«r. George Wells.
   67 Front St.,

                                Thursday      May 5 t h .     1966
                                                                                                                                         per c o p y

  May. 1966 P.S.T.                   OUTSTANDING
, Day    Time     Ht.                                       showed both quality and
  5      0353     10.4                                      quantity in the entries with
  Th.    1108       1.1       The Salt Spring Island        first prize award going to
         1854     10.4  •Chrysanthemum Society and          6 year Laura Rhodes. •
         2327      8.3 <Garden Club Spring Flower                  Mrs. Jack Fendall en-
 6       0415     10.3 !  Show held at Fulford Hall         tered a unique arrangement
  Fr.    1146      0.6 / April 30th was an outstand-        named "Castaway," using
         1951     10.8 iing success.                        the discarded cast from her
  7      0028      8.8         Saturday brought the         broken arm, now mending,
  Sa.    0439     10.0 ffirst signs of summer wea-          as a container.
         1223      0.6 ither along with a large                   Trophies were present-
         2046     10.9 <crowd of spectators to the          ed by President Mrs. Ruby
  8      0140      9.1 !  Show.                             Alton who received her
  Su,    0505      9.7        Fulford Hall was lovely       trophy from Show Conven-
         1304      0.9 >with the colourful array of         er W. Luth. Mrs. E. Wor-
         2142     10.9 (decorative andfloricultural         th ington was Show Secre-
  9      0310      9.1  <displays.                          tary.
  Mo.    0528      9.2        Mrs. R. Alton was a-                Mrs. M.F. Peiler con-
         1349       1.5 ,warded the grand aggregate         vened the afternoon tea,
         2236     10.8   itrophy and Mrs. A. Wilson         served downstairs in the
  10     1437      2.1  , entered the prize winning          ha 11. She .was assisted by
  Tu.    2329     10.7 (arrangement in the "Spring           Mrs. S. K. Claibourne,
  11     1529      2.9 Bikini" Class.                        Mrs. W. Luth, Mrs. A.O.
  We.                          The children's c l a s s       Lacy, Mrs. T. J. Sharland
                                                             and Mrs. Jeanne Bernays.
                                                                   A busy corner of the
                                                               all was the plant table
                                                            where Mrs. E. Groff and
                                                          : Mrs. E. Sylvander sold
                                                                                           Attending the Spring Flower Show on Saturday at the
                                                                                           Fulford Hall was Mrs. Alfred (Helen) Ruckle, who, near
                                                                 The stage was an added
                                                                                           the end of March, celebrated her 93rd. birthday in the
                                                            centre of interest where
                                                                                           Royal Jubilee Hospital, with a major operation. Her am-!
                                                            paintings of our talented
                                                                                           azing and rapid recovery astonished the doctors and staff, \-
                                                             local artists were exhibited^
                                                            The painting and ceramic for Mrs. Ruckle was up and around a few hours after her i
                                                            exhibit was staged by Miss operation. We understand she was the liveliest patent !
                                                            Gwen Ruckle of Beaver          and healthiest on record. It was a delightful surprise to;
                                                            Point, assisted by Mrs. R. see her on Saturday and in honour of her return home, we!
                                                            G. Crosby of St. Mary          present a little bouquet in the way of a few verses to wel-
                                                             Lake.                         come her back.
                                                                  Winners of the various
                                                            classes are listed on PageS.                     PASSING THOUGHTS
                                                                                                        on SALT SPRING ISLAND
                                                                                                                   by Bea Hamilton
                                                           APRIL HAS BEEN A                            Mrs. Alfred (Helen) Ruckle, age 93
                                                            LITTLE DRY THIS YEAR
                                                                  Only slightly less than   Passing thoughts, woven with the threads of Time,
                                                           one inch of rain fell in the     In patterns fall like shadows on a lawn;
                                                           month of April this year as      As memory grasps a fleeting glimpse and then
                                                           compared to 2.53 last year       With gentle, loving touch, is quickly gone.
                                                           says the weather opserver,
                                                           Howard Carl in.                  Oh, gracious lady, who learn'd from life that Art
                                                                  High temperature was 68 Created thus by useful hands, will live
                                                           degrees on the 4th and the       In mem'ry and in fact, expressed by you,
Mr.    b m e r s l u n d .called us the other day          low wqs 32 degrees on the        To prove the joy of life you freely give.
about having a t u l i p w i t h f i v e blooms on         12th. Actual precipation
one s t o c k . He brought the plant down to               was .98 inches.                  Dear gentle friend, as time goes passing by,
the o f f i c e to prove it so we c o u l d do no-                Last year's high temp-    So much has been in life that was to be;
thing less than take this picture. It's for                erature was 67 degrees and       And in your Island home such treasures lie
real. T h a n k s Mr . E m e r s l u n d .                 the low was 35 degrees.          Made from the hands that wove your destiny.
T h u r s d a y , M a y 5 t h , 1966                                                              Salt Spring I s l a n d D R I F T W O O D Kage 4
                                                                added last year, where TV
                                                                gnd a library sre provided
                                                                for the comfort of conval-
                                                                                                  LIONS BINGO
                                                                escing patients.                  SATURDAY                    JUNE 4th.
                                                                     This is an opportunity
                                                                                                         FULFORD          HALL     8P.M.
                                                                to see for yoyrself the won-
                                                                derful facilities provided
                                                                at the Gulf Islands 22 bed      $2.00 ADMISSION           ENTITLES        YOU      TO
                                                                hospital and meet members
                                                                of the Board of Directors and
                                                                     The Hospital W.A. are
                                                                hoping for a large turn-out
                                                                this year.
                                                                                                 $100    CASH       FOR       FINAL       GAME

                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Colin
                                                                Mouat, Federal Way,
                                                                Wash., and their son-
                                                                in-law and daughter, Mr.
                                                                and Mrs. W. Neilsen,
                                                                                                SHOPPER'S                     Special
                                                                Vancouver, visited the
                                                                Laurie Mouat's, Churchill
                                                                                                          TO VICTORIA
                                                                Road, recently. They also
                                                                visited Collins Brothers,               TUESDAY MAY lOth
                                                                Southey Point.                   B U S L E A V E S T A X I O F F I C E 7:_55 a . m .
                                                                                                       FARES: from Ganges $3.50
                                                                                                                   from Fulford $3.00
                                                                      MOTHER'S    DAY                       (Fares i n c l u d e .ferries)
                                                                        MAY 8th .               F O R R E S E R V A T I O N S PHONE:.537-5511
                                                                     SHE LOVES                       RESERVED TICKETS ON SALE AT TAXI OFFICE
                                                                        FLOWERS                                    & FULFORD POST OFFICE
                                                                     GULF ISLANDS FLORISTS
                                                                     Ganges     537-5751        BILL'S TAXI LTD.
Our c h o i c e of the many l o v e l y w o r k s of
art on d i s p l a y at the F l o w e r Show on Sat-
u r d a y was t h i s w o r k by M r s . E . J . H a r r i s o n ,                           LADIES AUXILIARY
.Ganges.                                                                                 ROYAL      CANADIAN          LEGION

 PROJECT "RESTORATION" Centennial celebration
                               HOSPITAL DAY Mav I3tb"
                                                                                    RUMMAGE SALE
      Lions Club members           All Gulf Islanders are                                               AND
"have committed themselves cordially invited to tea in
 to supply labour to restore  the Board Room at Lady
 the old Beaver Point School. Minto Hospital on Friday,
                                                                                             BAKE SALE
 Boss of the worker* is the    May 13th, between 2 and                    SATU RDA Y MA Y 14t h,1966                          1O.OO A.M.
  Beaver Point Hall Committee 4 p.m.
                                                                           D O N A T I O N          -    P I C K U P         537-2802 o r 2119
 who have looked after the        Jhe tea, sponsored by
 old school for many years anctne Hospital W.A., will be
 who will supply the needed convened by Mrs. D. K.G.            i PROSPECTIVE PURCHASERS
  materials.                   Wilson.
      The historic building        Staff personnel will be
 will get a new roof, a paint on nand to show visitors                OFFERING YOU
  job and ground clean-up     around the hospital inrlud-
  and be ready for Canada's |ng the new Sun Room,                                  SALT S P R I N G I S L A N D
                                                                                    EXCLUSIVELY          LISTED
            SMOTHER MOTHER
                                                                                   R E A L E S T A T E P R O P E R T I E S OF
              WITH GIFTS
                                                                                   VARIED REQUIREMENTS WITH
                                                                                       INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION
                                                                                   CAREFULLY, CONFIDENTIALLY AND
                    P E R F U M E S
                                                                                    ETHICALLY       H A N D L E D BY
                   C O S M E T I C S

     C H O C O L A T E S                 G A L O R E
                                                                                  •*'« MARG. JOHNSTON
                                                                               FA 5-7483" (or 5 3 7 - 2 2 9 8 "when on the         Island")
          A W O N D E R F U L S E L E C T I O N OF                                          WM. SINSER REALTY LTD.

