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					Narrow Boat
    Weekly and 3 or 4 Day Short Breaks
  Cruising the canals & Rivers of England and Wales

    3 to 5 star narrowboats on the Grand Union Canal
  Wyvern Shipping
Wyvern History
   The Wyvern Shipping Company
Limited was founded in 1953 as a cargo
carrying company with three pairs of
narrow boats. These boats mainly
carried coal from the Coventry coal
fields to London and returned with
timber to Birmingham.
   Times were changing and by 1956
canal holidays were the future trade
with former cargo boats being
converted to luxury holiday boats.
   The Company has been run by the
Griffin family since 1961 and is now
operated by James & John Griffin, with
their dedicated and skilled labour force.   new unsuspected England remote from         exciting experience, whilst the many
   All our boats have been built in the     main roads and railways, free from          canal-side villages and country 'pubs'
Wyvern workshops to the highest             crowded and noisy roads. Guaranteed         are great to explore. The different
standard of luxury and safety.              peaceful, pleasant and unspoilt.            shapes and sizes of bridges, from the
   To ensure a clean and reliable boat        Canals are unique in many ways.           hump backed to the motor way bridge,
for your holiday we employ an               Since their construction in the late        add to the ever changing enviroment.
experienced team of cleaners and            eighteenth and early nineteenth
service engineers. All sheets, duvets,      centuries they have mellowed and
                                            matured into a heritage of beauty,
pillowcases and blankets being washed
                                            framed by every bridge and changing at         Canals are a delight for the angler
by our local laundry service.
                                            every bend.                                 with their quiet backwaters and banks.
   Over the past 50 years many
                                              Another intriguing feature of canals is   Roach, perch, bream, carp and tench are
thousands of customers have found the
                                            that they travel along the side of hills    but a few that can be caught. After a
fastest way of slowing down is to have
                                            and sometimes over the top, giving the      day's cruising why not enjoy an evening
a relaxing holiday on a Wyvern boat.
                                            boater a superb view of the surrounding     fishing.
Indeed last year in excess of 70% of our
                                            countryside.                                   However we have a strict rule that no
trade came from previous clients and
                                              Generally one can moor anywhere out       live bait of any kind (including
their recommendations.
                                            of the way of passing boats, and you are    maggots) is allowed onboard.
                                            never herded together.                         A national rod licence is required by
Canal Cruising                                                                          anyone 12 years and over.
  This is a holiday designed for every
member of the family.
                                              A series of locks carry the different
  A holiday that brings the English
                                            levels of waterway over the hills, each        We can supply 5ft (1.5m) flagpoles
countryside alive plus the excitement
                                            with its own particular charm.              which attach to the helm so you can fly
and adventure of boating.
                                              "The rough-hewn timbers, rope-            your National Flag. This is especially
  It offers a real change from every day
                                            chafed and weathered by many years of       popular with overseas customers.
routine and brings one in touch with a
                                            toil, groan at the swirling waters as          Please bring your own lm flag as this
                                            windlass eases paddles to lift or lower     is the best size. It is almost impossible
                                            your boat."                                 to buy foreign flags in England.
                                              The locks are unmanned and simple
                                            to operate and combine pleasant breaks
                                            in the cruise with some gentle exercise.
                                              On the day of departure all novices
                                            are given practical instruction through
                                            their first lock from one of our
                                            experienced instructors.

                                              Canal architecture is a subject of
                                            great interest. The aqueduct at
                                            Cosgrove, only a day's boating north
                                            from Linslade, is a masterpiece of
                                            engineering and the canal tunnels are an

The Holiday . . . with a difference
The All-Weather Holiday
   Perfect weather helps any holiday.
Unfortunately we can only guarantee the
boat and not the weather, but even in
wet or cold conditions our boats have
ample room inside with large sliding or
hopper windows and full central heating.
   The open front cockpits are able to
seat all the crew in comfort for outdoor
meals, and the rear deck has seats for the
helmsman and crew. We are often
complimented for our very comfortable
cockpits and steering position.
   Canal cruising has something for
everyone whether you are an artist,
fisherman, walker, helmsman, lock
operator or out to sample the local ale in
the many canal-side pubs.
   People are always friendly on the
canals and good company can be
enjoyed at the locks and villages.
   We hope you will discover good food,                         Wet Weather
drink and entertainment to make the                               For wet weather all
perfect holiday whether it be wet or fine.                      boats carry a set of
                                                                waterproofs and an
Parasols & Umbrellas                                            umbrella.
                                                                  The umbrella can be
   Since our English summers are often
                                                                used to shelter the
filled with long hot days, during the
                                                                helmsman from both
months of June, July and August all our
                                                                sunshine or rain.
boats are fitted with removable parasols
                                                                  All boats have an
in the forward cockpits.
                                                                airing cupboard for
   What more pleasant way to spend a
                                                                drying clothes and
sunny day than to moor up and sit in the
                                                                atleast one heated
front cockpit shaded by a parasol and
watch the world go by.

                                                   Even if you have no previous boating
                                                 experience you will be surprised just
                                                 how easy it is to become a confident
                                                 skipper of your narrow boat.
                                                   All the boats are purpose built for
                                                 easy and responsive handling.
                                                   If you have any doubts over any
                                                 aspect of canal boating we will do our
                                                 best to assist.
                                                   All our hirers are taken for a free
                                                 tuition cruise by an experienced
                                                 instructor at the start of their holiday
                                                 and shown through a lock.
                                                   Instruction continues until you are
                                                 confident of how to handle the boat and
                                                 work the locks to ensure a relaxing and
                                                 enjoyable holiday.
                                                   We also send hirers the Boater’s
                                                 handbook and D V D which covers all
                                                 aspects of good boating and safe canal
Our wharf at Linslade.
                                                                                           Each bunk is provided with an under
                                                                                         blanket, fitted sheet, duvet and duvet
                                                                                         cover, pillow and pillowcase.
                                                                                           All fixed double beds have interior
                                                                                         sprung mattresses and four pillows.
                                                                                           Extra bedding is always available.

                                                                                         Carpets & Flooring
                                                                                           Many of our boats have fitted carpets
                                                                                         except in the galley and bathroom.
                                                                                         These boats carry a vacuum cleaner.
                                                                                           All non carpeted boats have modern
                                                                                         vinyl flooring with several large carpet
Our Narrow Boats                              All boats have been specifically
provide the key to unlock the treasures     designed to cater for the needs of an        The Galley
of the beauty and tranquillity of the       increasingly sophisticated holiday             The well equipped modern galley has
British canals.                             market.                                      a full size cooker, electric refrigerator
   The boats are built on the traditional     The tiller steering is much more           and a full inventory of crockery, cutlery,
lines of the working narrow boat and        precise, quicker in operation and has        saucepans and cooking untensils (see
are designed and fitted out to the          more feel than a wheel. It is also a great   page 15).
highest standards for luxury living         advantage to have the whole boat in
afloat.                                     front of you when steering.                  Headroom & Bed Size
                                                                                           All boats have over 6ft 2in (1.88m)
                                                                                         headroom and beds. For individual
                                                                                         heights please see the boat plans.
                                                                                           If you have tall crew members please
                                                                                         phone our office for individual bed
                                                                                         lengths, as some boats have up to 7ft
                                                                                         (2.13m) beds and 6ft 8in (2.03m)

                                                                                         The Engine
                                                                                           All craft have reliable low carbon
                                                                                         emission Kabota diesel engines (no
                                                                                         ignition worries or fire dangers) with a
                                                                                         single lever control, to operate both the
                                                                                         throttle and gear shift.
                                                                                           Engine rooms are well sound proofed
                                                                                         to reduce noise and vibration both
                                                                                         inside and outside the boat.

About our Boats
Electrics and Lighting
  The 12v electric power for the lighting
and fridge is supplied through large
heavy-duty traction batteries that are
recharged by the engine, whilst you cruise.
  There is a separate battery for starting
the engine.

