billion euro to rescue Ireland over the past weekend. The market reaction to the news
has been quite timid at best as currency traders continued to be worried about the possible contagion effects of the sovereign
debt crisis in Portugal and Spain. The Euro touched a 3 month low of 1.2968 as the boost proved to be short lived In addition
to the debt worries, geopolitical tensions increased sharply when North Korean artillery fire hit a remote South Korean island,
killing several.

North and South refuse to be nice to one another. Spot gold remained upbeat thanks to increased demand for safehaven asset
types, with gold reaching a 3 week high of 1398.60 per ounce. It largely traded sideways for the week reaching a weekly low
of 53.30 before dip buying present itself. The range bound metal stayed away from large rallies as the market awaits the release
of the Nonfarm payrolls. The first data due up was the weekly initial jobless claims, which rose by 26,000 last week to 436,000
(last week was also revised up by 3,000, so one could see it as a 29,000 increase). This was worse than the expected level of

The prior weeks surprise to the downside seems to have been a bit of a dream. Initial claims have been trending lower since
they hit a secondary peak of 504,000 on August 14. The data on continuing claims was also very disappointing. Continuing
claims for unemployment insurance rose by 53,000 to 4.270 million.The release of the Non farm payrolls was a massive
disappointment to the down side as traders were anticipating a strong rise above 150,000 given the buoyant ADP release earlier
in the week.

The NFP shows that the labor market remains seemingly challenged for most workers as a pick up in business activity has yet
to transform itself into any significant demand for jobs. NFP came in at 39,000k jobs versus 143,000 eyed and the
unemployment rate rose to 9.8% from 9.6% (forecast). All the reports missed their mark which all traders were eyeing to see if
the recovery took hold. Spot gold rallied off of the disappointing outlook striking a 4 week high of 06.80. Today's news could
have a major impact on consumer spending during the critical Christmas shopping season as the spike in unemployment rate
could send consumer sentiment plummeting. The news sent the rallying green back lower across all major currencies.

With that being said, this shows investors that gold is money and is the ultimate currency. Demand is also very strong as
central banks and investors continue to buy precious metals. Gold is up on uncertainty and will remain up until the world's
uncertainties and debt problems are resolved. Look for the metal to challenge the all time highs of 24 and maybe higher before
years end.

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Spot silver has followed gold's assent higher striking fresh new 4 week highs of .32, following the disappointing labor news.
After languish in lower values of .85 for the beginning of the week, the grey metal finally showed its penchant for
outperforming its bigger brother gold. Strong supportive news out of China gave the metal a much needed boost.

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Silver & Gold Bullion News: Buying Silver and Buying Gold is a no brainer - 05-16-2011
by Admin - Silver Snowball, the Worlds Most Affordable Silver Program -

Prices jumped as China approved a fund that will invest in gold exchange-traded funds outside the country, opening the door to
mainland China investors who face negative real interest rates on their bank deposits and want to hedge against inflation as
first reported by the Dow Jones news wire. Adding to the bullish sentiment is the statement by GFMS chairman Phillip
Klapwijk, "Silver prices may peak near an ounce next year and average close to on strong investment demand and continuing
growth in industrial consumption."

While we have seen the grey metal take a breather over the past 4 weeks with bearish news hitting the market, a robust an
otherwise stronger Dow Jones has kept the metal quite buoyant. November saw the metal rally from its doldrums to close
higher with increased buying on the dips. A sale of US minted eagles continues to remain robust despite the sell off we have
witnessed at the start of the month. Silver coin minting globally is projected to rise a robust 23 percent this year, to an all-time
record, according to data released last week by GFMS Ltd, and with the recovery somewhat in question for the poor
employment figures released Friday this number could even be much larger. This has been an absolutely fantastic week for the
dual-role metal as it finally broke through the level, especially since this was done on a Friday when investors are normally
reducing and closing books after a long week.

The question we are presented with everyday "is it to late to buy?" We say not at all! In a bull market as such the best approach
is to always be ready and gradually buy. In moves such as these, we can always expect a pullback so have the funds in place
because these pullbacks don't seem to last very long and timing is everything. Many believe Silver is set to climb further next
year possibly by as much as 20% and while one the great advantages of silver is its relative cheapness compared to gold,
makes it very attractive to the not so average investor.

GOLD Support 00/95
SILVER Support .00/.85

GOLD Resistance 10/15
SILVER Resistance .32/????

Weekly Close for Gold
November 26 - 62.30 December 03 - 05

Weekly Close for Silver
November 26 - .70 December 03 - .24

Weekly Close for Platinum
November 26 - 45     December 03 - 97

Weekly Close for Palladium
November 26 - 6      December 03 - 2

Monthly Closes
October - Gold 57 November - Silver 85
October - Silver .56 November - Silver .19
October - Platinum 05 November - Platinum 50
October - Palladium 5 November - Palladium 1

Trading Department - Cache Metals Inc.
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                                   Silver & Gold Bullion News: Buying Silver and Buying Gold is a no brainer - 05-16-2011
                                   by Admin - Silver Snowball, the Worlds Most Affordable Silver Program -

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