         R U S T        C R A F T         C A R D S                        HE 4-8731                              4553 Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C.
 l u r s d a . y , May 5th . 1966                                                                          S a l t S o r i n a I s l a n d D R I F T W O O D Paae 3

                                                                                                                                        VICTORIA'S WONDERFUL
                                                                                                                                           * Newly Renovated
                                                                                                                                           * Dining Lounge
                                                                                                         CHARLES R. HOREL                  * T . V.
                                                                                                          NOTARY PUBLIC                    * Free Parking
                                                                                                             Wills - Mortgages          759 Yates St. EV 4-4136
                                                                                                        Conveyancing -'Documents          VICTORIA, B.C.
                                                                                                         PHONE: 537-5515

                                                                                                             ISLAND GARAGE
                                                                                                        CONGRATULATIONS AND                     BEST WISHES

wo happy w i n n e r s in the f l o w e r show at F u l f o r d H a l l on S a t -                          BENS'       LUCKY         DOLLAR          STORE
•day.        Mrs. A u s t i n W i l s o n , l e f t , d i s p l a y s t r o p h y f o r t h e b e s t
• r a n g e m e n t in the show; w h i l e Mrs. R. A l t o n , F u l f o r d , won
ie t r o p h y a s t h e G r a n d A q q r e q a t e W i n n e r .                                                               [€sso
                                                                      LIONS TO E NTERTA1N
                             required for fires for clear-
 OREST FIRE SEASON                                              UNITED STATES VISITORS
                             ing land, burning debris,
         IN EFFECT                                                   Lions Club will enter-
     Measures for the pro-
                             and similar activities, and
                                                                tain special guests, Zone
                                                                                                        Cam Bastedo Agencies Limited
                             may be obtained only from
 jction of forests went into a Forest Ranger Office.            Chairman and Mrs. Don                       P.O. Box 353, Ganaes            PHONE: 537-5363
 Ffect at midnight Saturday,       No permit is required for. Betger and District Gov-                             WISH        TO   ANNOUNCE
 pril 30th, says the B.C. portable camp stoves or for           ernor and Mrs. Clark
                                                                                                                   T H E         O P E N I N G
 orest Service.              fires set in approved facil-       Mathieu from Port Angeles
    From now until the end ities in provincial camp             at their next meeting to                   OF T H E I R NEW O F F I C E IN G A N G E S
 f October, all accidental and picnic sites or in super- be held Saturday, May 7th                                   ON      MAY        2nd,       1966
  res discovered in forest   vised commercial campground at Harbour House.                   t
                                                                                                             n e x t d o o r t o A l e c ' s Meat M a r k e t
 r woodland should be ex-          During periods of very            The meeting will be
 inguished if possible and                                       "Ladies Night" with                          R E A L        E S T A T E          O N L Y
                             high hazard, all access to
 sported to the Forest Ser- the forests may be prohib-           Lionesses joining the Club                DEAL       WITH       A      LOCAL         AGENT
 ice as soon as possible.                                       for dinner.
     No outdoor fire may be
                                                                     At a recent meeting,                               FOR SERVICE
it without a permit for any GARDEN CLUB TO MEET                 the Club raised almost
iurpose within one-half                                         $400 at a Klondike Night
                               The Garden Club will
iile of any forest or wood- hold its monthly meeting            held at the White Elephant.
and.                           in United Church Hall,
                                                                The proceeds wi 11 be used
                                                                for Lions Activities includ--
     Campfire permits are      Wednesday, May Nth at
                                                                ing the project to install a                          HAVE YOU CONTACTED
equired for fires for cook- 8 p.m. at which time Mr.
                                                                playground at Memorial                             MR. OR MRS. ED. WADDELL
ng or warmth , and may be A. Wilson will show slides
                                                                Park for the Island Centen-                       ABOUT MERCHANDISING YOUR
>btained from any Forest       of Alpine Plants.     All                                                        PRODUCT IN THEIR NEW SPECIALTY SHOP?
iervice or Fish and Game       interested are cordially                                                                  PHONE 537-5698
Jranch office, and from       linvited. The club wishes         and to thank those who
nany sporting goods stores. to thank all who so kindjy         ,colleered milk cartons
     Burning permits are       donated plants for sale to       which were used as con-
                                 our recent Flower Show              tainers.

                                                                            BUI DING SUPPLIES

                                                                                                           AND HARDWARE

                                                                                                               PAINT          LUMBER         PLYWOOD

                                  MOU AT BROS.                                                                         GYPROC           HARDWARE

                                                                                                                             B.C. CEMENT
                                                                                                     S a l t S p r i n g I s l a n d D R I F T W O O D Pnn f i 4
T h u r s d a y , May 5th,    1966

                                                               A v i e w of      Ganges
        Published weekly on Salt Spring Island, James Cfl      Harbour     a b o u t 1908
Ward, Editor, Post Office Box 250, Ganges, B.C.                showing the buildings
Phone: 537-2211. Authorized as second class mail, Post         at t h e wh a,rf .    .The
Office Department, Ottawa, Postage paid at Ganges,             boat on the l e f t is
B.C. Subscription rates, $2.50 per year in Canada;             the     Motor        Launch
$3.00 elsewhere. Advertising rates on request. Liability       "Ganges" used            for
to advertisers limited to space bought.                        freighting       supplies
                                                               up and       down       the

                                                     MTII                     .iH

Mac and L a u r i e Moua t of f i c ia I I y t u r n e d o v e r the g r o c e r y d e p a r t -
m e n t o f M o u a t B r o t h e r s t o Mr. B e n G r e e n o u g h o n M o n d a y . Here
Mac and Laurie wish the Ben G r e e n o u g h ' s of Bens' Lucky Dollar
Store the b e s t o f fortune in the f u t u r e .
                                                                                                         Mouat's         Store      as      it    is     today

