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Personality by liwenting

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Dr.Nasser Al Fureih
Belonging: Humanity and Professionalism

      It has been his life’s effort to establish, through his internal
       sense to build a spiritual, monotheistic human being, to colour the complete
being, with a bright color, to cover all gaps and erase all the defects of this being of
colour, and with this creative view to start the research.

First Step: It is proven in theology and in religions studies, that we should have a
monotheistic view. I established it in myself as a pure formal spiritual school,
whereas the work for establishing it continued for twenty years. It included
studying the Eastern Religions and Middle Eastern Religions. It’s intended to show
the spiritual and historical relationship between them.
      A spiritual vision was created to take care of our soul, educate us about our
soul. Spiritual Vision combines the human soul and its intelligence. In continuing
my work, I achieved health solutions by improving parts of the brain and then
developing a strategy to remedy ailments and bring it all back to health.
      I tried to join spirituality with the physical and harmonize the performance
of the brain in a structured, integrated manner.
                   My Biography overview: Dr. Nasser Al-Fureih
  Master of Spiritual Psychology and Metaphysical Philosophy in addition to
                                 other specializations.

         My interest in the existence of the human being was motivated by my desire
to advance its development. even further on the spiritual level.

         In the mid 1980’s I carried out a study of religions around the world, without
following anyone’s particular point of view. The research took direction towards
General Spiritual Vision course.

         Then, it was moving towards the practice of global spiritual tradition without
limitations of beliefs and experience. My spiritual vision is comprehensive, with
it’s main objective being caring for the complete human being, in all its aspects
and on all levels, keeping in mind the monotheistic patterns accepted by
         My first research was my PhD in Metaphysical Philosophy, which contains
the integrated human ‘technician’s work together with taking care of the human’s

Important Philosophical Views:
         By marking a philosophical research to read the human history, I collected
my most important views to present humanity with a complete, spiritual way to

Subsequent Age Stage:
         After detailed explorations of the philosophical view, I moved into studying
important psychological views.       I studied psychological sciences (Bachelor
Degree), (Master Degree in Analytical Psychology), (Doctorate in Philosophy
/DPH in psychological remedies after extensive work in the psychology guidance
field. There is enormous potential for the discovery and implementation of new
methods in Psychological Healing, and I’m following the path of breaking out of
the old, conventional ways into the New Age of Psychology and Healing/

Psychological Energy Science:
      There are multiple psychological programs I have studies.

Psychological Energy: Parallel Stages
      As an expansion to psychological energies, I established a spiritual school of
Energy with Instinct and Spirituality as its foundation.

Regional Language Schools:
      Because of the importance of language in planning intellectual activities and
the importance of a language system in activating the physical and organic
development, my interest in linguistics has also deepened. It includes training
clients in Linguistic Programs, in practice and research, and in developing primary
programs and introducing new visions in the linguistic training development fields.

Teaching Linguistic Programs: Licensed Globally:
     1 Master Trainer in NLP
   2 Hypnosis Master Practitioner
     3 Clinical Hypnosis practitioner
   4 NLP Master Practitioner
   5 Linguistic Intelligence Practitioner
     6 Master Practitioner in Self-Hypnosis
     7 Instructor and Practitioner in Rational Language Administration
     8 Instructor and Practitioner in Emotional Linguistics Intelligence
      All of the above certifications are Globally Accredited and recognized.

Personal Message:
      The preservation work still continues for the coining of the psychological
spiritual training, using rational methods and mythology work to serve humanity
and my monotheistic family to be able to work collect and use it all in our lives.

      Building incentive didn’t stop me from continuing to work, hence
desperation won’t bind us and affliction will not make our souls heavy with its

      We will persist with our spiritual and psychological efforts, and using our
logical rational, move forward to reach to our nominal aim.

We begin from this point:
      We begin with hard work and continue with doing our best to reach to aim,
which in turn is our destiny.

