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					       Gift Basket items needed!!!
Below are item(s) that would be appropriate for the gift baskets. If you have more than one child in the ACS
system, we suggest that you select one grade level basket to support. If you would like to purchase additional
items, we certainly welcome your donations. No specific dollar amount has been set. We are hoping to get a
wide variety of items to create a few baskets for each theme.
                         If you would prefer to donate cash, you are welcome to do that also.
Items can be dropped off at Assumption High School between NOW and Monday, May 9, 2011. Please place
the item(s) in a bag marked “Gift Baskets,” Be creative and use your imagination. A tax receipt will be provided
              if you include your name. Remember “The Early Bird Gets the Worm!!” Donate early!!!
                                ***Please do not send in popcorn or soda liter bottles.***

       GRADE                     THEME                                           SUGGESTIONS
 Pre-School            Baby Bliss                        Bottles, blankets, rattles, toys, stuffed animals
 Kindergarten          Sugar N Spice                     Spices, cookie sprinkles, cookbooks, rolling pin, vanilla,
                                                         measuring cups, recipe box, cookie sheets
 First Grade           Rainy Day Craft                   Notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, rulers, markers, chil-
                                                         dren’s books for reading, crayons, glue, glitter pens, scis-
                                                         sors, craft kits
 Second Grade          For the Great Outdoors            Paper plates, cups, napkins, lawn chairs, chalks, blan-
                                                         kets, cooler, bird seed, bird houses and feeders
 Third Grade           Jolly Stampers & Memory           Paper products, scissors, ink pads, pens, paper punches,
                       Makers                            markers
 Fourth Grade          Life’s a Beach                    Beach towels, sand toys, lotions, buckets, umbrella
 Fifth Grade           Gardner’s Dream                   Pots, chimes, garden stones, plant hooks, garden gloves

 Sixth Grade           Tool Time                         Screwdrivers, tool box, drills, hammer, nuts/bolts, saw,
                                                         level, measuring tape, tape measure
 Seventh Grade         Go For the Gold                   Footballs, baseballs, basketballs, hockey equipment,
                                                         hats, fitness items, sports t-shirts
 Eighth Grade          Get the Net                       Lures, nets, tackle box, ice fishing gear, rod, reels, fishing
                                                         books, minnow bucket, fishing hat, video
 Ninth Grade           Gifts Galore                      Gift wrap, bows, boxes, bags, ribbon assorted cards, Rub-
                                                         bermaid containers
 Tenth Grade           Family Fun Night                  Pizza, movie card certificates, videos, games, twister,
                                                         DVD’s, Videos
 Eleventh Grade        Deals on Wheels                   Car wash certificates, cleaning and waxing items,
                                                         sponges, buckets, chamois, oil change, gas card
 Twelfth Grade         Hail Assumption                   AHS clothing, pompons, blankets, mittens, necklaces,
                       Hats Off to Thee                  royal card, any vendor scrip certificates, autographed
                                                         shirts by current players
 Faculty               Hail Assumption                   AHS clothing, pompons, blankets, mitten, necklaces, royal
                       Hats Off to Thee                  card, any vendor scrip certificates

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