                                                                                                    depending heavily on the
                                                                                                                                     BENNETS TO OTTAWA
                                                                                                    fortunes of one of the first
                                                                                                    gas boats in these waters.
                                                                                                                                            yhe Gulf Islands were
                                                                                                    Known as the "Ganges" it           represented last weekend ir
                                                                                                    was a 52 foot launch which         Ottawa at the annunal con-
                                                                                                    travelled up and down the         vention of the Canadian
                                                                                                    island with groceries and        .Baha'i Community .Flet-
                                                                                                    produce to spots that were        cher Bennet, accompanied
                                                                                                    not served by any road. The by his wife Elinor, was one
                                                                                                    boat was also used to caryy of ninety-five elected del-
                                                                                                    freight from Vancouver and egates who gathered at the
                                                                                                    Victoria. It loaded fruit         Chateau Laurier from every
                                                                                                   .from orchards along Scott         province in Canada and as
                                                                                                    Point, a spot then known as far north as the Canadian
                                                                                                     "Fruitvale." At one time,        Arctic. This year's con-
                                                                                                    the "Ganges" also carried         vention coincided with the
                                                                                                    mail from Sidney up through 50th Anniversary of a
                                                                                                    the Islands as far as Nanaimo ision by 'Abdu'l-Bahaj
                                                                                                         The new operator of          of the founder of the Baha'i
T h e o r i g i n a l M o u a t ' s G e n e r a l S t o r e as it s t o o d in 1907 on the          the grocery store, Mr. Ben        Faith to call the members
site between the present building and Salt Spring Lands.                                     It    Greenough, has been with          of the faith from Canada
also contained the Post Office.                                                                    Mouat's for 20 years.             and the United States to
                                     the official take-over of the in 1907 when Gilbert Mou Latterly he has been manager establish Baha'i Communi-
 DEPARTMENT NOW,                     Grocery department of the         av purchased the land and of the grocery department,          ties in everv country of the
 UNDER SEPARATE                      business by Mr. Ben Green- former store building from the section he now operates globe. Now, thanks to
MANAGEMENT                           ough and his son, Ben, Jr.        a company known as Mal- independently in partnership
                                                                                                                                      hundreds of Americans and
     Mouat Brothers, Gen-            The store is to remain in the colm and Purvis, former         with his son, Ben, Jr.
                                                                                                                                      Canadians who left their
                                     same location and will            owners. The business be-
eral Merchants on Salt                                                                                                               homes and scattered througl
Spring Island since 1907,            henceforth be known as            gan with some half doz-
                                                                                                                                     out the world, the faith ha:
will next year celebrate            ,Bens' Lucky Dollar Store.          en employees.
                                                                                                                                     some three million follower
their 60th year os business.             This development re-               During the early years        -Vi~f.  ,
                                                                                                            ^.Sunday is               in over 260 countries and
     Monday morning Drift-           called the early days of the       groceries and farm prod-
                                                                                                                 M o t h e r ' s Day      (Cont'd. to P. 9, Col.
wood was on hand to witness enterprise after its beginnings uce were bought and sold
 T h u r s d a y , May 5 t h , 1 966                                                                 Salt Spring       Island D R I F T W O O D Page 5
JAMES APPOINTED                                                   WJTH THE LAW                    Miss Gwen Ruckle; "Minia- Mrs. M. Atkins, Mrs. Scott
AGRICULTURAL                     BKID6E PARTY
                                                                      Police are checking o       ture Garden "-Miss G. C.    Clarke; "Spring is Here"-
                                             ... Doreen Morris
    ASSISTANT                                                    report that someone has                                       Mr. P.G. James, Mr. Frank
                                      Members of the Adult                                        Hamilton, Miss Gwen
        Mr . P . G. James,                                       been setting up camp in          Ruckle, Mrs. P.G. James;     Collins; "What Have You?"
                                 Night School Bridge Class
well known on the Island                                         the Catholic Church at            "Three's Company"-Mrs. A. Mrs. J.W. Catto, Mrs. E.W.
                                 met at the home of Mr.
to farmers and gardeners,
                                 and Mrs. Charles Moat,          Fulford, Evidence of              K. Wilson,Miss Gwen Ruckle McQuarrie, Mrs. V-C.-Best;
was appointed Agricultural                                       unauthorized persons us-
                                 Long Harbour, Saturday                                           Mrs. Scott Clarke, Miss G. "Rock of Gibralter"-Laura
Assistant for the Gulf                                           ing the building have been                                    Rhodes 6 yrs.,Raymond
                                 evening, April 30 for the                                         C. Hamilton; "Driftwood
 Islands, April 1st.                                             discovered with cigarettes                                    Holmberg, Jeffrey Lacy,
                                 final session of bridge                                          and Flowers"-Mrs. Scott
    ^Working with the De-
                                 classes for the season.         scattered around and the          Clarke, Mrs. A. K. Wilson, Jackye Moat; Daffodils-
partment of Agriculture,
                                      Mr. Moat and his           church candle stock being        Mrs. V. Holmberg, Jackye Trumpet-Mr. T. .W. Mouat,
Mr. James will advise                                            tampered with.
                                 assistant Mr. A. Villadsen                                        Moat; "Symphony in Black Miss G.C. Hamilton,Mrs.
 Islanders of fertilizers, in-
                                 were given a hearty vote             Jerry Con rod reports       and White "-Mrs. R.R. Alton, R.R.Alton; Daffodils: large
sect i cides and pesticides,                                     the loss of an extension                                      cup-Mrs. Elsie Worthington,
                                 of thanks and Mrs. Moat                                          Miss Gwen Ruckle, Mrs.
and the growing of crops
                                 and Mrs. Villadsen were         ladder somewhere between          Scott Clarke; "Pixie Bou- Mrs. A. E. Roddis; Daffodils:
as well as giving out gen-                                       Ganges and Churchill                                          small cup-Mrs. Jack Fendall,
                                  oresented with hydrangea                                         quet"-Mrs. A.K.Wilson,
eral information on veget-
                                 pot plants on behalf of         Road area. Finder please          Mrs. Jeanne Bernays, Miss Mrs. A.E. Roddis, Mr. T.W.
able and flower gardens
                                 the bridge players in ap-        jontact RCMP.                    Olive Mouat; "Springtime"- Mouat; Daffodils:double~
and small fruits. He will
                                 preciation for all their                                          Mrs. Edwad Lacy, Mrs. A. no entries; Daffodils:bunch
 keep on hand the govern-                                                                                                      flowered, double-Mr. J.
                                 help. First prize for the            Richard Blomley,             Davis, Mrs. Scott Clarke,
 ment publications on agri-
                                 evening's play was won by       Galiano, appeared in              Miss Gwen Ruckle; "Reflec-
culture and horticulture.                                                                                                      (Cont'd. to P. 11, Col. 1)
                                 Mr. R. Clarkeson.               Magistrate's Court last           tions"- Mrs. A.K.Wilson,
      Mr. James first came
                                      Those present were Mr.     week and was fined $40 and
to SaltSpring in 1919 to
                                 and Mrs. Walter Carlson,        costs on a charge of driving
 join his parents on their
                                                                 without due care and at-
seed farm. Thev grew seeds Mr. and Mrs. Gordon
                                 Crosby, Mr. and Mrs. A.         tention, resulting in an
at the location of the
                                 Villadsen, Mr. and Mrs.         accident qt North Galiano
present golf course, Fern-
                                'R. Clarkeson, Mr. and Mrs.      Me was further fined $25
wood Farms, and near
                                  Norman Mouat, Mrs. A.E.        for exceeding the speed
 Vesuvius. "SaltSpring,"
                                 Roddis, Mrs. F.I. Atkins,       limit on the Ganges Hill.
says Mr. James, "was
                                 Mrs. W. G. Stone, Mrs.               Lawrence Mitchell,
 ideal for growing seeds                                         Fulford, was fined $50 for
                                 Fanny Williams, Mrs.
 because of its isolation."                                      bailing to yield the right
                                 Hugh Ross, Miss J. Over-                                                                              Phone 753-4621
 The family established a
                                 end, Mr. G.S. Humphreys,        of way to another vehicle                                          R.R. §2. Nanaimo
seed growers association                                         resulting in an accident
                                 and Mr. Nels Westin.
on the Island which lasted
                                   Members of the class un-
about six years.
                                 able too attend were
      Mr. James went to the
 Okanagan in 1931 where he
                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Booth,       F LOWER SHOW AWARDS                    Chartered Accountants
                                 Mrs. John R. Sturdy, and        The w i n n e r s in each W i l l be in the o f t i c e ( a d j a c e n t to turners
was agriculturist for the                                                                                     Store) on Saturdays
                                 Mrs. H. Stafford.               class are named in
 Interior Vegetable Marketing                                                                   'hone Ganges 537-2831 or Victoria EV 2-2625 COLLECT
                                      Refreshments were          order of f i r s t , sec-
 Board. During the Second
                                 served at the end of bridge.      o n d , t h i r d a n d Hon-
 World War, he worked                                                                                          A - NEW        SERVICE
throughout B.C. on vege-                                         o r a b l e me nt i on .
                                                                                                        TO     OUR      ISLAND       CUSTOMERS
 table seed production for                                       "Beside the Sea "-Mrs.
 the British Ministry of Food.                                   Jeanne Bernays, Mrs. Laurie
      Mr. and Mrs. James         grow many special plants.       Mouat, Mrs. V. Holmberg,              Now You Can Telephone Us
 retired to the Island in              Since his retirement,     Mrs. M. Atkins; "An
 I960 where they continue        Mr. James has completed         Arrangement in a Jug"-          AT OUR DRYCLEANING PLANT IN DUNCAN
 their vocation as active        development of a new var-       Mrs. V, Holmberg, Mrs.
 members of the Salt Spring       iety of tomato named           Scott Clarke, Mrs. Chas.     JUST DIAL OPERATOR AND ASK FOR
 Garden Club. Mr. James
 is also a director of the
                                  "Salt Spring Sunrise."         Moat;     "Dare to be                    ZENITH 6788
                                  Said Mr. James, "I chose       Different "-Miss Gwen Ruckl«
 Farmers Institute. Their
 own garden is one of the
                                 the name to recognize my
                                 pride in the Islands and
                                                                 Mrs. Scott Clarke, Mrs. J.
                                                                 Fendall, Mrs. A.K. Wilson;        VOGUE CLEANERS
                                                                                                           DUNCAN, B.C.
 show places on the Island       my love for them, espec-         "Spring Bikini "-Mrs. A.K.
 where Mr. and Mrs. James         ially Salt Spring."            Wilson, Mrs. Scott Clarke,      PICK UP AND DELIVERY EVERY WEDNESDAY

                     REAL ESTATE                                                     SALTSPRING INSURANCE
                                                                                         AGENCIES Ltd.
                 BEAUTIFUL     CORNER VIEW LOT                                                -   COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE -
                 ON  MAIN      PAVED R O A D NEAR
                                                                                                      A L L  C L A S S E S
                 L A R G E NUMBER O F A T T R A C T I V E
                 DOGWOODS        ON   THIS LARGE
                                                                                       Fire, Automobile, Liability,
                            SERVICED   LOT.
                             . FULL PRICE
                                                                                            Marine, Life, etc.
                               $2500.00                                                       HAVE US CHECK YOUR COVERAGES AGAINST
                                                                                                    PRESENT DAY VALUES!!
                    PHONE                537-5515                                              WE ARE AS NEAR AS YOUR PHONE
                                                                                              PHONE: 537-5515 Days or 537-2142 Evenings

            SALT SPRING LANDS                                                                   TERMS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST
T h u r f- ^ a                                                                                                 Coring Island UKIMWUUU Kage 6