      It begins with the worshipping ranks, with all those sincere worshippers,
loyal in their core to the belief which they were born into, struggling to keep it
alive at times. All those worshipers who in their hearts keep alive the messages of
all the prophets and their messengers.
      It’s a need to be sincerely in one's belief in God, to depend on Him, to seek
His help, fear of Him, thanking Him, asking Him forgiveness, loving Him, longing
and praising Him.

   Through the last seven years I expanded to studying integrated remedies, the
science related to my faith, to complete all patronage sides, so I specialized in
defending my views as following:

1 Studying old Chinese medicine. I still engage in studying old and modern
2 Studying Indian faith medicine, also I still engage in studying faith remedies.
3 Studying Universal power schools. I arranged a General Eastern Spirituality
   program, vertically and horizontally according to their benefits .
4 It is known that presented and mentioned programs have a combined spiritual
   stamp with an authentic and pure spiritual vision, In the name of Our God.

Integration in Personality Rising:
      As soon as I had started researching the general, true value of our natural
remedies, I found no other way than to treat them in a comprehensive natural way.
Scientists present many remedy solutions, for different crisis, be it a psychological
or social or personal one. Science has recently come up with a definite effort to
place the different solutions to specific public issues, with the time factor in mind
for urgent solutions.

      I intended to develop means to continue my quality-of-life changing work:

1- Developing linguistic skills and increasing the linguistic expression exercises
   for continuity with others.
2- Developing skills and feelings, beside verifying these feelings and developing
   professional and personal relations with positive feeling catalysis.
3- Developing the abilities of creating thoughts and achieving them.
4- Developing skills to build leading personality.
5- Developing special abilities for the treatment of compulsory conditions.

I. Human Spirituality Message:
      The interests of a rational man were always focused on rational thoughts and
actions. Throughout history, the rational man has considered his best interested and
gone hand in hand with them, those being his relationships with Nature and
Nature's Creator.

      The full preservation of life, in community moved human to developed
scientific stages. The man go with history holding his best aim, the relationship
between him and nature and the relation between him and the creator of this nature.

      Human history boasts a leap in spiritual development, in moral human
relationships, with self and others.

      But, man wanted to arrange those relations by centering them into
communities, and he then focused on building a spiritual surrounding to defend his
community, however by doing so neglecting others.

      From this rationalism in centering the civilizations’ conflict and planning,
man began to defend others to keep his beliefs.
       The confliction disagreement then turned into conflict for spirituality. Man
fought for the beliefs of his community among other communities. This fight then
turned into violence, psychological and social violence.
       It then expanded into global and social violence, personal and individual
violence. The crisis escalated to the point where man started looking for a non-
violent social outlet for this crisis.

II. Psychological and Spiritual relations:
       It’s known universally known, that there's a close relationship between soul
and spirit as the scientific researchers have proven the same fact. This fact called
for then relationship of the soul and spirit with the body too.

       The body entity is all contained in one body, distributing its functions among
the different organs.

       1. The soul is responsible for the energy of movement and the passing along
of information between the body organs, and is also responsible for differentiating
between the body and the brain.
       2. By jointly keeping the body working, body and brain continue to interact
with the other body systems in keeping the body alive .It also increase awareness.

       Through my years of research, I have come up with a clear role of the in
relationship between the body and its organs.

       By continuing my research with the same high degree of awareness, I have
become more focused on the issues of healing health conditions.
       3. Always caring for a person's nature formation, taking him/ her to a place
where all are taken care of.
      4. A clear, focused effort (over more than twenty years) a research that has
enabled me to deal with major health problems daily.

III. Spiritual message:
      Vital and spiritual remedies present a historical picture of treatment or
natural seeking of a cure which man practiced in the past wherever scientists
presented remedies and preventive models to protect man of diseases dangers.

      Human duty obligates physicians to find an exit for health crisis where the
life is fall of a lot of health symptoms psychologically or physically.