240 Mains Voltage
   On all boats there is a minimum of
200 watt output inverter with household
square pin sockets, which means that on
all boats you will be able to:-
1. Recharge Ni-Cd battery packs as used
for mobile phones and camcorders.
2. Operate low consumption
appliances such as electric razors.
   All five star boats and ‘Kingfisher’are
fitted with a 1500 watt inverter and
their boat equipment includes a 1200
                                              Water and Water Filters                          Toilets
watt hair dryer and a toaster.                   All boats carry large fresh water               Boat toilets are simple to operate.
   Many five star boats carry a fitted        tanks, which we advise are filled daily          They are fresh water flushing with
microwave. All five star boats can be         from canalside taps.                             vitreous china bowls and a water seal
provided with a microwave on request.            A hose, reel and connector are stored         between the toilet and the holding tank.

Smoking Policy
                                                 All the tanks are regularly treated and
                                              there is a 'springclear' drinking water filter
  Smoking is forbidden inside the boat.       fitted to the cold water tap in the galley,        A combination of hopper windows
We have no objection to smoking               which filtrates and freshens the water.          over the beds and sliding windows in
outside the boat or in the cockpit.                                                            the galley and passage give good
                                                                                               ventilation in both hot and wet weather.
                                                                                               All forward facing windows are double

                                                                                               Heating & Hot Water
                                                                                                 All boats are fitted with gas or diesel
                                                                                               boilers which provide full central
                                                                                               heating via radiators.
                                                                                                 There is also a large airing cupboard
                                                                                               and heated hanging cupboard which can
                                                                                               prove invaluable in wet weather.
                                                                                                 Hot and cold water is always
                                                                                               available to the shower, galley sink and
                                                                                               wash basins via an automatic pump.

                                                                                               The Saloon
                                                                                                 Saloons are large enough to sit the
                                                                                               whole crew. The settees are dralon
                                                                                               covered with scatter cushions, providing
                                                                                               a warm comfortable area in which to
                                                                                               relax and watch the colour television or
                                                                                               the passing scenery through the
                                                                                               panoramic windows.

                                                                                               Entertainment Centres
                                                                                                 In the saloon all boats carry a colour
                                                                                               tv/dvd combi and a radio/cd player.

  Saloon on ‘Juniper’.                                                5
                                                                                                              Pets are welcomed on
Fully Inclusive Hire Fee                                                                                   all non carpeted and
  At first glance the initial cost of hiring                                                               some carpeted boats,
a boat may seem expensive.                                                                                 provided they are well
  But please remember the cost of the                                                                      trained and you bring
boat not only provides your                                                                                their own bed. Puppies
accommodation but your transport and                                                                       are not allowed.
your entertainment.                                                                                           We regret no more
  This means entertainment for the                                                                         than two pets may be
whole family including the dog.                                                                            taken on any one boat
  The canal scene is not commercialised,                                                                   without our prior
and you may even find difficulty in                                                                        agreement.
spending money! There is none of this                                                                         There is a charge of
"forever putting your hand in your pocket"                                                                 £15.00 per pet for a short
associated with seaside, touring and hotel                                                                 break and £25.00 per pet
holidays.                                                                                                  for a week.
                                                                                             We have non pet boats so we are able
  Our prices are fully inclusive of
V.A.T. (as applicable), car parking,
                                               Safety Afloat                               to cater for customers with pet allergies.
bottled gas, diesel fuel, lubricating oil,       Canal holidays are one of the safest
bed linen, colour television and cleaning      ways to enjoy a holiday afloat.
                                                 Wyvern boats include the following
                                                                                           Buoyancy Aids
materials.                                                                                   Buoyancy aids are supplied free of
                                               safety features to ensure you have a
  All you need bring is food, clothes and      safe and enjoyable holiday.                 charge on request, not just for children
towels (towels and tea towels are                                                          but any crew member who cannot swim
provided on request for overseas clients).     * A life buoy - carried in a position       or would like one.
    There are no hidden extras.                within easy reach of the helmsman.
  Hire fees from other boatyards may           * A gas leak detector - positioned in       Car Park
appear more reasonable but be careful          the gas locker to enable regular gas
of what is actually included. We have          checks.                                       Cars may be parked free of charge at
                                                                                           the boatyard for the duration of your
no essential extras like fuel:-                * Carbon Monoxide and smoke                 holiday at the owners risk.
                                                                                             Some staff live on site adjacent to the
                    Bargain     Wyvern         * All gas appliances are inspected by       car park.
                    Boats       Shipping       Corgi registered engineers.
Boat Hire          £500.00      £600.00        All gas boilers have external flues.
VAT                 £87.50      included
                                               * Electric fridge.                          Provisions
Bedding             £30.00      included
                                                                                             A Tesco supermarket is half a mile
Car Park            £20.00      included       * Mattress foam and insulation              from our yard (see back cover map).
Colour T.V.         £20.00      included       materials are fire retardant.
Credit Card Charge £16.00       included                                                   Please do your food shopping before
Damage Waiver       £45.00      included       * Three fire extinguishers and a fire       arriving at the boat yard.
Diesel Fuel         £85.00      included                                                     While cruising, provisions can be
Cleaning Materials £15.00       included       * A first aid box for minor                 obtained at village shops and town
Pump Out            £17.00      included       emergencies.                                supermarkets.
Total               £835.50     £600.00        * Non slip tread pads on the gunwales
                                               and handles on the front corner of the
                                               cabin roof to ensure safe stepping on
                                               and off at the bow.
                                               * An emergency stop valve fitted to
                                               the engine fuel system.
                                               * Battery master switches between the
                                               boat electrical system and the batteries.
                                               * Permanently fitted anchor for river
                                               * British Waterways Boat Safety
                                               * Personal safety issues will be
                                               included in your tuition and you will be
                                               asked to sign a 'Boat Acceptance
                                               Certificate' to show that you have
                                               understood the instruction on hand over.

Short Breaks
How about a few
days away on a
 Wyvern Boat?
  If you have less than a week to
spare our short breaks are just the

Weekend &
Midweek Breaks
  On all the Friday start boats we
are able to offer weekend cruises
from 1.30pm Friday afternoon
finishing at 9.30am Monday
morning and Mid week cruises
from 1.30pm Monday afternoon to
9.30am Friday morning. The boats
are available to board any time
between 1.30pm and 3pm. (after
3pm by prior arrangement with the
Boats may be returned the Sunday
evening if preferred.
  Saturday start boats may also be       Skipper & Crew                            Disabilities Policy
booked for short breaks till Tuesday       We regret that bookings by skippers      If you have any disability or concern
morning and mid week from Tuesday to     under 21 cannot be accepted on 2 to 5     about the suitability of our boats or a
Saturday - same times apply as above.    berth boats and by skippers under 25      canal holiday please phone the office.
Please see 'when can we board our        on 6 to 8 berth boats.
boat' bottom of page 24.                   All male/all female and mixed party
                                         bookings a £250.00 security deposit is    Come and See Us
Winter Breaks                            held. The deposit is returned at the        We are always pleased to invite
                                                                                   customers to view the boats.
                                         end of the holiday less any deductions
  We offer winter breaks until mid                                                   Before visiting the yard we advise you
                                         for damage or breakages. All male/all
December and Spring breaks from the                                                to phone the office to check which boats
                                         female crews at the Company’s
1st of March.                                                                      are available for viewing.
  We are closed for hiring from 15th
                                                                                   During the summer months :-
December till 1st March.                                                                    (April -October inclusive) boats
                                         Babies & Toddlers                                  may be viewed Monday, Friday,
10, 11 Day Hire or                         We can provide cot sides which can               Tuesday or Saturday mornings
                                         be fitted to one of the bunks in the               before 1.00p.m.
Longer                                   rear cabin. These make very good play     During the winter months :-
  All boats can be booked for 10/11      pens during the day as well as a cot               (January to March inclusive) we
day hire or longer starting on a         during the night.                                  are open Monday to Friday
Friday/Saturday/Monday/Tuesday.            Babies under 6 months travel free of             9.00am till dark.
  All boats can also be hired for two,   charge.
                                           On all the boats with single berths
two and a half, three weeks or longer.
                                         in the rear cabin they can either
                                                                                   Opening Hours
                                         convert to a double or we can supply a    Our booking office is open :-
  For discounts please see page 24.
                                         4 foot mattress to go between the         Weekdays - 9.00a.m. to 5.30p.m.
Please don't forget our prices are
                                         berths. This makes an extra 4 foot        Weekends - November to March
inclusive of :-
                                         berth, ideal for accommodating an                    Closed all weekend
All Fuel & Gas, Car parking, T V,
                                         extra child.                              Weekends - April to October
VAT, Bedding & Damage Waiver.
                                           There is no charge for an extra child            9.00a.m. to 5.30p.m. Saturdays.
                                         under 4.                                             Closed Sundays.
                                                                                     Out of hours please check our website
                                                                                   for the latest availability of all our boats
                                                                                   or leave a message on our answer phone.
                              Holiday Map
                              England and Wales have over two
                            thousand miles of rivers and canals that
                            can be navigated aboard a narrow boat.

