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					                                                    Body Wrap                                      $125
 Infrared Sauna            from $50
                                                    Our Collagen Amino AHA Body wrap contains a con-
                                                    centrated and highly effective solution of active ingredi-
                                                    ents including collagen, aloe vera, amino acids and Alpha
                                                    Hydroxy Acid. This unique combination works together
                                                    to firm and tone the skin, shrink fat deposits and assist
                                                    in the dispersion of toxins which contribute towards
                                                    the appearance of cellulite.

                                                    Whilst many clients notice immediate inch loss in the
                                                    treated areas, it should not be considered a weight loss
                                                    treatment but as part of a body detox program. It is
                                                                                                                      Cleansing &
                                                    particularly effective when used in combination with
                                                    manual lymphatic drainage massage and infra red sauna
                                                    treatments or with colon hydrotherapy as part of one
                                                                                                                      Detox Programs
                                                    of balance’s mini cleansing programs.
Balance offers the very latest solar carbon sauna
therapy from Sunlight Saunas constructed from
Basswood which is 100% hypoallergenic and
odor free. Our Sauna room has private shower
facilities to ensure privacy and comfort for
singles or couples.
The therapeutic benefits of infrared sauna
                                                                        Free Parking
treatments have been well documented and            We take away the stress of finding a parking space
there is clinical evidence to support the views     with free*, validated parking on the Car Park at the
that they can be very beneficial as part of a       corner of Webster and Lombard, a block away from
cleansing program and assist in weight loss, pain   the clinic to let you concentrate on what’s important-
reduction, improved circulation, lowering of
                                                    giving you enough time to enjoy the benefits of what
blood pressure and improved skin tone.
Of course they are also extremely relaxing,         we offer.
especially in our sauna, which is fitted with so
sound technology. This exciting new therapy         * 60 min treatment minimum
amplifies audio signals from the sound system to
resonate waves to the surface of your sauna and                           Cancellation Policy
these gentle vibrations harmonize with the music      We require a credit or debit card to secure appointments.
to create a gentle musical massage for your mind    Should you wish to change or cancel your appointment, please

and body.                                             provide at least 24 hours notice or the full amount of the
                                                             treatment will be deducted from your card.
Although individual sessions and courses are
offered, we recommend you combine the
treatment with a massage or body wrap                   Balance the clinic,
treatment or as part of our mini-cleanse                3303 Buchanan St
programs to maximize the benefits the infra red         San Francisco, CA, 94123
therapy has to offer.                                   P:415-440-4033
   Cleansing & Detox Programs                                                                                Nutritional Supervision from $50
                                                    Balance Signature Half Day
                                                    Mini-Cleanse              $269                           Many people start detox programs with little or
                                                                                                             no preparation of their body and on completion
                                                    This is one of our most popular packages in the          of the cleanse immediately return to their
Poor diet, chronic stress, and exposure to          UK which has achieved excellent results for              previous eating habits and lifestyle creating a
pollution cause us to be exposed to and absorb      hundreds of clients, many of whom do multiple            classic detox-retox scenario that may not be
toxins on a daily basis. This toxic material is     cleanses throughout the year. We combine three           beneficial or produce the desired results.
potentially harmful to our well-being and leaves    consecutive treatments* in either a morning or           Although our programs are very safe and can be
us feeling tired, sluggish and with a lack-lustre   afternoon session: a colonic irrigation, lymphatic       undertaken with no supervision, it is often helpful
appearance.                                         drainage massage and whole body detox wrap;              to have an expert on hand to answer any
                                                    leaving you relaxed, energized and your skin soft        questions or concerns you may have during the
                                                    and smooth.                                              detoxification process. This is especially helpful if
Our bodies naturally detoxify to maintain life                                                               you are planning a longer term cleanse over 28
and health, yet we can boost our wellness           Balance Mini-Cleanse                      $210           days, where dietary recommendations and
factor by undertaking regular detoxification                                                                 information on which supplements and vitamins
programmes to assist the body in ridding those      A great program to fit into a busy lifestyle if you      to take can greatly facilitate adherence to the
chemicals which have a negative impact on our       are looking for a quick flush to your system. The        program. A half hour nutritional consultation can
energy.                                             three treatments include infrared sauna, lymphatic       be combined with a visit for other treatments at
                                                    massage and colon hydrotherapy treatment                 balance and costs $50 and includes follow up
                                                    completed in succession in a three hour session.         contact during the detox. A more in-depth
Working gently in harmony with your body,                                                                    consultation takes 60 mins and costs $95. We
balance has designed a range of cleansing                                                                    ask that you fill in a detailed questionnaire in
programs to suit your lifestyle demands, to                                                                  advance of the consultation to enable the
flush out harmful pollutants that may be
                                                    Lemon Detox                               $269           nutritionist to be more fully prepared.
damaging your body’s delicate natural balance.      The Lemon Detox Program is a highly effective
A combination of treatments, natural remedies       naturopathic detox package that will cleanse your        Bespoke Programs               from $265
and dietary guidance work in a complimentary        body of accumulated toxins and will also help you
fashion to effectively ease an individual’s         to lose excess weight. It is natural, simple and safe.   Our nutritionist will be delighted to offer
                                                    The programme includes: Natural Tree Syrup,              personalized cleanses over weekend, week-long
system into a more balanced and less ‘toxic’
                                                    Cayenne Tincture, balance Formula 1 intestinal           or monthly timeframes. Programs start with a
state.                                                                                                       one hour consultation where an in-depth review
                                                    cleanser and a Dry Skin Brush and three one hour
                                                    treatments. The treatments are designed to work          of your current health, diet and lifestyle is
Many detoxification programmes work only            as an adjunct to the detox and to further enhance        completed and where pathology or functional
with the bowels, whilst others may cleanse the      and promote the cleansing and weight loss                tests such as food intolerance, vitamin
liver or the blood. The balance detoxification      process. They also serve to relieve tension and to       deficiencies and hormonal imbalances can be
programs combine these approaches and               release emotional blockages and help to make the         recommended prior to commencement. A
                                                    whole process more pleasant. Treatment                   protocol of treatments, menu planner and
includes the skin and lymphatic system to                                                                    supplements will be provided and your nutrionist
                                                    Program*: Colonic; Lymphatic Drainage Massage;
create a total health programme. When the                                                                    will keep in regular contact by phone and email
                                                    Infra-Red Sauna.
body can eliminate toxins, health can be                                                                     to monitor the progress. Advice on post cleanse
restored and energy increased, leaving you                                                                   food intake will be provided at the end of the
feeling revitalised.                                                                                         program.

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