      For doing this duty completely, they combined the old form and modern
ways of remedies to work for repairing defects or keeping entity of rejecting
defects or protection of previous health symptoms needed for physical sides.

      This grand message obligates to separate the combined suitable work
between old and modern one, and separating the merging between what can be
combined to reach to aim.

      Every modern scientific behavior to care man, we have right to use it for
reaching to high degree of caring human healthy.

      By keeping science and morality in tune with the remedies and their
practical application we are able to achieve the best results possible.
      5.By continuing with the benefits, best results are scientifically ensured, not
only in theory, but continuously searching for a cure that envelops the old and the
       6. The work in advancing social stability and advancement continues.
       7. The basic relationship between the personality and the person is the main
reason for appealing to the psychological and nervous systems to keep them safe
from harm.

Psychological Project:
       I introduced remedial and psychological models which exceed the
traditional, clinical and psychological work and reach out to solve the problems
quickly, before the brain issues an entire negative behavior pattern.
       8. By developing the skills of psychological protection which exceed the
exposure of the individual to psychological pressure.
       9. I carrying out entire operations in person, and develop rational programs
related to psychological protection from the psychological entity to make the work
continue to develop further.
       10. Developing internal abilities which govern a person and 'edit' his/ her
       11. Now, I can control psychological behaviors as a principal point to keep
the rational, nervous and linguistic parallel on the same level as the psychological
parallel.     Throughout this training, I gain many human successors through
instruction and advice, achieved through my research.

Care of man:
       The intellectual and historical work continues in creating spiritual solutions
through religions and economic paths and project development. The work turned
into political violence to dominate and has the aim of remaining strong.
      In the same time, the eternal conflict between people and societies was
always for stability in life by force. Also, man used to apply his belief that nothing
can be done except by, authorization and patience.

      According to this vision, man exceeded the borders of other people and
appeared dominant, alone with willing to use force until he made sure thatch
people were competent in handling a social crisis; he led them to organizational
crisis and pervaded in a united social entity, which led to bone crisp of social
family components.

      Our aim is to care of man and complete the research to find true outlets for
specific community crisis.

Multitude Methods:
      As a result of expanded the humanistic work and increase of specialization,
this work was divided into several sections:
      a) Health section
      b) Health and psychology section
      c) Developmental section
      d) Intellectual, rational, and planning section
      e) Intellectual, rational and development of the individual as a whole section
      f) Economic development section
      g) Family and social development section

      In addition to other organizational sciences which co-ordinate among social
parts and arrange the relations among members of society, it distributes and creates
public rules and other authorized particulars dealing with administrations and

Modern Vision:
      The important visions were varied between in societies and individuals,
because they were limited in terms of various remedies particularly as parts of
physical organic health care without comprehensive treatment.                   Some
specializations show that caring of psychological health compensates fro the care
of other things. Specializations increased in accuracy and focused on certain
treatments and neglected others.       Also with the increased interest in certain
solution the interest in the collective and personal development of this behavior
was neglected. Man is competent at understanding the concept; hence he can't fix
the state without fixing all its components first.
      For a man to reach his comprehensive caring side, he has to address all his
needs and look after his spiritual existence, psychological components and
creational states.
      1. In accordance with the above, I have direct interest in comprehensive
dealings with and for humans and in focusing on the human emotions in personal
work. In personal work.
      2. The human being as a whole can't be divided. The individual is part of
everything and everything is part of the individual. All work with the force of the
individual who should work to be successful in looking after himself and those
around him.

Individual Awareness
      Old spiritual sciences did a lot of creative spiritual exercises to give man the
awareness and practice in spirituality.
      The basic meaning of spirituality is keeping the psychological balance and
initiative intelligence, and also the possibility possible to fuel the trainee spiritually
for reaching the most successful solutions to his personal problems.