                                      . 7-5-3 .
                            The large map shows three sets of
                            figures between black dots, the first
                            being distance in miles, then number of

                            locks and then in black the cruising
                            time in hours.
    Wyvern Shipping
               Co Ltd
                            Leighton/Linslade is situated
                            on the northern edge of the Chiltern
                            Hills, just an hours journey by road or
                            rail from London.
                              Linslade adjoins the Market Town of
                            Leighton Buzzard which over the last
                            hundred years has become famous for its
                            sand. Much of this sand was transported
                            by Narrow Gauge Railway to the canal
                            and loaded aboard narrow boats. Many
                            of these loading wharves can still be seen
                              The Grand Union Canal was one of the
                            last canals to be built and opened in 1805
                            to provide a direct route from the Oxford
                            Canal at Braunston to the River Thames
                            at London. It has many outstanding
                            engineering achievements like the
                            Blisworth and Braunston tunnels, the
                            aqueducts at Cosgrove and Milton
                            Keynes and the Weedon embankments.
                              Many of our experienced customers
                            returning from holiday have commented
                            how the southern Grand Union is one
                            of the most beautiful, varied and
                            quietest of canals with excellent pubs
                            and leisure facilities.
Three or Four Day Cruises
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        from Leighton Buzzard



                       l                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Travel north along the Ouzel Valley
                 dC                    Braunston        Norton
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        through the parks of Milton Keynes and
                                        Tunnel          Junction

               4 25
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        over the Aqueduct at Cosgrove and onto
                                                                                                          NORTHAMPTON                                                                                                                                   the picturesque Northamptonshire

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        village of Stoke Bruerne.

                                              R Nen e

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Moor at the bottom of the Stoke

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bruerne locks and enjoy a short walk up

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        the locks to the famous canal village
                                                                                                      rt h

                                                                                                                 Rothersthorpe       B52
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        with its shops, pubs, restaurants and
                                                                                 GAYTON                           Lock Flight

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Waterways Museum.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          For the more energetic take your boat
South from                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              up the flight of seven locks and on

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        through the nearly 2 mile long Blisworth
Leighton Buzzard                                                            43                                                                                                                                                                          tunnel, through Blisworth village and on


                                                                                                                                                                    1                                                                                   to Gayton Junction.
  Head south towards the beautiful
                                                                                   A 4 13

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          You can turn all our boats below and

village of Marsworth keeping an eye

                                                                                                                                                                                             A 50
                                                                                                                                            Great Ouse

out for the lion cut in the chalk on the
                                                                                             OLD STRATFORD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        above the locks at Stoke Bruerne and at


side of Whipsnade hill.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Gayton Junction.


                                                                                                          uc                        e
  The reservoirs at Marsworth, which

                                                                                                                                  us    MILTON
                                                                                                                    Gr                                                                             A421
were built to supply water to the canal                                                                                                 KEYNES                                                                                                            This is an ideal mini-break cruise for
summit, are now also used as extensive                                                                                                                                                      Fenny
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        the novice with plenty of entertainment
nature reserves. Wild-life is in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        for your children, some locks, two
abundance and it is very rewarding to                                                                                                                                                                                                     Woburn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        aqueducts and many good pubs and

have an afternoon or evening stroll                                                                                                                                                                                                       Abbey
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   0 12

around the lakes and study the bird life.

  At Marsworth either cruise on for
                                                                                                                                                                                       6                       Gauge Railway

Berkhamsted or turn right for Aylesbury.                                                                                            Wyvern Shipping      WYVERN SHIPPING





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pubs serving meals.


  From Marsworth travel up the seven                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Most with moorings
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and childrens
locks to Bulbourne. The canal then enters                                                                                                        Ay l e s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Whipsnade Wild
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Animal Park                          play area.
a three mile cutting past Tring Station to
                                                                                                    Y                                                                                                Marsworth


Cowroast. Be on special alert as

kingfishers are often spotted in the cutting.                                                                                                                             rA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Top Lock

At Cowroast the canal starts its descent to


                                                                                                                                                A                                                                                   Castle

London, passing through Berkhamsted

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               HEMEL HEMPSTEAD

close to the old castle, outdoor swimming
pool and leisure parks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             14


Aylesbury Arm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       M25

 This canal runs from Marsworth to
Aylesbury and is just 6 miles long with
16 narrow locks, only inches wider than                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Entertainment Guide
your boat. Aylesbury has a small basin                                                                                                                                                                                                                    All boats carry a local entertainment
with visitor moorings close to the                                                                 Hours Cruising each way to :-                                                                                                                        manual which lists many local facilities
market town centre.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and attractions between Watford and
                                                                                                   North                                                                                                                                                Braunston.
                                                                                                   Bottom of Stoke Bruerne 9 hrs.
Wendover Arm                                                                                                   (Ideal for a weekend cruise)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The manual also includes details of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        canal-side pubs (including phone
  The first 1.5 miles of this canal is now                                                         Gayton Junction 12 hrs.                                                                                                                              numbers), shops, swimming pools and
open from Bulbourne to Tringford                                                                              (Ideal for a midweek cruise)                                                                                                              churches as well as many leaflets on
pumping station where water is pumped                                                                                                                                                                                                                   local amenities.
from the canal reservoirs into the canal.                                                          South
A narrow canal which meanders past                                                                 Aylesbury 10 hrs.                                                                                                                                      Also listed are fresh water taps,
Heygates Mill terminating at the newly                                                             Berkhamsted 10 hrs.                                                                                                                                  turning places and refuse disposal
made winding hole at Little Tring.                                                                 Little Tring 8 hrs.                                                                                                                                  points.