                                         man    DIRECTORY                                                            CLASSIFIED
     GULF PLUMBING & HEATING                         Dick's                                              FOR       SALE                         NOTICES
          FRED LUDDINGTON                            do                                                                                   ^ANNUAL GENERA
     Furnace & Oi! Burner Service                                                               Violas, Sea holly, bronze
                                              SALES & SERVICE                                   helium, cotoueasters,                 MEET ING of the Lady
        FREE E S T I M A T E S                                                                                                        Minto Gulf Islands Hospital
       PHONFr 537-5314                        PHONE: .537^2943:                                 Virginia Creeper, Climb-
                                                                                                ing Rose, Barberry.                  and Gulf Islands Hospital
            FOR      ALL YOUR                       Duncan                                      Grant's Nursery 537-5565               Improvement District No. 9
         BUILDING             NEEDS              Trading Centre                                 I expect to have bedding
                                                                                                                                       will be held for Salt Spring
                 CONSULT                        "NEW AND "USEPTUR1MiTURE""                      plants, flowers, and                   Island in Mahon Hall,
   CRUICKSHANK CONSTRUCTION                P mi. South of Duncan on Trans Canada                                                       Friday, 13th May, at 8p.m.
                                                                                                vegetables at Ganges,
   , PHONE; 537-2950 or 537-5628             Opposite Dragon Cafe          746-55151                                                  All taxpayers are eligible
                                                                                                Saturday, 10:30 a.m. or
      E R N I E            B O O T H        [Scarf f Equipment                                  at Greenhouse on Canal                to vote at this meeting;
      PLUMBING & H E A T I N G                                                                 jRd. Also sacked dry chick- non taxpayers become
    LENNOX-SPEED QUEEN DEALER                                                                   en manure available.                  eligible to vote on.joining
       SUPER HOT WATER HEATERS                                                                  Child's crib and high                 the society and paying an
          .t.HONE; 5 3 7 - 5 7 1 2                                                              chair, in good condition.             annual fee of 50 cents. (
                                                                                                                                       Signed: H. Hoffman,
    Sah Spring                                                           ISLANDS?
                                                                                                $15.00 Phone;537:5678
                                                                                              Rhubarb fo^ale I0<? Ib.
 Freight S^rvice^Ltkf                                                    Move_You
                                                                                              For freezing or canning.                         • Board of Management
Moving to all Vonmuver Island po'mts^            LDCAL^TLaNB DISTANCE MOVJNBt
                                                                                                                                       The S.S.I. Fathom Phantoms
           All EjDQuiries -537-2041                " TPHQUE! MUTUAL 3-J39S~""                 Mrs. J. Buitenwerf,
(Daves Record Service by Rec Centre).       992 POWELL STREET)' VANCOUVER A^B._c'
                                                                                              Rainbow Rd., 537-2097                   are now starting a new year
                                              S A L T           S P R I N G                   The first asparagus for sale.            on diving. Any person 18 •
           A AGE V I L L A D S E N
                                                                                              Rainbow Rd. Mrs. Murak-                  or over wishing to learn the
 i      Quality Homes, Renovations
                                             Garbage Collection                               ami. 537-2239                            sport of skin and skuba
                                                       S E R V I C E                          Two dresses. Suitable for                diving, contact Steve
 'Additions, Cab'mets, Free Estimates
                                                   PHONE:       537-2167                      graduation. $5.00 each.                   LaFortune, President, at
  • GANGES PHONE: 537-54.UL.                                                                                                                    537-5345
STAREITESALO                                                                                  26 ft. cruiser - Chrysler
                                                                                              Crown power $1500 cash .
                                                                                                                                        Instructions will be given
                                                                                                                                       by a qualified instructor.
      EXPERT HAIR STYLING,                                       METAL
                                                  OIL & GAS H E A T I N G                     537-2211                                 Any club, organization,
            For Aopoi ntment
                                            G A N G E S Phone: 537-2914                       Good Cheviot Sheep. .                    business, or private person
        'ilHON_E: 5 3 7 - 2 8 1 5 '                                                                                                    who wants to enter a
                                                                                              Pedigree supplied.
                                                              qflfirt                              Phone:537-5645                      float, and children who
     W.J. MOLLi SON                                      uiiaozing                            1 Jacknife table and                     want to enter in fancy
     READY-MIX, CEMENT, GRAVEL             LAND CLEARING-EXCAVATIONS                          4 kitchen chairs $15.00                  dress, decorated bikes,
        SUPPLIES, ROAD FILL, etc.                    ROAD BUILDING, etc.                      Phone 537-2101                           wagons, etc., at Shaw's
 PHONE: 537-2031 Box 73, Ganges                          -2930        P.                                                                Field on May 23rd. for
                                                                                                Four whitewall tubeless
                                                                                                                                        MAY DAY CELEBRATIONS,
              F ISLANDS!                                                                       tires 13-600. A lot of
                                                                                                                                        please phone 537-5585.
             WINDOW                                                                            miles in them yet.
                                                                                                                                        Salt Spring Auto Wreckers
    Ruqs, Floors, ere.
                                                                                               phone !' 537-5574
                                                                                                                                   : & Garage. Complete
                         Phone: 537-5417                             POINT RD.                         FOR         RENT             : motor overhaul; new &
                                                 NORTHWESTERN CREAMERY                                                             • used parts;,-welding; trailers
                                                                                               2-bedroom house, auto,
  Patchett Plumbing                                  P R O D U C T S                           oil heat. On Stuart Rd.
                                                                                                                                        built to,order; day and night
                                                 Contact: G.M. HEINEKEYat                                                               wrecker service.
    NEW INSTALLATIONS - REPAIRS                                                                 Phone: 537-5714
                                                    PHONE: 537-5732                                                                : Phone 537-5714
          FREE      ESTIMATES                                                                     W A N T E D TO RENT , Circle (K) Park-Resort
         PHONE: 537-5724                      Delivery twice weekly
                                                                                                 3 bedroom house, near                   King-Fisherman children's
                                                GANGES EEC CENTRE"
  BURGOYNE DAIRY                              10 a.m. - llp.m. Mon. to Sat.                     Ganges if pbssible. Will                 Contest (May-June) .
       RAW M I L K - 25$ q u a r t            i SNACOAR          BARBER SHOP                    sign lease for a year.                   Centennial Aircraft Camp-
   JERSEY-GUERNSEY MILK 28$ qt.                                                                 Contact Cpl. Rhodes                     out (top prize). Entertain
        Delivery - Monday & Friday                Haircuts by.appt. i esired                    537-5555                                your friends to a picnic
          PJLQNE: 5 3 7 - 2 8 6 7
                                                   "frTUNt:         -5740 ;                                                             outing with fishin
CHIMNEY                                             " V R O W N'S                                 R . K . PRICE                         boating. Special
                                              SEPTIC         TANK        and                                                            to community or other
                   CLEANING                 SEWER_ROOTER SERVICE                           ENERAi HAULING
                  SERVICb "                                                                Phone: 537-5663
                                                                                                                                        organizations upon request.
 Roofing, Gutter Cleaning &RepairingJ?j ErnieJBooth Plumbing and Heating                        #                                        Picnic's—$1.00 per car
    W.G. Mossop, R.R. *1, Fulford                ."PHONE; 537-57.1 2                 R... R . 2 , G a n g e s , B . C .
                                                                                                                                         Boats —       .50 per hour
                                          SHEFFIELD RAQIO TV                                                                            537-5617. LangRa\ Ganges.
      W BANGERT                               SALES_& SERVICE
     CONSTRUCTION                         .YQLIRIRCA VICTOR DEALER''
                                                                                                          1*AlN^6w                               LOST
 First class residential & commercial     Guaranteed manufacturers service To"                                                           Queen Wilhelmina Com-
                                             all makes — Fully licensed                                              ^ ITTJ ^»' Li
   Additions & Remodelling 537-5692
                                          Colour TV Specialist Phone 537-5693-                                       ®i                  memorative plate. Under •
               1                                                                                                                        a cake at the Home Baking
Dutch Beauty Salon                           BELGROVE HOUSE REST HO^AE                              Scott {.Piano Se                     Sale at the Social Credit
          9 a . m . to 5~p . m .               ' B R E N T WOOD BAY                                 TUNING REPAIRS REBUILDING
                                                                                                                                         Tea. Phone 537-2908
          TUESDAY TO FRIDAY                    Serene, Homelike Atmosphere                               t u n e s by ear                One flashlight - believed
     (Wed evening by appointment)                  Private and Semi-private             TELEPHONE          355 GORGE RD. W.              left in a store. Please phone
             Phone: 537-28JJ            L
                                           MfsTP.L. Irving, R.N. 652-1552              384-4623              VICTORIA,. B.C.
                                                                                                                                         Hastings: 537-2830.
T h u r s d a y , M a y 5 t h,   1966                                                         S a l t S p r i n g Is l a n d OR I FT WO O D P a a e 7
                                                                     Mrs, Horel is the
                        CHURCHES                               former Mary Hepburn,
                        May 8, 1 9 6 5                         sister to Art Hepburn ,                                  roint
ANGLICAN -                                                     and Bob Hepburn over in
   St. George's Ganges, Choral Communion                        Nanaimp. Jean is an-                                       MARINA
   St. Mary's Fulford, Evensong 2:30 p.m.                      other sister and she is
                                                                                                    SWIMMING      POOL
UNITED - Ganges, Sunday School 9*3 a.m.;                       •Mrs. WeiIburn (Gerry
                                                                                                 WILL   BE   OPEN   DAILY
   Morning Service 11 a.m.                                     We I Iburn) in Victoria.
                                                                                             BEGINNING    SATURDAY   7TH   MAY
   AAN CATHOLIC - Our Lady of Grace Ganges,                         ********                      10A.M.     TO   10P.M.
   Holy Mass 9:00 a.m.                                               Sunday the Lay
                                                                                                    50$   PER   PERSON
   St. Paul's Fulford, Holy Mass 11:00 a.m.                    Readers in the Anglican          HEATED    TO   72  DEGREES
FULL GOSPEL CHAPEL - Sunday School and adult                    Church took the Services.
   Bible classes 10:30 a.m.;   Evening service 7:30.            At St. Mary's, Lay
                                                                Reader Eric Faure preo-
 More Classified                                                ched the sermon and
                                      It was nice to see Mr.     Lay Reader Des Crofton
:ARD OF T H A N K S              Percy Horel and Mrs.           assisted with the service.
special thanks to Dr. Jansch     Horel at the Flower            The Congregation were           D E S I G N E R S I N HOME I N T E R I O R S
le Nurses and staff of Lady      Show on Saturday. Percy        pleased as the service
\into Hospital, our              was the first baby Chris-      went exceedingly well.             SLIP COVERS AND             DRAPERIES
eighbours and friends for        tened in St. Mary's                ********
leir kindnesses to Mr. N.        Church in 1894, the year            Congratulations to                CUSTOM DRESSMAKING
\arquis during his recent        the Church was built.          the Rector, Venerable
 Iness. (Signed) Mr. and Mrs     The Rev. E. F. Wilson          Archdeacon Horsefield             PHONE: 537-2266 between 6 and 8 p.m.
I. Marquis                       performed the ceremony         on the 40th Anniversary                   by appointment only
                                 and it is quite something     of hi« Ordination into
  IN A P P R E C I A T I O N     because it was Me.            the Service of God. Al-
te wish to extend our heart-     Wilson who organized          so we are pleased that he           AtYour Service          DRY CLEANING
elt thanks and appreciation      the building. Alfred          has returned home from                                         & LAUNDRY
  or the sympathy and beauti-    Raines, a CPR bridge          his recent stay in the
  ul floral offering received    builder by trade, did         local hospital. He is
                                                                                                      Gulf Islands CLEANERS
Tom our kind friends and         the construction, and         always saying prayers
leighbours during our recent     helpers were Dick and         for other people—per-
Dereavement in the loss of
3 beloved husband and
  ather. We also wish to
                                 Jim Maxwell, brothers
                                 of Dave Maxwell, also
                                 Alec or Jim Wilson,
                                                               haps it is time we said
                                                               a few prayers for him !
                                                               So here's one: God bless
                                                                                                  TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU               Farm &
extend a personal thanks to       (maybe both) who lived       him and keep him with          U N C A N - (.ALL T O L L F R E E            Garden
Rita Dods.                       where the Misses Gladys       us for many more years.
     Mrs. Lillian Kitchen and    and Cree Shaw and Bill,       (P.S. Dear God, that is         Zenith 6292                                 Supplies