      The aim of establishing a spiritual school is to develop the personal abilities
of the individual and all psychological sides, such as educational, emotional and
social circumstances.
      1. The spiritual training succeeded in creating personal and family stability
for the individual. My personal work in developing the standard of trainees
spiritually, practically and intellectually.
      2. Spiritual practices still achieves a high degree of professional progress;
cultural success and social intelligence. A collective work in spirituality develop
with practice. It develops social and spiritual ranking and rises the individual
awareness degree in one's family. It enhances the personal realization for one's
duties towards one's self and one's family. It enforces one's purpose in a family,
the professional and social setting.

      Personal awareness is an actual entrance into establishing family awareness;
individual awareness is a natural path for reaching social release of individuals in a

      By continuously following the work of spiritual schools, I have discovered
that I have cleared the real problem in spiritual work and that is the main reason for
establishing direct and indirect programs.

      The most important thing in spirituality is initiating work for personal
recovery, emotional stability and emotional parallels. It’s possible to keep one's
specific cultural and intellectual parallels and achieving the best results even in
math: digital, medical and scientific fields.

      Your own spiritual work helps one establish a stable life. It also helps one
liberate one's self from daily pressure and protect your psychological entity of all

      Specialized work is still being carried out to develop the abilities of
individuals in all aspects including mundane daily activities. I have performed
many tests for the care of the individual’s health and psychology. I continue my
experimental and scientific work to join all the aspects of the Human Being into a
whole, complete one. I kept excellent records of my personal achievements for
those interested in developing themselves and creating practical harmony for their
linguistic, professional and muscle work.

From Achievement to Progress:
      Practice spirituality and training others is not one of the postulates.
Narrative learning was established by 'entering data' into the brain and working it
out with real experiments in your brain.

      Your spirituality practice will develop your linguistic and intelligence
performance, it makes you able to limit your goals in a conscious, aware way.
Also, you can harvest what you sow; spirituality practice becomes easy; one can
understand others better ad help them with spirituality too. One can release one's
hidden needs and reach out to achieve one's desires. Spiritual practitioners show
the steps of intellectual deviation and penetrate the logic and intellectual
measurement of it. It reaches one's Intellectual purity very quickly.
      Realistic spiritual models still make up the largest part of my success in
work, be it on the individual success of others in the form of psychological
stability, personal acceptance of the self or pride of personal characteristics. As the
spiritual training grows, its effectiveness is constantly verified and its benefits
flood over the psychological organs.

      A person has organs, just as every psychological organ has a principle role
in psychological entity which has entered the state of encouraging the development
in establishing a degree of intellectual awareness in your soul more than ever
before, establishing global centers to distribute roles, etc.

      According to constructional realizations, the more the realization grows the
better will the performance of personal harmony be. The more the intellectual
ability is developed, the more the special language performances of exchanging
information and negotiation is developed. The first interpersonal relations between
humans developed before intelligent, emotional or linguistic training.

      A Holy man developed his programs for an unlimited period of time and
continues with careful emotional language, and leads a very spiritual life. He
continues to develop his spiritual and personal origins and finds benefits for
himself, the psychological benefits which feed his stability and keep his existence.

      The origins of Spirituality began man's need man for relations and
continuing to structure a personal vision after the spiritual one, to establish the
human interest of personal information database.
        Personal data structuring evolved into a different degree of comprehensive
desire to begin simple, accessible program to develop one's abilities. In this time
and age, development is very necessary for every laborer, leader or administrator.

Collective Work:
        The basic aim which training practitioner seeks for is a concise, easy to
follow practice and to keep one's role in exchanging information from person to
person or part to part.

        The weakness of individual or other parties relies on exchanging information
to other parts.

        Caring for these parts involves carrying their duties and realizing the
importance of work in performing for one's self and other parties.