Longer Cruises
One Week Cruises                           Ten Day Cruises
Grand Union North                          South and London                            Two Week Cruises
  Cruise as for the three day cruise         In order to have a day or two for
continuing North through the Stoke         sightseeing in the centre of London take    The Warwick Ring
Bruerne Locks and the Blisworth            a ten day cruise.                             After Braunston continue along the
Tunnel, where you escape underground         Little Venice provides superb free        Grand Union Canal towards Warwick
for 45 minutes. Do not worry, you can      mooring close to the theatres and sights    where a stop is essential to visit
still pass oncoming boats in the tunnel    of London. Cruise on through Maida          Warwick Castle.
as it is 16 feet wide.                     Vale tunnel, past Lords Cricket ground,       Up the flight of 21 locks at Hatton 'the
  On through Northamptonshire and its      to Regents Park, home to London Zoo.
                                                                                       stairway to heaven' (which has been
attractive stone villages to Weedon,         Camden Town Lock with its market          completed in under two hours) and on
reputed to be the centre of England.       and redevelopment is a wonderfully          towards Birmingham. This section
Then on to Braunston Junction where        vibrant spot to visit before returning to
the Oxford to Coventry Canal crosses                                                   through the eastern end of the
                                           Linslade.                                   Birmingham Canal Navigation gives a
the London to Birmingham, Grand
Union Canal.                                                                           fascinating insight into industrial
                                           Hours cruising to Camden Town               architecture and the original function of
  Braunston village grew up around the     31 hours each way.                          the canal system.
canal and became well known for the
building of wooden narrow boats. The                                                     Under 'spaghetti junction' and after
church steeple can be seen for miles       North Oxford and                            Birmingham you have the rural section
around.                                                                                which is lightly locked leading you
                                           Ashby Canals                                north along the Birmingham and
  This cruise gives the perfect
                                             After Braunston head north leaving the    Fazeley Canal to the Coventry Canal at
introduction for a week's canal            church spire behind you, through the
cruising with the passage of 27 locks,                                                 Fazeley Junction. Then past Drayton
                                           three duplicated narrow locks at            Manor Park and Zoo and back to
2 aqueducts, 2 tunnels and the canal       Hillmorton and on to the old market
museum at Stoke Bruerne, not to                                                        Braunston via the North Oxford Canal.
                                           town of Rugby made famous by its
mention the excellent canal side           public school.
hostelries and for the younger crew                                                    Total hours cruising 95 hours.
                                             Hawkesbury junction is where the
members the many childrens play areas      Oxford Canal finishes and joins the
in and around Milton Keynes.               Coventry Canal. The Greyhound pub           Leicester Ring
Hours cruising to Braunston                stands beside the junction where the          Cruise North to Norton Junction and
21 hours each way.                         boat people would congregate while          onto the Leicester section through the
                                           awaiting orders to load from the            locks at Watford Gap. Here you will
                                           Warwickshire coal fields.                   come across your first staircase locks
Grand Union South                            Turning left takes you five miles to      where the bottom gates of one lock form
  Cruise to Berkhamsted as for the 3 - 4   Coventry with its basin close to the        the top gates of the next.
day cruise and on down the Colne           centre of the city. A visit to the new
Valley towards the Thames Valley and       cathedral is a must.                          After Watford there is the twenty mile
London.                                                                                pound across the summit to Foxton. This
                                             Marston Junction just a few miles         is a very rural canal where you see
  Although there are more locks as you     north of Hawkesbury Junction on the         hardly any civilisation but there are
cross the Chiltern Hills than travelling   Coventry Canal is where the Ashby
north, the canal is very quiet and                                                     several small villages just half a mile
                                           Canal begins.
extremely pretty through places such as                                                from the canal which are well worth a
                                             The Ashby Canal is a tranquil 21 mile     visit.
Cassiobury Park, with the Earl of          lock free canal terminating north of
Essex's ornamental bridges, and on         Snarestone tunnel where the Globe Inn         At Foxton are the remains of the old
through the woods to Croxley Green         offers good food and beer. On the way       steam driven inclined plane. The old
where you pass through the middle of       you can explore 'Bosworth Field'            engine house is now an excellent
the recently landscaped Colne Valley       battleground and visit the Shackerstone     museum illustrating how the steam
nature reserve.                            steam railway.                              driven plane was built and worked.
Hours cruising to Croxley Green                                                          Through Saddington tunnel and on to
                                           Hours cruising 37 hours each way.           the city of Leicester where you join the
20 hours each way.
                                                                                       River Soar which flows down to its
                                                                                       junction with the River Trent just south
                                                                                       of Nottingham.
                                                                                         Up the River Trent for 2 miles and join
                                                                                       the Trent & Mersey to Fradley Junction
                                                                                       and then head south on to the Coventry
                                                                                       and North Oxford Canals.

                                                                                       Total hours cruising 107 hours.

Thames Circular Cruise
  This cruise is probably the most          sight and marks the upper limit of
exciting and rewarding of all circuits      navigation to the Thames.
incorporating every aspect of the Inland      If time, the River Wey from
Waterways.                                  Weybridge to Godalming may be visited
  Wide locks up the Grand Union Canal       or a theatre evening at Oxford.
with the long tunnels at Blisworth and
Braunston. The narrow locks and
meandering South Oxford Canal               Thames Licence
contrast with the width and grandeur of       The River Thames is controlled by the
the River Thames.                           Environment Agency and therefore the
                                            British Waterways Licence is not valid.
                                            A fifteen day licence for the River
Oxford Canal                                Thames can be obtained at both Oxford
  The canal rises up the hill at Napton     and Teddington.
with views of the village and windmill
before meandering 11 miles across the
summit through Fenny Compton giving
                                            Tidal Thames
some breathtaking views of the               The Thames is tidal below Teddington.
Warwickshire countryside.                   The Grand Union Canal is entered at
                                            Brentford. Our boats are not allowed to
  The canal passes right through the        cruise between Brentford and
centre of the picturesque market town of    Limehouse.
Banbury before following the Cherwell
Valley down to the River Thames at          Hours Cruising.
Oxford.                                     Total for Thames circle 110 hours.
  The lift bridges, narrow locks and        Banbury and return 35 hours each way.
stone walled villages will make it a        Oxford and return 45 hours each way.
journey to remember.                        Oxford to Lechlade and return to Oxford
                                            24 hours.
Lower Thames
  There are two ways of joining the
Thames from the Oxford Canal; either
by the Duke’s Cut above King's Lock or                                 Rugby
at Isis near the city centre.                                                            Norton
  Oxford's historic buildings and the
wide river with its rowing clubs make a                                   Napton
sharp contrast to the canal.                               Fenny
                                                          Compton                               Gayton
  The locks are manned and shared with                                                                                    Stoke Bruerne
river and seagoing craft, so sit back and
enjoy travelling through the front garden

                                                                                                                         a nd

of England and ending up at Windsor                                                                                                        Milton Keynes


Castle and Hampton Court.                                                    Aynho                                                        Fenny Stratford

  Stop at Hampton Court's own

moorings to visit the house and possibly                                                                                                            Buzzard
                                                                                                                      Linslade                                            S
lose the kids in the maze!                                                   Lower Heyford
  There is a short tidal section between                                                                                                        Marsworth

Teddington Lock and the Grand Union                      King's Lock                                                                                  Berkhampstead
                                                                                                                                     Wendover                     Hemel
at Brentford which may only be                          Newbridge                    Oxford                                            Arm                        Hempstead
navigated at high tide.                       Thames                                                                                 N
                                                               Abingdon                                                      E                                          Watford
                                                                                                                      I   LT               Rickmansworth

Upper Thames                                                              Wallingford
                                                                                                                  H                                                                Little
                                                                                                                                                               Cowlwy                       Regents
  In three weeks the Upper Thames from
                                                                                              Th                                            Slough                       Paddington
Oxford to Lechlade may be included.                                                              a   me                     Henley-on-
                                                                                                          s                 Thames
Here the river meanders to the extreme                                                               t                                    Windsor                Bull's
                                                                                                 e                                                               Bridge                     London
and on occasions boats are seen astern                                                        nn
                                                                                         Ke                   Reading
that you have not yet met.                                                                                                                                                        Kingston
                                                                                                                                                               Weybridge          upon
  Lechlade, set in the flood plane with                                                                                                                                           Thames
its high church steeple, is a rewarding

Waterside Cottage                  sleeps up to 11

                                                       What better way to spend a relaxing
                                                     holiday than in our 4 star holiday
                                                     cottage. ‘Waterside’. A 150 year old
                                                     detached cottage, is a fun place to be
                                                     and perfect for guests wishing to sit and
                                                     relax while watching the boats.
                                                     Available for short breaks throughout
                                                     the year except Bank Holiday weeks
                                                     when we only accept weekly bookings.
                                                     Sleeps up to 11 in 6 bedrooms.
                                                     (Special reduced rates for 1 to 5 guests
                                                     and 6 to 8 Guests).

                                                     Facilities include:-
                                                     Lounge with oak beams and log burning
                                                     stove. Conservatory and terrace with
                                                     BBQ. Farmhouse style kitchen, 6
                                                     bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
                                                       For a visual tour visit our website

Boat Building

'Ocean Princess'
crosses Loch Ness
  If it’s something special you
want we build narrow boats to
  Features can include
bowthruster, forward wheel
steering, bicycle storage, side
hatch, mast & navigation lights,
GPS and echo sounder.

Boats built by us for your comfort
                                             In the same way as hotels,
                                           narrow boats are awarded
                                           1 to 5 stars by Visit Britain
                                           to indicate their quality,
                                                                                        as 6 berth
                                           space and comfort.
                                            As part of our commitment       All equipment and furnishings
                                           to quality we invite Visit      on a three, four and five star
                                           Britain to indpendantly         boats are the same.
                                           grade our boats on an             On a five star boat the saloon
                                           annual basis.                   is not used for sleeping and no
                                            The star rating shown          more than two crew sleep in
                                           against each boat is relevant   any one cabin resulting in more
                                           for the occupancy shown.        space per person.