            fami ly               live now. It never fails      IF he wants to stay with
                                 you speak to someone          us in this Parish. Amen)
       by Bea Hamilton
                                 who lived 'way back and
                                 out pops fascinating bits
                                                                   * **** ***                  GANGES BOAT
     St. Mary's Church
wardens got busy and put
                                 of history.
                                                                                                 YARD LTD.
the new picket fence
along the front of the
Church. Now it needs               CRED8T
a coat of paint. It has            UNION    /
been decided to paint              CHEQUING L
it the same colour as the          ACCOUNTS^
Church. Volunteers to
do the job, gratis, would
be appreciated. There
is no chance though, to
express artistic designs,              Pay bills by cheque.
such as we have been               f Your credit union has a chequing service as an
reading and hearing a-                 added convenience for you.                                     ete Service &
bout on City fences.                  Monies required for current expenses can be
 ^Aplain painting, done                placed in a "Deposit Account" and cheques written
                                       by you against this account.
                                                                                                    Supplies for Yachtsmen
wrtn good will and a
brush.                                 Paying bills by cheque is inexpensive. Cheques
                                       are lOc each and come in boots of twenty-five.
     ********                          This is the only Charge to you.
                                                                                               OUTBOARD MOTORS
 MeMANUS                               You receive interest at 4% per annum calculated
                                       on the minimum quarterly balance.
SHELL SERVICE                                                                                Factory Approved
                                     if Regular statements are provided.
                                                                                                       Repair Depot
                                    Open a chequing account at your credit union
                                     today and let it earn extra money for you.                   HOURSTON
                                                                                               GLA5CRAFT BOATS
                                    ySAANICH PENINSULA                                                  SEE  US   FOR
  REPAIRS ,& SERVICE                   CREDIT UNION                                           LAWN MOWER AND SMALL ENGINE
                                                                                             T U N E - U P S    &     R E P A I R S
HOMELITE CHAIN SAWS                     537-5431                                                      PHONi 537-2932
Thursday,           May       ^th ,        1 9 o6                                                                             Salt Spring   Island   DRIFTWOOD          Page 8
                                                                                     French-made unit, first used in
  Centennial                                                                         the making of the French films
                                                                                     "The Red Balloon" and "Voyage
                                                                                     in a Balloon". It permits a picture
                                                                                                                                   A complete Real Estate Service on Saltspring
  Report                                                                             while hovering vibration is elimi-
                                                                                     nated in this clever device.
                                                                                                                                  and the other IslanrU U now available throuah

                                                                                           In Toronto Boyko hovered a
                                                                                     few feet above Nathan Phillips
                                                                                                                              DOUGT AS HAWKES Ltd
                                                                                      Square, for a dramatic view of the                 817A - Fort Street, VICTORIA
                                                                                     new clam-shell city hall. He
                                                                                     caught the Old Fort Henry Guard,             Sales, Mortgage, Loans
                                                                                     at Kingston, doing its drill.
                                                                                                                                      ON HOMES OR VACANT PROPERTY
                                                                                           The helicopter camera shot the
                                                                                     convoluted tubing and towers of a
                                                                                     vast oil refinery complex at Ed-
                                                                                                                                       Land Development
                                           by JOHN W. FISHED
                I867U 1967                 CENTENNIAL COMMISSIONER                   monton, paddle wheelers, rising
                                                                                      new buildings in western cities, the       PLEASE CALL       HoWOfd           By T O T
                                                                                     lush North Saskatchewan River
 Report No. 6                               was a country-and-western singer          Valley; in Montreal the heli-             EV 4-7128 Collect or Ganges 537-2054 (Residen
                                            in Saskatoon in 1937 when a broad-        copter made forays around the
     Before the end of this year a          caster named Jack Wells tagged            new skyscrapers; in Saskatchewan
 iulljength Canadian feature film           him yvith his nickname, Jeep, after       it caught a fast-moving freight
 Ull 1x! released to Great Britain,         a comic-strip creature.                   train travelling through a Prairie
 the United States and other coun-                                                    town, a truck leaving a high dust
 tries It is certain to encourage
 people to visit our country during
                                                In the 40's Boyko was a taxi
                                            driver in Vancouver when a pas-
                                            senger went on vacation leaving
                                                                                    ' plume behind it, down a road to
                                                                                      a lone elevator standing stark          A MOTHERS DAY GIFT
 the 1967 Centennial.                                                                 against the prairie horizon.
                                            her camera in the cab. He used                                                      SIMPLE      ENJOYABLE        HOBBY
     The film, called Helicopter            it to shoot a trafifc accident and             In Newfoundland the camera
 Canada, an hour-long Panavista             sold the pictures to a local paper        made contact with a lighthouse
 production for wide screens, will          for $5. This sent him into photog-        keeper and a ship's skipper seeking       SHE ONLY NEEDS T O KNOW HOW TO AIM
 be shown in our own cinemas dur-           raphy and he wound up at the Na-          guidance into the harbor thus
 ing 1967.                                  tional Film Board in 1951. Boyko's        symbolizing the entry to Canada
     Helicopter Canada is the first         home, when he gets there, is in           through her most eastern gateway.
 full length moving picture feature
 to be made entirely from a heli-
 copter-in-flight anywhere in the
                                            Lorraine, Quebec; he has a wife,
                                            one daughter, 10, and one son, 3.
                                                By means of Jeep Boyko's
                                                                                           The film's viewers will have
                                                                                      the sensation of being virtually on
                                                                                      the surface of the gorge beneath
                                                                                      tiie Honeymoon Bridge at Niagara
                                                                                                                                  Kodak                            •**&