        Rational work is still my basic aim which I establish in my personal training

        The direct aim which is used by comprehensive specialist indicates being
very careful, feed personal health parallel and enhances the personal ability to
develop the self.    It ensures the importance of caring for the individual and
reaching to intended degree of caring for the individual and the whole, to reform
the ever-present defects in the individual's life and reform the defects in the lives of
the individual's family.

Personal Effects
        With God's help I’m and will continue to work in my field. My efforts so far
are used for direct guidance in order to achieve specific results. It shifts my
personal efforts to the experience and benefits of others, to be used by those related
to my training, to those in urgent need of transformation in their daily lives, to the
extent that I become a part of their lives. My direct aim is to raise the personal
abilities of the individual, to direct his/ her efforts to care of him/ her until it
becomes a natural state for them.
      My current focus of work is to award each individual with their roles. The
parts that need to be integrated are:
      Spiritual entity;
      Psychological Formation
      Personality Building
      Physical Structure

First Realization
      The Human realized his duties towards himself and took the first step to
correct one's direction.

Personal Release:
      How can the individual imagine the ability of caring for one aspect and
neglecting another? It’s certain to achieve a temporary, partial success in a side of
life for example in the professional side, but the weakness of relation forming
prohibits him to maintain professional gains for a long time.

      The decreased interest in his health comes back, revealing itself in mental
effort weakness such as low concentration and low quality and quantity of
production. I continue working to bring integration in life and care of your many
personal and other sides. This is the aim and purpose of my life...

Caring for One's Health:
|One has to care for one's health and pay your close attention to all your partial
systems and muscles, keep your body healthy, pay attention to your food, see what
you eat and respect your body's needs, observe your psychological condition
before beginning to eat, sleep and get up, etc.
You should have enough desire to care for the vitality of existence, not only your

      You have to remain as a parallel model in health, in the physical aspects, be
successful in your position, and have family stability and distinguished

      For a better life, keep your model, care and practice personal care.

For these reasons and others:
      I have spent the last twenty years focusing my work and efforts on caring for
you. I will continue guiding my work steadily in the same direction until you feel
you are ready to face and fulfill your aim.

      To know the reason and private intend of your goals, the continuing of the
research and I playing a clear part in this work is my life's intent. When I first
started my quest in reaching my aim, I began from the first fixed side of our
Spiritual Existence:
      I have researched the spiritual life of many religions. It is clear that spiritual
men agreed upon the importance of the relationship between God and man, and it’s
necessary to look at human duties towards a God, his brother family, nation,
environment, etc.

      Spiritual care is important for man, the more the man advances in his
relation with nature, the higher spiritual degree he has achieved, the more he raised
his own value. Spiritual advancement is one of my many aims.

      The effort spent for spiritual advancement is still limited in the Arab World.
It’s clear that spiritual advancement in the basic worship that is yet another degree
of interest in the self where the relations among us and our God aren't limited to
authority as the direct relation in praying, but human – God relations are deeper
than we assume.

Existence Development:
      Through my field training work, I go deeper and deeper into the spiritual
practice of universal human relations. Vital benefits of spiritual human relations
exceeded the direct care caring for the biological existence and respect their
existence. It also exceeds the existence values in keeping life and needs for
developing language continuity with other beings.
        Be concentrating on a rational spiritual side in thing around us, we reach
the universal secret and relation secret with nature, which is still a spiritual training
, one that continues in every direction.

      A trainee always shares me spiritual benefits from their relation with other
beings. God works with a vital, living power, with mercy and continuity, He
works with the mercy of God to move the lives of others. With this mercy and
vitality, I train the practitioner how to care for self, and not to expand his own
crisis as I know, and inform certain people how to exceed social crisis, and change
it into permanent break and create power for himself and others, to achieve general
benefit s for the family and society.

        My spiritual training is still growing and I am still working to establish a
giving ability in the individual entity of the practitioner.