Carbon footprint
 Boating holidays have a low
carbon footprint and as a
company Wyvern Shipping are
able to further lower their
footprint by using modern low
emission Kabota diesel engines.
  The engines being fitted with
large alternators to charge all the
batteries while cruising. No
generators being required when
the main engine is not running.
Fuel set is added to the diesel to
ensure a clean burn.
 The company has a policy of
employing local staff within
walking distance of the yard.
 Even in the severest weather of
Feb 2009 all members of staff
were able to walk to work.
Layout of 6 berth ‘Crystal Class’
     as shown on page 19.

                                                        Six Berth Boat Inventory
                              Cutlery                       Crockery & Glass            Navigation & Deck Gear
                               2 Canteen                     1 Butter Dish               1 Adjustable Spanner
                               1 Carving Knife               1 Cafetiere                 1 Anchor & Chain
                               1 Corkscrew                   1 Casserole & Lid           1 Boat Hook
                              14 Forks                       7 Cups & Saucers            2 Boat Poles
                               1 Bread Knife                 7 Egg Cups                  1 Boarding Plank
                               1 Kitchen Knife               1 Fruit Bowl                1 Bow Fender
                              14 Knives                      1 Meat Dish                 1 Deck Mop
                               5 Piece Kitchen Set           1 Milk Jug                  1 Club Hammer
                              14 Spoons-Dessert              7 Mugs                      2 Front Door Keys
                               2 Spoons - Serving            1 Pudding Basin             1 Lifebuoy
                              14 Spoons - Tea                7 Plates - Dinner           3 Mooring Ropes
                               1 Tin Opener                  7 Plates - Tea              3 Mooring Stakes
                               1 Toast Rack                  2 Salt & Pepper Pots        1 Parasol & Stand
                               1 Whisk                       7 Soup Bowls                2 Piling Hooks
                               1 Wooden Spoon                1 Sugar Bowl                1 Set Waterproofs
                                                             1 Tongs                     2 Side Fenders
                              Kitchen Utensils               1 Tray                      1 Stern Fender
                               1 Bread Bin                   7 Tumblers                  1 Umbrella
                               1 Bread Board                 1 Water Jug                 1 Water Hose & Reel
                               1 Cheese Grater               7 Wine Glasses              3 Windlasses
                               1 Colander                                                1 Wire Clippers
                               1 Frying Pan                 Disposable Materials
                               1 Gas Lighter                 1 Air Freshener            Cabin Equipment
                               1 Grill Pan & Grid            1 Pkt Bin Liners            2 Ashtrays (for outside use)
                               1 Kettle                      1 Floor Cloth               1 Boat Manual
                               1 Measuring Jug               1 Fly Spray                 1 Broom
                               1 Oven Tray                   1 Kitchen Roll & Holder     1 Bucket
                               1 Plastic Bowl                1 Pkt Rubbish Sacks         3 Carpet Door Mats
                               1 Roasting Tin                2 Rolls Toilet Paper per   14 Coat Hangers
                               3 Saucepans                     toilet                    1 Colour TV & DVD
                               1 Pair Scissors               1 Dishcloth                 1 CD & Radio Cassette
                               1 Splatter Guard              1 Washing Up Liquid         1 Dust Pan & Brush
                               1 Teapot                      1 Washing Up Brush          1 Entertainment Manual
                                                               Cleaning materials        1 Fire Blanket
                              Bedding per Berth                                          3 Fire Extinguishers
                               1 Pillow                     Extra (Free on Request)      1 First Aid Kit
                               1 Pillow Case                 Bath Mat                    3 Folding Chairs
                               2 Extra Pillows (per boat)    Buoyancy Aids               1 Folding Table
                               1 Duvet                       Child’s Mattress            1 Hair Dryer
                               1 Duvet Cover                 Cot Side                    1 Oven Gloves
                               1 Fitted Sheet                Table Cloth                 1 Pedal Bin
                               1 Under Blanket               Tea Towels                  4 Scatter Cushions
                                                             Towels                      1 Vacuum Cleaner

  8 Berth Boats

   1    6 or     4       2 or   3    2 or        4     ‘Kingfisher’                sleeps up to 8

Length 62ft (18.9m)                                                                                        The middle cabin can either
Headroom 6ft 3in (1.9m)                                                                                    have a fixed double or two
1500 Watt 240 Volt Inverter                                                                                single berths. Please advise
No pets allowed aboard                                                                                     your preference on booking.
‘Kingfisher’                             as 6 berth
                                                         ‘Kingfisher’ is fitted with a bow         beds or one large double.
                                                       thruster for easier navigation and a          There are radios with cd players and
                                                       microwave and toaster for crew comfort.     ipod connections in both the saloon and
                                                         The spacious saloon has two long sofa     the cabins. ‘Kingfisher’ is carpeted in
                                                       beds which can be used as two single        the cabins but not the saloon.

        4        ‘Sovereign’ & ‘Splendid’                                    sleeps up to 8

Length 62ft (18.9m)                                     These boats being our largest eight        saloon table ensure that all the crew
Headroom 6ft 3in (1.9m)                                berths are very much in demand.             can eat together indoors or out.
200 Watt 240 Volt Inverter                              They have four separate sleeping            'Sovereign’ is carpeted in the cabins
                                                       cabins and two fresh water flush toilets.   but not the saloon.
                                    as 6 berth          The spacious front cockpit and large

   1    6   or       2     4        ‘Supreme’                  sleeps up to 8               For visual tour:

                                                         Unique in its class, ‘Supreme’ has        families and is both modern and
Length 60ft (18.3m)                                    three separate sleeping cabins, one         comfortable.
Headroom 6ft 3in (1.9m)                                with a permanent double bed and two
200 Watt 240 Volt Inverter                                                                           Being built in the traditional way the
                                                       fresh water flush toilets.                  cabin interior has varnished mahogany
                                          as 8 berth
                                                         She proves very popular for two           beams and gunwales.

  7 Berth Boats

                 2        3       or       3   1            ‘Activity’           Sleeps up to 7          For visual tour:

as 6 berth
                                                ‘Activity’ is the first of a new concept of     luggage and suitcases. ‘Activity’ also carries seven
Length 69ft (21m)                              narrow boat able to carry six mountain bikes.    garden chairs and a table for towpath al fresco
Headroom 6ft 8in (2.03m)                         This gives the opportunity of combining a      dinners. The large foredeck is ideal for sun bathing.
1500 Watt 240 Volt                             boating holiday with a cycling holiday. Please     With 6’8” headroom, 6’6” beds and a 7’6” pull
Inverter                                       bring your own bicycles. For those that do not   out sofabed in the saloon ‘Activity’ is perfect for
No pets allowed aboard                         bring bicycles the extra storage space is very   the taller crew. The lower rear berths can convert to
‘Activity’                                     useful for long term hire and overseas           a double bed or make an additional child berth.
                                               customers who may wish to bring extra

    2        3       or       3        1                   ‘Diamond’                 Sleeps up to 7

                                                                                                                                    as 7 berth

                                                                                                                          Length 52ft (15.8m)
                                                                                                                          Headroom 6ft 3in (1.9m)
   1         5   or       2            3                     ‘Ruby’            Sleeps up to 7                             200 Watt 240 Volt

                                                                                                                           Well appointed boats
                                                                                                                           and very popular with
                                                                                                                           The single rear berths
                                                                                                                           can convert to a double
                                                                                                                           bed or make an
                                                                                                                           additional child berth.

                                                                                                         AC   Airing Cupboard      S  Settee/Pullout
                                                                                                         C    Cupboard                Double
                                                                                                         F    Fridge               SB Shower Bath
                                                                                                         FT   Folding Table        ST Shower Tray
                                                                                                         HC   Hanging Cupboard     T  Toilet
                                                                                                                                   TV Colour with DVD,
                                                                                                                                      Radio & CD

6 Berth Boats

                                                                                      For visual tour:

      2      2   or         3
                                   ‘Cedar’, ‘Maple’ & ‘Oak’                Sleeps up to 6

Length 65ft (20m)                                                              The Middle Cabin can either
Headroom 6ft 6in (2m)                                                          have a fixed double or two single
                                                                               beds. Please specify your
1500 Watt 240 Volt Inverter                                                    preference on the booking form
No pets aboard ‘Cedar’ &                                                       so we can make the beds
                                   as 4 berth
‘Oak’.                                                                         correctly.