 world. It is an exciting coast-to-         camera, background narration, dia-
 coast color sweep of Canada —              logue and sound effects, the viewer        Falls, and being on a slow trip
 its geography, its wildlife, its people
 and ways of life: It is being pro-
 duced by the National Film Board
 of Canada for and with the aid
 of the Centennial Commission.
                                            in the cinema audience will be
                                            making a trip across the country,
                                            discovering Canada as though he
                                            were in that helicopter. The 'copter,
                                            during shooting, was able to get
                                                                                       straight up the faOe of the bridal
                                                                                      veil falls almost at arms length.
                                                                                       They will "ride the back" of a
                                                                                       deer in flight, peek into the win-
                                                                                      dows of Montreal skyscrapers and
 Peter Jones is the producer and            as close to the face of anything as        experience the sight and sound of
 George Salverson is the script             its blades permitted and hovered           stenographers at their work and
 writer. The director-cameraman             from six to 600 feet.                      stockbrokers in action. They will
 ii Eugene "Jeep" Boyko of the                  Boyko spent more than a year           view skiers and mountain climbers,
  National Film Board staff who                                                        wheat farmers, miners and pros-
 had some interesting experiences
                                            on the filming — a good deal of
                                            the time 500 feet up in the air,           pectors, lumbermen, asembly-line              NEW "FLASHCUBE" MODELS
 filming this project across Can-           crash helmet on head, hanging out          productions, football clubs, outdoor
 ada from the open door of a                the side of a French-built turbine         activities of various ethnic groups
 helicopter.                                helicopter (the Alouette'). In one         and of the first Canadians — the           DROP IN THE FILM • POP ON A FLASHCUBE
     Boyko was born in Saskatoon,            year he shot 96,000 feet of film          Indians.
  has been a dishwasher, shipyard            and travelled from Newfoundland                 Don't miss Helicopter Canada
 worker, private chauffeur in vari-          to Victoria. An anti-vibration            when it comes to your area in
 oiu parts of the country and he             mount for the camera was a                1967.                   _

                                           Dear Editor:
                                                          Dear Editor:
 LONG TIME RESIDENT                                           The word "Progress"
DIES IN VICTORIA                You goofed ! 1 wrote...   is used today where
    The many friends of   fhe PROponents of the "as        "Regress" is often meant,
the late Mr. and Mrs.     you were school." T his         because the influx of too
George Lowe will be        -,ame out as the OPponents,    many young people from
saddened to hear that     which of course completely      the East, into these West-
Mrs. Alice Helen Lowe     reverses my meaning. So         ern Isles, c6uld leave us
died in Victoria on April now I'll be the prime tar-     with the same type of mis-
28th at the age of 80.    get for both sides in the       eries, found in astronomical
Cremation was performed   Earth shaking upheaval of       proportions, in this century,
in Royal Oak Cremator-    the ferry controversy.          in Shanghai or Hong Kong.
ium Apr! I 29th.          Every day I expect to hear           For instance, the
    Mr. Lowe prede-       fhe fateful words               European resident of
ceased his wife in June    "ready, aim,FIRE."             China "regresses" if he
1958 after living on Salt      signed) Harry B. Dickens  returns" to Europe and                                                     SPECIAL ATTENTION TO MAIL ORDERS
Spring Island for22years.    May 7th a! i i a.m. in      continues westwards, to
    Both Mr. and Mrs.
 Lowe were very active in
                             St. George's Church.
                             Interment of the ashes will
                                                         settle in Victoria, but if
                                                         he travels Eastwards to                                                  VICTORIA
most charitable affairs
on the Island for many
                             follow at the family plot
                             in St. Mark's Cemetery.
                                                         Victoria, directly from
                                                          China, he "progresses" or                                             PHOTO SUPPLY.
                                                                                                                               VICTORIA'S        LEADING PHOTO SUPP1
years.                            Rev. E.W. MacQuarrie maintainshis Easterly
    Memorial services                                     "progress." So Webster                                                                    CENTRE
                             will officiate. Goodmans
will be held for both Mr.                                tells us. Therefore,to                                                1015 D o u g l a s S t r e e t EV-5-3459
                             Funeral Home is in charge                         •
and Mrs. Lowe on Saturday of arrangements.                                                                                          VICTORIA
                                                                    (con't to p. 10)



                                             4 door, radio, white wall tires

                                             4 door, Very Clean

                                                                                                                                            Salt Spring
   59       AUSTIN 4 door, Overhauled Motor, Floor Shift $595.
                                                                                                                                            Motors Ltd.
  57         FORD                     V-8 - Automatic, 4 door, Radio                           $365.
                                                                                                                                            BOX 391 GANGES
  54 CADILLAC                                    FLEETWOOD                                     $695.                                        PHONE 537- 2O12
 T h u r s d a y , May 5th,       1966                                                               Salt Spring Island DRIFTWOOD Page 9

                                                                             Li@rss Club wi!! be
                                                                        holding a giant Bingo at
                                                                        Fulford Hall June 4th to       ISLAND WEEL                 DRIUING
                                                                        raise money for Lions                   W A T E R         W E L L S
                                                                        Charitfes. Tickets will       Owner-Operated Rig             Reasonable Rates
                                                                        be available next week.
                                                                        Lots of games and lots                     FREE ESTIMATES
                                                                        of prizes at this one.         W.J,    WILLIAMS        W.J.       WILLfAMS
                                                                        Lions Les Ramsey and Larry
                                                                        Cruickshank are conven-                     R. R. #1, Ladysmith, B « C .
                                                                         ing the affair.                            P»HONE: CHS - 2 0 7 8

                                                                                                          Contact Doug Parsons, R.R. *1, Ganges, B.C

G a r y W r i g h t s o n d i s p l a y s h i s f i n d . ..a r a r e
vintage model Plymouth,                      1939•, w h i c h h e
a n d . h i s Dad,     B"ob W r i g h t s o n , h u l f o r d ,  re-
s t o r e d . T h e c a r i s p r e s e n t l y being d r i v e n
to Montreal where Gary                     is s t a t i o n e d with
the RCAF.

TO MONTREAL IN               RCAF Station.
VINTAGE CAR                  Gary picked the car up
     Those of us whose       in Vancouver and he and
memory reaches back to       his Dad worked on it for
pre-war days may look with a week to make it ready
nostalgia and a bit of      for the 3000 mile trip.
envy at young Gary Wright- They used spare parts
son and his wife Carrol who from another car. "Al I
left Salt Spring April 26th the original equipment
for Montreal in a vintage   came with the car, " says
1939 model Plymouth con-    Gary, "including the
vertible, with rumble       makers hand-book and the
seat.                       vacuum operated conver-
     Gary and Carrol spent  tible top which still works.
their leave with Bob and         Gary plans to have the
Jean^Wrightson, Fulford,    car fully re-conditioned
prior to returning to the   vhen he gets to Montreal.

 territories of the world.     Baha'i banner over the en-
      The Baha'i Faith was     trance of the hotel; Woody
founded one hundred years 'wondered if the Bennetts
ago by a Persian nobleman might by chance be there. "
 Baha'u'llah whom Baha'is           An Indian Baha'i del-
the world over believe to be   egate, upon seeing Woody's
the bearer of a divine revel- "Oklahoma tan" thought
ation. His teachings include he too was a delegate and
the oneness of religion, the greeted him with such
establishment of a world       warmth as only his people
government, the independent can give. The Fishers
investigation of truth and the and Wests asked the Bennett
integration of races. The      to pass on their warm greet-                                                                                    (Size 6.70-15/ „.
                                                                                                                                          -     7.75-15, and „,
faith was brought to Canada ings to their many friends                                                                                        7.50-14/7.75-14)

in 1902 by Mr. and Mrs.        qnSalt Spring.                                                                                                       PLUS
             Maxwell of                                                                                                                            CASING

              Mr. Maxwell
was a prominent architect,           Friends of Archdeacon
the designer of such Can-       R.B. Horsefield are happy
adian landmarks as the Sask- to have him back in
atchewan Parliament build- charge after a recent \
ing and the Chateau Front-      illness. Last Sunday Col. ,
enac in Quebec City,             D. Crofton, Mr. E.
     On bunday, the closing     Faure, Mr. J. Bate, and
day of the convention, the      Mr. D. Seward took the
Bennetts were astonsihed        services in the Anglican
to see the Woody Fishers        Churches. Please note
and the Jack Wests in the       May 8th services will
lobby of the Chateau Laurier, be held in St. George's
The Fishers and Wests,-while and St. Mary's Churches
visiting Ottawa, saw the        only.                                                         VICTORIA
                                            #                                                 EV 2-7283
 T h u r s d a y , May 5th , 1966                                                                    Salt Spring Island D R I F T W O O D Page 10