Spiritual Psychological Merge:
        Psychological schools fought for freeing the human of mental confusion and
nervous disorders, and for forming psychological programs and parallels parallel.
Limited psychological views of the human ability hinders man from sufficient

        The material view for psychological development is still permanent in some
psychological schools.      Some schools neglect certain mental abilities as the
sensitive system and the relation between sense and self.

        Comprehensive work achieved a lot of individual merit and developed the
mental case of the individual spirit.

        I am content to help a person reach their highest possible spiritual potential
and state of excellence in all aspects of life. To help them satisfy their desires and
reach their aims without any personal harm.
      I am moving to a purer degree of spiritual existence as I continue to exist in
a psychologically advanced state. The practitioner, it his/ her spiritual training has
achieved a higher degree of continuity. It exceeded all awareness exercises with a
changed realization of instructions and traditional guidelines. I am progressing
further my developmental work in the case of personal advancement and clearing
the model of a typical human field.

      My assistance to build complete stability was reflected in training
performance form and move all with me to the same degree of self-obligation
toward self and others.

Obligation with Fun:
      All used to limit obligation with pain, but actually in my comprehensive
view I shifted fun to obligation, so the trainees became obligated and gets fun with
obligation. He became one of believers of enjoyable of obligation. Personal duty
obligates the practitioner towards himself with the same sense of responsibility as
exists towards family and work.

Self Psychological Driver:
      My psychological spiritual work develops generators of energy in the self
and changes it into heavy effort fuel, with long activity, which motivates a person
towards modification to the best and the most useful. With this effort I insisted on
human motivation program to parallel and success. Through this effort I move
from diligence to others. The desire of my interest in man motivated the interest in
Collective Interest:
      The newest behavior began with having aroused the interest of all with
achievement, not only in trainers, consultants or advisors. With this developmental
course the structural educational course was built. Trainees became partners in
work and all worked towards the excellence of self and circumstances to reach the
required aim.

Leading Training:
      The successful leader is a tool of established development. It is the tool of
family and society stability.    It stills the focus of the leaders' interests.   It
establishes structural programs for leaders to learn the leaders' persuasion,
negotiation and decision-making skills.

Personal Training:
      The training world is full of training and life-advice programs. The life
coach presents the first program in the Arab World. This program helps each
administrator, figure of social importance, advisor, educator or father. It saves
advisors the models of logic and mental techniques, other than the catalytic
techniques, motivating urgent work.

      Personal training programs presented a service for everyone in search of a
real solution or anyone searching for an outlet in an unsuccessful experiment. The
program presented guides, including the painful social and material crisis.

      Personal mental development is a means to raise professional efficiency,
ambition, social and emotional efficiency.
Direct Solutions:
      The individual needs the ability to face the circumstances as soon as they
arise, accepting the rejection circumstances by learning the suitable mechanisms
which the skilled people can map out of any circumstances, at any time
      1. General technical abilities to help you face all emergencies.
      2. All of the above-mentioned mentioned, I do in my individual personal
trainings in the Integrated Vision I introduced.

First: Department of Personal Training:
1 Developing personal language skills to treat social difficulties and family
2 Developing personal language for professional negotiations utilizing linguistic
3 Developing parents' skills to overcome learning difficulties and treat those with
   mental disabilities.
4 Developing abilities which can be learned and saved.

Second: Developing Intelligence Abilities:
      Individual training development, the practitioner's ability whenever it
changes, and learning to exercise a person's means for investment negotiations.
Investment work achieved highly beneficial standards and financial success.

      Developmental skills for finding successful financial projects.     Personal
training achieved high rates of professional success after my supervision on
intensive individual training, in a short period of time.
Mental Programs Engineering:
      By working on individual instructions to build a descriptive program, which
develops behavioral and moral actions and leads to developing social relations,
improves emotional treatment to the limitation where the practitioner can control
emotional relations.

      Individual development includes designing the programs in my client's mind
to my specifications.

      The work design program aims to change some negative habits and modify
some linguistic behaviors which harm the speakers.