                                      These five star carpeted boats
                                    have a 1500 watt inverter and
                                    come complete with toaster, hair
                                    dryer and vacuum cleaner.
                                    Microwaves are optional for these
                                      Saloon. The extra spacious
                                    saloon has one free standing
                                    armchair and one folding directors
                                    chair in addition to the pull out
                                    sofabed. Colour tv/dvd player and
                                    music centre are all provided for
                                    your onboard entertainment.
                                      Bedrooms. The two bedrooms
                                    have their own adjoining
                                    bathrooms containing a shower
                                    bath, washbasin and toilet. Each
                                    bedroom also has a radio/cd
           Prices Include           player.
Boat Insurance       Diesel Fuel       As a six berth, two people can
Canal Licence        Gas
Car Parking          Linen
                                    sleep on the pull out sofabed in the
Colour TV            Tuition        saloon.
Damage Waiver        VAT

6 Berth Boats

                                                                                                     For visual tour:

    2    2   or   3
                              ‘Crystal’, ‘Coral’,‘Ebony’
                                                                                      Sleeps up to 6
                              ‘Ivory’, ‘Jade’ & ‘Pearl’

Length 56ft (17m)
Headroom 6ft 4in (1.9m)                     These four star boats are beautifully       'Coral', 'Crystal', 'Ivory' & 'Pearl' are
200 Watt 240 Volt Inverter                fitted out to the highest standard. They    carpeted and have a vacuum cleaner.
No pets aboard ‘Ivory’,                   have three sleeping cabins and two fresh     The single rear berths can convert to a
‘Jade’ and ‘Pearl’                        water flush toilets.                        double bed or make an additional child
                             as 4 berth                                               berth. All berths are low level.
                                            With just four people aboard they
                                          become very comfortable and spacious
                                          boats by having the saloon free at night
                                          and each cabin with its own separate
                                          toilet and washbasin.
                                          (See discounts for less crew on page 24).

                                                                                      AC   Airing Cupboard      S  Settee/Pullout
                                                                                      C    Cupboard                Double
                                                                                      DC   Drinks Cabinet       SB Shower Bath
                                                                                      F    Fridge               ST Shower Tray
                                                                                      FT   Folding Table        T  Toilet
                                                                                      HC   Hanging Cupboard     TV Colour with DVD,
                                                              19                                                   Radio & CD
5 & 6 Berth Boats

      2     2    or     3           ‘Sapphire’             Sleeps up to 6

                                                  This six berth narrow boat is           each with their own vanity unit.
Length 52ft (15.8m)                             always popular with the larger family.      All berths are low level. The single
Headroom 6ft 4in (1.9m)                           She has the usual saloon settee that    rear berths can convert to a double
200 Watt 240 Volt Inverter                      pulls out to form a double bed at         bed or make an additional child
                                   as 4 berth   night and two other sleeping cabins,      berth.

      1     3    or     2     1      ‘Bullrush’&‘Willow’                        sleeps up to 5

                                                                                          Length 45ft (13.7m)
                                                                                          Headroom 6ft 3in (1.9m)
                                                                                          200 Watt 240 Volt Inverter
                                                                                          No pets aboard                   as 5 berth
                                                  As the boat provides both your home
                                                and recreation we believe that all the
                                                crew should have plenty of room both in
                                                the cabins and out on deck. These two
                                                boats are ideal and very popular with
                                                families of two or three children.

           Prices Include
Boat Insurance       Diesel Fuel
Canal Licence        Gas                                                                       The lower rear berths can convert to a
Car Parking          Linen                                                                    double bed or make an additional child
Colour TV            Tuition                                                                  berth. ‘Bullrush' is carpeted.
Damage Waiver        VAT
   4 Berth Boats

                                                                                                   For visual tour:

        2                ‘Clover’, ‘Jasmin’ & ‘Juniper’                                sleeps up to 4           Length 62ft

    1       2   or   2   ‘Countess’, ‘Empress’ & ‘Princess’                                     sleeps up to 4           Length 65ft
                                                                                              ‘Countess’, ‘Empress’ and
                                                                                            ‘Princess’ have the same internal
Headroom 6ft 6in (1.9m)                                                                     layout as ‘Clover’, Jasmin’, and
1500 Watt 240 Volt Inverter                                                                 ‘Juniper’ except the middle cabin
No pets aboard ‘Clover’,                                                                    can either have a fixed double or
‘Countess’, ‘Juniper’ &                       These superb 5 star boats are all        two single beds. Please specify your
‘Princess’                                  carpeted.                                  preference on the booking form so we
                              as 4 berth
                                              Saloon. The saloon is used for seating   can make the beds correctly.

                                            only and has four arm chairs except         ‘Countess’, ‘Empress’ and ‘Princess’
                                            'Clover' which has two armchairs and a     also have a bow thruster and a built in
                                            two seater sofa. For meals there is a      microwave.
                                            drop leaf table which can be stored in a
                                              Bedrooms. Each cabin has its own
                                            ensuite bathroom.

                                                                                       AC   Airing Cupboard      S  Settee/Pullout
                                                                                       CT   Coffee Table            Double
                                                                                       F    Fridge               SB Shower Bath
                                                                                       FT   Folding Table        ST Shower Tray
                                                                                       HC   Hanging Cupboard     T  Toilet
                                                                                       TS   Table Storage        TV Colour with DVD,
                                                                 21                                                 Radio & CD
2 & 4 Berth Boats

      2            ‘Foxglove’ & ‘Poppy’                            sleeps up to 4                         For visual tour:

      1               ‘Daisy’           sleeps up to 2
Length 48ft (14.6m)                                These spacious five star boats and are      New for 2010 ‘Daisy’ has two
Headroom 6ft 5in (1.96m)                         carpeted and have a fixed double bed in     reclining chairs instead of the settee and
1500 Watt 240 Volt Inverter                      the rear cabin. ‘Foxglove’ & ‘Poppy’        an inline galley (similar to ‘Princess’)
No pets aboard ‘Daisy’ and                       have a pullout drinks trolley between       with a built in microwave oven and
‘Poppy’.                            as 2 berth   the modern offset galley and the settee.    drinks cabinet.

      1     2    or     2
                                   ‘Tulip’       sleeps up to 4

                                                                                                                             as 2 berth
                                                   'Tulip' is carpeted and has an L shaped
                                                 settee which pulls out to a double bed in      Length 46ft (14.0m)
                                                 the spacious saloon. The toilet                Headroom 6ft 4in (1.93m)
                                                 compartment has a shower bath and              200 Watt 240 Volt Inverter
                                                   The single rear berths can convert to a
                                                 double bed or an additional child berth.

          Prices Include
Boat Insurance       Diesel Fuel
Canal Licence        Gas
Car Parking          Linen
Colour TV            Tuition
Damage Waiver        VAT
4 Berth Boats

     1     2    or    2       ‘Daffodil’, ‘Marigold’ & ‘Snowdrop’                                                 sleeps up to 4

                                                                                                            For visual tour:

Length 42ft (12.8m)                                 These boats are very easy to handle          additional child berth.
Headroom 6ft 2in (1.88m)                          and are ideal for your first canal               'Daffodil' and 'Snowdrop' are
200 Watt 240 Volt Inverter                        holiday. The single rear berths can            carpeted and have a small vacuum
No pets aboard ‘Daffodil’.                        convert to a double bed or make an             cleaner.
                                 as 2 berth

     1     2     ‘Bluebell’ & ‘Primrose’                                   sleeps up to 4

                                                                                             Length 40ft (12.2m)
                                                                                             Headroom 6ft 2in (1.88m)
                                                                                             200 Watt 240 Volt Inverter
                                                                                                                                  as 4 berth

  Although the smallest boats of our fleet           is best suited to children or small
they still have all the best facilities and are      adults.
perfect for either two people (see discount            Both boats have cabin tops built in
for 2 or 3 people on a 4 berth page 24) or a         the traditional way with varnished
family of four.                                      mahogany beams and gunwales.
  The rear cabin bunk beds are always                  'Bluebell' has a shower bath.
popular with small children. The top bunk

                                                                                                AC   Airing Cupboard      S  Settee/Pullout
                                                                                                C    Cupboard                Double
                                                                                                F    Fridge               SB Shower Bath
                                                                                                FT   Folding Table        ST Shower Tray
                                                                                                HC   Hanging Cupboard     T  Toilet
                                                                                                                          TV Colour with DVD,
                                                                                                                             Radio & CD
Booking your Holiday:
When should we book?
  The sooner you book the better. We
have many regular customers who book
early. Leaving your booking till the
Spring could lead to disappointment.