                YOUR          MAY        'QUEEN           CANDIDATES
T h o s e h o l e s in the c o l u m n s below are w h e r e we had hoped to
put ph o t o s o f t h e M a y Q u e e n c a n d i d a t e s .     We hope we can get                                E s t a b l i s h e d 1894
photos of all t h r e e of t h e s e c h a r m i n g g i r l s to show you next                    fBELL-iRVING REALTY L1MITEI
w e e k , M e a n w h i l e s p o n s o r s and c a n d i d a t e s are busy s e l l i n g              760 Marine Drive, West Va-ncouver
t i c k e t s t o d e c i d e w h o t h e n e x t M a y Q u e e n o f S a l t SpVing I s l a n d                P h o n e : 922 -1 2 8 1
w i l l be
                                                                                                       Head Office, 930 W. Pender St., Vancouver
i                                                                                                       A COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE incl.
                                                                                                            MORTGAGES & INSURANCE
                                                                                                    W.M.     WADDELL -         Coast R e p r e s e n t a t i v e

                                                                                                   Mr. Waddell wishes to thank the many property owners
                                                                                                   already making use of his services and invites others
                                                                                                   wishing to buy or sell on the Islands, without obligation
                                                                                                   to ca 11,
                                                                 ' DONNA         CAWKER                   Our Slogan for over 70 years - INTEGRITY
                                                                        Donna was born in             FOR QUICK CONTACT Write Box 302, Ganges or
                                                                 Vancouver and arrived                           leave message at 537-5617
                                 CATHY        AKERMAN            on Salt Spring with her
      PAT     ATKINS
                                     Cathy is in grade 11        family last July. She
     Pat was born and ed-
                                this year. She, too, was         is presently taking the
ucated on Salt Spring.
                                born on the Island. Cathy        academic program in grade
She will complete grade 12
                                is sports minded, enjoying
this year on general pro-
                                softball and sprinting in
                                                                  10. Reading and records
                                                                 occupy Donna's spare
                                                                                                                SEE US AT
gramme. Her hobby is
                                track events. Sponsored          time. Sponspred by
sewing. Sponsored by
                                 by Island Garage.                Salt Spring Lands.
Ganges Rec Centre.                                                                                            B O O K           S T O R E
                                                                                                                PHONE:         537-2211
MAILBAG                                                            Algeria,the European Ariz-
                              that independent progress,
make progress, we must                                             ona in Africa. Even the
                              which is so great an asset to
travel East towards the       complete freedom, and they         long days of the Arctic               FOR YOUR
rising sun, and we should                                        Circle, are very pleasant in
                              are still in the "East" and
not try to catch up with it                                      summer, and most people
      •   •   -\A;     J C          able
                             M u "«=QDie re
by swimming Westwards from fnemse|ves                            from Eastern Canada, can
B.C.                          manner-
                                             in a prosperous
                                                                 spend their years of retire-         OFFICE SUPPLIES
     We learned well over          We older people, alter-       ment in the southern U.S.A.
half a centruy ago, that      nate the humidity of a B.C.         as cheap ly as in B.C. in               FILES       PAPER
the expression, "Go West, winter, on the coast, by de-            wintertime. Therefore, the                 TYPING SUPPLIES
young man, go West," was hydrating in the pleasant                businessmen of B.C. should          NOTE BOOKS        DIARIES
fallacious, so we "progres- summer temperatures, East of          be careful not to kill off                  SCOTCH TAPE
sed" by going East in a       the Rockies, but if these           these geese who lay their                WRAPPING PAPER
retrograde direction, and     .s,ands ^^^ too crowded,            golden eggs in this province,         STAPLERS     ENVELOPES
we maintained that progress Qn thh ^^ we CQn imit _               as they can soon learn to go       FILING CARDS      B U S I N E S S FORM
 by our own efforts, without afe Mf _ Dickens/ and take           to other climes.                            PENCIL SHARPENERS
 Kelp of a political nature.  off fof M] Qr even for                     Yours truly,                 RUBBER STAMPS         STAMP PADS
 Our families still maintain                                             D.S.Morrison

                                                                                                               AR1 SUPPL                  §
                                                                                                                   OIL & W A T E R C O L O U R S
                                                                                                               SKETCH BOOKS
                BENS' LUCKY DOLLAR                                                                         PASTELS     CHARCOAL
                                                                                                              CERAMIC SUPPLIES

                        STORE                                                                          1 week delivery on special orders)

                                     GROCERIES                                                                  BOOKS
                                 PRODUCE    MEATS                                                          FOR CHILDREN AND                ADULTS
                                 (FORMERLY MOUAT'S GROCERY DEPARTMENT)
                                           SAME LOCATION
                                           SAME STAFF

                                                                                                      O P E N 9:00 a m. to5 : 3 0
                                                                                                      MONDAY TO SATURDAY

 h u r s d a y , May 5th,    1966        ,                                                     Salt Spring      I s l a n d D R I F T W O O D Page
                                                                                                Visiting her parents Dr- "TmbhttSn;
                                                                                           and Mrs. O.L.Stanton,             Byers, Duncan; at;
  al'lis, Mrs. Elsie Worthing E. Roddisj^Coi.lection of
                                                                                            Scott Road this week is          and Mrs. P.U'-
   n, Mrs. J.W.Catto;         Polyanthus-Mrs,. A.K.
                                                                                           Mrs. Peter Stanford and           Victoria; also
  affodils:bunch flowered,    Wilson, Miss G.C. Hamil-             Mrs. Wj^jxnox, who
                                                                                                                            teachers from'Vancouver
  ngle-Mr. T.W. Mouat,        ton, Mrs.pR.R. Alton;           has been visiting her sister her three children from
                                                                                           Vancouver.               T'ii qu Miss Cathie Cedes aoikano .
  Irs. A. Davis, Mrs. Jack Col lection >of PrirnroSes-        Mrs. El9gftrMac.mrillan,
                                                                                                    * * * * * = 11 DC ananrfeta'ss r'a^^rnse'r
  sndall; Jonquils-Miss      Mrs. A. Davis, Mrs*."A.K.         St. Mary 'sj^ake for the i.
 I.C. Hamilton, Mrs. N.       Wilson, Mrs*SCRT'Alton;         past six gipnths returned to biol Cameron Crofton,              irais i «, *ws
                                                                                           Victoria, is visiting her        'J    VMUSf