      It helps mental training programming to form implied orders and change
some masks into new directions against the different one. It can instruct mentally
and teach practitioners to control themselves. You can build a developed mentality
at a base by a mental record in speed and change in mental dialogue harmony.

Mental Training:
      I practice the individual training for every student to reform his/ hers
relations and/ or find solutions, change them into a living reality which the
inquisitive client can live and experiment with for personal help. With thanking
God I achieved immediate results in changing difficult positions. I succeeded in
changing the personal position, reforming defects and developing the emotional
side even after a long time.

Facing Difficult Situations:
       Achieve very fast results in designing the mental programs; my site and
their ability were also developed, and able to control daily circumstances and
managing life affairs.

      Daily ability with recent behaviors help one shift his mind, do one’s work
automatically, if one resists, and goes through harmful feelings then I change the
formation of the current situation.

Dealing with Fears:
      Psychological programs around the world present remedies for fears, which
utilized personal comprehensive instructions, which exceed the time of my
interference with the clients fears.

      The visitors of my website can accomplish success in a very short time: to
be free of fears, ( exceeds the hidden fears in his/ her soul which prevent him/ her
to continuously express his needs and live in harmony with his/ her own society.

Dealing with Fears of Disease:
      The client can be freed quickly of his/ her fears, such as social terror and
extra abashment. Also, it changes the personal therapy from dealing with a student
to public therapy.

      Fear effects on student work at school and dealing which teachers which
reflected in his treatment to himself in his vision of his mental abilities to keep his
subjects in his mind.

Fear of the Unknown:
      People usually fear the unknown. This fear is different among people.
People who are more intelligent have less fear.

The Earliest Program:
      I succeeded in building a program, which is new in its existence in The Arab
World. The diligent person moves from fear to strength and reaches new life
dimensions quickly, replacing the implied fears.

Urgent Solutions:
      In my training experience shows that my treatment results exceed all
specialist expectations.

      By incorporating complete strategies and specializations, I achieved:

1 Saving time and saving effort.
2 Self-training for vital chemical activity, for biological change in the body and
   treatment of affected organs.
3 Training the mind to form an effective for balance and dismissal of the disease
4 Changing the type of feelings, the soul, and the negativity towards the soul.

Health Protection:
      Health is the main aim and priority by following a precise course of action,
resulting in the following disease symptoms:

1. Nervous Symptoms
      Protective remedies aim to protect from nervous and physical weakness.
Nervous energetic training aims to keep mental and nervous health and getting rid
of headaches, migraines, and other nervous disorders such as medulla oblongata,

2. Muscular Pains:
       Creative Mental processing is achieved is used to get rid of nervous
muscular pains. Personal treatment is achieved via the newest medicine for joint

3. Backbone Problems:
       Vertebral problems occur a lot in this time and age. I have succeeded to
increase the flexibility and decrease the pain level of the backbone. He results are
achieved very quickly, making the patient confident in the treatment and his/ her
own body’s ability to heal.

4. Digestive System:
       Preventive treatment achieves the best results in keeping the stomach and
liver healthy and active as well as the gallbladder and all the digestive system.

       Keeping the digestive activity a healthy one is an important task for all the
other body systems. By achieving mental health, the digestive system stays healthy
and keeps the other systems that way too.

5. Respiratory System:
       Respiration has a great role in the overall body’s performance. Global
Schools have come up with hundreds of different of trainings to develop
      It is my desire to increase the efficiency of the organs and keep the body
functioning without a flow. I have breath training trainings to enhance body
performance. It gives the mind positive affirmations; positive thinking and the
most successful results are achieved then. Concentration improves and hence the
ability to create goals.

6. Physical and Muscular Activity:
      It is important to refer to the importance of keeping physical and muscular
activity for the smooth running of the muscular system and for inner quiet. The
more physical activity there is in the body the more increased is the vitality of the

General Health:
      It is important to keep one’s exercise level steady. Physical activity parallels
mental and linguistic activity, emotional flow, etc.