How do we book?
  To reserve a boat please check
availability by contacting the booking
office (opening hours page 7) or by
using the 'Boat Availability' link from
the home page on our website, . We will then
hold your boat for up to 5 days. Once
we have received your booking form
and payment by post, fax or using our
'Fully secure online booking form', we
will then confirm your booking by post.

When is the balance due?                      Weekly Crew Discount                       Cancellation Scheme
  The balance is due 4 weeks before the         On all boats we give a weekly              We offer a cancellation scheme
start of your holiday. Unless you have        discount of £30.00 for one less crew       whereby for a small premium (page 26)
authorised us to automatically clear the      than the full complement and £60.00 for    we can cover your liabilities with the
balance of hire from your credit card,        two less than the full complement.         Company if you unfortunately have to
we will post an invoice to you 2 to 3                                                    cancel your holiday. This scheme can
weeks before the balance is due.
                                              Short Break Crew                           only be offered to residents of the UK.
                                                                                           The premium (see page 26) must be
Included in the hire fee?                       On all boats we give a discount of
                                                                                         paid when booking your holiday.
  The hire of the boat and all its
equipment including bedding, VAT
                                              £15.00 per short break for one less crew   Cancellation Scheme
                                              than the full complement and £30.00 for
(where applicable), fuel, gas, toilet         two less than the full complement.         Cover
pump-out on holidays over seven days,                                                    You may cancel your holiday without
buoyancy aids, car parking, television        Second Week Discount                       giving any reason up to 8 weeks before
and damage waiver.                              Book an extra week - or more - for       you are due to start.
  There is no security deposit or damage      15% off the second and subsequent          Should you cancel within 8 weeks of
waiver payable by family groups. For all      consecutive week(s).                       the start of your holiday the scheme
male/all female and non family bookings         Please also see our Spring & Autumn      covers you in the event of death, injury,
a £250.00 security deposit is payable.        2 & 3 week Savers which are listed on      illness, pregnancy (commencing after
                                              the separate price list.                   the date of booking), compulsory
Not included in the hire fee?                                                            quarantine, witness summons, jury
  Cancellation scheme (page 26). Extra                                                   service or unemployment through
persons aged 4 and over £20.00 for a                                                     compulsary redundancy (after the date
short break and £40.00 for a week. Each                                                  of booking) of:
pet £15.00 short break £25.00 per week.                                                  1. The insured and any prospective or
                                                                                         actual travelling companion of the
When can we board our                                                                    insured.
                                                                                         2. Partner, parent or step-parent,
boat?                                                                                    brother, sister, child or step-child or
  The hire period starts at 4.00pm on                                                    parent in law of any named member of
the day of departure. However we hope                                                    the party.
to have your boat ready for 1.30pm and
ask you to arrive at the boatyard                                                        Claims Procedure
between 1.30pm and 3pm (after 3pm by                                                     The Insured must give immediate notice
prior arrangement). The time of                                                          by telephone and in writing (letter, fax
departure will depend on the amount of                                                   or email) to the Wyvern Shipping Co
servicing work, instruction required and                                                 Ltd of any event which may give rise to
staff availability. The hire period ends at                                              a claim.
9.30am on the last day. Please ensure
the boat is returned to the yard by 9am.
Booking Form
                 The Wyvern Shipping Company Limited
    Booking Office: Rothschild Road, Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 2TF
          Telephone:(01525) 372355 – Fax: (01525) 852308 – International: (441525)
        E-mail: – Web Site:

Please reserve                                                                          from Linslade for the period from

Fri/Sat/Mon/Tues                   to Fri/Sat/Mon/Tues                                  at £

                                                              Please select beds required in the centre cabin for our boats
Full Name                                                                         Cedar / Maple / Oak
                                                                      Countess / Empress / Princess / Kingfisher
                                                                                   TWIN / DOUBLE

                                                             Previous canal experience Yes / No

Postcode                                                     If yes on which canal(s)

Telephone (Home)                                             I have hired before from Wyvern in year

(Work)                                                       Other boating experience

(Mobile)                                                     I saw your advertisement in
(E-mail)                                                     I found you on the internet

All Crew Names               Family Party                        Group Party                    Please tick one or other

    Name                                      Age if           Name                                                  Age if
                                             under 18                                                               under 18

1                                                        6

2                                                        7

3                                                        8

4                                                        9

5                                                       10

          Number                           Signature                                                           I am over 21
          Type                             and have read & agree to the conditions of hire. Date

Booking Form Cont:
                Brochure Price £                  I enclose remittance for:- Deposit being one fifth (20%) of hire fee £
Crew Discount (see page 24) -£                                                        Full payment if within 4 weeks £
                     Sub Total £                                Holiday Cancellation Scheme premium (if required) £
              Pets (see page 6) £                                Books & Maps listed on back of letter (if required)
    Extra Crew (see page 24) £                                                              Ref no                      £

                Total Hire Fee £                                                                       Total enclosed £

       Payment details                   Please make cheques payable to ‘The    Wyvern Shipping Co Ltd’.

                        I wish to make my payment by Visa / MasterCard / EuroCard / Delta / Switch Maestro.         £

Card Number.

Valid from                      Expires End                         Security Code                 Switch Issue No

 Signature of Card Holder                                                                            Date

             Please automatically deduct the balance from my credit card four weeks before the start of my holiday.         YES / NO

                                                           Please charge the full cost of my holiday to my card now.        YES / NO

   Name and address of card holder
     if different from the Hirer.            Name                                       Address

                                             Postcode                                   Telephone No.

   Please note Hire fees include:- Gas, Fuel, Car Parking, Damage Waiver & TV.
Cancellation Scheme                           Premium
  We have a cancellation scheme               Total Hire including Deposit                Up to £1500.00      £53.00 Premium
whereby, you have the right to cancel         Up to £400.00        £20.00 Premium               £1600.00      £56.00
your holiday - without giving any                    £500.00       £23.00                       £1700.00      £59.00
reason - up to 8 weeks before you are                £600.00       £26.00                       £1800.00      £62.00
due to start. This scheme is only offered            £700.00       £29.00                       £1900.00      £65.00
to residents of the United Kingdom.                  £800.00       £32.00                       £2000.00      £68.00
  If you cancel, all hire money, including           £900.00       £35.00                       £2100.00      £71.00
your deposit, but not your insurance                 £1000.00      £38.00                       £2200.00      £74.00
premium, will be returned to you.                    £1100.00      £41.00                       £2300.00      £77.00
  If you cancel within 8 weeks please                £1200.00      £44.00                       £2400.00      £80.00
see the conditions under Cancellation                £1300.00      £47.00                       £2700.00      £83.00
Scheme Cover on page 24.                             £1400.00      £50.00                 Each £100.00 thereafter £3.00

