Salon _ Spa Policies Escape to Serenity by liuqingyan


									   Price levels vary by designer and start at the
       following rates. All services á la carte
                                                                            Salon & Spa Policies
Massage                                    Starting at
Traditional Swedish Massage                                   •	   Please arrive at least 15 minutes before spa
30 min... $44      60 min... $69             90 min... $99         appointments.
Traditional Deep Tissue Massage
30 min... $54      60 min... $79             90 min... $109   •	   48 hr notice for group and package bookings
                                                                   and 24 hr notice for all other appointments is
Sports Massage
30 min... $54      60 min... $79             90 min... $109        required for all cancellations. We reserve the
                                                                   right to charge 50% of the cost of the service
Hot Stone Massage
60 min... $79      90 min...$109                                   should this policy be disregarded.
Mother to Be Massage                                          •	   Credit cards or gift certificates may be required
60 min... $79      90 min... $109
                                                                   for certain appointments.
Foot Massage
Manipulation of feet and legs to relieve
stress on the whole body                               $59    •	   We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American
                                                                   Express, Spa Finder gift certificates, bank debit
Healing to promote balance among                                   cards, cash and personal checks. A $25 fee will be
the mind and body.                                     $56         assessed for returned checks.

Packages                                                      •	   Prices do not include gratuities. 18% gratuity
Escape to Serenity                                                 will be assessed for spa packages, bridal parties,
Includes Customized Rejuvenating Facial,                           keratin treatments, eyelash extensions and
Deluxe Eye Treatment, Seaweed or Black                             group parties.
Mud Body Wrap, 60 min Hot Stone Massage,
Serenity Manicure & Pedicure, Wash, Cut &
Style and Lunch. (6 hrs.)                            $346     •	   Prices are subject to change without notice.
Day of Rejuvenation
Includes Serenity Facial, Exfoliating Body                    •	   For additional salon and spa policies visit us at
Polish, 60 min Swedish Massage, Serenity                 
Manicure & Pedicure, Wash & Style,
and Lunch. (5 hrs.)                                   $276
                                                                                  Mon 10:00-5:00
Gentleman’s Spa
Includes Mini Facial, 60 min Sports Massage,                                       Tues 9:00-7:00
Men’s Manicure & Pedicure, and a Men’s                                             Wed 9:00-8:00
Haircut. (3.5 hrs.)                                   $177                        Thurs 9:00-8:00
Relaxation                                                                          Fri 9:00-5:00
Includes 60 min. Traditional Swedish Massage,                                       Sat 8:30-4:00
Classic Manicure & Pedicure, and a                                                                                            118 Center Street
Wash & Style. (3 hrs.)                                $141                           Sun closed
                                                                                                                            Wallingford, CT 06492
Peace & Tranquility                                                                                           
Includes Serenity Facial, 60 Minute
Traditional Swedish Massage, and a Classic                                                                                       203.265.4419
Manicure. (2.5 hrs.)                                  $137
Island Getaway
Includes an Exfoliating Body Polish and a                                                                               E s c a p e t o S e r e n i t y. . .
Serenity Manicure & Pedicure. (2.5 hrs.)              $127
Price levels vary by designer and start at the following   Price levels vary by designer and start at the following      Price levels vary by designer and start at the following
               rates. All services á la carte                             rates. All services á la carte                                rates. All services á la carte

  Hair                                  Starting at          Hand & Feet                                   Starting at      Skin                                       Starting at
  Children’s Haircut (12 & under)     $14                    Classic Manicure                                    $19        All facials are customized to benefit your
  Men’s Haircut                       $26                    Serenity Manicure (includes paraffin)               $29        individual skin type.
  Men’s Color                         $21                    Men’s Manicure                                      $16
  Men’s Highlights                    $20                    Polish Change (hands)                               $11        Serenity Facial
  Wash, Cut, & Style                  $36                    Mini Pedicure                                       $31        Thoroughly cleans and purifies.                $64
  Wash & Style                        $21                    Classic Pedicure                                    $46
                                                                                                                            Rejuvenation Facial
  Flat Iron, Curling, Hot Rollers     $10                    Serenity Pedicure (includes paraffin)               $56        Ideal for prematurely aging skin.              $79
  Bang Trim                           $9                     Men’s Pedicure                                      $36
  Deep Conditioning Treatment         $20                    Polish Change (feet)                                $14        Teen Facial
  Braiding                            $20                    French Add-on                                       $6         Designed especially for the teenage skin
  Special Occasion/Up-do              $63                    Paraffin Treatment                                  $14        (17 & under).                                  $56
  Bridal Trial                        $63
  Bridal Style                        $69                                                                                   Hydrating Mini Facial
                                                             Waxing                                        Starting at      Cleans and purifies in half the time.          $39
  New Color                       consultation
  Color Retouch (roots only)          $39
  Semi-Permanent Color                $39                    Our wax for sensitive skin comfortably                         Body                                       Starting at
  Partial Foil Highlights             $73                    removes hair and discourages new growth.
  Full Foil Highlights                $83                                                                                   Purifying Back Treatment
  Per Foil                            $7                     Eyebrows                                              $13      Deep cleansing for the hard-to -reach areas
  Glaze                               $20                    Lip                                                   $9       of the back, neck, & shoulders.             $59
  Toner                               $20                    Chin                                                  $9
  Corrective Color                consultation               Sideburns                                             $9       Exfoliating Body Polish
  Permanent Wave                      $83                    Full Arm                                              $41      A full body exfoliation polishes away dull,
  Keratin Straightener            consultation               Half Arm                                              $20      dry skin leaving you with a healthy glow.      $56
                                                             Full Leg                                              $59
                                                             Half Leg                                              $31      Seaweed Body Wrap
  Make-Up                               Starting at          Back                                                  $41      Stimulates, firms, and moisturizes for a
                                                             Underarm                                              $20      slimming effect.                               $71
  Make-up Application                       $29
  Make-up Lesson                            $49              Traditional Bikini                                    $31
                                                             Brazilian Bikini                                      $56      Black Mud Body Wrap
  Bridal Trial                              $31                                                                             Removes debris and impurities to restore
  Wedding Day                               $41              Stomach                                               $16
                                                             Feet (with toes)                                      $6       healthy skin.                                  $71
  Lash Tinting                              $21
  Brow Tinting                              $16              Full Face (includes eyebrows, lip, chin, & sideburns) $31
                                                                                                                            Gift certificates available for all occasions.

  Enjoy a 20% discount off cosmetics when purchased
  during a lesson.

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