 f      wland, Mrs. J.W. 'Exhibit of Primula other
         Pheasant tye-Mrs.    than listed above-Mrs. R.
 .R.Alton, Mr. T.W. Mouat,R. Alton, Mrs. A . K . Wil-
                                                              her home in Penticton last
                                                                                           aunt and uncle, Mr. and
                                                                                           Mrs. Graham Shove,
                                                                                                                                CO. LTD.
                                                                   Mrs. S.P. Beech left     "Gailee" for a week.
  iss Olive Mouat;Tulips:     son; Vase of grape hyacin-
 ngle large red-Mrs. Elsie    ths-Miss Gwen 'Ruckle,          on Monday to spend a month             *****
                                                                                                Miss Patricia Winsby,                            REBUILT
 'orthington, Mrs. R. R.      Miss G.C. Hamilton,             with her granddaughter and •
 Iton, Mrs.A. Davis, Mrs. Mrs. A.Oj. Lacy; Exhibit            her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Nanaimo, was the week-                                    PA'RTS
                                                              V. Bowker, Sidney.           end guest of Mr. and Mrs.
  .O.Lacy; Tulips "single     of Anemonies-Mrs. A.
                                                                                           R. Coels, Ganges.
 irge yelow-Mr. J. Wallis, Da vies, Mrs. N.A.                      ********
 \rs. M. Atkins, Mrs. R.R. Howland, Mrs. R.R.Alton,                                                 *****
                                                             Mrs. P.G. James; Col-              Guests staying at
 .Iton; Tulips:single large   Collection of Wallflowers-                                                                                           Mod*
                                                             lection of Spring Flowers-    Harbour House this past
 ny other colour              Mrs. N.A. Howland,                                                                                    SEAT COVhKS
                                                             Miss G.C.Hamilton,            week: Mr. and Mrs. W.S.
  .U.Lacy; Tulips:single      Mrs. Frank Grant, Mrs.
                                                             NArs. A.O.Lacy, Mrs. R. Mavey, Vancouver; Mr. and                     F L O O R ' * MATS'
irge yellow-Mrs. R.R.         A.O.Lacy,,; Collection
                                                                                           Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. D.
 Iton, Mrs. M. Atkins,        of Pansies with own            R. Alton; Flowering
                                                             ihrub-Mrs, A. Daviej^         King, Holmberg; Mr. J.
                                                                                                                              385- 4478
\rs. M. Gyves; Tulips:        foliage-Mrs. Frank Fen-                                                                             1023 V i e w St .
                                                             Mrs. Laurie Mouat, Mrs        MacDonald, Franklin River;
 ngle large any other colour-dalI, Mrs. P.G.James,                                                                                   VICTOR L
                              Mrs. A.K. Wilson;              Frank Grant, Mrs. J.          Mr. and Mrs. R. Shortreed,
\r. J. Wallis, Mrs. M.
•tkins, Mrs. R.R. Alton;      Collection of dwarf iris-      Fendall; Flowering tree-
ulips:double-Miss Shaw,       Mrs. P.G. James, Mrs.          Mrs, J.W. Catto, Mrs.          yiCTORTA PAVING CO.LTEL
\rs. R.R. Alton, Miss          Elsie Worthington;           A.E.Roddis, Mrs. A.
                                                             Davis; Collection of cut                       WE S P E C I A L I Z E IN
). Mouat; Tulipsilily        Single Flower specimen-
lowered-Mrs. R.R. Alton, not already listed-Mrs.            flowers from rock garden-
\rs. A.O.Lacy, Miss           Laurie Mouat, Mrs. R.R.       Miss G.C. Hamilton, Mrs.         DRIVEWAYS. TENNIS COURTS.
                                                            N.A. Howland, Mrs. E.
swen Ruckle; Tulips:         Alton, Mrs. P.G.James;
                                                            Worth Ington.
                                                                                                  PARKING LOTS.
arot-Mrs. A.K. Wilson,       Single bulb specimen:not
                                                            [test Arrangement:                              PHONE: 537-2031
Ar. T.W. Mouat, Miss O. lalready listed-Mrs. R.R.
Aouat; TulipsTspectes-       Alton, Mrs. M. Atkins,                 Mrs. A.K. Wilson.
                                                                                                        ALL WORK GUARANTEED
                                                            Grand Aggregate:
                                                                                                 ESTIMATES WITHOUT OBLIGATION
                                                                    Mrs. R.R.Alton

                                    CONGRATULATIONS TO
                                ON THE INSTALLATION OF
                           YOUR EXCELLENT CABLEVISION SYSTEM

                                                       COME        AND        SEE     THE

                                 SPECIAL SHOWING
                                 & DEMONSTRATION                       of

                                RCAVictor                      (using the cable)
                        8 to 10 P . M .            THURSDAY: &                  FRIDAY             MAY       5th     AND       6th
                               BANQUET             ROOM         WHITE         ELEPHANT           CAFE              GANGES

                                                   NEWEST 21 & 25" MODELS

SHEFFIELD RADIO-TV                                                                              SALES & SERVICE
                      YOUR              LOCAL   RCA-VICTOR  DEALER                             PHONE  537-5693
                 GUARANTEED             SERVICE  TO    ALL MAKES   OF                         RADIO  AND   TELEVISION
                                                   . :
  ' h u r s d a y , May 5 t h ,   1966                                                       Salt Spring Island D R I F T W O O D

  ELD AT GOLF CLUB                                              vassers missed you, please
                  Doreen Morris   Have you remembered to
                                                                leave your donation at
                                                                the Bank of Montreal.
                                                                                                     SPECIAL VALUE!
       The donation tea, spon-    pick up tickets for the                  i
    ged by St. Mark's Guild       Firemens Ball? Phone
     support the Primates World
    jlief Fund held Wednesday,
                                  537-2211 for your invit-
                                                                   Last week an Islander
                                                               told the editor - "Well,
                                                                                                     LIQUID VEL
                                  ation and reservation.       you can't criticize the                32 OZ.     Reg . $ 1 . 1 9
   pril 27th, at the Salt         The date has been extend-    government any more.
   jring Golf and Country         ed to Friday morning for                                                       Special           79   T
                                                               We don't have one in
    lub, drew a large crowd       you to pick up tickets at    Ottawa now."
   F Islanders.                   Driftwood. Charlie                      #                            24 OZ.    Reg . 97$
       Mrs. Cecil Springford,     Hunt's popular orchestra         Mr. J.H.M. Lamb                               Special
   resident of St. Mark's         from Victoria will play      in charge of last week's
   Juild, welcomed the guests.    for the dance. Phone now.    Legion Klondike Night
        Mrs. Maurice Atkins
  ras convener and respon-
                                       Pardon our slip last
                                                               reports a good crowd and
                                                               a successful evening. The
  ible for the lovely floral
  lecorations. The lace cov-
                                   week. Brian Rogers grad-
                                   uated from the United
                                                               gathering enjoyed games
                                                               and a social evening and
                                                                                                    TRADING CO
 ired tea table was centred        Church C.L.T.S. at          have requested a repeat                    PHONE:      537-2822
 vith a crystal bowl of pink       Naramata- not Kitimat.      Klondike Night for May
 md white tulips flanked by                   #                                                           PHONE: 5 3 7 - 5 5 2 1
 >ink tapers in silver candle-         C.G.I.T. Conquer                   t
 .ticks. Also an attractive        Cancer canvass has been         Most Islanders have
DOW! of yellow tulips and          completed. The girls        managed to get almost
slue iris added to the colour-     were unable to contact      well from the flu epidemic
 ul setting.
        Pouring tea during the
                                   everyone last week so a
                                   can has been placed in
                                                               that has been going the             PIED PIPER Co. Ltd
                                                               rounds for the past few
afternoon were Mrs. R. £.          the Bank for the next       months. Now we hear                     824 JOHNSON ST.     EV3-7911
Horsefield, Mrs. G.H.              few weeks. If the can-      that the measles has                            VICTORIA, B. C.
holmes, Mrs. E.W. Mac
                                                               started an attack on
Quarrie, Ganges United
                                                               adults and teenagers.                           IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE
Church, Mrs. R.T. Cook,
                                                                                                                THAT THEY ARE OFFERING
Mrs. Austin Wilson, Mrs.
D. Hook, Mrs. R. Marcotte,
C.W.L., and Miss D. An-
                                         HARBOUR HOUSE                                                   Spring Island
                                        Due   to    Banquet   Booking ,
                                    we   are  unable    to   feature  our
        Serving tea were Mrs.J.
                                    C H I N E S E    F O O D     M E N U                              a complete
B.Ac land, Mrs. P. G.James,
                                               this   Saturday
Mrs. H. Stafford, Mrs.Q                                                                      Bonded Pest Control Service
Wilson, Mrs. J. Pitts, Mrs.
                                   SUNDAY: .Special MOTHERS' DAY DINNER Menu
J.H.Deyell, Mrs. H.Ross,
and Mrs.D. Seward.
                                   Turkey and Trimmings or alternate: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.        * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Mark's Guild assisted by                                                                      AND A FULL LINE OF PESTICIDES INCLUDING THE
Mrs. V.I.Bishop were in
                                  FRIDAY, May 6-FIREMEN'S BALL, Fulford. For tickets              FAMOUS Pied pip** DOG SHAMPOO
 charge ot trie Treasure
 Trove and Island hand craft          phone 537-2211.
 stall which held many inter-     TUESDAY, May 10-HMS Ganges Chapter I.O.D.E.
 esting and attractive                meets United Church Hall 8p.m.                                     YOUR TROUBLES To
                                  WEDNESDAY,May 11-Salt Spring Island Garden Club
        St. George's Guild,           meets United Church Hall 8 p.m.                                 S.S.I. TRADING CO.
 Ganges, and St. Mary's,          Remember the Annual meeting Lady Minto Hospital
                                                                                             /OUR ENQUIRY WILL BE GIVEN PROMPT ATTENTION
 Fulford, were in charge of           District, May 13, 8 p.m. Mahon Hall.
                                                                                                         AND ARRANGEMENTS MADE
 the popular home cooking                                                                         TO GIVE YOU SPEEDY SERVICE
        A lamp made of Salt
 Spring Island juniper wood
 by Maurice Atkins, which
 Miss Frena Aitkens sold
tickets for, was won by Mrs.
 E. Henn of Victoria.
                                                                                                                'S BALL
        Mrs. G.B. Young was
at the door for the silver
                                                                              6 th         FULFORD HALL
        $450 was raised during
the afternoon for this suc-                                                                       ORCHESTRA
 cessful and worth-while                                                         •    VICTORIA

  In time and as one comes                                    INVITATIONS            AVAILABLE AT DRIFTWOOD
 to benefit from experience,
 one iearns that things
 will turn out neither as
 we)) as one ho/yed nor as
i  ii,. „, .

                                                                                      ********* *

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