      With complete care, I achieved a high degree of possible care and reached to
perfect form of human aim.

Daily Life Movement:
      The daily movement of the mind, body and spirit is extremely important to
the inner balance of the human being as a whole entity. By balancing and
harmonizing the body we reach its full potential. Man is part of one whole, the
Universe of existence, a unity.

      Developing the awareness that we’re part of a grand whole is the best
practice to keep us balanced, centered and in harmony with self and our

Emotional Intelligence:
      It is for the first time in the Arab World that Intelligence training is being

      The training achieved successfully means that you’re learning to develop
keeping your balance and health.

General Aims:
      Through my healing work, I presented alternative treatments to many health

      The Ultimate Body-care model in action helps to make the mind more agile
and awake, to fulfill its role in exceeding the performance expectations and quality.

      Awareness work is still motivating the practitioner of integrated remedy
work to a higher degree of efficiency:

1 Supervision of body activity.
2 Permanent interests in bodily organs and systems and their activity.
3 Interest in the feelings and their reflections on the respiratory and other bodily
4 Focus respects on general desires such as personal ambitions, special desires
  and emotional needs.
5 Respect desires and treat them.
6 Negotiations, with flexibility, embedding commands.
7 Establishing a ‘database’ in regards to the psychological and physiological
  states of mind, body and soul.
8 Permanent remainders/ positive affirmations of successful/ happy situation on a
  social/ personal/ professional/ etc level.
9 Results are achieved with the joined efforts of soul, body and mind.
10 An ultimate, personal state of being, always in harmony and balance in all

   32 Specific personal training which I introduced, feeds the above mentioned
      points, with practical and applicable methods and fast comprehensive
   33 There’s a visible increase in the amount of life coaches/ trainers in the
      world, hence my research has begun with the primary awareness in our
      society to develop personal and individual roles and change it into working

The Best Solution:
      Caring for society, I begin with caring fro parts of it. Also by accurately
targeting sections of society and its’ members, thus achieving credible results with
people from all walks of life.

The Global Spiritual Case:
      By studying religions and faith systems, I discovered the basic reason of
individual crisis and how the mind moves human direction and limits his/her work,
how it limits individual behaviors and changes personal patterns into new patterns
of behavior and formation.
       It results in yet another crisis, affecting others and in turn the limited
behaviors into family related limitations. The family responsible effects of the
individuals and turn their mental behavior into a general one.

       Install the language of mind limits into the society to find a suitable solution
for social crisis. I presented spiritual and educational models of a spiritual vision
aspect to achieve the aim of social reformation.

Incorporating the Social, Spiritual and Psychological Works:
       Work goes on to limit mental aims to join spiritual and psychological
development with mental techniques.

       This is what I intended to carry out and keep up. I will continue to develop
psychological ideals/ programs for personal enhancement leading towards social

       Psychological training: It is the first time to have developed the ability to
edit and install functional programs, establishing the psychological desires and
keeping these desires to develop the prospective eliminating any weak points.

       My extensive twenty years effort has put me in touch with the practice of the
old spiritual methods and helped me establish a spiritual school for mental
scrutiny. By continuous implementation of The Eastern Principles, participants are
taught how o overcome scrutiny. This method aims to enhance the quality of life
in the oldest Eastern and Arabic history.
      For those interested in the origins of scrutiny, thinking like the ancient
thinkers combined the originality of Indian Eastern focus and Persian Rational and
colored it with an Arabic formation which participated in advance of spiritual man.

Spiritual School:
      Cogitative training stills the oldest cogitative spiritual programs. Through it
I introduced general life guidelines for all the needs of individuals and families.

      Following meditative covers all health and psychological needs. It develops
all mental skills and raises the degree of mental and realization intelligence. Large
meditative and mental work is still new in the Arabic meditative horizon, balancing
between the old and contemporary schools.

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