Members of :                                                                                         Sponsors of :
Association of Pleasure Craft Operators.                                                             Canal Clean Ups.
Bedford & Milton Keynes Waterways Trust.                                                             Stoke Hammond Lock.
British Marine Federation.                                                                           Wendover Arm Trust.
British Marine Hire Boat Handover.
Buckingham Canal Society.
Friends of Stoke Bruerne Museum.
Inland Waterways Association.                                  26
Conditions of Hire
1. Booking                                     9. Service Call
A boat is booked when a booking form           The Company make every effort to             16. Water restrictions
together with 20% of the total hire fee to     prevent breakdowns. Should repairs be        The Company has no control over the
the nearest pound has been received and        necessary they are the Company’s             canal system. In the event of canal
acknowledged by the Company. This              responsibility and must not be put into      closures due to engineering work,
booking can then only be altered or            the hands of others without the              industrial action, flood, drought or
cancelled by the authorised person.            Company’s permission.                        obstruction the Company reserves the
2. Balance of Hire Fees                        10. Hirer's Property                         right to operate from alternative sites and
The balance of hire fees is due to be paid     The Company cannot accept any liability      make no financial adjustments in these
to the Company 4 weeks before the start        for loss or damage to your property,         circumstances. The Company cannot
of your holiday. Published prices are          baggage, motor cars etc. however caused.     make any guarantee about the availability
subject to changes in V.A.T.                                                                of any particular route.
                                               11. Hire Periods
3. Cancellation                                The hire period starts at 4.00pm on the      17. Brochure
If you have to cancel, please telephone        Monday/Tuesday/Friday/Saturday,              Every effort is made to ensure that
the company immediately and confirm            however every effort will be made to         descriptions of craft are accurate but the
the cancellation in writing or by email.       have your boat ready for 1.30pm and the      Company will not accept liability for any
The company will then make every effort        boat may be boarded any time between         inaccuracy that may exist. Plans are not
to re-let the boat for an administrative       1.30pm and 3pm (after 3pm by prior           necessarily to scale. Craft may be viewed
charge of 20% of the hire fee. If we are       arrangement with the boatyard). The time     by appointment before or after booking
unable to re-let the boat, you remain          of departure will depend on the amount       and we welcome the opportunity of
responsible for the balance of the hire        of servicing work, instruction required      showing you our boats.
fees. Pages 24 & 26 show our Holiday           and staff availability. The hire period
                                                                                            18. Extra Persons
Cancellation Scheme.                           ends at 9.30am on the end date.
                                                                                            On some of the boats extra persons may
4. Change of holiday dates/boat                12. Taking Over                              be carried with the prior consent of the
Once your booking has been confirmed           On arrival at the boat yard please check     Company at £40.00 per week or £20.00
changes to dates and/or boat may be            in at the office where you will be shown     per short break per person. Please enquire
made up to 8 weeks before the start of                                                      when booking. The extra fees do not
                                               to your boat. Having unloaded and
your holiday for a £40.00 administration                                                    include bed or bedding. There is no extra
                                               parked your car in the long term car park,   charge for a child under 4.
fee. Within 8 weeks of the start of your
                                               let the office know that you are ready to
holiday cancellation charges will apply as                                                  19. Fishing
in above paragraph.                            receive your boat instruction. Having
                                               received your instruction you will be        On no account may live bait or maggots
5. Skipper and Crew                            asked to sign a 'Boat Acceptance             be taken aboard.
We regret that bookings by skippers            Certificate'. Further instruction in boat
under 21 cannot be accepted on 2 to 5                                                       20. Smoking
berth boats and by skippers under 25 on 6      handling and lock operation will continue    Smoking is not permitted inside the boats.
to 8 berth boats.                              until you are confident.
                                                                                            21. Bicycles & Canoes
For single sex crews and crews hiring
more than one boat at least two crew           13. Cruising                                 Bicycles are not allowed on board except
members per boat must be over 30. All          All craft are based at Linslade and are      on 'Activity' which can carry up to six
male / all female crews at the Company’s       licensed to cruise the rivers and canals     adult bikes. By prior arrangement a small
discretion.                                    controlled by British Waterways. (The        folding bicycle may be carried provided it
                                               main independent waterways are the           can be stowed under the cockpit seats.
6. Helmsman                                                                                 Under no circumstances may bicycles be
Minors must on no account be allowed to        River Thames, Avon & Nene.) No craft
navigate boats unless an experienced           may go on tidal waters except on the         carried on the roof. One canoe per boat
adult is close at hand at all times, near to   River Thames between Brentford and           may be carried on the roof.
the controls, so that they can take over in    Teddington.
                                                                                            22. Company's Reservations
emergency. The Department of Trade
and Industry do not allow more than            14. Return to Base                           A. The Company reserve the right to
twelve people to travel on any one vessel.     The boat must be returned on time in a       refuse to hand over a boat to any person,
                                               clean and tidy condition. The Company        who in their opinion is not suitable to take
7. Damage Waiver & Security Deposit                                                         charge of it. In this event all money will
For family bookings the damage waiver is       reserves the right to charge for extra
                                                                                            be refunded in full and the Hirers shall
included in the hire fee.                      cleaning. Should the boat not be returned    have no other claim against the Company.
The Company reserves the right to charge       on time a charge of £50.00 for every         B. The Company may repossess the boat
a £250.00 security deposit on non family,      hour or part of an hour is made until the    at any time, if in its opinion the Hirer is
all male/all female and multi-boat crews.      safe return of the boat.                     not behaving responsibly and is a danger
8. Insurance                                                                                to himself and/or other canal users. The
                                               15. Navigation
Insurance of the craft with Third Party                                                     Hirer shall have no further claim on the
                                               You must not navigate the craft at a
risks covered to £2,000,000 is included in                                                  Company.
                                               speed above 4 miles per hour or between
the hire fee. In the event of an accident                                                   C. If owing to circumstances beyond the
                                               sunset and sunrise. You must slow down
however small, you must notify the                                                          control of the Company, the Company is
                                               when meeting other boats and passing
Company immediately by telephone with                                                       unable to provide the boat booked or a
                                               moored boats. The horn must be sounded
full details and names of witnesses and                                                     suitable alternative, the Company will
                                               at all sharp turns. No craft may tow
complete the onboard incident report                                                        refund in full all moneys paid and the
                                               another craft.
form. Hirers personal accident insurance                                                    Hirer shall have no further claim against
remains the Hirers responsibility.                                                          the Company.
                                                     How to find us                                                     We are on the Grand Union Canal at
                                                                                                                      Linslade which adjoins Leighton Buzzard.
                                                                                                                        The boatyard is about a mile from the
                                                                                                                      town centre and fifteen minutes walk from
                                                                                                                      the Railway station.
                     .   Inverness

                                                                                   Milton                                            13

                 .             .
                Glasgow Edinburgh


                           .  Carlisle
                                                                                                     A4146                            Shipping           12





                                ..                                                                    Linslade                 Leighton

                                                                                                                                      A505                      11



                                                 . ..

                                                                                             A418                                                                            10


                                              Heathrow London                                                                                                           A5

                                              . . .
                                                  Gatwick                                                                                                                         9





                                                                                                                      Arriving by train
                                                                                                                      Leighton Buzzard is on the main railway
A                                                                                                                   line from London (Euston) to Birmingham
                                                    The Globe Inn
                                                                          Wyvern                                    and the North West and has a frequent
                                                                          Shipping                                  train service.
                                                                                                                      Arriving by road,
                                                                                   Leighton                           To avoid the centre of Leighton Buzzard
                              Rothschild Road                                                                       follow the ring road A4146 to roundabout
                                                                                                                    marked A on map.
                                                                                                                       Take exit signposted Linslade and Stoke

                     LinsLade                                                                                       Hammond. Stay on this road past the sign
                                                                                                                    to the Globe Inn then take first left turn
                                                                                                                    down Rothschild Road.
                      Leighton Buzzard
                           Station                                                                                    The boatyard is at the end of Rothschild
                      London (Euston)                                      Tesco                                    Road.
                                                                                                                      Arriving by Air
                                                                                                                      Luton Airport     18 miles
                                                                                                                      Heathrow Airport 48 miles
                                                                                                                      Stanstead Airport 56 miles
                                   A505                                                                               Gatwick Airport 85 miles
                                                                                                                      Arriving by Sea
                                                                                                                      Port of Dover       130 miles
                                                                                                                      Port of Harwich 115 miles

                     The Wyvern Shipping Company Limited
        Booking Office: Rothschild Road, Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 2TF
                      Telephone: (01525) 372355 – International: 441525 372355
                         Fax: (01525) 852308 – International: 441525 852308
            E-mail: – Web Site:
                         Directors: Mr E. J. Griffin : Mr & Mrs J. C. Griffin

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